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The video exposes the food pyramid as a scam manipulated by the USDA and agribusiness. It reveals how the original guidelines created by nutrition expert Louise Light, which included healthy fats and limited sugar, were rejected and replaced with a distorted version that promoted excessive grain consumption. The video traces the origins of this deception and its impact on American health.
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The food pyramid was originally proposed to be a healthy guide, but it was modified to include excessive amounts of grains and sugar.
The original proposal by Louise Light included 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables, encouraged protein foods, and limited sugar and refined grains.
The USDA rejected the original proposal and released a modified version that recommended 6 to 11 servings of grains, including sugary cereals and processed bread.
The modified food pyramid encouraged excessive consumption of grains and sugar, which contributed to health problems like obesity and diabetes.
The video criticizes the federal dietary guidelines and the influence of the food industry.
The government advises limiting saturated fat and increasing carbohydrates, despite lack of evidence.
The American Heart Association recommended consuming margarine with trans fat, which is now known to cause heart disease.
The panel that formulates the dietary guidelines had financial relationships with the food industry.
Government contracts favor meat producers over vegetables and fruits in school lunches.
The Soviet Union faced a grain shortage and had to ask the US for help, resulting in a lucrative grain trade deal.
The Soviets faced mass starvation and civil unrest due to a grain shortage.
The US sold grain to the Soviets, making it one of the biggest grain trades in history.
Earl Butts, the Secretary of Agriculture at the time, wanted to ensure Nixon's re-election and devised a plan to gain the support of farmers.
The grain market in America was regulated with production limits and strict policies.
The food industry needed to find a way to convince the American public to eat more grain and less meat, so they blamed heart disease and cancer on meat and saturated fat.
The food industry wanted to sell more grain and make more profits.
Heart disease and cancer were becoming more common, and instead of blaming them on chemicals and processed foods, they blamed them on meat and saturated fat.
The diet heart hypothesis, created by Ansel Keys, claimed that cholesterol and saturated fats in meat were causing heart disease.
The video criticizes the official nutrition guidelines released in 1980, stating that it tricked people into believing that saturated fat was bad and grains were the solution to all diseases.
Experimental groups in studies died at higher rates of cancer.
The guidelines recommended substituting starches for fat and limiting intake of butter, eggs, and organ meat.
School cafeterias and hospitals had to serve more grains to meet the requirements.
The meat industry pushed for meat to be included in the guidelines, resulting in the section being changed from red to purple.
The food pyramid was rebranded into "My Plate" in 2011, which recommended less grain but still included refined grain products.
The rebranded "My Plate" filled half of the plate with low-calorie fruits and vegetables.
It still recommended refined grain products like burger buns and pizza.
Grain manufacturers like General Mills are still trying to include their obesity-inducing cereals in the dietary guidelines.
00:00we're on to something big here and it
00:01affects all of you it's the food pyramid
00:03which turns out is a pyramid scheme
00:09average American now carries 23 extra
00:12pounds heart disease and stroke will
00:15claim the lives of 460 000 American
00:17women prostate cancers now the most
00:20common cancer in American men diabetes
00:23diabetes life-threatening diabetes since
00:261975 the percentage of Americans who
00:28have type 2 diabetes has more than
00:31tripled clearly the Western diet is
00:33taking a toll this should serve as a
00:35wake-up call we have a growing problem
00:36and the ones who are growing are us
00:40the food pyramid is one giant scam see
00:45back in the 1970s before the food
00:47pyramid was a thing the USDA needed to
00:50create the next food guide to release to
00:52the population so they hired a few
00:54experts but unfortunately one of those
00:56experts they hired was a woman named
00:59Louise light and Louise light wasn't
01:02bought out by big food she actually
01:04cared about nutrition and she would soon
01:07pose a problem Louise light went right
01:10to work proposing a new food guide that
01:13was actually pretty decent it included
01:15five to nine servings of fresh fruits
01:17and vegetables each day it encouraged
01:19protein foods like meat and eggs instead
01:22of shaming natural fats it encouraged
01:25things like four daily tablespoons of
01:27cold pressed fats like olive oil while
01:30really limiting sugar and refined grains
01:32like processed bread crackers and
01:34cutting out candy and junk food all
01:37together so as you can see all pretty
01:40reasonable stuff Louise light and her
01:42team proudly submitted the new
01:44guidelines to the USDA but they rejected
01:46it and instead they released a modified
01:50version that was so perverted it was
01:52almost unrecognizable from the original
01:55instead of just two to three servings of
01:57grains a day now it's hold Americans to
01:59eat 6 to 11 servings that's up to 13
02:03slices of bread a day or almost an
02:06entire box of sugary cereal and yes
02:09these recommended grains included
02:11incredibly healthy American sliced bread
02:13crackers and of course we can't forget
02:15about the Breakfast of Champions cereal
02:17food pyramid that we were taught in
02:20school about said the recommended amount
02:21for bread cereals and Grains was 6 to 11
02:24servings a day 11 bowls of cereal oil a
02:28day 11 slices of bread a day while meat
02:31fruit and vegetables those disgusting
02:33Foods now only made up a tiny portion of
02:36the recommended diet and the public just
02:38blindly followed along this food pyramid
02:41was officially introduced to the masses
02:43in 1980 it was supposed to be healthier
02:46and yet obesity kept skyrocketing look
02:50what's happened since 1980 rise and U.S
02:54overweight obesity coincides with the
02:57beginning of the deity guidelines in
03:00following the food pyramid a 15 year old
03:02girl can eat a daily menu consisting of
03:04a bowl of Lucky Charms with low-fat milk
03:07and a glass of orange juice from
03:08concentrate for breakfast cheese
03:10flavored crackers for a morning snack a
03:12cheeseburger on a whole grain bun with
03:14french fries and a coke for lunch
03:16chocolate pudding and grapes for an
03:18afternoon snack and chicken nuggets with
03:20a biscuit and canned green beans for
03:22dinner with low-fat ice cream for
03:24dessert why because the food pyramid was
03:27never about your health no according to
03:30Louise light the food pyramid was sold
03:33to the highest bitter and that highest
03:35bidder was the grain industry our
03:38federal dietary guidelines the official
03:40government advice for how we should all
03:42eat to stay healthy tell us to limit
03:44saturated fat to just a couple of bites
03:46a day and make carbohydrates more than
03:48half our daily calories the first
03:50dietary guideline recommended 50 to 55
03:53of your calories are supposed to come
03:54from carbohydrates mostly grains since
03:57the 1960s the American Heart Association
03:59has been saying saturated fat is
04:01detrimental to cardiovascular health you
04:02need to get it out of the diet I was
04:04astonished to find that there simply was
04:06no evidence what is the evidence a big
04:10big zero many people associated with
04:13American Heart Association have been
04:15advising people to consume margarine
04:16that was loaded with trans fat although
04:18Lauren saturated fatness in terms of
04:20people who had more trans fat in their
04:22diet had higher rates of heart disease
04:24and diabetes what we told people is to
04:26get off a possibly unhealthy fat called
04:29saturated fat and replace it with the
04:31fat that we subsequently learned
04:33actually does give you heart attacks
04:35every five years the government
04:37reformulates the dietary guidelines for
04:39Americans and we looked at the panel
04:42that pulled it together 11 people six of
04:44the eleven had Financial relationships
04:47with the food industry when a kid is
04:49pulling his tray down the school lunch
04:51line the federal policies in action
04:53there are Burgers topped with cheese the
04:55milk is heavily subsidized but the
04:57vegetables and fruits a little bit
04:58harder to find and this is because the
05:00government contracts are going to
05:02particularly the meat producers and
05:04other producers as well it has nothing
05:06to do with the health of the children it
05:07has all to do with the financial health
05:09of the big agribusiness entities welcome
05:12to evil food supply and this is the
05:15giant scam that is the food pyramid
05:19watching the footage of the 50th
05:22anniversary of Apollo 11. I was struck
05:24by how not fat everyone in the crowd was
05:26we look like a completely different race
05:29of people I think the food pyramid is
05:31great if you're standing on your head
05:33because you need to turn that pyramid
05:35upside down you can't be serious that
05:38would put butter and fat at the top flip
05:40the damn food pyramids
05:45thank you
05:47nutrition is stabilizing
05:59one of the ways big food spreads its
06:01lies and propaganda is through the
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06:37conclusion the Wall Street journals
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07:31ties pretty much every country around
07:33the world was in the midst of a giant
07:35grain shortage and it was looking Bleak
07:38soybean was down seven percent Canada's
07:41wheat production was at a 10 year low
07:44rice was down in Asia because of
07:46monsoons but the biggest loser in all of
07:48this the Soviets thanks to both bad
07:51weather and bad Central planning the
07:54Soviet Union was in Dire Straits and if
07:56the Soviets didn't get their hands on
07:58some grain there was going to be Mass
07:59starvation and civil unrest so the
08:02Russian government had no choice but to
08:04go to the Americans and beg them for
08:06help and because the U.S just couldn't
08:08say no to a massive grain purchase
08:10America agreed America sold them the
08:13Grain and because there was a worldwide
08:15shortage of grains during that time
08:17grain prices were very high which made
08:20this an insanely lucrative deal for
08:23America in fact it would go down as one
08:25of the biggest grain trades in history
08:27and this profitable ordeal got a man
08:30named Earl Rusty butts thinking Earl
08:33butts is a very important man in the
08:36story he was the secretary of
08:38agriculture at the time under President
08:39Richard Nixon and at the time Nixon was
08:43up for re-election and when you're in a
08:45powerful position like the secretary of
08:47agriculture you obviously want to stay
08:50in power
08:51so Earl butts needed to do everything in
08:53his power to guarantee Nixon won
08:56re-election so butts concocted a plan
09:12one of the most powerful political bases
09:14you can get on your side as a politician
09:16are the Nations Farmers the people that
09:19grow the nation's wheat soybeans and
09:22corn he knew that if he could earn the
09:24support of the farmers the presidency
09:26would be in the bag and as the secretary
09:29of agriculture butts was in the perfect
09:31position to make them very very happy at
09:34the time the grain market in America was
09:37actually pretty regulated there were
09:39production limits and very strict
09:41policies that had been in place since
09:43the depression so Earl butts used his
09:45position as the secretary of agriculture
09:47to deregulate the grain market no more
09:51production limits Farmers could grow as
09:53much as they want on top of that to let
09:55the farmers make even more money he
09:57subsidized grain sales to Russia in
10:00other words Farmers got free money from
10:02the government every time they sold
10:04grain to the Soviet Union on top of that
10:07butts believed that the bigger the farm
10:09the more productive it was so he pushed
10:12farmer to consolidate small humble
10:15Family Farms no Earl butz's slogan was
10:19get big or get out and adapt or die putz
10:23didn't want Farmers no he wanted Agra
10:26businessmen and that's exactly what he
10:29got now the agribusiness men of America
10:32were even more powerful than before they
10:34were pumping out more grain than ever
10:36before they were swimming in more cash
10:38than ever before and they were
10:41definitely rallying behind Nixon more
10:43than ever before and it worked Nixon
10:46would go on to spend another two years
10:47in office and Earl butts for another
10:50four years but then the world no longer
10:53had a grain shortage while at the same
10:55time America was growing way more corn
10:58soy and wheat than ever before the
11:00Soviets didn't need that much grain
11:02anymore so now all those artificial
11:04profits the farmers were making were at
11:06stake we can't have that now can we so
11:09what are we to do with all this extra
11:25for a strong body and a bright future
11:29serve your family Nabisco Shredded Wheat
11:32with improved wheat protein as one of
11:35these agribusiness men at the time with
11:37the global famine unfortunately waning
11:39off you needed a way to convince the
11:41American public to eat way more grain
11:43than ever before but one pesky little
11:46thing was getting in the way meat
11:49Americans were just eating too much of
11:51that disgusting meat that humans have
11:53been eating for hundreds of thousands of
11:54years meat that contains all the
11:56nutrients you could ever possibly need
11:58so how are you going to convince the
12:00entire population to give up meat for a
12:03diet of white bread pasta and cereal
12:06well conveniently heart attacks were
12:09Nationwide epidemic at the time in the
12:111970s middle-aged men were starting to
12:13develop heart disease at rates never
12:15seen before war in history in cancer
12:17which used to be pretty rare was also
12:20becoming more and more common at the
12:22time and instead of blaming these
12:23diseases on all the chemicals that got
12:25pumped into the air and water at the
12:27time or the recent popularization of
12:29processed foods you had the perfect
12:31culprit to blame heart disease and
12:33cancer on meat and saturated fat
12:36saturated fats are the fats in red meat
12:39eggs and milk enter the diet heart
12:43hypothesis the diet heart hypothesis was
12:45created by a physiologist named Ansel
12:48Keys another important person in our
12:50little food Journey according to Keys
12:52the reason why so many men were suddenly
12:54Keeling over with heart attacks wasn't
12:56because of cigarettes or high stress
12:58jobs or processed foods it was the
13:00cholesterol in all that horrible
13:03saturated fat they were eating
13:05claimed cholesterol saturated fats and
13:08meat was literally transforming into a
13:11sticky Cream of Wheat like plaque in the
13:13arteries of the heart and apparently the
13:16more of his plaque someone had in their
13:17arteries the higher their risk of heart
13:19attack but that was all a lie even
13:22though other studies came out showing
13:23that saturated fat isn't the biggest
13:25cause of arterial plaque and that plaque
13:27is mostly made of calcium the people
13:30still went wild for the diet heart
13:32hypothesis seriously everyone was
13:35falling for it now everyone thought that
13:37animal fats were just as bad as smoking
13:40cigarettes in the agribusiness men loved
13:43it big government and big agriculture
13:45has successfully duped the public into
13:47thinking that meat that humans have been
13:49eating for hundreds of thousands of
13:50years was now all of a sudden gonna kill
13:53you but seed oils and grain-based
13:55processed foods nope that's A-Okay now
13:58grain manufacturers could pedal their
14:00dirt cheap grain-based products as
14:02Miracle foods that could save lives
14:06don't you know that it's worth every
14:09treasure on Earth to be young at heart
14:12for as rich as you are it's much better
14:15by far to the young at heart a healthy
14:19life is a happy one make this over part
14:22of your healthy diet the Zola is 100
14:24pure corn oil low in saturated fats with
14:27no cholesterol while reality couldn't
14:30pee further from the truth what is the
14:32effect of having a high vegetable oil
14:34diet if you have a lot of corn oil and
14:36soybean oil what happens well in nearly
14:38a dozen of these studies they found a
14:41number of worries and things including
14:43that in all the experimental groups they
14:46died at higher rates of cancer the stage
14:49was set you tricked the entire country
14:51into believing that saturated fat was
14:53the devil and the grains will not only
14:55cure you of all diseases but give you a
14:58long healthy life now you just need to
15:01make your new diet official
15:45in 1980 You released an official book of
15:48nutrition guidelines called the dietary
15:51goals of the United States these
15:54guidelines stated that Americans should
15:56substitute starches for fat choose lean
15:59meats over fatty Cuts limit intake of
16:02butter and other added fats and limit
16:04the use of eggs and organ meat wow how
16:08convenient don't eat fatty cuts of meat
16:11like ribeye one of the most nutrient
16:12dense foods in the world don't be organs
16:15like liver that are even more dense in
16:17micronutrients no feed yourself and your
16:20children basically the equivalent of
16:22animal feed and because of these new
16:24food rules School cafeterias would have
16:26to serve more grains at lunchtime
16:29including things like pizza and brownies
16:31to meet the grain requirement at
16:33hospitals would have to give their
16:35patients 6 to 11 servings of grain per
16:38day you know to make them healthy and
16:40strong although not in the shape of a
16:42pyramid yet this would be the foundation
16:45of the food pyramid we all know and love
16:48and yes when you first release these new
16:50guidelines people definitely complained
16:53health professionals said that the
16:54guidelines were pure pseudoscience and
16:57the meat industry did everything they
16:58could to get meat back into the picture
17:00when you release these guidelines in
17:03pyramid form the meat industry forced
17:05you to change their section from red to
17:07purple because they were afraid that the
17:09color red would scare people away from
17:11eating meat and you gave them what they
17:13wanted to a degree but you never shifted
17:15from grains and carbs being the Bedrock
17:17of the American diet to this day plus
17:21you couldn't take out grains even if you
17:23wanted to because refined grain products
17:25like white flour breakfast cereal corn
17:27oil and high fructose corn syrup or
17:29America's most lucrative Foods take away
17:32Coca-Cola's precious corn syrup or
17:34nabisco's white flour and these
17:36companies will Lobby you into the ground
17:38until you turn the tables back in their
17:40favor you'll never be able to remove
17:42grains from the pyramid but Americans
17:44shifting to grains led to one bad after
18:06come to fruition
18:09I'm gonna have to feed it quality
18:11nutrition we love the cookies but
18:14they're not sufficient we need veggies
18:16to make our bodies efficient
18:19roll my chicken in a wrap don't jam it
18:22in a nugget
18:24get hyped for healthy snacks and fresh
18:27food we love it it's pretty good
18:31after years of successful brain pushing
18:34you started to notice that your
18:36bulletproof diet was making Americans
18:38well fat
18:40so why is it that Americans keep getting
18:43fatter in spite of government efforts
18:45ranging from calorie posting to new
18:48school lunch programs being overweight
18:50and obese is the second leading cause of
18:53preventable death in the U.S in the
18:55public was starting to notice the food
18:57pyramid was losing its Edge it needed a
18:59rebranding so in 2011 you switched gears
19:03overweight obesity rates are at
19:05dangerously at high levels the Obama
19:06Administration has worked to support
19:08Americans who want to approve their
19:09health and nutrition my plate is a
19:11departure in the food pyramid we're used
19:13to seeing it's an easy to understand
19:15visual which shows how to build a
19:17healthy meal based on the 2010 dietary
19:20guidelines for all of America you
19:22changed the food pyramid into a simple
19:23plate format and filled half of it with
19:26low calorie fruits and vegetables while
19:28still keeping refined grains and Seed
19:30oils as part of the recommended diet
19:32because if Americans ate more fruits and
19:35vegetables they'll naturally consume
19:36less calories and will obviously become
19:38thin and cured from diseases right and
19:41sure people might still be malnourished
19:43and slightly hungry all the time but
19:44come on you gotta solve this obesity
19:46epidemic before it really gets out of
19:48control in this episode mimic was all
19:50your fault in the first place but the
19:52American public will never find out
19:54especially when their brains are too
19:55weak from lack of nutrients the new my
19:58plate thing is slightly better than the
20:01food pyramid it recommends less grain
20:03but still recommends refined grain
20:05products like Burger buns and pizza and
20:08even to this day grain manufacturers
20:10like General Mills are still doing
20:12whatever they can to sneak their obesity
20:15inducing cereals into the dietary
20:17guidelines we found that 95 of that
20:20committee had a tie with the food or
20:23pharmaceutical industry and over half of
20:25those members had more than 30 such ties
20:28one member had 152 dies and the most
20:31common ties were with General Mills and
20:33Kellogg's again you see those names
20:34again so these big food conglomerates
20:37are stacking the deck inside the
20:40government and they're paying for Grants
20:43to study these unhealthy foods that then
20:45they say are healthy and then they get
20:50and that's how these people make money
20:52so eat more meat don't be afraid of
20:55natural fats definitely be afraid of
20:57seed oils and processed foods in fact A
20:59good rule of thumb is to just eat the
21:01opposite of whatever big government and
21:02big food tells you to and you want to
21:04know what they want you to eat next
21:05lab-grown meat ah yes the US Department
21:08of Agriculture just approved lab-grown
21:11chicken to go on sale in the U.S and
21:13it's coming to a restaurant near you to
21:16grow lab-grown meat they use
21:18immortalized cells which is a fancy word
21:21for cancer cells and pre-cancer cells
21:24put those cells into a petri dish and
21:26slowly grow it from there and yes it's
21:29as disgusting and potentially dangerous
21:31as it sounds you can bet that we're
21:33going to be making a video on it soon so
21:35make sure you click that subscribe
21:36button but it's gonna take a minute
21:38that's why we broke down everything you
21:39need to know about lab-grown meat in our
21:41latest newsletter that you can read in
21:43less than five minutes by clicking the
21:45square on the screen this newsletter is
21:47where we update you on breaking news
21:48about our food supply just like this
21:50this way faster than we can make a video
21:52on so click the square on the screen to
21:54read it now
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the food pyramid scam exposed in the video?

The video exposes the food pyramid as a scam manipulated by the USDA and agribusiness. It reveals the distortion of the original nutrition guidelines created by Louise Light, which included healthy fats and limited sugar, in favor of excessive grain consumption.

2. Who is behind the manipulation of the food pyramid?

The USDA and agribusiness are revealed to be behind the manipulation of the food pyramid, distorting the original guidelines created by nutrition expert Louise Light to promote excessive grain consumption.

3. What impact did the manipulation of the food pyramid have on American health?

The manipulation of the food pyramid has negatively impacted American health by promoting excessive grain consumption and neglecting healthy fats and limited sugar, as outlined in the original guidelines created by nutrition expert Louise Light.

4. How were the original nutrition guidelines distorted?

The original nutrition guidelines, created by Louise Light and including healthy fats and limited sugar, were distorted by promoting excessive grain consumption. This distortion was orchestrated by the USDA and agribusiness for their benefit.

5. What are the origins of the deception surrounding the food pyramid?

The video traces the origins of the deception surrounding the food pyramid to the rejection of the original nutrition guidelines created by Louise Light, in favor of promoting excessive grain consumption, which benefitted the USDA and agribusiness.

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