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This video explores the controversies and attempted cancellations faced by Game Theory and its host, matpat, including issues with artwork credit, criticism from PewDiePie, and a video on the coronavirus.
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This section discusses the controversy and attempts to cancel/criticize Game Theory and its host, MatPat.
Game Theory and MatPat have been involved in heaps of controversy.
The video will focus on the attempts to cancel/criticize Game Theory and MatPat.
The criticisms towards Game Theory as an entertainer will not be the main focus of the video.
The artist who accused Game Theory of stealing their work admitted they were wrong and dropped the topic.
The artist posted three update tweets admitting they were most likely wrong about Game Theory stealing their work.
They mentioned that parts of the work looked similar but it could also be using other renders.
The artist locked the tweet and ended it with self-promotion, indicating that they were abandoning the topic.
The section discusses MatPat's response to controversies and criticisms regarding his videos.
MatPat states that his team chooses the post-production factors of the video, not him.
He mentions that they will start putting links in their games.
The creator of the game that inspired the controversy, Toby Fox, criticizes MatPat's response and emphasizes the importance of linking games to help developers.
MatPat eventually comes to his senses and releases something.
Game Theory uploaded a video theorizing that PewDiePie became number one on YouTube by having a lot of watch time and getting views from different regions.
PewDiePie addressed the video and liked it, but also mentioned that he hated it and thought it should be deleted.
The situation was complicated because PewDiePie was under scrutiny during the T-Series controversy.
YouTube promotes channels locally, and PewDiePie's international appeal gave him an advantage over other channels.
In this section, the video discusses the lack of community response to Game Theory's content, except for potential memes from PewDiePie's subreddit.
There isn't much community response to Game Theory's content.
It's speculated that PewDiePie's subreddit might have made some memes about the situation.
YouTube comments are mentioned, but they are considered biased.
Matt from Game Theory responded well to PewDiePie's argument, pointing out fallacies and proving his theories correct.
The section discusses a tweet calling out Game Theory for profiting off tragedy and criticizes the cheap shots and exaggerations made in the tweet.
Chad Tronic's tweet accuses Game Theory of profiting off tragedy.
The tweet is criticized for using the video's popularity as ammunition.
Adding sponsors and team YouTube to the call out is seen as a slimy move.
The difference between Game Theory's video and other controversial videos is highlighted.
The speaker discusses the mixed reactions and conflicting opinions about MatPat's character in the comments section.
The speaker mentions that someone in the comments calls MatPat a bad person and possibly a psychopath.
Another comment highlights MatPat's charitable work and raises awareness for children with cancer.
The speaker criticizes the argument of devaluing MatPat's opinion by focusing on his good deeds in a different context.
00:02tis the season to switch subsets
00:06uh you go here
00:10uh you are gonna get taped to the
00:15ah there you go and you uh
00:20why did I buy this
00:23you are gonna go
00:26there you know what the funnier part is
00:29is that this video has literally nothing
00:31to do with Christmas at all did I say
00:34fun if you're an avid YouTube Watcher
00:36you for sure know who game theory is
00:38along with the Channel's host matpat the
00:40uh funny white man who connects things
00:42in video games to real life I feel like
00:44I'm forgetting something
00:46oh yeah he also created the hit children
00:48Series Five Nights at Freddy's moving on
00:50you would think that for somebody who
00:51just dissects things in media such as
00:53video games movies TV shows YouTube
00:57channels and the mainstream media and
01:01food what the [ __ ] you'd think that he'd
01:03be in a similar vein to daily dose of
01:05internet or Vsauce where they're so
01:07disconnected from the rest of the
01:09internet that they don't tend to really
01:11catch a lot of heat or drama you're
01:14wrong Game Theory and specifically
01:16matpat have been in heaps of controversy
01:19tons of people have openly voiced their
01:22disdain with the channel and some of the
01:24things that they have done and that's
01:25what this video is going to be focused
01:26on today the many attempts to cancel
01:28slash criticize Game Theory slash matpat
01:31I'm not going to focus on the criticisms
01:33towards Game Theory as an Entertainer
01:34because I feel 50 50 about that and so
01:37does the rest of the internet as seen in
01:38the earliest iteration of quote-unquote
01:40Game Theory hate on optimus's video
01:43which you should check out even though I
01:45personally don't agree with it I still
01:47found it very interesting and that seems
01:49to be a sentiment carried by everybody
01:50else judging from the Pretty
01:52tight-necked like dislike ratio and also
01:54the comments we could debate about the
01:56quality of the action will show forever
01:58and never reach a clear-cut conclusion
02:00so let's go ahead and focus on something
02:02that is way more cut and dry morality
02:06get it because morality is usually gray
02:09and it's not very cut and dry and there
02:12are usually a lot of problems who the
02:14[ __ ] wrote this script so yeah we're
02:15going into the hot water that game
02:17theory has gotten into for controversial
02:19things that they have said or done I
02:21don't really got them in any particular
02:22order and I am definitely not going
02:24through all of them like there is this
02:26whole situation that has to do with
02:28Attica yeah I'm not touching that with a
02:3039 and a half foot pole this is still a
02:32critical video but I'm not trying to get
02:35into anything that would require
02:36research for weeks on end to respond
02:39with the proper respect so we're just
02:42going to focus on some much lighter
02:44topics starting with
02:58thank you
03:17by far this is the most recent
03:20occurrence we will be talking about
03:21today as this literally happened the day
03:24of me writing this for game theories
03:27bendy and the dark Revival Theory the
03:29thumbnail used as an artist's render of
03:31one of the characters from the game and
03:33said artists made a big stink about it
03:35on Twitter pause to read for full
03:37context but essentially he wants full
03:39credit for what happened because this is
03:41the third time that he's done this and
03:43he's worried about people hating him
03:45over this thread taking this at face
03:47value should Game Theory have credited
03:50probably but if you really dislike your
03:54art being used that much you should not
03:57put it on a public Wiki and even more so
04:00if it's already happened twice before
04:03remember what the greatest Lyricist of
04:05Our Generation I couldn't even finish
04:07that line with a straight face remember
04:09what the greatest Lyricist of Our
04:11Generation Jermaine Lamar Cole said fool
04:14me one time shame on you fool me twice
04:17can't put the blame on you fool me three
04:20time [ __ ] the peace sign load the
04:23chopper let it but hey I'm not an artist
04:27so maybe there's some Nuance to this
04:29situation that I don't personally get
04:32is what I would be saying if there
04:33wasn't an update to the story so the
04:35artist posted these three update tweets
04:37locking tweet because I am an idiot and
04:39most likely wrong about this for the
04:41most part LOL
04:43still not a hundred percent sure but
04:45yeah parts of it look very similar to
04:47mine but it just might use other renders
04:50as well but it's so warped it's hard to
04:53tell so I'm just gonna drop it for now
04:55now I'm fully aware that some of you may
04:57lead normal lives you might not speak
04:59the the language of Twitter so let me
05:03tell you what this statement actually
05:05says I tweeted this out with the idea of
05:07there being a 50 50 chance he had stolen
05:09my work however I connected several
05:10loaded statements to make it look like I
05:12was 100 sure whoops I'm attaching this
05:15to make it seem like there might be a
05:16possibility that he did steal my work
05:18but I'm taking The High Ground and
05:19abandoning the topic God I'm so morally
05:22sound and then he ends the damn thing
05:24with self-promotion yeah I'm wasting my
05:27time here normally I would go into the
05:30community response from what the general
05:31consensus on this thing is but this dude
05:33locked the Tweet so all the comments are
05:36outdated let's move on
05:46come on
06:06heartbound is one of those Sprite based
06:08inspired by undertale indie games that
06:10matpat and his wife played on stream one
06:12time they uploaded the highlights to
06:14their live Channel with the name the
06:15next undertale game is here when the
06:18Creator saw this he got angry and
06:19publicly vented on Twitter because he
06:21got their name wrong there was no credit
06:23given in the description and he was mad
06:25that they compared their game to
06:29here's footage of uh undertale
06:32and here's footage of heartbound look I
06:36understand being upset at the title
06:38because on first look that is a super
06:41deceptive title but the actual contents
06:45of the video are your game and why would
06:48your game not being linked in the
06:50description deter people who genuinely
06:52want to play your game Google exists and
06:56despite the bad title the the name of
06:58your game is still in there God I would
07:01love to play this game that matpat
07:03played on stream with its title in the
07:05first minute and 30 seconds of the video
07:07and its title displayed in the title of
07:09the actual video and its title also in
07:12the description of the title but uh oh
07:13there's no referral link oh well guess
07:16I'll just go do some fentanyl instead
07:18and being blunt you yourself have said
07:21that you were directly inspired by
07:22undertale and that game is just more
07:25popular than yours so he's using the
07:28fact that that game is more popular to
07:30try and promote this video to more
07:32people who would more likely be
07:34interested in that same style of game if
07:37that makes sense and using the tags is
07:39[ __ ] cheating those are literally
07:41inaccessible unless you use specific
07:43software Mata doesn't respond to all
07:46these controversies but he did respond
07:47to this one pause to read but his
07:50response essentially boils down to you
07:52know I'm sorry you feel that way my team
07:54chooses the post-production factors of
07:56the video and not me we're most likely
07:58going to start putting links in their
08:00games now and most of the stuff that we
08:01did here is not mutually exclusive to
08:04you and this response is kind of
08:06unwarranted to me despite how critical I
08:08was of the Creator's initial tweet his
08:10reasoning for being disappointed is
08:12honestly Super Sound the title has in
08:15all caps literally next undertale with
08:17the game's actual title being sidelined
08:20but the way he went about venting his
08:21frustrations was completely Incorrect
08:24and matpat really should have just not
08:26responded or responded with like a a
08:29sentence saying I'm sorry and then just
08:31change the title and again for those who
08:33don't speak Twitter the last paragraph
08:35actually reads I'm not gonna do [ __ ]
08:37about standardizing links but you can
08:39keep on dreaming buddy but then the
08:40creator of the game that inspired the
08:42game that inspired this controversy Toby
08:44Fox steps into the ring with a [ __ ]
08:47awful response honestly you should link
08:50to any game you play creators need all
08:53the help they can get I don't understand
08:54how people don't get this but by simply
08:57playing the game to their millions of
09:00followers they are helping these devs
09:03promote the game again if people are
09:06genuinely curious and want to play the
09:08game they are not going to be stopped by
09:10the lack of a link and think carefully
09:12if you're misleading your audience with
09:14how you present your videos okay I agree
09:16with that you went too far this time you
09:20say that as if he's like taken a copy of
09:22the game and like burned it on stream
09:24like bruh but it doesn't really matter
09:27because after this Toby Fox incident
09:29matpat came to his senses and released
09:31this apology tweet I'm sorry for what
09:33came across as defensive again I meant
09:34no disrespect but apologies are one
09:36saying actions are another all games
09:38will now be linked to download will
09:40revise the way we tag title live streams
09:42a promise to improve hopefully this is a
09:45good start oh I wanted you to double
09:47down I hate small developers I will say
09:50it's kind of lame it took someone much
09:52higher up on the totem pole to elicit
09:54this type of response from matpat but In
09:56fairness to him he promised to act on
09:58all of these things and uh just looking
10:00at the live stream channel now it does
10:02look like he has the community responds
10:04to this however it it exemplifies what
10:07is wrong with looking at just one side
10:09of the argument every single tweet here
10:10trying to criticize matpat reads like
10:13they read the pirate software tweet the
10:15Toby Fox tweet and every third word of
10:17the game theory thread I try not to pick
10:18on Game Theory much because it's an easy
10:20target that said matpat is a tool the
10:22classic I'm sorry you feel that way
10:24blaming his staff and not understanding
10:26that credit is not a luxury but rather
10:29an expectation I've been on record
10:31saying this before but your expectations
10:32patients for what a YouTuber should be
10:34should be
10:35don't be a murderer don't be a sexual
10:38deviant don't be Prejudiced and maybe
10:42maybe don't be an [ __ ] content
10:45creators do not owe you [ __ ] anything
10:47they are here to entertain that is all
10:51brought up with stuff today and I'm glad
10:52matpat is getting no sympathy regarding
10:54the heartbound thing the game theory
10:56team have pulled a lot of crap in
10:58similar Fields using fan art in their
11:00videos uncredited over extorting a topic
11:02for money so I hope this is a wake-up
11:05over extorting a topic for money
11:08over extra that has to be the most
11:10demonizing way I have ever seen somebody
11:12say just milk videos thankfully the
11:14responses on YouTube are much more
11:16level-headed such as treesicles video
11:18which I really recommend it goes over a
11:20lot of stuff I didn't have time to cover
11:21in this segment
11:41so way back in the day like nearly a
11:45decade ago Game Theory uploaded a video
11:48called how PewDiePie conquered YouTube
11:50the video theorized that the reason why
11:53good old Reddit Master PewDiePie was
11:55able to become number one on YouTube is
11:57by having an exorbitant amount of watch
12:00time and also jumping from region to
12:03region getting views from all across the
12:06board later down the line in 2018
12:08PewDiePie would address this video as it
12:10was tucked inside of an article and he
12:13loved it I mean just look at what he had
12:15to say about it Matt did this video
12:17which is a really good video yep that's
12:19it that's the whole context it's not
12:20like the immediate next sentence he said
12:22was I still hate it and I think he
12:24should delete it yeah this situation is
12:26a lot hairier than others because you
12:28have to take individual people's
12:30emotions into account people who we
12:32don't really know when observing the
12:34time period this video was released and
12:36Pewdiepie had all eyes on him because of
12:38the whole T-Series thing and there were
12:40a bunch of people just waiting to
12:42scrutinize him for his every move so I'm
12:44sure the game theory video as well as
12:46the article it was wrapped in was just
12:49adding to the pile so yeah I understand
12:51why he would be upset in the scenario
12:52imagine if somebody told you that your
12:54life's work was the result of cheating
12:56systems I have to watch a video the the
12:58Santa hat on top of the actual hat is
13:00making it very hard but why this let's
13:02play Channel there's thousands out there
13:04well there's one other reason the
13:05algorithm loves PewDiePie he's
13:07International you see YouTube promotes
13:09channels locally if you live in
13:10California your videos will be served up
13:11in California more frequently than in
13:13other areas of the US and if you live in
13:14the US your videos will stay in the US
13:16until you gather enough views from other
13:18countries to Merit them sharing your
13:19stuff there PewDiePie has a unique
13:21advantage over most other channels
13:22because YouTube considers his channel
13:23Swedish since he started it when he was
13:25living in Sweden makes sense since then
13:27he's moved meaning that he lives and
13:28uploads from Italy but he also speaks
13:30English so since YouTube promotes
13:31locally he was able to gather a strong
13:32Swedish following in a market where
13:34there was less competition but now that
13:35he uploads from Italy he gets promoted
13:36there and since YouTube is most heavily
13:38used in English-speaking Nations he had
13:40a much easier Time Crossing into the us
13:42and UK then a channel from here okay
13:44Matt you had no idea what you're talking
13:46about this is such a dumb video and I
13:48hate I like if you want to piss me off
13:50just say oh well PewDiePie he just grew
13:53because he moved countries the reason
13:55this annoys me especially is because
13:57it's the complete opposite when I
13:59started off doing YouTube there was a
14:01lot of ways to poke through the system
14:03there was a lot of ways you could
14:05deliberately do to make your channel
14:08grow quicker that was uh technically not
14:11allowed but YouTube didn't really stop
14:13anyone from doing it again it's
14:15reasonable that he's upset here but when
14:17you poke through what he's actually
14:19saying he's suggesting that Matt
14:21suggested that he only got to the
14:23position of where he was by poking holes
14:25however as I stated previously a huge
14:28chunk of the beginning of game theories
14:29video is dedicated to describing what
14:32watch time is and how it is working in
14:34PewDiePie's favor and the Very ending
14:36portion of the video is this now none of
14:40this is meant to downplay any anything
14:42he does people love his videos if they
14:44didn't no amount of algorithmic help
14:46would save the channel and in fact he's
14:48a great guy constantly raising awareness
14:51and money for charity I understand why
14:53PewDiePie would possibly dislike this
14:54though it's like a kiss on the cheek
14:56after a need of the balls however it
14:59still does feel like PewDiePie is
15:01leaving out a big chunk of what Matt
15:04actually said and Distilling it down to
15:07this single point since this is in a
15:08video with a ton of other stuff in it
15:10there isn't really a whole bunch of
15:13community response to go off of I don't
15:15know maybe uh PewDiePie's epic ass
15:17subreddit made some dank memes about the
15:20situation and the same level of a
15:22nine-year-old Army watching Mr B surpass
15:24PewDiePie that is so cool I hope you get
15:28[ __ ] whoa I mean you got the YouTube
15:29comments but those are always going to
15:32be biased you know Game Theory I support
15:34you no matter what PewDiePie I support
15:36you no matter what however Matt did
15:38respond at the tail end of this video so
15:40let's see what he has to say and
15:42honestly he responded really well he
15:45pointed out a ton of fallacies in
15:46PewDiePie's argument he showed how
15:48PewDiePie actually proved his theories
15:50correct and most importantly the thing
15:52that I didn't even pick up on he wasn't
15:54suggesting that PewDiePie got to where
15:56he was by cheating systems but rather he
15:58was already getting promo because he was
16:00an established American YouTuber because
16:03he spoke English
16:45so yeah I would have to give the dub to
16:47matpat on this one he was correct and he
16:50was polite about it
17:13on March 14th of 2020 Game Theory
17:17uploaded a video called which characters
17:20would survive the censored virus
17:24it's a video about which fictionalized
17:26video game character would survive the
17:28coronavirus today's episode is inspired
17:30by the most viral topic that's sweeping
17:33the globe in 2020. oh no you could say
17:36that this topic is infectious oh no yes
17:40you woo honed believe your ears when you
17:43hear the conclusion of this episode
17:45oh no hello Internet welcome to Game
17:49Theory where just a quick promo here at
17:51the top we have ourselves a cool new
17:53pullover hoodie with a really awesome
17:55Japanese inspired design that's a shirt
17:58that basically screams Heckle me in
17:59public I will say all of those clips are
18:02from the intro and it doesn't really get
18:04that bad again but there are still parts
18:07to this video where I watch it and I
18:09wonder how the [ __ ] matpat thought it
18:11was a good idea to post this add a quick
18:13side note here for a second ever since I
18:15grew the beard everywhere I go people
18:17won't stop calling me Matt daddy guys
18:19please stop do not call me Matt Daddy
18:22and whatever you do do not make hashtag
18:25Matt daddy Trend okay I repeat I totally
18:27do not want Matt Daddy to become a thing
18:30it would be awful if that nickname were
18:31to stick for me but looking at the chart
18:33it becomes immediately clear that If
18:35This Were a real disease which it
18:37clearly is not it would practically wipe
18:39out every major YouTube gamer I mean
18:41which video game character makes it
18:42through this epidemic and which ones go
18:44the way of the Wii U however keep in
18:46mind he did this during the height of
18:48the pandemic back when nobody was really
18:50aware of the effects of covid and he
18:52does share some genuinely useful
18:55research but
18:57oh boy now the fattest call out post
18:59that garnered the most attention would
19:01be this tweet from Chad tronic here with
19:0318 000 likes so he starts off the Tweet
19:05by saying five thousand dead this is not
19:07a fidget spinner type Trend which
19:08fictional character would survive the
19:09coronavirus which is you know a pretty
19:11decent start number one trending on
19:13gaming merch ad what two mid-rolls at
19:18nordvpn sponsored huh this is profiting
19:22off a tragedy at Team Utah okay I get
19:25this now there is a vast difference
19:27between genuine criticism and
19:31self-absorbed call outs Chad here
19:33listing off how popular the video is as
19:36ammunition is such a cheap shot and I do
19:39not understand how people don't get that
19:43going for the money is a bad idea trying
19:46to get somebody in trouble financially
19:48is so [ __ ] slimy especially
19:51considering what matpat has done here is
19:53let's face it not that bad I hate
19:56arguments like this this but let's be
19:58real there are at least 5 000 different
20:00channels that have done far far worse
20:03than what matpat has done here adding
20:05his sponsor is a [ __ ] move that is you
20:07trying to get brownie points by pointing
20:10at matpat and saying look everyone he
20:12did a bad pay attention to me no no no
20:14look at me look at me adding team
20:16YouTube is a super [ __ ] move that is
20:18just you going to the boss of everybody
20:21on the platform just to tattletale on
20:23this guy and let's be real profiting off
20:26of tragedy is just a blatant
20:28exaggeration could you argue that the
20:30video was in poor taste yes could you
20:33argue that it was released at the
20:34absolute worst time yes but profiting
20:37off tragedy that implies he did
20:39something like the jstation or Michael
20:41mccreden where they would make videos on
20:43people the day of their death the
20:45difference between these two is that
20:47those guys would make videos on singular
20:49people whose family members were
20:52probably devastated by the fact that
20:53they were dead it's incredibly gross
20:56imagine if you were a family member or a
20:59friend of the person who died and then
21:01you see this video where somebody
21:03essentially mocks the fact that they're
21:05dead however when it comes to matpat's
21:07video there wasn't a soul in the world
21:09that wasn't affected by covid when
21:11you're watching it you don't have to
21:13pretend to be a coveted Survivor you are
21:15a coveted Survivor the number one
21:17biggest problem for most people when it
21:19came to the pandemic was a mental strain
21:21and a lot of people coped with that
21:23through content creation that's actually
21:25how this channel came to be hell maphat
21:27even alludes to this in the beginning of
21:29the video aimed and maybe I'm just
21:31getting a little stir crazy this winter
21:32maybe I'm just sick of how serious
21:34things in the world have been lately
21:35maybe I just wanted to go back to the
21:36over-the-top ridiculous theories that
21:38this channel was built on but whatever
21:39the reason today's episode is dumb
21:41capital i z d u m dumb and I'm inclined
21:46to believe him honestly a big reason as
21:48to why I started my channel was because
21:50I was just so sick of being pent up in
21:53the house all day and just hearing all
21:55of these shitty things about covet it
21:57and I am more than sure that I am not
21:59the only one so yeah profiting off a
22:02tragedy this ain't and trying to get
22:04YouTube to think it is is just straight
22:06up shitty donate the profits to relief
22:09efforts at matpat GT
22:12I'm gonna hit you with a one-on-one on
22:14self-absorbed Pricks like this when
22:16somebody starts demanding that somebody
22:18else's bread is donated to charity they
22:21don't care they straight up they do not
22:23care that is true virtue signaling at
22:26its finest right there it may not look
22:28like it at first but whenever that
22:29argument is brought up the true
22:31implication behind it is that if I was
22:34in their position
22:36I would give the money away cause I'm a
22:40good person it's like that Family Guy
22:43episode where Brian stops 911 and Stewie
22:45keeps on telling him like not to and
22:47then Brian hits him with this Stewie
22:49it's fine I prevented 911. how could
22:51that possibly be a bad thing I mean come
22:53on I saved like 200 lives three thousand
22:56wow 3 000. oh you knew what you would do
22:59in this I can't believe I just
23:00shoehorned a Family Guy reference into
23:01this I am so stupid and if you think I'm
23:04exaggerating the self-indulgence of this
23:06post Chad thankfully confirms it for me
23:08in the comments I don't care if you're a
23:10fan of this Channel or not I'm both
23:12disgusted and embarrassed to be a part
23:14of the same Community as this person he
23:16has spun this argument to be about
23:18himself I am disgusted to be a part of
23:22the same platform as this community he's
23:24affected me hey um Chad I'm just gonna
23:28I'm gonna let you in on a little secret
23:29here I'm gonna zoom in and tell you
23:31something uh super special
23:33this has absolutely [ __ ] nothing to
23:37do with you you can express your opinion
23:39on this you know you can say it's
23:41disgusting to have somebody like this on
23:43the platform if that's what you truly
23:45think but that's not what you're doing
23:47you're making the situation about
23:49yourself the comments here are 50 50 in
23:51the worst way possible on one hand you
23:54got I'm entirely convinced matpat is a
23:56genuinely bad person and probably a
23:58psychopath and then you also have at
24:00matpat GT raises awareness all the time
24:02and even done a huge charity event for
24:04children with cancer brought tears to
24:07his eyes and you're calling him out over
24:08a different takeoff of virus that
24:10argument really bothers me because
24:12you're trying to devalue a thing by
24:15saying oh well he's a good person in
24:17this regard so he's off the hook bit of
24:19an extreme example here but if Tony
24:20Lopez donated a million to breast cancer
24:23research well that's great but it
24:26doesn't change the fact that he could
24:27Googled that girl and that's honestly
24:29what makes me the most upset about this
24:31it could have been a true slap on the
24:33mouth moment for for Game Theory but it
24:35just it's a shame that the viral tweet
24:37was from this complete headass thanks
24:39Chad tronic your self-indulgence ruined
24:42a perfect learning opportunity I hope
24:44you're happy with yourself so in
24:45conclusion chadtronic needs to donate
24:47all the likes and attention he got from
24:48this tweet to me a struggling Channel
24:52that's all for this video and I actually
24:53have a little afterthought going into
24:55this I honestly expected there to be a
24:58lot more cut and dry answers however in
25:01actuality it was a lot less cut and dry
25:03the only one that had a really
25:05definitive answer to me at least was the
25:07PewDiePie one and everything else it was
25:10all just like super split up you know
25:12game theory is a little right for this
25:14but you know the other person is also a
25:16little right in this regard moral of the
25:18video is this
25:19don't take everything at face value on
25:21the internet because chances are the
25:23information is likely much more complex
25:26than it's laid out to be
25:30you don't care you're just gonna go play
25:32fortnite after this video you [ __ ]
25:33eight-year-old anyway that's all for
25:35this video like And subscribe or I'll
25:36bang your mom to Five Nights at Freddy's
25:37lore Keep Calm And as always
25:41that's just a theory uh [ __ ] yourself
25:48thanks for watching
25:59no one does it better than the birds
26:08can always
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the controversies faced by Game Theory and its host, matpat?

Game Theory and its host, matpat, have faced controversies related to issues with artwork credit, criticism from PewDiePie, and a video on the coronavirus.

2. How has Game Theory and matpat responded to the controversies?

Game Theory and matpat have responded to the controversies by addressing the issues with artwork credit, addressing the criticism from PewDiePie, and clarifying the intention behind the video on the coronavirus.

3. What impact have the controversies had on the Game Theory channel?

The controversies have led to increased attention on the Game Theory channel, sparking discussions and debates among the audience, and ultimately contributing to a boost in viewership and engagement.

4. How has the controversy affected the reputation of Game Theory and matpat?

The controversy has brought both positive and negative attention to Game Theory and matpat, leading to heightened visibility and scrutiny, as well as an opportunity to showcase transparency and accountability in addressing the issues.

5. What steps has Game Theory taken to address the controversies and improve transparency?

Game Theory has taken steps to address the controversies by actively engaging with the audience, providing insights into the creative process, and improving transparency in crediting artwork and addressing criticism, reinforcing their commitment to integrity and open communication.

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