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A fearsome lion declares himself king of the jungle, demanding that the animals bring him their biggest meal every day, but a clever hare outwits him by tricking the lion into thinking his own reflection is a rival lion, saving the jungle from the tyrant and becoming the new king.
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A lion declares himself the king of the jungle, causing fear among the herbivorous animals.
The animals in the jungle lived happily and peacefully without any carnivores.
A lion appears and declares himself the king of the jungle because he comes from a nearby jungle where food is scarce.
The animals are too scared to speak and remain silent in response to the lion's declaration.
The lion gets angry when his meal is late and decides to teach the other animals a lesson, but is interrupted by a hare who tells him about another lion claiming to be the new king of the jungle.
The lion gets angry and wants to teach the animals a lesson for being late with his meal.
The hare tells the lion about another lion in the jungle who claims to be the new king.
The lion becomes furious and demands to be taken to the imposter lion.
The hare tricks the lion into thinking his reflection is another lion, leading to the lion's defeat.
The hare takes the lion to a well where he sees his own reflection.
The lion mistakes his reflection for another lion and jumps into the well.
The animals celebrate the hare's victory and learn the importance of intelligence over physical strength.
The hare becomes the king of the jungle.
00:04the lion and the hare once upon a time
00:07in a lush green jungle lived all the
00:10herbivorous animals happily and
00:12peacefully the jungle had no tigers or
00:15lions or hyenas or eagles or any
00:18carnivore whatsoever
00:20and as such all the herbivores had a
00:23jolly good time in the jungle without
00:25worrying about being attacked or hunted
00:29but that
00:30was soon going to change
00:33how good is the weather today
00:36nice and warm
00:38and you know what that means don't you
00:42oh come on man we hate it when you
00:45splash water on us
00:47well speak for yourself for i
00:51love it
00:55as usual the animals were having a great
00:58time when suddenly a loud thunderous
01:02roar was heard
01:04all the animals turned to see that on a
01:06big rock stood a fearsome lion
01:10all the little animals ran to their
01:12parents who were also trembling in fear
01:15all right listen up i come from the
01:18nearby jungle where food is scarce and
01:21resources running out
01:25i see that there are no lions or big
01:27cats in this jungle
01:29as such i am declaring myself the king
01:33of the jungle
01:35from today you will bow down to me
01:39is that understood
01:41there was complete silence for the
01:43animals were too scared to speak
01:47good i take that as a yes
01:50now i can hunt for my food every day
01:53but that can create a lot of chaos
01:55around here
01:57so as your king i suggest that every day
02:01my meal comes to me
02:02instead of me hunting you
02:07for today i am full because i had a
02:11hefty meal but tomorrow afternoon my
02:14meal should reach me
02:16it can be any one of you as long as it
02:19is big
02:21now i am going to go for a nap
02:26the lion left and went to a cave which
02:28he announced that was his from that day
02:32meanwhile a state of gloom sheathed over
02:35the once happy jungle
02:37the animals were scared by the sudden
02:39storm and all of them quietly went back
02:41to their respective homes
02:43that night
02:45that dreaded night was long and quiet
02:51the elephant called for all the other
02:53animals to discuss who was to be given
02:55to the lion the next day
02:58a much heated argument followed for no
03:00one wanted to go to the lion
03:02we can all flee
03:04leave the jungle
03:06and go where haven't you heard the next
03:09jungle has gone barren we cannot go
03:12there and after that there are only
03:15mountains as far as the eye can see
03:18we are stuck here
03:22more arguments followed until a hair
03:25came forward
03:26i will go
03:28all the animals were shocked
03:30you all have families but i am on my own
03:34no one will mourn my death
03:37let me go to him tomorrow so that
03:39meanwhile you can prepare yourselves for
03:42the coming days
03:46that the hair left
03:48the following afternoon the lion came
03:51out of his cave and roared
03:54oh where is my meal i am so
03:58hungry these animals need to be taught a
04:02lesson the angry lion was about to set
04:04off when suddenly he spotted a rabbit
04:07approaching him
04:09so my food is late and so small
04:13these animals will know better from
04:15tomorrow but first let me fill my
04:21your highness
04:23how dare you arrive so late
04:26i'm sorry my lord i would have reached
04:29here on time but i was delayed by this
04:32new line in the jungle
04:34the lion was shocked another lion he
04:39i command you to tell me all about this
04:43the lion wanted to gobble me up
04:46but i told him that i was already on my
04:48way to meet you the lion laughed at me
04:51he said that a real king hunts his prey
04:54and that i shouldn't bow to a weak lion
04:56like you his words my lord not mine
05:00how dare this lion insult me
05:03take me to him this instant
05:06my lord the other lion also wanted to
05:09meet you he speared my life so that i
05:12could deliver his message to you
05:15he says he is the new king of the jungle
05:18the lion was now more furious than ever
05:21did he say so lead me to that imposter
05:26but my lord i wouldn't suggest going
05:29after him he is strong and he lives in a
05:34i wouldn't expect a puny hair to
05:36understand pride no one in this jungle
05:38can challenge me and live
05:41just lead me to this fake king of the
05:44jungle and so the hare took the lion to
05:47the other end of the jungle where a
05:49stone well stood in a clearing
05:52my lord the other lion lives inside that
05:56the lion climbed the wall of the well
05:58and looked down there he saw the other
06:02lion looking back at him
06:04the foolish lion didn't realize that he
06:06was staring at his own reflection
06:09he gave a huge roar
06:12the roar echoed in the walls of the well
06:14and sounded even louder
06:16you are right this fellow is very strong
06:19his roar is mighty but don't worry i
06:22will finish him in a jiffy
06:25saying this the lion jumped into the
06:28well and he hit his head at the well's
06:32no i have been deceived
06:36the lion never came out and the hare
06:39smiled with pride
06:41all the animals hiding behind the bushes
06:43came out clapping the hair gave them a
06:48dear hair thank you for saving us today
06:51you have taught us that intelligence
06:54always has an upper hand when compared
06:56to physical strength
06:58and so the lush green jungle was once
07:01again a happy place
07:03the animals jumped with joy and danced
07:05around and as for the little hair he
07:08wouldn't believe it
07:09but he went on to become the king of the
07:12jungle and that too a very good king
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does the lion declare himself king of the jungle?

The lion declares himself king of the jungle by demanding that the animals bring him their biggest meal every day, establishing his dominance through fear and intimidation.

2. Who outwits the fearsome lion?

The clever hare outwits the fearsome lion by tricking the lion into thinking his own reflection is a rival lion, ultimately saving the jungle from the tyrant.

3. What strategy does the clever hare use to outsmart the lion?

The clever hare outsmarts the lion by using a strategy of deception, making the lion believe that his own reflection is a rival lion, leading to the lion's downfall.

4. How does the clever hare become the new king of the jungle?

The clever hare becomes the new king of the jungle after saving the animals from the tyrant lion, gaining their admiration and support for his intelligence and bravery.

5. What lesson does the story of the hare and the lion teach us?

The story of the hare and the lion teaches us the valuable lesson that cleverness and intelligence can triumph over brute strength, and that tyranny will ultimately be defeated by cunning and wisdom.

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