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The video discusses the potential price of PulseChain after its launch, with speculations based on ICO and launch prices of other projects. The speaker predicts a launch price of .0046 for PulseChain and emphasizes the impact of real-world transactions on buy pressure and scarcity for PulseX, making it a unique coin with potential for airdrops and free marketing. The conversation also touches on the emotional and speculative nature of the market, and the anticipation of a euphoric response on social media.
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The speaker discusses the different ICO and launch prices of various projects and how it can be used to speculate about the potential launch price of PulseChain.
The speaker mentions that Ethereum had a 9x price increase after launch, while Cardano had around a 10x increase.
They emphasize the importance of using data from other projects to make informed predictions about PulseChain's potential price.
The speaker avoids giving a specific price prediction but mentions that their personal estimate is around 0.0046.
PulseChain launch price may go up to 46x, and even if it launches at the same price as the sacrifice, the market is emotional and people would be buying more.
Metcalf's law is mentioned in relation to the potential price increase.
People who sacrificed $10 in Pulse Chain could get $460 on day one.
The market is emotional and people are hoping for a 46x increase.
Even if it launches at the same price as the sacrifice, the speaker would buy more.
The speaker is preparing for both positive and negative outcomes after the launch of PulseChain, despite the potential for FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).
The speaker mentions that they experienced severe FUD during the launch of HEX, but it turned out to work well.
They are risk-averse but still committed to being supportive of PulseChain.
The speaker is excited about PulseX and mentions that the marketing for PulseChain will be significant, with many people checking it out.
There will be a large number of wallets on PulseChain, potentially exceeding the millions on Ethereum.
Some addresses will be excluded from participating in the ecosystem due to being negative for the space.
PulseChain's unique feature is that real-world transactions increase buy pressure and scarcity, resulting in a higher value for the coin.
Real-world transactions on PulseChain increase buy pressure and make the coin more scarce.
Burning coins on PulseChain increases scarcity but does not automatically equal value.
Transacting on PulseX benefits users through one-sided staking, access to airdrops, and free marketing.
00:00to this is some interesting information
00:02which is different than the first one so
00:04the first one was the number of x's that
00:07they made I believe from their launch or
00:10all-time high Autumn low something like
00:12that this one from Xerox Coast shout out
00:14to Eric's Coast they're making some cool
00:16stuff too this one is the different L
00:18ones that listing their Ico price and
00:22their launch price so this from this
00:24data we can understand or try to
00:26speculate about uh you know with pulse
00:28chain pretend pulse chain is on this
00:30chart as a project we know the Ico price
00:33and then you can see you can speculate
00:35what the pulse chain uh launch price we
00:37know we know launch is zero but the day
00:40of like the you know after it does have
00:42a price what the price could be and you
00:44see it you know ethereum here 35 cents
00:46uh it went up what is that uh 10 9x 89X
00:51cardano uh it looks like a 10x or
00:54something to me a little bit over uh
00:56there's a bunch of different ones on the
00:58watch from the Ico price
01:00so you know some of them stayed the same
01:02some of them 10x uh and so on but I
01:04think this is very good data just to not
01:07make stuff up out of thin air basically
01:09like we can see based on other projects
01:12what pulse chain could do uh so that's
01:14why I like this chart so what would your
01:16price prediction be if you had to give a
01:18number to it oh I I try I try to avoid
01:21giving price predictions uh or financial
01:23advice in any way uh but I would think
01:30yeah okay go for it easy out my uh my
01:34price prediction I I'm yeah I'm willing
01:36to stick my neck out there I said .0046
01:42it's a I mean from sack rate
01:45you're doing pretty good we might pull
01:47back but I think that's what we launched
01:50at and then and then everyone who comes
01:51in and says we're well technically it's
01:53starting to zero I'm like okay we all we
01:55all know it's starting to zero but uh
01:58you know when it actually has a price
02:00so point so zero zero four six so the
02:04the decimal point zero zero four six and
02:07the second price was uh zero zero zero
02:10one wasn't it zero zero zero one 10 000.
02:15to one okay
02:17so 46 inches launch price that's what I
02:20think 48 it's 46 sections yeah given the
02:22time the growth uh the community I saw
02:26something about metcalf's law
02:28um and I think you know we could pull
02:30back obviously a retrace
02:35but then from there I think we obviously
02:37continue to go higher
02:40so everyone who put in ten dollars to
02:42the plus chain sacrifice
02:44um you could get 40 460 dollars out on
02:48day one perhaps no 46x 46x so you put in
02:53a dollar 46. oh
02:55yeah I said put it in ten dollars oh
02:58yeah okay yeah now you're right okay
03:00okay yeah if you put in one dollar then
03:01uh godspeed you're you're uh it's you've
03:05made more to watch his actions I'm not
03:06interested in the conversation I don't
03:08know maybe that would be like ironically
03:09an interesting conversation so you
03:11decide to spend more on the gas fee than
03:13uh than your stack wow
03:15but okay 46x well
03:18certainly hoping to do 46x uh I think
03:2010x 20x 100x 46x there's some good
03:25numbers uh what happens if it goes uh
03:27one for one what the launch price is
03:29just you know oh it it launches at zero
03:32zero zero uh two or uh if it wants if it
03:36launches the same or close to what we we
03:39the people who sacrificed
03:43um the people who you know had
03:45conviction and you know
03:47didn't invest the sacrifice for for you
03:50know freedom of speech or freedom of
03:53um for a project that we believed in
03:56if it's anywhere near that I would say
03:58that the market is incredibly emotional
04:00and I would be buying more that's that's
04:02what I'd be doing
04:04yeah I can't think of a scenario that
04:06would make sense where just all the
04:08projects launching all the people
04:09involved all the investors have been
04:11waiting forever I I know a lot of people
04:13want to sell a lot of people want to
04:14sell as soon as it comes out just
04:15because you know they have whatever
04:17reasons they you know they oversacked or
04:19whatever it is
04:21um but I just cannot see they're not
04:23being a huge
04:26I don't know I can't imagine a a uh a
04:29world where there's not this just
04:31euphoric in some way just just because
04:33not just us not just the people who sack
04:35but all the marketing all the uh Twitter
04:38Buzz all the just people talking about
04:41it online and getting other people in
04:43and especially at that price like can
04:45you imagine Twitter if it doesn't if it
04:47just does like a 2X or something they're
04:49like oh my gosh amazing opportunity like
04:51can you imagine Twitter just exploding
04:55I'm preparing myself for both sides
04:58because the amount of fud that hex
05:01experienced when it launched was severe
05:04and it turned out to work work very well
05:07so if we get you know one of these
05:10things where the fud happens I'm I'm
05:13still gonna be die hard about it
05:17um and that that that's a very risky
05:20play and that's
05:22I'm I'm risk adverse I have no problem
05:24doing that I'm at a position where you
05:27know I can take chances and and
05:29be be fine about it but
05:31so if we do that then
05:34then that's one thing but
05:38yeah I'm excited
05:40what about pull sex what uh did you sack
05:43for pulse X or or oh yeah are you
05:45excited about that okay full sex
05:48was even oh yeah okay the thing I was
05:51gonna say is never
05:53oh my gosh the the marketing has been
05:57built into it and I'm talking about
05:59pulse chain the marketing has been built
06:02into pulse chain that is going to be
06:04like severe like we've never seen
06:07anything where
06:09you have that many people
06:11with things of value in their wallet
06:14like already they're gonna go check it
06:18um they're gonna be like oh
06:20I mean you think about how many how many
06:22wallets are on pulse chain or I mean on
06:25ethereum foreign
06:28there's Millions good question yeah
06:32there's Millions many ethereum wallets
06:34we have the power
06:37uh unique address 186 addresses
06:41221 million
06:44yeah 219 million there are going to be
06:49221.26 million pulse chain addresses
06:53unless you know we obviously get rid of
06:55some we we're not going to give them to
06:57mount mount gox there's going to be a
06:58select number that Richard Hart has said
07:00that we're not going to uh let
07:03participate in our ecosystem because
07:05they are negative for the entire space
07:08so the no-fly list yeah exactly no pulse
07:11list yeah
07:13um so yeah pulse X I'm even more bullish
07:16on on pulse X I don't think
07:19I haven't heard anyone else in like I've
07:22but there has never been a coin like
07:25this where
07:27real world transactions translate into
07:31buy pressure and increase scarcity so
07:34there's this and I put out a video
07:36um this might have been a year ago now
07:37but when pulse Jane sack was announced
07:40and I'll shout them out I basically
07:42copied k for K crypto but he was talking
07:46about this this idea is is original this
07:48this idea is my own
07:50in sports there's and I there's like a
07:53concept especially like you think about
07:55basketball right
07:57you score
07:58you score a point you you get obviously
08:02two point like you score about a layup
08:04you get two points
08:05but you
08:09you take the ball from the other team
08:11and then you score you didn't you you
08:13scored two more points but you didn't
08:15just swing the game two points you took
08:18away the points that they had and then
08:19you scored so now the net is higher
08:22which is the same concept in pulse X
08:24like when someone transacts they buy up
08:27the price and the coin itself becomes
08:30more scarce so you win twice like the
08:33net is higher than if one or the other
08:36just happened a lot of people burn their
08:38coins they burn are you allowed to swear
08:41yeah you're my guests
08:44they burn the out of the coins and
08:47they're like oh we only have a couple
08:48coins left and it's like
08:50automatically scarcity does not in equal
08:54when when you're transacting on pulse X
08:56anyone who wants to dump their their
08:59 coins
09:00you are going to benefit from that not
09:03only that people are going to want to
09:05Market to you through one-sided staking
09:07you are going to have access to all of
09:09these airdrops I heard I heard someone
09:11talk about this on Twitter the other day
09:13this is going to be the new mechanism by
09:16which people airdrop coins to people it
09:18is free marketing to anyone who has a
09:20pulse X coins they're going to give you
09:23coins and
09:26who else would you rather give it to we
09:28don't sell
09:30don't sell we don't sell so it's like
09:35the all the price cares about and
09:37speculative instruments is that more
09:38people buy than sell and who better to
09:41give your coins to than people who don't
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the potential price of PulseChain after its launch?

The potential price of PulseChain after its launch is predicted to be .0046 by the speaker, based on speculations on ICO and launch prices of other projects.

2. What impact do real-world transactions have on PulseX?

Real-world transactions have a significant impact on buy pressure and scarcity for PulseX, making it a unique coin with potential for airdrops and free marketing.

3. What does the conversation touch on regarding the market's nature?

The conversation touches on the emotional and speculative nature of the market, indicating the anticipation of a euphoric response on social media.

4. How is the potential price of PulseChain determined by the speaker?

The potential price of PulseChain is determined by the speaker based on speculations on ICO and launch prices of other projects, resulting in a prediction of .0046.

5. What makes PulseX a unique coin?

PulseX is considered a unique coin due to its impact of real-world transactions on buy pressure and scarcity, along with its potential for airdrops and free marketing.

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