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The video discusses the case of Belinda Temple, a high school football star who murdered his wife to be with his mistress. The case involves a history of aggression and bullying by David Temple, as well as suspicions of steroid use. David was initially convicted of the murder but his case was later overturned and he was released on bond for a retrial.
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This section of the video introduces the case of Belinda Temple, a case that is similar to Lacey Peterson's.
The case of Belinda Temple is not well known.
The video host mentions that more people should hear Belinda's story.
The video host also mentions her cat, Lily, jumping down from the cat tower.
David Temple, a high school football star, was treated differently by his parents and got away with things, while his brothers faced stricter rules.
David's love for sports, especially football, was evident from a young age.
He gained popularity and special treatment due to his football skills.
David had a reputation for being a bully, earning the nickname "Temple of Doom."
There were speculations that David took steroids, which could explain his aggressive behavior off the field.
Despite his behavior, David's parents loved him, kids feared him, and teachers turned a blind eye.
Belinda Temple was excited to become a mother and had a dream job as a special ed teacher and basketball coach at Katy High School.
Belinda and David Temple found out they were expecting their first child.
Belinda was thrilled to become a mother and wanted a large family.
David seemed uninterested in bringing Belinda's family into their lives.
Belinda got her dream job as a special ed teacher and basketball coach at Katy High School.
Belinda's husband, David, neglected her during her pregnancy and was more interested in his new girlfriend, Heather.
Belinda prepared for the baby alone and did all the nursery prep by herself.
David ignored Belinda's requests for help and was too busy with his new girlfriend.
Heather knew David was married but still wanted a relationship with him.
Belinda's twin sister, Brenda, witnessed how badly David treated her and heard him call her fat while she was eight months pregnant.
After discovering his broken-in house, David runs to a neighbor's house for help, leaving his son with them, and returns to check on his wife.
David informs the neighbor that someone broke into his house and asks him to look after his son.
The neighbor hands Evan off to his wife and David goes back to his house to check on his wife.
The neighbor's wife calls 911 to report the break-in, followed by David calling 911 to report his wife's murder.
David tells the operator he cannot perform CPR on his wife because her head has been severely damaged.
When two deputies arrive at the scene, they are initially prevented from entering the house by the aggressive family dog, Shaka.
Investigators found inconsistencies in David's alibi, including the unusually long time it took him to travel between two places and the sighting of his truck in a different location.
David's alibi had time inconsistencies, with a longer drive time between places than expected.
A student saw David's truck in a location that was not along his supposed route.
The murder weapon, a 12-gauge shotgun, was never found, which posed a problem for prosecutors.
Belinda's autopsy confirmed she was killed with a 12-gauge shotgun placed directly at the back of her head.
David Temple is arrested for the murder of his pregnant wife, with the prosecution arguing that the motive was his affair with Heather and the defense claiming an alibi based on the time of death.
Harris County investigators waited and gathered evidence before arresting David Temple.
David Temple married Heather in 2001 and they raised their son together.
David pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and his trial began in 2007.
The prosecution argued that the motive for the murder was David's affair with Heather, while the defense claimed an alibi based on the time of death.
A friend of Riley Sanders came forward with information about Riley's involvement in the burglary and shooting of Belinda Temple, leading to the case being reopened and David Temple's conviction being overturned.
The friend claimed to have overheard Riley talking about the temple house being burglarized and shooting the dog, which he believed was code for shooting Belinda.
A detective discovered 1,319 pages of old police reports that implicated Riley Sanders and suggested he was a bigger suspect than originally thought.
The defense team found that the lead prosecutor did not disclose all the evidence, leading to a recommendation for the case to be reopened.
David Temple's conviction was overturned, and he was released on bond while awaiting his retrial.
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01:10and welcome back so happy to have you
01:12here with me to discuss yet another case
01:14and if you are new then welcome also so
01:18happy to have you here and if you
01:19haven't already be sure to subscribe so
01:23today we are going to be getting into a
01:25case that reminds me a lot of Lacey
01:29Peterson and I'm surprised that it's not
01:33more well known today we're going to be
01:35talking about Belinda Temple and I think
01:38that more people should hear Belinda's
01:41story Lily is not interesting on the cat
01:44tower I don't know if you guys have
01:45noticed lately but the last few episodes
01:46she's been jumping down I finally
01:49thought I found a cat tower she would
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01:52I don't know she was into it for a while
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02:13every few weeks anyway like I said I
02:16feel like more people should know
02:18Belinda Temple's story and in
02:20preparation for this video I listened to
02:23Catherine Casey's shattered the
02:26audiobook and as you can imagine after
02:28listening to a whole book on a case it
02:31was very hard to narrow down
02:33all of what I wanted to talk about today
02:36because there's just so much so much to
02:39talk about when it comes to the case her
02:41life the trial and so I've narrowed it
02:44down although it's going to be a bit of
02:46a longer one I have a huge document here
02:48in front of me full of information so
02:51let's just jump in so Belinda was
02:53actually born Belinda Tracy Lucas and
02:56she had a twin sister named Brenda they
02:59were born December 30th 1968 to their
03:01parents Carol and Tom the girls had
03:04three older brothers and Carol having so
03:07many boys was actually very surprised
03:09when they were girls and even more
03:11surprised that there were two of them
03:12she didn't know she was going to be
03:13having twins I cannot imagine a bigger
03:16shock Linda and her four siblings were
03:17raised in Nacogdoches Texas and had
03:19extremely happy childhoods Belinda was a
03:22very energetic child she was very active
03:25she loved Sports when she wasn't playing
03:27basketball which was her favorite sport
03:29she was watching games and taking notes
03:31on how she could improve her own game
03:33Belinda really had an eagerness to life
03:36and never had trouble making friends and
03:38accomplishing her goals as she was
03:40growing up she knew she wanted to help
03:42people and at first she wanted to be a
03:44nurse but she ended up deciding that it
03:46was her dream to become a special
03:47education teacher and also a basketball
03:49coach which were two dreams that did end
03:52up coming true and another one of
03:54Linda's dreams was to get married one
03:55day and to have children a lot of
03:58children she knew she wanted to have a
03:59big family just like her family and she
04:02was so good with kids Linda's family was
04:05really strong she was loved and
04:07supported by her parents she had a great
04:09relation chip with her siblings and like
04:12I said she had a really happy childhood
04:13and her dreams were never that far out
04:15of reach as she got older into her
04:17college Years Belinda first attended a
04:19local junior college and then chose to
04:21live at home during that time but this
04:23definitely came with difficulties she
04:25knew she wanted that next level of
04:27Independence so she got a job she
04:30actually got three jobs that's one thing
04:32about Belinda is she was such a
04:33hard-working driven person and
04:35eventually she had enough money to
04:37support herself move out and she moved
04:39in with two of her closest friends at
04:41one point Belinda did end up getting
04:43engaged to a boy that she had been
04:45dating since high school but then he was
04:47unfaithful to her and she was not about
04:50that so she dropped his ass and never
04:52looked back and I think that's one great
04:54example of the type of person that
04:56Belinda was she did not take any [ __ ]
05:00and I want to really emphasize that and
05:03it was no secret that she was like this
05:05people knew this about Belinda and that
05:07was one of the reasons that she was so
05:09respected and loved by her peers now I
05:12just mentioned that she was living with
05:13friends and attending a local junior
05:15college but eventually she made a pretty
05:18big change in her life when she decided
05:20to transfer to Stephen F Austin
05:22university and it actually wasn't
05:23completely random that she decided to go
05:25there her twin sister Brenda was going
05:28there as well and this is eventually
05:30where she would meet her future husband
05:32David Temple now David was from Katy
05:35Texas and he was actually born the
05:38middle child to his parents marine and
05:40Kenneth Temple and oftentimes we hear
05:43that the middle child is ignored by
05:46their parents we've all heard of middle
05:48child syndrome obviously it's not always
05:50the case and it definitely wasn't the
05:52case when it came to David he was very
05:57loved and pretty spoiled by his parents
05:59from a very young age David was treated
06:02differently than his other two brothers
06:04they were much harsher on the other two
06:07much more strict and David would just
06:11get away with [ __ ] all the time and
06:13Katie Texas is a sports loving City
06:17especially High School sports very big
06:20there and from a young age it was
06:21obvious that David was going to be a
06:24star just like Belinda he had always
06:26taken an interest in sports and he
06:28started playing football as early as he
06:30could and once he was playing at Kitty
06:31high school his town stardom as you
06:34could say only continued to grow if
06:37you've grown up in a place like Katie or
06:39have seen the show Friday Night Lights
06:40you'd know that being a football player
06:43especially a good one really meant
06:45everything it really meant automatic
06:47popularity as well as special treatment
06:49from Friends parents and teachers and
06:51David was no exception and something
06:53about him that I don't think many of his
06:56here's what dispute is that David was a
06:59bully and unless you were one of his
07:01teammates or close friends
07:03David was probably going to be mean to
07:05you in fact people called him Temple of
07:08Doom that was his nickname due to his
07:10aggressive behavior on the field and
07:13just in life and yes this type of
07:15behavior definitely helped him in sports
07:17but it wasn't something that he could
07:19turn off when he was off the field it
07:22has been somewhat speculated that David
07:24took steroids to help his performance
07:26and this could explain some of that
07:28aggressive behavior off the field
07:31but this has never been confirmed so
07:33take it with a grain of salt but anyway
07:35to get the picture of David his parents
07:37loved him kids feared him teachers kind
07:41of turned a blind eye and people he was
07:43friends with definitely tried to stay on
07:45his good side and I'm sure it won't
07:47surprise you to hear that his dream was
07:49to one day go to a big name school and
07:52play football and then make it all the
07:54way to the NFL but the problem with that
07:56is he was only 5 11 and so coaches at
08:00these big schools didn't think he would
08:02be big enough to play on their teams and
08:05that resulted in David being drafted to
08:07Stephen F Austin university a school
08:09whose athletic department was slightly
08:11less intense and like I said it was at
08:13this school that David and Belinda met
08:15and from the day they met they were
08:17truly Inseparable he was known as the
08:19type of guy to literally put the woman
08:21he was dating on a pedestal and wouldn't
08:24hesitate for one second to fight anyone
08:26that looked at her the wrong way and
08:28even though that might sound admirable
08:31it was really more dangerous than
08:33anything else I mean if anyone even
08:35smiled at a girl that David Temple was
08:38dating he would physically fight them
08:40but many people who knew them at this
08:41time said that David and Belinda had a
08:44great relationship his parents
08:46absolutely adored Belinda and her love
08:49for sports and athleticism really fit in
08:51perfectly with his own but people who
08:54were close with Belinda also say that
08:56when her and David started dating her
08:58personality changed a lot she was once
09:02really strong-willed and dominant and
09:04after dating David she became very
09:07submissive people said that she seemed
09:09to only want to please David and fulfill
09:12his every need and sometimes wouldn't
09:14stand up for herself when she should
09:16have and sadly this passiveness in her
09:19relationship only got worse her roommate
09:22in college and her twin sister expressed
09:24their concerns over David but she only
09:26seemed to get closer with him with every
09:28person who expressed doubt and almost as
09:31soon as the two of them started dating
09:33David seemed to distance Belinda from
09:37her own family who she was very close
09:39with I'm not sure if he outright told
09:41her that he didn't like her family but
09:43suddenly when they were together she
09:46stopped calling every week which was
09:47something Belinda always did and she
09:49stopped coming home for holidays it
09:51seemed like her top priority was now
09:53David and I can only imagine how
09:55difficult that was for the Lucas family
09:57and probably for Belinda too but their
10:00relationship continued and eventually
10:02they got a dog together named Shaka and
10:05it wasn't long before David was
10:07proposing to Belinda on the 50-yard line
10:09of course so the two of them got married
10:11in 1992 before they even finished
10:14college and soon after they decided they
10:16both wanted to get their Masters in
10:18Education and David's parents like I
10:20said loved Belinda and so they were
10:22happy to take care of most of the
10:23preparations and expenses for the
10:26wedding so around 1993 the two of them
10:28were both finishing their master's
10:30degrees and David it ended up getting a
10:32call about a job opportunity and this
10:34was for an assistant football coaching
10:36position at a leaf Hastings High School
10:38which he accepted right away and Not
10:40only was he super excited to be a coach
10:43but he was also pumped because the
10:46school was in Katy Texas so he was
10:48moving back home as for Belinda she
10:50quickly found a job as a special
10:51education teacher and at a glance it
10:54looked like the couple really had it all
10:56Linda was very well liked by her new
10:59neighbors and had no problem making
11:01friends anywhere she was so she you know
11:04adjusted really well to living in Katy
11:06David on the other hand remained
11:08extremely private and people said that
11:11they had trouble getting close with him
11:13that is with the exception of the Harlan
11:16family Quentin Harlan was also a coach
11:19at the school and he became friends with
11:21David very quickly and his wife Tammy
11:24became friends with Belinda and the two
11:26of them were one of the few couples who
11:28really saw the ins and outs of David and
11:31Belinda's relationship especially as it
11:34started to decline Belinda and Tammy
11:36became extremely close and it was
11:39actually Tammy that Belinda first
11:41confided in when she thought that David
11:43might be cheating on her the thing was
11:46she didn't really have any proof and she
11:48certainly wasn't gonna confront her
11:51husband about it so she sort of set her
11:53feelings aside that this was happening
11:55and really tried to move on and hope for
11:58the best and then in 1994 their lives
12:01completely changed when they found out
12:02that they were going to be having their
12:03first child a boy and on April 13th 1995
12:07Evan Temple was born and he was the
12:10absolute light of Belinda's life she was
12:13so excited to be a mother and she was a
12:16great mother as I mentioned she wanted a
12:18lot of children and so Evan was the
12:20start of what she hoped would be a large
12:23family as for David he was also excited
12:26to be a father he was stoked to have a
12:28little boy of course and what's
12:31interesting to me is even though he now
12:33had a child he seemed to not be
12:36interested in really bringing Belinda's
12:39family into the mix in fact Brenda
12:42Belinda's twin felt like he was
12:44purposely keeping Evan from their family
12:46and I really don't see any reason for
12:48doing this besides control which is all
12:51David Temple ever wanted and Belinda
12:53knew that whatever way her husband
12:55wanted things to go were the way things
12:57were going to go and we may never know
13:00why Belinda was so submissive to her
13:03husband but many people believe that
13:04it's because she feared what he was
13:06capable of doing if she wasn't so after
13:09having Evan things picked up for Belinda
13:12in her work life she ended up getting a
13:14job working as a special ed teacher and
13:16basketball coach at Katy High School
13:18which was her dream now she had it all
13:21she had her child her dream job and she
13:23was coaching and it's hard to even
13:25describe how good of a teacher Belinda
13:28was and how involved she was with the
13:29school she loved her students she loved
13:32her school and if you read shattered
13:35you'll see just how involved she was
13:37everyone at the school adored Belinda
13:40The Faculty all the kids she was known
13:43for sending out daily inspirational
13:45quotes over email she was always the
13:48most dressed up for spirit days and had
13:50the loudest chair during school games
13:51but even though things were going so
13:53good for her she was finally a mom she
13:56was coaching she was teaching she was
13:57doing everything she wanted to do
13:59Belinda was still struggling because
14:01things were not as they seemed at home
14:04David was becoming more and more
14:06controlling over time and by that point
14:09he was even dictating what clothing
14:11brands that she and the baby were
14:14allowed to wear friends and neighbors
14:16said they started to notice that Belinda
14:18would act very different when David was
14:20around and any ounce of Independence
14:22that she would have would quickly go
14:25away whenever David showed up people who
14:27knew them have said it was almost like
14:30Belinda wasn't allowed to have a life
14:32outside of David which is incredibly
14:35frustrating when you find out that David
14:37had a whole ass secret life going on
14:39outside of Belinda David and Quentin his
14:42fellow head coach who I mentioned
14:44earlier who Belinda and him were very
14:47close with he was the one that's married
14:49to Tammy anyway the two of them were
14:52both into this girl named Heather they
14:55both had serious crushes on her she was
14:58a fellow teacher at the school her name
14:59was Heather Scott and the three of them
15:02had a very strange dynamic between them
15:06it's really detailed and shattered but
15:09basically Quentin was the first one who
15:11expressed feelings in Heather but David
15:14was the one who really pursued her David
15:17and Heather's relationship started out
15:18with flirtation they would send very
15:21flirty emails back and forth to each
15:23other all day and Quentin who is David's
15:26like best friend is also sending emails
15:29to Heather but Heather was never as
15:30interested in him she was much more
15:33interested in David and because David
15:35never wore a wedding ring to work and
15:37never talked about Belinda the other
15:39teachers didn't know that he was being
15:41unfaithful other than Quentin of course
15:43Heather herself actually didn't know
15:45that David was married at least not at
15:47this point they would go to these work
15:49happy hours every week together and it
15:51was rightfully assumed by others that
15:53they were dating Heather and David were
15:55definitely fully known as an item and
15:57Belinda had no idea now I did mention
16:00that Belinda had her suspicions that
16:02David was cheating on her and even
16:03though she was right she never had him
16:06me proof and it seemed like she was
16:08afraid to say anything and sadly
16:10cheating wasn't the only shitty thing
16:12that David was doing to his wife in 1998
16:15he went literally weeks without speaking
16:19a word to her which I cannot imagine he
16:22was also just mean to her he would say
16:24things in front of other people about
16:26her and about her physical appearance
16:28especially after she had their son he
16:31would talk about how she was skinny
16:32before having him you know she had
16:34gained some baby weight and he was just
16:36brutal to her about it and obviously
16:38Belinda was unhappy but even though she
16:40was unhappy she really tried to put on a
16:42good face when she was around other
16:44people only a handful of close friends
16:46knew the truth and besides that she
16:49seemed like a very loving doting happy
16:52wife and towards the middle of that year
16:55after David had started talking to
16:58Belinda again at least the two of them
17:00found out that they were having another
17:01baby they found out that baby number two
17:03was a girl and Belinda and David came up
17:06with the name Aaron for her and just
17:08like with her first pregnancy Belinda
17:10was over the moon to be having another
17:12baby she was so excited to be having a
17:13girl but David on the other hand was not
17:16expressing that same happiness in fact
17:19he really had no interest in this baby
17:22and despite later on trying to say that
17:25he was super involved during the
17:27pregnancy he absolutely wasn't I want to
17:30be very clear he really treated Belinda
17:33no differently he continued to just
17:35treat her like [ __ ] and really did not
17:38seem excited about his baby girl coming
17:40into the world Belinda did all the prep
17:43work for this baby by herself and it is
17:48really heartbreaking to think about she
17:49got everything the baby needed you know
17:52did all the nursery prep painted the
17:55nursery alone
17:57and David did nothing anything she did
17:59ask him to do he would straight up
18:01ignore there was one point where she
18:04really wanted to put up these shelves in
18:07the baby's nursery and she had asked
18:08David so many times to help her with it
18:10and he just wouldn't do it and it's
18:12because he was too busy with his new
18:14girlfriend Heather oh and speaking of
18:16Heather she actually did find out that
18:19David was married but that didn't stop
18:21her she still wanted a relationship even
18:24after learning that he was married and
18:26had a baby on the way so as 1998 is
18:28coming to a close Belinda is doing her
18:31best to prep for the baby alone trying
18:33to keep up that excitement but obviously
18:35she's feeling heartbroken at the same
18:37time because she totally knew something
18:39was going on with her husband and she
18:42was also trying to balance working being
18:44that amazing teacher and being an
18:46amazing mom Christmas was coming up and
18:49she wanted to make it one of the best
18:51Christmases ever for Evan and she really
18:53worked hard to do that and by this point
18:55David's [ __ ] and his is disinterest
18:58in their new baby was becoming harder
19:01and harder for him to hide late that
19:03December just after Christmas Belinda's
19:05twin sister Brenda decided to fly out
19:07from Kansas to Katy Texas to be with
19:10Belinda as she was nearing the end of
19:13her pregnancy she was eight months
19:14pregnant at this point and it was
19:16actually believed that she could go into
19:17labor early and they also wanted to
19:20spend their birthdays together December
19:2130th and during those few days that
19:23Brenda was in town she got to see
19:25firsthand how horribly David was
19:28treating her sister and how much it was
19:29affecting Belinda there were many times
19:32that she heard David call Belinda fat
19:35keep in mind she was eight months
19:37pregnant at this point and he's calling
19:40her fat
19:41unbelievable and they had also agreed
19:45not to get each other Christmas like big
19:47Christmas gifts because they were saving
19:48money with the new baby coming and
19:50everything but she figured that he would
19:52still get her something little and sweet
19:54and at no point did he give her any
19:57birthday gift or Christmas gift and it
20:00really broke Belinda's heart and I'm
20:02sure it won't surprise you to hear that
20:03he gave Heather a gold necklace and
20:06despite their daughter being two to
20:08three weeks away really could come at
20:10any time I mean she was definitely
20:11expected to deliver sooner than 40 weeks
20:15he decides that he is going to go on a
20:18hunting trip he lets Belinda and Brenda
20:20know that he's going but he doesn't tell
20:22them where he's going who he's going
20:24with any of the details about it and
20:26he's going to be gone on New Year's Eve
20:28and this was heartbreaking to Belinda
20:30that he was going to leave on a holiday
20:32and when she's so close to giving birth
20:34I mean he could just straight up miss
20:36the birth and she doesn't even know
20:38where he is or how to get in touch with
20:39him and I'm sure you can guess what he
20:42was actually doing that night that's
20:44right David was out with Heather he and
20:47Heather were actually out at a party
20:49with their other co-workers that's the
20:51crazy thing is he was just doing all
20:52this out in the open and not only that
20:55he was bragging to his co-workers about
20:58how he pulled one over on his wife
21:01so impressive dude so that brings us to
21:04January 11 1998 and Belinda was only a
21:07week or two away from giving birth she
21:09hadn't slept well the night before
21:10because one she was pregnant but also
21:13because her son Evan was really sick he
21:16had a fever and she was up with him most
21:18of the night because of course David's
21:19not gonna get his ass up and help so she
21:22was exhausted that day and she decided
21:24that she was still going to send her
21:26three-year-old very sick child to
21:28daycare because she couldn't stay home
21:31from work she was trying to save all of
21:33her PTO for when the baby came she did
21:36however speak to David and he agreed
21:38that if Evan was too sick to be at
21:41daycare that he would pick him up and
21:43Belinda did end up getting that call
21:45that Evan was way too sick to be at
21:47daycare his fever had spiked he wasn't
21:49eating he seemed miserable someone
21:52needed to come get him and of course
21:54David did not show up Belinda tried
21:56calling him many times he wouldn't
21:58answer and so Belinda had to leave work
22:00to go will pick up Evan so she leaves
22:03work she goes and picks him up brings
22:05him home but she still had to go back to
22:07work because she had a meeting like a
22:09parent teacher conference that she had
22:11to be at so she continues to call David
22:13hoping that he will answer she finally
22:15gets a hold of David at 12 15 and he
22:18does come home to take care of Evan so
22:20she can go back to work so Belinda goes
22:22back to Katie high and David is home
22:24with Evan and he is not happy to have
22:27had to leave work to be home with his
22:29son once she was wrapped up with her
22:30meeting Belinda left work around 3 30
22:33and she actually went over to David's
22:35parents house to pick up some soup that
22:37they had made for her now according to
22:39David Belinda got home around 4pm and
22:43when she did she was exhausted and
22:45wanted to rest so he decides to take
22:48Evan to run some errands and out to the
22:50park so she could get some peace and
22:52quiet back at home he claimed to have
22:54taken Evan to One Park and then he
22:56decided that there was another Park he'd
22:58rather take him to so on the way to the
23:00second Park he actually makes a detour
23:03because Evan was thirsty so they stopped
23:06at a grocery store called Brookshire
23:08Brothers after they got something to
23:10drink and picked up some cat food David
23:12said he bailed on the idea of going to
23:14the second Park and instead took his son
23:16to Home Depot and surveillance cameras
23:18placed David and Evan at both of these
23:20locations around the time that he said
23:22he was there but when he came back
23:24approximately 5 30 p.m tragedy had
23:28struck David claims that when they got
23:31home he had Evan stay in the garage and
23:34ride his bike around and then he went
23:37inside to let Belinda know that they
23:39were home but when he went to their side
23:41door he saw that it had been broken into
23:43this is when he grabs Evan and runs
23:47across the street to a neighbor's house
23:48and pounds on the door and when The
23:50Neighbor opened up he shoves Evan into
23:53his arms and says that someone had
23:55broken into his house and he needed to
23:57go back and check on his wife and so the
24:00neighbor hands Evan off to his wife and
24:03ran after David thinking that he
24:04shouldn't enter the house alone at 5 36
24:07the neighbor's wife called 9-1-1 to
24:09report that the Temple's home had been
24:10broken into and just two minutes after
24:12that a second 9-1-1 call came in from
24:14David himself reporting that his wife
24:17had been murdered on the call the
24:20operator asked David many questions like
24:22if he could feel a pulse which David
24:25said he could he was also asked if he
24:27could perform CPR because it was
24:29believed that even if his wife had
24:31passed that maybe the baby could still
24:33be saved depending on how long she was
24:36without oxygen but David told the
24:38operator that there was no way he could
24:40do CPR because Belinda's head had been
24:43essentially blown to bits which is a
24:47very disturbing and sad but important
24:50detail not long after this when two
24:52Harris County deputies arrived at the
24:54scene they were immediately prevented
24:56from entering the house because the
24:57Temple's family dog Shaka was blocking
25:00their entrance and I can't stress enough
25:02that this wasn't just a dog casually
25:05getting in their way Shaka was a
25:08hyper-aggressive dog that would not
25:09hesitate to attack a stranger this dog
25:12was in full Attack Mode when they got
25:14there barking snarling
25:17jumping up on the gate almost about to
25:19bust through and attack the two officers
25:22of course they were terrified of what
25:24Shaka might do but they knew they had to
25:27get into that house as soon as possible
25:29one officer was even prepared to shoot
25:31the dog if they had to but luckily David
25:34stepped outside the house just before
25:37that could have happened he put Shaka in
25:39the garage and the two officers started
25:42to survey the scene and waited for EMS
25:45and other officers to arrive and inside
25:47the house they found Belinda Temple face
25:51down in her closet with a single gunshot
25:54wound to the back of her head there was
25:56no sign of life in Belinda and sadly
25:59there was no possibility that baby Aaron
26:02had survived and the scene was horrific
26:04there was blood and brain matter sprayed
26:08across the closet and I know that's very
26:10gruesome to think about but it's a
26:12detail that really does matter and aside
26:15from Belinda detectives had a crime
26:17scene to investigate like I said the
26:19initial theory was that the home had
26:20been robbed and Belinda's death was the
26:22result of a robbery gone wrong and like
26:25I mentioned the side door to the home
26:27was broken into and there were shards of
26:29glass all over the living room the TV
26:32had also been knocked off the stand and
26:35countless drawers had been left open as
26:36if someone was going through them but
26:38here's the thing even though this looked
26:40like a robbery nothing was stolen
26:42nothing glinda's purse wallet and car
26:46keys were immediately found not to
26:48mention there was a tray of expensive
26:50jewelry just left completely untouched
26:53in their bedroom and yes there were
26:55several drawers left open but nothing
26:57was actually touched inside of them and
27:00so red flags are popping up for these
27:02officers right away and with all that in
27:05mind they asked David to wait in the
27:07back of their patrol car and this is
27:10when he became very agitated they
27:13explained that they needed to bring him
27:14in so that he could make a statement and
27:16he did not under understand why he had
27:18to do that he did not like the idea of
27:20having to do that as if the whole thing
27:22had nothing to do with him and David
27:24didn't seem sad or traumatized about
27:27what had just happened to his wife and
27:30that neighbor that followed him back
27:32over to the house said that as they were
27:34going over there and David was going to
27:36be checking on his wife he never called
27:40out her name which he thought was
27:42incredibly weird and that was honestly
27:44just one of the many strange things that
27:46police started to catch on to even
27:48though David had said that their home
27:49had been broken into the more officers
27:52looked at the scene the more clear it
27:54was that it had been staged the first
27:57red flag was that nothing had been
27:58stolen and that the doors that were open
28:01hadn't been looked through the next red
28:03flag was the door that had been broken
28:06into you'd expect that when the door was
28:08broken into the glass that the so-called
28:11perpetrator shattered would be scattered
28:13directly behind the door just inside the
28:16home I mean just picture sure it if a
28:18door is closed and you break the glass
28:20where is it going to go it's going to go
28:23straight back but that wasn't the case
28:25here the glass was off to the side more
28:27in the living room area than anywhere
28:29else and this suggested that the glass
28:31was shattered after the door was already
28:34open and why would a robber do this if
28:37the door was unlocked there would be
28:39literally no reason to break the glass
28:42another red flag was shotgun in no world
28:45would that dog have just let an intruder
28:48into the home without giving them a
28:50serious run for their money I mean even
28:52responding officers were terrified of
28:55him now later on David would try to say
28:57that the dog was actually locked up in
28:59the garage all day but that makes no
29:02sense that would mean that after David
29:05realized that the house was broken into
29:07and after he realized that his wife had
29:09been brutally murdered he went around to
29:11the garage and let the dog into the side
29:14before officers got there I mean make it
29:17make sense and I mean at the end of the
29:19day we know that the dog was outside
29:21when officers got there so
29:23clearly that was a lie oh and remember
29:25how I said earlier that David told the
29:28911 operator that he attempted to check
29:30for a pulse well with how much blood was
29:33at the scene you would expect at the
29:35very least David would have gotten a
29:37little blood on him well nope the man
29:40was clean and that makes you think that
29:43he didn't check for a pulse because he
29:45knew that she was already dead and there
29:47were some other inconsistencies which
29:49officers learned about later that had to
29:52do with David's Alibi even though we
29:54know with 100 certainty that David did
29:56go to Brookshire Brothers and Home Depot
29:58the time it took for him to get in
30:00between those two places was eerily long
30:03it was only a 20 minute drive from the
30:05grocery store to Home Depot at most but
30:07the time stamps show that it took David
30:0936 minutes and he said that there was
30:13traffic which sure that's always
30:15possible but investigators believe that
30:17this was the time where he was hiding
30:19the murder weapon especially because a
30:22student from the school that David
30:23taught at actually saw him in his truck
30:26near the rice fields which is not along
30:28the route that he would have driven
30:30between those two places and it was in
30:32the rice fields of Katy Texas that many
30:35believed the 12-gauge shotgun was hidden
30:37a weapon that to this day has not been
30:41found there were actually two rifles
30:43found inside the closet where Belinda
30:45was killed but never a shotgun and the
30:47fact that this weapon was never found
30:49was a huge problem for prosecutors when
30:52it came to the trial but I don't want to
30:54get ahead of myself blind is autopsy
30:56which was performed the day after her
30:58murder confirmed that she was killed
31:00with a 12-gauge shotgun with reloaded
31:02double zero Buckshot shells and based on
31:05the findings of the autopsy and the
31:07blood spatter at the scene it was clear
31:09that the shotgun had been placed
31:11directly at the back of Linda's head the
31:14blood spatter also revealed that Belinda
31:16had been on her knees when she was
31:19killed and if this was truly a robbery
31:21gone wrong there's just no reason that
31:24that person would have executed Belinda
31:27like this also and this is important
31:30why would a robber be using a shotgun I
31:33mean it's big it's clunky it's hard to
31:35conceal it makes no sense also you have
31:37to consider what time of day this
31:39happened this is in the later afternoon
31:41kids are getting home from school coming
31:43home off the bus parents are coming home
31:46from work I mean what robber in their
31:48right mind is going to break into a home
31:50when all these people are out in a very
31:54active family neighborhood you're
31:56probably thinking that David is looking
31:58guilty as hell and investigators were
32:00thinking the same but there wasn't
32:02enough for an arrest yet and without a
32:04murder weapon
32:06it was going to be extremely difficult
32:07and it was also difficult that David
32:09lived there and it would be perfectly
32:11normal for his DNA to be all over the
32:14entire house and it was no secret to
32:16David to his family to the community
32:19that he was being considered as a
32:21suspect in his wife's murder but not
32:24everyone believed that he was capable of
32:26doing such a horrific thing obviously
32:28with all the information I've gone over
32:29we all know that David wasn't a good
32:31husband or person but you have to
32:34remember that he had really kept up a
32:36good appearance and many people thought
32:38he was only a few close friends and
32:40neighbors knew how bad it actually was
32:42for Belinda people just couldn't wrap
32:45their mind around this good old
32:48All-American high school football coach
32:51David Temple
32:52committing a murder
32:55and murdering his pregnant wife I mean
32:57people just they couldn't go there but
33:00of course people were talking as people
33:02do and words started going around about
33:05David's Affair and more and more people
33:07thought it was possible that he actually
33:10did this and investigators actually
33:11learned about the affair the day of the
33:13autopsy and this would be their motive
33:16that they clung onto for years and I'm
33:18sure this won't shock you but literally
33:20days after his wife was brutally
33:23murdered David was asking Quentin for
33:26updates on Heather wondering how she was
33:28doing but David actually wasn't the only
33:31suspect in Belinda's murder Riley Joe
33:34Sanders who was a student and neighbor
33:36of Belinda's came into question very
33:38early on turns out Belinda had recently
33:41told Riley's parents that he had skipped
33:44131 classes and as you can imagine he
33:48was not happy about that of course this
33:50wasn't a huge motive but it definitely
33:52could have pissed him off but the main
33:54reason he was really considered as a
33:56suspect is because he lied to police
33:58about where he was on January 11th even
34:01though he said he was at school that day
34:02it turns out he was actually riding
34:05around with his friends smoking weed now
34:08of course he probably just didn't want
34:09police to know that he had skipped
34:11classes or his parents to find out but
34:13it didn't look good and it was quite
34:15useful for the defense not to mention
34:17eight days before the murder Riley had
34:21actually burglarized a house in the
34:23neighborhood so was it possible he was
34:25pissed at Belinda for telling his
34:27parents about him skipping all those
34:29classes and he killed her because of it
34:32police thought so especially considering
34:34the fact that Riley's dad owned a
34:3612-gauge shotgun
34:38just like the kind that was used to kill
34:40Belinda and things started to look even
34:42worse for Riley when police found out
34:44that that shotgun was missing and then
34:46was eventually found under Riley's
34:48friend's bed and so all this looks
34:51really bad but jumping forward a little
34:53it was determined that that gun was not
34:56used to kill Belinda Riley was heavily
34:59interrogated but investigators just
35:01couldn't make a connection to murder so
35:03there was no arrest made in the murder
35:05of Belinda Temple and weeks went by
35:07weeks turned into months and then months
35:10turned in to years without an arrest in
35:12David's family Who Loved Belinda stayed
35:15quiet they never made public comments
35:17they never begged for Belinda's killer
35:20to be found they never put out a reward
35:22to find Belinda's killer which you think
35:25would be kind of useful for them if they
35:27believed that their son was innocent
35:29Belinda's family the Lucas's on the
35:31other hand pleaded with the media and
35:32investigators for justice to be served
35:34and while it was definitely infuriating
35:36and frustrating for the whole community
35:38that no arrests had been made Harris
35:41County investigators knew that they
35:42really only had one shot at this so they
35:45waited and gathered evidence and worked
35:47as hard as they could to put their case
35:48against David Temple together and as the
35:51years went on David continued his life
35:53like nothing ever happened and this
35:55probably won't shock you but he ended up
35:58marrying Heather they got married in
36:00June of 2001 and together they raised
36:03Evan but finally in November of 2004 an
36:07arrest was made of course David pleaded
36:10not guilty to the murder charge and his
36:12trial began on October 16 2007 and like
36:16I normally do when we talk about trials
36:17here since there's so much to go over
36:19I'm going to give you the main arguments
36:22from each side starting with the
36:23prosecution so obviously it was very
36:25clear from the jump that the affair was
36:28the motive for this murder David wanted
36:29to be with Heather and rather than
36:31divorce his pregnant wife he decided to
36:34kill her which I will never understand
36:36the lead attorney argued that David
36:37stage his home to look like there was
36:39some type of invasion and then took his
36:41son out to run some errands in order to
36:43establish an alibi what would be
36:46difficult about David's Alibi is the
36:47fact that the medical examiner was never
36:49able to determine Belinda's exact time
36:52of death of course the defense would
36:53argue that Belinda was murdered at 4 30
36:56which would work perfectly for them
36:58since David was seen on camera at 4 32.
37:01the prosecution on the other hand argued
37:03that Belinda was murdered closer to 4 pm
37:06right after she returned home from work
37:08and when David didn't have an alibi and
37:11one thing that suggests this is the fact
37:13that Belinda was still wearing her shoes
37:15and work clothes when she was found if
37:17she was in the home for 30 minutes
37:19before being killed chances are she
37:21would have taken off her shoes according
37:23to the prosecution the scene suggested
37:25that she had marched right upstairs and
37:28had been immediately executed and wasn't
37:30at home relaxing beforehand if this was
37:33the case and she was killed right when
37:35she got home that would have given David
37:3720 minutes to stage the scene and that
37:40would have been plenty of time according
37:41to the prosecution they also brought up
37:43the shattered glass being in a place it
37:45shouldn't be and the dog who clearly
37:47would have attacked a stranger in their
37:48home and the fact that nothing was ever
37:51stolen the lead prosecutor brought out
37:53many people to testify about David's
37:56treatment of Belinda including Quentin
37:58and Tammy Harlan they also brought out
38:00many of the First Responders and
38:02deputies who were at the scene who could
38:03testify to David's emotion or lack
38:06thereof now there were two people who
38:08ended up testifying during the trial in
38:09their appearances not only shocked the
38:11jury but everyone in the courthouse and
38:13those two people were Riley Joe Sanders
38:15and Heather Scott Riley testified for
38:18the prosecution helping cast doubt away
38:20from him as a possible suspect he was
38:23extremely forthcoming with information
38:24and overall very Cooperative but let's
38:27talk about Heather Scott or Heather
38:29Temple I should say even though she
38:31testified for the defense it did not
38:33look good for David that he married the
38:36woman who it's believed he killed his
38:37wife I4 she spoke about their
38:39relationship and from everything I
38:41gathered she seemed to really downplay
38:43its significance saying things like it
38:46wasn't going on for very long before the
38:47murder and how the two were never in
38:49love before the murder and much more and
38:52of course she's trying to paint the
38:53picture for the jury that why would
38:55David kill his wife for a woman that he
38:57wasn't that serious with but that's
38:59really what's Up For Debate how serious
39:01were they before he killed Belinda the
39:04prosecution thinks they were pretty
39:05serious and before the trial even
39:07started Heather was interviewed and she
39:10was asked if David ever brought Belinda
39:13up to her and she said no she said that
39:16he never brought blend up at all his
39:20wife who was murdered brutally
39:23he never brings it up I mean that's just
39:26extremely hard to believe so either
39:28Heather was lying or David really is one
39:31of the coldest people on the face of the
39:33planet now as for the defense all they
39:35really needed was Reasonable Doubt and
39:38without a murder weapon their job was
39:40made easier one hurdle they had to get
39:42over was the broken glass in the living
39:44room remember if that glass was broken
39:47when the door was closed it would have
39:49shattered straight back but at the scene
39:51it was found off to the side almost as
39:54if the glass was broken when the door
39:55was already open while the defense's
39:58argument was that the reason the glass
39:59was off to the side was because David
40:01rushed into the home that day and all
40:04that glass just got pushed to the side
40:05by the force of him opening the door the
40:08defense also tried casting doubt on the
40:10dog saying that it wasn't as aggressive
40:12as the prosecution was making it out to
40:14be now there was one bit of testimony
40:16for the defense that I wanted to share
40:18and get your opinions on and it has to
40:20do with the time of death as you know
40:22the prosecution believed believes that
40:24Belinda was killed closer to 4 P.M while
40:27David was still at home and the defense
40:28argued that she was killed closer to 4
40:3030. well three boys that lived behind
40:33the temples told police back in 1999
40:36that they heard the sound of a gunshot
40:39at 4 30 a single gunshot and if that was
40:43The Gunshot that killed Belinda and it
40:46was 4 30 that would mean David couldn't
40:49have done it but even though this
40:50testimony supports the defense and
40:52David's Alibi they were merely kids at
40:55the time is it possible that they got
40:57the time wrong or possibly mistook the
40:59sound of a car engine firing for a
41:01gunshot just some things to consider But
41:04ultimately in November of 2007 after a
41:07four-week trial David Temple was found
41:09guilty of murder and he was sentenced to
41:13life in prison we the jury found the
41:16defendant David Mark Temple guilty of
41:19murder as charged in the indictment
41:21however the case doesn't end there a
41:23handful of years after the sentencing a
41:26friend of Riley Sanders came forward and
41:29told investigators that he had to clear
41:31his conscience he told them that he had
41:33overheard Riley talking about the temple
41:37house being burglarized and how it had
41:40escalated he claims he overheard him say
41:42that he was attacked by the dog shot the
41:45dog panicked and left and he thought
41:48that shooting the dog was code for
41:50shooting Belinda investigators were
41:53definitely interested in this and they
41:54had him record a statements so that they
41:56could bring it to a judge and meanwhile
41:58a detective who was not super involved
42:00with the case was asked to look deeper
42:02into everything and see if he could find
42:04something new and boy did he it turns
42:08out that there were 1 319 pages of old
42:11police reports that were littered with
42:14Riley Sanders name and a ton of
42:16information that the detective believed
42:18had never been seen or shared before and
42:21I mean based on all of that it may made
42:24Riley look like a much bigger suspect
42:26than they thought originally so of
42:28course this information was shared with
42:30David's defense team and when it was
42:32their eyes lit up based on what they
42:34were seeing it looked like the lead
42:36prosecutor didn't disclose all the
42:38evidence a hearing was actually held to
42:40address all this in the former lead
42:42prosecutor said that she did everything
42:44according to law during that trial but
42:46the judge didn't fully agree and that's
42:49why he made a recommendation for the
42:50case to be reopened and it was in
42:54November of 2016 the Texas Court of
42:57Criminal Appeals overturned David's
43:00conviction after serving nine years in
43:02prison David Temple was released on bond
43:06while he awaited his retrial
43:10see my brothers
43:12and my mom and dad
43:15about a hug them on this side of the
43:20it's been a long time coming I wouldn't
43:22wish a trial on my worst enemy
43:25it would take for anybody to have to go
43:28through that and until you've been
43:29through something that
43:31that magnitude I don't think anybody or
43:33any family could even began to
43:36understand so the second trial began on
43:38July 8 2019 and four days into it
43:41Heather announced that she had divorced
43:44David which was not a good look for him
43:46for 18 days a new jury heard all the
43:49information and I mean all of it but
43:51ultimately thank God they came to the
43:53same conclusion David Temple was guilty
43:56of murder a jury has found David Temple
43:59guilty for a second time this decision
44:02today follows seven hours of jury
44:04deliberations and four weeks of
44:06testimony tomorrow the jury will decide
44:08his punishment the former Alief Hastings
44:10High School coach killed his wife
44:12Belinda in January 1999. Channel 2
44:15Sophia beausoleil live at the Harris
44:16County Criminal Justice Center downtown
44:18where the punishment phase continues
44:19tomorrow Sophia
44:21after the judge read the verdict this
44:23afternoon both families became emotional
44:25inside the courtroom
44:27after a month of testimony and more than
44:30seven hours of deliberation that during
44:32the David Temple trial came to a
44:34conclusion Tuesday afternoon we the jury
44:36find the defendant David Mark Temple
44:39guilty of murder as charged in the
44:41indictment but the wild thing is after
44:44seven hours of deliberation they still
44:47couldn't agree on a punishment for David
44:49leaving the judge no choice but to
44:51declare this a mistrial but luckily the
44:55mistrial wouldn't mean that David would
44:56get an entire third trial David was
44:59guilty that was done what happened
45:02instead was he was given a sentence only
45:05trial but unfortunately it was delayed
45:08due to the pandemic and during this time
45:10David remained out on bond finally
45:13though in April of 2023 just recently
45:17and 24 years after Belinda was murdered
45:20David received his sentence and he was
45:23sentenced to life in prison the jury
45:25sentences David Temple to life and
45:27prison 24 years after he shot and killed
45:30his pregnant wife Belinda Temple it has
45:32been a long and winding legal journey to
45:35today's verdict and what was so shocking
45:38to me is Evan Belinda and David's son
45:40stood by his father throughout the
45:43entire thing and hoped that he would be
45:46acquitted and what's also shocking and
45:48disturbing is even though he has a life
45:52he is eligible for parole in 17 years
45:55Belinda's family of course remains
45:57adamant that David killed her despite
46:00his claims of Innocence
46:11I want you to think about this every day
46:13you can spend the rest of your life in
46:14prison that was a lot to cover and I
46:17definitely want to hear your thoughts on
46:19this one I feel that I know how most of
46:22you are going to feel I know that most
46:23of you are going to think David is
46:24guilty but I think there could be some
46:27of you out there who at least have room
46:28for Reasonable Doubt or think it
46:30possibly was Riley but let me know in my
46:34opinion David killed Belinda and he
46:36killed Aaron and I think he should have
46:38been held accountable for both of their
46:40murders I'm a bit frustrated with how
46:43all this shook out and cannot imagine
46:45him actually getting Parole in 17 years
46:49unbelievable I can't imagine how her
46:51family feels reading about Belinda's
46:53story truly broke my heart Belinda
46:55seemed like such a wonderful person all
46:59I know is that what happened to Belinda
47:00is beyond tragic she was a very very
47:04good person who is dearly missed by so
47:08many that's gonna be it for me today
47:10guys I will be back next week to discuss
47:12yet another case but until then stay
47:15safe out there
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the case of Belinda Temple about?

The case of Belinda Temple involves a high school football star who murdered his wife to be with his mistress. It includes a history of aggression and bullying by David Temple, as well as suspicions of steroid use. David was initially convicted of the murder but his case was later overturned and he was released on bond for a retrial.

2. What were the allegations against David Temple?

David Temple faced allegations of aggression, bullying, and suspicions of steroid use in the case of Belinda Temple. These allegations played a significant role in his conviction, which was later overturned leading to his release on bond for a retrial.

3. How did the case of Belinda Temple impact the community?

The case of Belinda Temple had a profound impact on the community, raising concerns about aggression, bullying, and the use of steroids. It sparked discussions about domestic violence and the legal system, leading to widespread attention and calls for justice.

4. What led to the retrial of David Temple?

The retrial of David Temple was prompted by the overturning of his initial conviction in the case of Belinda Temple. New evidence and legal developments contributed to the decision for a retrial, renewing public interest and scrutiny of the case.

5. What were the key factors in the case of Belinda Temple?

The case of Belinda Temple involved key factors such as aggression, bullying, suspicions of steroid use, and the overturning of David Temple's conviction. These factors have sparked debates and controversies, shaping the narrative and public perception of the case.

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