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This video explores the evolution of the roguelike genre over the past 40 years, highlighting influential games such as Rogue, Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, Dicey Dungeons, and Risk of Rain 2. The video showcases the different mechanics and features that make each game unique, ranging from turn-based gameplay and deep lore to dice-based combat and time-based challenges. These roguelike games continue to challenge players and provide hours of enjoyable content.
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This section provides an overview of the history of the roguelike genre, starting with the game Rogue in 1980.
Rogue is considered the first roguelike game, featuring turn-based gameplay and simplistic DOS graphics.
The game is challenging to win and includes various mechanics and ideas, such as scrolls and exploration.
The goal is to find the exit to each level, defeat enemies, and collect items.
The player progresses through different levels in the game Spelunky, encountering shopkeepers who become hostile if attacked.
There are four floors in each level, totaling 16 levels in the game.
The player must make the shopkeepers mad to achieve the true ending.
Shopkeepers move erratically and aggressively, posing a challenge to the player.
The video discusses the concept of currency in roguelike games and how it evolves over time.
Currency in roguelike games changes and evolves the game mechanics and powers.
The concept of currency in roguelike games is similar to RPG elements.
Rogue Legacy 1 and 2 are examples of games that implement the evolving currency system.
Crypt of the Necro Dancer is another game that combines turn-based gameplay with rhythm mechanics.
The speaker talks about a roguelike game with deep lore and character-specific bosses.
The game has a modding community and DLC.
The speaker admits to being bad at the game but still loves it.
They are playing as one of the worst characters and want to find a better gun.
The player navigates through challenging floors, utilizing the environment and defeating enemies.
The player uses a table to their advantage.
Birds appear in the game, but the reason is unknown.
The player struggles with key bindings but manages to adapt.
The player obtains a powerful shotgun and defeats enemies.
The section discusses two roguelike games, 'Dicey Dungeons' and 'Risk of Rain 2', highlighting their gameplay mechanics and the challenges faced by the player.
'Dicey Dungeons' is a dice-based roguelike game where the player uses dice to attack enemies, but the narrator warns that in this case, the enemy will hit them regardless.
'Risk of Rain 2' is a time-based roguelike game where the player fights against time while exploring and gathering resources, and the narrator faces challenging monsters at the beginning.
The game combines elements from successful indie and roguelike games, such as The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, and Hollow Knight, creating a delicate balance of decision-making and risk management.
The game features synergistic items and masterful platforming like The Binding of Isaac and Spelunky.
The currency in the game is health, inspired by Hollow Knight, where enemies drop souls that can be used for healing.
Every item in the game costs health to take, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.
There are still more updates and content to come for the game in the future.
The player has the choice of four options after taking damage, including not losing the chain and increasing luck by 10%.
The player decides to take the option to not lose the chain.
They heal and move on to the next floor without taking any hits.
The player can spend max hearts to increase item efficiency and upgrade the chain meter.
They also choose to have a 75% chance of crits appearing.
The player focuses on not getting hit, as HP is not a concern.
They find a secret room and hope to get something nice from it.
The bandana increases damage by 35% and killing enemies further increases it.
00:00the Rog likee genre has expanded changed
00:03and evolved over the past 40 years some
00:06may call them Rog like some Rogue lights
00:08others have their own definitions
00:10Dungeon Crawlers deck builders even slot
00:12machines but One Thing Remains the Same
00:15we all love this wacky genre that
00:17challenges us and gives us hours and
00:19hours of content and fun today we're
00:21going to take a trip through time
00:23through the history of Rog likes looking
00:25at some of the most famous Rog likee and
00:27Rog light games since the creation of
00:30rogle all the way to
00:332023 there's only so many games we can
00:35hit but we're going to take a look at
00:36some of the most influential primarily
00:39in the Rogue light genre the trick every
00:42time we get hit the game changes let's
00:45get started we start in 1980 with the
00:48creation of the Rog likee genre this is
00:50Rogue a game that is essentially just a
00:54a turn based simplistic uh dos graphic
00:59Style game G uh that released in In 1980
01:02this was the the mother or father of all
01:04Rog likee games uh it's a a difficult
01:07game very hard to win uh and a lot of
01:10really wonky uh ideas inside of it we we
01:14have a scroll that is titled
01:17Ned and I don't really know how to use
01:20the scroll either uh there's there's a
01:22lot of there's a lot of ideas and and
01:25mechanics in this game I just threw
01:27something all the way over here man okay
01:29come come pick this up real quick we can
01:32go through doors and explore the levels
01:34uh the goal is to eventually find the
01:37exit to the level which is a staircase
01:39uh and then there's oh we got a
01:40splitting path here and then there's a
01:42large majority of um items that you can
01:45grab and enemies that you can defeat and
01:48paths to find so here uh we have our
01:51exit down to the next floor uh but we do
01:54have this this K right here which I
01:56believe is a a kestral I swing and I
01:59miss the Castrol does not hit me I swing
02:02and I miss the Castrol has okay well
02:06well you know uh this is about how I
02:09expected uh Rogue to go and now we move
02:12into a game that a lot of people did not
02:14realize at the time was a Rog like
02:17Pokemon Mystery Dungeon jumping all the
02:19way to 2005 unfortunately not a game
02:22that I ever played back in the day as I
02:25was not really into Pokemon or Rog leges
02:28at the time don't shoot me I was like
02:30six when this came out uh let's let's
02:32explore and see what we can do here with
02:35Bulbasaur and Pikachu there's already an
02:36enemy right here I'm going to run away
02:39I'm going to run away because uh I do
02:41not feel I do not feel prepared to to
02:44fight this lad oh freck he's cutting me
02:46off at all sides okay he he's leaving
02:50he's leaving let's let's go this way I'm
02:53going to come up here and we're we're
02:54going to try to escape into this area I
02:58I I have to fight right right I have to
03:00fight get in here he missed I attack how
03:04do how do I attack I attack that seems
03:07good that seems very good I would like
03:09to I would like to attack I he took
03:13seven damage oh and I also take damage
03:17but now we start to move into a bunch of
03:19games that you're going to recognize as
03:21a Rog likee fan this is Spelunky classic
03:24which is the first version of spelunk
03:27that was ever released by mossmouth so
03:30let's see how well I can do in Spelunky
03:32one I don't have a ton of faith in
03:35myself uh primarily because boy pretty
03:38much everybody knows I'm terrible at
03:40Spelunky HD and Spelunky 2 so you would
03:43Envision that my Spelunky classic skills
03:46that I have played close to zero of in
03:48my life uh will not be up up to Snuff
03:51either but I will do what I can and I
03:53will I will try my my dang hardest can
03:56you please get can you please get up
03:57this ledge you little freak can we can
04:00we do like a run off of here absolutely
04:02the the controls are ever so slightly
04:06wonkier than than regular spelunk um
04:09like running is left Bumper in instead
04:13of like right Tri okay fair enough but
04:16now we jump all the way to 2011 three
04:19more years into the future to birth the
04:22game that really kicked off the entire
04:24Rog light genre it's Edmond McMillan's
04:27The Binding of Isaac the original
04:29Binding of Isaac not Binding of Isaac
04:31rebirth not Binding of Isaac after birth
04:34definitely not afterbirth plus and
04:36probably not repentance either this is
04:38the original flash version of the game
04:41that many players still consider one of
04:44the greatest versions of Isaac to ever
04:47release with an a nearly impossible DLC
04:50in Wrath of the Lamb uh that provides
04:52just some ridiculous Eternal enemies
04:56that that hopefully will see one so they
04:58can just kick my butt and and you can uh
05:00you can laugh at my my loss it's a still
05:04brilliant Rog likee game now over 10
05:07years old it's it's wild to to even say
05:09it hell rebirth is is actually 10 years
05:12old at this point too which uh actually
05:14just pretty much pains me in every way
05:18possible this is really not not this
05:20Binding of Isaac but Binding of Isaac
05:22rebirth is is really what got me into
05:24the Rog leg genre it's what turned my
05:26channel from being a Minecraft based
05:29Channel into a roguelike based channel
05:32so I definitely have a soft spot for
05:34Isaac many of you guys know that uh I
05:37still have just like an absurd amount of
05:39muscle memory in this game as well this
05:41is this is the the one that if I was
05:44ever going to uh pull off the the no hit
05:48run in this series there's a there's a
05:51pretty decent chance that that Isaac
05:54would would end up being the game that I
05:57I would potentially pull it off on
05:59although I don't know this this is the
06:01muscle memory has died a little bit man
06:03cuz I'm I'm I'm struggling out here
06:05we're we're good though we are so good
06:07little Cube of Meat I'm fine with that I
06:10will not be going to a curse room you
06:12can you can just suck it to be honest
06:15this is good this is very good we have a
06:17shop there um I am I am less enthralled
06:22about the idea oh freak me man it went
06:25right into me it went right into me but
06:28now we go into 20 2012 one year later
06:30Derek U has decided he's going to remake
06:33Spelunky classic and what an absolute
06:36Masterpiece the game is a game that I
06:39have dumped probably 300 hours into uh
06:43and many people have dumped thousands of
06:45hours into it's a brutally hard Rogue
06:47like everything wants to kill you but
06:49it's a game filled with secrets and
06:51mystery and all kinds of things to
06:53explore uh all while trying to balance
06:56your resources and and getting a high
06:58score and and just seeing all of the
07:01secrets and fun inside of the game it's
07:03one of my favorite Rogue leges of all
07:05time while I enjoy Spelunky 2 more
07:08Spelunky 1 is a complete Masterpiece to
07:11release when it did in
07:132012 I I just want to again reiterate
07:17it's one of my favorite games of all
07:19time and it's an absolute blessing to be
07:21able to sit here uh and and play it for
07:23a YouTube video in 2023 we move on to
07:27the next floor there's four floors in
07:30spelunk with four subf floors for each
07:32of those so basically 16 levels uh that
07:35you have to go through uh there's a
07:37final boss and then there's there's some
07:39secret levels too which um I mean short
07:42of me having the most miraculous run of
07:44all time right here which I can't deny
07:48maybe I will have okay maybe I will have
07:51but I would probably I would probably
07:53not Bank on it I'm
07:55terrified okay hello sir little little
07:58Indian Jones Vibe with that but we we
08:01can stack ourselves oh I have made a
08:05shopkeeper mad and this is something in
08:07Spelunky one that you uh you kind of
08:10just have to do if you're going to get
08:12the the true ending of the game is is
08:16make the shopkeepers Mad boy there's
08:18just a lot of them
08:20huh what do you do here what do you do
08:23here oh God
08:25okay I'm just going to toss some Bombs
08:28over there kind of kind of hope for the
08:31that's not where I wanted to toss that
08:32bomb how about one right there kind of
08:34hope for the best okay that's one
08:35shopkeeper dead the shopkeepers move uh
08:40extremely erratically in in Spelunky one
08:44and they uh they want to murder you they
08:46they do oh we're clean we're so clean
08:50never been more clean give me all your
08:51items now that I've killed you I'll I'll
08:53walk out uh we're we're what like 6
08:56minutes into the video I'm committing
08:57terrorist attacks so that's that's
08:59that's good we we got it all got it all
09:02figured out so now that the shopkeeps
09:04are are mad at
09:06me that puts us in a a really difficult
09:09position moving forward cuz they're
09:11going to be mad at me uh
09:13forever pretty much um you can get their
09:16forgiveness but the reality is uh they
09:19will be mad at me forever and I just
09:22have to I just have to to play my game
09:25play my game be very cautious and then
09:29absolutely murder them before they can
09:30murder me which that's basically just
09:33the name of the game is it not actually
09:35the name of the game is Spelunky uh okay
09:39there's a shopkeep right there he do be
09:42angry he definitely do be angry as soon
09:44as he jumps over there I'm running oh my
09:48lordy he's
09:50in I missed I missed the entrance for a
09:53small second there gave me half a heart
09:57attack oh okay drop here's the secret
10:00chest which I would love to get if if
10:03possible but it requires the the secret
10:05key to get the secret chest uh and I'm
10:08not sure if you've noticed but I do not
10:10have the secret
10:11key and this is not a a case of me doing
10:14encryption or anything like that I don't
10:16have the public key or the private key
10:18Either okay um send me up please and
10:21send me up again sorry that was my my
10:24security major slipping out again okay
10:27um I drop I jump very
10:30good big spider is a problem so I will
10:33blow him
10:34up sucks to be him uh a little bit of
10:37paste for for yours
10:40truly and uh very very clean so now
10:43paste allows us to have sticky bombs
10:46there's there's the key would have been
10:48nice like a long time
10:51ago I think I got to do something like
10:53this uh oh my Lord he's just terrifying
10:59okay we we can probably his shotgun is
11:02gone right
11:04so whoa my guy actually made it
11:07up super jump okay very good very good I
11:12leave I could collect the dog uh which
11:14would allow me to gain an extra Health
11:16but I I don't necessarily feel a reason
11:18to at the current moment we have made it
11:21to the Jungle uh despite what uh Guns
11:24and Roses said there's not a lot of fun
11:27in games in here it's it's primarily
11:29just more ways to to die uh but that's
11:32that's kind the that's kind of the the
11:34Spelunky way hello my friend this is
11:38where you you pull off the procedure
11:41known as cascading bombs you place a
11:44bomb here and then a bomb here this is
11:46not possible in oh no it's not possible
11:50in Spelunky 2
11:52um I will be just jumping and falling
11:55and then going in it went fine it went
11:58so f fine why were we concerned we have
12:01bombs we have no bombs I will say that I
12:04I think there's a planet in which
12:07spelunk okay I was about to say a planet
12:09in which spelunk is a game where I could
12:11not take damage in it but I was brutally
12:14wrong and speaking of games that are
12:16brutally hard FTL faster than like comes
12:19into the mix releasing in 2012 along
12:22with Spelunky it's a game that really
12:24helped to revolutionize the roguelike
12:26genre by bringing back kind kind of this
12:29turn based style of game but
12:32implementing real time gameplay into it
12:36uh which created this this frantic
12:38brutally hard game sure I'll I'll pledge
12:41to do what I can thank you for the the
12:43scrap my guy send me to this distress
12:46Beacon only only positive things can
12:49happen from this I'm sure uh giant alien
12:51spiders are is real bad I will not be I
12:55will not be helping you in each uh
12:58sector you have to make your ship get to
13:01the exit uh while trying to upgrade your
13:04resources and your power and all kinds
13:07of things to improve your Shields and
13:10increase your your chance for dodging
13:12and all kinds of stuff let's Aid this
13:15Federation ship um we'll we'll power our
13:18our weapons and we'll go so if we look
13:19here um we got three power available I
13:22can power up our our weapons which is
13:24good going to turn off the med Bay for
13:27now and divert the power to our engines
13:32um divert our power to our Eng just
13:34right click to to get rid of your power
13:36by the way um by having more in our our
13:39engine it allows us to have a higher
13:41Dodge chance uh so evasion would go up I
13:45think that that's a pretty good thing
13:48for me here here's our uh our captain
13:50our pilot we can move him anywhere uh
13:53but when we're paused obviously he
13:54cannot move we do not want him to move
13:56uh and our our lasers are going to be
13:58powered in up which allows us to to do
14:00some nonsense um now there's a highly
14:04decent chance that I'm going to get hit
14:06here in a second cuz they just launched
14:07a missile at me so FTL it's been fun
14:10having you this is one of the one of the
14:12most brutal games I've ever played I
14:14have a 30 episode series on this game I
14:17got my first win 30 episodes into it um
14:20highly recommend if you want to see more
14:22of this amazing game uh we are about to
14:24get hit this missile is going to
14:25obliterate me I hope I'm wrong uh is not
14:29looking good ladies and gentlemen it is
14:30not looking good okay fair enough fair
14:34enough and now we find ourselves one
14:36year later in 2013 with Rogue Legacy
14:39taking the Rogue leg genre once again
14:42and revolutionizing it with a new idea
14:44the idea of meta progression getting
14:47currency throughout your game to
14:49continue to change and evolve the game
14:52to have more mechanics more powers and
14:55make the game easier for you while still
14:57expanding your abil AB ility to get
14:59through the game kind of providing RPG
15:01like elements this is an idea that then
15:04proceeds to blow up in in future years
15:07with games like vampire survivors taking
15:09it over but we'll we'll get there when
15:10we get there let's unlock the Smithy
15:12here um and and see this is now the the
15:15blacksmith that can we can get new stuff
15:17from uh but I only have 20 gold and I
15:20can't really afford any of this because
15:22it it cost 60 Gold so now I find myself
15:25having to go right back into the dungeon
15:27again talking to the blacksmith and
15:29doing everything that I have to do um
15:32but I don't have anything so I'm just
15:34going to go in Rogue Legacy one uh is is
15:38one of those games sure I will I will
15:40give you all of all of my remaining
15:42money I can't do anything with it Rogue
15:44Legacy 1 uh taken over by Rogue Legacy 2
15:48many of you may may know Rogue Legacy 2
15:50a little bit more uh bit bit more modern
15:53of a game can I kill you I can you're a
15:56scary but I I can't kill you the these
16:00spikes in this room are are freaking me
16:03out a little if I jump too high I'm I'm
16:06I'm banging the old uh the old the old
16:10head please give me give me a little
16:13dagger right into right into you I'm
16:15trying so hard to be good at the game
16:17here I'm absolutely terrified of this oh
16:21Freak Me nope I'm out nope I'm dead yeah
16:25Rogue Legacy 1 was also like a brutally
16:27hard game uh on top of everything else
16:29especially when you don't have any of
16:30the progression that uh I I had talked
16:33about and speaking of games that are
16:35impossible launching in 2014 Crypt of
16:38the necro dancer a turn based Rhythm Rog
16:43likee where you find yourself exploring
16:45these dungeons while keeping beat with
16:47your heart that's on the bottom of the
16:49screen the only trick is that enemies
16:51are also trying to kill you in the
16:54dungeon so I have to be very careful as
16:57I attack them that I can still defeat
17:00them while Gathering all of the things
17:03in the dungeon and making our way
17:07through I find that my voice tends to go
17:11like this when when I play this game
17:14this is a game that I I have actively
17:16avoided playing on YouTube because it's
17:20it's so difficult it's it's just like
17:23the most difficult game to play as a
17:27content creator and then there's there's
17:29tiles like this that bounce you around
17:32you get multipliers if you keep the beat
17:34uh so I'm I'm trying to do what I can to
17:37to keep the beat here if I can make it
17:39out of floor one I will consider this to
17:41be a a massive win I'm telling you that
17:44I'm not exaggerating when I say that I
17:47am just horrible at this game okay just
17:52absolutely horrible and so far I'm doing
17:54better than I think I've ever done in my
17:56life and you're going to go Tyler you
17:57fought like four enemies you know what
18:00that's that's four more enemies than I I
18:03killed the last time I played this game
18:05so oh what the
18:08freak okay I am not
18:10prepared I'm running away like a like a
18:13little baby this guy's coming he he's
18:17he's coming and he's hot and ready okay
18:22he's he's so hot and ready I could have
18:26probably put more emphasis on the not
18:29he's so hot part cuz that alone raised a
18:33lot of questions he's going to crash
18:34into that wall man he's going to be down
18:36for the count for a
18:39second what do you do in this scenario
18:41huh okay here's my
18:45idea I get to here and then I go down I
18:48kill him he's crazy he's absolutely nuts
18:50I don't know I don't know how he got so
18:53good we are about to run out of I think
18:55those red lines mean that I'm running
18:56out of time so I got to I got to
18:59freaking go dude I think the I think
19:02everything's there's
19:04monkeys I'm dead no I'm not dead I did
19:07not take any damage okay we're we're
19:09good expected the game to change right
19:11there he's
19:12crazy he's he's so crazy making it out
19:16of floor one in crypto the necro
19:18dancer and you said it would never
19:23happen I I'm actually am I secretly
19:27cracked in this game I haven't played
19:28this in like four
19:30years and yet here I am just just
19:33bodying along okay there we go I was
19:37going to say all all good things come to
19:39an end I'm telling you I'm pretty sure
19:41that this video is just meant to make
19:43sure that I play the hardest possible
19:46games and just humiliate myself in 2015
19:49Nuclear Throne dropping uh an incredible
19:52little top down shooter Rog likee that
19:55then goes on to inspire so many other
19:57top down shooter Rog leges such as enter
20:01the gungeon for example and and so many
20:03others it's a brilliant little game that
20:05is brutally hard I believe that I've
20:07only so much as beaten the throne once
20:10in it uh but it is a game that I I do
20:13think is possible to not take damage in
20:18right it's it's just got one of those uh
20:21one of those kind kinds of styles to it
20:25so who knows maybe today is the day uh
20:27after I haven't played it in I don't
20:29know um like like 2 years maybe today is
20:34the day that I I just slip in and and
20:37get some incredible uh incredible wins
20:40in in Nuclear Throne there are a lot of
20:43characters and a lot of secrets in this
20:44game too uh and also a a pretty insane
20:47modding Community uh there's there's
20:49like Binding of Isaac antibirth Style
20:52mods for this game um something that I I
20:55probably should check out at some point
20:57in the in the future but I I have not
20:59been blessed with the opportunity to
21:01check out uh up to this point more speed
21:04walking normal on terrain I just don't
21:06really care I guess it's the only one
21:08that's halfway decent here though
21:10because taking anything related to
21:12health in a challenge where I can't get
21:13hit is kind of a waste right so I might
21:17as well there there's definitely some
21:18better options if I intended on on
21:21lasting quite some time in this one but
21:24for me right now I I can't be I simply
21:29can't be bothered take a take a couple
21:30crossbow shots big boy you're you're
21:33you're a large lad to be oh freak me you
21:36got me you got me and I I don't I don't
21:39expect anything less now I'm sure you
21:41probably expected it as soon as I said
21:43it but enter the gungeon is a game that
21:45released in
21:472016 inspired by Nuclear Throne and The
21:50Binding of Isaac it put its new twist
21:53own twist on the Rog like genre where it
21:56kind of introduced this top top down
21:58shooter where all of your items are
22:00wacky and unique guns with references to
22:03other games references to uh movies all
22:07kinds of of wacky guns to mess around
22:11with and and play with but it also had a
22:13a deep lore all of the characters with
22:15their own pasts that you have to conquer
22:18uh each character basically having its
22:20own little specified boss to beat at the
22:23end of the game and then they proceeded
22:25to go on and and build a bunch of DLC
22:27for the game as well uh there's a really
22:29excellent modding Community for the game
22:31too uh we've actually done a lot of
22:33modded dungon on the channel and it's a
22:36game that I am uh probably way worse at
22:39than what I should with the amount of
22:40hours that I've played in it um I do not
22:44think that I can beat this game without
22:45getting hit but I still love it
22:47nonetheless it's one of my my favorite
22:49Rogue like games to ever release and
22:51it's in my like probably top five or six
22:55Rog light games ever made so uh I highly
22:58highly recommend it if you do not know
23:00the game we are playing as basically one
23:03of the worst characters here so I would
23:06like to find a a gun eventually to
23:09improve our our build here uh we do have
23:13a key so we we can open up a chest uh I
23:16also have a decent chunk of money so I
23:19theoretically just buy a gun too uh if
23:23that's something that that floats our
23:25boat but there's not a lot of great guns
23:27that we're going to be able to buy from
23:28a shop on on floor one
23:31here so let's let's do what we can make
23:34our way around but this this starter
23:37starter pistol is uh is pretty booty
23:40with with this character I I cannot deny
23:44some of the other character starting
23:45guns are way way better than than this
23:49oh you got you got some heat packing
23:52down there what what are what are you
23:54doing my guy getting a getting a little
23:57crazy over here
23:58I'd prefer you didn't thank you very
23:59much okay we know this will eventually
24:02lead us to our item room because of the
24:04X on the map right there so just just
24:07play your game play your game you got it
24:09you got it all all somewhat under
24:12control another key we do not mind
24:13seeing at all I could go back and open
24:16up that that one brown chest we saw but
24:18I'm I'm holding out for uh Holding Out
24:21for a red chest here in this item room
24:24manifesting manifesting manifesting the
24:26red chest okay fair enough we take a
24:29green though I mean green chests are
24:30very good so this looks like a passive
24:32item is Magic
24:33Bullets and what's so magic about our
24:36bullets um I wish I knew to be honest
24:39with you for some reason I'm very good
24:41at memorizing uh items in Rog light
24:45games gungon I just have never been able
24:47to do it now this is a terrible item uh
24:50a squirt gun is not going to do all that
24:53much damage for me but we can still use
24:56it a little bit
24:58uh and and potentially just use it to
25:00push some of these guys into into the
25:03water and kill them that way um you use
25:06what you got right you use what you got
25:10uh and try your best to to make things
25:12work we're doing fine so far no no
25:14damage taken I would like to at least
25:18take a peak in this shop and see if
25:20there's a a gun that I I could use for
25:24the the boss fight here cuz a squirt gun
25:27is not going to take me very far uh on
25:30on the boss fight I'm going to tell you
25:32that right now so we're looking for
25:34something for for 48 in here um I mean
25:38the machine pistol is is just not what
25:41you're looking for man it's not what
25:43you're looking for Full Metal Jacket
25:45could actually extend this run a little
25:47bit um no you will you will have to
25:51suffer you will have to suffer through
25:53me uh attempting to beat this boss with
25:56a a squirt gun
25:58okay it's the trigger twins the trigger
26:01twins are not that bad they they tend to
26:04stand somewhat
26:06still so I can I can kind of just Aimbot
26:09them with with my squirt
26:12gun okay this is going okay the the
26:15issue is that our pistol is not very
26:17accurate on top of the fact that it has
26:18no damage so it puts us into oh freak me
26:23we're fine everything is so fine what
26:26you were concerned there
26:28if you were concerned I'd hate to know
26:29what what I was I'm going to blank real
26:32quick a mechanic in this game where I
26:33can get rid of all bullets on the screen
26:35for a second I have blinked again I now
26:37have no
26:38blanks everything's fine okay
26:41everything's so fine you should not
26:43should not even be like a little bit
26:45concerned uh that's going to be a
26:47problem I think oh it's going fine it's
26:50going fine you got to kill one of them
26:51man you got to kill one of them if if
26:54you have any hope of of escaping plus
26:58the other one gets heals at the end of
27:00uh at the end of the combat so you you
27:02really have to kill kill one of them
27:04right here get get into to phase two one
27:09dead very good he did not gain any heals
27:12this this goes to show again I I've
27:14played a lot of this game and I still
27:16don't know anything going on in
27:18it but ladies and gentlemen I'm feeling
27:22pretty good about our potential to beat
27:26at least one floor event the dungeon
27:28without getting hit we we take those we
27:31take those and fortunately the game
27:33actually gives you uh a benefit to doing
27:35that an extra Health which is uh
27:37completely irrelevant to somebody like
27:40me but now we have the jolter which is
27:42actually one of my favorite guns in the
27:44game so that's kind of cool it's a very
27:47very good one it can help to carry us
27:49through uh floor two here five floors in
27:52the game I promise you right now um
27:55there is close to a zero % chance that
27:58you are going to see more than Floor 2
28:00but who knows I mean crazier things have
28:02happened this is double vision is an
28:05excellent item man it's an excellent
28:07item um I have to remember how to use it
28:12cuz it's it's an active item right click
28:16I don't remember how to I don't remember
28:17how to scroll my active items I really
28:19don't I I have no clue uh I don't even
28:23have a a preset for it I'd like to bind
28:26that to
28:28um I don't know I'd like to bind it to
28:32one this this goes to show I haven't
28:34actually played gungon uh since I got my
28:37my new computer um so I haven't I
28:41haven't been able to to to figure any of
28:44this out can I maybe like is there a way
28:48for me to hit you from here it's it's
28:51obviously like a little tight I mean
28:54that this it is hitting
28:56him this is so stupid it is hitting him
29:00though I mean we we take those we take
29:02those okay oh there's another guy here
29:05though okay fair enough fair enough uh
29:09I'm going to do the exact same thing
29:12here this is a miserable
29:15floor please get out of here let me
29:18leave let me leave I don't want to be
29:20here I don't I don't want to I don't
29:22want to mess with you I don't want to
29:23mess with this
29:25either we we're we're now everything is
29:28a little it's a lot hotter than it was
29:30before okay everything everything gets a
29:33little spicy when you get on the floor
29:35two and enter the dungeon I still think
29:37floor 3 is one of the hardest floors uh
29:39in the entire game but floor two it's no
29:42joke either okay get killed get killed
29:46use the environment to your advantage
29:48ladies and
29:49gentlemen I mean I could use that table
29:51to my advantage too but I I haven't
29:52found a good use for that table uh as of
29:55yet spam oh God
29:59good my my fear is immeasurable um and I
30:04fully intend on not getting hit hello
30:08friend get out of here that little freak
30:11was was buffing the other guy um I don't
30:13know why these these birds are here I'm
30:16I'm actually I got no clue on that one
30:19do I even have I think what the heck is
30:22my my key Bing to use an item man use
30:26item I ain't got nothing on use item
30:29okay that is going to be right click
30:32okay we're we're good I know that my key
30:35bindings for gungeon are very weird you
30:38you need not comment on that I've I've
30:42been I've been running these key
30:43bindings in gungeon for
30:45forever it just takes me a little bit to
30:48remember them once I play cuz like they
30:50typically have the Dodge roll as as
30:52right click and that just feels weird to
30:54me so I put it on space and then
30:56everything thing kind of just get it
30:58gets broken after that this is amazing
31:00dude I don't have a key I could try to
31:03lockpick it um or on a separate note I
31:07could just buy a key right that seems
31:11like a a much much nicer scenario give
31:14me the good guns it's a good gun it's
31:16the the Zilla shotgun okay okay 264
31:21shots in this bad
31:25legendary gun for us too use get
31:29blasted get
31:31blasted you can charge the sucker up and
31:33and he'll be even the better for you get
31:38get DED okay maybe I should not have
31:40doused you just just jolt you you just
31:43jolt them you just jolt him
31:46okay oh
31:49my we're we're keeping the Good Times
31:51Rolling okay I got
31:54hit fair enough fair enough but that
31:57just means we get to move one year later
31:59in 2017 to my favorite deck building Rog
32:02like and really one of the first deck
32:05building Rog leges of all time this is
32:07slay the Spire a brilliant deck building
32:10Rog likee game where you will be playing
32:12cards from your hand adding new cards to
32:16your deck and continuing to evolve four
32:18characters in the game to really just
32:21help you uh to conquer the dungeon at
32:24hand now this is a game that is not
32:26really even physically possible to
32:28perform hitless in uh but I am going to
32:32do what I can to expand this as long as
32:35humanly possible uh fortunately we have
32:38some potions here that we can use to to
32:40get some help uh if I end up needing
32:44said help but I'll at least be able to
32:47get through uh the first fight here
32:50without taking any damage what do we
32:53want here uh if I have discarded a card
32:55this turn gain to energy could be very
32:59good it is the worst available card here
33:02um if I I go choke it could be could be
33:06decent riddle with holes also always a
33:08good choice a 15 damage card with the
33:10potential for more if you get more
33:11strength give me the the choker okay
33:15choker I I barely know her um that one
33:18actually that one uh has has interesting
33:21implications that I'm going to ignore at
33:23this time kill a strike from my deck
33:27and put me into my next battle I am
33:29concerned about this one I would like to
33:32hit you and then hit you you take a
33:37little bit of damage in return um I'm
33:39going to end my
33:42turn and now things get a little bit
33:44spicy okay four damage weaken you six
33:50block we're so
33:52back we're so back forces me to actually
33:56pay attention to what my cards are
33:57instead of just uh going absolutely in
34:00Sano mode and slay the Spire is a good
34:03card don't get it twisted um I would
34:05like to add a sneaky strike to my deck
34:09because it actually plays pretty well
34:11with choke um this will just hurt me so
34:15I'm going to not take it although let it
34:16be known that I would typically take it
34:19there uh do I need
34:21Tempest it's a weird weird thing to have
34:24in there you know what I'll I'll do it
34:26and you can have a a strike for the
34:28future now this this obviously puts me
34:30into a very very alarming scenario there
34:33is not a whole lot that that I can do uh
34:36going into an elite battle
34:38here but alas I'm going to try my best
34:42okay I'm going to try my best this is
34:45also possibly the worst Elite battle
34:47that that I could go into we're going to
34:50end up popping this entr Tropic Brew
34:52here in a sec um end your turn the goal
34:56here is to use Tempest to burn a lot of
34:58Health off of
35:00you so so I'm ending turn again this is
35:04this is so not going to work okay it's
35:06so not going to
35:07work it's going to
35:10be Tempest well hold
35:14on the entropic Brew I want to use in a
35:17time where okay I'm just going to pop
35:19this okay I have no orb
35:23slots I don't I don't know why I
35:26definitely thought that that added orb
35:30slot okay yeah that's a great point to
35:33be honest that's that's an excellent
35:34excellent argument that you've presented
35:36yourself with and now you're awake and
35:38I've done absolutely nothing to mitigate
35:40that um pop me the block fill my
35:42inventory three
35:44Thorns I mean just pop them all you know
35:46that this is not going to end up working
35:48in in the long run but I'll do what I
35:51can we don't carry over blocks so I got
35:53to make sure we are we are rock freaking
35:56solid on this one and and ladies and
35:59gentlemen I'm rock freaking solid um you
36:02could take that whichever way you'd like
36:04to um 14 damage eight damage I don't
36:08know there's there's maybe a planet in
36:11which this is doable but that planet is
36:14Mars that planet is is nowhere in our
36:19system okay it's going to be the
36:23weakness is really
36:25good but hold on
36:29okay I have to go with a
36:33discard on
36:35this then I can go
36:38choke no I can't go choke yet I have to
36:42then go this that gives me my stuff back
36:45this and then this and I still die so
36:50God speed see you in the next game
36:53welcome welcome to another luck based
36:55RNG um impossible to to no hit game but
36:59it's a game that I love nonetheless in
37:02dicey dungeons a game that released in
37:042019 bringing the Rog likee nature to a
37:07dice game probably the first dice based
37:11Rog likee to exist uh we play dice from
37:14our hand onto our items in the hopes of
37:17the enemies not killing us now in this
37:19case I'm going to warn you right now
37:21this frog is just going to hit me okay
37:23he's just going to hit me so this is a
37:25little bit of a a tough one for us um I
37:28will I will hit you for six damage my
37:30friend I can roll this dice a million
37:33times um it is it is not going to do
37:35anything for me in the long run because
37:39uh you're going to hit me right here but
37:41dicey dungeons is a brilliant game with
37:43a brilliant soundtrack I highly
37:44recommend you check it out uh I've got a
37:46lot of episodes of this sucker on my
37:48channel and bang and so we move into
37:532020 where we play the sequel to one of
37:56the greatest Rog leges of all time risk
37:58of rain risk of rain too now I am
38:01finding myself in a very sticky position
38:03right here off the get-go with some some
38:05very large and InCharge monsters to
38:07defeat right here what risk of rain 2
38:10presents is a a new take on risk of
38:12rain's time based rogu likee nature
38:15where you are fighting against time
38:17itself as you look to explore while also
38:20trying to get as many resources as
38:22humanly possible while you explore the
38:24area hey can you like chill for seconds
38:26I'm trying to do my intro to this game
38:29my guy you're you're really you're
38:31really kind of making me mad right here
38:34okay and can you stop shooting Fireballs
38:35at me this is a game that I have not
38:37played a lot of um and I'm also like
38:39absolutely miserable at it but it is a
38:43special game and it's one that a lot of
38:45people coin as their favorite Rog like
38:47of all time so it's only fitting that
38:49that it should be in here as a a very
38:51influential and inspirational Rog like
38:54for the uh the Rog like community
38:57okay these guys are they're crazy man
39:00they're absolutely nuts I mean they're
39:02they're they're flinging through the air
39:04they're they're doing all kinds of stuff
39:06I'm get out of here get out of here I'm
39:09terrified oh the Fireballs oh all the
39:12Fireballs okay
39:14chill you you got to you got to get all
39:18kinds of messed up my why are you coming
39:20out of the freaking woodwork get out of
39:22here can I buy this I don't know how to
39:24buy this okay um let's
39:27let's go down here okay I took fall
39:31damage I didn't know I didn't know you
39:34could take fall damage at the game and
39:36now we move into the modern era of Rogue
39:402021 starting with a game that has now
39:44inspired so many other games to the
39:47point where I'm mad at this game for
39:49inspiring so many other games this is
39:51vampire survivors bringing this new idea
39:54of a a horde survival
39:56shooter a bullet Heaven by many where
40:00you have enemies swarming you and you
40:02are trying to collect their experience
40:05that you get from killing them to then
40:06level up your character and continue to
40:09get more and more stats and unlock more
40:11and more characters and more mechanics
40:13and and all kinds of wacky things now
40:16this is not a genre that I really enjoy
40:19and many of you may realize that but
40:22there's no doubt that this is one of the
40:23most influential games in the Rogue
40:26space today uh it has really just blown
40:30up and inspired so many other Rog likee
40:33games as well as been a game that has
40:35brought a lot of people to the Rog likee
40:37genre uh just due to its accessibility
40:41there's a ton of content in Vampire
40:43survivors uh and it's now available on
40:45so many platforms that a lot of people
40:47just just know about the game and and
40:50love it and enjoy it and that is what I
40:53consider uh to be a very good and
40:55influen eval Rog like let's open this
40:58chest here uh and and see what we get we
41:01we'll get something that's for sure it's
41:03it's another another whip I may take
41:06damage as soon as I step out of this
41:07though please don't don't do it though I
41:10think I definitely took damage coming
41:12out of that uh but you know what it
41:14didn't it didn't change the game so I'm
41:16going to say uh it didn't and I'm going
41:20to be intelligent and and continue going
41:24sometimes the game master he he knows
41:26and sometimes he he don't know and when
41:29when he know he know and when he don't
41:32know he don't know that's just it's just
41:34how how nature goes so we do have little
41:37uh little puddles now appearing that are
41:40are helping us to uh deal a little bit
41:43of damage to our enemies which is very
41:45nice for Tyler the whips are are
41:47flinging in many different directions
41:49also very nice for Tyler we're we're
41:52still kill oh what the freck that's a
41:54lot of bats man that that was a lot of
41:57bats okay it's starting to it's starting
41:59to heat up the the oven is turned on but
42:02the the dip ain't in yet oh my God this
42:06is also a game that I don't really think
42:08is ever meant to be uh done hitless but
42:11especially with uh zero meta progression
42:13turned on because I I just reinstalled
42:15it today so all of my settings from my
42:18old computer definitely did not save um
42:21steam Cloud saves help me out in the
42:23future okay uh we're running I believe
42:25we have to survive 20 minutes um if I
42:27survive 20 minutes I'll I'll eat my foot
42:30live on stream just no at like a carrot
42:33uh There is close to zero chance give me
42:36we we need we need something to orbit me
42:39I'm going to take the Bible look I know
42:40there's a bunch of synergies in this
42:42game where you collect certain things I
42:43don't know what the freak any of them
42:45are so I'm just going to take some
42:47things that I know deal some
42:50damage I know the Bible do circle around
42:53me I think that that's a a pretty
42:56pretty important thing for for us to add
42:59here got some new enemies on the screen
43:02they're they're terrifying we also have
43:05this uh this blue bat I'm pretty sure
43:08the blue bat means that he drops a chest
43:11when I kill him so realistically that's
43:14that's something that I would like to to
43:16explore as a a nice
43:19possibility can we can we maybe can we
43:22maybe kill that bat ladies and gentlemen
43:24I think that now the bats are going to
43:26to go away and it's just going to be
43:27skeletons from here on out and I think
43:29that that that potentially makes me even
43:31more scared for my future hey you want
43:33to Mr Bat you want to die I mean how how
43:36many hits does the damn bat take okay he
43:38is dead getting back over there going to
43:41be going to be a little little tight
43:42though a little tight give me give me a
43:45a whip upgrade open up my my
43:49chest I would love for this chest to to
43:52contain something amazing it's an
43:54upgrade to my Bible I think is that an
43:57accurate assessment of the situation I
44:00think so is a king Bible level two for
44:03for one more yeah okay yeah fair fair
44:06enough that time the the game operator
44:08said no but boy am I excited to be here
44:122022 finest Rog like game this is Rita a
44:172d platforming Rog like that really I
44:20consider to be uh a true Masterpiece and
44:23a combination of so many other
44:25successful Indie and Rogue like games
44:27taking the the nature of The Binding of
44:29Isaac with with synergistic items paired
44:32with masterful platforming of the game
44:35like Spelunky then taking other Indie
44:37Games as inspiration such as Hollow
44:39Knight where in Rita your main currency
44:42in the game is your health and every
44:44enemy drops Souls that then allow you to
44:47heal but then every item costs your
44:49health to take so it's This brilliant
44:52delicate balance where where you're
44:53constantly fighting with decision making
44:56of is it worth it for my run for me to
44:58take this item knowing that I'm going to
45:01decrease my HP and potentially cause
45:03myself to take more damage it's such a
45:06brilliant little Masterpiece and there
45:07is still more content coming to the game
45:10hopefully uh in the nearby future so
45:12here we can see a statue that allows us
45:14to spend our hearts for some items here
45:17familiar that spawns extra Souls every
45:20six rooms plasma core creates a damaging
45:23Shield bandana is really really good is
45:27really good I'm going to take the
45:29bandana here and we're also going to get
45:31a nice free relic of the provision bag
45:34increase your max HP and increase your
45:36damage by a lot but it decreases for
45:37each subsequent beaten area um not a
45:40good item in the late game but a very
45:42good item in the right now so I I am
45:45chill with it we will we will hopefully
45:48be able to uh Flawless floor one of
45:51ravita I get that has been a little bit
45:55since I've played Rita but I I have been
45:59uh semi masterful at the game in in my
46:03past history I have a lot of episodes of
46:05this game on my channel if you are
46:07interested in a a nice new series to to
46:10binge we uh we have seen it all and and
46:14continue to see more and more as as the
46:18progresses let's be let's be cautious
46:21here anything can go terribly wrong when
46:24you enter into a room and that
46:26definitely had the potential to go
46:28terribly wrong right there in said room
46:31please just just just die please just
46:34die very good I want to I want to just
46:36check for for some secret rooms around
46:39here there is always there is always a
46:41potential for a secret room I definitely
46:44thought that that was one right there
46:45I'm I'm horrific at at finding secret
46:48rooms in this game there's two kinds of
46:51secret rooms there's a regular secret
46:52room and then a super secret room uh
46:55you'll know when we find the the secret
46:57room you probably will not know when I
46:59find the super secret
47:01room but uh that's because it's it's
47:03super secret as we said okay give me
47:07this do not get hit by the spikes those
47:09can't hurt you anyway send me in this is
47:12uh spend the key for an item I don't
47:15even know if I want one of these items
47:17at the current moment Soul torches give
47:19more souls increasing my shot
47:22speed uh this is not a good item for me
47:25especially not spending a key for it uh
47:28Keys being a little bit of a hot
47:31commodity in this
47:33game but uh I take nonetheless another
47:37thing that that the Rita takes from
47:40another successful Ro game one we've
47:42already seen in this video is slay the
47:43spire's Ascension system uh and it's
47:46something that slay the Spire truly
47:47excelled in was creating this this
47:49unique form of of difficulty scaling in
47:53inside of a Rog like where once you win
47:55it a run you have the opportunity to
47:57play again with things slightly
48:00increased in terms of its damage just to
48:02keep the the highest of the highest
48:04challenge uh going Rita does the same
48:07thing but it it honestly does it in an
48:09even better way by providing you with
48:12new content as well as you raise the
48:14difficulty um having some unlocks tied
48:17to beating the game on higher levels
48:18giving you more decision making when
48:21you're playing on on those higher
48:23difficulty levels it's just good okay I
48:26I can continue to talk about how much I
48:28love this game forever uh and ever and
48:30ever and ever it's it's just a brilliant
48:32brilliant game okay I will take another
48:34curse uh despite this being not a a
48:37great idea we did start with a curse
48:39we'll go Souls disappear quicker uh and
48:41then I'm going to reroll the shop in the
48:43hopes of getting something like a basic
48:46damage upgrade still got a little bit
48:48before the boss we we'll probably spend
48:51a uh another key for for this door right
48:54here and potentially grab ourselves
48:56another item it will be
48:58cursed but uh what isn't cursed in in
49:012023 am I right send me in send me in
49:06what do you got you got a little golden
49:08chain the chain meter can go higher is
49:11fine um the higher our chain meter is
49:15sure we'll take this the goal is to not
49:16get hit so not not not exactly an item
49:20that that truly affects me in in any way
49:24okay we do have a a champ I enemy in
49:27this room fortunately it is just a fly
49:30so I'm about as scared as I would be if
49:34a rabbit was chasing me outside unless
49:36we're watching Monty Python in which
49:38case maybe I would actually be terrified
49:40um okay crits have a higher chance of
49:42happening that's a a 50% chance at crits
49:45happening it's a very very good item
49:47it's a legendary item but as our chain
49:50meter goes up and you can see it in the
49:52top right here's a secret room um as
49:54that chain meter met goes up we get more
49:56souls for for each enemy death so it's
49:59really valuable having that chain meter
50:01able to go higher just allows us to get
50:04even more souls uh than than we
50:06previously had the opportunity to get
50:09send me in send me in simple damage up
50:12we take
50:13those take those every day of the damn
50:15week if you're seeing these beehives and
50:17you're like Tyler those beehives look
50:18like they may be something for you to
50:20take a peek at uh you would be correct
50:23but I am not going to do it in in this
50:25video if you want to see what those
50:27beehives do you can go and check my
50:29series on Rita um okay I will take this
50:32chest one final good item on this floor
50:35it's actually been an excellent floor uh
50:39today first floor of Rita frog leg good
50:42item I me it's just a good item lot of
50:44lot of stats in a lot of different
50:46directions increases my speed combats
50:48that speed down that I I took on a curse
50:51at the very very beginning of the Run
50:53let's fight the boss here the
50:56n and we'll see what can happen we took
50:58the man Drake so I do have uh I do have
51:02this boss starting with a A Little Less
51:04HP and I I am happy that it is
51:08because my fear is
51:11immeasurable I'm just kidding we can
51:14probably Flawless you without any issues
51:17we do get extra resources if we do
51:19Flawless you but you'll find that we get
51:22more choices when when we finish this
51:24boss it's not just here's your loot it's
51:27here's your loot but you have to decide
51:29what loot you want um and it's it's such
51:32a a brilliant way to do rogue leg games
51:35when when you present the player with
51:38more choices and less of just here's
51:42here's your items deal with them right
51:46uh it puts more play back into the
51:48player instead of in the
51:50Creator so I get the choice of of four
51:53things here um which one do I want you
51:55don't lose your chain when taking damage
51:57is pretty good cuz we have that
51:59increased chain um although increasing
52:01our luck by 10% that's a nice rare
52:03pickup I do think this is probably the
52:05best available though so I I am going to
52:08take that take this and then I'm going
52:10to to pop a little heal right here and
52:13we're going to move on no hits taken
52:16through uh through floor one here will I
52:19get hit on floor
52:21two I mean maybe maybe there's there's a
52:24chance so now I can spend uh Max hearts
52:27in order to increase my my items
52:29efficiency uh can make that chain meter
52:31go even higher and then make it go even
52:34higher after that maybe we also want
52:36crits to have a 75% chance of appearing
52:40seems honestly like kind of psychotic to
52:42do um but let let's go sickle mode let's
52:45let's upgrade everything I mean the
52:47reality is that I'm I'm trying to not
52:49get hit right um so HP is is a flat
52:54circle for me I can kind of just take
52:58whatever the heck I want and uh getting
53:00hit just means it just means who cares
53:04right just means that the the game gets
53:06forced to the the next one so I'm going
53:09to go absolutely ins sanal mode there's
53:12a secret room in
53:15here let's let's go snag you hopefully
53:18get ourselves something nice damages is
53:21in a good spot 35% right now with the
53:24bandana now increasing it uh whenever we
53:27kill any enemy in in the room you'll see
53:31there it literally went up 10% when we
53:33killed the enemy so it's it's pretty
53:36nice right now uh we we hope for rooms
53:39with a lot of enemies so that we can
53:41kill as many as
53:44possible okay it's a room with a ton of
53:46enemies oh I'm terrified though I am
53:49freaking scared I'm freaking scared I'm
53:52freaking scared but I am not taking
53:54damage so who's the who's the big loser
53:56now I'll tell you who is not the big
53:58loser is me I'm not the big loser okay
54:02give me all these and uh well I can't do
54:05anything cuz I don't have enough Hearts
54:06that's that's
54:08honestly that's a very fair and
54:11Point okay okay things cruise I believe
54:16that's a secret room
54:19um check me nope he's crazy Someday I'm
54:25telling you someday I will be able to
54:26find the super secret room it it relates
54:29to music for the super secret room um
54:32and I it's very hard for me to hear
54:35music while recording um I keep my
54:37volume actually quite
54:40low you suck but now we move into 2023
54:44our current year and brot was one of the
54:48games that absolutely changed the gaming
54:51industry when it released in June the
54:54full release of of brot this was a
54:56vampire Survivor Style game which which
54:58kind of goes to continue to show you how
55:01vampire survival survivors inspired so
55:04many different games but what it did was
55:07it brought in a new level of
55:09decision-making that we just talked
55:10about that is so important for these
55:13games bringing in this this new idea of
55:16as you collect your money you now have
55:17this shop where you're balancing all of
55:19these stats with items that give you
55:21positive stats and negative stats and
55:23there's there's so much to to think
55:25about and do while you're playing it
55:28that it made it a true Masterpiece and
55:30it continues to get updated with new
55:32content uh there's a whole modding
55:33Community for it too it really is just a
55:37brilliant game and and one that I really
55:39really enjoy uh despite not loving The
55:42Horde Survivor genre there's so many
55:45other amazing games that released in
55:472023 uh that should be recognized in in
55:51this video but I felt that brot really
55:54kind kind of exemplified what the Rog
55:58leg genre uh is in
56:022023 as we move forward into 2024
56:05there's so many exciting titles uh that
56:08I'm just itching to get my hands on one
56:10of the big ones being batro which is a a
56:13poker based Rog like and it's a trend
56:15that we continue to see where instead of
56:17going and doing topown shooter dungeon
56:20crawling Rog likes instead you have
56:22these these wacky ideas slot machine
56:24Rogue likes and poker Rogue likes and
56:27all kinds of weird Pachinko Rogue likes
56:30like peglin and Plinko Panic there's all
56:33kinds of fun stuff that is on the
56:35horizons for the Rogue leg genre and I
56:37really don't see this genre ever
56:40stopping they're just going to continue
56:42to make more and more wacky and unique
56:45games and it makes it a really fun time
56:47as a content creator to explore
56:50everything that these devs have to offer
56:53at this moment in time and you already
56:55know that I am going to be checking out
56:57as many of them as possible we upload a
56:59lot of Rog like games on this channel um
57:02and I I implore you if you enjoy Rog
57:05likes to subscribe to the channel like
57:07this video as well this is actually the
57:10fourth installment in this every time I
57:12get hit the Rog like changes Series so
57:15if you have not seen the previous three
57:16episodes uh I will have those Linked In
57:19the description as well that was my only
57:22plug that I I am doing in this video
57:25let's not get hit in in brot I think
57:28that that is pretty much an
57:30impossibility but I'm going to do what I
57:32can okay give me this give me this the
57:35SMG is at least interesting giving us
57:38another another unique gun here are you
57:41not you're not a range gun
57:44really I definitely thought you were a
57:46range gun okay we're we're going to try
57:48to get there there's set bonuses you can
57:50get on on all of your items here I would
57:53like to get some some set
57:55bonuses if you may just just to help me
57:59out uh a wee
58:01bit just let it go H having six weapons
58:05at this stage of the game does make the
58:06game a lot easier um it is going to
58:09start to to get a lot tougher here soon
58:13and we're going to have to pull out our
58:15Our God dodging abilities which I do not
58:18have I I've also not played rot in like
58:206 months so this oh and you got me
58:26and you got me right on Q ladies and
58:28gentlemen thank you so much for watching
58:30this little history of Rogue likes every
58:32time I get hit the Rogue leg gets a
58:34little bit older little little bit
58:36closer to
58:372023 really appreciate all your support
58:39on the series thanks so much for
58:41watching let me know what Rog likes you
58:43love in the comments down below I'll see
58:45you guys in the next video have a good
58:46rest of your day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are some influential games in the evolution of the roguelike genre?

In the evolution of the roguelike genre, influential games such as Rogue, Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, Dicey Dungeons, and Risk of Rain 2 have made a significant impact. These games have contributed to shaping the genre and attracting a dedicated fanbase.

2. What are the unique mechanics and features of the mentioned roguelike games?

The mentioned roguelike games showcase different mechanics and features that make each game unique. These include turn-based gameplay, deep lore, dice-based combat, and time-based challenges. These elements provide players with diverse and engaging gameplay experiences.

3. How do roguelike games continue to challenge players?

Roguelike games continue to challenge players with their unpredictable and procedurally generated levels, permadeath mechanics, and high difficulty. This creates an environment where each playthrough is unique, and players must adapt and strategize to survive and progress.

4. What makes the roguelike genre appealing to gamers?

The roguelike genre appeals to gamers with its combination of challenging gameplay, replayability, and diverse game mechanics. The genre offers a dynamic and unpredictable experience that keeps players engaged and coming back for more.

5. How do roguelike games provide hours of enjoyable content?

Roguelike games provide hours of enjoyable content through their procedurally generated levels, diverse character and item progression, and challenging gameplay. This ensures that players have a vast amount of content to explore and enjoy, making the games highly replayable.

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