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The video discusses the case of Stephen McDaniel, a suspect in a murder investigation, highlighting the significance of forensic analysis, particularly internet search history, in building a case. The interrogation process is examined, showcasing the detective's attempts to elicit a confession through psychological pressure and empathy. However, Stephen maintains his innocence, leading to a tense and unresolved conclusion.
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Forensic professionals consider the nature of the relationship, motivations, psychopathology, and vulnerabilities of the stalker and victim in stalking cases.
Internet search history can provide crucial evidence in building a case and reveal hidden aspects of a suspect's personality.
Stephen McDaniel spent a large majority of his time watching violent and torturous pornography, searched for how to commit sexual assault, and variations of how to molest a sleeping girl.
Excessive exposure to online pornography can desensitize individuals to sexual activity and lead to the pursuit of more extreme forms of stimuli.
The victim, Lauren Giddings, had no social vulnerabilities and was well-liked and supported within her community.
Stephen McDaniel is interviewed by the local news about the missing person case, unaware that part of the victim's remains had been discovered.
Stephen McDaniel expresses concern about the missing person and claims to have no knowledge of anyone who would want to hurt her.
He mentions that the body was recovered from the parking lot area but is unsure if it is the same person.
Stephen McDaniel states that the victim was planning to move out that day.
The suspect's creepy behavior unnerves the detective during the interrogation.
The suspect turns his head and fixes his gaze in a haunting manner, making the detective uncomfortable.
The detective becomes the one to look away and reset his posture.
The detective asks trivial questions before attempting to ramp up the pressure.
The suspect denies knowing the whereabouts of the victim and shows lack of concern.
The detective questions the person about their statements to the media and their possession of guns.
The detective asks why the person told the media certain things.
The person denies knowing where someone is despite being seen on the news saying so.
The detective questions the person about their possession of guns and their shooting experience.
The detective uses psychological tactics to try and get the suspect to admit incriminating information.
The detective maintains eye contact with the suspect.
He compares the situation to when the suspect was a child and got caught stealing cookies.
The detective mentions that lying weighs on a person's conscience and there is always a chance of getting caught.
The detective suggests that the suspect used a cleaner to clean up his apartment.
The detective questions Stephen about his family support and whether he hurt the girl, but Stephen denies any wrongdoing and maintains a lifeless demeanor.
Detective mentions that having family support should make things easier.
Stephen denies hurting anyone and claims to have made mistakes in his life.
Detective asks why Stephen is acting short and unresponsive despite being described as talkative and friendly by his colleagues.
The detective repeatedly accuses Stephen of hurting a girl, but Stephen denies it.
The detective tries to make Stephen admit to hurting the girl.
Stephen insists that he didn't do anything.
The detective's strategy of mental exhaustion doesn't work on Stephen.
The detective interrogates the suspect, using harsh tactics and implying that everyone knows he is guilty.
The detective bullies the suspect, stripping away empathy.
The suspect denies any involvement, but the detective insists they know he is guilty.
The detective lists people who supposedly know the suspect is guilty, including his own family.
00:00when forensic health professionals
00:01evaluate stalking four essential items
00:04are taken into consideration the nature
00:06of the relationship between the stalker
00:08and the victim the stalker's motivations
00:10the psychological psychopathological and
00:13social realities of the stalker and the
00:15psychological and social vulnerabilities
00:17of the victim the subject of this
00:19episode is 25 year old stephen mcdaniel
00:22and to gain a deeper understanding of
00:24the foregoing components we have to
00:26extract certain elements through the
00:27knowledge of hindsight the evolution of
00:30technology over the past two decades has
00:32made forensic investigations
00:34considerably more efficient two of the
00:36items on this list can now be examined
00:38through a single component which would
00:40otherwise take forensics weeks or even
00:42months to conduct in a previous era and
00:44that component is the internet or more
00:46specifically internet search history the
00:49disclosure of web browser data is often
00:52a crucial piece of evidence for building
00:53a case as it can unveil many aspects of
00:56a suspect's personality that would
00:58otherwise be kept hidden and this is
00:59sometimes far more effective than
01:01anything else presented in court
01:03including information extracted during a
01:05full confession without going into
01:07specific detail a large majority of the
01:09subject's time was spent watching porn
01:11that surrounded the theme of violence
01:13and torture he would also conduct
01:15back-to-back searches of how to commit
01:17sexual assault and would type in several
01:19variations of the phrase how to molest
01:21sleeping girl to forensics this is an
01:23overt sign of desensitization to sexual
01:26activity excessive exposure to online
01:29pornography can have this effect over
01:30time it can build up a tolerance to the
01:33traditional idea of sex therefore the
01:35subject may continue a more potent form
01:37of stimuli to get the same rush for
01:39stephen mcdaniel this began with
01:41watching abstract material on the
01:43internet and eventually led him to
01:45planning and then carrying out what he
01:47saw on screen his target was 24 year old
01:50lauren giddings his next door neighbor
01:53of three years and this takes us to item
01:55four of the forensic checklist with
01:57respect to social vulnerabilities the
01:59victim essentially had none lauren was
02:02outgoing and extremely popular she was a
02:04well-liked member of her community and
02:06had a strong social support system with
02:08relation to psychological
02:10vulnerabilities the term perceptual
02:12naivety would potentially come to light
02:14during a forensic investigation stephen
02:16had asked her out on a date within six
02:19months of their acquaintance which was
02:20reportedly only the second time they had
02:22ever spoke lauren declined but stated
02:25she would like to remain friends which
02:27was only her being courteous and trying
02:28to soften the blow of rejection she
02:30would later tell her actual friends that
02:32steven made her feel extremely uneasy
02:35and was uncomfortable to be around it
02:37may have seemed like a non-essential
02:38observation at the time but in hindsight
02:41it appears that her instinctive senses
02:43were trying to tell her something lauren
02:45had told her friends multiple times that
02:47she felt someone had been inside her
02:48apartment and she also started getting
02:50an eerie vibe when she came back alone
02:52especially late at night it was as
02:54though she could sense something wasn't
02:56right and she even thought about moving
02:58multiple times but unfortunately never
03:00went through with it the reality was
03:02that stephen mcdaniel had stolen a
03:04master's key from a security guard and
03:06let himself into her apartment and
03:08looked around on several occasions he
03:10also started filming her when she would
03:12leave and return to her apartment during
03:14all hours of the day had lauren been in
03:16this situation before or even knew
03:18anyone that had she may have trusted her
03:20intuition and unknowingly saved herself
03:22from a tragic fate but that's the key
03:24word trust she had no proof of the
03:27danger she was in only conviction which
03:30unfortunately wasn't strong enough when
03:31it was most needed
03:49stephen mcdaniel snuck into lauren's
03:51apartment once more only this time she
03:53was sleeping inside as he crept into her
03:56bedroom she awoke and immediately
03:58panicked once she saw the intruder
04:00mcdaniel then pounced on top of her and
04:02proceeded to strangle her for roughly 15
04:05minutes lauren put up a courageous fight
04:07and clawed at her attacker's face and
04:09chest but she was eventually overpowered
04:11and died of asphyxiation after the
04:14murder stephen dismembered lauren's body
04:16in the bathtub with a hacksaw he cut his
04:18victim into five pieces placed each
04:21piece in a trash bag and then disposed
04:23of each of them in separate trash cans
04:25around campus three days later lauren's
04:28concerned friends would arrive at her
04:29apartment and let themselves in with a
04:31spare key mcdaniel would notice from his
04:34window and invited himself inside as he
04:36offered to help all of her belongings
04:38were still inside including her cell
04:40phone driver's license and passport a
04:43missing person's report was filed that
04:45night a search party commenced the next
04:47morning and police would discover the
04:48victim's torso at 9 40 am it was placed
04:52in a trash can next to the apartment
04:53complex the rest of the victim's remains
04:56were never recovered the investigation
04:58was then switched from a missing person
05:00to murder police canvassed the
05:01surrounding area and began conducting
05:04interviews with neighbors and classmates
05:06one of whom was stephen mcdaniel but he
05:08was first interviewed by the local news
05:10and at the time was unaware that part of
05:12the victim's remains had been discovered
05:14we're just trying to find out where she
05:16is at this point i mean
05:18no one has seen her since saturday
05:21i mean the last time anyone heard from
05:23her was an email that she sent out and
05:26no one's heard from her since what kind
05:28of person was she i mean how did you
05:30what did you see i mean she's as nice as
05:31can be i mean very personable very much
05:34people person do you know anybody that
05:36any enemies you might have had somebody
05:38that might want to hurt her
05:39no i mean
05:40we just don't know where she is what
05:42about um in the like the parking lot
05:44area i know they've been doing a lot of
05:46i think that's where they have recovered
05:47the body or whatever they recovered from
05:51had you heard it had you seen anything
05:55had to see anything there
05:57i mean we don't know if this is the same
05:59person you know what i mean like they
06:00took out a body there earlier we don't
06:02know the same person around so that's
06:04how we're trying to ask people they know
06:05who lived there
06:09are you okay sir
06:10i think i need to sit down
06:19this is most likely a genuine reaction
06:21disguised as another he is most likely
06:23feeling a sense of fear and shock over
06:26the fact a substantial piece of evidence
06:28has been discovered yet he plays it off
06:30as a feeling of sorrow over the loss of
06:32his supposed friend i
06:34don't know anyone that would want to
06:35hurt her she was
06:38as nice
06:39as there is
06:47was she moving soon did you know
06:48anything about her yeah she was going to
06:51moving out
06:57why would anyone do this
06:59maybe i could have
07:01i mean they went in we looked around the
07:05no sign of a struggle no sign that
07:07anyone had broken in
07:09just nothing he was interviewed by
07:10police at 11 50 a.m and offered to help
07:13in any way he could yet came across as
07:16fidgety and apprehensive the entire time
07:18there were two highlighted moments of
07:20the interview the first was when stephen
07:21asserted that he was a virgin saving
07:23himself for marriage the second was when
07:25the detective discovered scratch marks
07:27on his face and stomach which he
07:29asserted were done by himself in his
07:31sleep he at that point unknowingly
07:33became the prime suspect and was asked
07:35if police could search his apartment
07:37steven reluctantly accepted and was then
07:40transported back to the complex with
07:41four other investigators while searching
07:43his apartment they discovered a
07:45collection of swords guns toilet rolls
07:48stockpiled provisions as if he was
07:50expecting an apocalyptic event and a
07:52mask made out of women's underwear the
07:54most significant discovery however was a
07:56pack of condoms steven was asked why he
07:58would have such an item in his
08:00possession if he was staying celibate
08:02before marriage at which point he
08:04miraculously confessed to stealing them
08:05from another apartment this gave the
08:07detectives probable cause for arrest and
08:10steven was placed in handcuffs and
08:12brought back to the police station his
08:13interrogation began just after 11 pm
08:18all right brother
08:20all right brother
08:23all right
08:25i just got to ask you a few
08:30you came down earlier tonight me and you
08:31talked all right
08:32you don't have any weapons on you do you
08:34yeah that's just you what's wrong
08:37you know detective patterson right yes
08:40do you remember put your hands up here
08:42you remember us talking
08:43earlier tonight
08:46you remember me earlier in the day yes
08:48we came down here and talked a little
08:50bit and then we left yes okay the
08:53monotone dialogue and lifeless demeanor
08:55you see here reportedly started on the
08:57drive back to the police station and
08:59their suspect's conduct throughout the
09:00entire procedure is not only mystifying
09:03but almost impressive this is one of the
09:05most extraordinary pieces of
09:07interrogation footage to ever reach the
09:09public domain i need to know
09:12about this girl right here you know her
09:15yeah who is that
09:17lauren gettings
09:19does she live next door to you yes
09:23when's the last time you seen her
09:25two or three weeks ago
09:28okay was you friends with lauren yes
09:31look at me and talk me son okay the
09:34suspect has morphed himself into this
09:36abnormal and extremely creepy character
09:38whether it's a strategy or some sort of
09:41mental breakdown is unclear but what's
09:43incredible is that it somewhat dictates
09:45the pace of the interrogation the
09:47detective has just closed the distance
09:49and commanded eye contact both of which
09:51are recognized techniques to increase
09:53psychological pressure yet the absurdly
09:55haunting manner in which the suspect
09:57turns his head and fixes his gaze
09:59unnerves the detective to the point
10:01where he becomes the one to look away
10:03and reset his posture this essentially
10:05never happens in interrogations as it
10:07can give the suspect an incredible boost
10:09in confidence
10:11look at me talk me son okay
10:14was you friends with her yes close
10:16friends we were good i mean you all were
10:19friends right both of you all the law
10:21students you're studying to be an
10:22attorney right yes what kind of law do
10:24you want to go into criminal law yes is
10:27that what you want to do for a living
10:29yes okay the detective steps back from
10:31his initially aggressive strategy he
10:33asks trivial questions for 35 seconds
10:36before attempting to ramp up the
10:37pressure in a more subtle manner and
10:39you've lived next to lauren for a long
10:43okay do you know where she's at tonight
10:48no have you ever seen her with that
10:49dress on
10:54you have no idea where she's at no
11:17just tell me what happened brother
11:19i don't know well where's she at
11:21i need you i'm asking you for your help
11:24i'm a detective and i'm asking you for
11:27your help
11:28can you help me
11:30i don't know
11:33what do you mean you don't know
11:34you can't help a friend out
11:36i don't know what you need i need to
11:38know where lawrence i am i don't know do
11:42you even care that no one can find her
11:48i mean i don't know do you yes
12:03what's up with the pair of underwear
12:05that was in your apartment
12:07it was like a mask it was cut out like a
12:10mask do you
12:11you cut underwear out to look like mask
12:15are you a knife collector or a knife
12:17person or no
12:19you just like knives
12:21i used to collect swords i mean do you
12:24know your swords yeah i mean to sell and
12:27trade swords no
12:29is that how lauren looked with the long
12:31hair the last time you seen her
12:34that's how she looks yes
12:44i mean earlier today me and you sit here
12:45and talk normal what's going on with you
12:47now why are you acting like this
12:50i need to know
12:52why all of a sudden you're acting like
12:57i don't understand okay
12:59earlier today we sat here and talked
13:03but now you're acting like you don't
13:05know what's going on
13:13when did something happen or something
13:15to you
13:19i mean why are you not why are you
13:21shutting down why are you not talking to
13:24i don't know you don't know are you
13:31i mean you're not scared are you no
13:36steven's demeanor doesn't waver for the
13:38first 20 minutes so the detective
13:39eventually takes a more distinctly
13:41aggressive approach he attacks the
13:43subject's character to see if it might
13:45coax him out of the act and into
13:47defending his dignity you got your ass
13:49on that [ __ ] news
13:51and stood out there
13:53and gave a media report that her mother
13:59about her missing daughter
14:03and you want me to sit there and tell
14:04them that you don't know
14:08is that what you want me to tell them
14:11because you're all over the news
14:14you sure stood out there and ran your
14:15mouth to the news media
14:17but now you're gonna get out here and
14:19you don't [ __ ] know
14:22you know
14:24you're just a sorry piece of [ __ ]
14:26that don't give a [ __ ]
14:32well why'd you tell the media everything
14:35do you need to see what you told the
14:36media today
14:38it was on 11 o'clock news well i'm
14:40asking you
14:42tell me i want to know
14:45i don't know where she is that ain't
14:48what you told the media
14:53you didn't stand in front of that camera
14:54and say i don't know
14:57i don't know
14:59i don't know
15:07i need you to tell me what you want me
15:09tell her mother
15:11and that i won't ask you another thing
15:13i'm not gonna tell her mother that you
15:15don't know because her mother saw you on
15:17the news tonight
15:19and she cried all the way down to making
15:22because you had the balls to get on the
15:24news and tell everybody everything
15:27so this little act that you're doing
15:29right now
15:31ain't working with me
15:33okay so you just snap out of it and tell
15:37me what the hell happened
15:38so we can move on
15:42i don't know well
15:45how many times you gonna say i don't
15:50how many times you gonna say it
15:53if you did something
15:56that you regret
16:00you let me know
16:03i didn't
16:04well who did
16:06i don't know
16:07whether it was planned or not the second
16:09detective enters the room with a similar
16:12strategy of immediate aggression rapport
16:14development seems to have been
16:15collectively thrown by the wayside
16:22you talked to him about his guns yeah
16:24when was the last time you shot those
16:26guns i haven't you've never shot a gun
16:29no have you ever shot any gun in your
16:31whole life
16:36so you bought three guns that you've
16:38never shot
16:43for what
16:45to have
16:46for what i'm asking for what
16:49why do you want to have them what makes
16:51did they give you i mean tell me why
16:53it's important to you to have three guns
17:01that's an easy question
17:03come on talk to me buddy me and you
17:05talked all day today we ain't had a
17:07problem communicate
17:09why is it important for you to have
17:10three guns
17:15do you not know
17:18you say you don't know where lauren is
17:22you said you told me earlier you and
17:24were friends right
17:27how would you describe y'all's
17:30she was my friend she was your friend
17:35did you ever do things for she ever do
17:36things for you what did she ever do for
17:40we talked we talked what'd y'all talk
17:44news the news
17:48how many times have you been in her
17:49apartment with her hanging out
17:59you don't know
18:03if you had to guess
18:05what was just i mean
18:07one time two times three times what
18:12maybe two maybe two
18:15see if i had only been somewhere twice
18:18i could remember that if i had been
18:21over 50 times and you asked me how many
18:23times i've been like i don't know a lot
18:25but the fact that you've only been there
18:26twice when i say how many times been you
18:28say you don't know
18:29that's just odd to me
18:32does that make sense to you
18:35that does make sense so what i'm saying
18:36right now makes sense
18:48lauren's missing
18:52this pretty little girl right here
18:55your neighbor
18:59she's missing much like detective one
19:02detective two now valiantly moves in for
19:04the psychological charge he closes the
19:07distance and locks eye contact his
19:09physical demeanor alongside a prolonged
19:11gaze will hopefully crack the suspect's
19:13fortified barrier once broken the
19:16momentum will commence and the suspect
19:18will be more likely to divulge
19:19incriminating information all the
19:21detective has to do is maintain eye
19:23contact for longer than his adversary
19:26it's a psychological battle of attrition
19:28between two opposing forces and these
19:30moments can sometimes last for minutes
19:32on end
19:34i know
19:36i and you both know it's no different
19:38than when you was a little kid right
19:41and you reached in that cookie jar and
19:43you got caught after your mama told you
19:45not to get that cookie
19:46when she was did you get a cookie
19:49and whenever you tell a lie you feel bad
19:52about it right then one
19:54with every lie there's a chance you're
19:56gonna get caught
19:59and that weighs on you
20:02because you know you did something bad
20:07am i right
20:08i didn't do it
20:10you didn't take the cookie
20:14you smell like you've been cleaning up
20:15like you've been using cleaner to clean
20:18i know what that smells like my wife
20:20smells like that all the time when she
20:21cleans the house
20:23you've been using some kind of cleaner
20:24to clean up your apartment haven't you
20:28steven you telling me you live it like i
20:30met how does your apartment get cleaned
20:33i cleaned it was the last time you
20:35cleaned it steven
20:37i don't remember
20:39was it this week
20:40no you mean you go a whole week without
20:43yes wow
20:46that's horrible still
20:51i don't know how else to say it stephen
20:53let me tell you what i think
20:56i think that she was a friend of yours
20:59look at her right here
21:02i think that she was a friend of yours
21:05and i think something happened stephen
21:13you used to watch her come in and out of
21:15her apartment didn't you
21:23where how y'all doing
21:25we're just talking
21:28see that pretty girl right there yes
21:30you're telling me you looked at a pretty
21:32girl like that you never once thought
21:38she looks good
21:41you never thought that
21:46i don't understand
21:51what do you mean you don't understand
21:52did you know when you're sitting there
21:54you see a girl walking down the road
21:57and he said man that girl looks good
21:59you'll see a good looking girl you think
22:00yourself man that girl looks good yes
22:03you never thought that about her
22:07so you mean to tell me you look at porn
22:09on the internet
22:12and get off to that but you never looked
22:15at her and said man i wonder what it'd
22:16be like to have sex with her
22:18yes you have
22:25stephen this is hard buddy i know this
22:28is hard
22:30and i can tell it's something you want
22:31to let it go
22:33there's blood in your apartment stephen
22:35you didn't get it all up this is the
22:38widely recognized futility technique
22:40which is used to make the subject
22:42believe it is useless to resist due to
22:44the overwhelming evidence against them
22:46it's most effective when the
22:47interrogator can play on doubts that
22:49already exist in the subject's mind the
22:52only problem here is that steven didn't
22:54dismember lauren inside his apartment it
22:56all happened in lauren's apartment so
22:58the detective's bluff is already called
23:00at this point
23:02it didn't all come off
23:04you scrubbed and you wiped
23:06but we can tell that don't you watch csi
23:13yeah we know it
23:22why is there blood in your bathroom
23:25the detective now completely shifts his
23:27strategy from confrontational and
23:29aggressive to sympathetic and
23:30understanding he attempts to create a
23:32connection and then afford stephen a
23:34more socially acceptable reason for the
23:36crime this is extremely difficult to
23:38pull off after a direct confrontation as
23:41there is no established report or trust
23:43the usual routine is the exact opposite
23:46you would first build rapport and then
23:48get aggressive once a connection has
23:49been attained i wanted to give you an
23:51opportunity to tell it
23:55i wanted to be here with you
23:57to go through that process because i
23:59know you're not a monster man
24:02i know you're not a bad guy
24:05you're just a hard-working student
24:06trying to pass a bar exam at you
24:09you ain't got a lot of support from your
24:10family do you
24:11yes you do the strategy fails at the
24:14first hurdle stephen immediately shuts
24:16down the afforded sympathy and reasoning
24:19behind the alleged crime which was the
24:20concept of unsupportive parents but the
24:23detective now attempts to roll with it
24:26a lot of people can't say that
24:28and the fact that you do have support
24:30from your family should make things
24:33easier your family wants to feel like
24:35they've raised somebody that tells the
24:36truth and is honest right
24:39did you hurt that girl steven no
24:43have you ever heard anyone stephen
24:47you've never heard anyone
24:50no i've heard people stephen
24:55i've made mistakes in my life
24:57it's not even normal to say you've never
24:59heard anybody
25:00sometimes people get mad and they say
25:03things they don't mean to say it hurts
25:05they never kicked a dog or a cat the
25:07lead detective then asks
25:09non-confrontational questions for almost
25:1230 minutes which is most likely to see
25:14if it will change the suspect's demeanor
25:16and the manner in which he responds but
25:18it doesn't steven maintains the same
25:20lifeless disposition which he has now
25:22kept up for almost 90 minutes
25:25you know it's crazy i was talking to
25:26people that he works with and everything
25:28they talk about how
25:29he's always expresses himself he don't
25:31know he's very talkative steven they say
25:34you're so talkative buddy that you
25:36always so friendly you stop in and say
25:38hello and you talk
25:40why is it that you're acting so short
25:42with us tonight if you if you have all
25:44this cabinet personality about you why
25:46is it that everything that we get from
25:48you is yes no i don't know
25:51i don't know
25:56why are you acting like this stephen
26:01you see how i'm able to talk in complete
26:06like we're having a conversation but the
26:08only thing you're bringing to the table
26:09is a yes no or i don't know
26:12stephen did you hurt that girl
26:15would you tell me if you did
26:18have you lied to me at all in this
26:22yes you have stephen when was the last
26:24time you did laundry
26:26a few weeks ago you ain't washed clothes
26:29in a few weeks
26:31yeah why
26:33i have a lot of clothes no you don't
26:35that's another lie you don't have a lot
26:37of clothes
26:39yes i do no you got enough underwear to
26:41last you three weeks
26:46do you wear the same pair of underwear
26:47more than one day
26:53because it's still clean enough to wear
26:56where's that little girl stephen
26:59i don't know steven you know
27:02you're gonna look at this right here
27:03this little girl right here
27:06and you're gonna say you don't know
27:08i know you know
27:10i don't know yes you know what are you
27:12gonna say tomorrow when i say we got
27:14your hair what are you gonna say to me
27:18cause you know like i go like that
27:21look at my hair
27:23that's how easy it falls out look at all
27:26that on your head
27:28you don't think none fell out it did as
27:31we know steven went inside lauren's
27:33apartment with her friends three days
27:35after she was already deceased this
27:37would give reason for his dna being
27:39found at the scene and would essentially
27:41nullify its use as damnatory evidence
27:44stephen being a law student would be
27:46well aware of this we just want to give
27:49you an opportunity to tell it
27:51so you didn't look like a monster at the
27:53end because you know what i don't
27:54believe that you're a monster stephen
27:57i believe that you're a good guy you've
27:59been picked on girls didn't show you the
28:01respect that you deserved you did
28:03something stupid and i believe you feel
28:06bad about it and that's why you're all
28:08freaked out right now
28:11but i'm giving you the opportunity to
28:12get right
28:14i'm giving you an opportunity to show
28:16everybody you're not a monster that you
28:18feel bad about what happened your hair
28:20is there man
28:23your hair is there that's right buddy
28:26see that
28:30look at it
28:34see how easy
28:37see this stuff right here your hair
28:40yeah it fell out of your head when you
28:42was moving the body stephen that's right
28:45do you remember moving the body
28:48no yes you do stephen
28:51why man
28:59tell me bud
29:00i didn't do it yes you did stephen we
29:03want you to tell it so that way people
29:05understand you're not a monster things
29:07just you got out of control
29:09it's a sickness
29:13why'd you do it stephen
29:18why are you gonna keep telling that
29:21you hurt that girl
29:24yes you did steven
29:28you heard her man
29:32she was screaming
29:35screaming stephen
29:40and i know you feel bad about it
29:44i can see it in your face
29:47what came over you man
29:52what happened stephen i don't know
29:56i know you don't know
29:58you can't you couldn't control it could
30:01i didn't do it
30:04they steal your hair and take it over
30:06there they didn't did they
30:11that's right
30:12it's all sinking in right now
30:16he knows is what you're thinking
30:19stephen i don't want it to be a game
30:21between me and you
30:25i know it hurts and i know you're not an
30:27awful person and you want to tell it
30:29your hair was there stephen
30:32we've all known it all along
30:36we wanted just to give you an
30:38opportunity to tell what happened
30:43y'all have sex
30:45you know
30:47do you try to have sex no
30:51you think about having sex
30:53no liar
30:56what kind of man doesn't think about
30:58having sex
30:59you said earlier you like girls right
31:02yes you said she's a pretty girl right
31:05what'd you do to her stephen
31:07i didn't do anything you're lying
31:10you hurt that girl no i didn't sure it
31:12didn't that's why you're having this
31:14massive meltdown right now
31:16the detective quite literally repeats
31:18the phrase you hurt that girl to which
31:20steven responds no i didn't and this
31:22goes on for the best part of 20 minutes
31:25perhaps the detective's strategy was to
31:27induce mental exhaustion yet it had no
31:29effect whatsoever
31:32did you hurt that girl i didn't
31:36why'd you hurt her steve
31:37i didn't
31:40you heard her steven
31:41no i didn't
31:43you did
31:47take this with me you don't deserve to
31:49look at it
31:51just stay right here okay
31:56i appreciate all your cooperation
31:58tonight okay okay
32:12all right we're getting ready to go
32:14i just need to discuss a few more things
32:16with you
32:17the lead detective now abandons the
32:19pursuit of any sort of admission he
32:21instead proceeds to belittle and
32:23humiliate the suspect as much as
32:24possible it may have a tactical purpose
32:27but it's more likely out of frustration
32:29alongside the fact he is certain of the
32:31suspect's culpability
32:34i know earlier today you told me you
32:35stayed home all weekend right in your
32:37apartment yes did anybody see you
32:41did you talk to anybody over the weekend
32:43were you on your computer all weekend
32:46is there any thing i can look at
32:49that i can say
32:52he couldn't be involved because he was
32:55on the computer
32:57or he was online
32:59on a porn site or
33:02he was online doing college work or
33:06that would exclude you as being involved
33:09all together i mean
33:11did anybody see this weekend at the
33:14did you go out to get a newspaper
33:18did you wave to a neighbor or just
33:20locked yourself in all week
33:22yes nobody saw you
33:26i mean will you just stay in the house
33:28all day
33:29yes i mean what do you do all day in a
33:31house i mean you've always done that
33:33your whole life you don't have no
33:36how can you go your whole life without a
33:39i have friends we're there
33:47where that
33:51you have your friends here making yes
33:53name one because everybody talked to
33:55said they ain't your friend
33:57ryan granger
33:59cass lawson
34:01ashley morehouse
34:03carl and love the same people i talk to
34:06and they're not your friend
34:11one of the reasons interrogations are so
34:13fascinating is the ethical vacuum it
34:15creates for everyone inside its bubble
34:17in any other circumstance the
34:19detective's behavior here would be
34:20considered cruel and reprehensible he's
34:23essentially bullying the suspect yet the
34:25empathy we would normally have is now
34:27stripped away through the impression of
34:29retribution we know this person has done
34:31something horrific and the treatment he
34:33is now receiving is merited through his
34:34own actions
34:36i'm not your friend
34:44i mean
34:47it's all over anyways
34:50i just want to know what was going on
34:56the game's over i mean
35:00we know what you did there so we just
35:02want to know what you
35:03if you were going to tell us or not
35:05i didn't do anything well
35:07that's what you say
35:10but we know different so you're [ __ ]
35:12either way
35:17you're [ __ ]
35:20we already know
35:23we know you killed her
35:25we know you put her body in the trash
35:28the news media knows it
35:30glenda knows that your mother
35:33your sister knows it
35:35your sister's husband knows it
35:38the one that used to beat your sister
35:40he knows it
35:42you know what he said
35:45he said he's a crazy [ __ ] that's
35:47what he said
35:48when i called him
35:51that's your own family calling you crazy
35:53nobody wants to see you
35:57nobody's coming to visit you
36:02so you can sit there with that dumb look
36:04on your face
36:06but it's over
36:15the entire interrogation took over two
36:17hours when sped up by twenty thousand
36:19percent you truly get a glimpse of how
36:22remarkable the suspect's catatonic
36:24performance was
36:54his mother came to speak with him soon
36:56after this moment and although he
36:58maintained his innocence he immediately
37:00snapped out of the zombie-like character
37:02it's difficult to interpret the
37:04reasoning behind the performance whether
37:06it was a pre-planned strategy improvised
37:08in the moment or some type of
37:10psychological breakdown is unclear but
37:12whatever it was it evidently seemed to
37:14work as the interrogators got nothing
37:17the suspect's behavior was so abnormal
37:19they were essentially at a loss with
37:21what to do or where to even start with a
37:23specific plan of attack the evidence
37:25however was irrefutable hundreds of
37:28pictures of lauren were discovered on
37:29steven's flash drive along with multiple
37:32video recordings of inside her apartment
37:34a hacksaw was found in a supply closet
37:36of the apartment complex and it was
37:38marked red with what was later
37:40identified as lauren's blood through dna
37:42testing the packaging for the exact same
37:44hacksaw was found in steven's apartment
37:47when confronted with the evidence he
37:49took a plea deal to avoid the death
37:51penalty and was rendered a life sentence
37:53without the possibility of parole he is
37:55currently being held at the high
37:56security hancock state prison in sparta
38:05good to be back hope you're doing well
38:07this is the sixth and final
38:10installment of my
38:12stephen mcdaniels commentary
38:16man it's been a slog we are deep in the
38:19troll vortex
38:20of insanity i don't think anyone's gone
38:22this far
38:24it's like cave diving but a lot more
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the case of Stephen McDaniel?

The case of Stephen McDaniel relates to a murder investigation where he is considered a suspect. The video discusses the significance of forensic analysis, particularly internet search history, in building a case against him.

2. How does the video highlight the role of forensic analysis?

The video emphasizes the importance of forensic analysis, specifically focusing on internet search history. It showcases how such analysis plays a crucial role in building a case against the suspect, Stephen McDaniel.

3. What is the focus of the interrogation process in the case of Stephen McDaniel?

In the case of Stephen McDaniel, the interrogation process is examined in the video. It highlights the detective's attempts to elicit a confession through psychological pressure and empathy.

4. How does Stephen McDaniel respond during the interrogation process?

Stephen McDaniel maintains his innocence during the interrogation process, despite the detective's efforts to elicit a confession. This leads to a tense and unresolved conclusion in the case.

5. What is the unresolved conclusion in the case of Stephen McDaniel?

The case of Stephen McDaniel reaches an unresolved conclusion as he maintains his innocence, leading to a tense and uncertain outcome highlighted in the video.

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