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This video discusses the true identity of Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist, exploring clues and evidence throughout the series that suggest Rederina (Catarina) was the real Reddington all along. The video addresses doubts and holes in this theory and offers insights into the complexity of gender and identity in modern society. Spoilers for the series finale are included.
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The video discusses the identity of Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist.
After 10 years, the series still leaves the true identity of Raymond Reddington open to interpretation.
The video suggests that Raymond Reddington is actually Catarina Rotova.
There are spoilers in the video, particularly regarding the ending of the tenth season.
The speaker discusses the stereotype of fathers being less sensitive than mothers and emphasizes the importance of fathers being able to give love and life advice.
The intention was to highlight that fathers can have maternal instincts and be sensitive.
The speaker mentions that although there are exceptions, mothers are often seen as having more sensitivity and connection with their children.
The speaker believes that the stereotype of fathers being insensitive no longer fits in the present day.
There are fathers who are breaking this cycle and trying to be sensitive and pass on this sensitivity to their children.
The video discusses the revelation that the real Raymond Reddington is dead and the denial surrounding it.
James Spader's character, Rederena, has repeatedly told Elizabeth that he is not her father.
It is confirmed that the real Reddington is dead, according to Katarina.
Katarina's whereabouts and fate remain unknown, as she disappeared without a trace.
The section discusses Rederina and Catarina's similarities and differences, and mentions specific scenes from the series.
Jennifer's interaction with Rederina raises questions about his recognition of her.
The parallel between Rederina and Catarina is highlighted in scenes from the eighth season.
The discussion suggests a connection between the two characters through storytelling and memories.
Rederina goes to the beach looking for a woman but realizes that he was alone all along and that Catarina was just a vision.
Rederina goes to the beach searching for a woman but can't find her.
The guy on the beach tells Rederina that there was never a woman there and that he was alone.
Rederina realizes that he was alone in the house all night and that Catarina was just a vision.
The memories and visions of Catarina were preventing Rederina from killing himself on the same beach where she had tried in the past.
The section discusses the course details and a brief overview of Alexander's story in The Blacklist.
The course covers information about antivirus, hardware parts, and unique insights from working in Microsoft support.
There is a discount coupon available for the course until the end of July.
The video briefly touches on the storyline of Alexander, including his relation to Catarina, Constantino, and Rederina.
The video discusses the possibility of Raymond Reddington revealing his true identity to avoid being killed.
It is suggested that Reddington could have said he is Catarina to be freed.
The video analyzes an audio clip where Reddington's whisper can be heard mentioning Catarina.
The theory is that Reddington's revelation would explain his reaction and Alexander Kirk's decision to spare him.
The video discusses the theory that Raymond Reddington could actually be Katarina Rostova, addressing doubts about his relationships with women and the burn scars on his back.
The theory suggests that Reddington could be Katarina Rostova, who may have transitioned from a woman to a man.
It explains that there are women who like women and trans men who were women biologically but identified as men after surgery.
The video also addresses the burn scars on Reddington's back, expressing frustration that this aspect hasn't been properly answered in the series.
00:00Finally, Blacklist has come to an end
00:02after 10 years of fueling one of the
00:04biggest mysteries of all the series
00:06After all, who is Rayman Reddington What is
00:10his true identity, right? Is he
00:12really the real Reddington from the
00:1490s who didn't
00:16actually die? died and this is
00:19Catarina who became Redmilton
00:21well now that the series is over we
00:22can talk about it with a little more
00:23certainty without running the risk of the series
00:25denying us a little later and of
00:27course before we start talking about
00:28I want to warn you that this video will
00:30have spoilers, so if you haven't seen
00:31the tenth season, especially the
00:33ending, be careful and of course,
00:35if you can't watch the
00:36tenth season and haven't found it
00:37online, call me on Instagram and I'll
00:38I have the episodes on both Telegram
00:40and Android so you can download them,
00:41but now if you came here for this
00:43video wondering, wow, you
00:45would finally respond to us after 10
00:46years, that's cool, I'll satisfy my
00:48curiosity, no, the series didn't respond,
00:50at least not with clarity left
00:52us open to interpretation, what causes
00:55some problems in some discussions, that's
00:57why today's video I'm going to bring
00:59all the right answers
01:01to you at once, welcome to another
01:03video here on the channel my life is a
01:05series I'm Luke I'm back here from I
01:07retired my little hat to make
01:08another video of The Blacklist with you
01:10and I'm going to answer this question right
01:12away who is brother Edge I value
01:14your time I'm not going to stall you until the
01:16end of the video for the answer I'm going
01:17to say now but as a reward I ask
01:19that you stay with me until the end of the
01:20video to appreciate my work too
01:22because this video requires a lot of work,
01:23agreed upon, so between us the
01:25only possible answer so I'll tell
01:27you here is that Edson
01:30is actually Catarina Rotova, yes, the
01:33rederina theory, right, it was called this theory
01:35that said that Catarina had
01:37turned into Redston, it is true and
01:40the only possible answer, I will prove it
01:42to you today, but it was exactly like
01:44that theory that was going on. that
01:45we had been discussing for many years,
01:47we thought that Catarina, after
01:50all those fire incidents,
01:51all those things, she underwent
01:53several surgeries and became the
01:55resistor that we know today, well, the
01:57answer is nothing for you, right, with less than
01:59a minute and a half of video So now I
02:00'm going to bring you the evidence that
02:03supports this theory and it shows that
02:05this really is the only answer so
02:07while I'm showing it at the beginning I
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02:42let's use the The tests are starting to get
02:44hot, I'm going to take off my blouse here and I think it's
02:46even better so as not to disturb the video
02:48because there are some little iron buttons on this
02:49blouse but come on then let's start
02:51talking about the tests but I want to let's
02:52come to an agreement here when I talk
02:54Catarina, I'm talking about Catarina from
02:57the past, that letter was a younger redhead
02:58when I say it, I'm talking about the
03:01younger Redston, not the one
03:03we know, who we've been following
03:04since the first season, I'm talking about the
03:05young Redston from the 90s, okay?
03:07Well, when I'm going to talk about this Redston
03:10that we know as James Spader, I
03:12'm going to say that he's Redederina, okay, so I
03:13can differentiate all
03:16the time, I'm going to have to say all this in the past, the
03:17rest of the Future, this Catarina, another
03:19Catari, it's going to be a mess, so
03:20so we can deduce better, I
03:22'll start with the end of the series, which was
03:24the answer they thought they
03:26gave us, right, that wasn't
03:28any answer for me, but they thought
03:30that was the answer, so let's go if
03:32you haven't watched it yet or If you've already
03:33watched it, you might remember this
03:34scene in the last episode, there's a moment
03:36there, the resistor, he's running away from the FBI, the
03:39government and so on, from the United States and went
03:41to Spain and from there he makes one last
03:43call to Agnes because he ends up
03:45dying in end of the episode you
03:46know that but he didn't call because
03:48he was dying he called because he
03:49wanted to talk to Agnes he was
03:50talking to talk and she started
03:52talking about her problem, you know, at school
03:54that there was a boy she liked who she thought
03:55that he liked her too but they
03:57scheduled a job together, the boy didn't go,
03:59she was left doing everything alone and so on, I
04:00don't know what, and then he started saying
04:02that city girls are like that,
04:03they're stupid, they don't even know how to
04:04show their feelings. and you have to be
04:06patient blah blah blah And then they say
04:08something to the headerna and he answers
04:10something to her that the creators of
04:12erection and the series' scriptwriter would be the
04:14answer which was that here
04:20Agne just said that he was acting
04:22too much with a mother he said he
04:23couldn't help it that beauty is
04:25understandable What was the intention here
04:27like oh I'm Catarina I turned
04:29into a man I can change everything I
04:30can change my personality I
04:32can change my voice I can change
04:33my body but I can't avoiding my
04:36maternal instincts with my granddaughter,
04:38basically that's what they wanted to
04:39make it clear, but you guys, they
04:41forgot that a father can also have
04:44this sensitivity to give advice
04:45Love Advice advice about
04:48life advice about anything parents
04:50also have this sensitivity I I know that
04:52less I know that we are still in a
04:55process that has a long way to go for
04:57parents to have a sensitivity at
04:59least similar to the mother because mother
05:01Normally there are also exceptions,
05:03the mother has more of this sensitivity, this
05:05connection, even more about talking about
05:06relationships with the daughter and everything else,
05:08beauty, but that's a stereotype that no
05:10longer fits in 2023, as a father of a
05:14new boy, now, beauty, it's a boy,
05:15but still, man, I'm very
05:17sensitive and I try to pass this
05:19sensitivity on to my son there are also
05:20many parents of people I
05:22know who are also parents who are
05:24trying to break this cycle, breaking this
05:26thing is the famous Man Don't
05:28Cry speech man is not insensitive man it's just
05:30the macho ogre doesn't know so that's
05:33not the answer old man okay Connected, a
05:35man can be sensitive to everything they
05:38brought to us in these 10
05:39seasons saying that their redston
05:41could be Catarina This was the worst
05:43of them and Exactly the last one that should
05:46be the main one and end to close the
05:48key here and show us that
05:50Catarina themselves, they thought this was
05:52an answer and failed badly, just as they
05:54said throughout the end of this series But it's
05:56great if you just consider that It was
05:58obvious that the answer was still open
05:59but there aren't many other things that
06:01prove that this record in our
06:02rederina from James spader Yes,
06:05Catarina liked it, starting with the first
06:07fact that I'm going to talk about in topics for
06:09you, the first fact of all is that
06:10Rainbow Reddington is dead, that's a
06:14fact, I know I've been telling
06:15you for a long time, that when not the
06:18corpse body, right What happened to the
06:20body of the person who died is because
06:21normally the character didn't die he
06:23will come back at some point and this is
06:25true like 95 98% of the time and even here
06:29until the end of the series I really
06:30I believed that this could be true,
06:31but seriously, it's over, there's no reason to take
06:34this lie to the grave, so everything
06:36they told us is true,
06:37including Redding's death. So let's look
06:40at the facts that prove this death, the
06:43march shot him on the day of
06:45fire, there was that theory
06:47that her memory had been tampered with that
06:49the roles could have been switched but
06:51nothing more was revealed so that was
06:52true the march shot Rainbow reddington in the chest
06:55Which is very difficult
06:56to survive depending on where I shoot it catches
06:58Including we saw him suffering
06:59because of that shot later in the car, right
07:01when Catarina and William take him
07:02to the car he was suffering as he ran
07:04away from the car and this is the last
07:06time we became RedTube but the
07:07last time we see him he is
07:09suffering with pain practically dying
07:11so it is quite possible that he actually
07:13died at that moment and we go
07:14to Episode 21 of the eighth season,
07:16right the penultimate of the eighth which is Natialo
07:18there Catarina says that Redton died
07:24so so she gives this confirmation in
07:28a story that is being told to
07:29the laser shortly before her death,
07:30everything that was told at that
07:32moment in that Black and White Episode is
07:33true and there she says that Redston
07:35really died, not in the figurative sense, he
07:37died, he is stated, this happened and what's
07:41more, we have the bones and
07:42skeletons there in the remains of the
07:45real Reginaldo, a DNA test was carried out,
07:46which was in that suitcase that
07:48Mister Capa unearthed and which ended up
07:50in Tom's hands, then ended up
07:52in Tom's hands. Harrison then lives in
07:54Lins's own home and we saw
07:55at the end of the fifth season that
07:57those remains were those of the
07:59real Ramon Redston, that is, he is
08:01dead, that was the answer the whole time
08:03we were in denial, I myself was one of those who I
08:05was in denial, I said, no, it
08:06's not possible, he doesn't know what's possible.
08:08It's true and another fact is that
08:10we know that
08:12James Spader's rederena of ours has already told
08:14him Elizabeth several times since the first
08:17that despite everything about him despite
08:19being a lying criminal he would never
08:20lie to her he had never
08:22lied to her and every time she
08:24asked if he was her father he
08:26said no
08:29and at the end of the first season he
08:31categorically stated that his father
08:34elizabething he was dead, it wasn't
08:37meant figuratively again his father
08:38Elizabeth who is dead
08:44we tried to find other ways
08:48of seeing this but no he was really
08:51telling the truth he wasn't the father
08:52because he was the mother let's go to other points
08:54here so we can analyze
08:56We know this situation, for example, I just
08:58said that the real Redington is
09:00dead, right, that was confirmed there in
09:02Challo by Catarina, but we
09:04have no idea what happened to Katarina,
09:07we know that she entered the sea and
09:09We know that she left, she went through
09:11some things and we have no idea of
09:13her whereabouts and in the challe there at the
09:15end of the eighth season in 21 I don't say
09:17what happened to her because
09:18Naivelton arrives shooting at everyone, you
09:20know the story ends up stopping well at the
09:22crucial moment when these things
09:23would be revealed, so it doesn't say what
09:25happened to her, or in other words, she disappeared, or in other words,
09:28how could someone who is being
09:30sought after by the biggest organizations in the
09:32world, whether governmental or
09:34criminal, which is sometimes the same thing
09:36as it is? that she was missing for so long
09:38without having a business a
09:41trace of someone having seen her
09:43somewhere it never happened she disappeared from the
09:45map or she died and someone buried her or
09:48disappeared whatever she wanted Mortals of her or she
09:50turned into someone else so from
09:53the moment when she became
09:54Reading, from then on, no
09:55one ever saw Catarina again because she was already a
09:57different person, especially because when Redton
09:59died there in 1990, no one knew
10:02he had died, he was reported
10:03missing because they found
10:05his car there in the middle of the snow and then he was only
10:07seen again four years later in 1994
10:09and 4 years is more than enough for
10:12Catarina to have undergone the surgery
10:14because it was a year of several surgeries
10:16that she underwent she underwent several surgeries
10:17and recovered from them all them and can be
10:20seen in public, right, as already as
10:23Rainbow Edge, I'm doing the things that
10:24she had to do there, that is, I had
10:26time, it's plausible that this has
10:28happened, something else, Catarina also
10:30worked for the Cabal, right, it was an
10:32organization that she was not faithful to anyone, she
10:33had information from several different governments and
10:35countries and everything else she had
10:37this information she stole
10:39information from all sides. That
10:41was why she was being hunted
10:42all over
10:51when he started his criminal career
10:54back in 1994. Wesley himself says
10:57that one of the things that made him who
10:59he is is because he wasn't loyal to
11:02anyone, he's loyal to money, he had
11:04information on everyone and he went out selling
11:05information to whoever paid the most, so
11:07things go wrong like Reddington made his
11:09career of crime selling information
11:11from various governments and Catarina was a
11:14spy who stole information from various
11:15governments, it doesn't matter who it was,
11:16including from her own country's KGB,
11:18that is, they understood that there is a
11:20connection here and another reason,
11:22widerina doesn't care about Jennifer,
11:25Jennifer, man, who was another daughter of
11:27Reggaeton, how would such a current record
11:29give so much importance to
11:31Elizabeth, who is his daughter, and wouldn't
11:33give any importance to Jennifer
11:35and ok, one of the theories I always
11:37talked about is that there are negligent parents and
11:39there are Even though, no matter how negligent he
11:42could be, he wouldn't recognize his own
11:46daughter, but he, who has a
11:47wonderful memory and knows and remembers all
11:49the stories, all the people, husbands and
11:52daughters, and methods of the people
11:53who worked with him, wouldn't remember his
11:55own daughter. when he saw her, this
11:58happens in that episode of Ian
11:59Garden, right? The first time they
12:01met, we see him differently
12:02there, Jennifer keeps saying a lot of
12:04things, he keeps looking at him, he doesn't
12:05know who he is, then she says, aren't you? He
12:07recognizes me, yes, he is touched,
12:12so what would her father be like
12:15at that moment and not recognize his
12:17own daughter? Especially since he is
12:19very powerful and he would at least
12:21be around to know if she is
12:23okay as she is. that she is so he
12:25would know Jennifer's appearance but
12:27he didn't he was totally negligent he did
12:28n't care about her he only cared about Alice
12:30because Jennifer is not rederina's daughter
12:32Because he is rederena
12:35Catarina who became Reginaldo
12:36let's continue here what has I do
12:38n't know if it suits you, I've already
12:40convinced you to this point, don't worry,
12:41there's a lot more and it's going to get
12:43better and better. Throughout
12:44the series we had some scenes,
12:46especially towards the end,
12:47here we go. There are some scenes that are kind of
12:49parallel, I don't know if I can tell.
12:51That way, I don't know if it's the correct time,
12:52but it shows a certain similarity
12:55between the rest of Rederena and Catarina,
12:58for example, in Challenger 21 of the eighth
13:00season, Rederia starts to count. the
13:03story to elizabething when they
13:05are already inside the blacklist headquarters
13:06he starts to tell the story the camera
13:09slowly turns to stop at
13:11Catarina who continues telling the
13:13story in her voice that is
13:15rederina started telling the story and
13:17right at the beginning that already started to be
13:18in Catarina's voice because she was
13:20herself, in the very next episode,
13:22when Elizabeth Quintão shot dies,
13:24she looks at the register and she
13:27starts to remember some images of
13:28Catarina too, right, and there's a certain
13:31parallel there between the rederina and
13:33Catarina because they are also the same
13:35person and at that moment she started to
13:37remember Catarina a lot because she already
13:39knew that the Redton who rederina was
13:42Catarina because she had already read the
13:43letter he had left for her to read
13:45after he died so that's why
13:46she gives that smile that's why
13:48she looks at him in that way that she
13:49already knows that it's Catarina there that's
13:51her mother now going back to episode 21
13:53there was a time when they had look
13:55here he says this here
13:58and this is exactly a phrase that
14:00rederina says in the very first
14:03episode of this entire series,
14:06even in the entire story told to
14:09us there in matchalo, Catarina is
14:10talking there about a moment when
14:13she had already had a low, right?
14:14Elizabeth was a marcher when she was
14:16little and Jennifer was also
14:17born, right, Jennifer was
14:19older than Alice and then
14:20Catarina took the marcher and went to Redton's house
14:23to help the rest take care of
14:25Jennifer when he was still little, they
14:27were both children, they were a
14:28similar age And at that moment when she is
14:30telling this, Catarina is holding a
14:32march in her lap in the kitchen inside the house
14:34looking out the window while the rest are not
14:37playing with Jennifer who is playing
14:39there with soap bubbles through the backyard and
14:41then if we go back there for an episode
14:42from the first season, reder still has
14:45a moment when he buys a house there, you know,
14:46that was for sale and he enters that
14:49house and starts to recognize things,
14:52starts to have some memories and a
14:54of these memories is him looking in the
14:57window comes from a little girl running around
14:59playing with soap bubbles and the
15:02vision of this memory of that same
15:03memory is exactly the same vision that
15:05Catarina would have or had in that moment
15:08that is shown in the eighth season if it
15:11were a memory of reddington at that
15:12moment would be a vision of the backyard
15:14playing with Jennifer in the backyard but
15:17in memory the vision was of someone who
15:18was in the kitchen looking
15:20outside, in other words it was a memory of Catarina
15:23and speaking in memory and angle of all
15:25these things we also have the
15:26capbay episode there in the third
15:28Season Episode 19 which is right after his
15:30fake death Elizabeth keen
15:32when she was pregnant after
15:33her death rederino he goes to a
15:35house on the beach there and so on to sit
15:37on the sand and ends up having some
15:39visions, Memoirs of a
15:41red-haired woman who until then we didn't know
15:43who she was because it was her first appearance
15:44and this woman tries to kill herself in the sea,
15:46then I still go there and take her out of
15:48the sea and then they invade the house who was
15:49there on the beach and spends some time
15:51there, spends a night there and some people come to
15:53kill Catarina and rederir ends up
15:55helping her, so the two of them together end up
15:58facing all the people who
16:00arrived there, but the next day
16:02rederina goes to the beach looking for
16:03this woman and can't find it and the guy who
16:05was on the beach says that there was never a
16:07woman there that he was alone
16:08from the moment he arrived and then he
16:10realizes that the whole time he was inside
16:13the house alone having some memories
16:15of some things that have happened to
16:16him, only notice that he realized that
16:19he was alone in the house all night
16:21that Catarina was always a vision,
16:23rederir was not alone and now we
16:24return to our eyes there for natchalo
16:26again when the story is being
16:28told and shows some scenes of the
16:30real Catarina From the past in that same house
16:33in some very similar scenes and
16:36alone. In other words, what does all this
16:38mean that Catarina was in that
16:40house in Capimei alone and faced
16:42some guys there alone if she was
16:45alone, how does rederia have these
16:48memories because it's Catarina if he
16:50were redston there would be no way for him to know
16:52this information or he could even
16:54know the information but there would be no way for
16:55the memories of these things to happen,
16:57including maybe in that third
16:59season after the fake one death of
17:01Elizabeth keen Maybe rederina
17:03went there to kill herself because
17:05Catarina from the past, she went to that beach and
17:07tried to kill herself there and didn't kill herself, didn't
17:09kill herself, right? She ended up remembering
17:11Elizabeth's backyard and knew she had to
17:13protect her and it ended leaving the sea
17:14so maybe this feeling of rederir,
17:16right, like I said, right? My daughter died, I
17:19don't have anything else to do, I'm going to
17:21that beach to have something
17:23poetic there, I'm going to kill myself on that same
17:25beach where I already tried once in the
17:27past But his visions and memories,
17:29his brain worked there to
17:30prevent him from doing that again,
17:31another thing we need to pay
17:33a little attention to and in
17:34Rederena's circle of friends, the people
17:37closest to him are people from Catarina's past
17:40we have, for example, Dom, who
17:42is a guy extremely close to
17:43rederir in the first seasons,
17:45he knows a lot of things about
17:46his life and he is Catarina's father.
17:48So if they were just
17:51geniuses or geniuses, why wouldn't they They
17:52got married if Reddington was just a guy
17:55who had an affair with his daughter, why would
17:56they have such close proximity,
17:58given that the dom was a Russian spy and the
18:01real one was an American from the
18:03government? Why would they have this
18:04closeness? it doesn't make sense unless it
18:06is actually rederina who was
18:08Catarina and has this closeness between father and
18:10daughter, we also have Ivan who is a
18:12great friend and business partner of
18:14rederina, he was actually the contact when
18:17Catarina was a spy, loving from her father, so
18:21she had this contact with Ivani, the
18:22first guy who helped her send
18:24things there is also Ah, Mr Catra, right, she
18:28became the cleaning lady there at the rederia, right,
18:30to clean Corpus and everything else, but
18:32before that, before all the things
18:33happened was the person who took care of the
18:36march and she was much
18:38closer to Catarina, she never showed her
18:39interacting with Reddington And there is
18:41also Willian Costa who is a great
18:42friend of rederir, you know, he already appeared in the
18:44sixth season, in the seventh, right? There was a
18:46great importance and then we
18:47know that he was
18:49Catarina's best childhood friend, he liked her and that he was
18:51in love with her, so it made sense for
18:52them to continue without a relationship
18:54because William certainly knows about the
18:56things that happened if These are just a few
18:58examples that show that
18:59rivelina's close circle of friends is
19:02made up of people who are part of
19:04Catarina roostovan's past now
19:06let's get to a point here that I wanted to
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20:42go back to the video, these three points about
20:44Alexander, which are as follows, the first
20:46of them is we have that whole story
20:47about Alexander, who is Constantino, who was
20:50Catarina's husband, dragged you, right, way back in the
20:52day. and that he thinks it's his father,
20:54Elizabeth, Marcha's father, but they
20:56take a test and end up discovering that it's not
20:58blah, blah, blah, he's kidnapped and when he
21:00kidnaps Redstone he starts applying
21:01a lot of serum and injections to cause
21:03unimaginable pain in Redmi in Rederina
21:05for him to tell the truth and several times
21:08he asks are you
21:10Elizabeth's father are you Masha's father
21:11are you the father are you the father and
21:13rederir doesn't answer
21:15but at another point he rephrases
21:18this question and says The next thing is, the
21:22moment he changes the way
21:24he formulated the question, then yes, he
21:26confirms it because he's
21:28not lying, he's telling the truth,
21:29Elizabeth is your daughter, Masha is your
21:32daughter, yes, why, because I'm Catarina,
21:34understand? second point here from Alexander
21:36Kick, still in this conversation there when
21:38rdnina was kidnapped they start
21:40talking and reder still says
21:42tell me about Catarina because he says he
21:43doesn't remember what she was like anymore
21:52this has a very poetic thing because it's
21:54basically me living for so
21:56long in Raymore's shoes but I
21:58no longer remember who I was how I was
22:00how I acted so tell me in your
22:02eyes in your memories how I was And
22:04then Alexander starts to tell a
22:06story about Catarina how that she
22:08was in his eyes and so on, I don't know what and
22:10the rendering still kind of completes
22:11his sentences almost as if he
22:14was there in those moments they
22:16were starting to remember, you know
22:17when you're there at the moment with a
22:19friend or a friend of yours and then the person
22:21starts to tell a story, you
22:22remember and kind of complete the
22:24other person's story, they say oh it's true, that
22:26happened, that happened, that's
22:27exactly what happens here,
22:33you see, and in this scene you can also see
22:36that the rederindo is emotional, right?
22:37because the way Alexander talking about
22:39Catherine was scary, it was a very
22:41beautiful way and he's talking about her, you know about
22:43Weberina because he's Catherine, so it's
22:46obvious that it would be emotional at that
22:48moment, it would allow us to understand it, we could
22:49see it from another aspect
22:51because Open to interpretation here, right,
22:52but you could see it from another aspect
22:54saying that rederir didn't know
22:56Katerina so well, he liked that he was
22:58remembering her personality and they
23:00were kind of talking about the same person
23:02but she wasn't there at that moment, he was the one
23:04who was dancing when he was
23:06watching, that's why he was remembering
23:08that beautiful moment and lastly
23:10and the most important thing here is that in the
23:12crucial moment of that Episode 8 of the
23:15fourth season, Alexander
23:17dismisses all his employees there
23:19and is determined to kill rederena
23:22who he thinks is Rambo Rangel Because
23:24bro he has nothing to lose he was already
23:26dying because of a disease
23:27he had there he wasn't going to get a cure and
23:28he just wanted to kill nothing else mattered
23:30because he no longer had Catarina I had
23:32n't stolen his daughter, I had
23:34stolen his wife, I had stolen his life, I
23:35had stolen a lot of things, so
23:37brother, I have nothing left, I'm going to kill you
23:39and Dani, if I'm going to die in peace, it's just
23:44that, right there, Alexander,
23:46Edson, saying this, redefines him. pulls him over and says
23:50something in his ear that leaves him
23:53astonished, doesn't it leave Alexander
23:54astonished, he ends up giving up on killing
23:56the renderina because what was so
24:00great that he could have said
24:02at that moment that to this day has never been
24:03revealed and never will be because the series
24:04is over but what is it possible that he
24:07could have said at that moment to be
24:09freed from a guy who was
24:10determined to kill him and had nothing
24:12to lose, it wasn't just offering money
24:14because he had money, it wasn't just
24:15saying that Catarina is alive I know where
24:17she's stuck, don't shut up the bag because
24:18that would generate a whole other
24:20consequence, you know, he couldn't have just
24:22said that he's Catarina and then I
24:26went to watch this scene, bro, and now I
24:28want you to listen very
24:30carefully to know if I'm not crazy,
24:32I'm going to play this scene for you with the
24:34audio quickly and it seems to me that now you can
24:37hear Rederir's whisper
24:40talking about her, what would it be? I'm her, I
24:43'm Catarina, bro, pay close attention,
24:46I'm here, see. If you can hear him, he
24:48'll talk, then there'll be a space of time
24:50and it'll hurt, like sighing Oh,
24:53pay attention, you know, you could
24:58hear it, I'll play it
25:01again, pay attention, pay attention,
25:06Bro, I don't know, I was I was remaking
25:09this video here and then I was me I said
25:10damn, can't you hear it
25:11because it's not possible And then I was
25:13trying to pay attention to the timing of my
25:15breathing and I can see a voice there, bro I
25:17'm sure he said Oh, I
25:19'm her and then the reaction would make perfect sense
25:22of Alexander Kirk and finally
25:25freeing him because he would never kill the
25:27woman he loved but they also
25:28wouldn't stay together because the woman he
25:29loved no longer exists because there is a
25:31man so for me this is the greatest
25:33proof, right? That was always the little light
25:36behind my ear that always made me
25:37believe that this theory was possible and
25:39now more than ever I think that the
25:40golden key but still there is an
25:43extra here to tell you a
25:44rederena was Russian and we have two
25:47evidence about this, the first one
25:48happens in the sixth season when the
25:50rdnina is arrested and he is sentenced to
25:52death and when he goes to the
25:54electric chair he has the right to one last
25:55meal and for his last meal he
25:57makes this request here
26:06these two dishes these two delicacies
26:08that he ordered are typically Russian And
26:11he says that his mother loved to prepare
26:13this both the vegetable soup and the
26:16Harem What dress this dressed herring
26:17is also known as harenk over the
26:19fur coat which is a kind of
26:21you see there on the screen, right, but a little
26:22salad there all together that has
26:24several vegetables can have egg normally
26:26without beetroot all shredded there
26:28pretty making this little mound this is
26:30a typically Russian dish that
26:31is normally served mainly on
26:33New Year's Eve in Russia so it wouldn't
26:35make sense like that If he was a real
26:38Red So why doesn't he think he's American, how would
26:39his North American mother be,
26:41unless he worked as a
26:43North American with his Russian mother, but then
26:44he travels too much? He was North American,
26:46how did he have a
26:47typically rustic dish that his mother
26:49used to prepare, then he's Russian if
26:51he's Russian he's Catarina and another
26:53statement that we have about this in the ninth
26:55season, even at the beginning, the first time
26:56he meets Agnes again, right,
26:58after those two years what
27:00happened during Elizabeth's death, they
27:02look at him, right? She calls him Pink and
27:04says this here
27:12and she knew that precisely because her
27:15mother told her and her mother told her how
27:17Elizabeth wanted to know information like
27:18that because she read the rederina's letter
27:21before trying to kill him but she ended up
27:23dying so before her death she
27:25read this letter she had this information
27:26and ended up passing it on to Agnes because
27:28at that moment when she talked to
27:30Agnes she already knew that rederina
27:32was the real Catarina As
27:34beautiful as she is, she didn't read the letter That's not
27:35the case, but why would she release
27:37this information out of nowhere? I think
27:39Haiti isn't Russian, it doesn't make sense. So
27:41she already knew this information, she already knew
27:43it was Catarina and that's why Who gave
27:44this information,
27:46I don't know, what was the context, I don't know, oh, they come here,
27:50you know, Pink, so he's Russian. Oh, how do you know? I just know why he didn't say
27:51it was Catarina.
27:55suddenly I don't know and that's it, bro,
27:57there's not much proof and
27:59there's probably more Maybe I forgot
28:00something but look at how much proof
28:02there is that shows that Haston is
28:04really Catarina he was the re this
28:06whole time and we knew that, we
28:08were already in denial, now I'm going to bring
28:09you two doubts that people
28:11say are holes in this theory, that oh, it's
28:13impossible because of these two things,
28:15which are the first of them, it's impossible
28:18to be Catarina because it's already become with
28:21women he stayed with m he stayed with Mirce
28:24and I say that I myself have repeated this
28:27speech here on this channel but bro let's
28:29go 2023, right we can talk
28:32about this more clearly There are women
28:34who like women, right there are
28:37also trans men who were women
28:39biologically, they identified and
28:42underwent surgery. They probably underwent surgery and
28:44became men, right, and now they are
28:46TRANS men and I'm not going to pretend that I'm an
28:48expert on the subject, but there is a
28:49penile implant too, so that's
28:56with a woman he would tell the
28:58story and say I'm a woman I
29:00was a woman now I'm a man but you
29:02don't have my parts, that's okay with
29:03you and so on and the women accepted it or
29:05he actually had a penile implant and pretended to be a
29:07man and I didn't need to tell
29:09anyone this because no one would
29:10suspect it, simple bro, this is so easy
29:13to answer, I don't know why this
29:14has become an impasse for people,
29:16this happens people, it's not fiction, just like
29:19changing a person's complete DNA, like
29:21some absurd things that we've already
29:23seen within the series, it's not fiction, this
29:24exists and the second thing, yes, it's
29:27something that I'm upset about not
29:29having been answered, but at the end of the
29:31first season we saw that
29:32Reder still had several
29:34burn scars on his back why At what
29:37point do you get these scars
29:38because on the day of the fire that
29:41Reginaldo was shot she didn't get
29:43burned she then went home Mister
29:45goat to take the march and she
29:46wasn't burned so she didn't get caught
29:48in that fire fire Why did
29:50she have her back like that
29:51we have two versions to try to
29:53explain this The first is that she did
29:56it surgically when she was
29:57transforming The rest she said oh, it makes
29:59a burn scar on my
30:00back for people knowing that I
30:02'm the real Edson, they didn't
30:03question it and so on, it just doesn't make
30:05because nobody knew that the rest
30:07hadn't been through a fire, he was
30:08missing and then he would show up,
30:10nobody knew that he had been through
30:12a fire. So why did she I was going to
30:13make a burn scar on her back
30:15to pretend that she is Redstone who
30:18went through a fire when
30:19people didn't even have that information in the
30:20first place, it doesn't make sense, you
30:22know, so it's clear that the
30:24creators did this because in the
30:26beginning they wanted to leaving it open that it
30:28could be the father or the mother that it could
30:29be the Redmi that survived a fire and
30:31everything and then they discarded it
30:32was it just to mislead us or did they
30:34always think that it would be Catarina
30:36and that Catarina would have been burned
30:38in that fire that would be revealed later
30:40but then they forgot or ignored this
30:43information in the fourth season when
30:45in Mister Catra's memories we don't
30:46see that she came out of the fire intact
30:48leading the march to the cape's house then
30:50I remembered it here too in case anyone
30:51wonders and Catarina who appears at the
30:54end of the sixth season, stays in the seventh season and
30:56so on, people who abandoned the series,
30:58right? This Catarina was fake, she was
31:00another Russian person that Catarina's father
31:04did everything, let's believe that
31:06these other people were Catarina so that
31:08people could go after her and his daughter
31:10can calm down and stay safe so that
31:13people don't go after him, that's why
31:14this happened and that's why
31:16she keeps saying no, I
31:18want my identity back, I want
31:19my life back, I want my life back. comes back
31:20because she wants to go back to what
31:22she was before, her name was Tatiana, okay,
31:24so it was a fake Catarina and an
31:26impostor, as we already suspected,
31:27so I think that after this
31:30video there is no way for you to say that the
31:31Riderini Theory is false, right? It's possible that
31:34Redston is Catarina, people, this is the
31:37final answer we have, the series
31:39didn't give it, but I'll give you this answer,
31:41if you like this video, who is the
31:42most beautiful on the Blacklist, sign up here for
31:44this little ball and see other things that I
31:45'll do Leave it here at the top there are
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31:50forget to follow me on Instagram, follow
31:51me too, go check out my course,
31:52the links are all in the description,
31:54thank you very much for watching the video until the
31:55end, see you next time, thanks
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is the true identity of Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist?

The true identity of Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist is a topic of much debate and speculation among fans. Many believe that the character Rederina (Catarina) was the real Reddington all along, while others have doubts and theories of their own.

2. What clues and evidence suggest Rederina as the real Reddington in The Blacklist?

Throughout the series, there are various clues and evidence that suggest Rederina (Catarina) was the real Reddington. These include subtle references, character interactions, and narrative arcs that allude to the possibility of Rederina being the true identity.

3. What doubts and holes exist in the theory of Rederina as the real Reddington?

While the Rederina theory has gained traction, there are still doubts and holes that fans have pointed out. These include inconsistencies in the timeline, character motivations, and plot details that raise questions about the validity of the theory.

4. How does the series finale of The Blacklist address the true identity of Raymond Reddington?

The series finale of The Blacklist includes spoilers that shed light on the true identity of Raymond Reddington, providing closure for fans who have been following the show. The finale offers insights into the complexity of gender and identity, adding depth to the discussion surrounding Rederina and the real Reddington.

5. What insights does The Blacklist offer into the complexity of gender and identity in modern society?

The Blacklist delves into the complexity of gender and identity, offering thought-provoking commentary on modern society's perceptions and expectations. The exploration of Rederina as the real Reddington opens up discussions about gender fluidity, personal identity, and societal norms, making it an intriguing topic for analysis and debate.

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