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The video discusses various behind-the-scenes aspects of the popular TV show Bewitched, including the inspiration for the show, casting choices, pregnancies on set, personal tragedies, and casting controversies. It also delves into the alleged curse on the show and the smoking habits of the cast members.
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Bewitched went off the air due to the controversial reason.
The show was inspired by the films "I Married a Witch" and "Bell, Book and Candle".
Elizabeth Montgomery played multiple roles in the show, including Samantha, Serena, and herself.
Richard Sergeant almost played the role of Darren Stevens but took another job.
Dick York was ultimately cast as Darren.
Elizabeth Montgomery's pregnancies were written into the script, adding Tabitha and Adam to the Stevens family.
Hollywood often uses creative camera angles to hide actor pregnancies.
Dick York, who played Darren Stevens, took on few projects after Bewitched due to health issues.
Actress Bernadette McEntee received a posthumous Emmy for her portrayal of Gladys, but her illness was concealed from the cast and crew.
Agnes Moorhead willed her starburst broach to Elizabeth Montgomery after her death.
Despite his alleged drug habit, Agnes Moorhead didn't want Dick York to leave the show.
The section discusses various details about the show Bewitched, including the naming of a character after Larry's real-life son, the tragic deaths of cast members, Tabitha's post-Bewitched life, the behind-the-scenes magic production, the show ending because of the star's desire to leave, and the sense of humor among the cast.
The character in Bewitched was named after Larry's real-life son.
Tragic deaths of cast members led to a belief in a curse surrounding the show.
Tabitha, one of the cast members, had a successful post-Bewitched life.
Samantha's magic in the show was produced using low-tech methods.
The show ended because the star, Elizabeth Montgomery, wanted to leave.
The cast had a good sense of humor during their time on the show.
Elizabeth Montgomery's personal information was inaccurately listed in her obituaries, including her age, marital status, and even her middle name.
Elizabeth Montgomery kept her personal life private and never shared personal information with the public.
Her obituaries listed her age as 57, but she was actually 62 at the time of her death.
Elizabeth Montgomery's marriage to Robert Foxworth was not publicly revealed, leading to incorrect listings of her as a single woman in some obituaries.
Inconsistencies were also found in her death certificate, including her full name being listed as Elizabeth A. Montgomery instead of Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery.
The section provides information about the changes in the house used in "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie," the casting of twin sisters for the role of Tabitha, the comparisons between the two shows, and a tragedy that occurred during filming.
The front windows and door of the house used in "Bewitched" were replaced in later years.
The house next to the Partridge house was used as Major Nelson and Jeannie's house in "I Dream of Jeannie."
Twin sisters Aaron and Diane Murphy were cast as Tabitha in "Bewitched."
Elizabeth Montgomery, the star of "Bewitched," was not pleased with the comparisons between "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie."
Tragedy occurred on the set during the filming of an episode called "I confess."
The changes in actors for the characters Darren and Gladys Kravitz led to a drop in viewership for the show Bewitched.
Alice Pierce, the original actress for Gladys, was replaced by Sandra Gould after she passed away from ovarian cancer.
The change in Darren actors was poorly received by audiences, resulting in a sharp drop in viewership.
Marsha Wallace, who played Darren's secretary on the show, later voiced Edna Crabapple on The Simpsons.
Elizabeth Montgomery gave birth to her real-life daughter on the same day as the twins who played Tabitha on the show.
Actor Bernard Fox, who played Dr. Bombay on Bewitched, passed away at the age of 89 due to heart failure.
00:00the controversial reason why Bewitched
00:02really went off the air
00:07just originally aired on September 17
00:091964 and it's still beloved by fans
00:12today the show itself only lasted eight
00:15seasons but Samantha's signature Twitchy
00:17nose is something nearly everyone still
00:19recognizes to this day
00:21multiple spin-offs hit the Airways over
00:23the years but none of them could quite
00:25capture what the original series did so
00:28here are some things you probably didn't
00:30know about Bewitched including some
00:32Revelations by the cast and crew
00:36the films that inspired the iconic show
00:40after watching the films I married a
00:42witch and Bell book and candle Soul sax
00:46created the TV show he based the pilot
00:48episode script off the elements of both
00:51in interviews after the show aired he
00:53said he wasn't concerned about any legal
00:55action because both movies were owned by
00:58Columbia pictures that studio owned
01:00screen gems which produced the Bewitched
01:03TV series
01:05anti-aging potion in real life
01:08Elizabeth was a beautiful young woman in
01:11the 1960s and well into her later years
01:13she must have used an anti-aging spell
01:16on herself seriously she probably just
01:18took excellent care of herself
01:20exercising and eating the appropriate
01:23despite the fact that she appeared to be
01:24healthy on the outside she was actually
01:26suffering from undisclosed health issues
01:28that were kept hidden away
01:32almost was Darren
01:35while the show was casting in its early
01:36days Richard Sergeant came close to
01:38being signed on to play Darren Stevens
01:40however while the pilot searched for
01:42someone to fill Samantha's role Sergeant
01:45took another job we'll never know how
01:47krenna would have done if he'd been
01:48seriously considered for the part or how
01:51differently the show might have turned
01:52out with a different actor playing
01:56Elizabeth Montgomery assumed multiple
01:58roles in Bewitched
02:00Elizabeth Montgomery played Elizabeth
02:02Samantha's cousin Serena and also played
02:05herself and went credited for playing
02:07Serena she used the moniker Pandora
02:09spocks her appearance varied depending
02:12on the character in and then there were
02:14three we see her as both Serena and her
02:19York steps up
02:21Richard's Sergeant passed on the role of
02:23Darren to play Richard Crenna but after
02:25The Real McCoys krenna also turned it
02:28down Dick York ended up getting cast
02:30instead though later Sergeant took over
02:32again for a short time unfortunately the
02:35show didn't make it past the cast
02:39dick York's real reason for leaving
02:43York's departure from the show was never
02:44explained but it was rumored that he had
02:46to leave because of an addiction to pain
02:48medications it's said that while filming
02:50condura dick tore most of the muscles on
02:53the right side of his back and was
02:55prescribed pain medication by doctors
02:57however this became a long-term problem
02:59and affected his ability to film future
03:04enter dick sergeant
03:06during season 5 of Bewitched a new
03:09doctor gives York some B12 when he
03:12visits the physician's office during a
03:13lunch break from filming York had an
03:16adverse reaction to the vitamin and
03:17experienced a seizure on set after which
03:20he was rushed to the hospital he never
03:21returned and the series went darinless
03:24for several episodes until dick Sergeant
03:26stepped in it was one of just a few poor
03:29moments for the well-liked program
03:33Elizabeth Montgomery's real-life
03:37Elizabeth Montgomery got pregnant three
03:39times while filming the TV series the
03:42first child was born in July 1964.
03:44producers were able to write two of
03:46Montgomery's pregnancies into the script
03:48adding Tabitha and Adam to the Stevens
03:52not a popular choice to add children
03:53into a show when an actor gets pregnant
03:55oftentimes Hollywood tricks like
03:58creative camera angles are used to hide
04:00it from viewers
04:02dick York's charm is Darren Stevens
04:06Darren Stevens was the Mortal spouse of
04:09wife Samantha Stevens I'm Bewitched
04:11despite his Fame Dick York only took on
04:13a few more projects after Bewitched
04:15ended its run given his health issues
04:17this isn't really much of a surprise for
04:19fans of the series
04:23Alice's Emmy Award
04:25two months after her Death actress and
04:27producer Bernadette mcentee was
04:29presented with a posthumous outstanding
04:31supporting actress Emmy for a portrayal
04:33of nosy Gladys It's Not Unusual for
04:36actors and actresses to be given honors
04:38posthumously however she began the
04:40decision to conceal her illness from her
04:42fellow cast members and show producers
04:43which was unusual because the series had
04:46just begun and her passing came as a
04:48surprise to everyone in the business
04:52the truth behind their costumes
04:56in the TV business it was standard
04:58practice to try to minimize expenditures
04:59for new programs and even some
05:01well-established series at that time in
05:03the program's popularity this was also a
05:06great method for supporting cast members
05:07to bring their own Flair into their
05:12official broach
05:14Agnes Moorhead often sported a starburst
05:17approach with eight and a half carats of
05:19old mine diamonds which her Bewitched
05:21co-star and close friend Elizabeth
05:22Montgomery frequently admired upon
05:26moorhead's death in 1974 it was revealed
05:28that she had willed the treasured piece
05:30of jewelry to Montgomery in a touching
05:35off-camera friendships bloomed
05:38despite his reported drug habit Agnes
05:40Moorhead didn't want to see Dick York
05:42leave the show after it had finished
05:45made his alleged addiction to
05:46painkillers Maura didn't want to see
05:48York depart the series Sergeant
05:50allegedly squabbled with her on several
05:52occasions and upset him on a regular
05:56cold shoulder
05:58Moorhead as stated before enjoyed York's
06:01work on TV and was distressed when Dick
06:03Sergeant replaced him it turns out that
06:05those disagreements may have actually
06:07helped improve one friendship on the set
06:09of Bewitched Elizabeth Montgomery and
06:11Sergeant became friends for life because
06:13they stuck by each other during tough
06:15times while filming the series
06:19Mary and Lauren's interesting collection
06:22it's difficult to forget Aunt Clara the
06:24amusing yet bumbling character in the
06:27show Marion Lawrence real life obsession
06:29with doorknobs inspired Aunt Clara's
06:31obsessive love of them the actress had a
06:34collection of over 1 000 antique
06:36doorknobs it may appear odd that someone
06:39would collect doorknobs from old doors
06:41nevertheless watching any collector
06:43program on TV today will reveal that
06:45such knobs can be quite valuable and
06:47sought after by collectors
06:50Larry Tate's son's tragic naming and
06:55I'm Bewitched when Larry and Louise Tate
06:57were blessed with a son David White who
06:59played Larry requested that he be named
07:01Jonathan after his wife died of
07:04complications during her second
07:05pregnancy White had a son off screen
07:07named Jonathan whom he'd raised as a
07:10single father
07:11the show's creators considered it an
07:13incredible gesture and accepted right
07:14away to Name the character after Larry's
07:17real-life son
07:20David White's heartbreaking sorrow
07:23Larry's son Jonathan was killed in the
07:25bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over
07:27Lockerbie Scotland in 1988. two years
07:30later David died of a heart attack and
07:32they're buried together at the Hollywood
07:33Forever Cemetery
07:35for years many people thought that the
07:37cast of Bewitched had been cursed
07:39because various cast members passed away
07:41at a young age
07:44Tabitha's post Bewitched life
07:48rolls on hit shows like Lassie and
07:50bewitched made dozens of commercial
07:51appearances did swimwear modeling
07:54auditioned for parts with huge Stars
07:55such as Helen Hunt and Jody Foster her
07:58family eventually decided to move to
08:00Orange County which gave her a chance
08:01for a normal teenage experience
08:04eventually she was crowned homecoming
08:05queen at her high school before moving
08:07forward in line
08:10the secret behind Samantha's Magic
08:13in the 1960s before CGI made magic with
08:17the push of a button stagehands had to
08:19work hard to produce Samantha's magic
08:21Elizabeth Montgomery would stand in
08:23place with her arms up while the
08:25director yelled cut and frantic
08:26stagehands ran onto the set to remove
08:28any clutter it wasn't as high-tech or
08:31based on today's standards but it worked
08:33quickly and provided a low-cost solution
08:35that fueled the show's Magic
08:39the show ended because its star wanted
08:43before bewitch started series star
08:45Elizabeth Montgomery had considered
08:47retiring from acting Bill Asher her
08:49husband and a producer convinced her to
08:51do the show after eight seasons the
08:54network was ready for more but
08:55Montgomery was over it Kirby J Pilato
08:58the author of twitch upon a star
09:00explained Bewitched was actually renewed
09:02for Seasons 9 and 10 but she wanted out
09:04it was at the same time that
09:06Montgomery's marriage to Asher began to
09:08unravel the sitcom came to an end in
09:111972 and the couple divorced a year
09:16sense of humor
09:18in an interview with Fox News in 2017
09:21Aaron Murphy who played Tabitha on the
09:23show spoke about the cast while
09:25Elizabeth Montgomery may have seemed
09:27like a goody two-shoes Murphy says she
09:30wasn't scared to get her hands dirty she
09:32had a filthy sense of humor she was just
09:34one of those people who was so beautiful
09:36but didn't mind looking silly kind of
09:38like Lucille Ball they could read really
09:40campy and funny there was no hesitation
09:44Samantha's unorthodox arm workouts
09:48Elizabeth was told not to drop her arms
09:50because there was no CGI and everything
09:53had to be manually performed and
09:54relocated on set
09:56Elizabeth was required to keep her arms
09:58in the same position while the director
09:59yelled cut and everyone else moved
10:02around her she was only permitted to
10:04lower her arms and continue the scene
10:05after the director shouted action
10:09the mysterious theme song
10:13the famous song does in fact have words
10:15the words are never sung during the
10:17show's opening credits but the theme for
10:18Bewitched did have lyrics You've Got Me
10:21under your spell sings one of the lyrics
10:24fading to listen to what ended up in The
10:25Cutting Room floor before the program
10:30Darren's perspective
10:32the lyrics to Bewitched theme song are
10:34pretty interesting when you think about
10:36it they were written from Darren's
10:37perspective as if he knew his wife was a
10:40witch of course they could also be
10:42interpreted as being about a man who's
10:43simply Spellbound by the woman he's in
10:45love with either way it's an interesting
10:47little piece of trivia
10:50Elizabeth Montgomery's obituary is so
10:54Elizabeth Montgomery was a private
10:56person who never divulged her age or
10:58other personal information to the public
10:59even at the time of her death only her
11:0257 years were published when she was
11:04actually 62.
11:06similarly because Elizabeth chose not to
11:08reveal her marriage to Robert Foxworth
11:10publicly several obituaries listed her
11:13as a living single even though she
11:17death certificate inconsistencies
11:20did you know that the late Hollywood
11:22Superstar Elizabeth Montgomery had her
11:24own age and marital status and gregly
11:26listed on her obituaries not to mention
11:29even her death certificate got her own
11:31name wrong
11:32if you take a look at it you'll see that
11:33it lists her full name as Elizabeth a
11:35Montgomery however Avid fans of hers
11:38will remember that her middle name was
11:39Victoria not Anne nevertheless she kept
11:43fairly private given how often she was
11:45in the public eye
11:47drunk on set
11:50Bewitched on the other hand was filmed
11:52in the 1960s and alcohol consumption was
11:54regarded far more lightly in America
11:56than it is today
11:57various hollywood-based Unions would not
12:00allow the usage of alcohol on a working
12:02set nowadays
12:04record-breaking drinking habits
12:07the rules were more stringent when
12:09children were on set according to the
12:11show actors were instructed to imitate
12:13the appearance of various alcoholic
12:15beverages with iced tea
12:17in a moment of Life imitating art Dick
12:19Wilson frequently played a drunk on the
12:23Elizabeth almost didn't make the cut
12:26the show's Creator saw sex earnestly
12:28wanted an actress by the name of Tammy
12:30Grimes to play his lead witch who was
12:33first supposed to be called Cassandra
12:35not Samantha sex like that Grimes had a
12:38natural elephant look however in the end
12:40Saul Sachs and Bill Asher chose
12:42Elizabeth Montgomery for the role it's
12:45hard to Envision anyone else playing her
12:46part so perfectly especially someone who
12:48doesn't fit the description of looking
12:52Cassandra wasn't meant to be
12:55Grimes was replaced by Elizabeth
12:56Montgomery as the female lead and
12:59although she auditioned for the original
13:00role she remained under contract with
13:02screen gems and was unable to take the
13:05the character was renamed Samantha
13:07Elizabeth Montgomery was cast and
13:09history continued to move forward
13:11Grime starred in numerous movies and on
13:13Broadway for many years after that she
13:15passed away in 2016 at the age of 82.
13:20home is where the magic is
13:23for the Bewitched set the house from
13:25which Gidget was filmed was duplicated
13:27and reversed the patio and interior
13:30living rooms were duplicates from an
13:31earlier Gidget film this was a common
13:34practice for movie studios to get the
13:35most out of their money when they had
13:37limited funds and needed to recycle
13:40Gladys Kravitz's hand-me-down
13:44the lot and neighborhood known as
13:46Blondie Street after the early serial
13:48movie of Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead
13:50had been used for about 50 years its
13:53made appearance is in a variety of
13:54television shows and sets in different
13:56time periods for example during the Run
13:58of Bewitched Samantha and Darren's nosy
14:00neighbor Mrs Kravitz also lived in the
14:03Partridge home
14:04the debut of The Partridge Family came
14:06before the end of Bewitched run so for
14:08two series both families shared a home
14:10on screen
14:13Gladys Kravitz and The Partridge Family
14:16the house was lived in by The Partridge
14:18Family and Gladys Kravitz was a modest
14:21two-story house with a white picket
14:22fence the fence was taken down in 1999
14:25and bay windows now replaced the front
14:27windows used in the Bewitched days the
14:29front door is also fairly different the
14:31picture below is from the year 2000 if
14:34you're facing the Partridge house the
14:35home next door to the right was used in
14:38I Dream of Jeannie as Major Nelson and
14:40Jeannie's house more of that later
14:42when filming The Partridge Family about
14:44three feet of Genie's front yard had to
14:46be removed in order to widen the
14:48driveway to accommodate the bus
14:50it's since been restored to its original
14:55there were two tabithas
14:57the casting of twin sisters Aaron and
15:00Diane Murphy as the Steven's daughter
15:02Tabitha was arranged
15:04it's typical for twins to be utilized
15:05particularly for roles involving babies
15:07because the role was shared the
15:09youngsters could work on set at
15:11different times avoiding any accusation
15:13of child labor laws being broken this
15:15method is still in use today
15:19a natural Talent
15:21well one baby may have been favored over
15:23the other due to their distinct
15:24personalities they still received equal
15:26credit for the part
15:29War of the witches
15:31when I Dream of Jeannie debuted on NBC
15:34only one year after ABC aired its
15:37popular show Bewitched people drew
15:39comparisons between the two Elizabeth
15:41Montgomery was not pleased by this turn
15:43of events in fact even now casual
15:46viewers often mix up some episodes from
15:48the shows
15:51nothing personal
15:53Elizabeth Montgomery never felt any
15:55personal animosity toward either I dream
15:57of Jeannie's Stars Barbara Eden or Larry
15:59Hagman although both shows were about
16:01gorgeous blonde women with magical
16:03powers Genie was a two thousand year old
16:06Genie Who falls in love with a NASA
16:08astronaut and they shared similar
16:10plotlines occasionally in the end both
16:12the shows are remembered for their
16:14quirky characters and the charm they
16:15brought to television screens
16:19tragedy over the airwaves
16:22following the conclusion of the TV
16:23series many of the show's Stars
16:25experienced bad luck and several events
16:27on the set took place during filming
16:29including this tragedy
16:32I confess
16:34I confess in which Darren becomes
16:37furious with Samantha for employing her
16:39magic excessively was the episode that
16:41was cut short to announce Martin Luther
16:42King's assassination he fears she'll out
16:45herself as a witch this way and decides
16:48they should tell everyone right away to
16:50persuade him not to do it Sam has Darren
16:52dreamed that he explains his talents to
16:54everyone that response as he gets from
16:56his confession cause him to remember
17:00never actually a nose wiggle
17:04Aaron Murphy the actress who played
17:06Montgomery's daughter Tabitha has
17:07revealed that Montgomery's nose wiggle
17:09was actually a camera trick if you look
17:12closely at Samantha's nose you'll notice
17:14that it never actually Wiggles her upper
17:16lip is moving instead
17:18some people have claimed that Samantha's
17:20mouth movements did move her nose but in
17:22fact human noses don't have the muscles
17:24required to move like that
17:27sharing actors with Genie
17:30Bewitched featured a slew of humorous
17:33strange Side characters Paul Lind played
17:36Uncle Arthur my favorite surprisingly
17:38Lind also appeared three times on I
17:40Dream of Jeannie as an IRS agent a film
17:42director and a NASA commander on
17:45Charlotte's Web he was the rat Templeton
17:47he was also a frequent and popular guest
17:49on game shows
17:52Dr Bombay the witch doctor
17:55Bombay the Stevens Family Physician was
17:58a witch doctor portrayed by character
18:00actor Bernard Fox usually appearing in
18:03outlandish costumes Dr Bombay made two
18:06appearances on the spin-off series
18:07Tabitha an amazing character actor
18:10Bernard Fox went on to make appearances
18:12in other shows and films throughout his
18:14career including Titanic and the mummy
18:16before he passed away in 2016.
18:20hocus smokes
18:22many of the heavy smokers on Bewitched
18:24smoked in real life Elizabeth Montgomery
18:27supposedly was a chain smoker as well as
18:29Paul Lind Dick York averaged smoking
18:32three packs a day in contrast Tabitha
18:35actress Aaron Murphy said in an
18:36interview later on I remember my parents
18:39constantly saying smoking is bad smoking
18:41is bad and I would think to myself
18:43smoking is that harmful why does
18:45everybody around me do it
18:47a curse
18:49some fans speculate that there was a
18:51real-life curse on the show a high
18:53percentage of its cast ended up dying of
18:55cancer-related causes many also died
18:58young besides Elizabeth Montgomery other
19:01major cast members to diet relatively
19:03young ages under 65 include Alice Pierce
19:06of cancer Paul Lind the heart attack
19:08Dick York of emphysema and Dick Sergeant
19:11cancer it's hard to say whether the sad
19:14statistic can be attributed to
19:15Witchcraft or to unhealthy lifestyle
19:20before Jaws there was Bewitched
19:24Dreyfus made his television debut in
19:261966 with a role on the program man's
19:29best friend in it he portrays a guy
19:31named Rodney who was formerly a
19:33demanding little warlock that Samantha
19:35had looked after Rodney has grown older
19:37and now professes his love for Samantha
19:40while turning himself into a dog to
19:42remain in her house
19:44the dog and Sam's at her Wits End trying
19:47to figure out how to get rid of it
19:48Richard Dreyfuss is now undoubtedly one
19:51of Hollywood's biggest stars
19:53more Tabitha please
19:57many fans of Bewitched were sorely
19:58disappointed with the spin-off Tabitha
20:00the series was based on Samantha and
20:02Darren's daughter as an adult however
20:05the original actress Aaron Murphy wasn't
20:07a part of it Lisa Hartman Black played
20:09Tabitha in the show Knots Landing and
20:12went on to have a very successful career
20:13Clint Black well-known country musician
20:16married Lisa Hartman later down the road
20:18broadcasting publicist Joni Hartman
20:20Rogers passed away in 2017 February
20:26Aaron Murphy's later years
20:29Murphy also worked as a makeup artist
20:31casting director stunt double Fashion
20:33Stylist acting teacher and motivational
20:35speaker in her later years however one
20:37of her most important tasks is an
20:39outspoken supporter for Autism Awareness
20:42her son Parker was diagnosed with a
20:44condition Murphy is also a businesswoman
20:46who sells low calorie Frozen vodka
20:49martini pops she's certainly made an
20:51impact with the time she spent outside
20:53of Show Business
20:55real life relationships
20:58people are interested in the behind the
21:00scenes connection between Samantha and
21:02Tabitha Aaron Murphy a child actor on
21:04Bewitched recently gave an ABC interview
21:07about her experience on the series she
21:09stated that she was extremely close to
21:11her television parents even calling them
21:13by their nicknames Darren Daddy and
21:15mantha Mommy
21:17I looked up to her as a parent and she'd
21:19tell me what I should do like a parent
21:21Murphy says in many ways she's more
21:23similar to Agnes Moorhead than her own
21:25mother which is amusing in addition she
21:28was quite close with Agnes moorhead's
21:30character who played her grandmother on
21:31the show
21:34changing characters
21:36as we learned earlier the producers had
21:38to change both the actor who played
21:40Darren and the actress who played nosy
21:42neighbor Gladys Kravitz
21:44the original actress for Gladys was
21:46Alice Pierce but she died from ovarian
21:48cancer before season three
21:50Sandra Gould replaced her and made her
21:52debut in that season later she also
21:55reprized her role as Gladys five years
21:57later in a spin-off series
22:00switching Darren's was bad for ratings
22:03the Darren change took place after the
22:05series had been on air for three seasons
22:07audiences are rarely receptive to such a
22:10substantial character switch and 1960s
22:12fans were no exception the shift was
22:15poorly received by audiences and
22:17viewership dropped sharply in the
22:18program's final three years
22:20some fans weren't ready to accept
22:22another actor in the role because they
22:24preferred dick Sargent's performance
22:25even if many people appreciated his
22:30secretary switcheroo
22:32Marsha Wallace who played Darren's
22:34secretary on the show later voiced
22:36teacher Edna Crabapple on The Simpsons
22:38Marshall also starred as Bob Newhart's
22:40assistant in the 1970s on The Bob
22:43Newhart Show and she died her role on
22:45The Simpsons was retired
22:48coincidental birthdays
22:50Elizabeth Montgomery gave birth to her
22:53real-life daughter Rebecca Asher on the
22:55birthday of the Twins playing Tabitha
22:57June 17th was this a coincidence or did
23:00something more magical take place
23:02the picture here is of Diane Murphy one
23:05of the actors who played Tabitha which
23:07she did along with her twin Aaron of
23:09course and Elizabeth's real daughter
23:10Rebecca Asher Asher has worked on Films
23:13such as Donnie Darko Knocked Up and
23:16Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy
23:19Bernard Fox dies at 89.
23:22after a full career including playing Dr
23:25Bombay on Bewitched actor Bernard Fox
23:28passed away December 14 2016. Bernard
23:31also played roles on other well-known
23:33television shows and films including
23:35James Cameron's 1997 epic Titanic for
23:38which he received a screen actor's guild
23:41a fifth generation performer Fox was 89
23:44years old when he passed away in Van
23:45Nuys California due to heart failure he
23:48died at Valley Presbyterian Hospital
23:51finally out
23:54on National Coming Out day October 11th
23:57in 1991 Bewitched star Dick Sergeant
24:00appeared on a Geraldo Rivera TV event
24:02and officially announced his
24:04homosexuality although he acknowledged
24:06that his decision to come out could have
24:08armed his career he said in a later
24:09interview that the relief of living
24:11openly as his real self was worth it
24:14I'll probably never be allowed to play a
24:16father symbol again I'm afraid for my
24:18career I'm probably going to lose a
24:20whole lot of work I may even have to
24:22sell the house someday but this is more
24:24important he continued I like myself
24:27probably more than I have most of my
24:30in 1992 Elizabeth Montgomery
24:32co-martialed the 1992 Los Angeles pride
24:35parade with sergeant in support of his
24:37decision the events pictured here
24:41a long lasting Legacy
24:43Bewitched is still popular with fans
24:45today despite having aired its final
24:47episode several decades ago many young
24:50people are familiar with Samantha's Clan
24:51and their witchy ways the show can still
24:54be found on TV having aired throughout
24:56the world in syndication since the show
24:58ended in 1972. the show has also been
25:01released on DVD so that a new generation
25:03of viewers can fall in love with the
25:05classic show the complete series can be
25:07found online for just 30 bucks so if
25:09you're looking to get your hands on this
25:11iconic television series you're in luck
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1. What are some behind-the-scenes aspects of the popular TV show Bewitched?

The popular TV show Bewitched discusses various behind-the-scenes aspects, including the inspiration for the show, casting choices, pregnancies on set, personal tragedies, and casting controversies.

2. What is the alleged curse on the show Bewitched?

The alleged curse on the show Bewitched is a topic that the video delves into, shedding light on the mysterious events that have led to this belief and the impact it had on the cast members.

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The video explores the smoking habits of the cast members and their impact on the TV show Bewitched, providing insights into the historical context and the challenges faced by the production team.

4. What are some casting controversies surrounding Bewitched?

The casting controversies surrounding the popular TV show Bewitched are discussed in the video, highlighting the impact of these controversies on the show's production and reception.

5. What personal tragedies affected the cast of Bewitched?

Personal tragedies affecting the cast of Bewitched are explored in the video, offering a glimpse into the emotional challenges faced by the cast members and the show's production team.

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