💫 Summary
The video discusses the case of Anatoly Moskvin and his house of human dolls, wherein he desecrated graves and made life-sized dolls out of the corpses. Moskvin's traumatic past events and obsession with death contributed to his disturbing actions. Police discovered the dolls when they went to arrest him for the grave desecrations.
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The video is about Anatoly Moskvin and his house of human dolls, which has been highly requested by viewers.
The video is a two-parter, with the second part coming soon.
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The protagonist, Moskvin, is haunted by recurring nightmares of a dead girl named Natasha, who instructs him to perform black magic rituals in order to get rid of her.
Moskvin is initially scared by seeing a dead girl his age, which triggers his recurring nightmares.
The doctor dismisses the nightmares as just bad dreams and suggests they will pass with time.
Natasha tells Moskvin that he can get rid of her by completing a specific black magic ritual involving finding another young boy's tooth.
Moskvin successfully finds the tooth and places it under his pillow, resulting in the nightmares stopping and Natasha disappearing.
This experience leaves Moskvin with a deep interest in death and the afterlife, leading to an obsession with dark subjects and black magic.
Anatoly Moskvin, a well-respected academic and linguist, had a fascination with death and the occult, which led him to become a journalist and write obituaries in addition to his academic career.
Moskvin was seen as gifted and special for his experiences with the dead.
He was well-respected in the Luciferian and academic communities.
Moskvin knew over 10 languages, specializing in Celtic history and folklore.
Despite his professional success, he maintained an obsession with death and the afterlife.
Anatoly Moskvin, a 37-year-old man, found a woman named Julia Granova who was perfect for him, but they faced challenges in their non-sexual relationship, particularly regarding their desire to have a child.
Moskvin had never been in a romantic relationship before and had no interest in dating or sex.
Julia Granova accepted the non-sexual nature of their relationship but wanted to have a child, which went against their agreement.
They decided to adopt a child, but faced difficulties as adoption agencies typically required the parents to be married.
Moskvin had quit his job at a university due to disagreements with other staff, causing instability in his life.
Anatoly Moskvin was paid to research and record information from headstones in graveyards, often having to clean overgrown graves himself.
Moskvin would walk almost 20 miles a day to conduct his research.
He would sometimes sleep in cemeteries or even in coffins he found.
Despite appearing suspicious, police would let him go once he explained his job and credentials.
Anatoly Moskvin, a known fascist with Nazi beliefs, was suspected of desecrating Muslim graves, but when police went to arrest him, they found life-sized dolls all over his apartment.
Moskvin had horrific views and openly expressed them in his writings.
The desecrated graves were local to Moskvin, who spent a lot of time in graveyards.
Police discovered life-sized dolls dressed in dresses, bonnets, and stockings in Moskvin's apartment.
There were approximately 26 dolls of varying sizes, ranging from child size to adult human size.
00:00so today's video is going to be another
00:03true crime case and yes this is the case
00:06that you've been seeing
00:07all over your tick tock volume page for
00:09the last two weeks
00:11today we're going to be talking about
00:12anatoly moskvin and his
00:14house of human dolls you guys requests
00:17for this case have been through the roof
00:20for the past few weeks i started
00:21researching this quite a while ago but
00:23it's not going to go up for a couple of
00:25weeks so i hope it's still
00:27something you guys want to see but this
00:28tick tock actually came up on my for you
00:31and i was like wow the true crime lady
00:33has never heard of that one she gotta
00:35get on it also just before we jump
00:37into it this is gonna be a two-parter
00:40two three two parties in a row i'm sorry
00:43i don't know how it's
00:44ended up like that with these cases i
00:46just research and research and research
00:47and i have no idea how long it's going
00:49to be until i get right to the very end
00:51because i don't know how much
00:52information i'm going to be able to find
00:53on a particular case
00:55and it just so happens that i found
00:56three really long ones
00:58all in a row so i'm sorry about that the
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03:23now let's get into it and before we get
03:25into this video i just want to give my
03:27usual disclaimer that i mean absolutely
03:29no disrespect to anyone that i talk
03:30about in this video
03:32this video is for educational purposes
03:34and everything that i'm about to say
03:35is just information that i have found on
03:37the internet and i
03:38am compiling into one video just a quick
03:41warning before we get into this video
03:42that this does
03:43involve children and some brief themes
03:46of sexual assault right in the beginning
03:49so if that's something that you don't
03:50want to watch then feel free to click
03:52out of this video and i'll see you again
03:54hopefully soon for a different case so
03:56this case
03:56takes place in soviet russia where
03:59anatoly yujevich
04:00moskvan was born on september 1st 1966
04:05an only child to parents yuri and elvira
04:08he was born in an area named nizhny
04:11and his childhood was the same as any
04:14other child
04:15it was happy his parents loved and
04:16supported him
04:18school was going well actually really
04:20well in fact
04:21moskvin was literally one of the most
04:23intelligent kids
04:24his school had ever seen although he did
04:27struggle with the social side of school
04:29making friends speaking to people he was
04:32quite an awkward
04:33boy but his parents just put this down
04:35to his high intelligence you know they
04:37thought that he was
04:38too mature to get on with the other kids
04:41he just couldn't relate
04:42to them so he didn't want to talk to
04:43them and so instead of hanging out with
04:45kids his own age or you know anyone for
04:48that matter
04:49he spent all of his free time reading
04:52and learning alone while all the other
04:55kids were playing out
04:56and developing their social skills and
04:58making friends
04:59he was reading books at home and i
05:02suppose this is probably why he was so
05:04intelligent because he was just
05:05constantly learning he supposedly
05:07self-taught himself a bunch of different
05:10while he was still a pre-teen imagine
05:12knowing so many different languages
05:14just because you'd sat and read books at
05:17home when you were a kid but he was
05:18seemingly happy with his life it wasn't
05:20like he looked at the other kids and he
05:22was like oh i wish i could do that i
05:23wish i could socialize he was happy
05:25being at home and reading his book
05:27however his happiness
05:29was very short-lived because when he was
05:31very young
05:32he would go through quite a traumatic
05:34event that would then change
05:36the rest of his life and this traumatic
05:39event would be the first
05:40of several of a whole streak of equally
05:44awful and psychologically damaging
05:47that would happen to moskvin throughout
05:49his life moskvin remembered
05:52returning home from school one day and
05:54looking at his arms
05:55and his legs and his torso just covered
05:59in bruises because that day he'd been
06:02violently raped by a much older man on
06:05his way to school
06:06and he was just in the third grade at
06:09this point i don't believe he told his
06:11parents about this
06:12i think this was something that he
06:13literally kept to himself
06:15up until he was in his 50s i think that
06:18was the first time he ever told anyone
06:20about this
06:21now the second of these traumatic events
06:23that would happen to moskvin
06:24came a few years later when he was 12
06:27years old this one happened on march 4th
06:301979 when moskvin was actually at school
06:33but they weren't at school they were on
06:35this kind of like trip
06:36in the local village now for some
06:40for this section soviet russia at the
06:43had this like government launched scheme
06:46to help get rid of all the rubbish on
06:48the streets and
06:49they were holding a competition between
06:51all of the schools in
06:52in the whole country i think to see who
06:54could clean up
06:56and recycle the most rubbish from the
06:58streets and of course the winning school
07:00i think would get some kind of prize or
07:01you know
07:02increased funding so the country's plan
07:04to increase recycling was to get the
07:06kids to do it and that's what musk
07:08finn's class was doing on this
07:09particular day so he was
07:11at school but they weren't at school
07:13they were actually just walking around
07:14the streets
07:15collecting rubbish and now this part of
07:17the story
07:18isn't exactly clear a lot of different
07:20sources say a lot of different things at
07:22this point so i'm just gonna skip to
07:23what is
07:24fact somehow on this recycling
07:27collection trip
07:28muskvin found himself in the company of
07:31a group
07:32of men some sources said that this group
07:34of men
07:35seemed super culty like they were
07:38wearing big
07:39long black rubs they were holding
07:41candles that were lit
07:42however other sources said that they
07:44were just just a group of men but either
07:46on this day when moskvin encountered
07:48this group of men
07:49he found himself being convinced
07:53or forced to attend a funeral that these
07:56men were attending they brought this
07:58young child
08:00that they didn't know along to a funeral
08:02with them the funeral turned out to be
08:05of an 11 year old girl named natasha
08:08she'd actually died from accidental
08:12when she was having a bath in her home
08:14and there were some faulty wires nearby
08:16i don't know exactly what happened but
08:18she was electrocuted
08:19now moskvin recalls going over to the
08:22casket or being taken to the casket by
08:25these men and looking
08:26at this lifeless 11 year old girl who
08:29was just one year younger than he was
08:31this must have been so
08:33scary meanwhile everyone around him
08:36that is attending this funeral are all
08:38singing hymns in a language that he
08:40understand as well and it was then that
08:43the mother
08:44of this dead child came over to moskvin
08:47and told him to kiss her dead
08:51daughter now muskvin even just at the
08:54thought of doing this at the thought of
08:56kissing this dead girl he was already
08:58traumatized and he began crying he was
09:00refusing to do it but the girl's parents
09:02insisted that he did it and actually
09:05physically pushed his head
09:07down to their dead daughter's head
09:10and waited and held it there until he
09:12kissed her
09:13on the forehead three times the girl's
09:16mother then took her hand away from
09:17moskvin's head
09:19he stood back up again and the mother
09:21kissed him on the forehead
09:23and gave him an apple now in his
09:26subconscious mind probably not his
09:27conscious mind but
09:28his subconscious psychological mind
09:32that was a reward for what he'd just
09:35done he'd just been given
09:36a reward in the form of an apple for
09:39a dead girl and then natasha's mother
09:42reached into her pocket
09:43and produced two brass rings she gave
09:46one to moskvin
09:47and put one on the finger of her
09:50in the coffin and then when they did she
09:53looked at moskvin
09:54and declared that the two of them were
09:57she then gave him some money and some
09:59more fruit and
10:00sent him on his way and 12 year old
10:02moskvin then walked home
10:04from this funeral that he just attended
10:06this traumatic event that
10:08he was forced into thinking that he was
10:12to a dead girl he returned home that
10:14night and when he fell asleep he
10:16actually had
10:18a nightmare about natasha petrova about
10:21this girl
10:22he dreamt that she was visiting him in
10:25his dream it wasn't like it was just a
10:26bad dream and she was just a character
10:28in it it was like she physically came to
10:31in his dream and was speaking to him
10:33bear in mind
10:34anatoly moskvin is 12 years old he
10:37doesn't understand
10:38how marriage actually works you know
10:40it's got to be officiated you've got to
10:42sign papers things like that this wasn't
10:44an official marriage
10:45as far as he was aware of course it was
10:47you know they both had rings
10:48he thought he genuinely had a dead
10:52wife so that night he dreamt about this
10:55dead girl and then he woke up and he
10:58thought oh my god that was an awful
10:59dream but
11:00he moved on with it and then the next
11:01night he went to bed and that same dream
11:03happened again that same
11:05nightmare when natasha petrova came to
11:07him he woke up again the next morning
11:09terrified but again
11:11that night he fell asleep and she
11:13visited him again and this became
11:15a recurring nightmare that happened
11:17every single night from that point on
11:19he said that every night she would be
11:21saying the exact same thing to him
11:23that muskman should return to the place
11:26where he married her where he
11:28kissed her to the village where this
11:30funeral took place and he should
11:31practice black magic
11:33she would teach him to do it and he
11:34needed to go and carry this
11:36out and moskvin was against this he
11:39refused to learn
11:40he refused to do this at first however
11:43every time he turned her down natasha's
11:45ghost would only get
11:47more and more angry with him until
11:49eventually moskvin just gave in
11:51and said that he would go to the place
11:54that he
11:55kissed her cops so the next morning
11:57moskvin got ready and he walked all the
12:00way to that village
12:01and he even walked past the exact
12:03building that the funeral took place in
12:05now thinking that he had
12:06completed the quest of sorts that
12:09natasha gave to him
12:11he returned home fell asleep that night
12:13and for the first time in weeks
12:15he didn't dream of natasha petrova she
12:17didn't come to him
12:18in his dream his dreams were peaceful
12:20for a few nights following
12:22him visiting the village until
12:24eventually natasha's ghost returned to
12:26his dreams
12:27still demanding that he learned black
12:30magic and
12:31carried it out performed these rituals
12:33for her the next morning he woke up the
12:35first time that natasha had come back to
12:37him after he'd gone to the funeral place
12:39and he
12:40just felt hopeless he felt like no
12:43matter what he did he wasn't gonna get
12:44rid of these recurring nightmares and so
12:47he went
12:47and confided in his parents about these
12:50dreams that he was having so muskvan's
12:53got him an appointment with a child
12:55psychologist thinking that this was some
12:57kind of mental
12:58issue he was now refusing to sleep he
13:00was too scared to fall asleep in case he
13:02had these dreams again so they got him
13:04in with this doctor and he prescribed
13:06him some kind of sleeping medication to
13:08actually get him asleep
13:10because he couldn't sleep he was too
13:11scared to sleep however as for the
13:13dreams themselves the psychologist
13:16didn't think that there was any mental
13:17illness or any actual you know
13:19issue with moskvin's psychological state
13:23he just thought that they were simply
13:25bad dreams a lot of people
13:27especially children and teenagers who
13:29are just learning
13:30all of these dark things about the world
13:33that they live in
13:34they're learning all these scary things
13:36they are going to have bad dreams it's a
13:38way of their brain
13:39processing what they're learning about
13:40the world around them and so
13:43most people in their lives will
13:45experience some kind of recurring
13:46nightmare about a topic that their brain
13:48is trying to comprehend so maybe when
13:50moskvin experienced death
13:52for the first time this scared him that
13:55he saw
13:56a girl pretty much his age laying dead
13:59in front of him
14:00in his mind up until this point death
14:02had been something that happens to other
14:03people not to people his age and so him
14:06seeing it firsthand maybe that scared
14:07him and maybe that's what's giving him
14:09the recurring nightmares
14:10they didn't think it was an underlying
14:12psychological issue it was just a bad
14:14dream the doctor told his parents
14:16that the dreams would probably pass as
14:18moskvin got older he just kind of needed
14:20to ride them out it was just his brain
14:22dealing with things and so that night
14:24moskvin went home
14:25and again natasha came to see him in his
14:29but this time it was almost as if
14:32knew that she wasn't welcome there she
14:36that something had gone on during the
14:38day that meant that musk finn was trying
14:40to get rid of her
14:41so she told moskvin that if he wanted to
14:44get rid of her there was only one way to
14:46do that
14:46and that was to carry out these black
14:49magic rituals that she kept telling him
14:51to do
14:51she said that if he completed this
14:53specific ritual successfully she would
14:56leave him alone
14:57and she would pass on to another person
15:00now this time this was the first time
15:02that musk finn
15:03hadn't turned down her often now he was
15:06interested now that he knew how to get
15:08rid of her so she told him that all he
15:10had to do
15:11was go out and find the tooth of another
15:14young boy
15:15he had to take it and bring it back to
15:18and then with that she could then be
15:20transferred to this
15:22other boy's nightmares instead of
15:24moskvins and so he was like okay
15:26i'm doing it i have no idea how he found
15:29another young boy's tooth but he did and
15:31he put it under his pillow one night
15:34and from that night on the nightmare
15:36stopped natasha petrova
15:38was gone but this whole situation had
15:41left moskvin with a very
15:42deep interest of death
15:46and the afterlife he grew to have an
15:48obsession with all
15:49things dark even black magic the thing
15:52that he was so opposed to in the
15:53beginning and it was this
15:55interest in death that led him to start
15:58going for walks
15:59in cemeteries and graveyards alone in
16:02the dark that was another one of his
16:04up until now it had just been reading
16:06books but now it was reading books
16:08and chilling in cemeteries and even
16:11though he was so
16:12scared by these dreams when natasha
16:14would visit him he would now
16:15go to the specific cemetery where he
16:17knew natasha was buried and he would go
16:20and visit
16:20her grave the grave of his dead why he
16:24this interest in cemeteries almost like
16:27he was
16:27magnetized to them he felt called to
16:30them pulled to them
16:31the only time he felt true comfort and
16:34peace was when he was in a cemetery
16:36that was the only time he felt like
16:38himself and these graveyard trips
16:40became more and more frequent until they
16:43were pretty much
16:43daily throughout his teenage years so
16:46now this is another thing that he's
16:47trying to balance with his
16:49you know school work and his family life
16:51and i mean he didn't really have a
16:52social life but now he's got to fit in
16:55a few hours every day to go to a
16:56graveyard but you know he did he was
16:58he was balancing a normal life and
17:00eventually he went to
17:01university he attended the philological
17:04faculty of moscow state university he
17:06was studying history and languages
17:08both of which he excelled in and by this
17:10point in his life he was actually well
17:14studying and carrying out black magic
17:18which is something he was so against
17:19when natasha tried to
17:21make him do these things in his dreams
17:23but now he was well into it it was like
17:25his hobby and when he joined the
17:28out of curiosity muskfin joined a
17:31luciferian group
17:33which i think is essentially a satanic
17:36forgive me if i'm wrong i think that's
17:38what it is and they all did rituals and
17:41they did
17:41literal animal sacrifices like he was
17:44going all out in this new interest it
17:46wasn't just a little bit of black magic
17:48it was a
17:48whole lot of sacrificing and because of
17:51this newfound interest
17:53moskvin actually grew to regret
17:56pushing away natasha petrova when he was
17:58just 12 years old because now
18:00looking back he saw her visits in his
18:04much differently at the time of course
18:06he was scared he didn't want them but
18:08now he saw her as a valuable teacher
18:12he felt like he wasted an opportunity to
18:15someone teaching him black magic
18:17literally in his dreams
18:18and when he told the other people in his
18:20luciferian group
18:22and in his kind of black magic community
18:25when he told these other people about
18:26his experiences
18:28with natasha petrova and his marriage
18:30that he still believed was
18:32a marriage they all thought that he was
18:35cool they saw him as gifted and special
18:38for having such experiences with the
18:41dead and it made well-respected
18:43luciferians and well-respected you know
18:45people in
18:46the in this community want to speak
18:50with anatoly moskvin whereas you know
18:52new recruits newcomers the big people
18:55the really respected ones don't ever
18:56really want to associate with them they
18:58all associate with each other but when
18:59they found out about moskvin they wanted
19:01to speak with him they wanted to
19:03you know help him because they felt like
19:05he had
19:06the gift so as part of this new religion
19:10i don't think it's a religion should i
19:11call it religion as part of this new
19:14luciferian lifestyle that musk ben
19:18took on who is also abstaining from sex
19:21alcohol smirking all that kind of stuff
19:24he eventually graduated from university
19:27of course with the absolute best grades
19:29anyone could get and as an adult moskvin
19:32was a very
19:33well respected and well-known academic
19:37he knew over 10 languages i think it was
19:39maybe 13 languages that he could speak
19:42almost fluently some of them were fluent
19:44some of them were a bit more like he
19:45could read and write and maybe say
19:47a few like things but like he knew a lot
19:50of languages
19:50he particularly specialized in celtic
19:53history and folklore
19:54he would present lectures in the top
19:58universities all across the country but
20:00even still
20:01following him into his professional
20:03adult life was this
20:05and obsession with death and the
20:08he was still going for graveyard walks
20:10every day he was
20:12proper into the occult and you know all
20:15things dark now it wasn't just
20:18it was like everything and he was so
20:22in the concept of death that this
20:23actually led him to pick up
20:25another career on top of the one that he
20:28already had as a lecturer and an
20:30academic he now wanted to be
20:32a journalist so moskvin began writing
20:35and helping out with the obituaries in
20:38the newspaper which is like
20:39you know all about the local deaths
20:41saying who's died what they died of when
20:43they died and this meant that he had an
20:46to hang around the cemeteries that he so
20:49loved you know it was part of his job
20:51it wasn't just a hobby no one could say
20:54anything about it no one could tell him
20:56anything no one could say it was weird
20:58it was his job muskvin actually labeled
21:01a necropolis which i don't think is a
21:04real word
21:05but he's basically just saying that he's
21:07an expert on graves
21:08cemeteries but no one thought that he
21:11was weird
21:12no one thought that it was weird that he
21:13got a job in this field
21:15no one thought that it was weird that he
21:16spent a lot of time in cemeteries
21:17because after all this man was a very
21:19very highly
21:20respected academic and he'd already
21:24all of these different career paths so
21:25it made sense that he was gonna go one
21:27step further he was a historian
21:30of course he was interested in death and
21:32things that's all a part of history
21:34so now not only was he a professor a
21:36lecturer a historian
21:39a translator as well with all the
21:40languages that he knew he was also a
21:42grave expert
21:44now he was actually also an author he
21:47started writing
21:48books as well he wrote a multitude of
21:50different books in his lifetime a lot of
21:52them about
21:52history because that was like one of his
21:54main passions he also wrote
21:57in english to russian and russian to
22:00dictionary he wrote a dictionary i find
22:02it so much
22:03like you think about dictionaries and
22:06you never think that someone actually
22:07has to
22:08write the dictionary or like translation
22:10books but he wrote one at home
22:12moskvin had a book collection of over 60
22:16000 different books or documents or
22:19papers you know
22:20things that he would read on a regular
22:21basis and these were on a huge range of
22:23topics as well not just the ones that he
22:25specialized in but he
22:27liked to be knowledgeable on absolutely
22:29everything that he possibly could be
22:31even if he wasn't necessarily interested
22:33in the topic he wanted to know a lot
22:35about it now
22:36his work colleagues in all of his
22:38different career endeavors
22:40they all thought that anatoly moskvin
22:42was kind of a weird guy
22:43he was hard to talk to he was hard to
22:45get along with because he was quite
22:47stubborn he was quite
22:48abrupt quite blunt they used the word
22:51eccentric a lot as well
22:52he was just kind of weird but their
22:54descriptions weren't all
22:55negative you know he was kind of a
22:57normal guy he was very intelligent a lot
22:59of them used the word
23:00genius to describe him they say that it
23:03was just clear that he struggled to
23:05it wasn't like he was being
23:06intentionally rude but he was just
23:09you know he just struggled to socialize
23:10but he was very hardworking he was good
23:12at his jobs you know
23:13now in 2003 when anatoly moskvin was 37
23:17years old he
23:18found a woman that fit him perfectly and
23:22this was the first woman he's ever
23:24really given any time to in a romantic
23:28sense he'd never had a girlfriend never
23:30had a wife he was 37 years old never had
23:32never you know anything he never got on
23:35a date nothing
23:36he just wasn't interested in
23:37relationships he was more you just like
23:39to work
23:39but this woman was perfect for him she
23:42was spiritual
23:43and intelligent her spiritual beliefs
23:46differed quite a lot
23:47from musk fins which you would think was
23:50an issue
23:51but not to him because he liked to
23:52debate so he liked that she had
23:55different opinions because she could
23:56challenge him and he could challenge her
23:58and they could debate and discuss
24:00and he liked it her name was julia
24:02granova and she
24:04accepted that moskvin wanted a
24:06non-sexual relationship she was
24:08perfectly happy to go forward on those
24:10terms however one thing
24:12she did want was a child which
24:15obviously goes against their
24:18agreement slightly that they can't
24:20conceive a child
24:22so their only option really was adoption
24:24which they applied for however
24:26this was going to be a little bit tricky
24:28because a lot of adoption agencies
24:30at least in 2003 i don't really know
24:32what they're like right now but a lot of
24:34do require the parents of the child to
24:37be married
24:38which moskvin and yulia were not
24:41and they didn't want to be musk finn
24:42didn't want to marry her so
24:44they were going to struggle a little bit
24:46moskvan also didn't really have a stable
24:49at this point in his life he'd actually
24:51quit working for
24:53a particular university that he was
24:55hired by
24:56due to some disagreements with other
24:58staff like i said he was quite abrupt
25:00maybe not intentionally he wasn't
25:02necessarily a rude person but
25:03it caused a lot of friction in his
25:05workplace and so he stopped lecturing
25:07so now he was just living off of the
25:09royalties from his books
25:11and from his newspaper obituary things
25:14it wasn't a very high amount of money he
25:16was also still living with his parents
25:18still at the age of 37 and he wasn't
25:21living with yulia
25:23and so all of these different things all
25:24at once to the adoption agency
25:26they they just didn't think that moskvin
25:29and julia
25:30should have a child and so their
25:32application was denied
25:34meanwhile like i said he was still
25:36living at home with his parents and
25:38they weren't very happy with the way
25:40that their son's life was going he was
25:42nearly 40 years old he hadn't moved out
25:44he wasn't married he wasn't having a
25:45child and this wasn't the way that they
25:47expected his life to go that wasn't the
25:49way that their life had gone they'd
25:51married very young
25:52had his parents and they'd had him
25:54rather young and so that's kind of what
25:55they expected him to do but he was just
25:57doing all the opposites so they weren't
25:59very happy they also disapproved of
26:02use of black magic now i don't know if
26:05they actually knew the extent of it i
26:06don't think they knew that he was going
26:08out and
26:08sacrificing animals in his luciferian
26:11i think they knew that he had books on
26:13it and that he practiced a little bit
26:15but i don't think they knew
26:16quite how serious it was but either way
26:18they still disapproved of it they didn't
26:20like that their son was into all that
26:21and they also disapproved of the
26:23adoption that he tried to get
26:25because after all he was living under
26:27their roof and they actually had to
26:29support him financially
26:31still because he was living off the
26:32royalties of his books he wasn't earning
26:34enough money and they were saying well
26:37we don't even really want to be paying
26:38for you so why are you
26:40then bringing another human being into
26:43the family that we have to pay for when
26:44it's not even our child
26:46now the strain on all of his
26:47relationships and
26:49you know the inability to adopt a child
26:52eventually led to him
26:53and julia splitting up so now he's
26:55single again however this would be
26:58a blessing in disguise for musk ben kind
27:00of because
27:01a few months later he was actually
27:03offered his dream job
27:04traveling around the whole of russia and
27:07now that he didn't have any
27:08responsibilities at home like a
27:10girlfriend or
27:11an adopted child you could take this job
27:13traveling around russia
27:14now what was this job i hear you ask he
27:17was commissioned
27:18to travel on foot by the way walk around
27:23not public transport not car no hotels
27:26he was going around foot analyzing and
27:29researching and studying
27:30different cemeteries almost 800
27:32cemeteries on foot
27:34so he would be sleeping outdoors and
27:36just chilling in cemeteries
27:38literally for like a year basically this
27:40guy that had hired him to do this was
27:42making a book
27:43and he needed all this kind of
27:45information of all these cemeteries
27:47around russia
27:48and so that's what muskvin was going out
27:50to do and he was essentially
27:52paid to go and write down all the names
27:54all the birthdays all the death dates
27:56and any other information that he could
27:58find from the headstones of all these
28:00in these graveyards so if they were a
28:02mother if they
28:03had brothers or sisters and how many
28:05they had sometimes
28:07these graves that he was supposed to be
28:09going and researching and studying they
28:11would be so
28:12overgrown and dirty that he would
28:15physically have to clean them himself so
28:17he would take cleaning products like a
28:18scraper to scrape all the dirt and
28:20moss off them moskvin would walk almost
28:2320 miles a day
28:25as part of this research and sometimes
28:27he would be so far away from his home
28:29without food
28:30or water but he said that he used to
28:32drink from puddles on the ground
28:34to stay hydrated and then even at the
28:36end of the day after all of that he
28:37wouldn't even go home most nights
28:40he would find somewhere outside to sleep
28:42whether that was a hair stack
28:44an abandoned farm most of the time he
28:47would actually sleep
28:48in the cemeteries themselves on top of
28:51the graves he says that one time he even
28:53got lucky when he found a coffin
28:55in the graveyard somehow that was due to
28:59be used the next day and it was just
29:00being left out
29:01and so he decided to get in this coffin
29:04and sleep in there but even though the
29:06way i'm describing this
29:08sounds like hell which it probably would
29:10be to me or you but to him
29:12he was in his element he was loving
29:14every second of this he didn't have to
29:16go home
29:16he could just stay at cemeteries all day
29:19every day he was loving it
29:20he liked that he was sleeping there
29:22moskvin was
29:23stopped by police a couple of times on
29:26his travels during this job because as
29:28i'm sure you can imagine
29:29a weird guy walking around cemetery
29:32sleeping on graves that does look a bit
29:34but he said that as soon as he explained
29:36his job and his credentials and kind of
29:39what he did for a living to these police
29:41they would be like oh okay and just
29:42leave him on his way although it wasn't
29:44actually the police that moskvin should
29:46have been worrying about on these
29:47travels because it turned out to be
29:49just normal civilians that were just in
29:51these graveyards that would prove a lot
29:53more hassle
29:55for him he was stopped a number of times
29:57by different people
29:59often misunderstanding the reasons for
30:01him being there
30:02and they would threaten to beat him up
30:04if he didn't leave moskvin was reported
30:07to police
30:08so many times on this job he was robbed
30:10he was even
30:11actually once abducted okay these men
30:14put him
30:14in their car and drove him to the edge
30:17of the town
30:18and dropped him off and told him to
30:19never come back into their town again i
30:21presume this is because
30:23as part of this research he's looking at
30:24maybe their loved one's grave although
30:27this wasn't everyone's reactions to
30:30a lot of the reactions that he would get
30:31once he would explain
30:33why he was there to people that
30:35questioned it
30:36they would actually be really generous
30:37once he explained that he didn't really
30:39get to
30:40sleep anywhere or he didn't really get
30:42to buy food or
30:43eat or drink there was a lot of people
30:45that would give him
30:46money for public transport or even
30:49offered to take him to his next location
30:51to his next cemetery once he was done in
30:53that one
30:53people would buy him food buying water
30:56you know he did
30:56he did come across a lot of nice people
30:58but all in all
30:59this was a very stressful a very
31:02overwhelming and
31:04exhausting job the moskvin as i'm sure
31:06you can imagine
31:07if you didn't have anywhere to go and
31:08sleep and if you barely had
31:10any food and you were just constantly
31:12sleeping in your workplace then i'm sure
31:14everyone would get like that and towards
31:16the end of it
31:17and after this job actually finished he
31:19was very mentally
31:21unwell so much so that when the job was
31:23over and he went back home
31:24he actually became a recluse he barely
31:27left the house he only left to
31:29go and buy food that was literally the
31:31only reason he would just stay in there
31:34sleep read books write the occasional
31:36article for the newspaper
31:38i think he had about two articles that
31:41he would write for the newspaper
31:42every month on this contract and that
31:44was his only form of income
31:46at this point as well so that was
31:48anatoly moskvin's life now
31:50skip forward to 2011 racism
31:53and anti-muslim propaganda in russia
31:56was rife at this time there was some
31:59serious attacks
32:00going on most notably one at moscow
32:02airport that was huge
32:04and you know there was just general
32:06xenophobia on the streets and racism
32:08and this was becoming a whole
32:10country-wide issue and
32:11this included a lot of muslim grave
32:16russian people were going to muslim
32:19graves and vandalizing them sometimes
32:23digging up the bodies in those graves
32:26entirely and those people were long gone
32:28like what what had those people done to
32:31the russian people absolutely nothing
32:32they were trying to prove a point
32:34by taking innocent people out of their
32:37resting place
32:38now when all of this started to happen
32:41immediately turned to anatoly moskvin
32:44because something that i haven't told
32:45you up until now
32:46is that moskvin had a lot of horrific
32:49views and he made his beliefs
32:52and views very very clear in a lot of
32:55the articles that he wrote for the
32:57newspaper and stuff
32:58like everyone knew his stances moskvin
33:02a fascist he maintained a lot of nazi
33:05beliefs too
33:06and he was very open about all of this
33:08in his books that he'd written
33:11it was no secret and a lot of these
33:14muslim graves that were being
33:16vandalized and desecrated were very
33:19to moskvin so put two and two together
33:22is the grave expert that spends all of
33:25his time in graveyards that also
33:27has a lot of hate for
33:31these particular groups you know of
33:33course it's him so police went to
33:35anatoly moskvin's home
33:37to arrest him question him you know
33:39potentially collect any evidence that
33:40they could find to say that it was him
33:42that did all of these grave desecrations
33:46when they got there they found something
33:48entirely different
33:50something out of a nightmare what police
33:53found were actually life-sized dolls
33:57all over moskvin's apartment some of
33:59them were sitting on the surface
34:01some of them were up on shelves some of
34:04them were standing leaning against the
34:06now there was a lot of clutter in his
34:08apartment as well so there were some
34:10that were literally just thrown on the
34:11top of
34:12heaps of rubbish and heaps of clothes
34:14and just random things that he had there
34:17were some that were even stored
34:18in the garage of the property that
34:20weren't out on display as well they were
34:22all dressed up in dresses
34:24bonnets stockings they all seemed to
34:26have makeup on
34:27there were about 26 of these life-sized
34:31in turtle ranging in size from about
34:34child size to probably about
34:36four foot tall like bordering on like
34:38adult human size
34:40and while this was insanely creepy
34:43this wasn't exactly what police were
34:45there for it was none of their business
34:47really what someone has in their house
34:49so moskvin was taken to the police
34:52station for questioning
34:53in relation to all of these grave
34:55desecrations meanwhile
34:57a lot of the officers stayed back at his
34:58apartment to search for any kind of
35:01documents or writings or any kind of
35:03evidence to prove that he was the one
35:05that did all of these
35:06grave desecrations so as they were
35:08looking through literally all of this
35:10clutter in his apartment it was such a
35:12mess they had to move a lot of these
35:14dolls to be able to get to certain
35:16paperworks and things like that
35:18and as one of the officers lifted up one
35:20of these dolls
35:21and moved it he heard something rattling
35:24inside it so they all looked at each
35:26other and they thought
35:26oh god what's he hiding inside these
35:29dolls this looked a little bit
35:30incriminating now if he's
35:32hiding things inside dolls so they made
35:34the decision that they were gonna have
35:35to open up these dolls to look what was
35:38see if it was any evidence that they
35:40could use against him in this case
35:42but they opened one up and what they
35:44found inside was not
35:46documents it wasn't evidence what they
35:49found inside was
35:51much more horrific and that is where
35:55i'm going to end part one i'm so sorry
35:57that is literally the worst cliffhanger
35:59i've ever given you guys and i'm so
36:00sorry make sure you've got my
36:01notifications on because i will be back
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the case of Anatoly Moskvin and his house of human dolls?

Anatoly Moskvin's case involves the desecration of graves and the creation of life-sized dolls using the corpses he exhumed. His disturbing actions were discovered when police went to arrest him for the grave desecrations.

2. What contributed to Anatoly Moskvin's disturbing actions?

Anatoly Moskvin's traumatic past events and his obsession with death contributed to his disturbing actions.

3. How did police discover Anatoly Moskvin's dolls?

Police discovered Anatoly Moskvin's life-sized dolls when they went to arrest him for the grave desecrations.

4. What was the motivation behind Anatoly Moskvin's creation of human dolls?

Anatoly Moskvin's obsession with death and his traumatic past events motivated him to create life-sized dolls using the corpses he exhumed.

5. What led to the exposure of Anatoly Moskvin's disturbing actions?

Anatoly Moskvin's disturbing actions were exposed when police went to arrest him for grave desecrations and discovered the life-sized dolls made from exhumed corpses.

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