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The video discusses the evidence suggesting that Alex Eubank is currently not natural, with higher testosterone levels potentially attributed to the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The speaker analyzes Eubank's blood work and physical changes to support this claim, while also mentioning alternative natural supplements for achieving similar results.
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The video discusses Alex Eubank's current natural status and his testosterone levels.
The speaker believes that Alex Eubank is currently not natural.
Alex Eubank's testosterone levels are higher than the speaker's, who is on HRT.
The speaker believes that Alex Eubank may have taken Psalms in the past.
Alex Eubank claims that his testosterone levels were down due to stress and getting too lean.
Alex Eubank discusses his physique and the importance of maintaining a healthy body fat percentage.
Alex admits to gaining some fat due to indulging in fast food and not training as hard.
He believes he looks incredible at his current body fat percentage and questions the need for bulking and cutting.
Alex suggests maintaining his current physique and highlights the benefits of high testosterone levels.
He clarifies that despite his concerns, his physique is still impressive considering his lack of dieting and cardio.
Alex Eubank's physique improvement is attributed to slackening off in the gym, not doing cardio, and eating whatever he wants.
Alex Eubank confirms he is not natural and has been genetically blessed.
He has been eating without restrictions and not doing cardio, resulting in a bigger physique.
His workouts are less intense compared to before, and he is not training as hard or consistently.
He believes that slacking off in the gym and not following progressive overload is the secret to making amazing progress.
The video section discusses the testosterone levels and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) of Alex Eubank, indicating that his high testosterone levels and low SHBG suggest he may not be natural.
Alex Eubank's total testosterone level is 932, significantly higher than his previous levels.
SHBG, which combines with testosterone to make it active, is very low in Alex Eubank.
The lower the SHBG, the more testosterone is available for use, suggesting that Alex Eubank's testosterone levels may be even higher than indicated.
Alex Eubank's low body fat percentage contributes to his low SHBG levels.
The speaker discusses the results of blood work and speculates about the reasons behind the optimal testosterone levels.
The speaker compares his own blood work to that of a natural bodybuilder and notes that his free testosterone is higher due to a lower SHBG level.
The speaker believes that the high cholesterol levels indicate that he is not on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
The speaker attributes his improved blood work to a less intense training regimen and less restriction in his diet.
00:00Alex Eubank is currently as in right now
00:03not natural
00:09and finally
00:12I caught you Alex Eubank posted a video
00:16my test levels coming clean and by the
00:19end of the video you're going to agree
00:21with Coach Greg that Alex Eubank is
00:23currently as in right now not natural
00:26and as you know I stated in the past I
00:29believe he did serms thought he did
00:30Psalms and then stopped the sarms and
00:33then later on as in the past couple of
00:34months he's been taking something of
00:36which I'm going to say exactly what it
00:38is I haven't had much caffeine today I'm
00:40trying to chill a little bit and cleanse
00:41so I can like reset my energy receptors
00:43Alex Eubanks cutting down on the
00:45caffeine he hasn't been training as hard
00:48he's been slacking off in the gym Ben
00:50eat more eaten whatever he wants going
00:53to fast food points enjoying the life
00:55he's trying to paint the picture that
00:57because of all of this it allows his
00:59testosterone levels to go through the
01:01roof and remember I'm on HRT I in fact
01:04inject testosterone and his testosterone
01:07levels well they're higher than mine
01:10this is a guy who was formerly hype
01:12people go Nadal testosterone levels
01:14around 225. he blamed it on the fact
01:16that he had died that he hadn't eaten
01:18enough that he had gotten to
01:19single-digit body fat and a lot of
01:22people they bought that they believed
01:24him why wouldn't you good-looking young
01:26charismatic guy why would we not believe
01:28in him but no coach Greg you know I'm
01:30going to tell you what I think unbiased
01:32and unfiltered I said I don't believe it
01:34I believe he took Psalms at this point
01:36and then he got off and so he's benching
01:39two plates for nine reps he doesn't want
01:41to exert himself he's holding back a
01:43little bit
01:44I had two more but I don't want to
01:47overexert myself he claims his
01:49testosterone levels in the past are down
01:51because of stress over working getting
01:53too lean to nine percent body fat but
01:56now that he's slacking off and got super
01:58fat oh my goodness look how bloated I am
02:01look at my physique he says himself it's
02:03about 13 body fat he goes to the poses
02:07Etc but the guy looks absolutely
02:09incredible so he went from the nine
02:11percent by body fat is as lean is
02:13shredded to now 13 body fat that's about
02:16four extra percent that's not much for
02:18most people that could take two to
02:20perhaps four weeks of eating freely I'm
02:22extremely bloated right now I feel like
02:24a fat ass I feel like I just have gas in
02:25me probably because I have McDonald's
02:26last night and the night before that I
02:28had Taco Bell and so I'm extremely
02:30bloated right now I'm a fat ass I ate
02:33indigestion woe is me look at my
02:35physique remember I've stayed in the
02:37past I do believe that Alex Eubank has
02:39body dysmorphia you can debate me if you
02:41want but does this look like a guy who's
02:43a bloated fat ass to you props Alex
02:45Eubank to have The Bravery to unveil the
02:48physique with all that going on all that
02:51extra body fat the Taco Bells the
02:53McDonald's eating whatever he wants not
02:55training harder than the last time in
02:57the gym probably because I have
02:58McDonald's last night and the night
02:59before that I had Taco Bell and then I
03:01had crumble cookie it's been tragic I'll
03:03show you the physique after literally
03:04eating whatever the hell I want for the
03:06last two months and doing like no cardio
03:07I can't even take my freaking wife
03:10beater off and so it's absolutely
03:11absolutely tragic he can't remove the
03:14shirt it's absolutely horrible the
03:16unveiling of the guy hasn't done cardio
03:19two weeks it's horrible it's it's tragic
03:21it's tragic it's I don't know what to
03:23say some of you guys might not be able
03:24to tell but if you like I can tell based
03:26on what I look like right here so when I
03:27do this pose I mean at his leanest in
03:30comparison to now yeah I gained a little
03:31bit of fat remember what I've always
03:33stated 15 body fat have I stayed at Alex
03:36ubang should remain at nine percent body
03:38fat or have I stated healthy body fat
03:40for you perhaps 13 this look is exactly
03:44where he should be why would he bulk and
03:46cut when he feels perfect like this but
03:48notice mentally he doesn't like this
03:50look he thinks he has to again go on a
03:52mini cut he's going to film the whole
03:54thing and then bulk up again film that
03:56too why not just look the way you look
03:58you look incredible stay at this point
04:00testosterone levels now are through the
04:03roof so especially we'll get into that
04:05but why not maintain this look right now
04:07and so those of you watching this do not
04:09think this is fat although Alex thinks
04:11he's blow it into mess this is amazing
04:13for no diet no cardio we're looking all
04:15right and so he's trying to paint the
04:17picture that well because I stopped
04:19doing cardio and I'm not dieting anymore
04:21it's allowed my testosterone levels to
04:23go literally through the roof and so is
04:26that the secret all we have to do to put
04:28on a bunch of muscles to stop training
04:30stop working out so hard relax all day
04:32long eat McDonald's get bloated have
04:35Taco Bell and that will recover your
04:37testosterone levels and make them throw
04:38the roof higher than when you're on HRT
04:40you know what I could do with this video
04:41that would be so easy is to show my
04:44blood work my recent blood work and show
04:46how my tests went high but I already
04:48know it's going to create controversy
04:52I mean it writes itself ah you know what
04:55I got some good content I'm going to
04:57show my testosterone levels but I know
05:00it's going to create some controversy he
05:02knows it he knows because it's that high
05:05it's like I don't even take my fish oil
05:07or my multivitamin I forget to take that
05:09I forget to take my D3 in the morning
05:11how am I going to remember to take
05:12anything out like I don't know I'm
05:13already defending myself why would he
05:15already creating a defense if it was
05:17actually innocent oh you know I can't
05:19even remember to take vitamin D or fish
05:21oil I can't remember to take this or
05:23that and so clearly I could never
05:25remember to take a performance enhancing
05:26drugs the fact that I forget to take a
05:28multivitamin that's proof that I could
05:30never be unnatural because I know as
05:32much as I love like Greg Doucette that
05:34if I show my blood work him or plays
05:36more dates all these guys I'm gonna make
05:38a video Alex Eubank confirmed not Natty
05:42exactly and here's the video are you
05:45ready for it Alex you Bank confirmed not
05:47natural his words and me repeating them
05:50this is the most genetically blessed
05:51I've been this is the most genetically
05:53blessed he's been so far genetically
05:55blessed doesn't change over time it's in
05:58your genetics you can't change your
06:00genetics and so he's been eating
06:01whatever he wants and not doing cardio
06:02and suddenly he looks way bigger than
06:04last time remember he's not fat those of
06:07you say oh coach Craig's main gaining
06:09doesn't work does Alex lubank look like
06:12he got fat my advice to Alex would be to
06:14main gain at 13 body fat why not stay
06:17here and so imagine if Alex Eubank were
06:19actually natural right now at 13 body
06:22fat would there be any reason for him to
06:23go on a bulk why would he not maintain
06:25this right now remember I don't think
06:27he's natural I'm going to State what
06:29exactly I think he's taking I'm
06:30definitely resting a lot more I don't
06:31know if that has anything to do with it
06:33my workouts are not nearly as intense as
06:34they used to be I used to train a lot
06:37more harder a lot more consistently and
06:39so he used to train harder than last
06:40time but since then he's decided to
06:42train easy he's taken his time he's
06:44eating McDonald's Wendy's and so on and
06:46that is the reason why his physique is
06:48suddenly got better and so you know the
06:50secret really is you slack off in the
06:52gym you don't do cardio and you eat
06:53whatever you want and you make amazing
06:55progress why are you all progressively
06:58overloading why are you trading harder
06:59than last time that's not the secret
07:01just slack off and you'll become amazing
07:03I really shouldn't do this I want to
07:05talk about my testosterone levels being
07:06just extraordinarily not extraordinarily
07:09it's on the natural range but just being
07:10way higher than they were and so let's
07:12just talk about how my testosterone
07:14levels are extraordinarily High then he
07:16corrects himself not extraordinarily
07:18High you know in the top end of the
07:21normal range for some people in the
07:23world does it look like he's bulked up
07:24to 20 does it look like it should be
07:27that much higher this is somebody who is
07:29formally hypogonadal testosterone levels
07:31around 225 who claimed it was 100
07:34natural and so if you claim to be
07:36hypogonadal due to being at nine percent
07:37body fat and you increase your levels to
07:3913 yeah it could go up perhaps from 200
07:42something to 400 something maybe to his
07:46all-time best of even 600 plus maybe but
07:50would it be higher than coach Greg's
07:52highest level that I've been on HRT in
07:55years would it be higher than 800 would
07:58it be higher than 900 well let's see
08:01dragging them I make a little video on
08:03it but I still claiming 100 percent
08:05natural and so Greg and then might make
08:07a video on it but I'm still claiming 100
08:10natural and so although he knows that
08:12after I see this blood work I'm gonna
08:13say he's not natural he still claims
08:15he's 100 natural but why bother does
08:18anyone think that Alex Eubank is
08:20actually natural at this point well
08:22perhaps you still do because we haven't
08:23finished the video so I have it in front
08:25of me so total testosterone was 932
08:28reference range was 250 to 1100. Total
08:33932. let that sink in Alex eubank's
08:36highest previous total just over 600 but
08:39more recently it was at 225 and just
08:42over 400. and with that alone that is
08:45not enough evidence that's not proof but
08:47let's examine the other numbers that go
08:50along with it the sex hormone binding
08:52globulin whatever that is and so shbg
08:54sex hormone binding globulin is what
08:56combines to the testosterone level to
08:59make it active versus inactive and so if
09:01you have very low shpg you're free or
09:05bioavailable testosterone the
09:06testosterone you can actually use could
09:08it be a lot higher and so the lower that
09:10number the more the testosterone you're
09:12going to feel the higher that number the
09:15less of the testosterone you're going to
09:17feel and so because this testosterone
09:19levels are over 900 very high and that
09:22he's a hundred percent natural combine
09:25the fact that he's very lean 13 is very
09:28lean it's at a very high percentage it's
09:30not 15 or 20 percent and so the lower
09:33your body fat percentage the higher your
09:35shbg will be the sex hormone binding
09:37globulin whatever that is is 23. albumin
09:4323. 23 not 33 not 43 not 53 23 very low
09:51and so yeah it's in the reference range
09:53but remember his testosterone levels are
09:55at the 98th percentile and so it's shpg
09:58very low much lower than the average
10:00person remember the leaner you are the
10:02higher you would expect shpg to be and
10:05so if Alex Ubank were to continue to
10:07diet for example to nine percent body
10:08fat shpd would be even higher and so
10:11despite the fact this test also might be
10:12in the 900s his free testosterone would
10:14be even lower and so assuming that this
10:16guy was natural because he's so lean I
10:18would have expected his shbd to be
10:20closer to 40 perhaps even 50. I would
10:22say 30 to be a generous cutoff yet here
10:25he is at 23. and so could it simply be
10:28that he's simply taking testosterone
10:30when you're on HRT clearly it's going to
10:33increase your testosterone levels it
10:35also lowers shpg and on top of that
10:37you'll end up with higher than last time
10:39free testosterone but more often than
10:42not when you approach levels around 8
10:43900 plus if if you're taking HRT your
10:47HDL cholesterol is going to go down and
10:49so let's examine what his cholesterol
10:51levels are for my free test was 196.2
10:54and so it's free test
10:56196.2 and so let's simply Google what a
11:00regular free test range would be optimal
11:02results remember optimal 35 to 155
11:06kilograms per milliliter and so his
11:09196 optimal 35 to 155 yet he's at 196.
11:15and so in comparison does anyone
11:17remember Igor Vitruvian physique a
11:19natural bodybuilder well he got his
11:21blood work done and when he got on a
11:24diet do you know what happened his total
11:26testosterone was actually pretty high
11:27but his free testosterone was in the
11:30toilet was in the tank and why because
11:33his shpg was so high the leader you get
11:37the higher SHP yet Alex Eubanks SVG is
11:40only 23 which allows his free
11:42testosterone to be above optimal
11:45remember above optimal his blood work
11:48very similar to me and I'm on HRT but
11:51let us examine his cholesterol
11:53cholesterol 149 and so is cholesterol
11:56all normal and so in my opinion I don't
11:59believe he's on a low dose of
12:00testosterone the previous blood work it
12:02looked like he was on testosterone but
12:04because his cholesterol is so healthy I
12:07don't believe he's on HRT but there's
12:11something else I do believe he's taking
12:12yeah so my tells a lot better what I
12:14honestly generally I talked earlier in
12:16this video about it I just honestly
12:17think it's because I'm not restricting
12:18myself whatsoever and placing a lot a
12:21lot less stress on my body overall I'm
12:23just not training nearly as hard or
12:24consistently as I was a lot more content
12:26oriented it's just been a little bit
12:27more hectic instead of like more dialed
12:30in I'm not doing as much cardio and so
12:32he attributes these amazing results in
12:34his blood work to the fact that he's not
12:36training his heart he's slacking off and
12:39just eating whatever he wants but based
12:42on the physical evidence as in his body
12:44and his presentation of it it doesn't
12:46look like he's gained a lot of body fat
12:48he's still in his words 13 and in the
12:51eyes of his viewers they think he's even
12:52leaner remember he's gotten bigger looks
12:54more full and so what else could it be
12:57you ever heard of in clomiphen and
13:00clomiphen is given to people with lower
13:02levels of testosterone it's a
13:04performance-enhancing drugs and it would
13:06raise your total testosterone and your
13:09free and bioavailable testosterone and
13:11it can do so without negatively
13:13impacting your cholesterol Alex Eubank
13:15could have used in clomiphen in secret
13:17not testosterone and made these major
13:21gains in his testosterone levels and
13:23benefited in the gains made in his
13:25physique honestly just I feel a lot
13:27better I'm sleeping more yeah honestly
13:29overall just definitely feel the
13:31difference of not having like low tests
13:33when I'm like shredded like I was last
13:34year all year and so he literally feels
13:37the difference of not having low test he
13:40feels like he's getting better sleep
13:41believe he's making more gains in the
13:42gym even without training is hard he can
13:45eat more what he wants he doesn't have
13:47to do cardio slacking off in the gym and
13:50he feels a lot better all could be
13:52attributed to adding in in clomiphen and
13:55please don't confuse this with Clomid I
13:57know in clomiphene sounds like Clomid
13:58but Clomid is a combination of zoo
14:00clomiphene and in clomiphene but all you
14:02need to know is in clomiphin is a
14:04performance enhancing drug that can
14:06raise your testosterone levels and would
14:08revoke your Natty card many people who
14:10are on HRT for example they don't want
14:12to inject HRT for the rest of Life they
14:14could opt to stop taking HRT and add in
14:18in clomiphate and perhaps gradually
14:20reduce that dose and so now that I've
14:22presented all the evidence what do you
14:25believe do you believe that Alex went
14:28from the second percentile to the 98th
14:30percentile by increasing his calories
14:33and slacking off in the gym not doing
14:36cardio being stress free or do you think
14:39it was a result of incoming remember
14:40I've pulled out HRT I don't believe he's
14:43taking that I believe that Alex Eubank
14:45just wanted a small Edge enough that no
14:47one could call him out no one would say
14:49wow you put on 10 pounds of muscle how
14:51did you do that but just a small
14:53Advantage one that he did not believe he
14:55could attain to regular supplements but
14:58that you could with perform enhancing
15:00drugs namely in clomiphin now if you
15:02don't want to resort to using HRT or
15:04other performance enhancing drugs I do
15:06have three things g-test geo2 Max and
15:10active Builder these three in
15:12combination you would be shocked at what
15:15you can achieve and so please let me
15:17know in the comments section do you
15:19believe coach Greg do you believe that
15:21Alex Eubank is not natural or do you
15:24believe Alex Eubank I do believe I
15:26painted an Evidence Beyond Reasonable
15:28Doubt I don't think that it makes sense
15:31that he made all these games while being
15:32100 natural I do believe he was on sarms
15:35of some sort in the past if he's been a
15:38lifetime natural and was hypogonadal 220
15:415 nanograms per deciliter the second
15:43percentile and you just ate a little bit
15:45more food and slacked off and now it's
15:47Suddenly at 9 30 plus really you think
15:51that that's possible do you really
15:52believe that that's what happened or do
15:54you think that coach Greg is more right
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Alex Eubank natural or using performance-enhancing drugs?

The video discusses evidence suggesting that Alex Eubank is currently not natural, with higher testosterone levels attributed to the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The speaker analyzes Eubank's blood work and physical changes to support this claim

2. What evidence is presented in the video regarding Alex Eubank's testosterone levels?

The video analyzes Alex Eubank's blood work and physical changes to provide evidence for higher testosterone levels, potentially attributed to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

3. What are the alternative natural supplements mentioned in the video for achieving similar results?

The video mentions alternative natural supplements for achieving similar results to performance-enhancing drugs.

4. What is the potential impact of higher testosterone levels on Alex Eubank's performance?

Higher testosterone levels may have a significant impact on Alex Eubank's performance, as suggested in the video discussion.

5. What does the speaker focus on when analyzing Alex Eubank's blood work and physical changes?

The speaker focuses on analyzing Alex Eubank's blood work and physical changes to support the claim of higher testosterone levels attributed to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

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