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The video shows an exhibit featuring the glasses of Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer, and discusses their origins and significance. The exhibit also includes other personal items of Dahmer, such as letters and a Bible, shedding light on his personal life. Additionally, the creator of the exhibit showcases his own personal artwork, including a unique skull painted with his blood, adding a chilling dimension to the display.
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The Dahmer glasses belonged to Jeffrey Dahmer and were worn during his active killing period, making it highly probable that he killed someone while wearing them.
The glasses were heavy prescription, indicating that they were worn later in Dahmer's life when his eyesight got worse.
They were worn on stage by Sango Soab for a live performance.
The glasses were brought to their final spot in the exhibit.
Objects destroyed in Dahmer's apartment, but many letters including a personal letter to his grandmother still exist.
Objects destroyed included fridge and drill.
Letters to grandmother show they were close.
Bible and other objects in exhibit, but the Dahmer glasses are the "jewel of the crown".
Glasses are tried on one last time before sealing for exhibit.
The speaker discusses setting up the objects for display and expresses dissatisfaction with the current setup.
Objects missing from the display.
The speaker plans to improve the setup.
A necklace made of finger bones is mentioned.
The speaker expresses disappointment that a sign explaining the necklace is missing.
The speaker discusses the evolution of his life and the objects he plans to display in the exhibit, including a signed copy of the cannibal cookbook and a costume from when he worked in the morgue.
The speaker explains that a card with photos helps people understand the evolution between two parts of his life.
He mentions a signed copy of the cannibal cookbook that he plans to keep in the exhibit.
The speaker discusses the display and mentions that he might change things later.
The video shows a piece of art made by the speaker, which is a splattered skull with their own blood and includes crime scene photos and drawings.
The art piece is based on the skull of the vampire of dorf Peter curtain.
The artwork includes crime scene photos and drawings.
The speaker's own blood is splattered all over the skull.
00:02we are in the dammer room and this is
00:04the bus that cannibal Gom
00:07made and the owner of the show thought
00:11it would be cool to use the bus to
00:14display the glasses the dam glasses
00:16which tail about so can you give us a
00:20little bit more about about the glasses
00:23where they come from from what time and
00:26uh what they belong to maybe eventually
00:29yeah did some analysis on this pair I
00:34did at least with some people uh uh
00:35against kind of a timeline it was other
00:37glasses and uh what he was doing in his
00:40life and it seems like these are um
00:44pre-prison at some point during his
00:47crimes earlier on in his life so
00:48probably like a little while after high
00:50school yeah um yeah just due to some
00:53photo comparisons we made um they're
00:57definitely you know heavy prescription
00:58so this was kind of later on in his life
01:00when his eyes got worse because when he
01:01was younger they weren't as bad but um
01:04yeah these ones were in some videos with
01:07Jake Weber and then he had them for a
01:09while in California and then they came
01:11back from California to me um they were
01:15worn on stage uh by Sango soab for a
01:20live performance yeah and then we're
01:23brought here by me finally uh to their
01:27final spot where they're um
01:30going to be living in this exhibit and I
01:32was hoping that they were going to be on
01:33the on the bus so that's perfect at the
01:35yeah what people would be wondering if
01:38did he ever kill anybody while wearing
01:40those glass it's highly highly probable
01:43because he had already killed stepen X
01:46when he was wearing those
01:48glasses so we we don't know for sure of
01:52course but uh at least those glasses he
01:55was wearing with when he was an active
01:57killer it's not like the prison glasses
02:00that he was wearing because he was
02:01wearing them in prison yeah so those are
02:06a bit more personal I
02:08guess uh there's another pair in alcatra
02:11East but that's a pair that he was
02:14wearing in prison so it's not the same
02:20um when you talk about dammer objects uh
02:25people often say yeah but everything was
02:28destroyed uh when the uh the apartment
02:33was was destroyed Etc no you have
02:36to understand that his parents uh got
02:40hold of plenty of stuff the objects that
02:43were destroyed were like the fridge the
02:46the drill and stuff like that but
02:48there's many many objects that are still
02:51uh around uh it's mostly letter letters
02:55like this letter to his grandma uh that
02:58he wrote after also the murder of stepen
03:01Nick can you tell me tell us a bit more
03:03about the the
03:04letter yeah um I mean he and his
03:07grandmother had a long correspondence
03:09they were very close it seems um there's
03:13a few examples of letters on on the site
03:15on called Collectibles that were to his
03:17grandmother a lot of them were in the
03:18Army and uh I think 1979 was the year he
03:21was only in the Army for a few years but
03:24there's letters that he sent from
03:25Germany on stationary from the military
03:27and this is predating that
03:30um earlier on so I I you know I've kind
03:34of put it at um in between high school
03:36and then uh in between high school and
03:39the small amount of college he did which
03:40is right before uh University sorry
03:42right before the Army um but anything
03:45with handwriting from him is almost you
03:47know near near to Impossible now plus
03:49this is a very personal it's a family
03:51letter so yeah uh it is more than scarce
03:55there's also this Bible that you had
03:57before before it's been the in the Expo
04:00for a while it's a Bible that was sent
04:02by the other people from his how do you
04:05call it congregation or yeah that that's
04:07the word you can use for that yeah and
04:10uh no no it's a very cool exhibit but of
04:13course the Jewel of the crown of the
04:14exhibit are those
04:17glasses before we put the glass back uh
04:22to on the bust and then we seal them
04:26before the opening of the Expo I'm going
04:28to try the more
04:31one last time and uh showing you how it
04:46wow yeah the dammer glasses ladies of
04:50gentle ladies and gentlemen the damber
04:53glasses it's uh it's quite something a
04:57lot of people are going to see these
04:58very few are going to wear so yeah
05:00exactly good you will uh you might see
05:02it when you visit the Expo one day uh
05:07and you will know that not only were
05:09they worn by Jeffrey D but they were by
05:12me which is kind of funny too okay let's
05:15move on and continue setting up the
05:17other objects this is a sign photo from
05:21Ken bian saying I'm
05:23innocent we had um display for buo the
05:28hze stranger but this his cousin and a
05:32comp and since I got this in my
05:35collection I thought it was be it would
05:37be interesting to put it next week's
05:39cousin this is what we we're going to
06:24so we arrived at my display there's
06:27still a few things missing I brought a
06:29few other stuff the way it's done right
06:32now I'm not really completely satisfied
06:34with how it's set up I'm going to do it
06:37better since it's my own little
06:40display and uh yeah let's see how I I
06:44can uh make it better there will be a
06:46second one that they will bring soon so
06:49I I I have more space to spray the
06:52things this this necklace I used to wear
06:55it's made out of finger boms and there's
06:58a tabra here human of course so uh yeah
07:03I use it as as a necklace I think
07:06there's a sign that's there used to be a
07:08sign that explains this but I don't see
07:11the sign anymore too bad because it's
07:13out of context people just don't know
07:15what what it's about so
07:31okay I cannot bring
07:38there so they had an idea of
07:42uh uh since there's an evolution here
07:44and since I'm a part of the a big part
07:48of the exhibit now uh we made this card
07:52and people see the you can see the
07:54evolution this is my maot
07:57photo and this is a fake M shot I made
08:01last time I was at the Expo so this
08:04helps people understand the evolution
08:06between the two those two parts of my
08:09life people can reflect on that
08:13maybe I'm going to keep this this sign
08:16copy of the cannibal cookbook it's
08:18signed to Roberto which is one who is
08:21one of the creators of the
08:26Expo and uh I'm going to uh let me
08:32think uh yeah uh there's an object that
08:36I want to add but it will be in the
08:39other glass
08:40display uh I don't know if I'm going to
08:43keep this for the moment I keep it here
08:46but I will probably change things
08:50later I don't know this this is not the
08:54thing just you
08:58know until I get a better solution I
09:07guess the key to a good display is three
09:12dimension it's not only flat like the
09:14seawa you have here where everything is
09:17flat but it's also stuff that's more or
09:20less popping
09:21out and standing up so I think it is
09:25more life to uh this this place
09:42uh this has a costume that I was wearing
09:47when I was working the morg I'm still
09:49waiting for a mannequin they will bring
09:50a mannequin so I can dress it and uh
09:54dress it with the costume I was
09:59and this box here it's a piece of art
10:02that I brought from Paris it's a skull a
10:04painted skull what I'm going to do is
10:08to uh put it on display here until we
10:12have the
10:13other glass display so I'm going to open
10:26this okay it's kind
10:30this is a piece of art I made uh months
10:33ago it's one of those cars that uh I
10:37do and it's splattered with my own blood
10:40as you can
10:44see so it's based on the skull of the
10:48vampire of dorf Peter
10:53curtain I made it in the style of those
10:56painted skulls that's that are in or is
10:59in Austria they have the name in Gothic
11:02letters of the the person who's deceased
11:04and the date of the death this was the
11:07date of curtain's execution
11:091931 those
11:12are actual crime scene photos autopsy
11:16photos those are the scissors that he
11:19used on his
11:20victim those are
11:24drawings and
11:31and this is my blood dripping all over
11:34the the skull the style is a bit
11:37different from what I I usually do this
11:39will go under a glass display of
11:43course but yeah I was happy with the
11:46result and I thought that it would look
11:48good in this Museum so maybe I will
11:51display it in a way that people see it
11:53from a
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the exhibit featuring at the Jeffrey Dahmer's glasses exhibit?

The exhibit features the glasses of Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer, and discusses their origins and significance.

2. What other personal items of Dahmer are included in the exhibit?

The exhibit also includes other personal items of Dahmer, such as letters and a Bible, shedding light on his personal life.

3. What additional displays are showcased at the exhibit?

Additionally, the creator of the exhibit showcases his own personal artwork, including a unique skull painted with his blood, adding a chilling dimension to the display.

4. What makes the exhibit unique and impactful?

The exhibit provides a unique insight into the personal life of Jeffrey Dahmer through the inclusion of his personal items, shedding light on the inner workings of a notorious serial killer.

5. How does the exhibit create a compelling and chilling experience for visitors?

The exhibit creates a compelling and chilling experience for visitors through the display of Dahmer's personal items and the addition of the creator's own artwork, including a skull painted with his blood, evoking a sense of eerie fascination.

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