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The video delves into the horrific case of Junko Furuta, who was subjected to prolonged torture and rape by a group of boys in Japan. Despite the brutality of the crimes, the perpetrators received light sentences, which continues to anger many people. Some of the perpetrators have been released and are living normal lives.
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The video tells the story of Junko Furuta, who was brutally raped and murdered by a group of young men in Japan.
Junko Furuta was a popular high school student with good grades and a part-time job.
One of the boys in her school, Hiroshi Miano, developed a crush on her and wanted to get physical with her, but she refused.
Hiroshi Miano and his Yakuza wannabe friends kidnapped, raped, and tortured Junko Furuta for 44 days before killing her.
The case is considered one of the worst crimes ever committed in human history.
Junko Furuta was taken to a hotel where she was assaulted by Hiroshi and his friends, who had done this before.
Hiroshi and his three friends took turns assaulting Junko after taking her to a hotel.
They decided to continue holding Junko captive because they were having too much fun and didn't want her to go to the police.
Junko was threatened with harm to her family if she tried to escape.
Junko's captors made her call her parents and lie about running away to stop the investigation.
Junko Furuta was subjected to severe physical abuse, extreme cold temperatures, and was set on fire multiple times by her attackers.
Forced to sleep on the balcony in extreme cold temperatures near or below freezing.
Rendered completely unable to walk, with severe burns and muscle damage in her legs.
Attempted to escape by calling the police, but was caught and severely punished by being set on fire again.
Junko Furuta was raped over 100 times, beaten daily with various objects, and forced to eat cockroaches and drink urine.
She was raped by more than 100 men in all orifices, sometimes by up to 12 different attackers in a day.
She was beaten with golf clubs, iron rods, bamboo sticks, and had dumbbells dropped all over her body.
She was given only the strict bare minimum of food and water, at times forced to eat cockroaches and drink urine.
Junko Furuta was severely beaten, had lighter fluid poured on her, and was set on fire, leading to her death.
The captors beat her with an iron barbell after she won a game of Mahjong Solitaire.
They poured lighter fluid all over her body, including her eyes, and set her face on fire.
Junko went into shock and died the following day.
Her body was put into a barrel filled with concrete and disposed of at a construction site.
The perpetrators of the Junko Furuta case received light sentences despite the horrific crimes they committed.
Four individuals, Hiroshi, Joe, Minato, and Watanabe, were caught and sent to trial.
They showed no remorse during the trial and received extremely light sentences.
They were initially charged with causing bodily injury resulting in death instead of murder.
The boys were tried as juveniles and later upgraded to adult status.
Hiroshi was sentenced to 20 years, Minato to 5-7 years, Watanabe to 9 years, and Joe to 8 years.
Some speculated that their Yakuza ties influenced their low sentences.
All four boys are now out of jail, with three of them serving less than eight years.
00:03one of the most common suggestions to
00:06make a video about and one of the most
00:08common questions on Q and A's that I get
00:10is what is the most horrific case I've
00:13ever heard of it's a case that I'm sure
00:15a lot of you have heard of by now but
00:17I'm not sure if you've ever heard about
00:19it in complete gruesome detail
00:30this is the story of junko furuta widely
00:34considered to be one of the worst crimes
00:35ever committed in human history so for
00:38the love of God please don't watch this
00:40if you're sensitive to extreme violence
00:42especially of the
00:44sexual variety
00:47trust me
00:50junko furuta was a young woman who was
00:52born in misato in the saitama prefecture
00:55of Japan
00:56her family consisted of a mother father
00:59an older brother and a younger brother
01:02she attended high school at a school in
01:04saitama while working part-time at a
01:06plastic molding Factory after school
01:09she was saving up for a big graduation
01:12trip she was planning she was all set up
01:14to start working at an electronic store
01:16after she graduated
01:19she was fairly popular and well liked by
01:21her classmates she had great grades and
01:24was hardly ever absent she was active
01:27attractive and attracted a lot of
01:29attention which made some people jealous
01:32she didn't drink didn't smoke and
01:35definitely never touched any drugs this
01:38made her seem very lame in the eyes of
01:40the thugs around the school the Yakuza
01:43one of the boys in this group was named
01:45Hiroshi Miano
01:47he actually developed a bit of a crush
01:49on her and wanted to get physical with
01:52he proposed this and she refused Hiroshi
01:56was a pretty big bully in this school
01:58one of the only ones actually involved
02:00with the younger members of the Yakuza
02:02at the time
02:03usually nobody dared defy him he
02:07couldn't believe that junco actually had
02:08the gall to turn him down
02:12Hiroshi did not take this well at all he
02:15couldn't believe that anyone would ever
02:17reject him he took it as a complete and
02:19total insult
02:21he got together with a few of his
02:23wannabe Yakuza buddies and they all
02:24hatched a plan to get revenge on junco
02:27they would get another one of their
02:29friends to attack junco and then Hiroshi
02:31would come to the rescue after he won a
02:34bit of her trust they could take her
02:35wherever they wanted
02:37on November 25th of 1988 junko was
02:41riding her bike home from her part-time
02:43job when an unknown boy attacked her and
02:45knocked her off of her bike
02:47the boy who liked her hiroshimiano was
02:51conveniently across the street while the
02:53whole thing happened he came to junco's
02:55Aid and scared off the random boy
02:58he then offered to escort her home
03:02everything seemed to be going as planned
03:04while junko didn't actually trust him it
03:07seemed better than the alternative of
03:09possibly being attacked again she didn't
03:12have any idea that Hiroshi harbored any
03:14sort of hatred towards her she wouldn't
03:16have imagined that he would be planning
03:18anything like this
03:21Hiroshi took junko into an abandoned
03:23warehouse and revealed his Yakuza
03:25connections to her
03:27he then took his time raping her over
03:29and over
03:31then he took her to a hotel
03:34in the hotel he called his friends Joe
03:36ogura and yasushi Watanabe
03:39from then on he and his three friends
03:41took turns assaulting her
03:44unfortunately this was not their first
03:46time doing this as they had just
03:48recently done it to another girl in the
03:50past few weeks
03:52they decided that they were having far
03:54too much fun to just set her free again
03:57there was also the possibility that she
03:59would call the cops and tell them what
04:01happened and they couldn't have that
04:04the next morning Hiroshi took junko to a
04:07nearby park where Joe yasushi and a
04:10fourth boy nobuharu Minato were waiting
04:14they learned junko's address and used it
04:16to threaten her telling her that they
04:18would kill her entire family if she
04:20tried to get away
04:24the four teenage boys then took her back
04:27to minato's parents home where they
04:29continued to assault her this is where
04:31for 42 more days she would be held
04:36on the third day that junko was missing
04:39her parents were dealing with the police
04:41trying to get her found
04:43knowing this would happen the captors
04:45made her call her parents and tell them
04:47that she had run away and was staying
04:49with a friend safe and sound
04:51she was forced to ask her mom to stop
04:54the investigation
04:57they held junco captive in the bedroom
04:59forcing her to pose as one of the boy's
05:02girlfriend it didn't take long for the
05:04parents to realize that this was a lie
05:06eventually they dropped the whole
05:08girlfriend act altogether as it was very
05:10clear that they weren't going to get in
05:12any trouble
05:13immediately after arriving at the home
05:15the boys forced junco into becoming
05:18their toy
05:19they beat her relentlessly and raped her
05:22countless times a day often taking turns
05:24they were proud of what they were doing
05:26regularly boasting to their friends that
05:29they had a woman trapped and ready for
05:30their personal use they invited a load
05:33of their friends to come over and have
05:35their way with her in the first few days
05:37at least 30 of them raped her and at
05:40least a hundred knew of her imprisonment
05:41even women were invited to come see the
05:44spectacle with a young girl even being
05:46invited to come over and see the
05:48prisoner who then took a pin and doodled
05:50on her face by the day 7 Mark junco had
05:53been already completely stripped of all
05:55of her Humanity
05:57she was forced to be naked at all times
05:59and was constantly beaten and humiliated
06:01they would shove her into the freezer
06:03for hours when they were bored with her
06:05only pulling her out when they wanted to
06:07assault her again
06:09nobuharu minato's brother and parents
06:11were living in the same house that she
06:13was being held in
06:15his brother did nothing aside from
06:17informing him that jungle might die at
06:19this rate
06:20his parents were afraid to intervene as
06:23they had seen nobukaru's violent nature
06:25first hand
06:26they also knew of his association with
06:29the Yakuza and feared of their possible
06:31retaliation and most disgustingly they
06:34worried about losing their good
06:36reputation in the community
06:38after about 10 days of this torture
06:40junco's body was already starting to
06:43fail her because of the ongoing endless
06:46beatings so much blood had accumulated
06:48in her sinuses that she could no longer
06:51breathe through her nose
06:52her digestive system was also beginning
06:54to refuse food and water
06:57if she attempted to eat or drink
06:58anything she would instantly vomit this
07:01also led to severe dehydration anytime
07:05she would vomit her attackers would get
07:07angry and beat her even further a
07:09vicious cycle that had no whim in sight
07:11when the nights got even colder she was
07:14forced to sleep on the balcony of the
07:15home in extreme cold temperatures
07:17sometimes near or below freezing
07:21eventually one of the men that the
07:23attackers would invite over to the house
07:25to see jungko would go on to tell
07:26someone else about her his brother
07:29this brother of his ended up informing
07:31the police about what was going on at
07:33the Minato house two officers were soon
07:36dispatched to go check things out
07:39minato's parents came to the door when
07:41the police explained the situation the
07:44parents simply responded that there was
07:45no girl in the house
07:47the police took it at face value thanked
07:50them and left without ever bothering to
07:52check even a single detail
08:04junko was rendered completely unable to
08:07walk she had had lighter fluid poured on
08:09her legs and set on fire leaving her
08:12with severe burns
08:14her legs had also been targeted so
08:16severely during the beatings that they
08:18were left with severe muscle damage she
08:20was unable to grip anything with her
08:22hands anymore as they had been smashed
08:24with dumbbells to the point where her
08:26bones were crushed and her fingernails
08:28were shattered
08:30some nights later the attackers got more
08:32Rowdy than usual and ended up drinking
08:34too much
08:35junko took this as a chance to try to
08:38escape she crawled down the stairs from
08:40the bedroom and reached the phone
08:43she picked up the phone and began to
08:44call the police
08:46the phone rang and an officer picked up
08:48just as she was about to speak Hiroshi
08:51came up behind her and grabbed the phone
08:52from her hands he put the receiver to
08:55his ear and said I dialed by mistake
08:57hanging up the phone she was then pulled
09:01back into the bedroom she was in
09:03complete Terror as she would obviously
09:05be severely punished for this and she
09:08was correct they punished her by holding
09:10her down and taunting her by waving a
09:12candle's flame all around her then they
09:15covered her entire body mainly her legs
09:18and lighter fluid and set her on fire
09:20once more afterwards she started
09:22convulsing the boys told everyone that
09:24she was faking it and set her on fire
09:26once again only to put it out shortly
09:30somehow she survived
09:32from this point on she began begging her
09:35captors to just kill her and be done
09:37with it they wouldn't Grant her that
09:40after being set on fire they discovered
09:43a new way to torture her
09:45the boys would hold her head against the
09:46concrete while the others would jump on
09:48it one can only imagine what kind of
09:51pain and damage this would have caused
09:53after about 30 days junko was no longer
09:56able to urinate properly she had
09:59suffered severe damage to her genitals
10:01after they had been burned with
10:02cigarette lighters
10:04she also had various foreign objects
10:06inserted into her many sharp and jagged
10:10even fireworks had been inserted into
10:13her the fireworks were not limited to
10:16only one orifice as they were also
10:18inserted into her anus mouth and ears as
10:21well she was left with eardrum damage so
10:24severe that she was nearly deaf at this
10:26point her hands and feet were so damaged
10:28that she could hardly move at best she
10:31could crawl it took her over an hour to
10:34crawl to the bathroom
10:36a later report showed that her brain
10:38size was greatly reduced by this point
10:40in time
10:41due to her hellish appearance the boys
10:44no longer found her attractive
10:46they use the same strategy again to
10:49abduct and gang rape another 19 year old
10:51woman while she was on her way home from
11:00during these 44 days of hell junko
11:02furuda was forced to withstand the most
11:05unspeakable torture and suffering that a
11:07person can imagine some of what was done
11:10to her includes being raped many times
11:13every single day day and night in all
11:17orifices more than a hundred men are
11:19believed to have raped her by the end
11:21sometimes she was raped by up to 12
11:23different attackers in a single day
11:26constant humiliation she was forced to
11:29be left naked most of the time many of
11:31the men who raped her also urinated on
11:34she was forced to pleasure herself in
11:36front of the attackers for their
11:39she was beaten physically every day she
11:42was beaten with golf clubs iron rods
11:45bamboo sticks and various other objects
11:49she had dumbbells dropped all over her
11:52body and her head stomped against the
11:54ground face first
11:57she had hot wax poured all over her face
12:00with a focus on her eyelids her eyelids
12:03were also burned with cigarettes and
12:05cigarette lighters
12:07she was violated with a long list of
12:09various objects shoved into all orifices
12:13including but not limited to bottles
12:16both broken and unbroken iron bars
12:19scissors roasting needles chicken
12:23skewers and more she was given only the
12:26strict bare minimum of food and water
12:29at times she was forced to eat
12:31cockroaches and drink urine
12:34she had fireworks put into all of her
12:36orifices leaving damage and severe burns
12:39she had her left nipple ripped off by a
12:42pair of pliers
12:43she would be tied up flat on the floor
12:45and had dumbbells dropped all over her
12:48body the drops on her abdomen were so
12:50hard that it caused her to lose all
12:52control of her bowels
12:55she was hung from the ceiling and used
12:57as a punching bag
13:00she was shoved into a freezer and kept
13:03there for hours at a time her eyelids
13:05were burned with hot wax and lighters
13:07when she closed her eyes in fear
13:11her breasts were stabbed with sewing
13:13needles the needles often being left
13:17her genitals were burned with cigarettes
13:19and lighters
13:21she had a hot lit light bulb inserted
13:24into her vagina and moved around until
13:26it shattered
13:29by the end she looked like a completely
13:31different person after all of the damage
13:34it was hard to even make out her facial
13:38her body was severely damaged and
13:40crippled and she smelled as if she were
13:42already rotting
13:44she was continuously heavily bleeding
13:46from her genitals from all of the abuse
13:49she wheezed heavily struggling to
13:52breathe from all of the blood
13:53accumulated in her sinuses on day 40
13:56January 1st junko woke up to New Year's
14:00Day alone she spent the day begging to
14:02be killed completely unable to move
14:05three days later on the fateful day of
14:08the 4th of January the boys challenged
14:10June go to a game of Mahjong Solitaire
14:13and forced her to play
14:14somehow even in her condition she won
14:17the game
14:18this infuriated her captors who treated
14:20her to a severe beating with an iron
14:24and then poured lighter fluid all over
14:26her arms her legs her stomach and
14:30finally her face dumping lighter fluid
14:32even into her eyes
14:34then they put a candle to her face
14:36igniting it all she weakly attempted to
14:40put out the Flames but didn't have the
14:42strength to do so
14:43this final torture lasted for a grueling
14:46two hours altogether
14:48already having been in a horrible
14:50condition junco went into shock and
14:53finally died the following day
15:00minato's brother called him within 24
15:02hours to inform him that junko had died
15:05the boys all rushed over to the house in
15:07a panic fearing what would certainly be
15:09a life sentence or even a death sentence
15:12the boys started to freak out but they
15:15came up with a plan the captors then put
15:17her body into a 55-gallon oil drum and
15:20filled it to the brim with concrete a
15:22small bit of junko's long hair was
15:24poking out the top of the concrete
15:26something they apparently didn't notice
15:28they disposed of the barrel at a
15:30construction site in Koto Tokyo
15:35seeing that place now you'd never
15:37imagine something like this was buried
15:41was originally a good chance that the
15:43police would never find out who did this
15:46there weren't any clues to go on
15:48luckily Hiroshi is a [ __ ] while he was
15:51being questioned by the police two weeks
15:53later involving their recent gang rape
15:55of the unrelated 19 year old woman he
15:58got confused and thought the police were
16:00talking about junko as the cases were so
16:03similar and thinking that one of the
16:05other boys must have already confessed
16:07he spilled the beans
16:09he realized his mistake but it was
16:11already too late and he told the police
16:13where they had hid the body
16:15Joe ogura had already been arrested for
16:17another unrelated sexual assault case he
16:21was quickly also arrested for junco's
16:23case as well
16:24the other boys were then arrested within
16:26the next few days
16:28later the drum was finally opened and
16:30the concrete was broke open revealing
16:33junko's long deceased body in a
16:35nightmare-inducing horrific condition
16:38junko's family was notified and told of
16:41what happened to her in detail when her
16:44mother heard the details of what was
16:45done to her She fainted
16:47she ended up in a long-term stay in a
16:50psychiatric hospital
16:52autopsy was performed on junco revealing
16:55the true horror of what had happened to
16:59small bottles were found still stuck in
17:01her rectal cavity
17:03and it was revealed that she was
17:04pregnant although the damage to her
17:06uterus was severe
17:08her face was so completely mutilated
17:10that she had to be identified by her
17:15being that they were juveniles the court
17:17withheld the names of the four captors
17:19but journalists from shukon boonsheen
17:22magazine were able to find out exactly
17:24who they were and published the names of
17:26all of them
17:27stating that they were inhuman and
17:29therefore didn't deserve human rights
17:32nobody really contested this
17:34as we know they were hiroshimiano 18 at
17:38the time Joe ogura also 18 at the time
17:42nobuharu Minato who was 16 at the time
17:45and yasushi Watanabe who was 17.
17:50all four of these monsters were caught
17:52and sent to trial during each trial it
17:55was pretty common for onlookers to pass
17:58out upon hearing the details of the case
18:01even with all that they had done they
18:04didn't really show any semblance of
18:06remorse and despite all of this they
18:09received extremely light sentences for
18:12such horrific crimes
18:14they were actually still being tried as
18:16juveniles but after much backlash they
18:19were changed to uh adult status
18:22still after being upgraded to adult
18:24status they received unbelievably light
18:28something that to this day continues to
18:31enrage people who hear about this case
18:35the boys somehow were not charged with
18:38murder instead they received a charge
18:41called causing bodily injury resulting
18:43in death
18:44in Japan the juvenile court system is
18:47far more focused on Rehabilitation
18:49rather than punishment
18:51something that you'll remember if you
18:53saw my Yu-Gi-Oh yamaji video
18:57usually this means that juveniles will
18:59end up getting relatively very low
19:02Hiroshi was sentenced to 20 years in
19:06Minato got a five to seven year sentence
19:10Watanabe got nine years and Joe got an
19:13eight-year sentence
19:16one sad thing is that these monsters
19:18actually received even lower sentences
19:20than that at first they were only
19:22increased to the still low amount after
19:25an appeal
19:26it was so low that some people even
19:28questioned if their Yakuza ties were to
19:30blame for this
19:33by the time of this recording every
19:35single one of the four boys is out of
19:37jail and living free three of them were
19:39in jail for less than eight years
19:42Hiroshi the ringleader was sentenced to
19:4517 years originally he tried to appeal
19:47but as kind of a [ __ ] you the judge
19:50actually upped his case to 20 years the
19:53same thing happened to two of the other
19:54boys and after seeing enough the fourth
19:57boy decided not to try to appeal however
20:00they all ended up getting out long
20:02before those sentences were actually up
20:04and I bet you're wondering if they
20:06continued to commit crimes after they
20:07got out of jail well let's see
20:12after nobuhara Minato got out of jail he
20:15changed his first name to Shinji he did
20:18this for obvious reasons in 2006 he got
20:21married to a woman from Romania and had
20:23a daughter together they soon divorced
20:26and the wife ended up with custody of
20:28the child
20:29Minato couldn't stay away from murder
20:31for too long
20:32he was eventually arrested again for the
20:34attempted murder of a businessman
20:36the man had noticed Minato staring at
20:39him to which he asked what are you
20:41looking at
20:42Minato came over and punched the man the
20:44man then got out of his car into fight
20:46ensued it escalated to the point that
20:49Minato took out a baton and beat him
20:51severely as the victim tried to get back
20:53into his car Minato slashed his neck
20:56with a knife he had hidden the police
20:58were called at some point and they
20:59rushed to Aid the victim and the chaos
21:02Minato escaped he was soon caught and
21:06he denied attempted murder saying he
21:08only intended to beat the man the case
21:10is ongoing
21:12Joe ogura was released in August of
21:151999. he also ended up changing his name
21:18to Joe kamisaku
21:21he actually had the goal to brag about
21:23his role in the kidnap and torture his
21:25father had vowed to give their entire
21:27life savings to junko's family out of
21:29shame but Joe ended up taking this money
21:32and using it for himself to live a
21:34fairly extravagant lifestyle Joe's
21:37Mother wasn't much better as she
21:39actually vandalized junco's grave saying
21:42that it was junco who ruined her son's
21:44life Joe actually managed to find some
21:46women to date him he ended up marrying a
21:49Chinese woman but the marriage didn't
21:51last too long afterwards he started
21:53dating another woman he went back to
21:55prison in July 2004 for seven years for
21:59beating a guy he thought was luring his
22:01girlfriend away from him he had
22:03kidnapped and beaten the man for four
22:05hours he proudly told the victim that he
22:07had killed before and would do it again
22:10he was sentenced to four years in prison
22:13but in 2009 he was once again free and
22:17he is still free to this day
22:19the ringleader hiroshimiano went right
22:23back into his previous gang activity
22:25immediately after being released from
22:26prison he was arrested for fraud at some
22:29point after this but didn't see jail
22:31time for it right now it seems that he's
22:34living a fairly normal life some might
22:36even say a good life he is a regular
22:39Patron at a local kickboxing gym and
22:41appears to have a normal social life
22:44as of now yasushi Watanabe is the only
22:46one of the four boys who hasn't been
22:48arrested since
22:50because of that it's not really known
22:52what he's been up to
22:53since the investigation first started
22:55the police have been able to get DNA
22:57from the sperm and pubic hairs found in
22:59evidence to link several more criminals
23:01to the crime including two men named
23:04koichi ihara and tetsu Nakamura both of
23:08whom were arrested and there are
23:09probably many others who have not been
23:11revealed to the public it is unknown if
23:14they will all face any sort of charges
23:16time will tell
23:20so there it is the worst case I've ever
23:23heard of I get this question a lot and
23:26it's it's just always this one there are
23:28a couple of others that come kinda close
23:30but it's really hard to top something
23:34like this I mean you've got the
23:36brutality the length the scale I mean
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1. What happened in the case of Junko Furuta?

Junko Furuta was subjected to prolonged torture and rape by a group of boys in Japan. It was a horrifying case that shocked the nation and sparked outrage.

2. Why did the perpetrators receive light sentences?

Despite the brutality of the crimes, the perpetrators received light sentences, which continues to anger many people. The lenient sentences led to widespread public anger and calls for justice.

3. What is the current status of the perpetrators?

Some of the perpetrators have been released and are living normal lives, which has sparked controversy and debate about the effectiveness of the justice system in handling such heinous crimes.

4. How did the case of Junko Furuta impact the Japanese society?

The case of Junko Furuta had a profound impact on Japanese society, raising questions about the legal system, rehabilitation of offenders, and the need for stricter punishment for violent crimes.

5. What measures have been taken to prevent similar cases in the future?

The case of Junko Furuta has led to discussions about the need for better education on empathy, respect, and the prevention of violence, as well as the importance of supporting victims of abuse and seeking justice for them.

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