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The documentary explores the violent history of King Von's neighborhood, O'Block, and his rise in the rap industry. It delves into the gang wars and rivalries that shaped his life, leading to his eventual incarceration and tragic passing.
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The section provides information about King Von's reputation as the "Ghost of O'Block" and the history of O'Block.
King Von is known for his tracks and his reputation as a murderer without remorse.
O'Block, located on 6400 South King Drive in Chicago, is considered the most dangerous block.
O'Block is home to the Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples gangs.
The section highlights the history of O'Block and its association with violent gang activity.
The gang wars between 63rd and 64th Street in Chicago began when a member of the Black Disciples killed a member of the Gangster Disciples, leading to retaliatory assassinations and hundreds of deaths over the past decade.
The assassination of Tuka Gregory in 2011 marked the beginning of the gang wars between 63rd and 64th Street.
Wooski, a resident of 64th Street, joined the Gangster Disciples on 63rd Street, which caused tension between the two gangs.
Members of other street gangs in Chicago joined the war between 63rd and 64th Street.
Odie Perry ordered the hit on Tuka Gregory, the last member of the Gangster Disciples, just a few months after the gang wars began.
A series of revenge killings occurred between two blocks, leading to the death of Tuka and OD Perry, until Jakira Barnes was taken out by King Von, also known as the ghost of O'Block.
Gunman approached and shot Tuka, who staggered to a nearby trash can before being shot three more times by OD Perry.
Jakira Barnes allegedly killed OD Perry on Tuka's posthumous birthday.
OD Perry's passing led to the formation of O'Block, and the parkway Gardens on 64th Street was named after him.
King Von was responsible for taking out Jakira Barnes, becoming known as the ghost of O'Block.
King Von had a relatively decent childhood and didn't face many money problems, but after his father's death, he got involved in criminal gang activities and had a lengthy criminal record.
King Von's childhood was decent and he didn't have many money problems.
He lost his father to gang violence at the age of 11.
King Von got involved in different criminal gang activities at a young age.
He was arrested for the first time at 16 years old and taken to juvenile boot camp.
King Von's fate crossed with the Ghost of O'Block when he got into a confrontation at a basketball court, resulting in the murder of Malcolm Stuckey and King Von serving a three and a half year sentence.
King Von and his associate microwave showed up at a basketball court where Malcolm Stuckey and partygoers were playing a game.
Rivals spotted King Von at the party and opened fire, resulting in Stuckey's death and another man getting injured.
King Von served a three and a half year sentence for the murder of Malcolm Stuckey.
Lil Durk took King Von under his wing to help him build a rap career, where he began telling his story through rap.
King Von revealed that his issues with NBA YoungBoy were related to women and internet speculation, but it remains unclear if he was being truthful during the interview.
King Von stated that he didn't have any problems with NBA YoungBoy.
He mentioned that issues between them would only relate to women and internet speculation.
King Von previously called out NBA YoungBoy for his lyrics.
Lil Durk, the leader of OTF, expressed grief over King Von's passing and posted a tribute on Instagram.
00:00so you feel that King Bond was evil man
00:03if they just came and said a man and
00:04killed four people and he bragged about
00:06it he never showed no remorse for his
00:08murder so uh
00:10uh what happened
00:12you're gonna go to jail for battering
00:13him to a police officers me and you also
00:17I got everything thank you very much
00:19we'll we'll take it
00:21if I go home it's Valentine's Day the
00:24stories of the ghost of oblach have come
00:26to hunt rappers and the entire rap
00:28industry today wherever King Von's name
00:31is mentioned not everyone thinks of his
00:32tracks crazy story but took her to the
00:35old the mention of his name makes
00:37rappers quiver and grown men shudder but
00:39not everyone knows why the ghost of
00:41oblach has this effect some Insider
00:43sources who have encountered the ghost
00:45of all black on the streets of Chicago
00:47have agreed to share their experiences
00:49about how he has haunted the streets
00:51Chicago on 6400 South King Drive Chicago
00:55lies the most dangerous block that has
00:58come to be known as oblach including the
01:00Black Disciples and the Gangster
01:02Disciples though black has become a
01:04major name in the rap industry through
01:06the influence of rapper Davon Bennett
01:08AKA King Von where are you from
01:1164th and King Drive Chicago
01:13Illinois Parkway Gods Lake City Toontown
01:18cattle World shiroy Squad Whitey gang
01:21Luna gang stretch gang city of Eck and
01:24get it back gang are some of the names
01:26the infamous oh black has been called
01:28over time but not many know the true
01:30history of how old block got its name
01:32and Status we decided to find out which
01:35block in Chicago has the most shootings
01:37and we discovered it wasn't in Inglewood
01:39or the west side
01:41it is actually the 6400 Block of South
01:44Martin Luther King Drive on the edge of
01:46the Woodlawn Community they're visually
01:48known on every black as Parkway Gardens
01:50located on the 6400 Block of South King
01:53Drive the black became home of some of
01:55the deadliest gangsters affiliated with
01:57the Black Disciples set in Chicago the
01:59low-income apartment complex sits on one
02:01side of the 64th Street with a string of
02:03businesses including an AutoZone a food
02:06mart and the Chicago Crusader newspaper
02:08crowding the other end I didn't make it
02:10seem like we just so bad so dangerous it
02:12makes it like we monsters we just like
02:15normal people we just be children with a
02:17laughing around plan a regular day on
02:19the streets of oblach sees young men
02:21affiliated with gangs hanging on Street
02:23benches and crawling in the shadows of
02:25street corners staring down strangers as
02:28they walk by kids toys are left in the
02:30gardens and attended as mothers every
02:32down the street and pour their kids into
02:34the safety of their homes hundreds of
02:36security cameras are mounted on every
02:38corner of the street turning to oversee
02:40the streets but none of these cameras
02:41have been able to provide evidence for
02:43the gang killings that happened on
02:47today from here don't come here please
02:50don't if real is he ctor 19 people were
02:53shot on that block it's like decent but
02:55it's like like you just gotta like watch
02:56out you know you guys feel like all the
02:58violent [ __ ] is overhyped in the media
02:59yeah over height yeah but having all
03:01that violence is
03:03not nearly as bad as it is in real life
03:05they think they shoot every day they
03:06shoot like once a month every day
03:09Parkway Gardens got its name old block
03:13after 20 year old OD Perry who lived on
03:15the Block was assassinated on the
03:16streets of Chicago this killer 17 year
03:19old Jakira Barnes AKA K.I a member of
03:22the Rival Street 63rd who was known as
03:25the deadliest hitter on her block K.I
03:27took out OD Perry as a retaliation for
03:29the assassination of her friend chandel
03:32Tuka Gregory who was taken out by Odie
03:34Perry the year 2010 marked the beginning
03:36of the unending gang wars between 63rd
03:39and 64th Street that have claimed
03:41hundreds of lives in the past decade and
03:43it all began after a kid named wooski
03:46who lived on 64th Street decided to be a
03:48member of the Gangster Disciples on the
03:5063rd block the ride Rivals to the 64th
03:53Street Black Disciples insiders have
03:55revealed that wooski was encouraged to
03:57join the Black Disciples The Gang That
03:59was present where he lived the wooski
04:01refused we'll see how you coming
04:05back though
04:09no no it's okay okay
04:26stay angry with
04:29a bit like that because I thought he
04:30read the meetings
04:32failure to be a member of the Black
04:34Disciples subjected him to constant
04:36bullying and ridicule from the gang
04:38members on 64th Street until one fateful
04:40day when wooski pulled the trigger on a
04:42member of the Black Disciples crazy
04:54but not before subscribing to this
04:57channel they say it update on every move
04:58their Ops made by turning on their post
05:00notifications to this channel for all
05:02updates on rappers and the Gang beef the
05:05assassination of reezy in 2010 sparked a
05:07huge gang war between both streets with
05:10several game sets from other streets in
05:12Chicago joining the war such sets like
05:14gyro city taekwon world 600 in Front
05:17Street but when they couldn't take out
05:19wooski they began eliminating members of
05:22the Gangster Disciples who lived on 63rd
05:24Street it was at this time Odie Perry
05:26put out the hit on took
05:32camera system
05:35at about 6 45 pm on January 12 2011.
05:39just a few months after the gang wars
05:41began 13 year old John Dale Gregory Tuka
05:44and the last member of the Gangster
05:45Disciples on 63rd Street was
05:47assassinated at a bus stop where he
05:49stood it was believed that OD Perry
05:51carried out this attack on tuka's life
05:53what's up so I am in Inglewood
05:57on the corner of St Lawrence and 63rd
06:00Street I'm at the bus stop we're on
06:02January 12 2011. a young man by the name
06:07of Shondell Gregory better known on the
06:09street as Tuka a member of the Gangster
06:12Disciples was shot and killed
06:15he was standing at this very bus stop uh
06:17when uh some enemies came up and just uh
06:20shot him I believe he died on the way to
06:23the hospital according to police reports
06:26Tuka and two other people were waiting
06:28for a westbound 63rd Street bus when the
06:30gunman walked up and asked everyone if
06:32another bus was coming he didn't walk
06:34behind the bus shelter for the silver
06:36handgun and pulled the trigger at Tuka
06:38took a stagger to a nearby trash can
06:40after the first hit but that didn't stop
06:42Odie from firing at him he hit him three
06:44more times in the back before leaving
06:45Tuka who passed away on the scene
06:54assassination a series of Revenge
06:56killings happened between the two blocks
06:58until Jakira Barnes took out ODI Perry
07:00the young man responsible for tuka's
07:02passing at about 11 30 on August 10 2011
07:06the day which happened to be tuka's
07:08posthumous birthday Jakira Barnes
07:10allegedly took out OD Perry near the
07:12parkway Gardens Homes at 64th Street
07:15after he sustained the gun wound to the
07:17neck yeah
07:24and watch a user boy he was not with it
07:27it's on two good boy Yo which is a lame
07:29boy what did you come from boy that was
07:32the goofy tomorrow some Christmas I love
07:34Chris boy and the Jeep
07:37bad boy
07:44all throughout 63rd Street okay I was
07:46praised for assassinating Odie Perry but
07:49while they celebrated Odie Perry's
07:51passing was heartbreaking for the Black
07:52Disciples on 64th Street in the bid to
07:55honor holy Berry as their fallen
07:57disciple the parkway Gardens on 64th
07:59Street was named oblach after Odie Perry
08:01she was also seen as quote quote a
08:05killer of many people but she was also
08:08linked to the death of OD if you don't
08:11know OD got killed and that's how old
08:14block was formed although OD Perry's
08:17passing was a victory for 63rd Street it
08:20didn't take long before their most
08:21feared assassin Chicago Barnes was taken
08:24out by the man who has now come to be
08:26known as the ghost of all black king Von
08:29he liked her as a girlfriend yeah he
08:31wanted to be her boyfriend she just felt
08:33like he was trying to set her up and
08:35kill her that's what she told me she's
08:36like I think he's just trying to kill me
08:38he don't like me what's the light it
08:41wasn't long before jakira's death at
08:43about 3 30 pm on April 11 2014 a series
08:47of gang attacks happened across Chicago
08:48which caused the life of 36 people on
08:51the Fateful night one of the people who
08:53passed away was 17 year old Shakira
08:55Barnes who suffered approximately nine
08:57gun wounds before she passed Jakira
09:00Barnes died last month in April she was
09:0317 years old she was killed in the
09:05Woodlawn neighborhood in a shooting and
09:08she was shot multiple times and so the
09:10police thought that she was targeted
09:12that she was assassinated essentially
09:14years after Chicago was assassinated the
09:16police authorities released court
09:18documents that King Vaughn was in fact
09:20the person who pulled the trigger on
09:22that fateful evening on April 11 2014.
09:24but for whatever reason it never made it
09:27to court okay but if you read the actual
09:30document that came up in this Freedom of
09:34Information Act uh uncovered it
09:36basically says that hey the purse who
09:39allegedly killed her was Davon Bennett
09:42AKA King Von the deadliest shooter on no
09:45block the black's most feared gangster
09:47and Grandson are some of the names that
09:49have been used to refer to the rapper
09:51King Von growing up on the streets of
09:53oblach King Vine wasn't like every other
09:55regular gangster he had a pretty decent
09:57childhood and didn't have a lot of money
09:59problems it was decent for me I like
10:01Olympic like that it was regular for me
10:04like you know because I grew up on this
10:06but when I look at other people so I'm
10:08moving around I I see how other people
10:10run up on how they like it like so it'd
10:12probably be hard for them it ain't the
10:14same as I see everybody else but to me
10:15it's regular my mom was there you know
10:18no Daddy step daddy or something
10:20you know regularly going to school
10:23ain't a lot of money but you know still
10:25got love shoes and clothes man ain't too
10:27much but all that changed after King
10:29Vine lost his father to gang violence at
10:3211. in no time King Vine found himself
10:34dabbling in different criminal gang
10:37me when I went I got in trouble early 15
10:40years old like that's all I ain't never
10:42been grown until like right now because
10:44I've been in jail all the times were
10:46really kind of like you know like Angry
10:48to graduate high school
10:50all that so one of the time for me to
10:52step up I was already in jail I was
10:55already in trouble
10:57Street activity
10:59at only 16 years old in 2010 King Vine
11:02was arrested for the first time when
11:03Robert recharges in Chicago the rapper
11:06who was only a teenager then was taken
11:07to juvenile boot camp after his arrest
11:09but he had the charges against him
11:11dropped but that was only the beginning
11:13of the lengthy criminal record that I
11:15waited the rapper in his future life
11:17they locked me out for a robbery armed
11:19robbery on contact this is something you
11:21were able to beat back then right they
11:23dropped the charge they dropped most of
11:24them in game let me go for boot camp
11:25obviously you know to even know what's
11:27going on I just want to get out of jail
11:31get out
11:33but that was your first run yeah that
11:35was the first you've had other run-ins
11:36since then yeah yeah what were some of
11:38the other things you ended up getting in
11:40trouble for
11:41um by 2012 King bonds arrested charges
11:44toppled and he found himself locked up
11:46for unlawful firearm possession on
11:48November 21st 2012 King Vine who had
11:50just turned 18 was arrested as an adult
11:53with a bond set at 75 000 King Biden
11:56continued to get in trouble until he
11:58caught his biggest charge after taking
12:00out Malcolm Stuckey during a gang hit in
12:022014. on May 29th 2014 King Bond was at
12:06a party at 5722 South LaSalle Street a
12:09two-story house divided into three
12:10Apartments situated a couple of blocks
12:12east of Interstate 94. this location was
12:15only three miles straight west of the
12:17Museum of Science and Industry where a
12:19certain Malcolm Stuckey work Stuckey had
12:21also been invited to this party for King
12:23Von alongside other members of the Black
12:25Disciples was in attendance according to
12:27the hosts of the party laminda Jones
12:29King Vine who had been there long before
12:31Stucky arrived and started trouble with
12:33some rival gang members who he met at
12:35the party
12:36Avon came to my son's birthday party on
12:38that day I knew how he moved we all know
12:40how these kids on these streets move but
12:42we parents can't really do anything but
12:44when I saw him stand down the kids from
12:45the other block said to him don't start
12:47no mess in my house and he laughed as he
12:49said to me I'm not on that after saying
12:51that to me he smiled and left the party
12:52I didn't even know when he returned oh
12:54hell it broke loose after King Vine
12:57returned to the party as he showed up
12:58with a Smith and Wesson just as king
13:00Bond returned Malcolm Stucky drove into
13:03the location in the burgundy Pontiac
13:05Grand Prix and this was where his fate
13:06crossed with the ghost of oblach King
13:09Vine and his associate microwave showed
13:11up at a basketball court just across the
13:13street from the party or Stucky and some
13:15partygoers were playing a game before
13:18returning to the house to eat the food
13:19lamita Jones Was preparing Court playing
13:22a game of b-ball when two men pulled up
13:24from the alley behind the house it all
13:26happened in a Flash you know Malcolm
13:28just stepped aside to smoke a cigar and
13:30the next we heard was the rivals spotted
13:34at the party earlier saw him first and
13:36decided to open fire on him and Michael
13:38Wade Von open fire on his rival and
13:40chased him down the south street where
13:42the party was going on and the crowd saw
13:44what had gone down at the time King Von
13:46and Wade realized what happened Stucky
13:48had been Gravely wounded in the
13:50crossfire and another man had been
13:52injured in the foot Stuckey passed away
13:53on the Spot while still dressed in his
13:55work uniform it was the murder of
13:57Malcolm Stuckey that landed King bond in
13:59jail where he served his sentence of
14:01three and a half years
14:02I got charged with it um when I was 19.
14:052014 when I was 19 years old and they
14:07let me out when I was like what 23.
14:10so you were locked up for
14:12three four years
14:14at that time three and a half years
14:16but before that you know I was locked up
14:18for 15 months and then before that 14
14:19months just really my whole teenager at
14:22the king van served his sentence Chicago
14:24Rapper Lil Durk took him under his wings
14:26to help him build a rap career being
14:28under little Dirk King Vine began to
14:30make a name for himself by telling his
14:32story through rap he told the story of
14:34Roblox to gang activities the people
14:36he's allegedly assassinated the types of
14:38weapons he carried and how life was on
14:40the streets of Chicago all right man yo
14:43Dirk introduce this guy right here I
14:44don't know who he is uh King Von I'm
14:46saying dehat is in Chicago yes for sure
14:49going crazy okay he's OTF the show yes
14:53man now what's going on with you I'm
14:56vibing man just came by and continue to
14:58spread his story through his music until
15:00he was taken out on that faithful night
15:01of November 6 2020. on the tragic night
15:04of November 6 2020 King Vine went out
15:06partying at the Monaco hookah lounge in
15:08Atlanta when the fight broke out between
15:10his group an Affiliates a rapper NBA
15:12young boy including condo Rondo and
15:15Little Tim according to anxiety
15:16resources King Vine had picked a fight
15:19with NBA young boys Affiliates because
15:21of the competition between the rappers
15:31fabric was caught in a fight with cuando
15:34Rondo and his associates but no one
15:36really knows how things got really bad
15:38that led to King Bond's assassination
15:40not even Robert guando Rondo who was
15:42directly involved while narrating the
15:45events of that fateful night cuando
15:46Rondo said my brother said no Tim told
15:49me lil bro I'm not about to let you sit
15:51in no car and go to sleep cuando
15:53explains I'm about to sit in here and
15:55roll up but the two brothers had no idea
15:57how the night was going to play out for
15:59them The Insider sources believed that
16:01King Vine only attacked the 4kt guys
16:04because of their affiliation with the
16:05rapper NBA youngboy an interview of King
16:07Vine barely 24 hours before he was
16:10assassinated was proof that the rapper
16:12did in fact have issues with NBA young
16:14boy on November 5th 2020 just the day
16:17before the tragic passing of King van he
16:19sat for an interview with DJ academics
16:21where he revealed the true status of his
16:24relationship with 4K trade rapper NBA
16:26young boy although King Von he didn't
16:29have any issues with NBA young boy he
16:31also said that there are issues would
16:33only relate to women and internet
16:34speculation among their fans people told
16:38me people told me you and young boy was
16:39beefing or something like that
16:41what happened but what's going on with
16:43you man they be saying that like it's
16:46like we got the same interests
16:48and yeah you know how the internet to
16:50try to make it
16:51don't tell me I got problems over girls
16:53no it's the internet game it's the it's
16:56the you know they try to make it like
16:58that because it's the internet you see
17:00what I'm saying and then and then you
17:02know how females just females are trying
17:03to make it like that it remains a
17:05mystery whether King Vine was being
17:07truthful with DJ academics at the time
17:09as further investigations have shown
17:11that King bond has previously called out
17:13NBA young boy for his lyrics while
17:16listening to NBA young boys track play
17:18with us on Instagram live King was heard
17:20saying in a singing song way you got cop
17:23and yo raps King Vines passing was a
17:26hard pill for his family and friends
17:28mostly old black and OTF members many of
17:31them shared their grief over his loss on
17:33social media including OTF leader Lil
17:35Durk Lil Durk found out about King Vines
17:37passing while on an Instagram live video
17:39fans began making comments about the
17:42fight at the club and about how King Von
17:44passed away Dirk immediately left the
17:46Instagram live video and the next time
17:47he was heard from he posted a tribute to
17:49King Von on his Instagram page posting a
17:52picture of King vine on his Instagram
17:54page though Dirk reporting the post
17:56captions between gone I love you Baby
17:58Bro Leroy if the king Vine passed away
18:00the people of all black showed their
18:02love for him by creating a mural of the
18:04rapper on the walls of oblach rapper
18:06King Von lives on in this mural across
18:09from Parkway Gardens in Woodlawn where
18:10he grew up around his neck there's an
18:12old Block Chain a nickname for this
18:14neighborhood and the name of the album
18:16released shortly before his murder in
18:18Atlanta last year even after the bad
18:20thing of Lil Durk NBA young boy did not
18:22address the situation with King Von he
18:24only went on to this King vine on his
18:26track bring the hook where he wrapped oh
18:28lock back it rolled up murder what they
18:31told us Atlanta boy gets older the
18:33lyrics of NBA young boys track caught
18:35the attention of gangsters and members
18:37of oblach who share their videos showing
18:39them reacting to NBA young boy's home
18:41bringing the hook
18:46nobody else
18:48the old black reaction Clips showed
18:51several people gathered on the streets
18:52of oblach with King Vines track playing
18:54in the background while they burned
18:56flags and clothes colored green the
18:58color green is significant to rapper NBA
19:00young boy rapper Lil Durk also shared a
19:03reaction to NBA young boys diss track
19:05after he came across it Lil Durk she had
19:07a picture of himself sitting next to a
19:09canvas of King Vine from his welcome to
19:11Old Black album Lil Dirk wrote in the
19:12caption of the post don't claim it if
19:14you ain't do it you still it though durg
19:16has continued to face backlash from fans
19:18of King Von who have accused him of not
19:20avenging the death to the ghost of oh
19:22black Benz of King Vine have encouraged
19:24Little Dirk to slide for Von but with
19:27little dark ever slide for Von and with
19:29the ghost of oh black slide for a little
19:31Dirk if the tables were turned
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the history of King Von's neighborhood, O'Block?

The neighborhood of O'Block has a violent history that has shaped the lives of its residents, including King Von. It has been known for gang wars and rivalries, which have had a significant impact on the community.

2. How did King Von rise in the rap industry?

King Von rose in the rap industry through his raw and authentic storytelling, reflecting the realities of O'Block. His music resonated with many due to the genuine portrayal of his experiences, leading to his rise as a prominent figure in the rap industry.

3. What are the gang wars and rivalries that shaped King Von's life?

The gang wars and rivalries in O'Block deeply influenced King Von's life, as he faced challenges and conflicts associated with the neighborhood's history. These experiences influenced his music and persona, contributing to his journey.

4. What led to King Von's eventual incarceration?

King Von's involvement in the street life of O'Block and the conflicts within the neighborhood led to his eventual incarceration. The challenges he faced and the environment he grew up in played a significant role in shaping his path.

5. What was the tragic passing of King Von?

King Von's tragic passing devastated his fans and the music industry. It was a heartbreaking loss that brought attention to the impact of violence and the struggles faced by those coming from neighborhoods like O'Block.

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Mike Tyson's journey from poverty to becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history, his struggles with personal demons, and his transformative journey of self-discovery and redemption after the tragic loss of his daughter.

This video discusses the top 10 richest young musicians in Nigeria in 2023, including artists such as Ruger, Zinoleesky, Omah Lay, Ayra Starr, Buju, Asake, Fireboy, Rema, Tems, and Ckay, with their respective net worths ranging from $410,000 to $3 million. These artists have gained recognition in the music industry and amassed wealth through music sales, tours, streaming, endorsements, and brand deals.