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This video provides a summary of Robert Greene's book "The Art of Seduction," discussing the nine types of seducers and their tactics, emphasizing the power of seduction for attracting and influencing others for personal gain.
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Seduction is a powerful skill that can be used to attract and manipulate others for personal gain.
Seduction is not limited to attracting the opposite sex.
In the past, physical force was used to establish authority, but now seduction is necessary due to the illegality of violence.
Seduction can help in achieving success and getting things done.
Both women and men have used seduction for power and career advancement.
The first type of seducer discussed is the Siren, who is confident, physically attractive, sexual, and dangerous, usually females.
Sirens are those who are the ultimate fantasy of people and attract others with their femininity and attractiveness.
They are often Instagram models with a large following.
The author explains that sexual awareness can overpower rational thinking, leading intelligent people to become victims of Sirens.
The author gives the example of Cleopatra seducing Julius Caesar, leading him to neglect his country.
Duke takes a risk to be with the woman he loves, leading to a secret relationship that eventually ends in heartbreak.
Duke risks his life to be with the woman he loves, despite her father's disapproval.
They start dating secretly, but Duke eventually gets bored and breaks her heart.
Rakes are willing to do anything for their desires, making them attractive to some people.
Casanova is an example of an ideal lover who fulfills the desires of women by focusing on behavior rather than words.
This section discusses two types of seducers: 'The Dandy' and 'The Natural'.
'The Dandy' is characterized by a mix of masculine and feminine qualities, with a focus on appearance and attention to detail.
'The Natural' seducer possesses childlike qualities, spontaneity, and energy, which can be attractive to others.
In this section, the video discusses the seductive nature of the Coquette and the Charmer.
The Coquette seduces by maintaining a sense of mystery and not easily giving in to the other person's desires.
The Charmer manipulates by focusing on the other person, making them feel comfortable and dependent on them.
Both the Coquette and the Charmer use their seductive qualities to attract and captivate others.
The last type of seducer is 'The Star', who possesses celebrity status and captivates people with their dream-like presence.
Stars are a mixture of reality and myth, giving off a different feel from everyday life.
People are attracted to stars because they take them into an imaginative world.
The reputation of stars is strong, making it natural for people to have a crush on them.
Those who are more attracted to stars find their own lives boring and too real.
The Star is one of the nine types of seducers mentioned in the video.
00:00Hey friends,
00:01Robert Greene says 'seduction' is the most powerful skill which we should learn.
00:06Apart from some obvious reasons
00:08you can attract people of opposite sex with seduction.
00:11This is one of the reasons.
00:12But along-with that, there are many more examples like,
00:15You know there was a time when a person had to set his authority,
00:19had to have his say, they could use brutal force.
00:23They could kill, fight or even take lives,
00:26on the basis of which, they used to get their work done.
00:30But today, as you know
00:32physical violence is a crime in today's time.
00:34For which you can go to jail or can get punishment.
00:37That's why in today's time, it has become more necessary
00:40that we learn art of seduction.
00:41Seduction does not mean that the author is saying
00:43that you can attract the other sex.
00:46Seduction means to attract the person in front,
00:50manipulate them or influence them for your thing.
00:55Getting things done.
00:56For all those thing, if we learn skill of seduction
01:00it can help us greatly.
01:01Even it can help in becoming successful.
01:03In earlier days, only women used it more,
01:07to gain power.
01:08Because they were not that physically powerful as men!
01:11That's why the route which was the easiest for power
01:14was the seduction!
01:15But then in 1700 century
01:17men also got motivated to learn the art of seduction!
01:20First, because they wanted to resist the women seduction.
01:23So, they wanted to improve their psychology.
01:26And wanted to use that for their benefit.
01:28Like for example
01:30it is said that great politicians like J.F. Kennedy and Napolean Hill
01:34and many more people has used art of seduction to make their career.
01:39To make the person in front weak,
01:41or to get things done.
01:43Infact you can see, great companies, politicians, everyone
01:47use seduction in various ways to get ahead in their life.
01:51That's why you should have this skill.
01:53So the question is, how to become great seducer?
01:56Robert Greene in his book 'The Art of Seduction' tells two methods on this.
02:00He asks to pay attention on two things.
02:02First step is to be able to analyze and observe ourself
02:05that what kind of seduction person are you?
02:08Second, analyzing the target after analyzing ourself,
02:11that what kind of seductive person he is.
02:14And which action will attract them by removing their defenses?
02:18In this video, I am going to focus on first step, 'Analyzing yourself'.
02:22On which Robert Greene tells about nine type of seducers.
02:25And he says, first of all
02:27find out that out of those nine kind of seducers, what kind of seducer are you?
02:30So, let' see those nine kind of seducers.
02:33First one is 'the siren'.
02:35In Greek Mythology, there was a creature named 'The Siren'.
02:38What are the siren?
02:39Siren were attractive creatures that were found in sea.
02:44When sailors used to go to their destinations
02:47and used to get caught in storms,
02:49then suddenly, sailors used to hear a sweet voice
02:53and that music was so powerful and seductive
02:57that it used to grab people's attention.
02:59They used to lose their focus from everything around.
03:02Many a times, the captain used to command them
03:04to focus on the ship
03:06but they used to feel so attracted towards that music
03:09Everything else used to be blank for them.
03:12They didn't hear any other sounds!
03:14And many people used to jump into the sea and die,
03:17while listening that sound.
03:19After getting inspired from that Greek mythology creature, author says
03:22Sirens are usually those people who are the ultimate fantasy of people.
03:27A confident, physically attractive, sexual and dangerous.
03:31They are usually females.
03:32Author talks more about females in this.
03:35Author talks more about physical attractiveness!
03:37A girl who makes herself more attractive through her clothing and makeup!
03:43These girls are usually those who look different even in the crowd
03:46on whom your eyes go away,
03:49and who are very attractive in look,
03:51moreover they have confidence.
03:53They show their femininity extra.
03:55Yes, they are not completely perfect
03:57but still they show it very nicely in which they are good.
04:02They bring in the front of people.
04:03A lot of instagram model who has a lot of followers
04:06those you can say, come in siren category.
04:09Why are they no. 1,
04:10why is the author telling about them?
04:12Because author says, the sexual awareness overpowers our rational brain sometimes.
04:17That's why when people look at them
04:19they get attracted towards them.
04:21And many a times, intelligent people become victims of them.
04:24Their disadvantage is that their power decreases with age.
04:28Author tells a very nice example of siren,
04:31of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.
04:33You may know, Julius was a great king,
04:35and Cleopatra was very beautiful.
04:38She was so beautiful that people use to call her goddess.
04:41And she used to show her beauty very well.
04:44With the help of which she attracted Cleopatra towards herself.
04:47She seduced him so much that when Rome was being attacked,
04:51Julius didn't consider to save his country.
04:54Instead he was spending time with Cleopatra.
04:57And guess what, in 1400 B.C. Julius was murdered,
05:00after which his successor Mark Antony became her second victim.
05:05This is the first type of seducer.
05:07Second type of seducers are called 'The Rake'.
05:10Like Siren's power is their physical beauty
05:13Rake's power is their burning desire.
05:16There are people who get so mad in love
05:19that they can do anything to get a girl.
05:22They are ready to take risk and are not afraid of dangers.
05:25Example, Duke De Richelieu was such a personality
05:28that he couldn't resist a woman.
05:30He was extremely funny and bold.
05:32While on the other hand
05:33Natalie Du Voice was a high class woman
05:36and her dad wanted her to marry a high class man.
05:39One day when she was walking in Paris
05:42then she saw a man standing far who was constantly staring her!
05:46That person was Duke.
05:48Now see, because she was a high class woman so it was not like that.
05:51At that time people did not stare at women like that,
05:54especially a high class woman.
05:55But Duke was not like that.
05:57He was not able to control himself from looking at her,
05:59which was dangerous for him.
06:01But still he kept looking at her.
06:03Infact he fell in love.
06:05When she looked at Duke
06:08her friends told her that the person in front doesn't match her level.
06:14You are a high class woman,
06:16whereas Duke is a heart breaker.
06:18That's why, she didn't pay attention to him.
06:20But one day, again when she was on a walk,
06:24she noticed Duke again.
06:26Again, Duke set eye contact with her,
06:28which was very exciting.
06:29After which Duke started writing letters to her.
06:33Again, it was very dangerous for Duke,
06:35he could die but still he wrote letters.
06:38He wanted to show her that how much he like her.
06:42Now obviously, she didn't want to disrespect her father.
06:45That's why she was keeping distance from him.
06:47But one day, suddenly a new maid comes to her room.
06:50And when that maid removes her scarf from her face,
06:53she sees that it is Duke.
06:56Again, it was very dangerous.
06:59But still Duke's burning desire was so much
07:02he was so mad in her love, that he reached there without caring about his life,
07:06because of which, you can say, they stayed together.
07:09Due to which, she liked it very much and she fell in love with her.
07:14They started dating secretly.
07:16But after some time, when his father came to know about that
07:18that Duke has bought house near his house where they used to meet.
07:23She used to feel it thrilling but what happened at the end,
07:26Duke got bored and he broke her heart.
07:30Usually, Rake are such type of people
07:32who are ready to do anything for their desires.
07:37infact they can be moral less also
07:39to complete their burning desire.
07:41And this thing attracts people many times.
07:43Third type of people are 'The Ideal Lover'.
07:45Ideal lover are those people who are fantasies of any boy or girl.
07:50And Casanova is a very good example of it.
07:53He used to study people i.e. women.
07:57He used to see that what is missing in the life of a girl's life.
08:00And then he used to focus on his behaviour instead of his words,
08:04to fulfill those desires which a woman needs.
08:07Example, a beautiful woman was sitting in crowd with her husband.
08:11And after some time her sight falls on a handsome man,
08:13and that handsome person was Casanova.
08:16Casanova gave performance there
08:18and then he introduced himself to that woman.
08:22In small talk, that woman invited Casanova for dance.
08:25Now Casanova agreed.
08:27He said, 'I'll dance but only if you dance with me'.
08:31Casanova was very bold and gentle as well.
08:35This thing used to make his personality unique.
08:38When they were dancing on the day of wall night
08:41she instantly fell in love with Casanova.
08:43She took Casanova to dinner.
08:45And as soon as her husband went somewhere
08:47she started showing her house to him.
08:50She showed a lot of thing but then
08:52she showed Chakkal where people pray.
08:55And she told that she wanted a person who can pray with her.
09:00And while talking she told that she likes religious person.
09:05In a lot of talkings, he noticed
09:07thrill was missing in her life.
09:10Her life was very boring with her husband.
09:13And he liked religious person as well.
09:15That's why, guess what, what he did?
09:17He understood that thing and next day, when he came to her house,
09:21he started praying instantly.
09:23That woman was shocked but felt good also.
09:26That how Casanova is becoming a religious person.
09:28And then he started playing his moves.
09:30And he started inviting her to date secretly,
09:33that was very thrilling for that woman.
09:36Which was taking her from a boring life to adventurous life.
09:39That's why she felt in love with him.
09:42And she cheated her husband.
09:43See, Casanova is called as the Greatest seducer of all time.
09:47Because usually women were not able to resist him.
09:50And he used to seduce women by using two strategies.
09:54While talking, he used to observe
09:57that what lacks in life of the girl in front,
10:00which is not in her life.
10:01Step second, as soon as he comes to know what is missing in her life,
10:05he used to fulfill those thing by becoming an ideal lover.
10:10By which, girl felt like she was in a fantasy.
10:13I think the video will become lengthy, so let's sum up all types quickly.
10:18Forth type of seducers are called as 'The Dandy'.
10:20Usually, dandy are free type people.
10:23They have masculine nature
10:25but there is also a little femininity.
10:27Especially from their appearances.
10:29They maintain themselves like a girl does,
10:34keeping a graceful attitude
10:35giving attention to details
10:37they do all those things very well.
10:39They have a masculine nature that is inborn,
10:42but they show their image as feminine also.
10:45Sometimes, women don't like pure masculine men,
10:49who are very dirty and don't care about cleanness,
10:53are very hairy,
10:54whereas on the other hand, this dandy type personality attract people very much.
10:59They have masculine nature but also have grace like feminine nature.
11:03This type which I was explaining you
11:06which celebrity came in your mind, tell me in comments.
11:09Fifth one is 'The Natural'.
11:11Natural are those seducers who have a childlike qualities.
11:15They have a little bit of innocence.
11:16They are such kind of people who suddenly get energy.
11:19They are spontaneous.
11:21When there is any planning going on, they stand up quickly that 'let's do it'.
11:25They are very spontaneous.
11:26Their spontaneous and energetic nature which is childlike many times,
11:31that too attract people many a times.
11:33See, childhood was a golden phase of our life.
11:36Which we love a lot and try to recreate, consciously and unconsciously.
11:40Many a times, people become mature in life
11:43they get maturity after seeing the world,
11:45but still they miss the child in themselves,
11:48which, when they see in someone in which childhood is remained,
11:52it feels very attractive to them.
11:53Charlie Chaplin is a very good example of this,
11:56who was adult as physically
11:58but his acts were energetic, surprising and were spontaneous,
12:02which used to attract people a lot.
12:03On the other hand, such people may also seem irritating to many people.
12:08The best thing is, if you are a 'natural'
12:10mix your adult wisdom with childlike qualities.
12:13It will give you success the most.
12:16Sixth type of seducers are called as 'The Coquette'.
12:18They are such kind of people who are not very easy.
12:22They, instead of seducing others
12:24they give others the chance to seduce him.
12:27They play delayed satisfaction very well.
12:31Sometimes, you can you, they are like pendulums,
12:33who move here and there,
12:35sometimes cold, sometimes hot.
12:36For some time, they show their love
12:39and sometimes, they become cold.
12:41They take love away from the person in front.
12:43They don't give attention, don't love them
12:45and this thing attracts the other person
12:48and infact makes them desperate.
12:50Coquette are narcissist sometimes.
12:53Consciously and subconsciously they understand that
12:56desperation can be a great turn off for any person.
12:59Many a times, they are not desperate naturally.
13:01And let other person do the maximum hard work.
13:03And due to all these things, they seem mysterious many a times.
13:06And many a times, mysterious things attract us a lot.
13:09In his book, author tells Napoleon Bonaparte a good example of it,
13:13who got mad in love with Empress Josephine.
13:16Sometimes, she used to show that she is interested in Napolean.
13:20She used to talk well, used to laugh
13:22but when he used to go out and write letters,
13:25they didn't reply to that letter.
13:27Napoleon Bonaparte, despite being a great leader
13:30when someone used to do this and did not show interest in it
13:33then it used to make him subconsciously more attracted towards her.
13:37Napolean did a lot of things for her.
13:39Due to which, she got impressed also,
13:41she married also but still
13:43even after marriage, her nature was same.
13:45Infact after 2 days, when he went to Italy for war campaign,
13:49she didn't reply to his letter
13:51while on the other hand, he used to write letter to her,
13:54like 'you are the constant object of my thoughts,
13:57my imagination exhausts itself in guessing what you are doing'.
14:00On one hand, Napolean seemed very desperate,
14:04while on the other hand, Josephine had hot and cold nature,
14:07which is actually the nature of Coquette.
14:09And this things seduce many people!
14:12A sense of mystery,
14:13and not getting in a relationship very easily.
14:16Not giving all the things which other person wants from you.
14:18Delaying things,
14:20it also seduces a lot the other person.
14:22And Coquette are very good in it.
14:24Seventh, 'The Charmer'.
14:26Charmer are those people which you can a little bit manipulators.
14:29They are very clever.
14:31Because they can fix the mood of other person very well,
14:34by giving them comfort and pleasure.
14:36They are such people who don't focus on themselves,
14:38but let other person focus on them.
14:41And this thing make other person fell dependent on them.
14:45Because every person has to boost his self esteem.
14:47And charmers let other person do it very well.
14:50They listen the other person very well, talk to them nicely,
14:53due to which the other person opens up in front of them.
14:56People with charming personality
14:58try to keep other person in limelight instead of themselves.
15:02Because they know, people want to be in limelight.
15:05They can understand the current mood swing of the person very well.
15:09They can give attention to people,
15:11and this thing is a powerful seducer many a times.
15:13Because remember, physical beauty is limited
15:17and ends after sometime,
15:18but your charm is age less.
15:21And it works on many people.
15:23Charmers at times not liked by many people,
15:26but author says, many people like them.
15:28That's why, keep this in mind!
15:30Eighth type of seducers are called 'The Charismatic'.
15:33They are such people who are the best in the room.
15:35They produce excitement
15:37and due to them, there is excitement in whole room.
15:39Charismatic people have a lot of confidence and energy and that too at the right place.
15:43They are mesmerizing.
15:45They give their opinions and actions to people very nicely.
15:48They have animated gestures,
15:50when they talk, they use their hands and use gestures.
15:53Their sound is also persuasive.
15:55These are the kind of people with whom everyone likes to spend time.
15:59And many a times, they are very passionate.
16:01And their passion and sense of purpose is contagious,
16:04which produce a sense of purpose in others.
16:07When they talk, everything seems believable.
16:10You can say, they are like light in darkness,
16:13who attracts people very much.
16:15The problem with charismatic people is that
16:17people have to be open in front of them.
16:20Have to share their values well.
16:22They are not super humans,
16:23that's why they won't have right answers always!
16:26Whereas many a times, people think that they have all the answers.
16:29Last one is 'The Star'.
16:30You can speak star, actually it is called star only.
16:34There are people with celebrity status
16:36who naturally you can say look very different from your league.
16:39They are the mixture of reality and myth.
16:43Stars are like a dream which has come true.
16:45Their physical presence gives a different feel to people,
16:48which takes it a little further from reality!
16:50Usually, people don't like reality because of many reasons.
16:54But stars take them much above the reality.
16:57In an imaginative world,
16:59due to which people feel attracted toward them.
17:01Their reputation is very strong.
17:03Sometimes it doesn't feel right to see us doing these day to day activities.
17:07Because many a times, we have associated such things for them.
17:10It's very obvious for a normal person to have a crush on start like individual,
17:15But if we go to the deep level
17:16then it is known that the people who are more attracted towards the stars,
17:19they find their own life boring, natural and too real.
17:23Which people don't like.
17:24For example, consider any celebrity.
17:27Especially such celebrity who is very famous,
17:31they come under this category.
17:33You can say, these were nine type of seducers,
17:35The siren, who are physically very beautiful,
17:38The Rake, who have a lot of passion and desire,
17:41Third, the ideal lover who can make themselves the ideal partner according to other partner.
17:47Sometimes they do it really and sometimes they fake it.
17:51Forth, the dandy who have masculine nature from inside,
17:54but they work in feminine way also,
17:57by clothes and lifestyle.
17:59Fifth, the naturals, who have childlike qualities which attract people.
18:03Sixth, the coquette who have a sense of mystery inside,
18:07hot and cold, like a pendulum,
18:09and are hard to get for people and seem attractive to people.
18:13Seventh, the charmers who put limelight on others instead of themselves
18:17they focus on them.
18:18Eighth, the charismatic who have passion.
18:21They are very passionate.
18:22They are energy of the room.
18:24And last are the stars.
18:26Who are the superstars and all these things.
18:28Who are something extra away from reality.
18:31Who can take you in a different world.
18:33These were the nine types.
18:34I want you to tell in comment section which one are you in those nine types.
18:38The most important thing is
18:40whatever the type you have in this list,
18:42you shouldn't seduce the person of same type.
18:45Infact you should seduce other type of people.
18:48That would be better and seduction would work better there.
18:51Once, you have known your type of seduction,
18:54type of seduction of other person,
18:56author has told a lot of steps which you should follow,
18:59if you want me to make a detailed video on that too,
19:02then tell me in comment section.
19:04If you liked this book,
19:06I'll give link in description, you can read.
19:08It's a little heavy book but a good one.
19:10And most importantly, if you want to see more such videos
19:13then subscribe the channel and press the bell icon,
19:15I'll keep bringing such amazing summaries every Sunday,
19:19which you watch for sure.
19:20And share these videos as much as possible,
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19:41That's all for now. See you in the next video. Thanks for watching.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the nine types of seducers discussed in Robert Greene's book "The Art of Seduction"?

The nine types of seducers discussed in Robert Greene's book "The Art of Seduction" are the Siren, the Rake, the Ideal Lover, the Dandy, the Natural, the Coquette, the Charmer, the Charismatic, and the Star.

2. How does Robert Greene emphasize the power of seduction for attracting and influencing others?

Robert Greene emphasizes the power of seduction for attracting and influencing others by illustrating how it can be used for personal gain and the ability to shape the perceptions of others in a strategic manner.

3. What tactics are associated with the nine types of seducers in Robert Greene's book?

The nine types of seducers in Robert Greene's book are associated with tactics such as charm, allure, playfulness, mystery, excitement, and the ability to tap into the desires and emotions of others.

4. How can the concepts from "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene be applied in real-life situations?

The concepts from "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene can be applied in real-life situations by understanding human nature, knowing how to create intrigue, and mastering the art of subtle influence and persuasion.

5. What is the significance of understanding the dynamics of seduction, as highlighted in Robert Greene's book?

Understanding the dynamics of seduction, as highlighted in Robert Greene's book, is significant for gaining insight into human behavior, learning how to captivate and influence others, and ultimately mastering the art of social interaction and personal power.

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