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Waking up between 3 AM and 5 AM is a spiritual sign that you are chosen by God and he wants to connect with you during this time. It is a moment of divine intervention and revelation, where God can give you direction and answer your prayers. Pay attention to what God is saying during this time and seize the moment for guidance and manifestation.
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Waking up between 3 a.m and 5 a.m has a spiritual meaning.
Waking up during this time signifies that you are chosen.
God has a relationship with your spirit, which is why you wake up during these hours.
During the day, your body is in control, but when you sleep, your soul takes over.
Your soul is divided into three parts: mind, will, and emotions.
During the night, when you're about to sleep, your spirit becomes more alive and connects with God in an easier and faster way.
God has a relationship with your spirit, not your body or soul.
God connects with you more easily when your mind, soul, and body are not busy.
Your spirit becomes more alive during sleep, allowing for a stronger connection with God.
Between 3AM and 5AM is considered a special time for manifestation and divine intervention.
Many creative individuals claim to have written their best work during this time.
It is believed that God speaks to people during this period and offers guidance and direction.
Asking God for guidance during this time can lead to receiving answers and solutions.
Waking up between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. is a moment of revelation where God wants to reveal something to you.
Don't fight it, as it is God waking you up.
Use this time to pray and seek what you want to see during the day.
People with a calling and in the prophetic often receive special revelation during this time.
God is looking for people who are willing and available for Him to speak through and use.
00:00have you ever had moments where
00:03you woke up
00:04between 3 a.m and 5 a.m
00:08and you did not know why
00:10well life is spiritual
00:14and today i want to talk to you about
00:17the spiritual meaning of waking up
00:20between 3 a.m and 5
00:27you are waking up between 3 a.m and 5
00:30a.m because you are chosen
00:36you are
00:40please give me time as i explain
00:43and pay attention
00:46god is a spirit
00:49he has a relationship with your spirit
00:53because you are a spirit
00:56possessing a soul
00:58living in a body you are not a body
01:02possessing a soul living in a spirit or
01:05in the spirit but you are a spirit and
01:08god has a relationship with your spirit
01:12you see during the day
01:14your body your flesh is active is in
01:18charge is in control when you are about
01:21to sleep your soul takes over and your
01:24soul will be in charge just when you're
01:26about to sleep during the night because
01:29your soul is divided into three in your
01:32soul you have your mind your will and
01:35your emotions with your mind you think
01:38with your will you choose with your
01:42you act so the thinking and
01:46the chosing and acting where your
01:49emotions are at work it happens during
01:52the night when you're about to sleep but
01:54as soon as you doze off as soon as you
01:58your spirit now
02:00becomes alive
02:01your spirit is in charge and god has a
02:04relationship not with any part of your
02:08body or any part of your soul but god
02:11has a relationship with your spirit so
02:14at that time god himself now
02:19begins to connect to you or you begin to
02:22connect to god in a more easier way or
02:25god gets to you faster than he will have
02:29gotten to you during the day let me put
02:31it this way if i was to order a pizza
02:34right now this is an example it will
02:37probably take time for the pizza to
02:40and that's because
02:41a lot of people are ordering a lot of
02:43people are awake a lot of people are
02:45hungry but if i was to wait until three
02:49and order my pizza it will take
02:52less time it will arrive fast
02:55and that's because most people at that
02:58time are sleeping so god himself
03:01does not always talk to us
03:05when our minds our souls and our bodies
03:08are always busy because there is a
03:10debate and there is a war going on
03:12between the soul and the spirit so
03:15sometimes you think it's me sometimes
03:17you think ah it's not me you know
03:18sometimes i think it's just me thinking
03:20about things imagining things so god
03:22waits for your spirit to be more alive
03:26and the mind to become and the body to
03:32receptive ready to receive and at that
03:36moment god speaks to you
03:38so you are special you are chosen
03:40because it does not happen to everyone
03:44most people who are in the creative
03:46field will tell you that they wrote
03:48their best songs or
03:51their best selling books during this
03:53time between 3 a.m and 5 a.m so this is
03:57the time of manifestation uh this is
04:01where destinies are redirected and
04:04stories of people are re-written this is
04:08a moment of solution this is a moment
04:11where god wants to direct you this is
04:14the moment where
04:16when you pray you are not praying uh
04:18because you are in a war faith no no no
04:20that one we do it at 12 a.m as we all
04:23know but this is a moment of asking
04:27asking god for direction asking god
04:29because it is in the asking that we get
04:32answers basically this is the time of
04:34answers but unless you ask you cannot
04:36get an answer so
04:38right at this moment god will give you
04:40direction about your relationship god
04:42will give you direction about your job
04:44about your business you know about the
04:48idea that you have been thinking about
04:50god will give you direction and those
04:53that are deep
04:55in the things of god will tell you that
04:57this is a moment of
04:59divine intervention and that's because
05:02it's happening at 3 a.m and god is a
05:05three-dimensional god jesus as we all
05:08know resurrected on the third day so
05:11this is a moment of divine intervention
05:15so when you find yourself awake or
05:18whenever you will
05:19wake up between 3 a.m and 5 a.m don't
05:22force yourself back to sleep pay
05:26attention to what god is saying this is
05:29a moment of revelation god wants to
05:32reveal you to you so uh uh this is to
05:36say don't you fight what god wants to do
05:39because you are not your uh the one
05:41waking yourself up no no no actually god
05:44is waking you up so no matter what's
05:46ahead of you during the day this is
05:49where the day is controlled this is
05:52morning is commanded so at that moment
05:55seize that moment pray about what you
05:58also want to see during the day and
06:01you will see it come to pass people with
06:04a calling and people who are in the
06:07prophetic god will normally wake them up
06:10at this time and give them special
06:13revelation and it is during this time
06:15that even those that are sleeping they
06:18will see dreams and they will see
06:20visions and just before they wake up
06:22they will say i was in a dream and the
06:25enemy most of the time will steal that
06:28dream so god is forever looking for
06:31people who are available scripture says
06:34if you are willing
06:36and you are
06:37obedient you shall eat the best of the
06:40land you must be willing meaning you
06:42must be willing you must be available
06:44for god to speak through you for god to
06:47use you and for god to reveal to you
06:50what exactly he wants you to do so you
06:54are chosen don't take that moment for
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What does waking up between 3 AM and 5 AM indicate spiritually?

Waking up between 3 AM and 5 AM is considered a spiritual sign that you are chosen by God and he wants to connect with you during this time. It is believed to be a moment of divine intervention and revelation, where God can give you direction and answer your prayers. This time is seen as an opportunity for spiritual connection and guidance.

2. How can waking up between 3 AM and 5 AM be a moment of divine intervention?

Waking up between 3 AM and 5 AM is considered a moment of divine intervention as it is believed that during this time, God can give you direction and answer your prayers. It is seen as a time for spiritual connection and revelation, where one can receive guidance and manifestation of divine purpose.

3. What is the significance of waking up at 3 AM according to spiritual beliefs?

According to spiritual beliefs, waking up at 3 AM is significant as it is believed to be a time when the spiritual realm is most active. It is considered a sacred time for prayer, meditation, and connection with divine entities. Many spiritual traditions associate this time with heightened spiritual awareness and the potential for receiving messages from the spiritual realm.

4. How can one make use of the time between 3 AM and 5 AM for spiritual growth?

The time between 3 AM and 5 AM is often considered ideal for spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, and introspection. It is a time when the world is quiet, and one can focus on spiritual growth and inner reflection. Many people believe that utilizing this time for spiritual activities can lead to deeper connections with the divine and personal growth.

5. Why is it important to pay attention to waking up between 3 AM and 5 AM?

Paying attention to waking up between 3 AM and 5 AM is important because it is believed to be a time when one can receive divine messages, guidance, and insights. It is considered an auspicious time for spiritual connection and for gaining clarity on one's life path. Many spiritual traditions emphasize the significance of this time for spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

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