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The video discusses the lies and controversies surrounding SZA, including her claims about being a marine biologist, her age, and her statements about her music. The speaker questions the impact of these lies on SZA's career and the perception of her music industry success.
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The video discusses the lies told by SZA, including her claim of being a marine biologist who attended an Ivy League school.
The video mentions that celebrities are easier to make videos about because they provide evidence.
The YouTuber emphasizes that SZA is a talented writer and has written songs for many people.
One of the lies mentioned is SZA claiming to be a marine biologist who went to an Ivy League school.
There is confusion surrounding SZA's education, including whether she graduated from Delaware State or dropped out of grad school.
In an interview, SZA didn't disclose where she went to school but mentioned she was supposed to go to grad school.
It is unclear if SZA was studying marine biology or if she transferred from an Ivy League school.
There is also confusion about whether SZA was bartending or stripping, as she mentioned both in the interview.
Another lie revolves around SZA's age, with conflicting information suggesting she was born in 1991 or 1989.
SZA discusses the reasons why she used to lie about certain things, such as her freckles, and questions why anyone would want to be on record for something that requires so much effort to maintain.
SZA reveals that she used to cover up lies about herself to avoid being taught by others.
She compares lying about freckles to lying about contact lenses, stating that it is difficult to maintain the lie in the long run.
SZA mentions that lying about freckles becomes challenging because people can easily catch you without makeup or on days when you don't feel like putting on the fake freckles.
SZA also comments on the fact that she finds it surprising that someone would lie about such things at a significant age, like in their mid-20s, when the brain is fully developed.
The speaker discusses how SZA's tendency to lie about her songs, such as "The Weekend," raises questions about her credibility and interpretation of her own lyrics.
The speaker finds it strange that SZA, who is older, engages in suggestive lies about her songs.
SZA claims that her song "The Weekend" is not about being a side chick, but the speaker disagrees.
The speaker questions SZA's interpretation of her own lyrics and finds it odd that she would deny the meaning of her own song.
The speaker discusses how some people lie about their actions and then blame others, while also mentioning SZA's inconsistencies in her statements.
The speaker questions why people feel the need to lie and then shift the blame onto others.
SZA's inconsistencies in her statements are highlighted, such as lying about her freckles and hair.
The speaker wonders if SZA forgets about her lies or if she intentionally chooses not to address them.
SZA's statement about not owning a television is mentioned.
The speaker discusses the harmless lies told by SZA and questions if her unique singing style is a downfall or if there is space for it in the music industry.
The speaker endorses the idea that SZA's lies are funny and harmless.
They mention that SZA's next video might be controversial and could potentially get them banned from the platform.
The speaker wonders if SZA's unconventional singing style, with some lyrics being gibberish, is respected among other vocalists.
SZA's success is highlighted, with her having 10 million followers on Instagram and 42 million monthly listeners on Spotify, surpassing Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.
00:11so first and foremost I don't always
00:14make videos about celebrities but I feel
00:16like it's much easier to make videos
00:17about celebrities because they give us
00:20evidence like I can't make videos about
00:22random people because I would literally
00:24have to do investigative FBI stuff to
00:26get into their life to prove a point
00:27when celebrities usually have it laid
00:29out all for us and then one if you have
00:32ever been on one of my YouTube lives and
00:34look if you are you haven't been don't
00:37start coming because we need to keep it
00:39easy to read in the chat and we need to
00:41keep it a good Community but we oh wait
00:44no matter we could be talking about the
00:45apocalypse we can be talking about fast
00:47food anything and it will come back to
00:50sizza so this is one out of maybe two
00:53videos to make sure that we put this to
00:57rest and we are not talking about
00:58scissor in my lives okay next is scissor
01:01scissors team whatever anybody if you
01:03see this do not get my YouTube suspended
01:05because the thread that I was about to
01:07use as evidence the person's account has
01:09been suspended I don't know what's going
01:11on I heard that since it'll be subbing
01:13people when things like this happen look
01:16sister is a phenomenal writer
01:19um she's written for so many people her
01:21songs are great so let's get that out
01:23there because people going people people
01:25hear something they don't like and be
01:27like well she's beautiful though or
01:28she's talented though nobody's talking
01:30about that honestly she is a Beautiful
01:32Liar let's get into the lies the
01:36evidence what do we think about it
01:38because it's spoiler alert a lot of
01:40people just think it's fun
01:44so the very first lie that is at the top
01:47of my head in here it says a lying about
01:49being a marine biologist who went to an
01:52Ivy League school now there is an
01:55article now I would link the article if
01:56I can of the interview but some of the
01:59websites that I was finding her lies on
02:01just referenced her saying that she went
02:03to an Ivy League school to study Marine
02:04Biology one whole time she was just
02:06stripping and ended up dropping out of
02:08school okay I'm gonna read some lines
02:09from this Vice article that was written
02:11in 2013 and then I'm going to unpack why
02:13this article may have started a lot of
02:15confusion so Susa is newly 24 her
02:18birthday was last week and although she
02:19is both willfully headstrong and young
02:21her experiences in those two decades
02:22have instilled in her a Steely
02:24determination as an orthodox Muslim she
02:27was shielded from pop music she listened
02:29to her dad's Coltrane and Elizabeth
02:31Fitzgerald's records but at 16 she
02:34stopped wearing her hijab and rebelled
02:37and two years later she was tending bar
02:40at a strip club oh and PS she also got a
02:43degree in Marine Biology from ivy league
02:45College okay so this article I don't
02:48know if they interviewed her for this so
02:51if you look at the very first line it
02:52says it is newly 24. now if you do the
02:54math from her being newly 24 that they
02:56suggest at the time this article was
02:58posted and you add um you you know
03:00subtract 2 000 you know to 2021 you
03:03subtract um to 2013 you get eight years
03:06if you add eight years to 24 that would
03:08mean scissor will be 32 right now so if
03:10I did that math correctly that means
03:12that they didn't document her age
03:14correctly I don't know what source they
03:16got her age from which goes on to a
03:17point that I will make later on so keep
03:20that in mind this confusion around age
03:22and then
03:23where it says marine biology degree from
03:26ivy league college so did they know that
03:28she went to Delaware state did she
03:30graduate from Delaware State because
03:31there's another article that I'll just
03:33link but I won't read they suggest that
03:34she graduated
03:36um so there was a lot of confusion
03:37around here and honestly I think that
03:40was when this was an interview that says
03:42it was actually
03:43um interviewed in which was let me see
03:46a billboard article in 2013 where they
03:50asked her where she went to school and
03:51she didn't want to finish and she didn't
03:52want to say where she went to school and
03:54they asked her if she finished with
03:55school and she said yes I'm supposed to
03:56go to grad school but she didn't so did
03:59she drop out of grad school or did she
04:00drop out of undergrad there's there's
04:02some confusion there
04:04and then in that article too she also
04:06talks about like bartending
04:07um instead of stripping so bartending
04:09and stripping are two different things I
04:10don't know if she did both one or the
04:13so yeah there's some confusion
04:37so in this lie I feel like it's kind of
04:40a truth because is it true that she went
04:42to Delaware State and was studying
04:44marine biology
04:46that could be true did she transfer from
04:49an Ivy League school we don't know that
04:51could be a lie was she even studying
04:54marine biology we don't know that could
04:57be a lie was she stripping if she was
04:59that's fine who cares but don't lie
05:02about that you know so that's the first
05:08okay the next lie is scissors age so if
05:12you Google scissor right now I Googled
05:14her right before this video at the time
05:16of this recording I Googled and it said
05:18since it is 30 years old and she's gonna
05:20be turning 31 in November now when I was
05:22doing the little research people are
05:24saying that she said she was born 1991
05:26and then one of her albums suggests she
05:28was born 1989. what confused the
05:31situation was when Drake insinuated that
05:33he was dating sizza and sizza came out
05:36to clear it saying that if even if they
05:39were dating she wasn't underage because
05:41people were doing the math like Drake
05:43was dating sister when she was too young
05:44so on so now we have she was either born
05:471989 when I Googled at the time of this
05:50recording it said 1990 and then there
05:53were rumors coming from like what she
05:55suggested her age was that she was born
05:57in 1991. so either way in a few years
06:01she's undeniably gonna be 30. but as of
06:04right now
06:05we think she's 30. and why lie about
06:08that I don't know typically people lie
06:10about their age when they're 13 14 16
06:13not when they're in there early to
06:15mid-20s so that's another because once
06:18you turn 21 what are you lying about you
06:19can drink you can do literally almost
06:21whatever so
06:24okay so next okay so I'm doing some of
06:26the biggest lies first so our next slide
06:29is scissors freckles now I'm gonna
06:31insert the whole video clip here because
06:34she goes in about her Freckles being
06:37hers Lamar freckles for a while like I
06:40covered them because I didn't I wasn't
06:42born with them like they developed
06:44through like high school and then I
06:49didn't I was already being paid for
06:50others said I didn't want another reason
06:51for them to teach me so I would just
06:53like cover them up now I just it is what
06:55it is now my thing is why would you ever
06:58want to be on the record for something
07:00that takes so much Junkie similar to
07:02people when people lie about contact
07:03lenses like you have to upkeep that live
07:06for the rest of your life if you're
07:08really going to go that hard that is too
07:09much similar to freckles like lying
07:11about freckles is very hard because we
07:14are going to catch you without makeup
07:15and you are also going to find days
07:17where you don't feel like doing that so
07:19what are you gonna do this is and again
07:20if this was post pandemic you could
07:23easily put on a mask the days you don't
07:25want to do your fake freckles but with
07:27Sousa like that came out of nowhere and
07:29let me check the year I will insert the
07:32year because depending on what she lied
07:33about this she was well into her 20s she
07:36wasn't a teen so it's like you're lying
07:39about things at like a significant age I
07:41don't want to say a big age but maybe
07:44what 25 26 is when your brain fully
07:46develops so her brain was giving fully
07:48developed and she was just lying about
07:50these things
07:51with the whole freckles thing she posted
07:54a tumblr post I believe is what this is
07:57and she goes on to say that with vitamin
08:01deficiency that left her face
08:04scarred and freckled in 10th Grade that
08:06heavily progressed through her college
08:08Years and then she said she started to
08:11cover it with makeup until recently and
08:14she goes on to say that spreading lies
08:16is defaming her character and can become
08:18a criminal case now the thing the reason
08:21why I feel like this can never be
08:24defamation is because when people find
08:26it silly two if I was her I would be
08:29like yeah I was trolling and this is
08:31outside of my personality or something I
08:33would be like okay you all caught me or
08:36I wouldn't even say you all called me
08:37but I'll be like I'm about to just have
08:39in on the fun too because if you were to
08:41take this to court like the evidence is
08:43there of you like lying like you were
08:47storytelling say lying is just like too
08:50much for her to hear telling stories
08:52fallacies fabricating
08:56that is what she's doing
08:59so then the next thing is Scissors Hair
09:01there's not a lot of proof like
09:29so when I originally recorded this video
09:31I didn't go ahead to find like video
09:33evidence so I found some video evidence
09:35and I found some photo evidence and you
09:37could basically be the judge of this
09:39whether do you think she was lying in
09:40that Breakfast Club interview compared
09:42to these pictures after of her showing
09:43her real hair maybe she did some sort of
09:46cut who knows look I'm just showing you
09:49at this point now okay I want to say
09:51every other girl that clicks on this
09:53video has probably lied about their hair
09:55okay so I'm not going to hold that
09:58against her but again I don't what black
10:02woman though at this day and age in
10:04their 20s and I'd say this day and age
10:06meaning in the last decade is lying
10:09about their hair I feel like that's
10:10something teenagers do so it's very
10:13strange that she is slightly older
10:15making such
10:18big suggestive lies
10:21okay because some people are like oh
10:23it's entertaining girl go ahead tell
10:25your story but it's so weird because
10:28maybe being a good liar makes you a good
10:30writer because when you're a writer and
10:32you write for other people you need to
10:33tap into their stories you need to
10:35convey a story that you might not even
10:36feel or agree with which leads me to
10:40when I seen her and I'll see if I can
10:42Google this
10:43but I've seen her talking about how
10:46her song the weekend wasn't about being
10:49a side chick and I was like that is like
10:53not true okay so now that I've found the
10:55tweet and I reread it so she's trying to
10:57say that they're all being played so
10:58there is no side chick so I kind of see
11:00what she's trying to say but um what's
11:02it called in a different Breakfast Club
11:04interview she was she was mentioning
11:06that the song is fine to be about side
11:08chicks and that we have to like reclaim
11:10it or whatever and it's a man a male
11:12dominated term or whatever so again
11:15these lyrics are up to interpretation
11:17and it's not that big of a deal how she
11:19interprets it day to day but I just
11:21thought that was weird the side chick
11:23zigzag ziggle off that's right is so
11:26crazy first of all
11:34first off
11:37have you never had a side chick of
11:39course what are you talking about I had
11:40a few also did she know that she wasn't
11:42yes okay that's a different thing
11:46represents for the girl who is dating a
11:49guy who has another girl but like most
11:52side chicks do they catch feelings and
11:54what's something they want to be to me
11:55so you talk about weekend the weekend
11:57the weekend's on there yeah was tweeting
11:59about it and now I'm doing a side chick
12:01playlist for title because of the song
12:02wait can I explain this real quick yes
12:05okay one
12:06I feel like it's a meal it's a male
12:10bread term where it's like
12:12what I'm actually saying in the song is
12:14my man is your man like we all share the
12:17same dude saying that I'm aware I don't
12:19care I'm not trying to like I don't need
12:22to be his girl like it's not even saying
12:24that you're his girls and none of us are
12:25his girl all of us are just out here
12:27trying to get different things for
12:28different reasons and my particular
12:29reason is just get here and do what you
12:31said you was going to do so next slide
12:37this next lie is so funny to me so she
12:40goes on to say how her mom has never
12:42bought her birthday cake she would only
12:43get pie or whatever and she's really
12:46trying to sell it like I think somebody
12:48asked her a question about it so this
12:50was slightly provoked I mean somebody
12:52asked her a question about it and she
12:54felt the need to be like
12:56I hate birthday cake and then people
12:58pulled up the receipts and pictures of
13:00her eating birthday cake now you may
13:02have not liked the birthday cake maybe
13:05let's extend that to her but you were
13:07eating it you had it it's literally she
13:09posted the birthday cake and said that
13:11it was hers so you've had birthday cake
13:14before so it's it's like it's one of
13:16those things somebody said like oh sza
13:18will show up to school and be like Oh I
13:19got the iPhone 24 at home but I just
13:21can't bring it because I'll get in
13:22trouble when people would lie like that
13:24or when there are people who grew up
13:27like restricted and they'd be like oh
13:29I've never done this I've never done
13:30that I can't wait to do it when they did
13:32it they snuck and did it or they they
13:34just want to make themselves seem so
13:36like innocent and then she's lying on
13:38other people like my mom my this it's
13:41like why you got to bring your mom I
13:43know your her mom is like
13:45and you could have did it
13:51oh my God okay wait I need to read this
13:54tweet so that's what I'm gonna look over
13:55here she says sad mind you I'm provoked
13:59this is a tweet from 2017. she says sad
14:02because I want to go vegan but I'm
14:04allergic to most fruits and vegetables
14:05and then they pull up an article for
14:14about that tweet and say like as years
14:16went on four years passed she developed
14:18certain allergies maybe clarify that
14:21like you like you're not even keeping up
14:22with it being be like oh I want to go
14:24vegan but in the last few years I've
14:26just become allergic to way more fruits
14:28and vegetables
14:29like something because like even like me
14:32when I make so when I make my videos I
14:36can typically remember something that I
14:38said a few years back so I can be like
14:41oh like check out this video I mentioned
14:43this a couple of years ago or whatever
14:45or I usually suggest that I've probably
14:47mentioned this on Instagram something
14:49you know something so it's just like
14:51even the inability to keep track like I
14:53once she figured that she was gonna stop
14:55lying about freckles like I wonder what
14:57that day was like for her like was she
14:59like I'm gonna address this I'm never
15:00gonna address it did she forget that she
15:02was ever lying about her like that's
15:04what I want to know like is she
15:05forgetting about these things
15:07was she like oh yeah I used to lie about
15:09my hair but like clearly
15:12wearing wigs and weaves are more
15:14acceptable so I'ma just be more honest
15:16about it like what what was going on
15:19okay so then the next one is about
15:22scissors saying that she's never owned a
15:23television and people need to give her
15:25recommendations so she's like what's the
15:27best brand so my thing is with this
15:29tweet okay let's give her the benefit of
15:31Doubt say you're looking at this tweet
15:32like okay she could be telling the truth
15:34okay say you truly have never owned a TV
15:37of your own but you stayed in homes
15:39airbnbs apartments that came with TVs if
15:43you have ever liked any of those TVs
15:46check what they were or sza probably has
15:49a phone full of some of the most amazing
15:52Rich contacts text your nearest richest
15:55friend and be like what TV do you have
15:57and what do you recommend coming to
15:59social media to be like I've never owned
16:02a TV what brand should I get guys
16:05you're looking for sympathy you're
16:07looking for some Shock value like oh my
16:09gosh you've never owned a TV you're just
16:11like a hermit like no one says this is
16:14like not an innocent person like I don't
16:16think well to me as a black woman who is
16:19constantly trying to decolonize her mind
16:21and get rid of all the false propaganda
16:24about black women being like hard shells
16:27I don't look at this as somebody who is
16:29hard and non-soft I look at her as just
16:32a human and I assume that she has very
16:36strong things about herself and very
16:38timid things I think she's a
16:40multifaceted person so it's like she's
16:42trying to prove a point here and that
16:45like TV tweet was not too far ago like
16:48it wasn't like 10 years ago or six years
16:50ago or something so the page that was
16:52suspended did a really great like Post
16:55in the thread that is now gone saying
16:57nobody's telling you to cancel scissor
16:59for some lying artists have done way
17:00worse and still get streams they're
17:03harmless lies what makes it funny is how
17:05random and pointless the lies are that's
17:08all it's fun and games just jokes so I
17:10heavily heavily heavily endorsed that
17:12like these are just funny so that's what
17:15I'm saying it's just weird and this is
17:17the first installation so so so look out
17:19and hold me accountable because our next
17:20installation of us is a video that might
17:22get me banned from the platform is sizza
17:26and the legacy of her voice meaning
17:30has sza put people in the game that have
17:34the same type of cursive singing as her
17:35like was she like their inspiration and
17:39is that like a downfall of music do we
17:43see it as neutral is there space for it
17:45because my thing is with scissors some
17:47of the lyrics are gibberish like it's
17:50plain Cold Fact you will play the song
17:52you will listen very closely and have no
17:54idea what she said it's like what Mad
17:57Gab like those things where you hear
17:59something in gibberish you're supposed
18:00to figure out what it is in plain
18:02language it's like do we want a Whitney
18:04Houston or or is there a world for
18:07people like scissor as well and clearly
18:09there is I mean but is there like
18:12respect among the vocals and scissors
18:15doing well like none of this will affect
18:17scissors she has 10 million followers on
18:18Instagram how many how many monthly
18:21listeners does she have on Spotify she
18:23has 42 million monthly listeners on
18:27Spotify I think that's more than Nicki
18:28Minaj and Beyonce
18:30that is more than Nicki Minaj
18:32and that is more than Beyonce so Susan
18:35is doing well I feel like I'm not like
18:37look if you are in the comments like
18:39girl get a life I don't even have to
18:41like I don't even have to get a life
18:43like sza will be fine nobody needs to
18:46defend her her success
18:49clearly shows that some white lies
18:52aren't going to do anything to her
18:53career but it is very questionable like
18:55if since it comes out in a few years and
18:57does something extremely scandalous I'm
19:00connecting it to her lies I'm connecting
19:01it to her lies my thing is what do her
19:04peers think about this like Sizzle why
19:07didn't you just ask me like what kind of
19:09TV I had or this is a like I was at your
19:12house the other day we were watching TV
19:13like what is that about
19:15or like scissor like I was following you
19:17for a really a really long time and I
19:19remember you said you had freckles like
19:20what happened so yeah that's pretty much
19:22it for the video and before this
19:25um I was gonna see if I can include any
19:27of like her plastic surgery allegations
19:29but like other than just some images and
19:32speculation I mean
19:35I don't really have any hardcore proof I
19:37watched one video that was saying that
19:39she had um that she could have possibly
19:41had like non-surgical injections that do
19:43change the shape of your nose and I
19:45think that would be that I think that is
19:47one of the viable answers because her
19:49nose kind of always looks different but
19:50always looks Slimmer or smaller or
19:52sometimes her Bridge looks completely
19:54flat like it is like there's like no
19:58um it's like really flat into her face
19:59and then sometimes you see a bridge
20:02um and I do makeup clearly so I
20:03understand contouring so please
20:06do I have to point out the obvious
20:10but yeah I think that's all
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the controversies surrounding SZA?

The controversies surrounding SZA include her claims about being a marine biologist, her age, and her statements about her music.

2. How have SZA's lies impacted her career?

SZA's lies have raised questions about her credibility and honesty, which can impact her career and public perception.

3. What is the public perception of SZA's music industry success?

The public perception of SZA's music industry success may be influenced by the controversies surrounding her, leading to doubts about her achievements.

4. What is the significance of the controversies surrounding SZA?

The controversies surrounding SZA are significant as they raise questions about the authenticity of her claims and can affect her reputation in the music industry.

5. How do the controversies impact SZA's image?

The controversies surrounding SZA can impact her image by casting doubt on her integrity and raising concerns about the truthfulness of her public statements.

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The video explores the decline in popularity of Panic at the Disco and its lead singer Brendon Urie, discussing their transition from a beloved emo band to more generic, commercial music, as well as controversies surrounding Urie's behavior and vocal strain. Ultimately, this led to Urie announcing the end of Panic at the Disco and a shift towards focusing on his family.