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A girl unexpectedly arrives at a mysterious mansion where she encounters a group of strange, possibly vampiric young men who claim she is meant to be a "bride" or possibly a "sacrifice". Despite her protests, she is trapped and told that she will never be able to escape from them.
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A person arrives at a place where no one seems to be home and it's raining.
The person is looking for someone.
No one seems to be home.
It's raining.
Yuka Maury arrives at a house where she is not expected, and the residents are surprised by her presence.
Yuka Maury is confused about why she was not informed about living in the house.
The residents of the house are vampires and seem interested in Yuka's blood.
Yuka is asked to explain herself and how she ended up in the house.
The brothers discuss the arrival of a young woman and her purpose of being there.
The brothers argue over who saw her first.
They mention that she is a guest from the church.
They reveal that she is more like a sacrifice than a bride.
The brothers introduce themselves.
A group of vampires tease and threaten their new human companion.
Vampires tell the human that they won't need their cellphone.
The vampires comment on the foolishness of garlic, holy crosses, and sunlight being harmful to vampires.
One of the vampires expresses excitement to "break" the human.
The vampires threaten the human and anticipate hearing them scream.
A girl finds her father's old diary and questions her identity, but is threatened by those around her.
The girl finds her father's old diary and wonders about her identity.
She enters a sealed room and is scolded for it.
She is warned that she can never escape and threatened with death if she tries.
The people around her make suggestive and threatening comments towards her.
01:23it's raining
01:48excuse me
01:59hello is there anybody here this is
02:06unusual maybe no one told them I'd be
02:08arriving today is anyone home
02:42um excuse me you're cold
02:48are you okay he doesn't have a pulse oh
02:53no I should call an ambulance right away
03:03damn you're noisy this isn't even your
03:09house could you please try to keep it
03:10down yeah your life why wouldn't I be
03:13alive seriously what do you think I am
03:15anyway but your heart just stopped it
03:19wasn't beating at all what are you doing
03:23what am i doing I think you already know
03:26I'm about to take you of course what's
03:36all the commotion down here it's raging
03:39need I remind you that this is our
03:41entrance hall we use this area
03:43exclusively to receive our guests I must
03:46ask you to take your activities to your
03:47private room no whatever you're such a
03:49buzzkill will you help me please help me
03:52and who might you be
03:54I'm Yuka Maury my father told me I was
03:57supposed to live here but I don't know
03:59why why wasn't I told about this Hyatt
04:01Oh explain it to me at once
04:03Oh how would I know anything about it
04:05this is news to me too you never told me
04:07you were moving in with us
04:08pancake because you attacked me out of
04:10nowhere I didn't have a chance to tell
04:12you anything hold on you said pancake
04:15were you talking about me
04:18of course I was stupid seriously if you
04:21haven't noticed you're as flat as a
04:22pancake god
04:24this really is rather strange I don't
04:28understand why I wasn't informed of your
04:30arrival excuse me but who are you I
04:32don't think it's a good idea to talk
04:33about this here please follow me see
04:36that her luggage is taken care of no for
04:56the sake of formality let's begin why
04:57don't you tell us about yourself and how
04:59you came to enter this house oh great
05:01well I well what do we have here could
05:07it be that a cute little human girl has
05:09decided to pay us a visit smells so
05:17sweet and your skin tastes delicious
05:19please let me have a look - you're right
05:24she does taste sweet stop that you two
05:27it's highly inappropriate to behave so
05:29impolite Lee toward a young woman you've
05:31only just met but why it's only natural
05:33to want to taste something that looks
05:35and smells so yummy cannot who agrees
05:37with me yes I do
05:39hey knock it off you guys have you
05:41forgotten that yours truly is the one
05:43who saw her first consequently yours
05:45truly is going to be her first
05:46everything lame sick of hearing you call
05:49yourself yours truly what the hell
05:52dammit Sbarro I know that's you come out
05:54and show yourself I'm right here I
05:57thought I detected the smell of human in
05:59here guess I was right oh is this mortal
06:02who dares awaken me from my precious
06:04sleep oh how do you enter this room so
06:07quietly you will answer my question
06:13do any of you know what's going on here
06:16I must find out why this young woman has
06:18come here to live with us well I think
06:23this is just some sort of
06:25misunderstanding so I'll be on my way
06:27wait just a minute I am attempting to
06:29get to the bottom of the situation here
06:31don't you think it would be rather
06:33discourteous to leave right now
06:34but I wonder if she's a young woman that
06:40he mentioned the other day
06:42sure do you know something about this
06:45girl and the reason she's here maybe
06:47don't give us this maybe crap I think
06:50we'd all appreciate an explanation it
06:53was that guy he contacted me a couple
06:56days ago he told me that we'd have a
07:00guest arriving from the church and that
07:02we should treat her with respect
07:03what are you telling me that pancake
07:05here is the prospective bride how is
07:08that all this is oh let's be honest
07:11she's more like a sacrifice than a bride
07:13really oh yeah he explicitly said that
07:18we're not supposed to kill her oh really
07:20if that's the case then we're going to
07:22have a very long relationship with this
07:24woman it appears there is no
07:28misunderstanding after all so allow us
07:30to introduce ourselves that is the
07:32eldest son shoe my name is Ray G and I'm
07:36the second son next to the triplets IATA
07:39I won't let you get away from me next
07:41time kana Tom I hope to taste you again
07:44very soon and delight oh it's a pleasure
07:46to make your acquaintance little [ __ ]
07:48the last son is Subaru
07:52I don't think this has to be some sort
07:54of mistake nobody said anything about me
07:57being the base bride and and beside the
08:01six of you you're all kind of weird
08:09I think they need to contact my father
08:14that's my cell phone you give that back
08:17to me now do you really think that I
08:18should what are you doing
08:26this is what I'm doing
08:31you get lost
08:35aha there there little [ __ ] don't be
08:38okay you're about to become very good
08:40friends with us so you'll have no need
08:42for that silly old cellphone right to
08:45tell you the truth I'm feeling a little
08:46bit peckish at the moment don't I know
08:48it you smell so delicious it's
08:50intoxicating [ __ ]
09:24honestly you can't really believe
09:27there's any truth to that old fairy tale
09:29written by Immortal the one that claims
09:31vampires are vulnerable to garlic holy
09:33crosses in sunshine it just goes to show
09:36how foolish and arrogant mortals can be
09:38and it infuriates me her manners are
09:44utterly deplorable
10:02I can't wait to break you
10:12I told you that you wouldn't be needing
10:17a phone during your time here with us
10:20now now where is that little [ __ ] run
10:44don't you really think you could escape
10:46I believe the time has come for the
10:48much-anticipated stream please humor me
10:51by streaming I want to hear you scream
10:53at the top of your lungs you won't get
10:55away from me this time
12:18this my father's old diary but how
12:22Hughie brings me great joy the fact that
12:26she is not my natural child is no longer
12:28important to me
12:29I am only grateful for this tremendous
12:31blessing every day of my life
12:36which is me is it true that I'm not my
12:39father's daughter what if my father's
12:42diary doing here anyway of all our rooms
12:44you had to pick this one to enter we
12:47took great care to seal off this room so
12:49you shouldn't have been able to come in
12:50here I must be sure to install a new
12:53lock on the door immediately that's for
12:55why don't you tell us how you managed to
12:57get in here that [ __ ] should remember
12:59that you are my brains so please don't
13:01move not anyone's prey I've heard enough
13:04your damn excuses oh geez give it a rest
13:08of ours you shut up that's the look you
13:15know how to get my juices flowing don't
13:19perhaps I'll partake in the feast as
13:23I would like a taste too please there's
13:26one important thing that you must fully
13:27comprehend from this day forward you
13:29will never be able to escape so make no
13:32attempt to do so ah don't be such a wuss
13:34get straight to the point will you just
13:36tell her that if she tries to escape
13:37she's dead my bad this seems like an act
13:48something over
13:51hey there pancake tell me are you ready
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the storyline of the mysterious mansion in the video?

The storyline of the video revolves around a girl who unexpectedly arrives at a mysterious mansion where she encounters a group of strange, possibly vampiric young men. They claim that she is meant to be a 'bride' or possibly a 'sacrifice'. Despite her protests, she is trapped and told that she will never be able to escape from them.

2. Who are the main characters in the mysterious mansion video?

The main characters in the mysterious mansion video include the girl who arrives at the mansion and the group of strange, possibly vampiric young men who claim she is meant to be a 'bride' or possibly a 'sacrifice'.

3. What are the strange encounters the girl faces in the mysterious mansion video?

The girl in the video faces strange encounters with the possibly vampiric young men at the mansion who claim she is meant to be a 'bride' or possibly a 'sacrifice'. Despite her protests, she is trapped and told that she will never be able to escape from them.

4. How does the video portray the atmosphere of mystery and suspense at the mansion?

The video portrays the atmosphere of mystery and suspense at the mansion through the unexpected arrival of the girl, the strange encounters with the possibly vampiric young men, and the feeling of being trapped and told that she will never be able to escape from them.

5. What is the significance of the girl's role in the mysterious mansion video?

The girl's role in the mysterious mansion video is significant as she is unexpectedly drawn into a situation where she encounters a group of strange, possibly vampiric young men who claim she is meant to be a 'bride' or possibly a 'sacrifice'. Despite her protests, she is trapped and told that she will never be able to escape from them.

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