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The video discusses how the seventh house in astrology can provide insights into one's future marriage partner based on the planets and signs present in that house, as well as the ruler of the seventh house. It explores the various characteristics and qualities of a partner based on different planetary positions, including their dominance, responsibility, intelligence, attractiveness, and spiritual inclinations. The nakshatra (lunar mansion) associated with the ruling planet of the seventh house also provides additional information about the potential partner.
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The seventh house in astrology can reveal characteristics about your marriage partner.
Planets in the seventh house describe your partner.
For example, having the sun in the seventh house may indicate a domineering partner.
The sign of the planet can also influence the partner's characteristics.
The 7th house reveals characteristics of your marriage partner based on the placement of certain planets.
Saturn in the 7th house attracts responsible and long-lasting partners.
Mercury in the 7th house indicates the need for a partner who is intelligent and has good communication skills.
Venus in the 7th house suggests a preference for attractive and charming partners, but can also lead to relationship problems due to others being attracted to them.
Mars in the 7th house may cause difficulties in relationships and can indicate attraction to strong and argumentative individuals.
The 7th house reveals information about your marriage partner based on the placement of planets.
Jupiter in the 7th house can indicate a high-minded or spiritual partner.
Moon in the 7th house suggests a sensitive and emotionally fluctuating partner.
Rahu in the 7th house may result in a difficult and potentially addictive partner.
K2 in the 7th house signifies a needy partner who may drain your energy.
The seventh house reveals how we relate to people and who we are attracted to.
Neptune in the seventh house can lead to feelings of deception and lack of honesty in communication.
Pluto in the seventh house may indicate controlling and manipulative behavior from a partner.
Uranus in the seventh house suggests a partner who is constantly traveling and seeking change.
If there is nothing in the seventh house, we look at the planet that rules it and the house it goes to, which can provide insights about the partner in your chart.
The placement of the ruler of the seventh house in different houses reveals different aspects of marriage and relationships.
If the ruler of the seventh is in the sixth house, there may be struggles in relationships.
If the ruler of the seventh is in the eighth house, it can indicate difficulties and betrayals in marriage.
If the ruler of the seventh is in the ninth house, finding someone with similar spiritual beliefs and purpose is important.
If the ruler of the seventh is in the tenth house, meeting through work and having a shared career is likely.
If the ruler of the seventh house is in the twelfth, it can indicate losses and hardships in relationships or a foreign partner.
Losses and heartache can occur through relationships.
The presence of the ruler of the seventh house in the twelfth can suggest a partner from another country.
Being connected to foreign people throughout life is possible.
The sign in which the ruler of the seventh house is placed can describe the partner's characteristics.
00:17hi i'm joni petrie and welcome to my
00:19youtube channel
00:21well i am asked all the time
00:25for people to tell me describe my life
00:27partner who am i going to marry what
00:30will they be like describe them to me
00:33give me some clues
00:36well i have many ways to tell all about
00:40this and i thought i might share just a
00:42few just to give you an idea of how the
00:45birth chart works
00:47so before i go into this always remember
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01:15let's talk about how i can see what your
01:18partner will be like this is so fun to
01:22look at
01:23because the seventh house as you well
01:26know the the twelve houses in astrology
01:29represent different areas of our life
01:33well the seventh house is our marriage
01:35house and therefore if you totally
01:38understand the seventh house
01:40you will be able to depict what the
01:43partner will be like now first of all
01:46planets just being in the seventh house
01:48will describe your partner let's say you
01:51have the sun in the seventh house then
01:53that would mean you have a domineering
01:56partner that's got to be the center of
01:59attention generally of course the sign
02:01really does vary if the sun is in aries
02:04in the seventh house you know you've got
02:07a dominating partner or in leo ares is a
02:10sign of exaltation for the sun and leo
02:14is a sign of rulership so you're going
02:16to have a dominating
02:18partner but they can be very successful
02:21but you better make sure you stand out
02:23of the limelight letting them have the
02:26show that's the sun there now if you
02:30saturn there saturn in the seventh house
02:33would mean that the partner is mega
02:36ultra responsible
02:38and yes you go for relationships that
02:41are going to go for the duration that
02:43are going to last remember saturn gives
02:46digbala in the seventh house meaning
02:48directional strength it's strong there
02:51it loves to be in the seventh house so
02:53it will attract
02:55strong partners that will last generally
02:59not always but you'll try to make them
03:02but at the same time
03:04saturn can be older someone that's older
03:07when it's in your seventh house if
03:09mercury's in your seventh house this
03:12means you have to have somebody that you
03:14can communicate with that you relate
03:17with that is highly intelligent
03:20and especially the signs matter too but
03:23mercury can also represent a sense of
03:26humor and you've got to have somebody
03:28that you that makes you laugh or is
03:32intelligent but sharp with great
03:35communication skills now i'm being very
03:38general but
03:39these these things you can tell if venus
03:42is there
03:44venus in the seventh house would mean
03:46you love somebody that's very attractive
03:50that's number one you can't be with
03:53somebody unless they look good the
03:55package looks good on the outside
03:57venus goes for
03:59beauty and it's also very charming and
04:03graceful therefore these you're very
04:06drawn to somebody who has great social
04:08skills they are very attractive and
04:12they're very charming
04:14just be aware
04:16that because of their charm and their
04:18grace and good looks others will be
04:20attracted to your partner and venus in
04:23the seventh house because of this can
04:26cause problems with relationships
04:28believe it or not
04:30mars in the seventh house this is what
04:32we call
04:34cuja dosha
04:35mars aspecting the seventh causes
04:39problems in the relationships and really
04:41it's nothing that can't be worked out
04:44but you are drawn to very
04:48an argument of individuals many times
04:52and this is actually when mars is in the
04:54seventh when mars is in the first
04:58when mars is in the 12th or mars is in
05:01the fourth house in all of those
05:04instances mars is aspecting the seventh
05:06house cuja dosha causing marital upsets
05:11mainly because the person can be very
05:14argumentative and have their way and be
05:17very mars-like which can be combative
05:24if you have jupiter in the seventh house
05:28well many times this can mean
05:30a very high-minded partner could be very
05:33spiritual or it can even represent many
05:36relationships not always so don't freak
05:39out if you have that but it can mean a
05:41high-minded more spiritual person but
05:44sometimes depending on the sign let's
05:47say it's in cancer jupiter is exalted in
05:50cancer your partner will be such a
05:52know-it-all that's hard to deal with you
05:55know you just got to learn how to let it
05:56go and let them be right because they
05:59have to be right
06:02but jupiter can be the philanthropist
06:05the philosopher the spiritualist
06:08or somebody that's just excessive in
06:12some way with jupiter being in the
06:14seventh house
06:16so if you have
06:19the moon in the seventh house this means
06:22you have a very sensitive emotional
06:24partner and because the moon moves the
06:27fastest can be
06:29relationships that fluctuate quite often
06:33yes but the moods of your partner can
06:35very be very fluctuating and that's
06:38bothersome so that's kind of a difficult
06:41placement in its own way as well
06:44now if you have rahu in your seventh
06:47house this is a partner that is very
06:50hard to deal with and sometimes not
06:53always they can be
06:55uh they can be aggressive they can be
06:57know-it-alls but sometimes there can be
06:59some qualities of an addictive type
07:02personality be aware of that k2 in the
07:06seventh house means you've got a partner
07:08that is more
07:10needy they they could be spiritual
07:13that's the positive of k2 very nice and
07:15spiritual but at the same time
07:19it can definitely mean that the partner
07:23is a victim always needing and draining
07:26your energy now remember when i talk
07:28about this this may even be your very
07:30first relation serious relationship you
07:33had and you overcame that and the
07:36following relationships don't chalk up
07:38to all of what i'm saying but generally
07:41the seventh house is how we relate to
07:45so no matter how many relationships
07:47we're in it still serves its person
07:51purpose of who and what we're attracted
07:54so now that i've gone through well
07:57neptune being in the seventh house make
08:01your communications are clear because
08:04you will feel deceived by the person
08:06because you'll feel like they're not
08:08forthcoming with the truth or honesty
08:11and pluto in the seventh house can mean
08:14someone that tries to control you and
08:16can be very manipulative uranus means
08:20somebody that's constantly traveling and
08:22changing there's a lot of change here
08:26but then
08:28let's say there's nothing in your
08:30seventh house the next step we'll do
08:32there's many things i do but just to
08:34make it simple
08:36we take the planet that rules the
08:38seventh house and we look at what house
08:41that goes to such as if the ruler of the
08:45seventh house
08:46let's say
08:48let's say it's the sun
08:50let's say you've got leo you have
08:54aquarius as your ascendant therefore leo
08:56rules your seventh house that means the
08:59sun rules the seventh and whatever house
09:02it goes to will tell you volumes about
09:05your partner in your chart such as if
09:08the ruler of the seventh house goes to
09:10the first house
09:12they're all about you and you're all
09:14about relationships you will do
09:16everything drop everything to be there
09:18for them you you put your relationships
09:21first if the ruler of the seventh house
09:24goes to the second house there's always
09:26going to be issues around money
09:29and maybe that's why the partnership was
09:32formed in the first place but money
09:34issues will be the core
09:38if the ruler of the seventh is in the
09:41then you're gonna find that you like to
09:43do the same things together you think
09:45the same you like to take classes you
09:48like to
09:49like to be together with with different
09:51events and going places you like to
09:53travel together
09:56now remember i'm being very general but
09:58let's continue on if the ruler of the
10:01seventh is in the fourth house you both
10:04appreciate family and you look for
10:06somebody that loves family and will
10:08stick around to be at home if the ruler
10:11of the seventh is in the fifth you'll
10:14find a partner and you will come
10:16together with the aspect of having
10:19children and they say though that the
10:22ruler of the seventh and the fifth or
10:24the ruler of the fifth and the seventh
10:26is actually a difficult placement for
10:28marriage i believe it's because you're
10:31in love with being in love and you're
10:32always looking for more intensity in the
10:35love relationship now if the ruler of
10:38the seventh sits in your sixth house
10:40there can be some struggles in
10:42relationships things you've got to work
10:44out and overcome or you could even meet
10:47work in some way
10:50it is a bit of a struggle and you've got
10:53to be
10:54working together more so if the ruler of
10:57the seventh and the seventh marriage and
11:00relationships are powerful and so is
11:02your partner
11:03and you're gonna do everything to make
11:05it work and you do everything as much as
11:08you can together if the ruler of the
11:11seventh is in the eighth this is one of
11:12the more difficult placements and it
11:15deals with difficulty in marriage and
11:17relationship it can mean betrayals and
11:21difficulties such as the partner not
11:24being truthful forthcoming or honest
11:28you got a lot to work out in
11:29relationships if the ruler of the
11:31seventh is in the eighth now the ruler
11:33of the seventh is in the ninth you're
11:35going to marry someone if you're a woman
11:37that reminds you of your father
11:39likewise if you're if you're a guy
11:43and the ruler of the seventh goes to the
11:45fourth you're going to marry somebody
11:46that reminds you of your mother but the
11:49ruler of the seventh and the ninth is
11:51all about
11:55needing to find someone that believes
11:57the same way as you do having the same
11:59spiritual purpose and beliefs and you'll
12:02travel together
12:04if you have the ruler of the seventh and
12:06the tenth you'll probably meet through
12:09or you'll end up working together
12:12and you have the same
12:14purpose in life the same direction that
12:17you want to travel and work together
12:21as a person as a family together
12:25and probably you'll have you'll have a
12:28career together
12:30if you have the ruler of the 7th in the
12:3311th then maybe you've met your partner
12:36through groups friends organizations
12:39parties social events
12:42maybe a friend sets you up that kind of
12:44thing's very possible and
12:47you'll feel like your partner is your
12:48best friend throughout your life
12:52if the ruler of the seventh is in the
12:55you'll find that there can be losses
12:58through relationships a lot of
13:00heartache hardship loss through
13:03relationships but on the other end of
13:05the spectrum
13:07when the ruler of the seventh is in the
13:10your partner just may simply be a
13:12foreigner from another country and you
13:15will be connected to foreign people
13:18throughout your life you will heal
13:21together in relationships so with that
13:24that was just a little
13:25little bit of what the first thing i do
13:29when somebody asks me tell me about my
13:31marriage partner what will they be like
13:34and i have another whole technique that
13:37will take another whole video to give
13:40you more information and even on top of
13:43that looking at the navamsha chart
13:46there's so much to it one more thing
13:49that i want to add before i leave
13:53whatever sign the ruler of the seventh
13:56house goes into will describe your
13:58partner such as my first example was
14:03if you have leo ruling your seventh
14:06house that means the sun rules it
14:08therefore they will be very much like
14:10the sign that your son is in
14:14so if your son is in libra then they
14:16will be very libra-like and the house
14:19that it's in is another thing like i
14:22just went through but last but not least
14:25the nakshatra will describe them as well
14:28the planet that rules the seventh house
14:30let's say
14:31it's the sun
14:33and your sun sits in leo
14:36in the nakshatra maga
14:40so the planet that rules your seventh
14:42house is leo but it's in the but it's in
14:45the nakshatra maga maga rules kings
14:49and it rules royalty and this could mean
14:52somebody that's very powerful maybe a
14:55ceo of a company or something to that
14:57effect so there's so many dimensions to
15:00a chart i wanted to give you just a
15:02little flavoring i hope you've learned
15:04something from this so if you would like
15:06to study vedic astrology with me
15:09go to my university website which is
15:13university of
15:17join our community of astrologers around
15:21the world thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What can the seventh house in astrology reveal about one's future marriage partner?

The seventh house in astrology can provide insights into one's future marriage partner based on the planets and signs present in that house, as well as the ruler of the seventh house. It explores the various characteristics and qualities of a partner based on different planetary positions, including their dominance, responsibility, intelligence, attractiveness, and spiritual inclinations.

2. How do different planetary positions in the seventh house affect the characteristics of a potential partner?

The different planetary positions in the seventh house can influence the characteristics of a potential partner in various ways. For example, the dominance, responsibility, intelligence, attractiveness, and spiritual inclinations of a partner can be determined based on the planetary positions in the seventh house.

3. What role does the ruler of the seventh house play in determining the qualities of a future spouse?

The ruler of the seventh house plays a significant role in determining the qualities of a future spouse. It influences the characteristics and traits of a potential partner, providing valuable insights into their personality, behavior, and compatibility in a marriage.

4. How does the nakshatra associated with the ruling planet of the seventh house provide information about a potential partner?

The nakshatra associated with the ruling planet of the seventh house offers additional information about a potential partner. It provides insights into the personality, traits, and inclinations of a future spouse, shedding light on their compatibility, emotional nature, and overall influence in a relationship.

5. What insights can astrology offer about attracting a compatible partner based on the seventh house?

Astrology provides valuable insights into attracting a compatible partner based on the seventh house. Understanding the planetary positions, signs, and ruling planet in the seventh house can guide individuals in recognizing and aligning with the qualities, traits, and characteristics they seek in a potential partner.

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