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This video highlights the top 20 scams and rip-offs in Las Vegas, ranging from early check-in fees, fake pot stores, and overpriced cocktails to triple zero roulette and time share presentations. The host offers tips and advice on how to avoid these scams and have a safe and enjoyable trip to Las Vegas.
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This section highlights some of the worst scams and rip-offs in Las Vegas.
Early check-in fees can be as high as $75 at some hotels.
Fake pot stores with security guards are a scam, and the real dispensaries are off the strip.
Stay well rooms with fancy amenities may not be worth the extra money, except at MGM Grand.
Tips to avoid scams and rip-offs in Las Vegas.
Use Uber or Lyft instead of cabs for cheaper and more convenient transportation.
Be cautious of station promoters who claim to offer VIP services or sell wristbands, as they are likely scams.
Avoid taking anything from strangers on the street, as they may charge you unexpectedly.
Buskers on the street may ask for money when taking photos with them, so be prepared to tip them.
The video section discusses various scams and rip-offs in Las Vegas.
Theme slots based on movies and musicians are known to pay less.
Some casinos do not give change at ticket redemptions, forcing customers to go to the cashier.
Charging for parking is considered a big scam by the video creator.
Convenience stores in hotels overprice items, so it's better to shop at Walgreens or CVS.
Las Vegas scams and rip-offs to watch out for:
Be cautious of overpriced merchandise from carts on Fremont Street.
Avoid triple zero roulette tables as they have higher odds of losing.
Beware of time share people offering freebies in exchange for time share presentations.
Keep an eye on your belongings to prevent theft.
00:14hey guys it's ruby back again with
00:15another vegas video now normally we like
00:17to focus on the best parts of las vegas
00:21but there are a few things that can be
00:23the worst so today i'm going to be
00:24showing you the top 20 scams and
00:27rip-offs in las vegas i'm hoping with a
00:30little bit of my help you can prevent
00:32ruining a potentially amazing vegas
00:41the newest horrible rip-off are these
00:43crazy early check-in fees here at
00:45caesars i've heard 50-75 i've heard even
00:49higher at other places the only place
00:51i've never had to pay early check-ins so
00:52far is that the cosmopolitan for some
00:55if you get here really early and your
00:56room's not ready you can check your bags
00:59but just know that check-in is not until
01:014pm so have a plan if you're gonna spend
01:03that extra cash or not
01:09let's talk about these fake pot stores
01:11this is a total ripoff it's not what you
01:12think it is they'll even put a security
01:14guard in front of it to make you think
01:15it's real it's chemical garbage it's
01:18like fake cbd product you have to go off
01:21strip to get the real thing there's a
01:23bunch of dispensaries but you're gonna
01:25have to take a taxi to get to one don't
01:27fall for this it's a scam
01:34all right in my opinion
01:36the stay well rooms kind of a scam
01:39you're paying extra and there's this
01:40like fancy air purifier and vitamin c in
01:44the shower i don't know i think that's
01:45all kind of a placebo really the only
01:48time i think stay well is worth it is
01:50that mgm grand specifically because you
01:52can check in at the gold lounge so you
01:55save so much time not being in this
01:57checking area and again the elevators
01:59here are nuts and you have a better
02:00elevator so
02:02any other property like arya don't even
02:04bother don't spend the extra money only
02:06mgm grand
02:13there's going to be a point on your
02:14vacation where you may want to take a
02:16cab sometimes lift an uber surge and
02:18these are more convenient right out
02:20front however be careful that you don't
02:22get ripped off if you're going to
02:23fremont if it's super busy on the strip
02:26or you're coming from the airport a lift
02:28or an uber is going to be cheaper 99 of
02:31the time if you go to get in the cab and
02:32they try to tell you a set price
02:34no don't get in
02:36also if you get to your destination and
02:38he's telling you a different price than
02:39what's on the meter he's trying to get
02:41an extra tip and he's scamming you you
02:42can report that that has happened to us
02:44just be wary sometimes cabs can be
02:47cheaper and more convenient know which
02:49is the best option for you so you don't
02:51get scammed out of extra money
02:59so clubs do station promoters out on the
03:01strip to try to get people into their
03:03clubs they'll add you to a vip list
03:05all they're going to ask for is your
03:08and a phone number if someone says that
03:10they can get you table service for a
03:11price or try to sell you a wristband it
03:14is a scam they do not work for the hotel
03:17they are ripping you off do not fall for
03:19it all promoters will always be free
03:26word of advice never take anything from
03:29anybody when you're walking in vegas
03:30these guys will come up and hand you a
03:32free cd and then charge you for their
03:34autograph don't get me wrong people are
03:36just trying to do their job they gotta
03:37hand out the flyers but
03:39it's always your time you don't need it
03:40don't take anything from anyone
03:48one thing that you should keep in mind
03:49is that the buskers out on the street
03:51are definitely going to be asking you
03:52for money to take photos with them and
03:53sometimes they're going to ask you for a
03:55lot we had two showgirls try to ask us
03:57for a hundred dollars each you should
03:59absolutely be tipping the buskers that
04:01you're taking pictures with they're here
04:02for your entertainment but tip what you
04:04think is fair and don't get convinced to
04:06spend more than you're comfortable for a
04:14try to bring all the cash that you're
04:15going to need with you when you come to
04:16las vegas because if you need an atm you
04:19are going to get ripped off some of
04:20these atm fees are as much as 10
04:23if you do really need an atm come to
04:25casino royale their fee is only three
04:31do you want to know what is in a rip-off
04:33casino royal hot dog
04:40so all slots are random number generated
04:43there's no trick to winning however
04:46theme slots ones that are based off
04:48movies and musicians they pay royalties
04:51and they're known to pay less however
04:54gambling is just supposed to be for fun
04:56if a slot looks fun try it out you may
05:04the newest scam in las vegas not giving
05:07you your change at the ticket
05:08redemptions i have a voucher here for
05:10twenty dollars and 82 cents and when i
05:12go to put it in they're gonna print me a
05:14new voucher for 82 cents the way they're
05:17doing this is so frustrating because you
05:19have to go to the cashier to get changed
05:21now they started this with a coin
05:22shortage and never stopped if you don't
05:25cash those out the casino just gets to
05:26keep your money so don't even bother
05:28with these just go to the cashier it's
05:30such a scam don't get ripped off
05:38one of the biggest scams in my opinion
05:41is making people pay for parking now
05:43there are a few that have free parking
05:45still they change all the time a really
05:47good one is treasure island it's in a
05:49good spot and if your mgm gold caesar's
05:52diamond or higher tiers you usually get
05:55free parking but it's one of the bigger
05:56scams to me to make someone pay to come
05:58and visit your property
06:05never buy anything inside the
06:07convenience stores in the hotels if
06:09you're gonna pay ten dollars for a bag
06:10of chips and five dollars for water you
06:12are going to get ripped off if you need
06:14anything eye drops toothpaste drinks
06:18common to a wall walgreens or a cvs
06:20there are multiple locations all up and
06:21down the strip have a plan to know where
06:23the closest one is get your stuff ahead
06:25of time otherwise you're gonna waste
06:27money on bottled water i've done it
06:37controversial opinions but let's talk
06:39about resort fees a lot of you guys
06:41think this is a way to rip you off and
06:42it's a scam
06:44i really don't think so it has a lot to
06:46do with making sure they show up in
06:47search results and if you book a hotel
06:49in any other major city you're gonna pay
06:52way more than what you pay in las vegas
06:54for these amazing resorts you know they
06:56exist you know they're there i just
06:58don't think they're ripping you off
07:04another huge rip-off is definitely
07:06caesar's property's wi-fi first of all
07:08you can only connect two devices so if
07:10two of you connect your phones that's it
07:12you do any more it's gonna be 15
07:15for every additional device on top of
07:17that their wi-fi sucks it's especially
07:19nefarious here at flamingo because the
07:22wi-fi is terrible and so is the phone
07:24service so good luck getting a hold of
07:32sometimes it's okay to acknowledge that
07:34something is a total rip-off and buy it
07:36anyway and in my case that is overpriced
07:39cocktails guys pool drinks are going to
07:41cost you like 30. we've paid over a
07:43hundred dollars for shots at bars in the
07:45casino and i'm still going to buy my 17
07:49april spritz when i'm here in italy if
07:51you don't want to overpay for drinks i
07:52have a cheap drinks video that you can
07:54check out help you save a little bit of
07:56money so you're not always getting
07:57ripped off
08:03another way you can really get ripped
08:05off is inside the hotel food courts it
08:08may seem like your cheapest option but
08:10trust me you could eat at nathan's or
08:12johnny rockets and end up spending over
08:1440 bucks for two people i highly
08:16recommend you check out my cheap eats
08:18under 10
08:19video i take you all over this trip to
08:21show you many places you can get a great
08:24cheap deal
08:29another way you might be getting ripped
08:31off is that the mgm buffets but not in
08:33the way you might think you can always
08:36get coupons for buy one get one buffets
08:38on my vegas which means you're paying
08:40half price for two people play the
08:42totally free app save yourself a little
08:49all right let's talk about a potential
08:50rip-off for you guys which is six to
08:52five black deck there's typically two
08:54kinds three to two blackjack and six to
08:56five blackjack
08:57what does this mean just so that 65
08:59blackjack gives the house a 400
09:02increased chance of taking your money
09:05there are a couple places that have
09:06three to two blackjack like ellis island
09:08there are a couple tables here in the
09:09cosmopolitan across from the high limit
09:11room but you're betting 50 bucks a hand
09:19another way that you could potentially
09:21get ripped off is from these carts on
09:22fremont street typically they are way
09:25over charging for their merchandise and
09:27they're going to ask you for like 60 or
09:2970 bucks you can absolutely haggle them
09:32down if you see some sunglasses or
09:34something you want give them a fair
09:35price be friendly and they'll work with
09:38make sure that you are not overspending
09:40on a fun souvenir
09:46one of the more nefarious scams popping
09:48up in las vegas triple zero roulette the
09:51standard has always been double zero
09:53which means your odds of landing on
09:55green were like five point three percent
09:57which is okay
09:59triple zero the odds of landing on green
10:04that is a much higher chance of you
10:06losing your money always check the table
10:08make sure that it's only a double zero
10:10even better if you can find a single
10:12zero roulette although keep in mind it's
10:13not going to be european style
10:20another thing you guys really want to
10:21watch out for is time share people
10:23they're going to be dressed in suits and
10:25look like they work for the hotel
10:27they're going to ask if you want free
10:28show tickets free food free play and
10:31that sounds great but they're trying to
10:33sign you up for a time share
10:35presentation which can last up to five
10:38hours do not waste your time on vacation
10:40in a timeshare
10:47a little general safety advice guys keep
10:50an eye on your belongings if you set a
10:52phone down on the slot or your purse
10:54down and you're playing and distracted
10:56someone could come up and steal your
10:57belongings it's not always someone
10:59pickpocketing out of your back pocket so
11:01just keep an eye out make sure you don't
11:02get anything stolen
11:08so that was my list of all the scams and
11:10rip-offs in las vegas leave a comment
11:13down below have you experienced these or
11:15is there something i missed i hope that
11:16you enjoyed the video and more
11:17importantly that you found it helpful so
11:19that when you guys come you still have
11:21the best most fun trip ever while
11:23staying safe
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top 20 scams and rip-offs in Las Vegas highlighted in the video?

The video highlights the top 20 scams and rip-offs in Las Vegas, ranging from early check-in fees, fake pot stores, and overpriced cocktails to triple zero roulette and time share presentations.

2. What kind of tips and advice does the host offer on avoiding scams in Las Vegas?

The host offers tips and advice on how to avoid scams and have a safe and enjoyable trip to Las Vegas. These tips may include avoiding early check-in fees, being cautious of fake pot stores, being aware of overpriced cocktails, understanding triple zero roulette, and avoiding time share presentations.

3. How can tourists avoid early check-in fees in Las Vegas?

Tourists can avoid early check-in fees in Las Vegas by confirming the hotel's early check-in policies in advance, joining loyalty programs for potential early check-in benefits, or by arranging their arrival time accordingly to avoid the fees.

4. What precautions should tourists take when encountering fake pot stores in Las Vegas?

Tourists in Las Vegas should be cautious when encountering fake pot stores by purchasing from licensed dispensaries, verifying the authenticity of the products, and avoiding street vendors or unverified sources.

5. What should tourists be aware of when it comes to overpriced cocktails in Las Vegas?

Tourists should be aware of overpriced cocktails in Las Vegas by checking menu prices before ordering, considering happy hour deals, or exploring off-Strip bars and lounges for more affordable options.

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