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The video discusses the concept of Gator lending, which is a transactional lending method for real estate investing that allows beginners to get started without needing any money. The speaker provides examples of how Gator lenders can fund deals and make profits through various arrangements, such as earning ownership stakes or charging fees. The video also highlights the importance of networking and leveraging resources like title companies and wholesalers to find opportunities for Gator lending.
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The Gator Method is a strategy for getting started in real estate investing without needing any money.
Gator lending is a method that allows people to get started in real estate without any money.
The video provides valuable training on the Gator Method.
The video will lead to a live Q&A session and a free Gator lending mentorship.
The speaker ran out of time yesterday due to answering questions, but will give away $10,000 today. They explain the concept of a "gator lender" as a transactional lender who funds quickly without an interest rate.
The speaker will give away $10,000 today after running out of time yesterday.
A "gator lender" is a transactional lender who funds quickly without an interest rate.
Gator lenders do a lot of transactions and are in and out quickly.
One example of being a gator lender is lending $1,500 for a specific purpose in real estate.
The speaker talks about a large portfolio of homes being sold with seller financing, and mentions the need for a $112,000 earnest money deposit.
The speaker is charging a fee for the deal and will own two houses from the transaction.
They will also earn $10,000 in return and negotiate for 5% ownership of the entire portfolio.
The speaker highlights the various ways to make money in real estate and mentions becoming a "gator lender" as an easy option.
The deal came from another student, and the speaker emphasizes the benefits of the sub two community for finding deals, lenders, contractors, partners, and acquisition people.
The speaker mentions that the $50,000 for the deal came from a line of credit, not costing him any money.
The speaker intends to teach others how to obtain their own line of credit to participate in similar deals.
Heather's deal could potentially have been done without the speaker's $50,000, but he saved the day by providing the funds.
The speaker shares how he obtained $40,000 to give away, and mentions rejecting a $10,000 contribution from someone who has helped his students with lines of credit.
The speaker bought a car for a family member for $8,000, which contributed to the $40,000 he plans to give away.
He considers the $40,000 to be his tithing for the year or for that specific deal.
The speaker mentions that Steve Harwood from Prime Corporate Services offered to contribute $10,000, but he rejected the offer.
He explains that he rejected the offer because Prime Corporate Services has helped a lot of his students get lines of credit.
The speaker explains how to create a transactional funding website and set up a call with potential clients.
Create a website that explains your transactional funding services.
Use a calendly link for potential clients to schedule a call with you.
Make a video on your phone explaining your services and put it on the website.
Approach wholesalers and real estate agents with your website to let them know how and when to get a hold of you.
To join the Gator Zoom, book an appointment with Prime or email your rep if you're an existing client; Pace shares a deal of 75 acres in Kansas City.
Book an appointment with Prime or email your rep to join the Gator Zoom.
Pace has a deal of 75 acres in Kansas City but is not the developer and is tapped out.
A developer approached Pace for access to lending lines of credit.
The speaker expresses gratitude and plans to create a community around Gator Lending to help people with real estate transactions.
The speaker thanks the audience for their support and expresses appreciation.
They mention the possibility of future Zoom meetings and a book about Gator Lending.
The speaker plans to create a Discord chat and involve their attorney to develop a specific strategy for Gator Lending.
They emphasize the value of helping people with transactions and providing additional value to others.
00:00so let's give away 10 000 bucks how
00:02about that
00:14so guys i get questioned all the time
00:16over and over and over how do i get
00:18started in real estate most people think
00:21that the only way to get started in real
00:22estate is
00:23i got to find a deal i got to fix and
00:25flip a deal i got to sell a deal or
00:26whatever and a lot of people brand new
00:29don't even realize that lending on a
00:31deal is a possibility for them even if
00:34either a you have less than two thousand
00:36dollars or b
00:38if you don't have any money at all so
00:40what i've just created is i've created
00:42something called gator lending that's
00:44right gator like alligator like right
00:47down there the florida everglades where
00:49all the alligators in the whole country
00:52this is the gator method now you're
00:54gonna be watching a video that i've
00:56already done it was a live zoom a
00:58thousand people came into a zoom
01:00completely packed out couldn't let
01:02people out because if they got out they
01:04wouldn't be able to get back in type of
01:05zoom it was unbelievably epic
01:08where i told people top line what gator
01:10lending is and somebody who doesn't even
01:13have any money no real estate experience
01:15how they can get started with gator
01:17lending again you don't need any money
01:19with one of the options and the other
01:20option you could start with as little as
01:22like 1200 or 1500 so i want you guys to
01:25know that this video you're about to
01:27watch is unbelievably crazy amounts of
01:31value but it's going to lead into me
01:33doing a live that's right i'm going to
01:35do another one so take the training you
01:37learned from this video and we're going
01:38gonna go and do q a before i launch into
01:41a full-fledged free
01:44gator lending mentorship i'm not gonna
01:45charge you anything for it i just wanna
01:47show people how they can get started in
01:49real estate without having to call
01:52sellers without having to build an
01:54acquisitions team without having to work
01:56and negotiate and do all this crazy
01:58paperwork how can you get your hands on
02:00real estate transactions and make really
02:03good money this is an unbelievable
02:06unbelievable strategy gator lending
02:08watch the video sign up on april 10th
02:11guys on april 10th so from the day of
02:14this video you guys are gonna have about
02:16two weeks to get signed up only a
02:18thousand people are allowed to be in
02:20this zoo last time we did this i gave
02:22people three days heads up and it packed
02:24out at a thousand you'll see in this
02:26video i don't charge anybody for
02:27anything i'm just trying to give crazy
02:29levels of value so please sign up in the
02:32link in the description down below and
02:34we'll see you on april 10th where i give
02:37you guys phase two of gator lending for
02:44hey everybody happy monday evening wow
02:46wholesale hotline man
02:49it's hot
02:50and uh
02:52red blooded american males just talking
02:55at the same time over top of each other
02:57it's just
02:59kind of prefer doing my own thing to be
03:02honest so here we are 933 people this
03:04will this zoom will max out i only my my
03:07zoom will only allow me to have a
03:08thousand people unfortunately so
03:10consider yourself lucky at some point if
03:13you leave you won't be able to come back
03:16and the reason being is because we will
03:17max out at a thousand people so let me
03:20do a couple of things give me about two
03:21minutes i will go i will do everything
03:24tonight that i plan on doing even if it
03:26takes me an hour and a half i will do
03:28everything i plan on doing what we're
03:29going to talk about are some really cool
03:31ways that no matter who you are no
03:33matter what resources you have you can
03:35actually become a gator lender and i'm
03:37going to break down what a gator lender
03:38is for those of you who missed the four
03:40hour live yesterday i'll break that down
03:42in about five minutes uh tell you what
03:44we talked about personality types real
03:46quick and then tonight specifically i'm
03:48going to tell you guys about gator
03:49lending and then at the end we're going
03:50to give away 10 000 to somebody and uh
03:53have a good time i promise you guys we
03:55will go through everything tonight i
03:57know a lot of people were upset that i
03:58was not able to finish the zoom
04:00yesterday but i did a four hour zoom for
04:03anybody that uh is not an existing
04:05student hell if you're an existing
04:07student of mine did i sell anything
04:09did i have a link in fact most people
04:11that were saying hey how do i join your
04:13mentorship i told you guys it was sold
04:15out so not here to sell you guys
04:16anything i'm going to show you guys a
04:18very very easy way to get started in
04:21real estate as a gator lender so give me
04:23two minutes all right i'll be right back
04:25one eternity later so here here's
04:28yesterday here's what we did yesterday
04:30we talked about where to find actually
04:33wrote down all the questions
04:34why do i need a private money lender did
04:36i sufficiently answer that question
04:38yesterday give me a yes in the comments
04:40if you guys were there yesterday did i
04:41sufficiently answer why and tell you a
04:44very specific story about an address a
04:48showed you guys proof all that kind of
04:51of why you need private money lenders
04:53okay i also showed you guys where to
04:55find them i showed you guys who they are
04:58right i bro have you guys ever seen
05:00anybody break down personality types of
05:02private money lenders by the way i've
05:03paid a lot of private money lender
05:05educators and nobody ever taught me the
05:07personality types it took me years and
05:08years and years of actually working
05:10through and working with private money
05:12lenders to understand the personality
05:14type so
05:15what i'll do for you guys anybody that
05:17did not watch that zoom from yesterday i
05:21potentially share that with you guys
05:23later i i don't know if i want the whole
05:25thing out there because i was cussing
05:28and it was really raw so i don't know if
05:30i'll share that with you guys but maybe
05:32i will maybe i'll edit it and give it to
05:34you guys um did i show you guys how to
05:37talk to private money lenders
05:39and that did i tell you when they get
05:40paid off
05:42how do i pay them off all that kind of
05:43stuff cool so the challenge with a
05:45four-hour zoom guys is that it cost me
05:47money to have somebody go through and
05:49edit it and take out all the cuss words
05:52and the boringness and all that kind of
05:53stuff and essentially i don't know that
05:55when i'm gonna be able to do that takes
05:57time and energy to do that and a lot of
05:58money okay
06:00so the one thing that i got to that i
06:01was not able to jump into in depth was
06:03something called a gator lender and a
06:05lot of people dm me like that is the
06:07first time i've ever talked about a
06:09gator lender so let me remind you what
06:11that looks like and tonight the main
06:13topic is either a how do i find gator
06:15lenders or b how do i become a gator
06:18lender because i feel like if i'm brand
06:19new to real estate and i don't even have
06:21money for wholesale and marketing and
06:23all that kind of stuff i actually can
06:25become a gator lender and you're gonna
06:27go wait i'm 18. how do i do that wait
06:29i've never been a lender wait i don't
06:31have enough money i'm going to show you
06:33guys exactly how this is done so this is
06:35the personality types do a little screen
06:37share for you do you guys feel kind of
06:39lucky that you're in a thousand person
06:40zoom and it's maxed all the freaking way
06:42out i feel bad for people that aren't in
06:43here so here's the personality types
06:45let's go through them one more time
06:47we've got
06:49the whale right and the dolphin so the
06:51whale leave me alone pay me my returns
06:53i'm not in business of making money i'm
06:54in the business of preserving money
06:56they're usually at seven to ten percent
06:58there's all the details of them then
07:00we've got the dolphin completely
07:02different personality completely
07:04different place you find them completely
07:06different interest rate completely
07:07different goals swimmer most of my
07:09investors that invest with me are
07:11actually swimmers people that invest
07:12with me specifically because they want
07:14to learn my deals how i'm finding them
07:16how i manage them what my team is doing
07:18i got i showed you guys my slack channel
07:20yesterday and showed you how my team is
07:21making decisions on every single deal
07:24sharks there are sharks out there that
07:27are lending money these are people that
07:29are doing deals already but they don't
07:31have enough deals so they're lending
07:32money and getting to other people's
07:34deals okay by the way i'm not going to
07:35answer questions tonight especially
07:37unless it's specifically about raising
07:40private capital i will potentially
07:42answer your question but the reason why
07:44we ran out of time yesterday why did we
07:46run out of time yesterday guys we ran
07:48out of time yesterday because i ended up
07:50i love answering questions for people i
07:52ended up answering questions for two
07:54hours to people and we ran out of time
07:56so the ten thousand dollars i wanted to
07:57give away yesterday wasn't able to do it
07:59so i'm gonna do it tonight now those
08:01questions were super valuable i didn't
08:03want to stop them they were amazing gave
08:04a lot of people a lot of value but i'm
08:06not gonna deviate tonight i'm gonna stay
08:08right on topic because i've been working
08:10since four o'clock this morning it's now
08:12seven a lot of people over there on the
08:13east coast it's 9 42 p.m so we want to
08:16stay on topic and get through this as
08:17quickly as possible now a gator okay a
08:20gator lender is a transactional lender
08:22somebody who's funding on a transaction
08:24very quickly they're coming in and
08:27getting chunks you guys notice there's
08:28not really an interest rate here because
08:31they are lending based on chunks they
08:34make a lot quickly and they do a ton of
08:37transactions they're in and they are out
08:39so let me tell you a couple of four
08:40instances i've got a handful of these
08:42deals going on right now multiple ways
08:44that you can be a transactional lender
08:47or a gator lender gators are both in the
08:49water out of the water they do both
08:51they're jumping in they're jumping out
08:53couple of ways that you can be a lender
08:56as a gator number one i have somebody
08:59right now that i'm lending literally
09:02fifteen hundred dollars to i'm lending
09:04fifteen hundred dollars to them for one
09:07the purpose of me lending fifteen
09:08hundred dollars to them is for what why
09:10do you guys think i'm lending somebody
09:12fifteen hundred dollars
09:14what could somebody use with fifteen
09:15hundred dollars in real estate
09:18there you go emd
09:20somebody got into a deal that they're
09:22super excited about and they don't have
09:24the money for the earnest money okay so
09:26a lot of you guys that are brand new you
09:27don't know earnest money is if i'm a
09:29wholesaler and i go to a real estate
09:32agent or a real estate or a seller and i
09:35get into a contract with that seller me
09:37and this seller get into a contract that
09:38says i'm going to buy this house for
09:40this dollar amount
09:41every single contract is going to state
09:44earnest money means in order for me to
09:46actually start the transaction i need to
09:48put 100 down a thousand dollars down
09:50five thousand dollars down a lot of
09:52times it's one percent of the purchase
09:55price you have to go and open escrow so
09:58take this contract
09:59down to a title company
10:01hand it over to a title company they
10:03begin the transaction and all the
10:04searching and all the title work
10:07but they're going to require you to put
10:08down whatever your contract says of
10:11earnest money so there's a lot of
10:13wholesalers right now
10:15tell me right now guys if a cell be
10:17honest by the way there's a thousand of
10:19us in here it's still a tight-knit
10:21community if you have a thousand people
10:23in here can you imagine how many people
10:26in here right now that if they got into
10:28a contract with the seller required them
10:30to put one percent
10:32of their 300 000 purchase price how many
10:35people in here right now could not come
10:37up with that three thousand dollars give
10:39me a yes or give me a no say me or not
10:43okay they'd be you'd be stuck right
10:45you'd be stuck so guys look at the
10:47comments thousand people in here all
10:49right so here's the thing that i can do
10:51with transactional lending okay i can
10:53fund people's earnest money so i've got
10:55an earnest money deal right now where
10:57the whole seller needed 1500 to cover
10:59his cost to get into the deal okay
11:01fifteen hundred bucks how much money
11:03would i make if i was going to earn ten
11:05percent of that over the course of a
11:07year all right so if i earn ten percent
11:09on that fifteen hundred dollars over the
11:11course of a year
11:12it's not really worth my time right so
11:15most big lenders like hard money lenders
11:17private money lenders they don't want to
11:18waste their time with a 1500
11:21little lending fee gator lenders or
11:23transactional lenders lenders that are
11:24coming in and out
11:26most people would look at your little
11:28deal and your earnest money as a dead
11:30carcass i don't want to deal with that
11:32but guess what animal eats a dead
11:34carcass all day long an alligator
11:37an alligator will eat a dead carcass so
11:39what i'm do what i'm doing for a lot of
11:41people right now is i'll show you guys
11:43how to become a gator lender here in
11:44just a couple of minutes but i'm helping
11:46people fund those deals and i'm teaching
11:48other people how to become a gator
11:49lender because how much money do you
11:51think i'm gonna make on that fifteen
11:53hundred dollar covering their earnest
11:55money transaction stop thinking about
11:57the paperwork for a second guys please
11:59stop thinking ahead of yourself and stop
12:01creating limitations in your brain
12:02immediately do yourself a favor by just
12:05focusing on one step at a time i will
12:07make five thousand dollars on that
12:08fifteen hundred dollar transaction five
12:10thousand dollars the whole seller's
12:12making 25. i told this this is what i
12:15said the wholesaler says i don't have
12:16the money to cover it but i already have
12:18a buyer and the buyer doesn't want to
12:20put the 1500 up until title is clear and
12:22i go okay i'll put up the fifteen
12:24hundred dollars because i have the
12:25proper paperwork that will make sure
12:27that if the transaction doesn't complete
12:29i get my money back i'm fully protected
12:31i will put up the fifteen hundred
12:33dollars what is it worth to you he goes
12:35well i'm making twenty five thousand
12:36bucks i go what is it worth to you
12:38wholesaler says i'll pay you five
12:40thousand dollars at close of escrow i go
12:42okay as long as i'm on the hud i'll give
12:44you the 1500 bucks guys you know how
12:46many times i've done this i've done this
12:48so many times now check this out
12:50i'll walk you guys through the paperwork
12:52i'll walk you through all that kind of
12:53stuff it's very very simple it's not
12:55just earnest money it's also probate
12:57fees i get a lot of wholesalers same
12:59thing hey my seller needs to go through
13:01probate i already have the house under
13:03contract i already have a buyer lined up
13:05but i don't have the money to pay for
13:07the probate and i need help and i go no
13:10problem i will lend money on this
13:13my risk is a little bit higher in a
13:15probate situation again i'll go through
13:17the paperwork i'll go through all that
13:19stuff with you and i'll pay for the
13:20probate let's say it's twenty five
13:22hundred dollars or five thousand dollars
13:23whatever it may be and my cost i have a
13:26probate deal right now i'm covering if i
13:28was a lender at ten percent or twelve
13:30percent and i loaned five thousand
13:32dollars on let's say a credit card or a
13:34line of credit how much money would i
13:37make at 10
13:38at 10 percent i'd make 500 for the year
13:41is that worth my time it's not enough
13:43okay and so most big lenders hard money
13:46lenders private money lenders are they
13:48gonna waste their time on a five
13:49thousand dollar deal no and so a gator
13:52lender somebody that comes in and will
13:54look at a dead carcass or an animal that
13:56nobody else wants to eat and alligator
13:58will actually come in that water
13:59temporarily pull that out or they'll
14:02even go into the water and bring it down
14:03to the bottom of the water and they'll
14:05eat something somebody else is not
14:07willing to eat they'll make use of a
14:09deal and they'll actually get that
14:10transaction completed so the gator
14:12lenders are incredibly important a lot
14:14of people don't talk about this because
14:16they don't know about it so essentially
14:18i fund a probate i pay for the probate
14:21attorney it goes through probate all
14:22that stuff is done i have a deal right
14:24now i'm making 10 grand on a 5 000 deal
14:27i'll make 200 percent on me paying for
14:31probate i'm inserting my deal because
14:33again guys i'm not basing it on interest
14:36i'm basing it on a chunk of money a
14:38chunk of money a chunk of money okay now
14:40let me tell you a couple of deals and
14:42you i'll open it up to some questions
14:43and i'll i'll kind of tell you guys how
14:45you guys can get started on that kind of
14:47stuff as well i've got a deal right now
14:49and i don't know if the person is in the
14:50side chat i apologize if you are but i'm
14:52currently negotiating a deal listen to
14:55this is going to psych you out okay this
14:57is this takes about a year to build up
14:59to this if you become a gator lender it
15:01takes about a year to get up to this
15:03level if you
15:05build up a line of credit and i'll show
15:07you guys how to build up a line of
15:08credit here in a second you guys can
15:11work up to this type of transaction i
15:12currently have somebody it's a
15:14wholesaler working on a big portfolio
15:16portfolio is a large chunk of homes i
15:19think it's like 112 homes in the north
15:22carolina south carolina virginia area
15:25over there they are taking down a
15:27massive portfolio of houses seller
15:31with a down payment they don't have
15:33enough money for the earnest to open the
15:36transaction and so they need
15:39hundred and twelve thousand dollars to
15:42cover their earnest money on that deal
15:44what do you think i'm charging for that
15:46deal you think i'm charging
15:4920 a percentage you guys think i'm
15:50charging a percentage kimberly bolton
15:52already knows the answer to this i'm
15:54actually getting two houses from this
15:57i will own two houses out of this
15:59transaction of me coming up with the two
16:01hundred thousand dollars i will also
16:03earn ten thousand dollars in return
16:08i'm negotiating five percent ownership
16:11of their entire portfolio guys there are
16:14way more ways to make money in real
16:16estate than you have you can even
16:19what you guys are stuck on is there's a
16:21lot of people in here that are like i
16:23have 500 or 2 000 to my name and i don't
16:26know where to get started guys do you
16:28know how easy it is to become a gator
16:30lender and nobody talks about it because
16:32it's incredibly easy the thing is it's
16:34only the creative people like me that
16:36understand this and i get people that
16:38have been in this business for 30 40
16:39years that call me go hey i've got this
16:41situation how would you structure this
16:43because i always come up with a really
16:44easy way that both parties win but you
16:47make sure you don't leave any meat on
16:49the table okay because a gator is not
16:50going to leave anything on that carcass
16:52they're going to eat the entire thing
16:53okay so i'm going to pull this up i'm
16:56going to pull up a handful of people
16:57that i recently helped go out and get a
17:00line of credit here so you see all these
17:02do you guys see these dollar amounts
17:03right here 23 grand 15 grand 12 grand 11
17:06grand 9 500 these are all lines of
17:08credit that i've helped people look this
17:10one's at 2100 bucks i helped somebody
17:11get a 2100
17:13line of credit here's another one three
17:14thousand dollars three thousand dollars
17:16fifty three thousand 000 right so it's
17:18very simple here's what i'm gonna do i'm
17:20gonna i'm doing this all for free okay
17:22because i think this is i if you guys
17:24don't remember this like six months ago
17:26i had this thing this conversation in my
17:28mind of like how do i genuinely get
17:30people to get their hands on a
17:32transaction even if they're not good at
17:33talking to sellers they're not good at
17:34marketing they're not good at anything
17:36else how do i teach people how to get
17:38their hands on a transaction and
17:40literally yesterday while i was in this
17:43zoom with you guys for four hours i came
17:44up with the idea of like why don't i put
17:47a whole package together where i have my
17:49attorney sean saint claire put all the
17:51lending documents and all the things to
17:54safeguard you all the paperwork that you
17:56would ever need to become a gator lender
17:58and i will give it away to everybody
18:00that goes out and gets a line of credit
18:02i will pay for it and i will give it to
18:03you so a handful of this the people in
18:06here i help them get a line of credit
18:08here's what i'm going to do we are going
18:09to help
18:10a thousand people in here dude this is
18:12insane what i want you guys to do is i'm
18:14going to show you guys and walk you
18:15through how to get a line of credit
18:17could be 2 000 bucks could be 5 000
18:19bucks could be 15 000 bucks and i'll
18:22teach you guys how to do all of this but
18:24here's what i want you to do i'm going
18:25to set up another call with sean saint
18:27claire my attorney i have a student one
18:30of my students has piss poor credit i
18:32helped him get a two thousand dollar
18:33line of credit in like two weeks
18:36anybody that's used pcs what i want you
18:38guys to do is i want you guys to go to
18:41forward slash pace look at my students
18:44talk about pcs what i want is we're
18:46going to i'm going to have them put a
18:47list of everybody that's on there and
18:49email me and what we're going to do is
18:51we're going to do another zoom where i
18:53bring in sean st claire and i show you
18:55guys the paperwork in order to become a
18:57gator lender i'm going to open up q and
18:59give away 10 000 bucks here in probably
19:0020 minutes or 30 minutes but i want you
19:02guys to make sure that you have my link
19:04okay go to
19:06forward slash pace here's what here's
19:07what i want to do i'm going to teach you
19:09guys how to not only get a line of
19:11credit for like 2 000 bucks even if you
19:12have somewhat piss-poor credit
19:15i'm going to show you guys how to find
19:17the people that's what we'll do in the
19:19next zoom
19:20for the people who actually i can teach
19:22because here's the problem and raise
19:24your hand if this is you
19:26you have an addiction to consuming
19:29and i have a problem i create a lot of
19:30content i get that but you guys will
19:33consume a lot of content and not take
19:34action check this out so we did a
19:36driving for deals challenge back in
19:38october 26 day driving for deals
19:41challenge we had a 26 day driving for
19:43deals challenge and on day like five
19:47somebody comes in and asked me a
19:48question and by this time we've already
19:50locked up four contracts in this live
19:52challenge right and this person comes in
19:54and goes okay so i'm just wondering like
19:56how do i you know call these sellers i'm
19:58like where have you have you not been
20:00watching they go yeah i've been watching
20:01i go we told you to download the
20:03software that was like 12 or whatever it
20:06on day one like where have you been
20:08and so i learned that anytime i do
20:11something that
20:12requires people do you does any was
20:14anybody on that live and you saw that
20:15happen where there were like 300 people
20:18just consuming content in my driving for
20:20deals challenge just sitting in there
20:21i'm like what are you gonna do sitting
20:23here for 30 days and literally not do
20:25anything look at how like everybody's
20:27like yep i was there i remember that so
20:29yep it was the squirrel challenge
20:31it was just like people were just shiny
20:34objects shiny objects shiny objects so
20:35what i'm going to do and i learned to do
20:37this in the driving for deals challenge
20:39is i locked out people
20:41past day five i think it was or day six
20:44that had not taken the first steps of
20:46action okay so what i'm going to do is
20:48i'm going to get sean sinclair prime
20:50corporate services and i'm going to walk
20:52people through whether your credit's
20:54good your credit's bad whatever it is
20:55i'm going to walk you through how to get
20:56a line of credit okay we'll do that in a
20:58zoom for anybody that has like signed up
21:00for a call with prime corporate services
21:02they're not paying me i'm doing this all
21:04for free i'm doing this all for you guys
21:06for free i will even pay for my attorney
21:07it'll cost me what do you guys think it
21:09would cost me to have my attorney draft
21:10up all the lending documents so you can
21:12go out and start a gator lending
21:14right it's not 25 grand guys it's
21:16probably gonna cost me anywhere between
21:17four and seven thousand dollars i will
21:20have him
21:21come into the zoom answer questions
21:23about the paperwork i will give the
21:25lending documents to anybody so that
21:27when you lend to a wholesaler you lend
21:29to a realtor you lend to somebody on a
21:31probate deal
21:32you lend on a larger deal you understand
21:35how to protect yourself and also insert
21:36yourself into the actual transaction
21:38with the title company so you're
21:40guaranteed to get paid i've got a deal
21:42right now actually heather witzig
21:44heather are you in here heather what up
21:46hey how's it going pace i'm good hey um
21:49so you and i are working on a deal right
21:50now where you are having me fund 50 000
21:54to you is that correct that's correct
21:55yep be honest everybody how much am i
21:57charging in interest um be totally
22:00honest be totally honest
22:04okay but why am i doing that because
22:06you're amazing
22:07well i i know that but here's here's the
22:09thing i'm going to tell you the truth of
22:11why i'm lending fifty thousand dollars
22:12to you for free okay yeah and i'm gonna
22:14do this in front of a thousand people
22:16why am i doing this one you're a newer
22:18student of mine and you're doing the
22:20morby method
22:21and i want to help you get through that
22:24transaction so that you can turn around
22:26and help hundreds of other students and
22:28i imagine since you joined sub 2 you
22:30feel the love and the adoption like
22:33people adopted you into the sub 2 family
22:34like very quickly right oh 100
22:37yeah yeah the reason why they did is
22:40because since day one i've been lending
22:42to people for free i've been helping
22:43people's deals get done jumping in
22:46calling sellers doing all that kind of
22:47stuff so that i can turn people like you
22:49heather into leaders
22:51and ultimately you will turn around and
22:53help me grow this community that is the
22:54ultimate goal yeah the larger the
22:57community the more people are doing
22:59deals together heather where did this
23:00deal come from did it come come from
23:02somebody else or did it come from you uh
23:04it actually is because of what i learned
23:05in the short story yeah it was just it
23:07came from another student okay perfect
23:09that's what i wanted here so the deal
23:11came from another student this is why
23:14the sub two community dominates all
23:16other real estate communities because p
23:18you can find your deals in there you can
23:19find lenders in there contractors in
23:21there partners in there acquisition
23:23people in there whatever you need you
23:25can find it in sub too and so since the
23:28creation of the morbi method and me
23:30going through that have you been on the
23:32phone with like sean sinclair and i know
23:33molly's been helping you out a lot with
23:34this transaction yeah i didn't get a
23:36chance to talk to sean sinclair we
23:38haven't needed to yet but i've been
23:40talking with molly yeah she's been great
23:42perfect so what i want to do i want you
23:43to understand do you know where my fifty
23:45thousand dollars is coming from from
23:46gator london it's it's come well gator
23:49lending is a method but
23:50the fifty thousand dollars i i'm i'm
23:52giving you actually came from a line of
23:54credit it's not going to cost me any
23:55money nice so the line of credit
23:59is what i'm going to teach you guys how
24:00to go do on your own so that you can
24:02insert yourself into deals like this
24:03like heather would your deal could it
24:06get done without my fifty thousand
24:07dollars i mean we might have been able
24:09to find it elsewhere but yeah you you
24:11saved the day
24:13somebody somebody else somebody else
24:14would have come in they would have
24:15charged you money right yeah definitely
24:18and you would have been glad to pay the
24:19money i'm sure there's other people you
24:20guys are raising money from that you're
24:22paying money to right uh not yet this
24:24has kind of been the only deal i'm
24:25working on right now at the moment you
24:27have other people lined up for this
24:29transaction is that correct yes okay and
24:31you are going to pay them interest yes
24:33okay so this is the advantage of having
24:36a line of credit or having even
24:38something small two thousand dollars
24:39right two thousand dollar line of credit
24:41can turn into five grand real quick five
24:43grand it can turn into ten grand real
24:45quick you can get yourself into a
24:46powerful position where you can lend 50
24:48000 and go i don't need any interest on
24:50it because i just want to see a deal get
24:53because i have all this other gator
24:54lending essentially happening all over
24:56the place like i have i'm probably i
24:58don't know 40 50 000 a month and just
25:00little transactional lending that i'm
25:02doing all the time so anyway heather i
25:04know that there's some new developments
25:06there and i'm jumping in which is
25:08actually a great point because there's
25:10another part to this that i'll jump into
25:12in a second heather i'm gonna i'm gonna
25:14leave you okay but thank you for coming
25:16in here so my job as a mentor is to do
25:19things that other mentors are not
25:21willing to do things that i really wish
25:23somebody did for me when i was starting
25:25out have you have you guys ever had a
25:27mentor lend 50 000 to you for zero cost
25:31just to see you win
25:32just so you could turn into a leader and
25:34then go and help another hundred people
25:36do that that is what i'm trying to do
25:38this is why i'm on a free zoom with
25:40people i'm trying here why would i do a
25:42free zoom
25:43let's let's figure out why am i on the
25:46free zoom we'll give you very clear
25:48definitive reason why i'm here and what
25:50my motivation is
25:52my motivation is
25:53my students learn how to become gator
25:56lenders and my students go out and lend
25:58money transactionally on earnest money
26:00probate situations whatever it may be
26:03and they put themselves in a situation
26:05to help the free community anybody
26:07that's not a student in here have you
26:09ever been helped by my sub 2 students
26:11and have you done deals with my sub 2
26:13students my job as a leader
26:16is to turn other people into leaders
26:19and so right now what i'm trying to do
26:21is teach you guys how to do that so that
26:23you guys can jump into real estate now
26:27is there any reason you could not be a
26:29gator lender if you started out with two
26:31thousand bucks if you had two thousand
26:33dollars could you learn how to be a
26:34gator lender and ultimately get to a
26:36position where i'm at where i can go
26:38lend two hundred and twelve thousand
26:39dollars on a deal because my line of
26:41credit has grown so much that i can go
26:44out and lend on a deal get two free
26:46houses in the process five percent of
26:48that entire portfolio
26:50and ten thousand dollars in a chunk of
26:52money okay you guys want to hear a
26:54couple of other transactions i'm in the
26:55middle of that'll kind of like blow your
26:58okay this this one's an interesting one
27:00this is kind of crazy i want to make
27:02sure i describe this properly a
27:04christian says blow my mind pace all
27:06right guys so here's what i'm gonna do
27:08uh louis says when i win the ten
27:09thousand dollars i'm gonna become a
27:11gator lender cool so a couple things we
27:13are going to do a zoom next week who am
27:15i doing the zoom with i'm doing the zoom
27:18with action takers people that are
27:20actually signed up to learn how to get a
27:23line of credit from prime corporate
27:24services so go to
27:27forward slash pace
27:29doesn't mean you have to have a line of
27:30credit because we're going to walk you
27:31through and show you how to get a line
27:33of credit on the next call okay so you
27:35guys need to go in there right now
27:37uh appointments are booking fast i'm
27:39sure they are everybody's saying
27:40appointments are booking fast
27:41appointments are booking fast
27:43appointments are booking fast all that
27:44kind of stuff what you need to do is you
27:46need to take action i'm not messing
27:47around with people that don't take
27:48action 17 people have their hands raised
27:50i'm sorry those are 17 questions they're
27:52probably not going to get your answer
27:55trevor you're a student you can come
27:56hang out with me tomorrow night for i'm
27:58going to be doing a five hour zoom if
27:59you guys are students of mine agnes by
28:01the way agnes how are you doing agnes i
28:04pray do if i ever say i'm going to give
28:06you free money do i give you free money
28:12yes you do we didn't know we didn't know
28:14agnes is going to come out of the gate
28:15just spitting like that
28:17actually so here's what happened i
28:18actually told agnes
28:20um she won some money
28:22and my team didn't get it to her for
28:24like a couple of weeks so i was like you
28:25know what throw 20 on top of it i paid
28:27you interest on that money you got it
28:29today i think right i haven't checked my
28:31account but it's on the way for sure
28:32because you did send me that i honestly
28:35did not know that you could be lending
28:37like that i kid you not i have lines of
28:40credit and i have credit cards i have
28:43money in my bank account to fund my own
28:46deals that is just sitting there i
28:48didn't know that i could do this like
28:50this is a complete mind shift this is
28:53crazy it is crazy well let me let me
28:55tell you something even crazier agnes
28:56come in and talk to me tomorrow i'm not
28:58going to do q a tonight for this because
28:59i'm going to keep it really short and
29:00sweet because i want to be able to have
29:02enough time to give away the ten
29:03thousand bucks tonight would you guys be
29:04pissed off if i did two zooms and i
29:06didn't give away the ten thousand
29:07dollars again okay so i we we'll give
29:09away the ten thousand bucks basically
29:11guys i want you to understand where the
29:12money came from i had a subject-to deal
29:14that i bought years ago i refinanced it
29:17out i pulled out nearly 400 000 in
29:19equity i reinvested that money by paying
29:21off some private lenders of mine and
29:23then i went and funded a couple of my
29:24own deals without lenders which is great
29:26but then i had money left over that i'm
29:28like okay well you know you always want
29:29to give away 10 percent right 10 percent
29:31either your church you know god whatever
29:33or you want to give it away and help out
29:35people that really need the help so for
29:37me i care about my community
29:39and we had this thought somebody made a
29:41comment to me is like hey are you giving
29:42away a car anytime soon
29:44because in 2021 2019 and 2018 we gave
29:48away five cars per year but where did
29:51those cars come from those cars came
29:53from us buying houses through probate
29:56one of them i actually was the gator
29:57lender on and i got the car in the
29:59transaction we get cars all the time
30:01we get them all the time like in garages
30:04and stuff like that on houses we buy
30:05jamil gets them all the time too
30:07and so what we do is we typically just
30:08give them away on instagram so about a
30:11month ago somebody dm you go hey are you
30:13going to give away a car again i'm like
30:14man i haven't given away a car in like
30:16five or six months so i asked who would
30:19want a car and it was literally like
30:21hundreds and hundreds of dms for weeks
30:22and weeks and weeks
30:24and so we made the decision hey i'm
30:26going to go split this up i'm going to
30:2812 grand for a car 10 000 for cash 10
30:31000 for cash and then i have
30:33i bought a family member a car for 8 000
30:35bucks so that adds up to the forty
30:36thousand bucks so i'm gonna give away
30:38forty thousand dollars twenty thousand
30:39dollars in cars and twenty thousand
30:41dollars in cash and that's my
30:42essentially my my tithing for the year
30:45or on that specific deal okay so that's
30:47where the money came from now steve
30:49harwood from prime corporate services
30:51asked to chip in for that ten thousand
30:52dollars and i rejected it i was like no
30:54man like let me help you guys out you
30:56guys have helped out a lot of my people
30:58i showed you guys all the lines of
30:59credit that they've been helping people
31:00get just this month they helped 550 000
31:03worth of my students get lines of credit
31:06some of them are three grand right so we
31:08a lot of 18 year olds getting 3 000
31:10lines of credit now guess what i can do
31:13i can go into groups on facebook okay
31:15how many wholesaler groups are on
31:17facebook guys
31:18how many comments and youtubes are there
31:20that you can go in and say hey i can be
31:22a transactional lender and cover your
31:24costs for your earnest money how many
31:27deals will you be able to get your hands
31:29on here's a good strategy call a title
31:32company we have a transactional lender
31:34that came to our title company like i
31:35don't know two or three months ago and
31:37because i own a title company and they
31:38say hey i do transactional lending if
31:40any of your wholesalers or real estate
31:43agents need earnest money or down
31:46payments or any of these types of things
31:48or if they need to double close they
31:50need to double close a lot of people in
31:52here don't even know what double closing
31:54means but if they need to do a double
31:55closing i can do their transactional
31:57lending i'm like i'm the transactional
31:59lender around here dude this is my title
32:01company but
32:02it's a very simple deal where you can go
32:05into title companies guys how many title
32:07companies are there in your state you
32:08ever drive around and go dude there's
32:09title companies every freaking where so
32:13check this out uh payton says i feel the
32:15fact that pace is bringing the small
32:17details to the forefront of real estate
32:18to help everyone just getting into the
32:20game to provide the actual zero dollar
32:22out of pocket
32:23legit guys i get so many people that say
32:26how do i start in real estate is being a
32:29gator lender for like 2 000 line of
32:32credit not the easiest way to start in
32:34real estate and then what we'll do is on
32:36the next zoom everybody that took action
32:38is like actually signed up for with pcs
32:41i'll have pcs put everybody in a zoom
32:43and then i'll show you guys the strategy
32:45of actually going out and finding those
32:47people to lend money to
32:49more importantly what i'll do is i'll
32:50show you guys with my attorney i'll
32:52bring sean saint claire in and i'll show
32:54you guys the paperwork walk you through
32:56the paperwork and i'll give it away to
32:58you guys and what here's the here's the
33:00thing that's going to happen is this
33:01something that i'm only going to keep
33:03private to my students is this a this is
33:05a creative strategy for sure nobody
33:07talks about this you'll never find any
33:08of this on youtube there's not a book
33:10about this none of that's out there and
33:12i'll tell you a couple more transactions
33:13i'm in the middle of that will help you
33:14understand this even at a deeper level
33:17but what's going to happen is i'm going
33:18to take this and i'm going to go put
33:20this on youtube and every time somebody
33:22dm's me and says how do i get started in
33:24real estate what zoom do you think i'm
33:26going to send them to okay so my goal is
33:28for the people that are in my immediate
33:30audience right now which are a thousand
33:32people locked out in ho in zoom
33:35my goal is to get you guys to take
33:38action before i basically educate the
33:40masses i want to get you guys rolling
33:43and to get you taking action and in two
33:44three or four months my team kelly will
33:47have an edited version of this that will
33:49ultimately go on youtube is the same
33:51thing with like the dr
33:52zero to hero season ones uh the driving
33:54for deals challenge the people that
33:56benefited the most for those challenges
33:58were the people that were there live and
34:00we would spend 20 hours a week doing q a
34:03showing you the real thing going behind
34:05the scenes doing the actual task all
34:07that kind of stuff
34:08that's my goal with this group of people
34:11what i know is the majority of the
34:12people that are going to take action are
34:14my students because they're proven
34:16action takers so my goal is the other
34:19people in the side chat who are not
34:20action takers are ultimately going to be
34:23the people that my students lend the
34:25money to
34:26so i'm hopefully connecting you guys
34:28together so that you my students can go
34:30and start a new business endeavor and be
34:33somebody when you so check this out
34:35everybody that signs up and learns
34:36creative finance you have a super power
34:39that is unbelievable a superpower okay
34:41there's entire students that have built
34:43their entire business based on the
34:45ability to get a dead deal turned into a
34:48good deal through creative finance
34:51so think about this i go into a facebook
34:54and my name is pace well let's say it's
34:56anybody else let's say it's caleb
34:57christopher right
34:59i'm caleb christopher i go into a
35:01facebook group let's say ohio
35:03wholesalers whatever the facebook group
35:05is and i go hey guys new to the group my
35:07name is caleb christopher i can do three
35:09things for you
35:10one i can help you underwrite or look at
35:13your deals some of you guys can do that
35:15some of you can't do that
35:16two i can help you revive your dead
35:18leads if you're a wholesaler or your
35:19real estate agent and three
35:22if one and two are not good for you
35:24three i can provide transactional
35:27lending on earnest money probate etc
35:30types of transactions hit me up i have
35:33value to bring to you has anybody else
35:36ever wondered how do i provide value to
35:38wholesalers how do i go to wholesalers
35:40and provide value to them pretty
35:42freaking simple now what you want to do
35:44is you want to make sure that you have
35:46the proper paperwork you set yourself up
35:48correctly because lines of credit are
35:50used for multiple things right they're
35:51used for construction they're used for
35:53down payments they're used for whatever
35:55payroll a lot of times for people that
35:57are starting out
35:58but when you guys are doing
35:59transactional lending you got to make
36:00sure you have the proper lending
36:02paperwork and that's what i'm going to
36:04have sean sinclair draft for everybody
36:06so tell me this guys where can i sign up
36:09and how do i get into the next zoom with
36:11sean sinclair prime corporate services
36:13and me how am i how do i get into that
36:15so what i want you guys to do is set up
36:17a call make sure you guys are set up
36:19with them i'm they're not paying me to
36:20do this to promote this i'm paying money
36:22out of my pocket with my attorney i am
36:24going to get you guys set up and we're
36:26going to turn into a turn a lot of
36:28people into transactional lenders now
36:29check this out you don't have we're not
36:31talking about even 50 000 lines of
36:33credit those are dope right and having
36:36access to a million dollar line of
36:37credit is pretty powerful but we're
36:39talking like two thousand dollars three
36:41thousand dollars that you can pull money
36:43off do transactional lending for two or
36:46three days at a time and double your
36:47money double your money double your
36:48money double your money have there ever
36:50been times in your guys's businesses
36:51that you wish you had somebody that
36:53would have done transactional lending
36:55for you whether it was double closing
36:56whether it was emd whether it was the
36:58down payment on whatever
37:00oh my gosh this is such an underserved
37:04part of this whole entire real estate
37:06world and now i have the answer i have
37:09figured out the magic pill everybody
37:12says how do i get started in real estate
37:14with little to no money
37:16here's the answer become a gator lender
37:19go and find things that people are like
37:21i need help with this to make this work
37:23it's freaking genius it's freaking
37:26genius not just genius it's freaking
37:28genius so look right there like you have
37:30somebody right there says i'm stuck with
37:32emd right now laureen says i'm stuck
37:34with the md right now i don't have the
37:36emd guys this satisfies laureen's
37:38problem this is why i'm doing this live
37:40right now so that you guys can connect
37:43with each other or
37:45become the gator lender so i will also
37:48here's what i'm going to do in the next
37:49live and we'll give i'll give the money
37:51away here in just a couple of minutes
37:52the next live i'm going to teach you
37:54guys about the paperwork i'm also going
37:56to teach you guys how to structure the
37:58deal like how much should i ask for how
38:00to have that conversation i'm also for
38:03anybody that takes action on this i'm
38:05going to create a transactional funding
38:07website okay i'm going to create a
38:09transactional funding website with a
38:11video and a format and i'll let you guys
38:13copy the format of my website so you
38:15guys can go out and have your own
38:17transactional funding website okay now
38:21here's what here's what i would do let's
38:23say i go to a title company or i talk to
38:25a probate attorney or i talk to a
38:27wholesaler or realtor that's like yeah i
38:28need transactional lending well guess
38:30what now i have a website that explains
38:32what i do
38:33and then they can set up a call with you
38:35on a calendly link rather than just
38:37randomly calling you you can make a
38:39video on your phone selfie style i'll
38:41tell you exactly what to say you put it
38:43on a free website show you exactly how
38:45to do that too and i'll give you the
38:47format so that when you go out and you
38:49approach wholesalers real estate agents
38:51all the people that need this type of
38:52funding they know exactly
38:56and when to get a hold of you they know
38:58exactly how you lend money they know
39:00exactly the process and now all they
39:02have to do is tell you about all that
39:03kind of stuff is this helpful for you
39:05guys you have a thousand people locked
39:07in here
39:09is this not the freaking most genius
39:10idea ever like of all time
39:13insane it's uh you can't dude look at
39:16the side chat guys have you ever seen a
39:17side chat move this fast in your life by
39:19the way
39:20so um here's what i'm gonna do i i know
39:22this is gonna compound i'm not gonna
39:24talk about this anymore we have a
39:25thousand people i can't fit more than a
39:27thousand people in a zoom well we're at
39:28999 well and now we're back at a
39:30thousand so
39:32people are losing service and then
39:33freaking missing out on this where do i
39:35go if i haven't signed up and i want to
39:37get into the next zoo so as you guys are
39:39taking a couple minutes sign up because
39:41when we when we end the deal
39:43um i'm gonna tell i'm gonna send an
39:45email to i'll send a text message to
39:46steve harwood the owner of pcs and just
39:48say hey send me an email for everybody
39:49and i'll give them the zoom link okay
39:51i'll have kelly on my team or somebody
39:53on the team send you guys a zoom link in
39:54the next week or so uh what do you say
39:56to pci okay so here's what you guys say
39:58to pcs say i want to get a line of
39:59credit what does it take i want to get
40:01in line i want to get i want to be able
40:02to get a line of credit tell me how to
40:04get a line of credit and the people who
40:06take action they do corporate credit and
40:08they do all that kind of stuff oh my
40:09gosh like i could tell you guys all
40:10about corporate credit but i don't have
40:12time for that today i simply don't have
40:14time my daughter if you guys saw a
40:15wholesale hotline she was asking she
40:16came in here to ask me if i would go
40:18swimming with her so i'm going to go
40:19swimming with her in the next five six
40:21minutes i was able to spend two hours
40:22with her this morning and then i spent
40:24three hours with her in the middle of
40:25the day the tv show let me offset for
40:27like three hours i came straight home
40:29had lunch with her and just cuddled with
40:30it was great so
40:32on the next zoom i'll teach you guys
40:34paperwork i'll teach you guys how to um
40:36you know we'll walk you through the
40:37process but you need to be working with
40:39pcs on obtaining the line of credit so
40:42you book a call with prime corporate and
40:44say i need to talk to you about the
40:45gator method okay and prime corporate
40:47knows what the gator method is i need to
40:48get a line of credit whether it's two
40:50thousand dollars three thousand dollars
40:52ten thousand dollars whatever and
40:53they're going to go through the thing
40:55i have a student
40:58guys so steve this is steve harward
41:00texting me right now he says 258 people
41:02have signed up for a call i want to know
41:04like is this something because i want to
41:06i want to make sure i make this a big
41:08thing i'm going to do it one time i'm
41:09going to record it i'm going to give it
41:10away for free on my youtube channel
41:13should i promote this again or are we
41:16going to get i'd love to have like 500
41:17people take advantage of this are we do
41:20i need to promote this again get enough
41:21people into this thing
41:25who who is not signing up with pcs who's
41:27not who is tell me this who is not
41:29coming into the zoom with us the next
41:31zoom uh it doesn't matter guys if you're
41:33already a lot of people in here are
41:34already pcs clients
41:36so what i want you to do is just email
41:38your rep at pcs and say hey i want to
41:40become a gator lender and i want to be
41:41in the next zoom with pace doesn't
41:43matter if you're already a pcs client
41:45amazing and you who who by the way who
41:47is absolutely loves that they're a pcs
41:49client give them some love in the side
41:50comments everybody loves pcs all right
41:53steve is saying that we are we have 300
41:55people have signed up for that zoom call
41:58that's fine like if that if that's all
41:59that people are going to take action
42:00then perfect
42:02i guess the other 700 people are people
42:04that are here just for the free ten
42:06thousand bucks okay so um couple of
42:09other types of transaction i'm in right
42:10now check this out you this was this
42:12one's gonna blow your mind i've got a
42:14deal right now where i'm not the
42:16developer but a developer came to me
42:17they're developing 75 acres in kansas
42:20city christian says how do i get started
42:22christian go to prime corporate services
42:24dot com forward slash pace okay we've
42:26everybody keeps putting the link in here forward slash pace
42:30and sign up for a call with them and say
42:31i want to get started with the corporate
42:32credit and i want to be involved in the
42:34gator lending zoom they'll get everybody
42:36and i'll kelly and steve will make sure
42:39that you guys all are included in that
42:40next zoom it won't happen this week it's
42:42monday this week it won't happen this
42:44week because i already know this week
42:45i've got my mastermind this week we're
42:47filming the tv show this week and then
42:49jamil and i are flying out to miami like
42:51round trip in one day so it's kind of a
42:53crazy week we'll probably end up doing
42:55it next week so between tomorrow
42:58and sometime a week from tomorrow i will
43:00send out a zoom link and tell you guys
43:02when we're going to have it it's not
43:03going to be something on my instagram
43:05i'm not going to be sending it out on
43:06you know facebook groups and stuff like
43:08that this is only for people that are
43:10current or going to be prime corporate
43:12service clients dan quijano was asking
43:15me to do a case study
43:17are you dan what kind of case study are
43:18you talking about you talking about like
43:20an individual deal because i got like
43:22seven deals i'm in the middle of lending
43:23on right now
43:24he's texting me oh you want you want to
43:26start with a brand new one i got a whole
43:28bunch of students in here that have
43:29recently just last month got five
43:31hundred thousand dollars like not
43:33individuals but like all the bunch of
43:35students have collectively last month
43:37got five hundred thousand dollars in
43:38lines of credit
43:40oh you want to do it deal by deal okay i
43:42could show you i don't have time for
43:44but i daniel i think that's a great idea
43:47i don't have time for this
43:49i have too many ideas i'm i'm taking 30
43:51days and traveling july 1st to august
43:531st and being somebody's business
43:55partner in a random market i don't have
43:57time to document all my stuff and like
43:59grow one individual pot but what i can
44:01do is i can have daniel dan quijano i'd
44:04love you want to help me run this bro
44:06you want to help me run this and we'll
44:07do like um you and i will show people
44:10what it looks like to go get a 3 000
44:12line of credit and how fast we can grow
44:14that in one year time frame
44:16so you guys want to hear something
44:17that's crazy check this out two things i
44:20want to tell you
44:21so my son asher he's how old 15 right i
44:24go out get a line of credit my son asher
44:26is using my line of credit to lend in
44:28facebook groups to wholesalers
44:30and he's going to start documenting on
44:32his youtube channel and just grow his
44:34pot dude he does you don't even he
44:35doesn't have to be 18. he could just use
44:37my line of credit so watch my 15 year
44:39old son do this
44:41it is crazy
44:44absolutely crazy how simple this is so
44:46daniel quijano i'd love for you to be
44:48part of that dude that'd be great we'll
44:49show people how to do this
44:51guys does this solve the does this solve
44:53the problem everybody has of how do i
44:54get started in real estate how do i get
44:56my hands on a transaction how do i make
44:58money without calling sellers and not
45:00door knocking and all that kind of stuff
45:02this is why i i came up with the gator
45:05we're gonna i'm gonna write a book about
45:07this okay and we're gonna document it
45:09i'm gonna take people that are in this
45:10like first group of people before we go
45:12out and make it a thing i'm gonna write
45:14a book i'm gonna do a whole series on
45:16youtube so do you guys think that you're
45:18gonna have some competition in the next
45:19six to 12 months probably am i going to
45:22charge for it no i'm not
45:24i'm just going to give it away i'll pay
45:26because i want my students to win
45:28and i want the people in the side chat
45:30to also work with my students on deals i
45:32will pay for my attorney to do all the
45:34work and we'll do a bunch of zooms with
45:36it awesome
45:37um who's taking action actually do do
45:40this for me we've got a thousand people
45:41in here who's not gonna take action on
45:43this brian and samantha may says i was
45:46hesitant okay
45:47okay well as soon as here's the thing
45:49guys it doesn't matter when your
45:50appointment is as long as you guys have
45:51a booked appointment with prime
45:53everybody that books an appointment or
45:55if you're an existing prime client i'll
45:57just tell steve hey whoever like emailed
45:59their rep and said they're interested in
46:01the gator zoom make sure you guys email
46:03your rep if you're an existing client
46:05with pcs
46:06and you already are working with
46:07somebody over there just email your rep
46:09and say hey i want to be part of pace's
46:11next gator zoom tell me how to get into
46:12the corporate credit thing
46:14tell them that and you go i'll get make
46:16sure you guys get the link okay adrian
46:17holmes what i would do is if you don't
46:19know who your rep is first and foremost
46:21if you are a client of prime
46:23adrian make sure you know who your rep
46:25is please do that favor for me make sure
46:27you know who you're working with
46:29and hold their feet to the fire make
46:31sure that you have a relationship with
46:33the people at prime corporate services
46:35secondly if you don't currently have
46:37that relationship which is fine
46:39just book a call with them and just get
46:41on the phone with them book a call with
46:43them so you guys you can get access to
46:44the link okay
46:46okay so check this out so i've got a
46:47deal 75 acres in kansas city i'm not
46:51even the developer on it i didn't find
46:53the deal i didn't i'm not developing it
46:54i'm not getting the permits i'm not
46:56managing the contractors i'm not doing
46:58any of that stuff
46:59i then have this developer that comes to
47:02me and goes hey pace i know you have
47:04access to lending lines of credit
47:06whatever else and i'm like i'm thinking
47:08in the back of my mind i'm like actually
47:09i'm kind of tapped out right now like
47:10i've got the majority of my money out on
47:12the street right now i'm kind of tapped
47:14out i go how much do you need he says i
47:15need 900 and something thousand dollars
47:18so i go no problem what do i do i found
47:21another transactional lender and i put
47:24these two people together so instead of
47:26me being the gator i wrestled the gator
47:29and i brought the gator to the table i
47:30was a gator wrestler and i brought the
47:32gator to the table and i earned a
47:34portion a percentage of equity in a
47:3775-acre development by putting this much
47:40money into the deal
47:42guys get freaking creative you don't
47:44have to be the person that's going out
47:45and finding the deals get creative
47:47understand how real estate works it is
47:50crazy how powerful this is
47:53all right it is called relationships but
47:55i'll show you guys how to do it okay in
47:56the next zoom i'll show you guys exactly
47:58how to do it show you the paperwork how
47:59to protect yourself all the questions
48:00we'll open it up i'll probably end up
48:01doing a three or four hour zoom the next
48:03time so you guys actually have cool if
48:06you guys have questions like actual
48:08questions we'll go through and answer
48:09that but right now i'm four minutes late
48:11to the date with my daughter um how much
48:13to start lending from cash
48:151000 bucks 1500 bucks probably that's
48:18all you need uh to be a transactional
48:20lending lender eva says pace says how
48:22can i not i can't that is very very true
48:25you know what's kind of cool so check
48:26this out you guys all my students you
48:28guys know the free facebook group right
48:29so i have three full-time employees
48:32working that facebook group the free
48:34facebook group creative finance with
48:35case morby and the sole reason i created
48:38that facebook group was for this the
48:40benefit of my students
48:41so my students are in a private facebook
48:43group we have about 3 700 students in
48:46and i put my students in a position to
48:49go and help all these people in the free
48:51group right give you elevated education
48:53elevated support elevated everything
48:55else and you go into the people into the
48:56free group so we're going to grow the
48:58free group so that you guys have more
49:00people to do transactional lending and
49:02gator lending to so that you students
49:04that actually go and take action you
49:06guys have more people to lend money to
49:07and double your pot triple your pot
49:09quadruple your pot etc what
49:11daniel quijano you just texted me bro
49:14you want to take action let's do a
49:15document where we go let's go get a 3
49:18line of credit and see how fast we can
49:20compound that i would alm i would
49:22imagine that if you had a 3 000 line of
49:24credit and you did this strategy i
49:27imagine you could probably turn that
49:28into half a million dollars in your
49:29first year and then not only could you
49:31turn that into half a million dollars
49:32but you could also
49:34gain equity in real estate in other
49:36people's deals so i mean you guys see it
49:39all the time especially in the sub 2
49:40group people like a lot of our lenders
49:42will go and go yeah i'll lend to you at
49:4412 interest plus 20 percent of the back
49:46end pace i have a 3 000 line of credit
49:48great here's what i'm working with i'm
49:50working with people that are prime
49:51corporate services clients that's who
49:53i'm going to work with
49:54i know you've take i know you've taken
49:56action i can vet you as an action taker
49:59i'm not going to waste my time in a
50:01did you guys see what happened in a free
50:02four hour zoom yesterday what happens in
50:04a free four-hour resume my time gets
50:06deviated and i can't focus on what i
50:08need to talk about i have to say the
50:10same thing 15 20 times i need to work
50:12with people who are vetted action takers
50:14people who have a uh who are business
50:17clients of prime corporate services we
50:19will be doing a zoom i'd say in probably
50:2110 days or so okay and then we'll do
50:22another couple of zooms and it'll end up
50:24being a whole series we'll end up
50:25probably doing a five to ten part series
50:27specifically about gator lending and
50:29what will happen is you guys will very
50:30quickly go out and get people that you
50:32can lend money to and you'll come to the
50:34table and go i have a question about
50:35this and we'll do a zoom and answer your
50:37questions live and walk you through the
50:38process and all that kind of stuff okay
50:40all right cool so let's give away ten
50:42thousand bucks how about that kelly
50:45kelly just sent me a text said don't
50:46forget about the ten thousand dollars
50:49all right guys we have 450 people who
50:51have taken action out of a thousand
50:53that's pretty legit 45 percent of people
50:55that's pretty amazing i am going to go
50:58through all the zoom users hold on just
51:00a second one eternity later jordan
51:02seislov jordan seislov you are getting
51:05ten thousand dollars jordan size love
51:08you are obviously in here so hold on
51:10just like let me find you jordan size
51:13what up hey pace what's going on man bro
51:16how's it feel to win ten thousand
51:17dollars man i'm i'm overwhelmed
51:21can you right now
51:21thank you so much yes we've been going
51:23through so much man both of our cars
51:25just broke down and um we had to get my
51:27wife a new car and you know crazy
51:30payment and i got to get myself a new
51:31car too so i can get back to work man
51:33this this is awesome i can't thank you
51:35enough let me see your wife i think
51:36she's she's mad at you she's crying what
51:39did you say to you pissed at me what did
51:41he say did he not give you a compliment
51:42today how beautiful your hair is like
51:44what's going on he's amazing he's always
51:46complimenting me
51:47i'm nursing and the baby was trying to
51:49pull everything out oh you're nursing i
51:51should have i should have gathered
51:52that's what my wife does
51:54would have seen a show it's like oh my
51:58thank you you're always down to see a
51:59show i'm just i'm choked up i'm just i'm
52:02in shock
52:03could you guys use the ten thousand
52:04dollars or should we give it to somebody
52:06else i think you should give it to me
52:07then give it back to him um here's the
52:10thing is anytime i give something away i
52:11did this with christina salara anytime i
52:13give something away this tremendous
52:15amount of cash i want you guys to make a
52:18commitment to me i don't want the money
52:19back okay i want to see that you are
52:21going to provide a hundred thousand
52:23dollars of value back to this community
52:25and people in real estate because that's
52:27what i'm trying to do right i gain
52:28something from somebody else and i just
52:30compound it 10x to somebody else
52:32can you guys commit to me just sorry
52:34come here oh yeah you got my commitment
52:36harry potter hurry daddy just josiah
52:38what's up huge blessing come here papas
52:40say hi he's not feeling the best today
52:42he's been throwing up all day today oh
52:45i'm sorry buddy hey did you know that
52:47your parents just won ten thousand
52:48dollars man thank you guys here's what
52:51i'll do is tomorrow um jordan reach out
52:54to me on instagram or reach out actually
52:55work with kelly because it'll get
52:57screwed up if you try and go work with
52:58me work with kelly i'll put you in touch
53:00with tony counts my bookkeeper will get
53:02you guys wired to ten thousand bucks
53:03okay thank you so much man bless you and
53:06your family and like you said i'm
53:07committed man i'm i'm gonna be out here
53:09serving anybody that needs help you know
53:11get their first deal sub to community
53:13creative financing you know i'm here to
53:16help you guys i've been putting my
53:17information in the chat if you guys
53:19haven't got it you know reach out to me
53:21on facebook i'm in the groups and i'll
53:23be more than happy to help you guys um
53:25amazing you you're a breastfeeding
53:27mother with kids you guys have both your
53:28cards cars broke down guys you think
53:30that they need this ten thousand bucks
53:32or what
53:33you think we we gave it to the right
53:34people give these people some love thank
53:36you thank you thank you man i appreciate
53:38you brother
53:39all right guys we appreciate you i'll
53:41see you guys on maybe tuesday zoom or
53:43one of the zooms we do this week i'll
53:44see you soon thank you thank you so much
53:46absolutely you guys are welcome all
53:47right guys uh pretty fun evening i
53:50apologize for uh going a little bit
53:52longer than i planned an hour and 15
53:53minutes hopefully this was valuable to
53:55you guys
53:56who am i going to see in the next zoom
53:58on gator lending that's going to be part
53:59of this amazing thing we're going to do
54:01we're going to write a book about it
54:02we're going to do
54:04stories all about this there's going to
54:06be a whole i might have to create a
54:07whole discord chat inside of sub 2 just
54:10about gator lending specifically to
54:12teach you guys how to do this we'll
54:13bring in my attorney we're going to
54:14create a whole strategy specific to this
54:16one thing and we'll have a lot of fun
54:19build some community around this to help
54:21a lot of people because like you guys
54:22said there's people or you guys saw in
54:24the comments there's a lot of people
54:26that have transactions right now but
54:27they don't have earnest money right they
54:29don't have fifteen hundred dollars to
54:30get a wholesale deal done that they're
54:32relying on right there's people that
54:34i'll fund twenty five hundred dollars
54:36for that are making 25 grand and they're
54:39too afraid to ask their buyer to come up
54:41with the 2500 for whatever reason there
54:44are so many ways for you to make money
54:46by just being the person that helps
54:48people out on these types of
54:49transactions it also adds another layer
54:52of value that you can provide to other
54:54people like you go to urea you go to a
54:56meetup who's going to the clever summit
54:58who's going to clever summit by the way
54:59that's going to be freaking party of the
55:01freaking century like so insane three
55:04and a half days i'll be in vegas hanging
55:06out with you guys and i'm not going to
55:07be behind the stage like behind the
55:08curtains like most of the speakers will
55:10be i'm going to be out in the audience
55:11hanging out with you guys taking photos
55:13hanging out staying out all sorts of
55:15late eating sushi having a good old time
55:17but whenever wherever you guys go now
55:19you're gonna say how can i provide value
55:21to you you can now say i'm i can do
55:24transactional funding for you adds
55:26another level of value and even if it's
55:28like two thousand bucks or three
55:29thousand dollars there's value there for
55:31newer budding wholesalers now also think
55:34about it you're on wholesale hotline
55:35you're on sunday service you go on other
55:37people's lives you go on youtube right
55:39you go into if you go into jerry
55:41norton's youtube or
55:43max maxwell's youtube and their comments
55:45they have so many people that are like
55:47how do i cover my earnest money guys you
55:49can just go into youtube and go hey send
55:50me a message i can do transactional
55:52funding for you wholesale facebook
55:54groups how many facebook groups are out
55:56there right now that there are
55:57wholesalers that are just desperately
55:58looking for somebody to help them cover
56:00500 to 1500 or 2500 of earnest money so
56:04really good strategy should have a lot
56:06of fun by the way you know how many
56:07lenders there are in the country
56:09us turning 500 of you guys into it won't
56:11even make a drop won't even make a drop
56:13there's so many lenders out there how do
56:15i get a sample contract norma you could
56:17go to and i give away contracts
56:20on there for my cash stuff when is the
56:22thing in vegas helena says we lost 100
56:25people with all this info but here's the
56:27thing is people leave because they
56:29wanted the ten thousand dollars they
56:30didn't come here for anything other than
56:32ten thousand dollars that's always going
56:34to be the case guys that's a filtering
56:36mechanism anytime you're around
56:38that type of stuff consider it a massive
56:40massive blessing
56:42that those people reveal themselves
56:44and their desires
56:46you will never have to worry about that
56:48as a negative thing i look at that as
56:50one of the greatest positive things in
56:51the world is when people filter
56:55i don't have to learn who you really are
56:57you filtered yourself for me it is the
57:00greatest thing ever so when people say
57:02how do you get over when people hurt
57:04your hurt you and take advantage of them
57:05you're like
57:06i thank them i say thank you for showing
57:08me who you really were way faster than
57:10six months or a year or two years or
57:12three years etcetera okay all right guys
57:14um in the side chat i'm about to put a
57:16link a handful of people said what's the
57:18vegas thing and when's it gonna happen
57:20unfortunately it's completely sold out
57:22cody sperber told me that they
57:23originally had like 1100 tickets we now
57:26have twelve hundred sub two students
57:29specifically twelve hundred sub two
57:30students are going to the clever summit
57:32we sold out the original event just the
57:35sub two students so cody ended up moving
57:38to a
57:39000 person room in the mgm
57:42and that sold out it's completely sold
57:44out so if you guys are wanting to be
57:47part of that there is only digital
57:49tickets left which is pretty amazing
57:50itself you guys can at least watch it
57:52get the recording of it etc i'm gonna
57:54put the link in the side chat please
57:55guys give me a minute i'm gonna i'm
57:58gonna answer a couple of questions if
57:59you guys don't mind please help me by
58:02putting the link in the side chat for
58:04everybody if you guys are looking for
58:06virtual tickets there's the the link
58:08trevor do you have a question about
58:10private money lending hey pace good to
58:11see you good to see you brother um
58:14i owe my little brother some money but i
58:17would like to bring some value to him he
58:19wants to be involved with real estate
58:20but he wants to be hands off okay he's a
58:22um he's a professional baseball player
58:25so he just wants to make some money and
58:27so like i don't want to just repay him
58:30but i want to repay him with value and
58:31so this to me lines up perfectly that's
58:33what i wanted to ask about how to loop
58:35him in into kind of functioning that way
58:38on the gator landing yep the way you'll
58:40loop him in is i'll show you guys how to
58:42structure a business around this on the
58:43next zoom where we have a little bit
58:45more time and i'll like bust out my
58:46whiteboard and i'll write things down
58:48and i'll give you guys like diagrams of
58:50like here's how to structure this and
58:51here's what you do and here's what you
58:53can expect and i'll even create like a
58:55excel spreadsheet to kind of show you
58:57projections of like here if you do this
58:59you'll earn this if you do this again
59:01you'll earn this and i'll break that
59:03down in a lot more specific detail on
59:05the next zoom perfect thanks make sure
59:07that you come in and raise your hand
59:09i'll make sure i remember that you
59:10specifically had a question and we'll
59:12talk about your brother and your
59:14specific scenario at that point um all
59:16right guys you guys did everybody have
59:17fun anybody learn a couple things you
59:19guys learn a whole new strategy that you
59:21didn't even know existed i lit i i'm i'm
59:24not joking you guys i probably gave you
59:26guys a million dollars in value if you
59:28took action on this exact strategy i
59:30gave you a million dollars of value that
59:32you can use the rest of your life i have
59:33called this strategy because i've been
59:35doing this for years i used to call this
59:36the wedge strategy where i would wedge
59:38myself into people other people's
59:40transactions because i had a resource in
59:43another resource you could do that's not
59:45a line of credit but i have a deal right
59:47now it's a morby method transaction a
59:49lot of people in here don't even know
59:50what a more be method transaction is i'm
59:51sorry you guys don't know creative
59:53finance but the more we met the
59:54transaction that i'm in i'm lending
59:57my credit i'm actually a qua i'm qua i'm
01:00:00the qualifying party for somebody else's
01:00:01transaction and i'm obtaining the loan
01:00:03for them i will then earn
01:00:06a chunk of money
01:00:08and then i will earn a portion of equity
01:00:10as well
01:00:11so i didn't have to find the deal talk
01:00:13to the seller negotiating anything i
01:00:15didn't actually have to come out of
01:00:16pocket any money i just leveraged a
01:00:18resource i had to wedge myself into a
01:00:20deal so um i will teach you guys all
01:00:23these strategies in future zooms we're
01:00:24going to create a whole series on this
01:00:26so i'm so freaking excited about this
01:00:28with you guys i think let's see um we
01:00:31have 500 people that have taken action
01:00:34so i will see 500 of you guys in the
01:00:36next zoom it'll be a blast so guys thank
01:00:39you so much i don't know the next time
01:00:40i'm going to give away 10 000 bucks but
01:00:42next time we'll maybe even give away
01:00:44more maybe give away another car so see
01:00:46you guys in the next zoom thank you guys
01:00:47so much
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Gator lending?

Gator lending is a transactional lending method for real estate investing that allows beginners to get started without needing any money. It is a way for new investors to fund their deals without using their own capital.

2. How can Gator lenders make profits?

Gator lenders can make profits through various arrangements. They can earn ownership stakes in the deals they fund or charge fees for providing the funding. This allows them to generate profits without directly investing in the real estate properties themselves.

3. Why is networking important for Gator lending?

Networking is crucial for Gator lending because it helps investors find opportunities to fund deals. By connecting with title companies, wholesalers, and other real estate professionals, Gator lenders can access a wider range of potential deals and increase their chances of finding profitable investment opportunities.

4. How can beginners benefit from Gator lending?

Beginners can benefit from Gator lending by gaining access to funding for their real estate investment deals, even if they don't have the initial capital. It allows them to enter the real estate market and start building their investment portfolio without the financial barriers typically associated with traditional lending methods.

5. What resources can Gator lenders leverage for finding opportunities?

Gator lenders can leverage resources like title companies and wholesalers to find opportunities for funding real estate deals. These key players in the real estate industry can provide valuable leads and connections for potential investment opportunities, helping Gator lenders expand their deal pipeline.

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