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The video explores the decline in popularity of Panic at the Disco and its lead singer Brendon Urie, discussing their transition from a beloved emo band to more generic, commercial music, as well as controversies surrounding Urie's behavior and vocal strain. Ultimately, this led to Urie announcing the end of Panic at the Disco and a shift towards focusing on his family.
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The narrator shares a personal connection with Panic at the Disco and describes how the band has evolved over the years.
The band's debut album, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out," had a significant impact on the narrator's life.
The narrator went through a phase of being a fan of bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.
Panic at the Disco has gone through different iterations and the band's lineup has changed over time.
The lead singer, Brendon Urie, has transitioned from being an emo heartthrob to a Vine star to a Broadway lead.
Nevada, formed in 2004, released their debut album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" in 2005, which became a certified pop punk classic with a quirky, circus freak show theme.
The band members released their debut album in 2005, which included the popular song "I Write Sins".
Their sophomore album "Pretty Odd" was a departure from their first album, heavily inspired by 60s music with a Beatles or Beach Boys tone.
"Pretty Odd" only had one commercially viable hit, "Nine in the Afternoon", and led to a split in the band due to differences in musical direction.
The split led to two different side projects, with Ryan Ross and John Walker forming the Young Veins, while Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith continued with Panic! at the Disco.
As Panic at the Disco transitioned to a more electronic sound, there were murmurs about Brendon Urie going solo, especially as he gained popularity through hit songs and Vine videos.
The band's sound transitioned to a more dominant electronic production.
There were murmurs about Brendon Urie going solo due to the band's member transitions and the band's sound change.
Brendon Urie gained popularity through hit songs like "This is Gospel" and his viral Vine videos.
Speculation arose about Brendon Urie dropping the idea of being in a band, especially with member transitions and his increasing prominence.
Despite his success, one slip-up in the music industry labeled Brendon Urie as cringe, starting with the release of the song "High Hopes" and its association with Pete Buttigieg's campaign.
Brendon Urie continued performing as Panic at the Disco despite potential inclination not to.
"High Hopes" from Panic at the Disco's album "Pray For The Wicked" got picked up by Pete Buttigieg's campaign.
The campaign created a cringy dance for staffers to perform, which negatively impacted the perception of the song.
The association with Pete Buttigieg's campaign and the cringy dance led to Brendon Urie being labeled as cringe in the music industry.
High Hopes' virality put a spotlight on Panic at the Disco's mediocre music, leading to accusations of harassment and controversial comments by Brendon Urie
Brendan Urie's music was criticized for being mediocre and generic after the virality of "High Hopes"
Accusations of sexual harassment were made against the band's bodyguard, and some users accused Urie of similar behavior
Urie made controversial comments on stage, including a transphobic slur and expressing a desire to use the n-word
Urie apologized for his transphobic comment but has not publicly addressed the other controversies.
Brendon Urie's voice has been strained to the point of damage, leading to poor live performances and criticism, resulting in him ending Panic at the Disco to focus on family.
Brendan's voice has been strained and damaged due to overuse.
Poor live performances and criticism followed.
Panic at the Disco ended after seven albums and nearly two decades of making music.
Brendan announced his focus would be on his family.
00:08I wish I could say I did not have a
00:11personal stake in this video because
00:13unfortunately Panic at the Disco is a
00:15very personal subject for me as lame as
00:18it sounds in the present day that band
00:20fundamentally changed my life I remember
00:22when I first heard them I was in
00:24elementary school when I Write Sins Not
00:26Tragedies came on the radio and my dad
00:28always really liked it and I remember in
00:30the sixth grade when I got an iPod touch
00:32I was able to check out the album that
00:34the song had come from a fever You Can't
00:36Sweat out and let me tell you I was
00:38hooked to this day it's probably still
00:40my favorite album of all time and I'd
00:43argue one of the most impressive debut
00:45albums for any band in the 2000s from
00:47there I went all of the natural places
00:49that a person in my demographic could go
00:51Fall Out Boy My Chemical Romance Warped
00:54Tour Hot Topic chunky bracelets Tumblr
00:57that was all my vibe for a long time
00:59probably too long of a time I'm looking
01:02back I of course find the majority of it
01:04to be incredibly goddamn cringe but
01:05nonetheless it was a trajectory that
01:07would not have happened had I not
01:09discovered this band because I was so
01:11young when I discovered panic I didn't
01:12see them live in concert until the vices
01:15in virtues era I saw them in Central
01:17Park in 2011. Pete Wentz was there but
01:19not with Fallout Boy it was weird since
01:22then I've seen them several more times
01:24and each time the band had different
01:25members on stage like how the Wiggles
01:27had a different Yellow Wiggle for a
01:29while and then they went back to the
01:30original yellow wiggle and then The
01:32Wiggles all became different it was like
01:33that but everyone had bad haircuts and
01:35it was still commonplace to describe
01:37them as metrosexual as we'll get into
01:39Panic at the Disco has taken on a lot of
01:41different iterations over the years it
01:44started as one thing and became
01:45something completely different but at
01:47the center of it all is one man one man
01:50who went from an emo heartthrob to a
01:53Vine star to a quirky Broadway lead with
01:55a Taylor Swift song credit under his
01:57belt to the internet's punching bag and
02:00unfortunately there is no person more
02:01qualified to talk about this chaos Arc
02:04than me and for those of you who are
02:06just as deep in the Panic the Disco lore
02:08as I am and you want to know just how
02:11qualified I am for a video like this
02:25one more quick thing before we jump into
02:27it please follow me on Twitter because
02:29my old account got suspended or blue sky
02:32if you have an invite or threads which
02:35is the same at as my Instagram
02:38um I'm hoping that one of these emerges
02:41as the potential Victor in all of this
02:43because I'm so tired of having to keep
02:45track of three apps and whichever one
02:47does win I'll stick with that one and
02:50then I can direct you all there in the
02:52meantime I'm gonna keep doing this
02:54annoying Carousel when I direct you to
02:56all of them depending on what you have
02:57and I'm eventually gonna get around to
02:59making a link tree so this can all just
03:01be in one place anyway hey we're Panic
03:04at the Disco welcome to AOL music
03:05session Panic at the Disco was an
03:07American pop rock band from Las Vegas
03:08Nevada formed in 2004 by childhood
03:11friends Ryan Ross Spencer Smith Brent
03:13Wilson who was later replaced by bassist
03:14John Walker and of course Brendan Yuri
03:16they released their debut album a fever
03:18You Can't Sweat Out Back In 2005 and I
03:21talked about it a little bit but it's a
03:22certified pop punk classic of course
03:25there's I Write Sins which is the song
03:27that everyone knows but the whole album
03:28is really quirky and also full of this
03:30raw guttural emotion it has this fun
03:33little circus freak Show theme and has
03:35the best components of their own unique
03:37sound and like divine inspiration from
03:39Fall Out Boy it put the band on the map
03:42rather quickly after the successive
03:43fever we only got one more album with
03:46this core four their sophomore album was
03:48called pretty odd and it definitely
03:50lives up to its title it's far of a
03:52departure from a fever You Can't Sweat
03:54out as you can possibly get it's very
03:56cerebral it's very heavily inspired by
03:58the music of the 60s it sort of has a
04:01Beatles or Beach Boys tone in particular
04:03and is definitely beloved by a lot of
04:06panic fans but not exactly by the band
04:08itself the album only had one big
04:10commercially viable hit which is nine in
04:12the afternoon which I believe is also
04:14the first song of theirs that was
04:15featured on Guitar Hero or rock band
04:17which led to this awkward interview if
04:19I'm not mistaken I hate
04:24well that's weird because we covered one
04:25on guitar
04:31kind of a sensitive subject now yeah
04:33yeah I'm just kidding
04:36there's just been problems anyway pretty
04:39odd became a literal diverging point for
04:41the four members of the band the band's
04:43guitarist and Lyricist Ryan Ross and
04:45bassist John Walker wanted to go in this
04:47direction for their sound permanently
04:48whereas drummer Spencer Smith and
04:51Brendon Urie didn't necessarily want to
04:52go back to their pop punk roots with
04:54fever but rather wanted to find a
04:56different way to progress their sound
04:57forward and so the band split Ryan and
05:00John formed a side project called the
05:02Young veins and Brendan and Spencer kept
05:04the Panic of the Disco moniker for their
05:05third album vices and virtues was
05:07panic's first Venture as a Duo Spencer
05:10and Brendan headed up the project and
05:11recruited guitarist Ian Crawford and
05:13bassist Dallin weeks for live touring
05:15performances vices is good it definitely
05:17tries to build on the vibe of fever but
05:19instead of a circus freak Show Vibe I
05:21get more of Noir meets steampunk their
05:24songs I really love on it like let's
05:26kill tonight hurricane always in Nearly
05:28Witches and songs I'm not as big a fan
05:30of like trademist Stakes over the
05:32calendar overall though it's a solid
05:34album I like it and most Panic fans like
05:36it the tour for vices and virtues ended
05:38in 2012 and Brendan Spencer and Dallin
05:41recorded the band's fourth studio album
05:42too weird to live too rare to die but
05:45shortly after the Project's recording
05:46Spencer left the band due to health
05:48issues leaving Brendan and Dallin as the
05:50only remaining members and this is where
05:52the train starts to fall off the tracks
05:54just a little bit while the trio
05:56recorded the project together this was
05:58the first time the marketing and overall
06:00concept was very Brendan Centric which
06:02is evident by the album art where he is
06:04the only one present
06:19I like most of this album although I
06:21feel like parts of it are a little
06:23unfocused and it definitely marks a
06:25transition in terms of their sound where
06:26electronic production is more of the
06:28dominant aesthetic here and it's
06:30probably some of their most commercially
06:31viable music up until this point in time
06:33which is fine all bands go through
06:35changes this seemed like a natural
06:37progression of things for the most part
06:38the band had also gone through many
06:40transitions with its actual members that
06:42for the first time there were a couple
06:44of mumbles of like why doesn't Brendon
06:46Urie just go solo although that
06:48criticism didn't really pick up until a
06:49little later on it's also worth noting
06:51that around this time Brennan himself
06:53was rather beloved and adored by fans
06:55some of which weren't all that familiar
06:56with the older days of panic many people
06:59became aware of him for two reasons
07:01during this particular stretch of his
07:03career one because this is Gospel became
07:05a really big hit it's a song I Really
07:07Love and most people tend to really
07:08enjoy and it had two pretty viral music
07:11videos which you know added to its reach
07:13the other was because Brendan Yuri like
07:15a lot of celebrities at this point
07:16around 2013 ended up joining Vine Vine
07:20was an app where you could share six
07:22second videos it was around when I was
07:24in high school and then it died but at
07:26the time it was a rather influential
07:27tool for celebrities as they could use
07:29it to post silly downtime videos and
07:31Brendan seemed to always be pretty
07:33charming and Goofy and his videos got a
07:35lot of hits
07:41a lot of Brendan's Good Fortune then
07:44carried into the band's next album death
07:46of a bachelor but by this point there
07:48was definitely quite a bit of
07:49speculation as to when Brendon Urie
07:51would drop the delusion that he was
07:52still in a band especially because it
07:54seemed pretty definite that Spencer
07:56wasn't going to return plus Dallin
07:58reverted to being just a touring member
08:00rather than a more prominent creative
08:02Force actually making the music my
08:04biggest guess as to why death of a
08:05bachelor wasn't a solo project was
08:06because Panic the Disco had gone through
08:08so many changes in terms of members
08:10aesthetic and style that it didn't
08:11necessarily matter who was in the band
08:13for all intents and purpose every album
08:16so far was made by a slightly different
08:18band anyway and you know going solo is a
08:21big career move maybe he just thought it
08:23would be a more profitable venture to
08:25stick with the same name and branding
08:26and Despite All Odds it kind of worked
08:28because death of a bachelor is a pretty
08:30solid album certainly better than too
08:33weird to live too where to die in my
08:34opinion and probably the last of panic's
08:36albums that were definitely good sure
08:39some of it is a little corny some of it
08:41doesn't sound like old Panic whatever
08:42that means but all of that melts away
08:45when you consider the sheer magnitude of
08:47how much the song la devotee [ __ ]
08:56keeps chugging out albums with various
08:58levels of identity crises Brendan
09:00himself is becoming a bigger and bigger
09:02star he performed at the Kennedy Center
09:04Honors for Billy Joel he wrote music for
09:06SpongeBob the musical in 2017 it was
09:09announced that he would star in Cyndi
09:10Lauper's Tony award-winning Broadway
09:12musical Kinky Boots where he played one
09:14of the lead roles Charlie price and in
09:162019 he was featured on Taylor Swift's
09:18worst song
09:22Brendan Yuri was all of a sudden a
09:24pretty palatable and successful star
09:26himself with a solo act masquerading as
09:29a band and despite all potential
09:31inclination not to do so he continued
09:33performing as Panic at the Disco through
09:35the later part of the decade and I mean
09:37I guess he had no reason to not continue
09:39doing this because it hadn't harmed him
09:40in any way commercially he was putting
09:42out music and people were still
09:44listening to it and he had a number of
09:45side projects that he could go back to
09:47if he ever got bored but in the music
09:48industry all it takes is one slip up one
09:52critical misstep that gives everyone an
09:55excuse to label you as cringe and say
09:57they had a bad feeling about you all
09:59along and for Brendan Yuri the worst was
10:02yet to come I can't play the actual song
10:04for copyright because of the [ __ ]
10:05[ __ ] at YouTube but you know how it
10:07goes it's like had to have hopes for a
10:10living that [ __ ] yeah that song
10:11that's what I'm talking about I wish I
10:13could play it for you but I [ __ ]
10:14okay let's back up a teeny bit here in
10:172018 Panic the Disco released an album
10:19called Pray For The Wicked I'm gonna be
10:21honest I don't think I've ever gotten
10:22fully through this album I didn't like
10:24what I heard of it very much but one of
10:26the songs in that project called High
10:28Hopes got picked up by the campaign of
10:30then Presidential hopeful Pete Buddha
10:32judge the least cool presidential
10:34candidate that could possibly pick up
10:36your song and on top of that they
10:38created an incredibly cringy dance for
10:40his staffers to perform while on the
10:42campaign Trail oh no it's the next day
10:44and my outfit continuities ruined anyway
10:46I want to tell a quick story about my
10:49personal experience with this song
10:50because in 2020 I was in college I was
10:54in my senior year and I went to
10:55journalism school and for My Capstone I
10:59got to produce a 30-minute special on
11:02the Iowa caucus that year so me and
11:05Brian and a bunch of other college
11:06students headed out to Iowa to cover the
11:09election event so I attended quite a few
11:12Pete Buddha judge rallies in which I
11:14heard this song I Saw the staffers do
11:17the dance
11:18okay whatever a little cringe but we
11:20move on we got bigger fish to fry fast
11:23forward to the night of the Iowa caucus
11:25election and I don't know if anybody
11:26remembers this because a lot happened
11:28right after it but the Iowa caucus
11:31basically didn't happen because they had
11:33used this new app to report the results
11:35and it didn't work and everything was
11:37broken and the Buddha judge campaign
11:40basically prematurely took credit for a
11:43victory even though the results had been
11:45super inconclusive because people were
11:47like did Bernie win did Pete win and
11:49basically that resulted in me and a
11:52couple other college kids having to Huff
11:55it in a car to the Pete Buda judge
11:57Campaign Headquarters where he was going
12:00to come out and do this victory speech
12:01where we weren't at because we didn't
12:03think he was going to win and we had to
12:05basically break into the Pete Buddha
12:09gym where this this Victory party was
12:12being held I was so stressed we didn't
12:14get a conclusive result the whole night
12:17I was crying I had to rewrite my whole
12:20show it was a disaster and that night I
12:25heard High Hopes so many goddamn times
12:28waiting for this man to come out on
12:32stage and take credit for an election
12:34that he probably did not win
12:37so I'm okay if I never hear High Hopes
12:41ever again for as long as I live
12:44anyway this was in a lot of ways the
12:46beginning of the end for Brendan even
12:48though he didn't really do anything in
12:50this case but the virality of High Hopes
12:52really put a spotlight on what the most
12:53hardcore Panic fans have known for a
12:55long time this is not a band anymore
12:58this was Brendon Urie putting out
13:00mediocre cookie cutter elevator music so
13:03generic that a Democratic presidential
13:05candidate can find a way to make it even
13:07less cool a feat so dramatic when you
13:10consider that this is what their music
13:12used to sound like
13:19okay so high hopes was harmless if a
13:22little cringe but this isn't the most
13:23serious situation that has happened in
13:25Brendon urie's ongoing Fall From Grace
13:27in 2020 once High Hopes gate had kind of
13:30dissipated Breezy week's wife of former
13:33Panic at the Disco bass player Dallin
13:35weeks accused the band's bodyguard Zach
13:37Hall of sexual harassment following this
13:39Revelation a number of users on Twitter
13:41began to accuse Brendan himself of a
13:43similar kind of harassment although it's
13:45worth noting that a number of these
13:47accusations were made in tweets that
13:48have since been deleted around this time
13:50a clip also serviced of Brendan giving
13:52some questionable stage banter and
13:54definitely in the earlier times that
13:56I've seen Panic live this was pretty
13:57much par for the course in every show we
14:00leave you with this thought
14:04if I see you after the show I'm gonna
14:07[ __ ] you
14:10and I don't care if you want it
14:12and more care if you don't want it
14:14because then I really want it dude
14:19bro in another controversial moment Yuri
14:23made a comment saying quote I wish I was
14:25born black so I could wear the clothes
14:27that I wear without getting made fun of
14:29he is also seen mouthing the n-word in
14:31an Old Vine
14:37he also reportedly said a transphobic
14:40slur which he later apologized for
14:41Brennan also eventually did fire the
14:44security guard that was accused of this
14:45harassment but it seems that Dallin
14:47weeks still Harbors some hard feelings
14:49changing the caption of an old photo on
14:51Instagram of his hand after an airsoft
14:53injury to hashtag TBT when I got shot
14:56with an airsoft gun on stage in the
14:58middle of playing a song and I had to
14:59pretend it was funny so that I could
15:01keep my job Brendan had initially
15:03commented on that same photo when it was
15:05posted saying got you good
15:07got him good you did Brendan got him
15:10good you did so Brendan is the closest
15:12to cancellation that he has ever gotten
15:14but the story doesn't end there still
15:16under the name Panic at the Disco for
15:18some God forsaken reason he releases the
15:21band's final album for now Vivo Las
15:24Vengeance now this is also an album that
15:27I haven't been able to bring myself to
15:28listen to all the way through mostly
15:31because it's bad but also as a hardcore
15:33former Panic fan in their Glory Days it
15:36just makes me really depressed but the
15:38thing is that up until this point no one
15:40ever contested that Brendan Yuri could
15:42sing he is vocally very talented but
15:46with the release of evil last Vengeance
15:47and the corresponding tour dates it
15:49became clear that in some way or another
15:51Brendon Urie has been straining his
15:54voice to the point where in some
15:56situations it actually sounds
16:11there are hundreds of Clips like this
16:14floating around on the internet right
16:15now and I'm not a professionally trained
16:17singer but I've listened to videos of
16:19professionally trained singers
16:20explaining what's going wrong here and
16:22basically he's straining the [ __ ] out of
16:24his voice to the point that it's causing
16:27actual damage to his vocal cords and if
16:29you listen to a lot of his more recent
16:31live performances it just sounds really
16:33awful which is so almost uncanny valley
16:37because his voice up until this point
16:39has been very good it's just kind of sad
16:42to see so basically all of Viva lost
16:44Vengeance got panned by critics and it
16:47was clear that Brendan needed a break I
16:49mean he pretty much did a tour for every
16:50single Panic album that has been
16:52released and that can obviously get very
16:55you know draining in a lot of ways both
16:57mentally and on your voice Brendan went
16:59kind of quiet after all these
17:01allegations came to light and also the
17:03poor reception to view the Lost
17:04Vengeance and then in January of 2023 he
17:07posted on Instagram that the emo pop
17:10band that began in 2004 Panic at the
17:13Disco was ending its run after seven
17:16albums and nearly two decades of making
17:19music in this same Instagram post he
17:21also announced that his wife Sarah was
17:23pregnant with their first child and that
17:25he was going to basically put the
17:27chapter of his life of panic the Disco
17:29to an end to focus his energy on his
17:31family and when this announcement came
17:33out I weirdly enough didn't feel
17:35anything which is interesting
17:37considering that this band has meant a
17:39lot to me over the years but by the time
17:42this announcement came around it didn't
17:45feel like it was the same band at all I
17:47mean obviously it wasn't the only
17:48constant throughout these two decades
17:50was Brendan which is impressive in its
17:53own right but at the same time I can't
17:55help but feel like something that
17:57started out really special became washed
18:00out and corporate and broken and tainted
18:03just like like everything else and I'm
18:05kind of tired of that happening I hate
18:08when a good thing exists and everyone
18:11enjoys it and derives some kind of
18:13really important meaning out of it for
18:15themselves and then it just gets ruined
18:17by external forces of evil or capitalism
18:21or whatever it just kind of sucks
18:24ultimately I am still grateful for panic
18:27at the disco's existence I hold fever as
18:30an album in my heart quite fondly and I
18:32probably always will I hope Ryan Ross is
18:34doing well and I hope most of all that
18:37now you understand why the internet fell
18:39out of love with Brendon Urie see what I
18:42did there
18:43I said the thing
18:44I said the thing that's all for me you
18:46guys and I'll see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why did Panic at the Disco decline in popularity?

Panic at the Disco declined in popularity due to their transition from a beloved emo band to more generic, commercial music. This alienated many of their original fans and led to a decline in their fan base.

2. What controversies surrounded Brendon Urie's behavior?

Controversies surrounding Brendon Urie's behavior included allegations of inappropriate conduct and insensitive remarks. These controversies affected the band's reputation and contributed to their decline in popularity.

3. How did vocal strain impact Brendon Urie and Panic at the Disco?

Vocal strain impacted Brendon Urie and Panic at the Disco by affecting the quality of their live performances. This led to criticism from fans and the media, further contributing to their decline in popularity.

4. What led to Panic at the Disco's end?

The decline in popularity and controversies surrounding Urie's behavior, as well as vocal strain, led to Panic at the Disco's end. Brendon Urie announced the end of the band and shifted his focus towards his family.

5. What is Brendon Urie's focus after the end of Panic at the Disco?

After the end of Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie shifted his focus towards his family. He announced a shift away from the band to prioritize spending time with his loved ones.

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Scientists have opened the tomb of Gilgamesh in Iraq, potentially confirming the existence of the legendary figure from the Epic of Gilgamesh. The tomb contained an alabaster statue depicting a powerful man grappling with a lion, as well as remnants of ancient botanical samples believed to be the plant of life mentioned in the epic. The burial methods and references to Enkidu in the tomb suggest that the epic's stories were grounded in historical events.