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The video recounts the gruesome story of Anna and Ali Abulaban, a couple with a carefully curated public image as social media influencers, whose toxic and obsessive love led to a violent end. Ali's possessiveness and extreme need for control escalated to the point of murder, highlighting the dark depths of his soul.
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Anna and Ali Abulaban had a seemingly perfect life as social media influencers, but behind closed doors, their relationship was toxic and ended in a gruesome tragedy.
Anna and Ali Abulaban were a beautiful couple leading a glamorous life as social media influencers.
Their carefully curated public image hid a toxic and obsessive love.
The story ended in a savage act of jealous rage.
The Abulaban family lived in a luxury high-rise apartment in the East Village of San Diego with their five-year-old daughter.
Anna and Ali fell in love and got married after a passionate affair, but there were signs of possessiveness from Ali.
Anna was described as charming, intelligent, and down to earth.
Anna's friend noticed that Ali was obsessed with her and didn't want anyone else calling her.
Within a year of meeting, Ali and Anna got married and were expecting their first child.
Ali still had aspirations of becoming a star.
Ali Abulaban's move to California with dreams of becoming an actor quickly turned into a nightmare as his controlling and aggressive behavior started to show.
The Abulaban family moved to San Diego in February 2021, hoping for new opportunities.
Anna, Ali's wife, enjoyed her social life while Ali grew jealous and paranoid.
Ali's controlling behavior, possessiveness, and need for control started causing trouble in their relationship.
Anna's friends noticed Ali's aggressive behavior, possessiveness, and the fact that he carried a gun everywhere he went.
Ali Abulaban's mental state deteriorates as he rants about his dislike for his wife's friends and exhibits concerning behavior.
Ali apologizes for his drug use but gives a weak explanation.
He expresses his love for his wife but dislikes her friends, accusing them of infidelity.
Ali's family doesn't support him, and his mental state is visibly deteriorating.
Fans notice his weight loss and state of mind, expressing concern in their comments.
Ali Abulaban becomes increasingly obsessed with his wife, Anna, after she requests a divorce.
Ali constantly calls Anna and her friends, desperate to know her whereabouts and why she won't take his calls.
Despite being urged to move on, Ali is determined to win Anna back and believes he can get anyone he wants.
Ali secretly installs a spying app on their daughter's iPad to listen to what's happening inside the house.
Anna returns home with her friend, Rayburn Kadenas Baron.
Ali Abulaban shoots his wife and her friend, confesses to his mother and calls 9-1-1, then gets arrested 45 minutes later.
Ali shoots his wife in the forehead at close range.
He picks up his daughter from school and tells her about hurting her mommy.
Ali confesses to his mother and calls 9-1-1 to report the shooting.
Police track his location and arrest him 45 minutes later.
00:01i've never met anyone else like you
00:05and i don't think i ever will
00:08i'm not saying that because it's cliche
00:10i'm saying that because no one's ever
00:12moved me the way that you do
00:16you never really know what someone is
00:18dealing with behind closed doors and
00:21this is especially true of those lives
00:24we follow on social media in the eyes of
00:27their one million plus social media fans
00:30anna and ali abulaban were the perfect
00:33couple beautiful people leading a
00:35beautiful glamorous life it was an image
00:38that would be shattered in the most
00:40gruesome of ways on october 21st 2021
00:44this is the story of anna and ali
00:46abulaban it is a story of a toxic and
00:50obsessive love hidden from the world
00:52behind a carefully curated public image
00:55and the jealous rage that would end it
00:57in the most savage way imaginable
01:04welcome to fear files where we discuss
01:08and dissect the most mysterious
01:10terrifying and mind-bending cases from
01:13all over the world before we start we
01:15would like to say that our thoughts and
01:17prayers go towards the families that
01:19fell victims to the deranged actions of
01:22one particular man
01:40san diego is frequently coined america's
01:44finest city located on the coast of
01:46southern california san diego has an
01:48idyllic climate 70 miles of white sand
01:52beaches a vibrant nightlife and an
01:55endless number of family attractions one
01:57of the liveliest parts of town is the
02:00urban enclave known as the east village
02:03a trendy downtown neighborhood with over
02:05700 businesses a host of luxury
02:08high-rise apartment blocks and dozens of
02:11clubs rooftop bars and live music venues
02:15it was at one of these luxury high-rise
02:17apartments in the east village of san
02:19diego that in 2021 28 year old anna
02:23marie abulaban was living with her
02:25husband ali and their five-year-old
02:28daughter amara
02:29from the outside looking in the abulaban
02:32family seemed to have it all a fairytale
02:35romance stunning good looks a beautiful
02:38daughter a wide circle of friends and
02:41growing fame as social media influencers
02:4429 year old ali better known by his tick
02:47tock handle jin kidd had already
02:50garnered 1 million plus followers across
02:53various social media platforms for his
02:55comedy skits
02:57all right so what do you call yourself
02:59tough guy huh
03:01antonio montana and you
03:04what you call yourself
03:06listen buddy i'm the only one that asked
03:07questions around here pal got it
03:09you ever been in jail want me no
03:12no wait man you got the wrong guy
03:16life on paper
03:18should have been perfect for the ebola
03:20bonds or at least as perfect as the
03:22choreographed images on their instagram
03:26life in san diego was certainly very
03:28different to the life anna abulaban had
03:31led growing up born in 1993 in okinawa
03:34japan to filipino parents anna had gone
03:37to high school at a u.s military base in
03:40japan where her father had been employed
03:42after graduating high school anna had
03:44earned a degree at the technological
03:46university of the philippines friends
03:49described anna as charming intelligent
03:52and down to earth she was also
03:54stunningly beautiful but it was her
03:56inner beauty that made her stand out her
03:58best friend of 15 years casey conroy
04:01said according to casey she was a
04:03genuinely good person a kind loving
04:07friend who felt more like a family
04:09member the future could surely hold only
04:12promising things for the bright and
04:14vivacious young anna it certainly looked
04:16that way when she fell in love with ali
04:19abulaban a handsome young american
04:21soldier stationed at the same u.s
04:23military base where her father worked
04:2622 year old ali nasser abulaban had been
04:29born in 1992 in staten island to
04:32palestinian parents before growing up in
04:35virginia ali had been an aspiring
04:37entertainer from a young age an
04:39extrovert who enjoyed being the center
04:41of attention at 14 he had been the
04:44singer in a band before joining the
04:46military it was love at first sight for
04:49both ali and anna and the pair embarked
04:51on a passionate whirlwind affair
04:54ali in particular was smitten with anna
04:57but for anna's friend casey there was
05:00something off ali was obsessed with anna
05:03she said they had only been dating for a
05:06few weeks when casey called her friend
05:08only for ali to answer he asked her why
05:11she was calling and what she wanted it
05:13was clear to casey that he didn't want
05:16anna's friend's calling he wanted anna
05:19just for himself
05:21within a year of meeting her ali had
05:23married anna taken her back to his home
05:25state of virginia and they were
05:27expecting their first child
05:29once settled in virginia the newlyweds
05:31welcomed their beautiful baby girl amara
05:34abulaban life in virginia was idyllic
05:38according to ali who later said they
05:40were living the american dream
05:42ali still yearned to be a star he sang
05:46and wrote music before taking up a new
05:48hobby creating comedy skits and
05:50celebrity impersonations for tick tock
05:53and later youtube and instagram ali
05:56described himself on his youtube account
05:58as a guy who loves watching movies and
06:01creating parodies of my favorite
06:05these characters included rapper
06:07takashi69 and a favorite the fictional
06:10movie icon tony montana from the 1983
06:13movie scarface fans described his
06:16impersonations of tony montana as
06:18uncanny and spot on his skits about
06:22skyrim a video game were also hugely
06:24popular with fans and other social media
06:27influencers ali appeared to be on the
06:30brink of hitting the big time in 2019
06:33his first video went viral and he
06:35quickly amassed a significant following
06:38with 263 000 followers on instagram
06:42950 000 fans on tick tock and 171 000
06:47subscribers to his youtube channel
06:50meanwhile anna would appear in many of
06:52the skits and she began producing her
06:54own content for instagram and quickly
06:57gained 11 000 followers it's not clear
07:00whose idea it was to shift the family to
07:02san diego ali claimed it was anna's who
07:05had friends from the military base there
07:08for the ambitious ali though who
07:10fostered dreams of becoming an actor a
07:12move to california must have seemed like
07:15the obvious next step neither could have
07:18predicted just how rapidly and
07:20catastrophically things would
07:21disintegrate in the days and months to
07:24the abulaban family moved into their
07:27high-rise apartment on island avenue in
07:29the east village san diego in february
07:32of 2021 surrounded by old friends and
07:35the opportunities presented by this
07:37vibrant city the scene was set for both
07:40anna and ali to spread their wings
07:42socially and professionally and anna was
07:45ready to do just that her social media
07:48posts from that time show her working
07:50out enjoying spa days with girlfriends
07:52and nights out on the town she looked
07:55jaw droppingly beautiful and impossibly
07:59meanwhile ali's social media following
08:01continued to grow interspersed with his
08:04own comedy skits were romantic moments
08:07of shared laughter with anna along with
08:09effusive proclamations of love but this
08:12was the couple working overtime to
08:15create the illusion of the perfect
08:17romantic union in abusive relationships
08:20both parties often go to great lengths
08:22to hide the dysfunctional side of their
08:24relationship from the public eye whether
08:27out of denial or shame and then there's
08:29the extreme highs and lows that often
08:32mark toxic love with the lows often
08:35deliberately kept out of sight because
08:39while ali abulaban took pride in having
08:41such a beautiful wife this pride took
08:44the form of possessiveness and an
08:47extreme need for control and ali was
08:50losing control of his beautiful
08:53soon after they arrived the first
08:55serious signs of trouble were beginning
08:57to show anna's friends in san diego
09:00didn't like ali and they clued in on his
09:03controlling behavior anna's friends were
09:05the spiritual hippie types it unnerved
09:08them that he carried a gun everywhere he
09:11went he was also highly aggressive and
09:14his friend casey said he talked over
09:16people interrupted people dominated the
09:19conversation and would boast about his
09:21success on social media he was also all
09:25about the high life his cousin louis
09:28marinari said that watching his wife's
09:31social life flourish was stirring up
09:33extreme jealousy and paranoia and ali
09:36felt that she was partying too much he
09:39said ali wanted to control anna he
09:42wanted to know what she was doing every
09:45time of the day he became extremely
09:47jealous jealous and furious his wife was
09:50going out with friends and he wasn't
09:52involved and it drove him mad
09:55while ali was a funny guy and loved by
09:58his family ali had a dark side his
10:01cousin said
10:02he had observed his relationship with
10:04anna close up and at times found ali's
10:07treatment of her to be abusive and as
10:10the months wore on that dark side rose
10:13to the forefront even his skits seemed
10:16to escalate in their aggression and take
10:18on a foreboding edge it's not clear when
10:21ali first started using cocaine it was
10:24quickly apparent to everyone however
10:26when he became a regular user of the
10:30once while on instagram live a drunk ali
10:34pulled out a bag of cocaine and started
10:36snorting it people thought it was part
10:38of a skit until they realized it wasn't
10:42in an apology video the next day ali
10:45explained that it was his first time
10:47using it and he warned people of the
10:49dangers of drugs but it was a weak and
10:52implausible explanation he then ranted
10:55about how much he loved his wife but
10:57that he didn't like her friends who he
11:00said would bring men into their homes to
11:02cheat on their husbands his family
11:04didn't support him he said and were not
11:07in touch with him ali's mental state was
11:10clearly unraveling and right before the
11:12eyes of his fans whose comments now were
11:15increasingly turning towards his weight
11:18loss and state of mind and suggestions
11:20for him to relax and be strong
11:24one fan wrote i knew there was something
11:27wrong with him he was drinking so much
11:29and looked so thin
11:31but with his marriage disintegrating
11:33ali's drug use accelerated his cousin
11:36explained that once while they were out
11:38in a bar he pulled out a huge bag of
11:41cocaine and put it on the table his
11:43cousin said that they would be thrown
11:45out to which ali said that no one could
11:48touch him he could do whatever he wanted
11:51he was jin kid
11:53with his over a million followers ali
11:56was starting to feel like a star
12:00untouchable things he had always
12:03secretly known about himself only why
12:06couldn't he get his wife anna to see the
12:09same ali's cousin found his obsession
12:12with his wife strange ali seemed to
12:15sense that he was losing her or control
12:18of her at least
12:19when anna's friends called he'd often
12:22take the phone and challenge them on why
12:24they were calling her when they were in
12:26bars he would scroll through his phone
12:28looking at photos of anna and talking
12:30about how much he loved her how
12:32beautiful she was how he would never let
12:35anyone else have her it was clear that
12:38ali was reaching a breaking point
12:41things were about to implode suddenly
12:45and violently
12:47in early october anna called the police
12:50and reported that ali had pushed her in
12:52front of their daughter giving her minor
12:55she said that ali had also shown their
12:57daughter a loaded gun and showed her how
13:00to hold it
13:02in a video posted around the same time
13:04an incensed ali is seen hurling abuse at
13:08anna who is off camera he accuses her of
13:11using him to get into america
13:15[ __ ] take it away my whole life
13:17i got a top secret clearance you're
13:18trying to [ __ ] that up [ __ ] [ __ ]
13:22[ __ ] talk to me
13:24i bring you to san diego for what so you
13:25can run to your friends
13:28[ __ ] [ __ ]
13:30you're not even an american citizen i
13:31brought you to this goddamn country
13:33name one man that would do that [ __ ] for
13:34you [ __ ]
13:36[ __ ] [ __ ] women man
13:39ungrateful [ __ ]
13:41on october 18th anna abulaban finally
13:44asked her husband to move out then she
13:47filed for a divorce and a restraining
13:50just like that something in anna had
13:53finally snapped but escaping an abuser
13:56is rarely as easy as that and the
13:58prospect of losing all control over anna
14:01was not something ali was able or
14:04willing to accept
14:06ali moved into the mission bay hotel but
14:09without anna knowing he made a copy of
14:12their apartment's front door key
14:14his drinking and erratic behavior had
14:16now reached new heights
14:18in one instagram live session streamed
14:21while driving and drinking from a bottle
14:23of red wine he asked if any sexy females
14:26were watching him right now to send him
14:28a message they'd caught him in a moment
14:31where he was having problems with his
14:33wife he said
14:34meanwhile he was calling anna
14:36incessantly when he couldn't get through
14:39he'd call her friends or anyone else who
14:41would listen he wanted to know where she
14:44was what she was doing and why she
14:46wouldn't take his calls
14:48friends begged him to give her some time
14:51and space but he was living in a state
14:53of denial his cousin said
14:56and his obsession with anna only
14:58increased by the day
15:00he seemed to be in shock about her
15:02request for a divorce and was losing his
15:05mind over it he felt she was punishing
15:07him and that she couldn't actually be
15:10serious and was unable to consider the
15:12possibility that she might actually go
15:15through with it his cousin urged him to
15:17move on he assured him that he could
15:19find someone else he could get anyone he
15:23ali ever the egomaniac agreed with him
15:26but he was equally empathetic over the
15:29fact that he didn't want anyone else he
15:32only wanted his wife and he would go to
15:36any lengths to get her no one knew just
15:39how dark the depths of ali's soul really
15:43and the darkness was about to unleash
15:46itself for the world to see
15:49three days later on october 21st ali
15:53abulaban sneaked back into the apartment
15:55while his wife was out with the key he
15:58had duplicated and vandalized it he then
16:01phoned her to tell her what he had done
16:04but there was one thing he hadn't
16:06mentioned to anna ali had
16:08surreptitiously installed a spying app
16:10on their daughter's ipad that would
16:12allow him to listen to what was
16:14happening inside the house from his
16:17when anna returned to the house later
16:19that day she brought her friend rayburn
16:21kadenas baron with her rayburn was 29
16:25and a san diego native he was a family
16:27oriented person a warm and thoughtful
16:30person someone who friends said they
16:32could depend on and when anna called on
16:35him for help that day possibly to help
16:38clean up the apartment or for protection
16:40knowing that ali had a key and could
16:42appear at any moment he dropped
16:44everything to help her it would be the
16:47final catalyst for a deranged ali
16:51ali abulaban was listening to the app on
16:54his phone when he heard the sound of his
16:56wife and a male voice talking and
16:59giggling and he went into a homicidal
17:02rage he didn't know whose voice he had
17:05heard just that it was male
17:07just before 3 pm he drove from the
17:10mission bay hotel to the apartment
17:11complex and took the elevator to the
17:1435th floor the entire way he cursed and
17:17cried and prayed that his wife did not
17:19have sex with the man before he got
17:22security camera footage showed him
17:24running out of the elevator to the
17:26apartment where he opened the door and
17:29opened fire
17:30inside the apartment his wife and her
17:33friend rayburn were sitting on the couch
17:35he walked over to them pulled out his
17:37gun and shot rayburn three times at
17:40close range striking his neck cheek and
17:43the back of his head his wife screamed
17:46before he turned the gun on her shooting
17:49her at close range in the forehead
17:52still armed ali left the apartment block
17:55and picked up his daughter from school
17:57and with his daughter in the car he told
18:00her that he had hurt her mommy ali then
18:03called his mother and confessed and then
18:06phoned 9-1-1 to report the shooting
18:09he said he'd come home to discover his
18:12wife and her friend had been shot
18:14and that he wasn't responsible for the
18:16crime after tracking his location via
18:19his phone police arrested him 45 minutes
18:22later on state route 15.
18:24i didn't believe it for a good hour
18:27anna's best friend casey conroy said i
18:29heard there was a shooting in the east
18:31village but i was like you don't know
18:33you don't know
18:35me and anna had been talking about
18:37birthday plans in four days i texted
18:39anna immediately she had just texted me
18:42what are we going to do for your
18:45at the preliminary hearing around two
18:47dozen family members and friends of the
18:49two victims packed the san diego county
18:52superior court several of them sobbed as
18:54details of the killings were shared ali
18:57pled not guilty to two counts of murder
18:59as well as special circumstance
19:01allegations of multiple killings
19:04prosecutors may pursue the death penalty
19:06if a bulaban is convicted the judge also
19:10issued a protective order that requires
19:12abuulaban to stay away from his daughter
19:15ali was seen sobbing uncontrollably as
19:18prosecutors read out the details of his
19:21later ali gave a garbled media interview
19:24from jail he said that he had gotten
19:26there that day he'd found his wife and
19:29rayburn kissing rayburn's feet were on
19:32the table it was this that made him lose
19:34it the man in his apartment with his
19:37wife his furniture i felt like i was in
19:40the passenger seat of my own body he
19:42said what do you expect a man to do yet
19:45he also stated they'd already been shot
19:48when he arrived a claim that makes no
19:51sense given his previous statement
19:55his family said that his fame changed
19:57him according to his cousin he was
20:00actually a very insecure person and
20:02social media created a fake reality for
20:05him to escape to but it made him feel as
20:08if he was better than other people it
20:11created a monster anna's best friend
20:14disagrees ali is just a bad guy she says
20:19he's selfish there's nothing good about
20:22him ali's favorite fictional character
20:25was the violent mobster tony montana was
20:28it because he related to him to his
20:30hunger for power abuse of others and
20:33violent rages it seems the more ali
20:36indulged himself in playing the
20:38character the more he came to emulate
20:41the violent paranoid megalomaniac he so
20:44admired and ali's life ostensibly ended
20:48much the same way as tony montana's in
20:51carnage violence
20:53and tragedy
20:57if you found this story compelling don't
21:00forget to like the video comment down
21:02below your take on it and please
21:04subscribe to the channel also hit the
21:06notification bell in order to stay up to
21:08date each time we reveal a new shocking
21:13until next time stay safe and keep your
21:16eyes peeled you never know what's
21:19lurking in the shadows
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the story of Anna and Ali Abulaban?

The video recounts the gruesome story of Anna and Ali Abulaban, a couple with a carefully curated public image as social media influencers, whose toxic and obsessive love led to a violent end. Ali's possessiveness and extreme need for control escalated to the point of murder, highlighting the dark depths of his soul.

2. How did Ali Abulaban's possessiveness escalate?

Ali Abulaban's possessiveness and extreme need for control escalated to the point of murder, highlighting the dark depths of his soul. His obsessive behavior and desire for control led to a tragic and violent end.

3. What are the consequences of toxic and obsessive love?

The consequences of toxic and obsessive love can be devastating, as seen in the story of Anna and Ali Abulaban. It led to a violent end and highlighted the dark depths of Ali's soul, showcasing the destructive nature of such relationships.

4. What can we learn from the story of Anna and Ali Abulaban?

The story of Anna and Ali Abulaban serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the consequences of toxic and obsessive love. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing the warning signs of such relationships to prevent tragic outcomes.

5. How can we raise awareness about the impact of toxic relationships?

Raising awareness about the impact of toxic relationships, as depicted in the story of Anna and Ali Abulaban, is crucial. It calls for discussions on recognizing the signs of toxic love and promoting healthy relationship dynamics to prevent similar tragedies.

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