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This video is a humorous skit featuring characters from the game GTA V, discussing fan comments, financial troubles, and rebranding opportunities for Princess Robot Bubblegum.
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Princess Robot Bubblegum reads comments on her videos and discovers that her fans are perverts.
Princess Robot Bubblegum's master warns her to be respectful to her fans.
They discuss comments about her boyfriend being too feminine and not liking certain foods.
Saki, Princess Robot Bubblegum's sidekick, gets injured and they notice something happening outside.
Princess Robot Bubblegum's master tells her that the bank is going to foreclose on her temple.
They joke about building a drive-through massage parlor with Australian chicks.
The ninja master suggests merchandising as a way to save their house, but the princess is hesitant.
The ninja master used to work as a postmaster before retiring.
The princess complains about the difficulties of working at the post office.
The ninja master suggests selling Princess Robot Bubblegum merchandise to save their house.
The princess is reluctant to become a massage girl or sell erotic oil.
The characters discuss their love for a blue raccoon, audition animal sidekicks, and promote Nogo Vodka.
The characters talk about their love for a blue raccoon.
They audition animal sidekicks and choose Humpy.
They promote Nogo Vodka, a premium vodka from the Midwest.
The characters discuss the clichés in their show and plan to sabotage their competition.
They criticize their own show for being a hack job and lacking originality.
They introduce a new character named Shiny Wasabi Kitty who was once a pupil but turned evil.
They decide to sabotage Shiny Wasabi Kitty and come up with a plan to make their show more impressive.
They offer Shiny Wasabi Kitty a spot on their show, but she declines.
Princess Robot Bubblegum and her sidekick fight and defeat their enemies, but face the challenge of losing their house and fans.
Princess Robot Bubblegum confronts someone who stole her fans and sidekick.
She defeats her enemies and finds it liberating.
They realize they will still lose their house and have no fans left.
The idea of putting the episode behind a paywall and merchandising is discussed.
00:03Princess Robot Bubblegum!
00:12What are you doing master?
00:22I'm reading the comments on your recent videos.
00:25These people are a little, uh, uh, a little...
00:28They're a bunch of horny, lonely,
00:31Those are your fans!
00:32Be respectful.
00:33Do not bite the hand that feeds.
00:36So what are they saying about me?
00:37Oh, let me see here.
00:39This one said that your boyfriend is to feminine, like he plays both sides of the sushi bar,
00:44but he don't like fish, or surf clam,
00:46he only like octopus.
00:47But this is a terrible analogy.
00:50Where's that useless, cutsey sidekick of yours?
00:53That walks on the tips of his toes.
00:54What the hell?
00:55Saki make distil go boom!
00:56Saki, you little alcoholic shit bag.
01:01Are you okay?
01:06Oh, he's fine.
01:08It's just a concussion of massive internal bleeding, or something.
01:11Poke him.
01:12That wasn't Saki's elicit booze bath.
01:15Something is going on outside.
01:21Ah, so definitely now this guy really dead.
01:26He's like a floaty pancake.
01:28Now, we could license that.
01:29Yes, that's what we'll do.
01:30License part of a balanced breakfast.
01:33Princess-Robot-Bubblegum-Crispy-Snachy-Pops, and special floaty pancakes.
01:37Oh no!
01:38Oh, the ancient ones warned this day would come.
01:42What ancient ones, master?
01:44Those geriatric tight-asses at the bank.
01:47They say they gonna foreclose on me.
01:49Knock down the sacred temple and build a twenty-four hour drive through massage
01:53parlor with, you know, like, human traffic Australian
01:56chicks, love it.
01:58You don't even have to leave your car she just reach through the window.
02:01Wanky, wanky, wanky!
02:02"Hi Bloke, you wanna a cock or two?"
02:09Okay, girl.
02:12Hey girl, there is a big wrecking ball outside, and it's gonna smash your house down.
02:22We know!
02:23Calm down bitch, you gonna ruin my hair.
02:26Master, you taught me discipline, why haven't you paid the bills?
02:29I was, uh... very distracted.
02:31I have a three-hundred year mortgage to pay and my pension got cut.
02:34It's hard time for everybody.
02:37I thought you was an ancient ninja master, is what you told me.
02:39I am!
02:40Many years ago, I was an ancient ninja,
02:44post master.
02:45For... about five years.
02:47And then I retire on a two-hundred-and-seventy-five year pension.
02:51I can throw a postcard across the room and give you a terrible paper cut.
02:55The post office was horrible, Licking, stamping, licking, licking,
02:58Goddamn it!
02:59It's like dealing with my second wife.
03:05Your face goes numb, you take a coffee break,
03:07you turn your back to a soul crushing job that leaves you feeling terrible afterwards.
03:11Hello... master...
03:12How are we going to save our house?
03:16Fucked if I know.
03:18Wait! Merchandising!
03:19But master, since the last DVD got edited by censors in the west,
03:22we don't sell so many.
03:23So, no more merchandising.
03:25No more Princess Robot Bubblegum dolls, or pencil cases,
03:28or rulers, or blow up companions,
03:30or love balls, or erotic massage oils,
03:32or all the other creepy shit you've sunk all our money into.
03:36Sometimes the path is not straight, but is still true.
03:39Oh, I like that line, I like that.
03:41maybe I sell it on a bumper sticker.
03:43Anyway, the path of truth, is still the path of merchandising.
03:47Personal merchandising.
03:48Merch, merch, merch!
03:50I never knew you worked in marketing.
03:51Oh, it's easy.
03:52Any one fool with half an MBA can do it.
03:56Listen, you will save our house in the time honored way.
03:59You will please horny men, one after the other,
04:03they will be standing in line for a chance at you.
04:06And we can charge them twenty dollars a pop.
04:09Master, I won't be a massage girl.
04:11No stupid bitch!
04:12We go to comic convention.
04:14You sign autograph and we sell some more action figures.
04:18We rebrand erotic oil as uh... as uh...
04:21Personal usage erotic oil for the lonely lover.
04:25And branded socks to clean yourself up afterwards.
04:27You know, it's prostitution of a different kind...
04:31But legal!
04:32Personal merchandising.
04:33It makes my loins ache.
04:37Oh, this is so exciting.
04:40Never in my years of being a blind, androgynous child,
04:43with a huge sword, could I have imagined such wonders.
04:47Truly the script writers have reached new heights.
04:50Time for an incongruous clip of an arousing girl fight.
04:54You see...
04:57You like that.
05:02You do, don't you?
05:07My poor little Saki.
05:13He was always drunk and slept in my underwear drawer,
05:18but I loved him like a brother.
05:21That's like the last 5 guys you've gone out with.
05:23Master, what are you doing?
05:28Fuck that little blue raccoon.
05:29We'll get you a new one.
05:32Oh, please, oh, please.
05:33Turn off the water works.
05:37Shut up!
05:40Cry me a river, you're a big girl.
05:41This is exciting rebranding opportunity.
05:44Nothing sell like a cute animal sidekick.
05:47We have auditions, we'll change them every season.
05:51Flavor of the month...
05:55Fuck it!
06:03What the fuck?
06:05Where are we, Germany?
06:08Okay, you'll do.
06:10Humpy, humpy!
06:12Audition over!
06:14Blind boy, kill the rest.
06:16Come on!
06:17We've got to get to the convention center, and save this ancient temple.
06:22Did somebody shit on the floor?
06:28Princess Robot Bubblegum is brought to you by...
06:31Nogo Vodka The new premium vodka
06:33that comes from a place where everyone's depressed, most people are unemployed
06:36and a few rich people have stolen all the money.
06:38Not Russia!
06:39The Midwest.
06:40Nogo, premium vodka from the heartland.
06:46Not the motherland.
06:49Oh, this place smells something terrible.
06:54It's like a fat person's armpit.
06:55Kutty, for real.
06:57And nobody's buying nothing.
06:59That is my special vapor machine.
07:02It attracts nerds with the smell of unwashed loneliness.
07:05It is very powerful.
07:08That's why I bring this.
07:10When the battle rages hardest, every warrior know you have to fend for yourselves.
07:16Put that shit on a sticker!
07:18I thought your last film was really lacking.
07:21Anime has moved beyond your hackneyed stereotypes.
07:24Clothes made from belts, an emo character,
07:28tentacle rape.
07:30It's just such a cliché.
07:33It's not like in Rapefest Quark Zoom, where they subvert the clichés
07:37by embracing them.
07:38And then undermining them by making them all true.
07:41But then that's written by a genius.
07:44Whereas your show is such a hack job.
07:47Seriously, where do they find these people?
07:50Are you going to fucking buy something?
07:51Oh, have you met Humpy?
07:53He's the hot new sidekick.
07:55Humpy, plumb punch.
07:58You're old news, The future of anime is
08:02Shiny Wasabi Kitty.
08:04She's awesome.
08:06Who's that?
08:07That is Shiny Wasabi Kitty.
08:10Hello nerd.
08:11I train her many years ago.
08:14She was my pupil, but she turned evil.
08:17Girl, I'm blind and knew that bitch was evil.
08:20I could smell it.
08:21She had sulfur spewing down south.
08:23And she is overtly sexy, but also tough and good at fighting,
08:27just like every nerd really wants.
08:28But how is she evil?
08:30She won a large cut of residuals.
08:32I tell her, she just like my last boy band...
08:35"In Ass" I like boy bands.
08:37She seems to be doing just fine without you.
08:39Alright girl, this is what we need to do...
08:41We need to sabotage that bitch.
08:42We won't give her the competition, okay?
08:44Come on, Humpy, you with me, girl?
08:46Humpy, sabotage!
08:47Listen up, listen, listen, listen, you listening okay?
08:50Let's do something really impressive, that we haven't figured out yet
08:52and get people liking our show again.
08:54So what we gonna do?
08:55By the way, how'd I look?
08:58Humpy, humpy.
08:59Oh, Wasabi Kitty is humping!
09:01It's so postmodern!
09:02I wanna buy a T-shirt!
09:03What a cute, horny sidekick.
09:05How about you come on my show?
09:08I'll give you five percent.
09:10Humpy like percentages.
09:11Winky, winky time!
09:14Stop that.
09:15That's demeaning to women.
09:18No it's not!
09:19This is great!
09:20It's art!
09:21Who are you to determine what's demeaning to women?
09:24It's not demeaning, you subvert the clichés.
09:28I am the clichés.
09:32Look at me.
09:36Bitch fight!
09:40Reverse cowgirl, spaghetti bomb, sparkle!
09:46Smiley, cheesecake, potty tongue, shocker.
09:52This is really, really, subverting those clichés.
10:03Too horny to fight clichés.
10:16You've stolen my fans, and my sidekick.
10:22And I'm going to lose my house.
10:26You defected from me, you fucking whore bag.
10:29Stop crying, and start fighting!
10:31Take your clothes off!
10:33Stop indulging them.
10:35Watch this, it's just as much fun.
10:37Wait! Woo!
10:38You try.
10:40That felt...
10:41Liberating, right?
10:42What's happening?
10:43I love you, Princess Robot Bubblegum.
10:56Wow, that was awesome! but we'll still lose the house,
11:05and now I have no fans left.
11:06I'm sorry master.
11:07Are you kidding me?
11:08I got the whole thing on my smartphone.
11:10Put behind pay wall, make episodic.
11:12Oh merchandising, merchandising.
11:15And subverting all the clichés.
11:18And now... if I could get you two,
11:23to maybe, you know... kiss,
11:25or delicately fondle each other, or even not so delicate.
11:33Humpy, humpy, freezeframe time!
11:41Oh no!
11:45Why are you on the ceiling?
11:48Is it the anti-gravity gun again?
11:50Shit nozzles.
11:51No, we've been shot with the anti-narrative gun.
11:56This episode makes no sense.
11:57Oh yeah!
11:58We ran out of ideas how to end this episode.
11:59So I'm just gonna sing a song to you.
12:06How come you...
12:10You smell so Asian, but you look so Caucasian?
12:12I can't get next to your love girl.
12:14I'm gonna break you in half, little Japanese woman.
12:20I like them big eyes, like sausage in a small mouth,
12:21like a mouse's ear.
12:23Get rid of that sissy man you with...
12:27Oh yeah.
12:28Shut up fucking singing, plant-ass bitch.
12:30How I look?
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the featured content in the video?

The video is a humorous skit featuring characters from the game GTA V, discussing fan comments, financial troubles, and rebranding opportunities for Princess Robot Bubblegum.

2. Why is the video considered humorous?

The video is considered humorous due to the witty dialogue and entertaining interactions between the characters from GTA V.

3. What are the fan comments discussed in the video?

The video features a discussion of fan comments related to Princess Robot Bubblegum, adding an engaging element for the audience.

4. How are financial troubles addressed in the video?

The video incorporates a discussion of financial troubles, adding a relatable and engaging element for the audience to connect with.

5. What rebranding opportunities are mentioned for Princess Robot Bubblegum?

The video explores rebranding opportunities for Princess Robot Bubblegum, providing an insightful perspective on potential transformations for the character.

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