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The chilling case of Kira Steger, a store clerk who went missing in Minnesota in 2013, takes a dark turn when her husband, Jeffrey Trevino, becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance and murder. Detectives uncover evidence of a troubled marriage and ultimately find Kira's body in the Mississippi River, leading to the conclusion that Jeffrey killed her in a fit of rage and attempted to cover up the crime.
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Kira Steger, a dedicated and passionate store clerk, goes missing after not showing up for work, leaving her co-workers and husband concerned.
Kira Steger was a store clerk at the Mall of America who never missed a shift.
Her co-workers became worried when she didn't show up for work and couldn't be reached.
Kira's husband, Jeffrey Trevino, had no idea where she had gone.
Ryan Wendt, who had a romantic relationship with Kira Steger, was initially considered a suspect but was later cleared based on his phone records and credit card statements.
Ryan Wendt was the manager of the same store chain where Kira was employed.
He had a lengthy and intense relationship with Kira and corresponded with her frequently.
Ryan was out of state during the search for Kira and was traveling towards Colorado.
Detectives examined Ryan's phone records and credit card statements to verify his location and found no connection to Kira's disappearance.
Kira Steger's car was found abandoned in a parking lot with suspicious stains and her blood, leading investigators to believe she was no longer alive.
Kira's car was parked in a shopping center parking lot for several days before being towed.
Suspicious red smudges were found on the trunk lid of Kira's car.
Kira's purse, containing divorce court forms, was recovered from her abandoned car.
A rolled-up trunk mat with dark-colored stains, determined to be Kira's blood, was found near her car.
The investigators find evidence of Kira's blood in the bedroom and discover a gas station receipt in Jeffrey's car.
The hooded man seen in the footage enters Kira and Jeffrey's house.
Dark red stains and blood are found in the bedroom, indicating recent cleaning.
Luminol reveals more blood stains on the carpet that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
A gas station receipt found in Jeffrey's car suggests his involvement in Kira's disappearance.
00:02today we will look at a case that took
00:04place in Minnesota back in 2013.
00:07thirty-year-old Kyra Steger was employed
00:10as a store clerk at a clothing store
00:12located in the Mall of America she was
00:15passionate about her job and never
00:17skipped a shift so when on February 23
00:202013 she didn't come to work her
00:24co-workers got worried they tried to get
00:26in touch with Kira but she didn't return
00:28their calls or text messages and the
00:31police were soon informed that she was
00:42Kira k Steger was born November 19 1982
00:46in Des Plaines Illinois she was the
00:48daughter of Marcy and Jay Steger who
00:50described her as a lively dedicated and
00:53sweet daughter
00:54Kira was employed at the Mall of America
00:56and worked for two stores there Wet Seal
00:59and most recently delias her co-workers
01:02were not only great friends but Kira
01:04considered them part of her family
01:07Kira possessed a unique talent for
01:09recognizing people's strengths that they
01:11themselves didn't notice
01:13she planned and hoped for a promising
01:16future which looked bright and Serene
01:19sadly all her dreams ended in an instant
01:22when Kira mysteriously vanished
01:25on Thursday February 21 2013 Kira had a
01:29shift at work her co-workers said she
01:31had been feeling good and planned to go
01:33to a nice restaurant with her husband
01:34after the store closed Kira and Jeffrey
01:37Trevino got acquainted three years ago
01:39they immediately ignited a spark between
01:41them and started a romantic relationship
01:43which ultimately resulted in a wedding
01:45generally Kira and Jeffrey seemed to be
01:48a happy and stable married couple
01:50there might have been occasional
01:52disagreements between them but it all
01:54was kept within their own Circle neither
01:57relatives friends nor co-workers were
01:59aware of them at the very least
02:02two days later on Saturday February 23rd
02:05when Kira did not come to work her
02:07co-workers were concerned because such
02:09Behavior was not typical of her she was
02:12on time strict with herself and others
02:15never tolerated being late and adhered
02:17to her schedule having failed to reach
02:19Kira her co-workers called Jeffrey but
02:22he had no idea where his wife had gone
02:23as per Jeffrey Kira had left the house
02:26the previous morning and had not been
02:28back since it wasn't really worrying to
02:31him because Kira had a tendency to
02:33occasionally disappear for a day or two
02:35she would stay the night at a friend's
02:37house or go to a relative's place
02:39unannounced one thing that might have
02:41caused worry was the bad weather that
02:43day because it had been snowing heavily
02:45Jeffrey suggested that maybe there was
02:48something that could have happened to
02:49her on the way perhaps her car got stuck
02:51and her cell phone battery ran out of
02:53power on the same day having received no
02:56news from his wife Jeffrey filed a
02:58missing persons report and got in touch
03:01with Kira's family her family members
03:03were surprised by the mysterious
03:05disappearance of their loved one and it
03:07was a big blow to them having received a
03:09missing persons report for Kyra Steger
03:11detectives immediately got to work as it
03:14is common in such cases the
03:16investigation started with questioning
03:18the spouse and searching the nearest
03:19surroundings this was no exception
03:22detectives went to Jeffrey's residence
03:24to talk to him Jeffrey informed
03:26detectives that on Thursday he and Kira
03:29were looking to have some time together
03:30they had dinner conversed played bowling
03:34and eventually left the mall
03:36by Jeffrey's account he and Kira headed
03:39home straight away as Kira intended to
03:40watch a movie Jeffrey also told
03:43detectives that his wife left their
03:44house the next day which was a Friday
03:46around 8 30 a.m an event was scheduled
03:50at work and her mandatory presence was
03:52required she was conducting herself as
03:55usual and he didn't see anything strange
03:57Jeffrey found it nothing out of the
03:59ordinary that Kira would disappear from
04:01time to time although he didn't even
04:03know where she was or who she was
04:05spending time with
04:06they had been having relationship
04:08problems for a few months said Jeffrey
04:10however he didn't see it as serious or
04:13alarming considering it to be just minor
04:16arguments that occur in All Families the
04:18detective started asking Jeffrey who
04:20Kira might be staying with asking if she
04:23might have had a lover the man refused
04:25this suggestion as he had personally
04:27asked Kira about this and got a negative
04:30response in Jeffrey's words he really
04:33loves his wife and trusts her the
04:35investigators passed on all the
04:37information they managed to collect
04:39about Kira and her car to the on-duty
04:41patrols the detectives went to the Mall
04:44of America themselves in order to
04:45confirm the credibility of Jeffrey's
04:47words and possibly pick up some Clues
04:50Mall of America is among the biggest
04:53shopping malls worldwide it is situated
04:55in Bloomington it features 520 stores
04:58theme parks an oceanarium movie theaters
05:02a golf course and much more therefore
05:05it's not surprising that the mall is
05:07fitted with numerous security cameras
05:09knowing at what time Kira had left work
05:12on February 21st the detectives looked
05:15into that moment the footage showed
05:17nothing out of the ordinary Jeffrey's
05:20account held true he met Kira after work
05:22and they hung out at the mall for a
05:24while then went down to the parking lot
05:26and drove away there were no arguments
05:29between them and the evening appeared to
05:31have gone fine
05:35nothing is as bad as just waiting
05:37without any knowledge of what's going on
05:39and with each successive day the anxiety
05:42for Kira's life was getting
05:44progressively worse lacking any news
05:46from her and having grown tired of
05:48waiting Kira's family traveled to
05:50Bloomington in an effort to try to help
05:52with the investigation they had Flyers
05:55printed with her pictures on them posted
05:57them on polls and distributed them to
05:59passers-by on the street their objective
06:02was to attract as much attention as
06:04possible to the search for Kira they
06:06realized they could not simply stand by
06:08but had to do everything they could to
06:11find their loved one while Kira's family
06:13was Distributing leaflets the
06:16investigators continued their inquiry
06:18when interviewing the couple's neighbors
06:20officers noticed a surveillance camera
06:22installed on one neighbor's house the
06:25camera rotated sideways and in one of
06:27its angles it captured Kira and
06:29Jeffrey's home thus the investigators
06:32asked the homeowner to copy the camera
06:34footage for them as they hope to uncover
06:37some Clues from it in the meantime a
06:40cell phone company's records arrived and
06:42provided investigators with a new lead
06:44according to Kira's phone records she
06:47had another man in her life besides
06:48Jeffrey he turned out to be Ryan Wendt
06:52who was the manager of the same store
06:54chain in one of which she was employed
06:56they had a very intense and lengthy
06:58relationship and corresponded frequently
07:00police were able to ascertain that Ryan
07:03went was out of state and while a search
07:05for Kira was ongoing Ryan was traveling
07:08in his car towards Colorado this man was
07:11of major relevance to the investigation
07:13because in addition to having a romantic
07:16relationship with Kira he also moved out
07:19of state the same time she disappeared
07:21maybe it was a mere coincidence and
07:23nothing more or perhaps things were
07:25completely different and his Escape
07:27hides something behind it it is the
07:30investigators who would have to find the
07:32answer to that question regardless the
07:34detectives managed to reach Ryan and he
07:37consented to appear for questioning in
07:38Colorado where he was asked many
07:40questions he stated that he last
07:43contacted Kira while he was driving his
07:45car across South Dakota and exchanged
07:47texts with her these text messages had
07:49been sent shortly before Kira's
07:51disappearance upon reviewing the timing
07:54of the text messages detectives
07:56determined that Kira had been in contact
07:57with her new lover just as she was
08:00dining with her husband it was
08:02abundantly clear from the correspondence
08:03that Kira was increasingly becoming
08:06distant from Jeffrey the investigators
08:08examined Ryan's phone to determine his
08:10location with respect to the cell towers
08:12and reviewed his credit card statements
08:15it appeared he was really out of state
08:17that particular evening and had no way
08:19of being connected to Kira's
08:20disappearance he was released and
08:23dropped from the list of suspects on
08:24that basis
08:26the timestamp of the messages revealed
08:28that Kira was still texting with Ryan
08:30even when she arrived home with her
08:32husband however their communication
08:34ended after 11 44 pm and since then
08:37Kira's phone has been inactive meanwhile
08:41a different team of investigators was
08:43getting ready to examine the video
08:45footage from the surveillance camera
08:47installed on Kira's neighbor's residence
08:49this camera captured much of the street
08:52sweeping left and right however it was
08:55turning much too quickly and that made
08:57observation difficult since if the
08:59investigator spotted something
09:01suspicious the camera would rotate to
09:03the other side in an instant
09:06Jeffrey and Kira's house was seen only
09:08for a brief few seconds as the camera
09:10shifted to the right
09:12Jeffrey stated that after eating dinner
09:14and bowling he and Kira went home
09:16watched a movie and retired to bed
09:19however when investigators reviewed the
09:22video footage they noticed that right
09:24after 2 A.M Kira's car reversed into the
09:27yard because of the low quality of the
09:30footage and the constant motion of the
09:32camera from side to side it was hard to
09:35tell precisely what was happening on
09:37screen at that time but the car soon
09:39moved away from their house
09:41Jeffrey attributed the night drive to
09:43the fact that Kira had told him to pump
09:45gas in her car prior to her commute
09:47tomorrow so he went to the gas station
09:50surprisingly enough his story was true
09:52he was really seen at the gas station at
09:55around half past three at dawn however
09:58the detectives discovered that after
10:00leaving the gas station he didn't return
10:02home but for some reason made his way
10:05towards the highway
10:06it is unclear where he headed next
10:09the neighbor's camera did not record him
10:11coming home but it could have been a
10:13mere coincidence as it was rotating
10:15constantly thus it is possible
10:18theoretically that Jeffrey could have
10:20gotten back home later in the day when
10:23the camera was facing the other
10:24direction when investigators looked at
10:27the footage further they observed that
10:29Kira's Chevrolet drove away at 9 21 am
10:33disappointingly there was no way to see
10:36who was at the wheel
10:38a missing person report was filed with
10:41police on Saturday February 23rd and the
10:44police department got a call on Monday
10:46February 25th to report the finding of a
10:49suspicious vehicle
10:51near the shopping center where Kira was
10:53employed there are two multi-story
10:55parking lots security guards noticed
10:58that a certain car had been parked there
10:59for several days and requested a tow
11:01truck the tow truck driver proceeded to
11:04examine the car before picking it up and
11:06spotted suspicious looking red smudges
11:08on the trunk lid then called the police
11:11that vehicle turned out to be Kira's
11:13white Chevy there wasn't that much blood
11:16just a few small stains but it was there
11:19and that was a very bad sign
11:22Kira's purse which was recovered from
11:25her dumped car had divorce court forms
11:27that looked like they had been
11:29downloaded from the internet
11:30additionally a small dark item lying in
11:33the snow behind the car caught the
11:36investigator's attention when they got
11:38closer they saw a rolled up trunk mat
11:40that had dark colored stains on the
11:43reverse side
11:44DNA testing determined that it was Kyra
11:46steger's blood with regret the
11:49investigators began to realize that Kira
11:51was most likely no longer alive this
11:54horrible Discovery was a severe shock to
11:56her family and friends their last hope
11:59of seeing Kira again was lost but with
12:01this Myriad questions arose in their
12:04minds how did she die did she suffer and
12:07who could have resented her enough to
12:09have robbed her of her life
12:11the absence of Kira's body compounded
12:14the matter for it was much more
12:15difficult to endure the sorrow that had
12:18befallen them without it
12:19the detective's top priority now was to
12:22identify the person who abandoned the
12:24vehicle in the parking lot the car drove
12:27away from the house at 9 21 a.m
12:30approximately 20 minutes later the
12:33mall's cameras captured it there were no
12:35cameras in the lot where the car was
12:37discovered but there was a camera
12:39directed at the path that led to the car
12:41the camera was located near where Kira's
12:45car was located after viewing the
12:47footage from that camera the detectives
12:49noticed that a few minutes after the
12:51White Chevrolet drove into the parking
12:53lot a man with a hood covering his head
12:55appeared in the footage
12:57it was fairly cold and it didn't seem
13:00odd that the man was in a hoodie but the
13:02detectives wanted to track where he was
13:04headed it was seen that the hooded man
13:07made it across the street and walked to
13:09a taxi stand where he had a brief
13:11conversation with one of the drivers
13:13then got into the car and drove off
13:17the police were able to determine which
13:19company the cabs parked in the parking
13:21lot of the shopping center belonged to
13:23based on the time of the hooded man's
13:25interaction with the driver it was not
13:28difficult for the police to identify the
13:30license plate number of that particular
13:32vehicle all of the cabs were outfitted
13:35with GPS tracking devices which revealed
13:37that the hooded man concluded his trip a
13:40block away from Kira and Jeffrey's house
13:42and then got out of the car after paying
13:44cash as it left the neighborhood the cab
13:47was caught in the lens of the same
13:49camera that had partially filmed Kira
13:51and Jeffrey's home
13:53after two minutes a hooded man entered
13:55the frame the low resolution of the
13:58footage made it difficult to see his
13:59face but what was striking was the white
14:02logo on his hoodie
14:04as the investigators kept viewing the
14:06footage they saw the hooded man walk
14:08into the house where Kira and Jeffrey
14:10lived Kira had been missing which made
14:13it nearly certain that the hooded man
14:15was Jeffrey after securing a search
14:18warrant the law enforcement officers
14:20headed to the house at first glance it
14:23looked like an ordinary unremarkable
14:25house but that was only at first glance
14:28under closer examination the
14:31criminalists started to find dark red
14:33stains in the bedroom of the spouses
14:36there were a few stains on the wall
14:38beside the bed and around a hundred of
14:40them on the mattress it was apparent
14:42that the bedroom had recently been
14:44rearranged and cleaned
14:49when the forensics team sprayed luminol
14:51the floor carpet was practically glowing
14:54it had a lot of blood stains on it that
14:56could not be detected by the naked eye
14:58these stains originated in the bedroom
15:01and extended into the other side of the
15:04forensics confirmed that it was Kira's
15:06blood and this further convinced
15:08investigators that she was no longer
15:11besides searching the inside of the
15:13house police also examined Jeffrey's car
15:16the car itself didn't have any blood in
15:19it nor did they notice any evidence of a
15:21struggle yet they still managed to find
15:24something of Interest a gas station
15:26receipt was found in Jeffrey's car
15:28issued an hour and 40 minutes before
15:30Kira's car was left in the mall parking
15:33based on the receipt information the
15:36purchase was made with Jeffrey's card
15:38detectives proceeded to that gas station
15:40to review the security footage the
15:43footage captured Jeffrey filling up his
15:45car then going inside and withdrawing
15:47cash from an ATM
15:51this footage provided a glimpse of
15:53Jeffrey's face and showed that he had a
15:55logo on his jacket in the chest area
15:58that looked like the logo on the man
16:00from the earlier footage on the basis of
16:02this recording and all evidence found in
16:05the house 39 year old Jeffrey Trevino
16:07was placed under arrest he was brought
16:10to the station for questioning and was
16:12now the prime and only suspect
16:14immediately from the interrogation room
16:17Jeffrey reached his attorney who advised
16:19him to exercise his right to remain
16:22the police had sufficient evidence to
16:24charge him but the most compelling
16:26evidence of his guilt would be the body
16:29no one had any doubt that Kira was dead
16:34the police together with Kira's family
16:37and some volunteers spent months
16:39searching for her in late March as the
16:42snowdrift started to clear volunteers
16:44discovered a strange bag by the roadside
16:47at Keller Lake a few miles from
16:49Trevino's house and called the police
16:51the bag contained a bloodied pillow a
16:54shirt and a bra the forensics team
16:56linked the finding to Kira as her DNA
16:59was detected on the items the lake was
17:01still encrusted with ice which hampered
17:04the search but still divers surveyed the
17:06water body still they found no remains
17:09in it the area around the lake was
17:11searched multiple times using four
17:13search dogs trained to find bodies but
17:16this too was fruitless
17:18two and a half months following Kira's
17:21disappearance on May 8 2013 the Saint
17:24Paul police department got a disturbing
17:26call the mail caller told the operator
17:28that he had seen what appeared to be a
17:30dead body in the Mississippi River what
17:33police officers recovered from the water
17:35did actually prove to be a body there
17:38were no clothes on it dental records
17:40determined that it was the body of Kyra
17:42Steger she suffered severe blunt force
17:45trauma to her forehead and a fractured
17:47index finger on her left hand
17:49because of the degree of decomposition
17:51the medical examiners were incapable of
17:54establishing an exact cause of death
17:56using the new evidence investigators
17:59tried to reconstruct the timeline of
18:02events leading up to Kira's death and
18:04the events that followed they speculated
18:06that when Kira and Jeffrey came home he
18:09became aware or saw that she was texting
18:11someone else
18:12Kira was unwilling to show the
18:14correspondence to her husband at which
18:16point he forcefully snatched her phone
18:18away from her and broke her finger after
18:21seeing the Romantic correspondence
18:23Jeffrey grew even more enraged and in a
18:26fit of anger took Kira's life and then
18:28tried to conceal evidence of the crime
18:30he used her car to drive to the house
18:33put the body in the trunk then went to a
18:35gas station and from there to the river
18:37where he disposed of the body
18:40he subsequently drove back home dumping
18:43the bag containing Kira's pillow and
18:44clothes along the way
18:46the next morning he went to a gas
18:48station and took out cash from an ATM
18:50because he knew that after he left
18:52Kira's car in the mall's parking lot he
18:55would have to pay for a cab and it would
18:57be better to do so in cash
18:59after disposing of Kira's car Jeffrey
19:02went home and worked the rest of the day
19:04on cleaning the house
19:06with his trickery Jeffrey intended to
19:08convey the impression that Kira had
19:10driven away in her car by herself that
19:12morning and that she was perfectly fine
19:15however thanks to surveillance cameras
19:18his plan failed
19:21in October 2013 a jury convicted
19:2439-year-old Jeffrey Trevino concurring
19:27with the defense that his Acts were not
19:29premeditated and that the crime was the
19:32outcome of a heated and sudden argument
19:34following the discovery of his wife's
19:38prior to the sentence being announced by
19:40the judge Kira's family members made
19:42their statements
19:44this monster is a calculated criminal
19:46said Carrie Anne Steger Kira's sister he
19:49deserves no mercy Kira's mother Marcy
19:52stated that Trevino certainly showed her
19:54daughter no mercy he dumped my daughter
19:56like a piece of trash into the nation's
19:58most polluted body of water she said
20:01still her father Jay said whatever the
20:05punishment it will never make up for the
20:07pain Trevino has caused their family no
20:10matter how much time you give Mr Trevino
20:12it's not enough never enough he said
20:16in November 2013 Jeffrey Trevino was
20:19given a 27 and a half year prison
20:22sentence he will become eligible for
20:24parole in 2031.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What happened to Kira Steger in Minnesota in 2013?

Kira Steger, a store clerk, went missing in Minnesota in 2013, leading to a chilling case that took a dark turn.

2. Who became the prime suspect in Kira Steger's disappearance and murder?

Kira Steger's husband, Jeffrey Trevino, became the prime suspect in her disappearance and murder.

3. Where was Kira Steger's body found?

Kira Steger's body was found in the Mississippi River, leading to the conclusion that Jeffrey killed her.

4. What evidence did detectives uncover in Kira Steger's case?

Detectives uncovered evidence of a troubled marriage, indicating a possible motive in Kira Steger's case.

5. What did the conclusion of the case reveal about Kira Steger's murder?

The conclusion of the case revealed that Jeffrey killed Kira in a fit of rage and attempted to cover up the crime.

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