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The video outlines the six stages of semen retention, ranging from the initial power-ups to the actualization phase. The process includes a detox phase and a rewiring phase that leads to the activation phase, whereby the practitioner can use the energy for creative endeavors and acceleration of progress towards goals. Eventually, the semen retainer unlocks the door to the actualization phase, understanding the true meaning of semen retention and connecting it to a divine purpose.
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Semen retention can be broken down into six stages, starting with the power-up phase which lasts from day 0 to day 30.
The power-up phase brings a significant boost in mental and physical stamina, as well as increased focus and mental clarity.
The second stage is the detox phase, which occurs from day 30 to day 90.
During the detox phase, the initial energy boost continues, and the brain fog that comes from years of releasing starts to fade away.
This section discusses the shift in mindset towards semen retention and the rewiring phase.
The speaker addresses the societal programming to prioritize sex.
It mentions the clarity of mind and resistance to urges leading to a change in perspective on intimacy.
It introduces the rewiring phase and the experience of the "Forbidden Flatline."
The flatline stage is described as a period of repair and rewiring for the mind and body.
This section discusses the importance of staying committed to semen retention and not reverting back to old habits.
The benefits of semen retention can often plateau, but it's important to understand that it's just a phase of transition.
The brain and body are undergoing a major shift during this phase, which can be uncomfortable due to our resistance to change.
The flatline period represents the old self slipping away, trying to bring you back to your comfort zone.
By staying committed and not folding under pressure, you can unlock the activation phase and tap into the true potential of semen retention through sexual transmutation.
Semen retention can provide a boost in creativity and motivation, leading to a sense of joy and satisfaction in the process of creating.
Dopamine levels settle back into normal states, resulting in a shift towards delayed gratification.
Boring tasks become entertaining and act as a reward in themselves.
Semen retention allows for accelerated progress and changes in pursuing goals.
The sixth stage of semen retention is the actualization phase, where one begins to understand the true meaning of the practice and its connection to spirituality and religion.
The actualization phase occurs from day 730 onwards.
This stage helps individuals remain centered in life, regardless of the challenges they face.
It leads to a deep-rooted connection between semen retention and spirituality.
The practice of semen retention is seen as a solid foundation and anchor for personal growth.
00:00okay so after 30 days I should be
00:02levitating my 60 days have teleportation
00:04unlocked obviously and after I hit 90
00:07days I should be able to shoot laser
00:09beams for my eyes yeah it sounds about
00:11right to me
00:16be warned opening the chakras is an
00:19intense experience and once you begin
00:22this process you cannot stop until all
00:25seven are open
00:27are you ready
00:30look when it comes to semen retention
00:32your road will not be all smooth and go
00:35straight forward as each and every one
00:37of us will have our own personal ups and
00:39downs throughout this process but as
00:41someone who's been on this journey for
00:43over two and a half years now I've come
00:45to realize that the practice of Sr can
00:47be broken down into six key stages so
00:50regardless of where you're at on your
00:52own streak you most likely will or
00:54already have experienced the signs and
00:56symptoms of these six different stages
00:58starting it from the first one the
01:00power-up base which ranges from day 0 to
01:03day 30. now this my friends is the start
01:06to your Sr Journey as you've now become
01:08aware of this powerful practice and have
01:11experienced the long-term detriments of
01:13being addicted to the hub chasing the
01:15box and overall depleting yourself of
01:17this life force energy so now you've
01:19decided to take the first step towards
01:21success and what you can expect at this
01:24stage is the biggest energy boost that
01:27you'll ever experience in your life as
01:29your mental and physical stamina minute
01:31will Skyrocket to a whole nother level
01:33like I'm telling you bro you're gonna
01:35wake up rock hard and ready to run the
01:37way whoa I am so [ __ ] ready
01:42not to mention the Boost you're also
01:44gonna get when it comes to your focus
01:46and mental clarity as the brain fog
01:48you've been having to deal with after
01:49years of releasing will slowly start to
01:51fade away leading you to take this
01:53practice a bit more seriously as we dive
01:56in deeper into stage two the detox phase
01:58ranging from day 30 to 90. now at this
02:01point you've enjoyed the initial
02:03benefits that we just discussed but
02:05you've now been LED down to question a
02:07lot of things you see growing up in the
02:10modern times you live in today we as
02:12young men have been subtly but surely
02:14programmed to prioritize sex at all
02:17times I mean it's what you've been told
02:19heard and seen all your life up until
02:22this point so why start going against it
02:24now maybe the semen retention stuff is
02:26just all Placebo and maybe this flight
02:28Fitness guy is just a fraud I mean look
02:31at him bro this guy's gotta be capping
02:33come on now and this my friends is your
02:36mind playing tricks on you as it's now
02:39starting to Crave its usual fixes like
02:41grow dopamine rush you get from
02:42releasing but now with the clarity of
02:45Mind along with getting deeper into this
02:47topic of Sr you'll soon come to realize
02:49that nah this is the right path and all
02:52this stuff just saying Placebo your mind
02:54has just been pervertedly programmed to
02:56pedestalize the essential Pleasures for
02:58years now and now that you've finally
03:00taken a step back from it all and
03:01resisted to succumbing to these urges
03:03you're able to look back at how stupid
03:05you look stroking your schlong off to
03:07pixels on a screen or swiping your life
03:10away on these dating apps hoping to get
03:11a little action and this in turn leads
03:14you to a big shift on how you start to
03:15view women relationships and Intimacy in
03:18general as the mind is now starting to
03:20purify and go through a detoxing state
03:22from all the junk you've been accustomed
03:24to consuming this now leads us over to
03:26stage three aka the rewiring phase
03:29ranging from day 90 to day 150 and now
03:32this is where things might get a little
03:33shaky for you brother as we've not
03:35entered the realm of the Forbidden
03:38Flatline yes yes yes I'm telling you man
03:41the flat line that you've probably heard
03:42when it comes to s star is as real as it
03:45gets now there's no pinpoint or direct
03:47reason for this happening but it seems
03:49to me that this is the stage where your
03:51mind and body start to repair and rewire
03:53back into its original default State and
03:56just like when things start to slow down
03:58and freeze up a little bit when your
03:59computer goes over to reboot into a new
04:01software so with the progress that
04:03you've made on SR come to a stalling
04:08as you've essentially starved and killed
04:11off these overly burnt out dopamine
04:13centers by Breaking Free from these old
04:15habits and this is exactly why I said
04:17that this is the point in your Sr
04:19Journey that will allow you to make it
04:21to the next level or break it and bring
04:23you back to the bottom as many people
04:25can be led down to believe that the
04:27benefits have simply just plateaued and
04:29that this is the peak of the SR
04:31experience and that my friends could not
04:34be further from the truth it's just
04:36simply that your brain and body are
04:37going through a major shift right now
04:39and as humans change is uncomfortable
04:41for us since we're all wired to take the
04:44path of least resistance so essentially
04:46the flat line is your old self slipping
04:48away and holding on for dear life hoping
04:51that you revert back to your old ways
04:53and remain in your comfort zone and it's
04:55going to do everything in order to bring
04:57you back to the Baseline it's been used
04:59to no God
05:02no God please no no no no
05:08if you stay ten toes down remain solid
05:11on why you started Sr and not fold under
05:13pressure when it comes to this awkward
05:15transitioning phase you will soon unlock
05:17the doors to stage four which I like to
05:20call the activation phase ranging from
05:22day 150 to
05:24365. and now this is where the real fun
05:28starts so up until this point you've
05:30been going through a deep cleansing
05:32process of the Mind Body and Soul while
05:34also harnessing and charging up your
05:36life First Energy by finally retaining
05:38it but now this is where we get into
05:40actually activating it through the art
05:42of sexual transmutation because
05:44previously you did not have the ability
05:46to tap into these levels since you
05:48didn't have enough energy built up yet
05:50nor the mental capacity to really hone
05:52it in but now since your mind and body
05:54have come to settle back into this
05:56natural state that you should be
05:57operating at as a man the true potential
06:00of this practice within its creative
06:02capabilities start to become revealed to
06:04you by you not being able to access
06:06these higher States Of Consciousness and
06:08not think what your dick 24 7 this
06:10energy that has the power to create a
06:12whole nother human being can finally be
06:15expressed in its fullest light and not
06:17just be wasted on a couple seconds of
06:19pleasure so whether that leads you down
06:20to making music creating a business
06:22doing some form of artwork or even just
06:25writing a book you can now essentially
06:27access the true pop Sr and use it as a
06:30form of super fuel to funnel towards any
06:32of these Endeavors and along with that
06:34due to your dopamine levels now settling
06:36back into the normal states you get an
06:38immense feeling of joy and satisfaction
06:40when it comes to the process of creating
06:42since your mind has now shifted gears
06:45and started to operate in a more delayed
06:47gratification mind State no longer are
06:49you seeking huge floods of dopamine
06:51rushes when it comes to instantaneous
06:53forms of pleasure as now quote-unquote
06:55boring tasks actually start to entertain
06:58you as the act in itself essentially
07:00becomes a reward for you versus the
07:02results which allows you to tap into
07:04flow States effortlessly analysis
07:06effects start to compound and pile up on
07:09top of each other the plate becomes set
07:10for you to enter stage five the
07:13acceleration phase ranging from day 365
07:16to day 730 and now if you've been
07:19keeping up on game with the flighty
07:21fitness gang you probably have a good
07:22idea of what I'm referring to when it
07:24comes to this stage yes sir I'm talking
07:27about the legendary amplifier effect
07:29which I discussed at length and in
07:31detail in another video but to keep it
07:34short and simple this is where Sr allows
07:36you to make changes and progress at
07:38whatever it is that you're trying to
07:39pursue at extreme speeds because now
07:42with this potent Creative Energy locked
07:44and aimed in on a certain Target or goal
07:46combined with the fact that you've
07:47elevated your mindset to stay in the
07:49moment cut out the distractions and
07:51eliminate the nonsense you will not be
07:53propelled down the fast lane my man
07:55things that seemingly took you a year to
07:58accomplish cannot be done in three to
08:00four months due to the intensity and
08:02intent You Now operate with and look I'm
08:05not saying things are going to be easy
08:06and all the roadblocks on your pathway
08:08be eliminated but what I am saying is
08:10that you've now streamlined your path to
08:12success and obstacles in your way will
08:14be able to be broken through with way
08:17less effort come on man this wife said
08:19previously on this channel when you
08:20retain your seed you are playing live at
08:23a higher power level
08:26thousand pounds wait it's over nine now
08:30as you progress on this path and your
08:32purpose becomes clear and clear to you
08:34by the day you will eventually come to
08:36unlock the door to the final and sixth
08:38stage the actualization phase ranging
08:41from day 730 to Beyond now this my
08:44friends is where things get really
08:46interesting so up until this point
08:48you've got the initial power up went
08:50through your detoxing phase battled
08:52through and broke out of the flat line
08:54learn to activate this energy through
08:56the art of transmutation and funneled it
08:58to accelerate your progress in whatever
09:00it is that you're trying to pursue so
09:02you're probably thinking what's the next
09:03benefit Ali do we start levitating now
09:05and now the answer to that is yes but in
09:09a whole different way see this is the
09:11point where you start to understand and
09:13actualize the true meaning of this
09:15practice Sr has not become the norm for
09:18you and as you look back on the progress
09:20that you made throughout this process
09:21you'll see that it wasn't about all
09:23these ecstatic benefits that everyone
09:25talks about nor was it the end-all
09:27be-all and cure to all your problems in
09:29life but what it was in its Core Essence
09:32was the solid foundation and anchor you
09:34needed to remain centered in life no
09:36matter what it threw out your way now
09:38after reflecting upon that you'll come
09:39to realize that this sounds very eerily
09:42familiar to a lot of religious and
09:44spiritual Fates out there so now is
09:46where you go down the rabbit hole of
09:49connecting the dust between Sr and the
09:51Divine and even though you may have done
09:53some of this before this point in your
09:55Sr Journey you haven't truly truly
09:57understood or felt this deep rooted
10:00connection between the two until this
10:02stage hence the name I give to it
10:04calling it The actualization phase as
10:06you start to piece the puzzle up
10:08together and start to uncover the
10:10secrets of what this practice of SEMA
10:12retention actually is
10:16now I know this might sound wildest to
10:19some of you guys out there watching this
10:21and rightfully so because who am I to
10:22tell you that all this stuff is legit at
10:24the end of the day I'm just some guy
10:26with a [ __ ] camera making some
10:28YouTube videos you shouldn't take every
10:29word I say to heart so I guess the only
10:32way for you to know if this is true is
10:34to go down this path on your own and
10:36figure it out by yourself
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the six stages of semen retention?

The six stages of semen retention include the initial power-ups, detox phase, rewiring phase, activation phase, unlocking the door to the actualization phase, and understanding the true meaning of semen retention.

2. How does the detox phase contribute to semen retention?

During the detox phase, the body eliminates toxins and impurities, preparing the practitioner for the rewiring phase and creating a clean energy environment for semen retention.

3. What is the significance of the rewiring phase in semen retention?

The rewiring phase in semen retention involves redirecting sexual energy towards creative endeavors and goal acceleration, allowing the practitioner to harness the energy for productive purposes.

4. How can the activation phase benefit practitioners of semen retention?

In the activation phase, practitioners can utilize the energy gained from semen retention for increased creativity, motivation, and progress towards their goals, leading to a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

5. What is the actualization phase in the context of semen retention?

The actualization phase marks the unlocking of the true potential of semen retention, where the practitioner gains a deep understanding of its purpose and connects it to a divine meaning, leading to spiritual and personal growth.

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