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Pacific Rim 2: The One We Agreed To Never Mention Again is a sequel that many fans choose to ignore, as it fails to live up to the original and lacks the involvement of Guillermo del Toro. The movie introduces new characters and a convoluted plot that deviates from what made the first film successful, resulting in a disappointing and forgettable experience.
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Pacific Rim 2, also known as Pacific Rim Uprising, is considered by many fans to be a non-existent sequel that ruins the legacy of the first movie.
The existence of Pacific Rim Uprising is often met with confusion and surprise by fans of the first movie.
The sequel was made without the involvement of the original creators, Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham.
Some view Pacific Rim Uprising as fan fiction or a theoretical movie about what could have happened if the original was soulless and shameless.
It is suggested that one can either watch it with the mindset that it isn't canon or simply choose not to watch it at all.
Boyega's backstory is only utilized for the first 15 minutes of the movie, and then he becomes another generic protagonist.
The movie introduces Boyega's character with an interesting backstory, but it is not further explored.
The film quickly moves on to focus on other characters, such as a white girl, Scott Eastwood, and a Chinese CEO.
The movie presents a girl who builds her own Mech out of assorted Jaeger Parts, which is seemingly unrealistic.
Boyega is forced to become the new instructor for the next generation of Jaeger Pilots, despite being kicked out of Jaeger school in the past.
The video criticizes the changes made in Pacific Rim 2, such as faster action, less impactful punches, and the use of slow motion and Dutch angles.
The mechs are now controlled by drones instead of people, removing the anticipation and impact of the fights.
The movie introduces bad Jaegers controlled by unknown individuals.
The Chinese giant robot drones are presented as the future, despite potential backfires.
Mako, a character with real experience fighting Kaiju, is not in the movie and dies in a helicopter crash.
The plot of Pacific Rim 2 revolves around Charlie Day's character, who has become corrupted and unleashes a horde of half Kaiju Jaegers, but the stakes are resolved when the lady CEO of the shell Corporation shuts down the Jaegers.
Charlie Day's character is possessed and betrays humanity by unleashing half Kaiju Jaegers.
The Jaegers are implanted with Kaiju brains and controlled by them.
The robots are able to open dozens of new Rifts across the Pacific by combining their laser powers.
The stakes are resolved when the lady CEO of the shell Corporation shuts down the Jaegers.
Pacific Rim 2 had changes due to Chinese market influence, with a more prominent role for Chinese characters and a subplot involving an evil corporation.
Hollywood tried to tap into the Chinese market but it backfired.
Chinese market success led to the Pacific Rim sequel.
The character of Evil Charlie Day and the evil Jaeger Attack subplot are introduced.
The evil corporation, Shell Industries, is betrayed by their own drones.
The video discusses the changes and challenges faced during the production of Pacific Rim 2.
The studio wanted a sequel, but there were delays and internal shake-ups.
Guillermo del Toro moved on to another project, leaving the sequel in the hands of the studio.
The studio brought in someone new to write and direct the sequel with a full creative vision.
The director of Pacific Rim 2, Steven S. DeKnight, discusses the challenges he faced with budget constraints and studio interference, while also mentioning Guillermo Del Toro's original vision for the sequel.
John Boyega's character was created to resolve a supposed falling out between Del Toro and the director.
DeKnight wanted Mako to have a larger presence in the film, but she only ended up with a few scenes.
DeKnight mentions feeling powerless as a director, not blaming the studio but also not wanting to lose future job opportunities.
Del Toro told DeKnight to make his own version of Pacific Rim, which resulted in significant changes from the original that some fans didn't like.
00:00sometimes a sequel can be just as good
00:02as the original sometimes even better
00:04sometimes the sequel is bad and ruins
00:07the legacy of the first and sometimes a
00:09sequel is so bad that everyone
00:11collectively agrees that it does not
00:16that's Pacific Rim 2.
00:29you see bringing up the existence of
00:32Pacific Rim Uprising to a fan of the
00:35first movie is often met with confusion
00:37surprise bewilderment this is a lake Lao
00:41guy situation where a second movie just
00:43never happened sure would have been cool
00:45if a sequel did happen too bad it didn't
00:47and in my opinion that's certainly the
00:49best approach to view this movie from in
00:52fact I originally wasn't going to make
00:54this its own video I was gonna tack it
00:56on the Pacific Rim 1 to not break the
00:59running gag but it was going to be like
01:01a 50 minute video and I had other things
01:03to do
01:06but even though I'm talking about
01:08Pacific Rim 2 that doesn't mean that it
01:10technically existed just think of this
01:13video like I'm making fun of a piece of
01:15fan fiction because that's essentially
01:17what this is this is just fan fiction
01:19Studio run corporate fan fiction Del
01:23Toro and Beacham didn't return for this
01:25and instead had an entirely new creative
01:28heads came in at Studio request people
01:30may say this film was a mistake or an
01:33Abomination but I couldn't disagree more
01:37when you think about it Uprising is
01:39actually the perfect sequel because it
01:42shows just how easily it could have been
01:45for the original to [ __ ] this premise up
01:47you can watch it with the mindset that
01:50it isn't actually Canon and in fact is
01:52just a theoretical movie about what they
01:55would have done if the original was a
01:57soulless and Shameless as possible
02:01or you can just not watch it at all
02:04that's also a good option now a sequel
02:06to Pacific Rim isn't the worst idea in
02:09the world nor was it impossible sure
02:11those aliens were nuked at the end of
02:13the last movie but if I know one thing
02:15about Xeno scum it's that there's
02:17probably more don't think they're gonna
02:19let that one go a sequel could have
02:21worked but it didn't it didn't at all so
02:24what went wrong well let's start off
02:28our new protagonist is Jake Pentecost
02:32the son of Idris elba's major Pentecost
02:35played by John Ryan Johnson will pay for
02:37what he did boyega apparently Pentecost
02:40had a son this entire time kinda strange
02:42he never mentioned him once years prior
02:44boyega had a falling out with his Dad he
02:47was a promising pilot in training but
02:49tried to Pilot a Jaeger by himself for
02:52some reason and it almost melted his
02:54brain why did he do that is he stupid
02:56because of this dumb act Elba kicked him
02:59out of school oops what a way to write
03:01off his absence in the original his dad
03:04was just ashamed of him damn he doesn't
03:07talk about me much
03:10[ __ ]
03:12betrayed by the country loves Jake the
03:14Dog turns to a life of crime becoming a
03:17wealthy Criminal by scrapping Jager
03:19parts and selling them on the black
03:20market you know it isn't that bad of an
03:23idea the son of the no-nonsense major
03:26being a punk that's interesting they
03:28don't do anything with it but it's
03:30interesting boyega's backstory is really
03:32only utilized for the first 15 minutes
03:34of the movie his life with debauchery
03:36catches up with him after a deal goes
03:38wrong and then the rest of the movie
03:40happens like we never get this aspect of
03:43him ever again he just becomes another
03:45generic protagonist this is our time
03:48this is our chance to make a difference
03:52the movie has to move on to all the
03:54other fascinating characters of Pacific
03:56Rim 2. white girl Scott Eastwood Chinese
04:00CEO random ass kids no come on we're not
04:04another base sorry man remember all the
04:07world had come together to develop and
04:09maintain the Jaeger program how the
04:11Jaegers were so expensive that the
04:13program was scrapped altogether yeah
04:15this girl built one in her garage
04:17I get technology is expensive at first
04:20and then trickles down to the public
04:21later on but this girl is building a
04:24Mech out of assorted Jaeger Parts in a
04:27post-apocalyptic Wasteland it takes
04:29forever just to build a custom car in a
04:31Suburban garage imagine building a robot
04:34by yourself as a teenager the movie
04:37excuses this by saying it's a smaller
04:39robot so that makes it more logical yet
04:41this little guy can roll and do stuff
04:43I've never seen another Mech do before
04:45despite this girl building her own
04:48little robot she just becomes another
04:50pilot it's like if in Top Gun Goose
04:52could just design his own Super plane
04:54but they just make him fly them instead
04:57speaking of Top Gun Jaeger school to
05:00avoid a life sentence at Guantanamo Bay
05:02boyega is forced to become the new
05:04instructor for the next generation of
05:06Jaeger Pilots what better teacher than
05:08the guy who was kicked out of Jaeger
05:10school all those years ago it's like if
05:12the new teacher had actually gone to the
05:14same high school years before but he was
05:17that kid that fell asleep at the wheel
05:19and crashed into a wall speaking of
05:21falling asleep Scott Eastwood you have
05:24to understand
05:30there was a time Hollywood tried to make
05:32Scott Eastwood a thing but he's always
05:34just there he's not bad he's just not
05:37really anything else and he's the
05:39co-lead of this movie so that's our
05:41Stellar main cast sure there's others
05:43like the Chinese CEO and Charlie Day and
05:47the random assortment of forgettable
05:48children but we'll get to those oh boy
05:51we'll get to those
05:55both of you are strong enough
05:59tone is important tone is the atmosphere
06:03the energy of the film or to put it
06:05simply what do you feel while watching
06:07it and that tone is why so many can just
06:10write off this as a fake sequel It's
06:12just off this is mainly thanks to a
06:14whole different directing style an
06:17inherent lack of Del Toro charm which is
06:19my way of saying the original looked
06:21kind of weird and cheesy but I liked it
06:24there was a strangeness to the world a
06:26majority of the film was either in
06:28darkness or at night it had Ron Perlman
06:32Pacific Rim 2 looked at everything the
06:35original did and threw it out the window
06:37now every fight is during the day the
06:40brightest day imaginable
06:42remove any semblance of these being
06:45large machines have those Jaegers do
06:47jumps flips whatever the hell this is
06:50who cares about any sense of Wade just
06:53destroy the illusion these mechs are
06:55controlled by people remove the
06:57anticipation between punches along with
06:59those vital pauses in the movement now
07:02they just look like Giants and power
07:04armor instead of 100 foot tall robots
07:06just because the action is faster now it
07:09doesn't make it more impressive if
07:11anything it does the opposite any Punch
07:13or swing feels less impactful but hey
07:15the movie does have a solution for that
07:17the classic way to show any moment as
07:20important slow motion and Dutch angles
07:23and licensed music
07:27it really is just not the same
07:31oh well it's already this long into the
07:34video and I haven't even talked about
07:36what happens in it silly me
07:39silly me
07:42Ten Years After the Kaiju attacks
07:45humanity is still rebuilding Jake
07:47Pentecost though is living the High Life
07:49thanks to his life of crime just like me
07:52his time of debauchery catches up with
07:54him though after a deal goes wrong and
07:56along with a teenage girl named Amara
07:58they both get coerced by the feds to
08:00join the Jaeger program you might be
08:02wondering why the Jaeger program still
08:04even exists while Humanity has just
08:07continued to prepare for something just
08:10in case which means none of these
08:11Jaegers or their pilots actually have
08:14experience fighting a Kaiju I think the
08:16only one with real experience left is
08:18Mako in Raleigh too but he's not in the
08:21movie that's fine don't worry about it
08:23because all these Pilots are going to be
08:25replaced with drones Chinese drones by a
08:28private Chinese company before this can
08:30get approved though the city of Sydney
08:32is attacked by a rogue evil Jaeger yeah
08:35there are bad Jaegers now just roll with
08:37it but who's controlling them and why we
08:40don't know all that's certain is that
08:42the Chinese giant robot drones are the
08:44future and in no way can backfire at all
08:47luckily manka was there to continue to
08:49vote against the robot drones she dies
08:51on a [ __ ] helicopter crash
08:58yeah Marco the driving character of the
09:01last movie has like three scenes in the
09:04whole movie and then dies in a chopper
09:06crash lovely can't believe they
09:08assassinated a character like that you
09:10know killed her off in such a way not an
09:13actual character assassination nah
09:15that's reserved for Charlie Day the uh
09:18the main antagonist
09:22I'm ending the world
09:27Charlie day is evil
09:32get up from that you pilot junk you
09:34might agree with that assessment that
09:36this was a character assassination
09:38ruining a pivotal character like Dr Newt
09:41Geisler in that previous segment might
09:44have made you think I also think it was
09:45a character assassination but no it was
09:49just for a bit I couldn't think of a
09:51better segue I'm sorry I'm gonna be
09:53honest I wouldn't call Charlie Day being
09:55evil some character ruining decision
09:59it's not implemented really well at all
10:07now hear me out this guy was always
10:09obsessed with Kai juice
10:12remember that brain drifting he did all
10:15those years ago well he didn't exactly
10:19you read my mind
10:26is he [ __ ] that brain
10:28is Charlie Day [ __ ] that monster
10:29brain just like with years of social
10:31media use his mind has become corrupted
10:34beyond belief Charlie day isn't actually
10:36evil now he is basically possessed they
10:39confirmed that behind the scenes he's
10:42kind of like the girl in The Exorcist
10:47bye it's still handled pretty terribly
10:50the biggest problem with Uprising is
10:52that for half of the movie we just don't
10:54know what the plot even is there are no
10:57Stakes here the consequences of this
10:59world were decided in the last movie
11:01eventually we learn about Charlie's
11:04grand plan for years he's been rising up
11:06the ranks of the shell Corporation
11:08coming up with the idea of drone Jaegers
11:11thousands of drone Jaegers and he
11:13successfully was able to implant all of
11:15these Jaegers with Kaiju brains
11:20that evil Jaeger was just a Kaiju brain
11:23Kaiju brains control Jaegers now so
11:26Charlie Day betrays the rest of humanity
11:28unleashing his horde of half Kaiju
11:30Jaegers on the shatter Dome and the
11:32world now somehow by combining their
11:35laser Powers the robots are able to open
11:37dozens of new Rifts across the Pacific
11:40honestly when watching this I thought my
11:43God like that's insane how the hell are
11:45they gonna get out of this like just one
11:47Rift almost ended the world last time
11:50dozens of Kaiju coming in simultaneously
11:53and the Jaeger bases destroyed not to
11:55mention now there are half Kaiju Jaegers
11:57running around the place the stakes are
12:00actually kind of high now these
12:02corrupted giant robots look kind of neat
12:04alright movie I'm on board why not
12:07they're gonna have to fight this Army of
12:09monster Jaegers awesome then they just
12:11shut down the Jaegers
12:17that's it took him about 10 minutes the
12:20lady CEO of the shell Corporation hits
12:22an off switch in the army of Jaegers
12:24just aren't a threat anymore
12:30all this build up for these monster
12:32robots and then it's resolved they had
12:35to just reboot their computers in the
12:37end only three kinds you get through the
12:39rift and head towards Tokyo you see the
12:42precursors have an ultimate plan to blow
12:45up Mount Fuji as blowing up Mount Fuji
12:48will activate the whole Pacific Ring of
12:50Fire causing every volcano to explode
12:54terraforming the world first off
12:56precursors that's what people call the
12:59aliens now I swear I'm not trying to
13:01relate everything back to Halo it just
13:03keeps happening to me why the name
13:05precursors that name implies something
13:07that came before like a past tense which
13:10is why they were the name of the alien
13:12race before the forerunners what exactly
13:14are these aliens the precursor of they
13:17and humans exist at the same time
13:19they're actively fighting one another
13:21what does this name even mean second why
13:24didn't they just blow up Mount Fuji in
13:26the first place two decades ago with
13:28even the first kaij two they had like 10
13:30years to keep sending monsters at it but
13:33decide to just attack all over the
13:35Pacific instead the entire lore is just
13:37fundamentally broken now
13:40yeah so it was all set up to have this
13:43final fight in Tokyo our surviving team
13:46of child soldiers rocket their way to
13:48Japan to confront the Kaiju
14:00in the 2010s Hollywood really tried to
14:02tap into that Chinese market and like
14:05some Taps tend to do it blew up in their
14:07face what does it mean for a movie to be
14:09pro-china it can be simply depicting the
14:12Chinese like your average Michael Bay
14:14movie portrays the military it could be
14:16making a movie relatable to the mainland
14:18Chinese audience or it can be even
14:20filming next to a concentration camp
14:23thanks Disney and in 2016 the Dylan
14:27Wanda group bought legendary pictures
14:28for 3.5 billion dollars with that there
14:32were some changes to be had even to
14:35existing projects like Pacific Rim 2.
14:37I'm not going to complain about China
14:39having a more prominent role in the
14:41sequel Pacific Rim only got a sequel
14:44because it was so successful in China
14:46these movies are set in the Pacific it
14:49makes sense that in the sequel the
14:51Chinese would be more than just
14:52background characters now that said the
14:55character is an uprising they're well
14:57let's get back to Evil Charlie Day I'm
15:00ending the world so Charlie Day's the
15:03head scientist of shell Industries right
15:05the leading figure that pushes the Drone
15:07program he is if anything subservient to
15:11the CEO and founder of Xiao Lee Wen Chao
15:14Lee Wen is cold and Stern
15:17okay what
15:19sorry she doesn't do the whole hand
15:21shaking thing Charlie is afraid of her
15:23basically for the whole movie it's
15:25pretty obvious they're a hundred percent
15:27behind the evil Jaeger Attack they
15:29probably even killed Mako to stop the
15:31vote from going through this is built up
15:33for half of the movie and then Charlie
15:36day turns evil Lee when Xiao employed
15:39and trusted Charlie she gave him free
15:41reign to create these drones and yeah
15:44while she was betrayed by Charlie
15:46they're still responsible for this
15:48occurring in some way right imagine an
15:51arrogant Corporation getting its come up
15:53Ends by flying too close to the Sun like
15:56Xiao creates these drones and then the
15:58drones betray them typically the movie
16:00would reflect on that show how their
16:03arrogance was kind of a bad thing yeah
16:05that isn't what happens most systems are
16:07online sending help
16:14instead after Charlie's betrayal Lee
16:16went Xiao immediately solves the Drone
16:18problem she and her Corporation
16:20distanced themselves from Charlie and
16:23then they become the protagonist she
16:25becomes a protagonist she becomes a
16:27[ __ ] Jaeger pilot I'm not saying Lee
16:29Wen should have been blamed or punished
16:31for Charlie going rogue but at least
16:33recognized The Accidental contribution
16:36in some way maybe a character could have
16:39called Xiao out for not being more alert
16:42about what Charlie was doing maybe Xiao
16:44feels an immense amount of guilt for
16:46being Bamboozled instead we get nothing
16:49Xiao Industries is both an incredibly
16:52powerful Corporation and also not at
16:55fault for the actions of Charlie it
16:57seems like the movie expects the
16:58audience to just move forward and if
17:00anything cheerfully when as she helps
17:03Save the Day
17:05he went are you reading this that's one
17:07of my automated factories
17:11it was Newt Pacific Rim 2 isn't just
17:14pandering to a market that liked the
17:16original this is the only film I've ever
17:18seen where the all-powerful business is
17:21the protagonist it's like the Wanda
17:23group really did just purchase legendary
17:25and rewrote the script to include a
17:28Chinese company that saves the World
17:30Imagine If instead of the boys writing
17:33Vaught as the soulless corporation that
17:35they were Amazon forced the writers to
17:38make Vaught the real heroes all along
17:40and an equivalent of Jeff Bezos descends
17:43down to kick homelander in the nuts ORV
17:45Zuckerberg produced The Social Network
17:47and the lesson of the movie is that
17:49Andrew Garfield was stupid and dumb so
17:52now I guess the question we all have is
17:55who who the hell is responsible for this
17:59as easy as it is to just blame Studio
18:02interference or the director the answer
18:05isn't that simple there isn't a lot of
18:07information available but the best
18:09Insight I got was from one interview in
18:12a video that as of this recording has
18:14less than 2 000 views thanks to the
18:17channel filmmaking and fandom station by
18:19the way so let's go back to the first
18:21movie it's a major hit the studio wants
18:24a sequel Del Toro wants a sequel and
18:26he's entirely on board wanted to direct
18:28in everything but delays kept happening
18:31legendary was bought out by the Wanda
18:33group and this led to an internal
18:35shake-up which delays the project even
18:37further a few years of delay actually
18:40and by now Del Toro had already moved on
18:42to another project something about
18:44boning a fish I don't know if you've
18:46heard of it so Del Toro just kind of
18:48pushed Pacific Rim back to the studio
18:50with a few suggestions and ideas of
18:53course but he's not in charge of
18:54anything at this point the studio can do
18:57whatever they want and they wanted to
18:58bring in someone new so someone who
19:00could both write in direct a full
19:03Creative Vision for the new Sequel and
19:05in my opinion someone who wasn't
19:06influential enough to push back on any
19:09decisions the studio wanted to make so
19:11what the hell happened then first del
19:13Toro's lack of involvement the studio
19:15going ahead without his vision really
19:18should have killed this project from the
19:19start that doesn't mean Del Toro
19:21contributed absolutely nothing he
19:23actually did there were a few ideas Del
19:26Toro had for an initial sequel that went
19:28into this movie for one Charlie being
19:31evil yeah yeah people's biggest
19:33complaint with this movie that was
19:35something Del Toro discussed with
19:37Charlie for a sequel idea I'm just not
19:39feeling to totally myself these days in
19:42the first draft of the movie Raleigh was
19:44supposed to come back Mako was supposed
19:46to die and this scene would have been
19:48Raleigh failing to save Mako rather than
19:51John boyega now I'm just gonna say it
19:53Mako dying like this is still stupid she
19:56doesn't go out in a Jaeger but as a
19:58passenger and a chopper like what the
20:00hell tonight hints that maybe Mako isn't
20:03dead permanently like he kind of does a
20:06hint hint nudge nudge I'm going to
20:07interpret that as Mako coming back to
20:09life through some alien Kaiju hijinks so
20:12cool script is written up everything's
20:14good to go well Charlie Dunham has a
20:17schedule issue so they have to rewrite
20:19another script with a different lead
20:21they have a few ideas pitched around and
20:23none of them are going anywhere so Del
20:25Toro comes in and he has the idea for
20:27Idris Elba to have a son John boyega's
20:30character was a Del Toro creation which
20:33even the director thought was strange
20:35because nobody mentioned this guy before
20:37but that's why they wrote this elaborate
20:39backstage story of them having a falling
20:41out so John boyega's character was just
20:44their best attempt at resolving a
20:46scheduled dispute the Knight mentioned
20:48how a lot of the issues that he saw with
20:50the movie just came down to budget he
20:52wanted Mako to have a lot more presence
20:54in the film but in the end she only got
20:56a few scenes he kept bringing up how he
20:58was kind of powerless despite being the
21:00director while also not blaming the
21:02studio at the same time and in my
21:04opinion this just sounds like a small
21:06director who doesn't want to lose any
21:08future job opportunities
21:10it's really hard to say where his vision
21:13ends in the studios begin as much as we
21:16can talk about Studio interference in
21:18China sometimes A Creative Vision just
21:21isn't great I can't imagine the studio
21:23told him to change everything about
21:26Pacific Rim how the Jaegers
21:28fundamentally fight having the camera
21:30move around like this slow motion and
21:34Dutch angles so many Dutch angles
21:36according to deny Del Toro told him to
21:39not make a Delta Pacific Rim but to make
21:42his own which while that is an
21:44incredibly nice thing to say I kind of
21:46wish he didn't say it because after he
21:48did the Knight went off to the races the
21:51night did end up differentiating Pacific
21:53Rim 2 from the original by just removing
21:55everything that people liked about the
21:58original I guess it really is just a
22:00shame that Del Toro was never able to
22:02make the Pacific Rim sequel he wanted
22:04who knows Pacific Rim could have went on
22:07to be a successful franchise I mean of
22:09course assuming that a Del Toro sequel
22:11would have been good which I mean come
22:13on of course it would have right you
22:16know when I was researching this I came
22:18across this quote that Del Toro said
22:20like three years ago it was his original
22:23idea for the sequel which I'm just gonna
22:26read out verbatim the villain was this
22:29Tech guy that had invented basically
22:32sort of the internet 2.0 and then they
22:35realized that all his patents came to
22:37him one morning and so little by little
22:39they started putting together this and
22:41they said oh he got them from the
22:43precursors the guys that control the
22:46Kaiju and then we found out that the
22:48precursors are us thousands of years in
22:50the future Del Toro went on to explain
22:53they're trying to terraform trying to
22:55re-harvest the Earth to survive wow and
22:58that we were in EXO biosuits that looked
23:01alien but they were nine we were inside
23:03and it was a really interesting paradox
23:08had Del Toro made Pacific Rim 2. the
23:11aliens were going to be revealed to be
23:13future humans the entire time
23:16humans sent the Kaiju
23:25you know
23:28sometimes things just aren't meant to
23:29have sequels
23:49why the [ __ ] was it called uprising
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1. What are the reasons why many fans choose to ignore Pacific Rim 2?

Many fans choose to ignore Pacific Rim 2 due to its failure to live up to the original and lacking the involvement of Guillermo del Toro. The movie introduces new characters and a convoluted plot that deviates from what made the first film successful, resulting in a disappointing and forgettable experience.

2. How does Pacific Rim 2 compare to the original film?

Pacific Rim 2 fails to live up to the original film in the eyes of many fans. It lacks the involvement of Guillermo del Toro and introduces new characters with a convoluted plot, deviating from what made the first film successful. This results in a disappointing and forgettable experience for many viewers.

3. What are the criticisms of Pacific Rim 2: The One We Agreed To Never Mention Again?

Pacific Rim 2: The One We Agreed To Never Mention Again is criticized for failing to live up to the original film and lacking the involvement of Guillermo del Toro. The introduction of new characters and a convoluted plot deviates from what made the first film successful, resulting in a disappointing and forgettable experience for many fans.

4. Why is the involvement of Guillermo del Toro important to Pacific Rim 2?

The involvement of Guillermo del Toro is important to Pacific Rim 2 as many fans believe that it contributed to the success of the original film. Without his involvement, the sequel fails to capture the essence of the first film, resulting in a disappointing and forgettable experience for many viewers.

5. What sets Pacific Rim 2 apart from the original film?

Pacific Rim 2 sets itself apart from the original film by introducing new characters and a convoluted plot that deviates from what made the first film successful. The lack of involvement from Guillermo del Toro further distinguishes the sequel, resulting in a disappointing and forgettable experience for many fans.

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