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The video explores the cult following around Jared Leto, from his method acting to his music and the dedicated fanbase known as the echelon. It delves into controversies surrounding his behavior, such as interactions with underage girls and inappropriate conduct during interviews. The video also discusses his connections to the entertainment industry and his reputation as a controversial figure.
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Jared Leto is a method actor known for his breakout roles and his Oscar-winning performance as a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club.
Jared Leto began his acting career in 1992 and gained fame with his role in My So-Called Life.
He is known for his method acting approach, immersing himself in the world of the characters he portrays.
One of his notable performances was as Rayon, a struggling transgender woman, in Dallas Buyers Club.
Method acting was developed as a way for actors to embody the character's experiences, and it traces back to Konstantin Stanislavski, a legendary figure in theater.
30 Seconds to Mars has created a cult following called the Echelon, who are obsessed with the band's music and messages, and follow them around the world, perpetuated by Jared Leto's us vs them dynamic and his reputation as a charismatic leader.
The Echelon is the name of 30 Seconds to Mars' cult following, who refer to themselves as a family and are obsessed with the band's music and messages.
Jared Leto perpetuates the us vs them dynamic to increase rapport with his fans and break the audience artist wall.
The Echelon follows the band around the world, attending every tour event possible, and 30 Seconds to Mars holds Guinness World Records for their seemingly endless tours.
Jared Leto's reputation as a charismatic leader and the band's logo, a triad with a line through it, have led some to question whether the Echelon is a cult.
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The section discusses how some celebrities abuse their power during interviews, with Jared Leto being mentioned as an example.
Jared Leto posted on Instagram during the start of the pandemic, unaware of COVID-19.
Celebrities like to push boundaries and make interviewers uncomfortable.
Interviewers may play along with the inappropriate behavior due to being star struck or attracted to the celebrity.
Jared Leto has been known for his inappropriate behavior towards underage girls and his arrogant attitude towards his fans.
He has been calling and texting underage girls multiple times a day.
Leto has been hitting on teenage models and inviting them to his shows.
He publicly insulted a man during one of his shows for sitting down.
Leto held a contest called "The Sleepover" where fans who pre-ordered his album would get to sleep with him.
Director James Gunn criticized Leto for his behavior and sleeping with underage girls.
Jared Leto faced accusations of sending used condoms to people, but he denied it as a joke
Dylan Sprouse tweeted about Leto's behavior with young models
James Gunn responded to the tweet, implying Leto's creepy behavior with girls
Leto has been accused of having a twisted sexual side in his music and getting with fans
00:00if you were stuck in a life or death
00:01situation and the only way to escape was
00:03to guess how old this man was what would
00:05you say jared leto is 50 years old let
00:09that sink in for a minute why is it that
00:11twitter seemingly lost their mind after
00:13jared leto presented a grammy to olivia
00:16rodrigo a seemingly innocent interaction
00:19with dark roots that only some are aware
00:21of jared leto began his acting career in
00:241992 in the television series camp
00:27wilder but really hit the limelight two
00:29years later with his breakout role as
00:31jordan catalano in my so-called life it
00:34was clear that he was a heartthrob and
00:36had acting talent a combination that
00:38would allow him to star in hollywood
00:40cult classics like fight club american
00:42psycho and requiem for a dream jared
00:45leto is known for being a method actor
00:47aiming to show real and raw emotions in
00:50his roles by throwing himself into the
00:52world of the character that he plays
00:54sometimes he gets it right other times
00:56he falls flat on his face one of his
00:58earliest demonstrations of method was in
01:00prefontaine a 1997 biopic about the
01:04legendary distance runner jared leto is
01:06most notably known for his oscar-winning
01:08performance as rayon a struggling
01:10transgender woman in dallas buyers club
01:13method acting traditionally known as the
01:15stanislavski system was developed as a
01:17way for actors to combine the outer and
01:20inner theatrical sense of self by
01:22physically embodying the character's
01:24experiences today's actors must look to
01:27moscow at the beginning of the 20th
01:29century to find one of the great
01:31theatrical figures of his time
01:33an actor stage director teacher and
01:36founder of the legendary moscow art
01:41this is constantine stanislavski
01:45before his death in 1938 and after
01:48he was an enigma
01:50successive generations have either
01:52venerated him or discredited him
01:56a constant source of controversy he has
01:58been nominated with einstein and freud
02:01as one of the three true visionaries of
02:04the century
02:06others have denounced him as a charlatan
02:08purveyor of mumbo jumbo
02:12one thing is undeniable
02:14stanislavski his theater and his acting
02:17system found immortality even as the
02:20world around him was being torn apart
02:22although method acting is a legitimate
02:24way that many actors get into character
02:26it's oftentimes used as a selling point
02:28for modern movies usually headlines are
02:31run showcasing the extremes that some of
02:33these actors go to in order to prepare
02:35for their roles it's cringy and
02:37oftentimes embellished or fabricated to
02:39stir up hype this is one of the main
02:41reasons why people hate jared leto's
02:43joker but we'll get into that later if
02:46you're able to separate jared leto from
02:48his acting ability it's no secret that
02:50he's successful on the big screen
02:52parallel to his rise to fame in
02:53hollywood during the 90s jared leto
02:55would start a band with his brother
02:57shannon they would name it 30 seconds to
02:59mars if you grew up during this time
03:01like myself you can probably remember
03:04the kill playing on every alternative
03:06radio station in the 2000s 30 seconds to
03:09mars would go on to have numerous
03:10breakout hits as their style shifted
03:12from edgy to pop this is why many 30
03:15seconds to mars fans are nostalgic of
03:17their original music but cringe at their
03:19new stuff they continue to create music
03:21around vague relatable themes such as
03:23struggle love life death and faith did
03:2630 seconds to mars dominate any genre
03:29probably not but they were insanely
03:31successful in creating a cult following
03:33that is now bigger than ever known as
03:35the echelon the echelon is what 30
03:38seconds to mars fans collectively call
03:40themselves not only are they obsessed
03:42with the band's music but also the
03:44themes and messages prevalent in all
03:46aspects of the community members of the
03:48echelon refer to each other as part of a
03:50family from an outside view the echelon
03:53is just like any other stan group and
03:55the reality is stan groups are cash cows
03:58jared leto knows this and perpetuates
04:00the us vs them dynamic to increase
04:03rapport with his fans it's one of the
04:05many ways in which he breaks the
04:06audience artist wall without actually
04:08having to do much and reap the benefits
04:11each member of the echelon will go as
04:13far as to follow the band around the
04:15world making sure to attend every tour
04:17event possible 30 seconds to mars even
04:20has guinness world records for their
04:22seemingly endless tours their logo is a
04:24triad with a line through it which you
04:26can find on almost any of their work and
04:28on leto himself twice in 2009 the band
04:32released merch which said yes we are a
04:35cult although this is supposedly an
04:37inside joke between jared leto and his
04:39super fans it's a slippery slope when
04:42given the context of jared leto's
04:44reputation if you define cult as a group
04:47or movement held together by a shared
04:49commitment to a charismatic leader or
04:51ideology then the echelon checks all the
04:53boxes and it certainly doesn't help his
04:55case that he literally looks like jesus
04:57in 2015 jared leto started camp mars a
05:01malibu retreat where fans can experience
05:03the band on a closer level camp mars
05:06included outdoor activities live
05:07performances from the band and a chance
05:09to meet jared leto himself packages
05:11ranged from sleeping in tents to vip
05:14lounges and the prices increased
05:15accordingly camp mars was a huge success
05:18and after 2015 it became tradition it
05:21would ultimately evolve into something
05:22much much bigger mars island is a
05:25three-night all-inclusive getaway on the
05:27private island of obanyan in croatia
05:30think fire festival but drugs and
05:32alcohol are prohibited and mars island
05:35actually happened sober people yeah
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05:39include yoga water sports sightseeing
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07:47sponsoring this video on mars island
07:50there's a tradition known as the church
07:51of mars where jared leto actually
07:54performs in a cathedral while totally
07:56not acting like a cult leader one of the
07:58nights in 2019 consisted of a white
08:01knight where everyone dressed up in
08:02white and sang kumbaya by the fire once
08:05again jarletto leans into the cult
08:07accusations by being self-aware about it
08:09let's all pose for a picture to mess
08:11with the media except self-awareness
08:14doesn't make it any less of an actual
08:16cult and one glaringly obvious
08:18observation is that most of the people
08:20here are women i thought this was
08:22strange too one of the package add-ons
08:24for your luxury stay in croatia
08:26includes a tattoo service so you can get
08:29a tribal marking of your favorite cult
08:31leader mars island is an experience like
08:34no other jared leto lives his life like
08:36he's on mars the man is detached from
08:38reality physically and figuratively he's
08:41been riding his breakout success for
08:43over two decades and it doesn't seem
08:45like it will ever slow down if you
08:47really study jared leto in the media he
08:50has a history of acting like a
08:51self-entitled celebrity with a god
08:54complex at the start of the pandemic
08:56jared leto posted this gem on instagram
08:59he was on a 12-day silent retreat and
09:02didn't know that kovid took over the
09:04world he is also well connected with
09:06mega brands like gucci and this walking
09:09nightmare have you ever seen celebrities
09:11completely abuse their power by making
09:13interviewers uncomfortable i've observed
09:16that many celebrities get off on preying
09:18on women in front of a camera they like
09:20to push buttons be inappropriate and see
09:23how much they can get away with by
09:25trying to charm or seduce when in
09:28reality they are playing a rigged game
09:30designed to feed their own ego
09:33you're quite beautiful by the way thank
09:40i would like to answer that by asking a
09:42question what doesn't turn me on for a
09:44long time can i squeeze your mic uh and
09:48i get there at five in the morning okay
09:50and i go straight to work
09:54don't let go
09:56don't let go that's my trick that's my
09:58don't let go please what's your size
10:00leo really what are you hot
10:04let me guess stegosaurus you really yeah
10:07saggy no
10:10at least it's
10:12perfect together we're not film hinted
10:14at a sexual relationship between the two
10:17of you did it
10:18did it is that what you took away from
10:20me i don't know what do you think it's
10:21kind of like a rorschach test i think
10:23what did you think i'm thinking yeah
10:25really yeah dirty birdie just kidding
10:30i believe that jared leto and other
10:32celebrities are never really challenged
10:34on this type of behavior for a couple of
10:36reasons number one cameras are rolling
10:39and the interviewers have a job to
10:41uphold the spontaneity that will ensue
10:44directly after challenging a celebrity
10:46is too much of a risk number two they
10:49don't know how to react because it's
10:50awkward and number three sometimes the
10:53interviewers play into it because they
10:55are actually star struck and attracted
10:57to the celebrity which reinforces this
10:59type of behavior i haven't finished here
11:02this work yet to be done have you have
11:04you had into her eyes they're absolutely
11:07i mean insane they're gold and blue and
11:11i was thinking the same thing can we
11:13speak to ladies jared leto is fully
11:15aware of his talent and looks and he
11:18uses it to get away with everything he
11:20makes it a point to always touch women
11:22bring them in close and bask in the
11:25tension in front of other people he
11:27appears confident because he truly
11:29believes that he's untouchable september
11:3112 2005 the new york post runs an
11:35article that states jared leto like some
11:38young the 33 year old requiem for a
11:40dream actor last seen squirring ashley
11:43olsen and lindsay lohan around town has
11:45been aggressively pursuing many of the
11:48teen models shacked up at the maritime
11:50hotel letto who booked a suite at the
11:53meatpacking district hotspot while he
11:54was in town with his rock band 30
11:56seconds to mars has become infamous for
11:58calling and texting some of his underage
12:01objects of desire several times a day
12:03he's been approaching all the girls and
12:05inviting them to his shows girls from
12:07img elite next and women are staying
12:10there and jared has been hitting on all
12:12of them he's a serial texter he is
12:14constantly texting these 16 and 17 year
12:17old girls it's really kind of creepy in
12:202011 jared leto makes a fool of a man
12:23sitting during one of his shows this is
12:25completely uncalled for hold on
12:35hold on
12:36hey buddy
12:38hey yo you with your fingers and your
12:40chin beard what are you sitting on your
12:41[ __ ] ass for
12:46this is the 30 seconds tomorrow show
12:52if you can stand up you better be up off
12:54your [ __ ] ass right now you hear me
13:00does he understand what i'm saying to
13:02him right now
13:05no don't look behind you i'm looking at
13:07yes you
13:09yes you
13:10oh thank you very much
13:14in 2013 jared leto held a promotional
13:16contest for his upcoming album love lust
13:19faith dreams this contest was called
13:22hashtag the sleepover in which five
13:24lucky fans who pre-ordered the album
13:26would get to sleep with jared leto yeah
13:29this was of course accompanied by jared
13:32leto's sad attempt at humor you do know
13:35i sleep in a coffin i will admit my bed
13:38is more like a hotel than most in 2015
13:42james gunn director of guardians of the
13:44galaxy and the suicide squad posted a
13:47cryptic video on periscope the exact
13:49contents in the video are unknown as it
13:52was deleted the very next morning by
13:54gunn himself but accounts recall ranting
13:57about jared leto for being an overall
13:59[ __ ] and sleeping with underage girls
14:02he posted this the next morning good
14:04morning to bogata colombia and sorry to
14:07all of you around the world who saw my
14:09ambient field periscope session last
14:11night at 3 am yes i erased it in 2016
14:16jared leto admitted to sending anal
14:18beads and used condoms to fellow cast
14:20members of suicide squad
14:24now how about the gifts you gave
14:27rats bullets
14:29a hog
14:30where did that come from
14:32don't forget the anal beads
14:35where did you send anal beats
14:37they used condoms
14:39do not uh
14:43i mean it was it was a step back friend
14:45you can't just say use condoms and we're
14:46just gonna like forget it i know it's a
14:49family show but we don't worry we can
14:51educate people here at least they were
14:53used what did you send used condoms to
14:56oh everybody yeah we we i got that jared
15:00we can't just skip over that yeah you
15:01gotta use condom what do you say what do
15:03you think you know you say jared has
15:06gone full joker jared he went he went
15:08full joker you know and the rule
15:10generally is never go full joker oh
15:17that's ironic he then later denied all
15:19of it and said it was just one big joke
15:22what exactly did people get wrong about
15:24the joker i mean i just think that there
15:26were some things that you know that were
15:28mentioned about like gifts and the fact
15:30that i was giving
15:32used condoms to people which was not
15:35true we can say that right now that it
15:36was not true and what are you gonna do
15:38at that moment you can't even it doesn't
15:40matter how loud you shout or hold up a
15:42sign you know with your pants off in
15:44times square people are gonna go with
15:45the story that they want to run may 16
15:482018 dylan sprouse or zack from suite
15:52life of zach and cody tweets yo at jared
15:54leto now that you've slid into the dms
15:57of every female model age 18 to 25 what
16:00would you say your success rate is
16:02this tweet seemingly came out of nowhere
16:04why would zack from the suite life of
16:06zack and cody know this sort of
16:08information and two why would he blast
16:11jared leto on twitter for thousands to
16:13see and interestingly enough james gunn
16:16responded he starts at 18 on the
16:19internet we know that jared leto is
16:21creepy with girls we know that jared
16:23leto has gotten with fans
16:30we know that jared leto has a twisted
16:32sexual side he literally sings about it
16:34in his music you can probably guess
16:36which lyrics i'm going to pick out of
16:38you in the air oh
16:39oh i don't
16:41surprise me i'll wrap my hands around
16:43your neck so tight with love love love
16:48quite erotic
16:50is it um tell us a little bit it's funny
16:52that you would take it that way about
16:54well tell us what the song is about if
16:56that's not what it is
16:57well i i think uh what is it they say um
17:01everything is about sex except for sex
17:04sex is about power right and articles
17:07have been written with sources claiming
17:09that jared leto choked a woman out
17:12without her consent it's important to
17:13note that tumblr posts fantasizing about
17:16sleeping with the band muddy the water
17:18of actual evidence against jared leto is
17:21jared leto insufferable as a person yeah
17:24anyone can get behind that there's weird
17:26probably shouldn't do that type of
17:28behavior and then there's illegal where
17:30jared little falls on the spectrum is
17:32unclear decade-long rumors following him
17:35across two different career paths is not
17:37a good sign and neither is this one let
17:40me fix that
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is Jared Leto's fanbase known as the echelon?

Jared Leto's fanbase is known as the echelon due to their dedicated and passionate support for him, often described as having a strong sense of community and belonging, which led to the adoption of the name 'echelon'.

2. What controversies are associated with Jared Leto's behavior?

Jared Leto has been involved in controversies related to his interactions with underage girls and inappropriate conduct during interviews, sparking debates and discussions within the fanbase and the entertainment industry.

3. How does Jared Leto's method acting contribute to his cult following?

Jared Leto's method acting has contributed to his cult following by creating a mystique around his dedication to his roles, often immersing himself deeply into characters and earning admiration from fans and fellow actors for his commitment to the craft.

4. What is Jared Leto's reputation as a controversial figure in the entertainment industry?

Jared Leto has a reputation as a controversial figure in the entertainment industry due to his unconventional methods, bold statements, and polarizing behavior, which have led to a mix of admiration and criticism from fans, peers, and the media.

5. How does the video explore Jared Leto's connections to the entertainment industry?

The video delves into Jared Leto's connections to the entertainment industry, highlighting his multifaceted career as an actor, musician, and entrepreneur, shedding light on his impact and influence within the industry.

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