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The video features a conversation with Elle Lee, a former shy nerdy girl who became a popular content creator in the adult entertainment industry. She discusses her journey, experiences in the industry, and her thoughts on dating and relationships.
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Elle Lee, a former shy nerd girl, overcame her shyness to become a popular content creator, but her journey wasn't easy.
Elle Lee was a dorky social outcast in high school.
In college, she became more confident and sought male attention.
Elle Lee faced pressure and corruption in the porn industry.
She prefers to date normal men and finds potential dates through her website.
The speaker talks about how she gained male attention in college and felt validated by it.
She mentions that she used to think she was ugly, but getting attention from guys made her feel good about herself.
The speaker was not directly bullied, but she felt left out in situations like gym class and lunch.
She started dressing better and got a boyfriend in college, which boosted her confidence.
She eventually decided to explore the adult industry as a way to pay for college.
The speaker discusses how some individuals in the film and porn industries may advance their careers by engaging in sexual relationships with producers.
In the film industry, rumors suggest that certain A-list celebrities have achieved success through such means.
The speaker has personally witnessed this dynamic in the porn industry, where individuals are more likely to engage in sexual activities to improve their chances of getting booked by better companies.
However, the speaker mentions that this may be irrelevant now since individuals can create their own content and achieve success independently.
The speaker expresses a lack of interest in the party and drug-filled lifestyle associated with the porn industry, focusing solely on making money.
The speaker mentions being encouraged to attend parties and events to network with producers and companies, but personally found little enjoyment in these gatherings.
The speaker briefly mentions a creepy director or producer experience but does not provide specific details.
The discussion revolves around the idea of dating fans and the challenges of transitioning from a subscriber to a romantic relationship.
Responding to fans helps create a genuine connection.
Elle Lee has filmed videos with fans in different locations.
Elle Lee mentions a viral video on Pornhub involving a fan from Hawaii.
Both Elle Lee and the other person in the conversation are open to dating fans.
The discussion revolves around the topic of autism and its impact on social interactions, relationships, and motivation.
Some high-value men who work a lot and make a lot of money may lack social skills.
The speaker's brother is autistic and finds it difficult to connect with others, especially girls.
The brother lacks the drive to pursue relationships and prefers playing video games instead.
Introvertedness is mentioned as a possible symptom of autism, and introverts tend to enjoy video games.
The discussion revolves around attractiveness and style preferences of different Asian nationalities.
Japanese men are considered more attractive and stylish.
South Korean men are known for their good dressing sense.
Vietnamese men are mentioned to be good to their women but also cheat a lot.
Vietnamese men are described as having big dicks and being super horny.
Vietnamese men are associated with partying and drug use.
The discussion revolves around the differences in values and the challenges of dating, including the acceptance of platforms like OnlyFans.
The differences in values, such as career choices, can be a factor in relationships.
There is no perfect partner, and compromises are necessary in relationships.
Timing plays an important role in dating.
Emotional baggage can make dating difficult.
Acceptance of platforms like OnlyFans varies among individuals.
00:01from being a dorky social outcast in
00:03high school young Le overcame her
00:06crippling shyness to become one of the
00:08most watched content creators in the
00:11hello hi I'm such a huge fan
00:17I'm so glad you're here oh my God no so
00:20I was an AP student like no friends
00:23you're like straight up like the Asian
00:25nerd girl yeah like I ate lunch with
00:27like my teachers I mean in high school I
00:29think I hooked up with like one guy and
00:31then when I took my shirt off he was
00:33like holy like I did not know you had
00:34tits like in college I was like away
00:37from my parents finally so I was like
00:39and I was getting male attention so I
00:41was like I'm just gonna hoe out so um
00:44I was like oh my God like guys find me
00:47hot like I'm a [ __ ] them all and so yeah
00:53but the path from being the shy nerdy
00:55girl to one of the most popular stars on
00:57America's favorite content Hub wasn't
01:01my brother thinks I'm uh yeah my mom's
01:05um you need to quit
01:06I think porn's very corrupt if you sleep
01:09with the right producers you might get
01:10better companies to book you and there's
01:13a lot of like weird pressure between
01:15models like
01:17um you're taking like a five minute
01:18break like the guy's gonna get soft
01:19right like naturally and I feel like
01:22male models sometimes have this
01:24expectation that the girl model should
01:26like fluff them until the camera's
01:28rolling again and I'm like if the
01:30camera's not rolling I'm not doing
01:32anything like I'm not getting paid to
01:34fluff you gotcha what if they paid you
01:37extra would you do it right for an extra
01:38like 50 bucks or 100 bucks or something
01:40right if it's 50 bucks
01:43I'm just saying okay
01:45what's really interesting about her is
01:47her dating life where she prefers to
01:49date normal men and legitimately finds
01:51most of her potential dates through her
01:53website so okay so who are the types of
01:55people that you do date
01:57um I like doctors oh interesting and I
02:00like Tech Guys Tech Guys and doctors
02:02okay then how are you meeting them are
02:04you like on hinge or like
02:06probably just through like Os Oh yeah oh
02:09no really yeah yeah this is the story of
02:23all right ready
02:26all right welcome to the amphasia
02:29podcast where we have another special
02:31guest along with some of our favorite
02:33returning guests Jade and Cat we also
02:36have Elle
02:39how's it going I'm good I'm nervous all
02:42right wait are you yeah how many
02:43podcasts have you done
02:45two oh okay because you guys you did
02:47their podcast I did yeah did you see it
02:50I I did research it oh okay I didn't I
02:53couldn't watch the whole thing oh but I
02:55did I did like kind of skim through it
02:57okay yeah yeah was that your first ever
03:00like podcast or well I went on no jumper
03:02but it was just like meh oh really yeah
03:06how come
03:07um I think they were like oh since like
03:09I was like an up-and-coming like Asian
03:11porn star they just like asked very
03:14stereotypical porn star questions and
03:16I'm just not like a very stereotypical
03:19porn star so I was just like why are
03:21they asking me like how many guys I
03:23[ __ ] like in one room like it's just
03:25like those basic questions you ask porn
03:27stars and yeah I was just like not
03:29amused and that's just not the type of
03:31person I am like okay you know so you're
03:33so so you're more like reserved kind of
03:36more conservative is that what you mean
03:37I think so like okay do you know um
03:39Jimmy Zhang yeah so like I did a video
03:42for him and he described me as the local
03:45girl with the cat oh my God I can see
03:48that yeah interesting that's a huge
03:50compliment coming from you think so yeah
03:52I think so yeah because she's like so
03:54cute and like pretty the Beats girl yeah
03:56everyone's in love with her Loki yeah
03:59yeah okay I'll take a compliment for
04:02Okay cool so you're so you're very
04:04conservative then like why did you get
04:06into poor let's like kind of get into
04:08that so I was a stripper for three years
04:11I stripped through college to pay off
04:13tuition and then after a certain point
04:16you're like this just isn't enough money
04:19for me like before yeah oh okay
04:21and so once I graduated I um reached out
04:25to some agencies and I was like I'm I
04:27want to do porn like
04:29like I want to get [ __ ] you just email
04:31them yeah so like a lot of agencies have
04:33like sites where you can like apply and
04:36so I just put in my Instagram and some
04:38photos and also did you already have
04:40like an Instagram profile like pictures
04:42and stuff like that okay gotcha and it
04:45was like really easy for you to get in
04:46because yeah so like I applied online
04:49and then they called me in like four
04:51hours and they were like oh we got your
04:54application like we want you like you'll
04:55like I don't know if you know Emily
04:57Willis and like MacKenzie whatever and
04:59like you'll be just as like famous as
05:01them and I was like okay
05:04and what was that based off of Just they
05:06thought you had a really good look yeah
05:08yeah okay okay yeah gotcha gotcha
05:12because there's not a lot of people that
05:13you know that look like you in the porn
05:15industry yeah that's true yeah how so
05:17like what do you mean by that yeah what
05:19do you mean there's like there's not a
05:20lot of like like cute like they're more
05:22like like overtly sexual like
05:26big ass like that yeah yeah because yeah
05:30go ahead like you're like the like you
05:32look like very
05:34um East Asian pretty but you're also
05:36Americanized yeah you don't have like
05:38the whole like oh like we love you long
05:40time type of stereotypes yeah
05:43yeah yeah for sure it's a very unique
05:48oh so you know a lot about like the
05:51people in like the industry and the
05:52types of people they go for kind of
05:54right or yeah I think
05:57I think I watch a lot of porn
05:59o but you guys are in the adult industry
06:01though too yeah right like you guys
06:03aren't like actual like porn stars
06:05though correct like you guys are just
06:06we're just the only fans yeah right but
06:10then you're an actual like you you film
06:11with like a lot of like Studios and
06:13stuff like that yeah I shot with a
06:15handful yeah okay okay so what made you
06:18want to like take that step versus like
06:20hey I could just do my own thing so
06:22right now I am doing my own thing okay
06:24so after being in the industry for like
06:26eight months a little less than a year
06:29um I was just like I swear I'm supposed
06:31to be getting paid more like I swear and
06:34so like I just did some research
06:37um I saw like a lot of my videos on
06:40PornHub were hitting like 12 million
06:42views with these companies right and
06:45they just pay you like a fat flat rate
06:47like a very just normal flat rate and so
06:51you're not getting you're just getting
06:52the exposure you're not getting any like
06:55clicks you're not getting any like like
06:57no monetization from that company like
07:00at all
07:01um you sign a waiver saying that
07:03you're agreeing to give them the video
07:06the rights to them yeah yeah so whether
07:09that video has like 50 000 views or 50
07:13million views you're only getting that
07:15flat rate so I was like these so I got
07:19paid like 15 let's say 1500 for a scene
07:23and then it got 12 million views they
07:26just made fifteen thousand dollars off
07:27of me and only paid me 1500. yeah so
07:30yeah that's why I asked because it feels
07:32like there's like more money in like
07:34doing your own thing like for sure like
07:36you guys are like veterans in that yeah
07:41yeah you guys are more like you guys
07:43know it's like it's all about doing your
07:45own thing right and that's what you're
07:46primarily doing now yeah so I upload my
07:49own videos PornHub produce my own videos
07:52Hub same with only fans and it's just
07:55doing a lot better
07:57um but I get a lot of customers asking
07:59me like why should I pay for your videos
08:01like pay like x amount of money for your
08:04videos when I can watch it your older
08:06videos for free and it's just like well
08:08do you want to support that kind of
08:10business that like takes advantage of
08:12girls and only pays them you know what I
08:14mean right right so I I get it I get it
08:18and then so who were you back in like
08:21high school could we start there because
08:23like were you always like aiming to get
08:25into this or were you no so I was an AP
08:30um like no friends you're like straight
08:32up like the Asian nerd girl yeah like
08:35zero friends no way yeah like I ate
08:38lunch with like my teachers wait what
08:40yeah so so how did that happen well I
08:45just like got along with teachers more
08:47than like people my age my like the
08:51um and then I never had anyone to sit
08:53with at lunch so I would just like go
08:55into class early before so like if I had
08:58lunch before a third period I would just
09:01go into third period instead of going to
09:02lunch and just like eat my lunch with my
09:05teacher so you are heavily introverted
09:07yeah heavily introverted yeah and then
09:09all right you're about to see me I just
09:11said all sorry yeah yeah yeah
09:14so did you get any like male interest or
09:18like were you like did you look a lot
09:20differently back then or was the
09:23um I think I like glowed up a little bit
09:25in high school and then I glowed up
09:27completely in college okay um but yeah I
09:31mean in high school I think I hooked up
09:32with like one guy and then when I took
09:35my shirt off he was like holy like I did
09:37not know you had tits oh because I used
09:40to always wear like hoodies and liking
09:42and sneakers so you weren't dressing
09:44very like no female like no okay gotcha
09:47okay that makes sense and you're just
09:50super nerdy and like just super shy in
09:51high school and then in college what
09:53happened in college like how did the
09:57um I think like I dated like a super
09:59toxic guy straight out of high school
10:01okay and then once I broke up with him
10:03like things finally ended
10:06um like in college I was like away from
10:08my parents finally so I was like and I
10:10was getting male attention so I was like
10:12I'm just gonna hoe out so
10:15I was getting like the male validation
10:17after because you were probably already
10:18hot you just like didn't focus on it
10:20right and then you realized in college
10:22you're like holy [ __ ] yeah so like I for
10:25sure was like getting high off that [ __ ]
10:27I was like oh my God like guys find me
10:30hot like I'm a [ __ ] them all and so yeah
10:34like I mean it was a Vibe it was nice I
10:38think like when you're when you you grow
10:40up thinking you're like ugly and then
10:42you start to get like attention it's
10:44like it is like validation like it is
10:46really nice were you bullied was I
10:49worried No were you bullied oh bullied
10:51by other girls
10:53I don't think I was ever like directly
10:55bullied like oh you're fat you're ugly
10:58like none of that but like like I was
11:00the last one picked in gym class type
11:03thing yeah and like no one to sit with
11:05that lunch like you look around and
11:06everyone's like you know like they're
11:08just not like just that kind of stuff
11:11yeah yeah I want to see a picture of you
11:13back then because I feel like
11:16they're all gone they're all deleted I
11:19can't imagine it I can't imagine it yeah
11:22um so okay so in college that's when you
11:24started like kind of looking better
11:25dressing better you got more you got a
11:28boyfriend first boyfriend and then you
11:30broke up with him yeah and then you got
11:32the male attention yeah and then that's
11:34when you decided Let's Do Porn well so
11:37my parent my parents like went back to
11:39Korea and I was super adamant to pay my
11:42own way through college okay so I was
11:44like serving and I was getting a lot of
11:46attention serving too like getting
11:47really good tips and yeah people writing
11:49their number on the receipt and
11:50everything and then um I was like I want
11:54to try like stripping and that was
11:55around the time that only fans came out
11:57I remember I remember I tried it but
12:00like I didn't like do it but I was like
12:02I'm gonna just do if I'm willing to do
12:05of like willing to try it then I should
12:07be able to like do it in person oh so I
12:11was just like let's just try stripping
12:13like I've always wanted to I've always
12:15joked like I'm just gonna quit my job
12:18and be a stripper I feel like every girl
12:20has thought that before really have you
12:22guys thought that oh yeah
12:26it goes through every girl's body it's
12:28like a joke yeah yeah oh every it goes
12:31through every girl's mind interesting
12:32okay pretty hard I didn't know that
12:33compared to like oaf though I feel like
12:35it's a harder hustle for sure yeah like
12:37very physically intensive job yeah
12:40borderline athletic type job right and
12:43it's also it's harder because you're
12:44dealing with people in person like what
12:46if they're rude and stuff right it's a
12:47sales job too like as a girl or as a guy
12:49whenever you go into a strip club yeah
12:51you have the girls coming around you
12:54just like circling you you know
12:55everyone's trying to just sell you hard
12:57on a dance or whatever and you have like
13:00a bunch of competition yeah like the
13:02hyenas right yeah it's A Hard Sell even
13:05if you're like a pretty girl there's
13:06lots of pretty girls out there yeah I
13:08feel like it's an advantage if you're
13:09Asian though for sure 100 yeah yeah oh
13:12last Asian girls in strip clubs yeah
13:14because if you're like the one Asian
13:16girl and you're like kind of like
13:17innocent I feel like you get a lot since
13:19we had this one girl who went to our
13:21high school who did it and then she
13:24pulled up in like an Audi R8 damn yeah
13:28that's a sexy car yeah and it was just
13:31like whoa where's this King this money
13:33from and then we all found out like what
13:35she was doing
13:39Jade oh no I was just curious how how
13:41quick did she make that R8 money oh I
13:43don't know I didn't ask her that she was
13:45like uh a bit younger
13:48so it was like I found this out like
13:50after college oh okay yeah so does that
13:53okay so the question if you find out
13:55that someone that you went to high
13:56school with was like a stripper does it
13:59make you respect her more knowing that
14:01she was able to buy an R8 whereas
14:03opposed to you saw her in a Honda and
14:04you're like oh she has an of you know
14:06what I'm saying is there a difference
14:07yeah I think so quick question are you
14:10like more enticed to buy her of
14:13subscription if you knew her in high
14:17oh am I more enticed compared to like a
14:20random girl on the internet oh yeah so I
14:23think in general people are more enticed
14:24to buy stuff from people they knew back
14:26then yeah like people yeah I've always
14:28wondered that no no yeah it's all it's
14:30because isn't it just like when you
14:32start an only fans the first people you
14:34sell to are just like your friends and
14:36family what selling insurance so you're
14:40in Insurance also you're Shilling your
14:41of no because I had this other girl and
14:43she said like a lot of her like like
14:45friends it was a little creepy but she's
14:48like whatever I don't give it dude my
14:50high school friends were all like
14:50messaging me like oh you got off now
14:52like you know you know
14:53good for you dude yeah
14:57and wait did your what do you have
14:59friends in high school that subscribed
15:00or college
15:02um so so I like left I went to school in
15:05Arizona and then I left Arizona as soon
15:07as I graduated so like I and then I
15:09didn't have any friends so I was like
15:11I'm sure there were people I knew or
15:13like acquainted with that might be
15:16subbed or watching my stuff religiously
15:18on PornHub but like I have no idea like
15:20no way to know which is why I asked you
15:22yeah yeah it's all your friends everyone
15:24that you know is looking okay okay but
15:27also giving you money so yeah yeah yeah
15:29but we're like okay what about your
15:31parents do they know about what you're
15:33doing or how so my mom and my brother
15:35know what I do for work oh really yeah
15:38interesting and what do they think about
15:39it my mom's like
15:41um you need to quit
15:43yeah okay okay yeah but she's like what
15:46about your brother my brother thinks I'm
15:48a [ __ ] oh yeah okay yeah interesting
15:51does he like like yeah how does that
15:54work exactly because does he like tell
15:56his friends or like how does do his
15:57friends know or so so he's like a
16:00military guy oh okay so he's very like
16:02traditional and like he lives in Korea
16:04like married a Korean woman and like oh
16:06as a kid and like and like I think
16:09he I think very recently I just was very
16:13transparent about like how much money
16:15I'm making and he was like you're
16:17literally just like Skyping these guys
16:19and making like five times as much money
16:21than I am and I'm getting like like I
16:23think he's kind of I think he's like her
16:25are not her like maybe jealous he's
16:27putting his life on the line for Korea
16:29yeah yeah so I feel like there is a
16:32little like resentment there yeah that
16:34makes sense yeah so you're making a lot
16:36then it sounds like I make like okay
16:38money I think
16:40what are you are you able to tell how
16:42much or like you don't want to even get
16:44into that no I think I'm I think I'm
16:47comfortable and I think I think I still
16:49have goals okay like I think um
16:51like people who are super super well off
16:54they're like I have everything but I
16:56think I still have stuff I want to work
16:58towards yeah yeah are you guys making
17:01pretty good amounts
17:05yeah same yeah
17:07comfortable in L.A too which is like a
17:10lot you need a lot but it's like it's
17:11you don't want to be you don't want to
17:13have like the condo on your wrist money
17:14you know you want to have like wealth
17:16you know I don't just want to be able to
17:18buy a nice car yeah call it a day I made
17:20it right you know like I want to be so
17:22you're just still building towards more
17:23yeah is only fans dipping or is it like
17:26still like going up now did you know
17:28because during the pandemic I felt like
17:29it was like huge right but then does it
17:31kind of dip down or it hasn't really
17:33dipped down but I think
17:35um different channels of marketing like
17:37you have to use different channels of
17:39marketing and be more creative because
17:40it used to be like you just like go
17:41viral on Tick Tock and you gain like 500
17:43subs and now it's like you gotta hit
17:45like reels Tick Tock Twitter threads
17:48everything yeah and it's just harder now
17:50yeah and I think the Market's more
17:52saturated as well as you have to work on
17:54branding yourself and like setting
17:56yourself apart like would you say that
17:57it was hard for you to find like
17:59traction or was it like very easy for
18:01you so I think I got into porn at like
18:04the prime time like if I was a stock
18:06like I invested very I like at a very
18:09like lucky time
18:10um so like when I went into porn there
18:12was just like no girls that looked like
18:13me like there was just it was just like
18:16the Asian like Asa Akira and like Nicole
18:19Doshi and like that was it yeah and so
18:21like when I came in it was like everyone
18:23was like holy [ __ ] like she's like the
18:24girl next door like she's like so
18:26different and like she's like Korean
18:28which is like so rare too like they're
18:30always like Chinese or like Filipino or
18:32something gotcha and so um it was really
18:35good but I I know the moment that I left
18:37I think like a [ __ ] ton of like Asian
18:40girls came into the porn industry I
18:42don't know how well they're doing but
18:44yeah yeah gotcha gotcha well do you
18:47still consider like oh F like to be like
18:49the adult industry though or no or do
18:51you consider that just a separate thing
18:53or all three of you
18:55I think it's considered adult but I
18:56don't think it's because I think there's
18:57definitely a divide between mainstream
18:59porn and Olaf creators even as far as
19:01like the type of performance you put on
19:05I feel like definitely porn stars are
19:06able to take a lot more
19:09um so L being on both sides she's like a
19:13in a good way I'm just saying yeah
19:16um well I definitely think that um
19:20if you're actually in like mainstream
19:23porn yeah you just get exposed to a lot
19:26more like a lot more toxicity a lot more
19:29like pressure there's like a lot more
19:31factors involved and people involved
19:34other than like you and the person
19:36you're shooting with like you kind of
19:38like when you're in the mainstream porn
19:40industry like you just have to like the
19:43the the the bubble you're in is like way
19:46bigger I think right and so it's like
19:48you just have so much to
19:51get through and I think that's just a
19:54lot compared to like just doing a laugh
19:56is there like a lot of politics in porn
19:59I think porn's very corrupt
20:02um you tell yeah I think like
20:06I think like normal acting and like I
20:10could definitely see like normal acting
20:12and that industry production film
20:14industry might be similar where like
20:17some people might get ahead by like
20:19sleeping with certain people like I I've
20:22heard rumors about like A-list
20:23celebrities like got to where they were
20:25sure by Sleeping with producers and
20:27stuff like that and I've definitely seen
20:28that in the porn industry I mean like
20:30they're more likely to have sex if
20:32you're in the porn industry and so if
20:34you sleep with the right producers you
20:36get better companies to book you and but
20:40isn't that all kind of a moot point now
20:42because you could just do your own thing
20:43I feel like it's super easy right don't
20:45you think because it seems like you guys
20:47you already did your own only fans and
20:49everything I feel like for me like I
20:51just didn't care for that like Lifestyle
20:53the only fans Lifestyle the porn lives
20:55oh the porn like the parties the drugs
20:57like the sex the orgies you know yeah
21:00and like I feel like some people put
21:03that on a higher tier like they they
21:04like that lifestyle the the LA party
21:07like orgy scene so you just wanted to do
21:10it as like what for money you're just
21:12like I just want to make some money and
21:14and that's it like you don't like the
21:16other aspects yeah I think like I was
21:19forced I'm not forced like strongly
21:22encouraged to like go to these parties
21:24and go to the events because it was like
21:26you need a show face to these like
21:28producers and companies so they know who
21:30you are so that they book you and then
21:32like I would just like smoke weed in the
21:34um and like be like high and then like
21:36leave after an hour because like I had
21:38to be there you know what I mean have
21:40you ever had like a creepy director or
21:43producer story yes was uh what happened
21:49I'm like scared he's gonna see it okay
21:51okay but yeah I mean I've had like you
21:54just give like vague yeah yeah so I've
21:56had like producers who were like super
21:58into my look and like touch my hair and
22:01like smell it and like they're just out
22:03of nowhere just like like well they were
22:05like they suddened can I like yeah yeah
22:08like they would literally be like oh
22:09like your hair is so pretty like it's
22:12like so nice oh my God
22:15yeah yeah you see I yeah okay is it that
22:20was the creepiest or I I think like yeah
22:23okay yeah because I always feel like
22:24because like the porn industry is like
22:26so perverted like I feel like that's
22:27like not even anything
22:29compared to like what the like what you
22:32see on camera right or what do you think
22:34all right because the
22:35Barn you're already having sex on set so
22:37a producer coming over and touching her
22:39hair and smelling it's like by
22:40comparison isn't like that bad is that
22:42what you're saying yeah kinda okay but
22:44like to be fair like I don't think I was
22:47as creeped out because he was very like
22:49I'm for sure he's like on the Spectrum a
22:51little bit and so like I don't think he
22:54could like help it you know what I mean
22:56and so I was just like flattered like I
22:59was like that's [ __ ] creepy but it's
23:01not enough to like talk [ __ ] because I'm
23:03like oh he's just genuinely like he just
23:05like likes my hair are there ever like
23:07oh sorry are they ever like overt kind
23:11um overt offers of transactional quid
23:14pro quo like hey if you if you like blow
23:16me right now I'm gonna put you on the
23:17cover of this of this movie it's never
23:19happened to me but I've been in the room
23:23when that's happened to like another
23:25model oh yeah and then like I would come
23:28back from the dressing room and she
23:29would be like do you know what he just
23:30asked me like that type of thing like I
23:32just know it happens but like yeah is
23:36the boundary line with that because if
23:38because you're already getting paid to
23:39shoot a scene right so if they're just
23:42like hey I'll pay you some more to like
23:44do this yeah but it's just because it's
23:46not on camera that's that's where you
23:48draw the line is that what it is
23:49personally yeah or like people just or
23:51you just see you first of all I think
23:54for me like I definitely think like some
23:56people value things less and I think for
24:00me like I was very like professional
24:02like if it's not on camera like I'm not
24:05doing it gotcha like there's a lot of
24:07like weird pressure between models like
24:10let's say um you're switching positions
24:12or like you're in the middle of a scene
24:14and you're switching positions and like
24:17um you're taking like a five minute
24:18break like the guy's gonna get soft
24:20right like naturally and I feel like
24:23male models sometimes have this
24:25expectation that the girl model should
24:27like fluff them until the camera's
24:29rolling again and I'm like if the
24:31camera's not rolling I'm not doing
24:33anything like I'm not getting paid to
24:35fluff you gotcha yeah what if they paid
24:37you extra would you do it like hey we'll
24:39give you a fluffer fee
24:41is that what you would do as the
24:45no I'm just wondering I think like
24:47that's never happened to me yeah but
24:49like most of the time when I'm like no
24:51that's your job and they understand so
24:53they have a fluffer do they have
24:54fluffers do you guys know
24:57um or no unless they have their own
24:58personal fluffer no oh
25:00they have to do it themselves and they
25:03do bring their personal fluffers
25:04sometimes like a girlfriend like I feel
25:06like something that should be the norm
25:07like if you want to be fluffed like
25:09bring your own good idea yeah bring your
25:12y-o-f bring your own fluffer or like do
25:17you think that if you were on a scene
25:18and they did offer you some more money
25:21like hey I know we're gonna have like
25:22five like 30 minutes all together down
25:24time and
25:26the guy's gonna have to stay hard if we
25:27paid you x amount would you think that
25:29would level the playing field a little
25:31bit or would you take offense to that
25:34honestly like I'm not that of like a
25:37slave to money I think oh because like
25:40if if you're getting a 30 minute break
25:42like I'm taking my [ __ ] break you
25:44know what I mean like I'm not gonna like
25:45sit there on my knees like fluffing them
25:47right for an extra like 50 bucks or 100
25:49bucks or something right if it's 50
25:52I'm just saying okay 500 a thousand I
25:55don't know yeah um yeah no I'm taking my
25:58break like I'm ordering some food well
26:00I'm just saying if you're getting paid
26:011500 for the scene I can't see see them
26:03paying you more than like a hundred you
26:05know for 30 minutes yeah yeah you know
26:07yeah yeah
26:09not saying you're only worth it
26:11I'm like would you you're invaluable but
26:15I'm also thinking because because like
26:16you said you only got paid 1500 for the
26:18scene yeah so I'm just thinking like
26:20okay then wouldn't you be enticed for
26:24like an extra like 500 you know what I
26:26but it's not only it's not only just
26:28what you paid for the scene right it's
26:29like it's also marketing for you as well
26:33so like I think what I cared most about
26:35is that I was happy with my performance
26:39and that like I'm confident that when I
26:41left the studio that we had made a great
26:44movie oh okay so you're more so you're
26:46doing it a lot for the art aspect yeah
26:49as well the art and the exposure okay
26:52because at the end of the day like yes
26:54there's producers yes there's like other
26:55models you're shooting with but at the
26:57end of the day it's like the connection
26:59that you have with like the camera did
27:01you ever have a connection with like a
27:08like what like a physical connection
27:10yeah or just like you just like like
27:12he's like oh wow this guy's like pretty
27:13hot I I think like definitely there were
27:16certain people like that I would rather
27:18shoot with oh okay yeah okay and
27:21obviously if you have like if you tell
27:22like a company like hey like I have a
27:25good connection in chemistry with these
27:27models they're more likely to book them
27:29because it'll make it easier it'll show
27:31better on camera right and it'll sell
27:34better yeah as well do you are are you
27:36uh dating anyone right now or are you no
27:38I'm not okay so have you ever dated in
27:41the industry or are you no I've never
27:44dated in the initial okay would you want
27:46to do that or you wouldn't no no
27:50so okay so who are the types of people
27:51that you do date
27:53um I like doctors oh interesting and I
27:56like Tech Guys Tech Guys and doctors
27:59and then how do they take it when they
28:01find out that you're like doing you know
28:03like adult like work and stuff
28:05um I think they're like super intrigued
28:07and like super amused and they ask a
28:09billion questions right and then I'm
28:11like Ugh and that's an ick or what
28:14uh when they're asking like if it's like
28:17a game of like 50 questions I'm like
28:19goodbye but if they're just like oh like
28:22how does that work like if they can like
28:25bombard you with questions because then
28:26it's just like they're like are you
28:28behind me yeah like pay me for these
28:30answers you know how are you meeting
28:32them are you like on hinge or like what
28:35I I do like swipe on like dating apps
28:38but I've like only met up with like two
28:41maybe in the past like five years dude
28:43imagine those two they're like holy [ __ ]
28:46I'm on a date with Ellie yeah
28:49from hinge yeah oh [ __ ] most people
28:52think I'm fake but I'm like oh yeah but
28:55actually I'm like on there I'm like oh
28:56this guy's cute like yeah
28:58and then okay then who do you how do you
29:00meet like the other people
29:03um like these doctors
29:04probably just through like Os Oh yeah
29:07really yeah
29:10so you're you're talking to them on of
29:12and then you're like yeah they like what
29:14they show their face and stuff and well
29:16so like I did this thing well okay so I
29:19so since I'm like on there messaging
29:21people all the time and having these
29:23relationships with people like I don't
29:25think just because you're subbed to the
29:27girls only fans that you're like you
29:30just like get everything you want I
29:31think like some girls are very like oh
29:33if you like pay for this like I will
29:35talk to you okay for me like if you paid
29:38the door fee that's just the door fee
29:41like you need to flirt with me and you
29:44need to court me you know what I mean
29:45interesting so like if they're just like
29:48oh [ __ ] me like I want your [ __ ] like
29:51I'm not gonna respond like I literally
29:53just don't I gotta raise you up yeah
29:55yeah you treat so you treat treat it as
29:58like almost like a dating yeah not like
30:01um because
30:02you know a lot of people use managers
30:05a lot of only fans girls they so they
30:07they're kind of responding for them but
30:09yours is like purely you're just like
30:11talking yeah
30:13so like there will be times like I won't
30:14respond for like three days because I'm
30:16like you're like how can I be on there
30:18for every day you know what I mean right
30:20right yeah and does that help you make
30:22more you think the fact that you're
30:24responding yeah actually and then you're
30:26like genuinely like curious about these
30:28people yeah because it sounds like
30:30you've dated some of them well I don't
30:32like date them but like I travel a lot I
30:36go to I go to like a lot of like I've
30:38been I've filmed a video in Hawaii and I
30:41filmed a video in Japan and I will like
30:45give my fans a chance to like film a
30:48video with me no way yeah so one of my
30:51most viral videos on PornHub was like me
30:56um having sex with a fan from Hawaii oh
31:00[ __ ] that's crazy that must it also that
31:01must get you like a ton of attention it
31:04does a ton of attention yeah would you
31:06guys do that or
31:08I did it I did it before Oh really with
31:10someone from my twitch Community it was
31:12only released on my platform okay yeah
31:14and what about you yeah I'd be open to
31:16it yeah why don't you guys just keep
31:17like date from your never thought about
31:19that because like because you gotta see
31:21what they look like and sometimes you
31:22can't see what they look like
31:24matter what they look like I mean what
31:27if they're paying like ten thousand
31:28dollars then it doesn't matter right
31:31yeah I think is hard because it's like
31:33when you meet them because I have formed
31:36very personal connections on of and I
31:38really do genuinely care about some of
31:39the people I talk to especially the ones
31:40I've had like a years of rapport with
31:43but it's like when do you make that
31:45transition from your oaf subscriber to
31:48your boyfriend you know it's like they
31:50start out as your Patron and then now
31:51you have like you form this intimate
31:53relationship with him are you gonna
31:54force them to sub to your off talk to
31:55you through of like you're gonna start
31:58going on dates with them like how is
32:00that Financial Arrangement gonna convert
32:01to an actual relationship so I think
32:03that's where it's like so I think for me
32:05I make it like very clear to like my
32:07customers that like I need to be taken
32:09care of like if you want to date me and
32:13like marry me or whatever like like and
32:17I would eventually like quit of like you
32:19need to make up for that money oh so
32:21they have to be rich yeah Super Rich
32:24yeah like would you say it's a race
32:26would you say it's like
32:28what do you think is like your minimum
32:31like requirement government for that
32:32like would it have to be like a million
32:33plus I think like I can't like respect a
32:37guy if they're not making more money
32:38than me okay yeah okay so I think that's
32:41a million plus
32:43they just have to be like able to
32:45support me and support themselves okay
32:48whatever they need to do gotcha what
32:50about potential about earning potential
32:51because I know a lot of girls including
32:53me I I feel like it's not as much about
32:57as what you're earning now but like your
32:59earning potential in the foreseeable
33:01future what do you mean like he's
33:04working on his own company let's say
33:05he's working on his own company and he's
33:07like you know he's working on it and he
33:09wants to sell it in like a year or two
33:10do you give them that chance to
33:13to date him or are you just like it's
33:15not in your wallet right now yeah but do
33:17you want like
33:19for sure he's gonna ask you for help
33:21no no no if he's doing it all on his own
33:24yeah let's let's say he has some money
33:26saved let's say he's the best at some
33:28stocks that he's worked for in the in
33:30the past and let's say he's working on
33:32his own company okay um
33:35okay okay yeah so like how much in
33:39oh yeah oh you're asking that I don't
33:41know and like what what companies are he
33:43is he let's say let's say yes I think I
33:45would look at his portfolio
33:47I'll look at his portfolio and be like
33:50okay these are this is how diverse it is
33:51like this is like what he's invested in
33:53and then you can understand like what he
33:55thinks is gonna be successful and if I
33:58don't agree that these come like what
34:00he's invested in is worth
34:02like like you don't agree that it's
34:04gonna be as successful as what he's like
34:06investing in then that's gonna be like
34:09like how is his own company gonna do
34:11well you know what I mean yes I'm
34:13admiring you and also scared of you at
34:15the same time because I feel like that's
34:17something that like obviously you think
34:19that in your head but when you come out
34:20and say it like you would just be like
34:22let me see your portfolio let me see
34:23actually well yeah so like on my on my
34:25hinge profile I'm like oh like cars and
34:28ETFs like as far as an ETFs yeah like
34:31your interests yeah so like okay if they
34:34can talk to me about stocks and talk to
34:36me about like what they've invested in
34:38and like why they think it'll be
34:40successful or like whatever and it like
34:42makes sense then that's a good sign I
34:44think it's a green flag what if they're
34:46just like s p and chill I have like a
34:48million in s p and I'm just gonna get my
34:50like well that's a fair in person a year
34:52return well that's a very safe guy sure
34:54sure yeah is that is that okay with you
34:56I don't think it's bad you want a risk
34:59I think I want like a somewhat of a risk
35:01taking he wants him to have gone all in
35:03Nvidia when they were down if they're
35:05willing to make risks on stocks don't
35:08you think they'd be able to take a risk
35:10in dating you
35:12as like an oaf girl as a porn girl I
35:15feel like it's I feel like it's a
35:16double-edged sword I feel like if
35:18they're if they're like really huge Risk
35:22um they're probably like chasing like
35:23some type of like like they're addicted
35:26to like the dopamine or whatever like
35:27the the chicken no I'm just saying like
35:30no but I'm saying like if you're too if
35:32you're not risk averse enough or if
35:33you're like addicted to risk then you
35:35live like you're constantly wanting
35:37change in your life right so you're less
35:38able to settle down I can see that yeah
35:41I think like I just need like a little
35:43bit of risk like if you're literally
35:44like SMP and chill like I can't okay
35:47that's reasonable what if he just
35:48already has money like just cash
35:58well is he like a good guy like is he
36:01like oh no but it just sounds like
36:03you're very into like people who are
36:04like invested in the stock market well I
36:06think I like an intelligent guy okay I
36:09think like I think the sexiest thing in
36:11a guy is like when you can see their Cog
36:14wheels turning oh you can see like how
36:16they're thinking and how their brain
36:17works I agree with you I feel like we
36:19have like very similar that's like so
36:20sexy like if you can see what they're
36:22thinking and then how they're like
36:24putting it out I'm like that's really
36:27hot so like so this doctor so like this
36:29doctor he has to be like coming up with
36:30like new ideas in the Dr Fields or new
36:33businesses stuff like that I think like
36:36if you are successful you're probably
36:39like very intelligent and you're
36:42probably always like thinking outside
36:43the box and you're probably like
36:45autistic yeah yeah and do those and do
36:48those types of guys are they pretty cool
36:50with dating like the only fans type
36:52girls in your opinion or like what's
36:54your experience with that
36:56I think so okay yeah yeah
36:59what about you what do you guys think
37:02I think it depends it's like you're kind
37:04of talking about like high value guys
37:06yeah yeah right yeah I think they're I
37:09think there's like boundaries I think
37:11that they're okay with some things but
37:13then like if they're if you if you were
37:16to ask them if there would be if they
37:17would be okay with dating like a full-on
37:19porn star and living that lifestyle no
37:20maybe like an of girl and then like he
37:22would probably set a boundary as to like
37:24okay how much you're gonna earn until
37:26you quit like let's make this plan
37:28together right it's not just gonna be
37:29like you do your thing I'll do my thing
37:31and then just like let's compromise yeah
37:32you think you have to like compromise
37:34with these type of yeah guys probably I
37:36agree okay yeah okay
37:38yeah because I've just like when I think
37:41of guys that are like really really like
37:43high value or they have a lot of money
37:45they don't necessarily care about how
37:47much the girl is making if that makes
37:49sense do you know what I mean so they
37:51kind of like want like a girl who's more
37:53like taking the back seat
37:55I don't think necessarily they want
37:57girls that take a backseat because I
37:58think guys who are from more
38:00conventional job backgrounds actually
38:02take interest in how we're able to like
38:04run our own businesses okay yeah yeah I
38:06agree yeah yeah I think that they find
38:09like at least the guys I've talked to
38:11they think it's interesting how like we
38:13come from like a creative and business
38:14right background and they see it more as
38:17than just like oh she saw on feet pics
38:18or she's selling her butthole you know
38:19okay that's more than that I guess I
38:21guess that makes sense like once they
38:22get to like know you guys a little bit
38:23more and they realize like the business
38:25aspect of it yeah because I guess from
38:27my perspective I've only seen it from
38:29like the surface level more so you know
38:32what I mean I also think like a lot of
38:34high high value men yeah like they are
38:38more likely to come from those like like
38:40they're more likely to invest in like
38:43sex work I think oh like they're more
38:46likely to support like only fans yeah so
38:48like I think they're more like familiar
38:49with it than like a normal guy
38:51interesting like not a high value man
38:53but like just like a normal average guy
38:54because a lot of this stuff runs counter
38:56to like what they say online you know
38:58what I mean like they're always crazy
38:59like the people who are like the alpha
39:00males are like I'm a high value guy like
39:02they're always like anti no high value
39:04man will say
39:06yeah like no one's ever like no high
39:09value man ever said they're too busy you
39:11know these podcasts though you know what
39:12I mean like all these like different
39:13like whatever pod or like like you can
39:15put it on the whatever pod right fresh
39:17and fit and they're always like saying
39:18like the anti to this the counter to all
39:21this I so I was actually on like I went
39:24with um Kitty to the whatever podcast
39:27and we got kicked out so
39:30yeah gotcha gotcha so you never got on
39:33no thank God though from what I hear oh
39:35yeah and it would have been a waste of
39:36your time because you wouldn't have
39:37tagged any of us in anything yeah
39:39because we made the realization in the
39:41last episode we were like it's actually
39:42like these Alpha guys that are like the
39:44biggest sibs essentially they will get
39:48so okay so you think that these guys get
39:49no girls like Andrew Tate he gets no
39:52or like Myron from fresh and fit they
39:54get no girls okay I think like the
39:56whatever podcast guy will get no girls
39:59but but
40:01no girls like I can see why like Andrew
40:04Tate is like so successful right and
40:08like I can see like women being able to
40:11date him yeah I'm so smart he's also
40:13like a marketing genius too yeah he's
40:16yeah you like Andrew Tate right did you
40:19I saw a clip that you said you love
40:20Andrew yeah
40:22no I just would you marry him no I
40:24wouldn't marry him I just think he's
40:25very charismatic and I think he's right
40:26I think so too yeah you'd be like one of
40:28his because he has he likes to say that
40:30he's like owns like multiple wives and I
40:32would love to be his friend oh yeah I
40:34think I'd friendzone him and just his
40:36girlfriend's on Andrew tanks
40:39I think you're really smart really yeah
40:42oh thanks yeah so you think so you think
40:44uh so what about you do you would you
40:46date him
40:50no no but why did it take you so long to
40:53think about it um I had to like imagine
40:54it yeah and I was like bald head
41:03I think I'm very territorial yeah so if
41:08he's like having other women I just
41:11can't be okay with that oh yeah so
41:13that's what you guys would be like not
41:14okay with is the fact that he's like
41:16with other women and stuff yeah right or
41:19that he like proclaims that he is or
41:22whatever yeah but what about the whole
41:23like all the different stuff about like
41:25hey women are like men's property and
41:27[ __ ] like that like the misogynistic
41:29stuff like what's your take on that I
41:32think that's for sure you don't think
41:34yeah it's like very click-baity stuff
41:36that's the same thing what about if he
41:38was like you're my property and he's
41:40like [ __ ] you at the same time well
41:42oh yeah like that right that's so hot
41:45bedroom talk and like staying on a
41:48podcast like women or property and they
41:49should but like that's also for show if
41:51it's just between you guys like yeah no
41:53then that's totally okay yeah I
41:54encourage it I usually with like 10
41:56other people oh no no no it can only be
41:59to me only yeah but then he's also like
42:01a digital pimp too because he's also
42:03like he's managing like the only fans
42:05accounts yeah he's a businessman
42:07are you thinking of someone are you
42:10thinking no no this is him oh this is
42:12Andrew Tate yeah yeah he manages cam
42:14girls or something yeah like that's his
42:15whole business is he oh my God he's
42:18trying to be like Hugh Hefner
42:24no this is very interesting because it
42:26seems like you guys are very like Pro
42:28Andrew Tate but we had like this other
42:29girl who like hated him well so I think
42:32you have to see through the facade and
42:34Wade through a lot of like the the stuff
42:36that he says online and just know that
42:38like he's doing the same thing that like
42:41an oaf girl says when she comes on a
42:43podcast and she's like my [ __ ] is for
42:46sale for everyone you know like she
42:47might not actually feel that way that's
42:48like the extreme of things but people
42:50don't click and like feed into like
42:52being like Oh like I'm just like an
42:54average person that's not yeah what
42:56cells gotcha so you just think it's all
42:59like a show and it's just for him to get
43:01clicks and like I think the more extreme
43:03points is for show and I do think that
43:05he does encourage people some guys to be
43:07better too right right yeah have you
43:10like been on a site
43:11uh Hustlers University like his
43:14subscription yeah yeah like isn't it
43:16like five thousand dollars for a
43:18membership or something like that no I
43:19think it's like 50 years so he does he
43:21has a really like good pay law system
43:23and like a good way to like funnel
43:25people in to where he like basically is
43:27like if you don't join that like if you
43:29don't pay the 50 subscription every
43:33um then I'm kicking you out of this club
43:34you'll never be able to get back and he
43:36makes he basically makes people happy
43:37stuff like fomo for like getting kicked
43:40out so they're scared to ever drop his
43:41course right so once he gets them in he
43:44just has them rebuilt 50 50. I think
43:46that's genius yeah that's like a cult
43:47yeah yeah yeah yeah I think it's just at
43:50first like self-improvement or like
43:51getting more girls I mean it's it's like
43:54an of model too like so big okay so I
43:57see so since you guys are also sort of
43:59in that model you kind of appreciate
44:01what he's doing as a Creator but for men
44:03yeah right I think it's like you find
44:07that audacity like like not a lot of
44:10people have that audacity
44:11yeah so when you see someone who does
44:13it's like damn yeah
44:15I'm not taking it personally that he's
44:17saying these things maybe I should be I
44:20don't know but I don't yeah yeah yeah I
44:23think the the counter argument this is
44:25just from like what other the other girl
44:26was saying right was just that he just
44:28promotes these men to become more and
44:31more like hateful and whatever you know
44:34but it sounds like those are the types
44:36of men that are subscribing so so maybe
44:40that's why you guys like it right
44:42because it's like the red pill guys are
44:44the ones who are actually subscribing
44:45the most yeah and they're not actually
44:47that bad like a lot of the subscribers
44:49especially the ones that talk to you are
44:51like really nice and like it kind of
44:52humanizes like it humanizes people that
44:55are that might be lonely or people that
44:58are subscribers because I feel like
44:59people online are like oh like oaf
45:01subscribers or simps and they're like no
45:03backbone and stuff like some of them are
45:05like pretty normal guys yeah and they
45:06just want to support you and they do
45:08build a connection with you and it's
45:09pretty cool I think right okay do you so
45:13do you currently have like a connection
45:15with any of your like people right now
45:18yeah so I'm actually kind of like in a
45:20pickle right now because there's this
45:22guy like one of my customers he's he's
45:24like a student he's like studying piano
45:27but he's like [ __ ] broke I don't know
45:29but like he sent me like his like piano
45:32recordings of him like playing and like
45:35I just like leave that [ __ ] on a tab and
45:37like work oh my God that's so I know
45:40like like because I used to play piano
45:42so like I understand like the art and
45:44like how much work and like how much
45:46she's practicing and he's like majoring
45:48in it and everything and studying it and
45:49so it's like I was like it's okay if you
45:52don't have money like can you just
45:53please send me like all your videos
45:55because because yeah because like I I
45:57just like love it and it's classical
45:59music like you can sleep to it you can
46:02study to it like it's just it's just
46:03like my brother
46:06your brother's relate what's his name
46:07Jeffrey oh no it's like oh
46:10no no I was just joking but is he
46:12because he's a piano Guy too yeah and
46:14then he's like a student and it's like
46:16he has no money and he's not like sexing
46:17me or like paying for my videos but it's
46:20like it's really cool like yeah these
46:22people are like real people they're
46:24students like you get it like I was a
46:25student at one point you know yeah
46:27that's actually super nice yeah it's
46:30like holy [ __ ] yeah and then you're also
46:32so when was the last time you like went
46:34on a date with a guy that you met
46:38um so like Japan so okay a few weeks ago
46:40yeah do you think any of these would uh
46:43like get into like a serious
46:44relationship or like is that not even
46:46what you're trying to go for
46:47so I think I come with a lot of like
46:50mental health issues and so I think
46:56I think it's like a lot to ask someone
46:58to take on your baggage right well it's
47:01so self-aware that's like yeah yeah so
47:03it's like
47:05I think I try to make it super apparent
47:07like these are my issues this is what
47:09I've been through and these are my
47:10non-negotiables and these are my
47:12negotiables and usually
47:14um people put in thought I feel like a
47:16lot of guys are like yeah I can handle
47:19changes her yeah and I think that's like
47:23not yeah like and I think like guys or
47:27people can
47:29like understand what you've been through
47:32but if they haven't been through
47:33something similar they don't really
47:35understand yeah and I think that's
47:36something that I've learned through like
47:38dating a lot of people is like it's just
47:41hard if they haven't been through what
47:43you've been through you want that
47:45connection you want them to actually
47:47understand like what you've been through
47:48and so if they don't get it they don't
47:50get it right okay no one basically it's
47:53hard for you to get that connection I
47:55think and then so essentially right now
47:57you would be what like kind of working
47:59on yourself a bit while you
48:01wait for the right person would you say
48:04I think like
48:06so like my mom for example she like
48:09waited 20 years for my dad to change and
48:12I'm not trying to be like that I think
48:13I've like learned from my parents like I
48:16don't want to wait 20 years for the guy
48:18that you love to like change eventually
48:21over time and so like I told my mom I
48:24was like I'm not I'm fine being happy
48:27like I can support myself like I have
48:30friends you know and so like I'm in no
48:32rush or no need to to date a guy and try
48:35to change the guy you know so so I mean
48:38it's didn't you also say earlier that
48:40you're like lesbian too
48:42or yeah so I think for sure that like
48:47women and men are very different and
48:49like I think that emotional connection
48:51for me is super important like I don't
48:54know if it's because of my traumas or if
48:56I'm just if I just have a lot of
48:57estrogen like I'm very emotional and I
49:00think that connection is like super
49:03important to me and the guys that do
49:05understand that emotional connection
49:06they're like gay oh I see so I'm like
49:10it's either I date a guy that's like gay
49:13or I just date a woman you know okay who
49:15gets it so you had a good emotional
49:17connection with another woman basically
49:18I think it's like more I think
49:22recently I'm like open to exploring oh
49:25yeah okay yeah gotcha what are your um
49:29non-negotiables and negotiables when it
49:31comes to dating
49:35I think they need to be like open-minded
49:37obviously because of like the job and
49:41then I think so this is kind of like a
49:43hot take but like I think family is like
49:45a huge thing for me like I like didn't
49:47really like grow up with like a huge
49:49like I'm not like a huge family girl
49:51okay and then if you date someone who's
49:53like such a family guy I think there's
49:55like that huge disconnect oh so you want
49:57someone with no family not like no
49:59family but like like in a similar
50:02situation as me where it's like it's not
50:04like you hate your family but like it's
50:06they're not like ingrained in your life
50:08oh you know so that's what's going on
50:10with you right now is like your family's
50:11not really ingrained in your life no
50:13gotcha like I just I very like do my own
50:16thing right right okay that makes sense
50:21um and then you said non-negotiables and
50:23negotiables negotiables like
50:25I think if they're like stupid like it's
50:30you cannot be dumb smart but stupid yeah
50:34yeah yeah yeah yeah like some guys
50:35especially the ones who are like high
50:37value men who work all the time and who
50:39make a lot of money they're like stupid
50:41when it comes to a relationship oh like
50:43socially yeah guys yeah socially you
50:45guys think differently you know yeah
50:46yeah and so I think that's like a
50:49yeah okay okay yeah so it's just they're
50:51just like a little autistic autism
50:54socially yeah
50:55autism yeah really love it yeah yeah
50:57dude awkwardness I'll kill my brother
51:00he's autistic maybe
51:03tell him to sub to her oh at first yeah
51:06but he's he the problem with him is like
51:09he's very um quiet like he's never gonna
51:12like talk to you you know what I'm
51:21he's actually autistic okay like pretty
51:24deep in the Spectrum uh I would say so
51:28that's so cute so he like for example
51:30it's very hard for him to make any
51:33and then he doesn't he hasn't had a
51:35girlfriend or anything and he doesn't
51:36really like connect with like girls and
51:38stuff I'm sure he can yeah I think he
51:40just hasn't found like a girl yeah but
51:43then the problem is like he doesn't have
51:44the drive to like do that though you
51:46know what I'm saying like you have to
51:47like there has to be some kind of
51:48external Factor sure to push him to do
51:51that but then if I ever ask to like hey
51:53why don't you go like meet girls or
51:54whatever he's just like oh I'm just
51:56gonna play my video games
51:58and that's it you know what I mean so I
52:01think no way out of I think a lot of
52:02like introverted people like I consider
52:04myself very introverted I don't know if
52:06introvertedness is like a symptom of
52:09I was gonna say introverts Love video
52:12games oh yeah yeah
52:15I think it is I think it is it has to be
52:18because like like my brother's like very
52:20very introverted yeah yeah I'm like
52:22super introvert as well yeah I think I'm
52:24like a little bit on the Spectrum yeah
52:26you're probably on the Spectrum a little
52:27bit a little bit everybody there's a lot
52:29of people who are yeah you know
52:31everyone's like on it a little bit so
52:33yeah it's just the degree of how I think
52:36the more like
52:37autistic you are the more like genuine
52:39you are
52:40um yes yes my brother's like super uh
52:43genuine yeah like he will never like lie
52:45for example yeah I think like I would
52:47literally rather date someone who's like
52:49super [ __ ] autistic than someone
52:51who's like super normal like you know
52:54like the [ __ ] boy or what do you mean
52:56just like someone who's very like good
52:58at talking and good with people yeah
53:00yeah you know especially a red flag is
53:02if you're too good with people and
53:03you're too charismatic yeah like that
53:05yeah I think that's a red flag that's
53:07what I said about girls too when they're
53:09too charismatic we're all the same I
53:10don't travel the same Kevin yeah I don't
53:13trust it I don't trust it
53:16cool okay let me see
53:19so do you typically do you typically go
53:21for like Asian guys or Like A different
53:25so I think I do like like nerdier guys
53:28like smarter guys and so like white guys
53:32will either be like super Autistic or
53:34super [ __ ] boy I feel like there's no
53:36like in between oh okay and so like no
53:39like I don't like the football types
53:41like even if you have money like I don't
53:42care like so you like basically like a
53:46rich nerd like yeah Gates yeah or Mark
53:49Zuckerberg or someone like that yeah I
53:51would [ __ ] them oh like Elon Musk you
53:54can't trust Bill Gates because he left
53:56his wife for his mistress what do you
53:58mean this is Mark Zuckerberg no no no
54:00Bill Gates well maybe it's a woman not
54:03him I'm pretty sure well that's what
54:04they say in the news it was him I don't
54:06know their personal relationship though
54:08but Mark Zuckerberg is faithful to his
54:10Chinese wife yeah his asian life wow so
54:13that would be your ideal Man Mark
54:15Zuckerberg kind of I think I do prefer
54:18like Asian men oh okay yeah but I would
54:21be like I'm not closed off like I think
54:23I am physically attracted to like and
54:26white men as well okay yeah okay so it'd
54:30be like the founder of Alibaba jackbox
54:33Jack Mr Ma I don't know who that is he
54:36looks like somebody's kind of old
54:40piest man in the world I love Chinese
54:41men oh he's he looks I mean he looks
54:45like an alien what about Taiwanese do
54:46you like Taiwanese or I've never done
54:50Taiwanese guys this is a stereotype I
54:53don't know if it's true or not but I
54:54heard Taiwanese guys are a little cheap
55:00wait Chinese Chinese I think so
55:02Taiwanese men are more cheap than
55:03Chinese men okay because like Taiwanese
55:05guys are more like into like business
55:06and stuff they're more like saving money
55:08and all that [ __ ] but then the Chinese
55:09guys are more like
55:11I think Chinese deliveries to love you
55:13first like you have to get them you have
55:14to cross that first like curve of
55:17getting them to like emotionally invest
55:19in you and then they'll give you a lot
55:20but it can just like yeah like you know
55:23I think Chinese men will be cheap about
55:25certain things oh yeah like like sure
55:27like they will spend like hundreds
55:29hundreds of thousands of dollars on a
55:31car like a nice car but like they won't
55:33spend like over 30 on like certain
55:36things on like a dinner yeah really I
55:39feel like that they're like no I can
55:41invest in in stocks and cars
55:43oh dude totally yeah I've met so many
55:46people like that yeah but okay so would
55:48you what who is the cheapest race that
55:50you guys like in the world that you've
55:53dated white white okay interesting yeah
55:56actually yeah because I saw a tick tock
55:58about that wait white men are cheap well
56:00I thought white that's the cheapest
56:01that's the cheapest that I've dated like
56:04because of your your experience yeah
56:06they always want you to split the bills
56:09it's like okay Brian okay let's just I
56:12know we love time whatever podcast but
56:15Brian from whatever podcast we talked
56:16about him with and he has a strict rule
56:19where it's only drinks on the first date
56:20and they split the bill and I was like
56:23that is not the whitest [ __ ] I've ever
56:24[ __ ] heard in my life
56:26oh and he goes there earlier he goes to
56:29the date earlier so he makes sure he
56:31gets his own drink and he makes the own
56:33girl pay for her own drink after she
56:35arrives oh so he's like very strict
56:37about he has like this own regimen yeah
56:42I can't
56:43talk about like did you see where it was
56:45like there's like the different dates
56:47like the different races of people and
56:48oh no their dating strategy like the
56:50white guys always split the bill Asian
56:52guy they always pay and then like the
56:55black guys like you pay it all or
56:57something oh
56:58or some [ __ ] or is it Mexican or
57:00something else it was like another race
57:01that's so funny
57:03I feel like out of all the races the
57:06white guy is going to be the most most
57:08likely to have you split the bill above
57:10the race oh my God I had a Korean guy
57:12ask me hey do you want to split the bill
57:13and I'm like what what I'm like are you
57:16a guy why because they're toxic what do
57:17you think tell me about Korean guys I
57:19don't know they just look like my dad
57:23don't date my dad okay is your dad hot
57:26though can I date your dad my dad no not
57:29yours your dad's white I don't want to
57:30do your dad
57:35oh my God have you ever dated a Korean
57:37guy yeah what's your like take on it how
57:40do they treat you
57:42okay so the one I dated was like like a
57:44video game guy so I feel like that's not
57:46like a good that's not like an average
57:48guy he was really good like he's a Pro
57:51Gamer yeah oh
57:53um I've never dated like a normal
57:54average like Korean guy I think I would
57:56never so he was he was good because he
57:59was rich or like why was he like like
58:01good in your opinion uh like what do you
58:03mean like at the game because you said
58:05he's like not the average guy like why
58:06is he not the average guy uh because he
58:09was like an introvert and he's like a
58:10gamer oh
58:15I don't think I've dated like a normal
58:17Korean guy they're pretty good like I
58:19feel like they're kind of more
58:20controlling over
58:22their girls and they're more
58:24chauvinistic but they're also really
58:26good at showing acts of service and
58:29giving gifts and stuff like that so it's
58:30a trade-off the trade-off what about
58:33Chinese like what's the opinion on
58:35Chinese man that's a mixed bag it is
58:38there's so many Chinese people so like
58:40Northern Chinese guys
58:42um I'm from the north so like the type
58:44my dad type guys are more like
58:46chauvinistic oh yeah Northern is like
58:48more alpha males yeah right and the
58:51southern guys are more a little more
58:52feminine they're shorter right yeah
58:54they're shorter shorter and Tanner yeah
58:56and Tanner and but they're like they're
58:58they're a little bit nicer they're
58:59cheaper right
59:01a little bit until they love you and
59:03then they'll give you everything the
59:05South right the South like the Shanghai
59:06and then the dialect is a little like
59:08Tangier the dialect the shanghainese
59:10dialect is like very very different than
59:12yeah yeah anything yeah but the dialect
59:14is different for sure everywhere I feel
59:15like you guys have a good breakdown of
59:17every race yeah we've made XL
59:19spreadsheets we've like done all
59:20in our head and everything yeah
59:25that's the one thing I haven't tried
59:27have you tried a Japanese
59:28well I was just in Japan and they're
59:32very polite
59:34sorry they're very small like Japanese
59:36oh no oh
59:41I didn't know what you mean by small
59:43well like in general like exactly like
59:45like if you go to the subway seats are
59:47smaller like everything's very like like
59:50Japanese people are very small you're
59:52pretty small too so it's like perfect
59:54for you right but you want someone
59:58I think I need to feel like protected
01:00:00like is height a factor like they have
01:00:02to be above six foot or something
01:00:10but it's not like a huge it's a cherry
01:00:12on the top how tall are you
01:00:14five five okay okay so that's not too
01:00:17tall you still have enough people to
01:00:19like be taller than you so in Japan so
01:00:22what was the the deal so they were too
01:00:23small did you date someone there or was
01:00:26um I mean when you look around like I I
01:00:28definitely think Japanese men are more
01:00:30attractive than Japanese women really
01:00:32yeah interesting like the normal
01:00:33Japanese woman not like a porn jav star
01:00:36whatever gotcha but like I do think
01:00:39Japanese men are way more attractive
01:00:40than Japanese women they're more put
01:00:42together right they're like because like
01:00:44when I went to Japan I felt like they
01:00:45were like very stylish over there kinda
01:00:48no maybe maybe it's like they all the
01:00:51men just wear like a white shirt and
01:00:53slacks oh interesting yeah what about
01:00:55you like Korea too because I feel like
01:00:57in South Korea the dudes are like
01:00:58dressed really well yeah they are yeah
01:01:02how do we feel about South Asian men oh
01:01:04how do we feel about these Asians
01:01:05Filipinos yeah Vietnamese
01:01:08they do they drive nice cars yeah and
01:01:11they're like pretty they're also pretty
01:01:14um they're really good to their women I
01:01:16feel like because I dated a lot of
01:01:17Vietnamese like Kevin Nguyen [ __ ] boys
01:01:19they're really good and they'll spoil
01:01:21you but they also cheat a lot oh so they
01:01:23have big dicks though
01:01:26my sample size if I was to like if I was
01:01:29to generalize for if I'm allowed in
01:01:31general it's funny that you just like
01:01:33threw that up it was just like yeah
01:01:34Vietnamese guys they got big dicks big
01:01:36dicks it's the biggest dick I've been
01:01:37with was with the Vietnamese guy I think
01:01:40Vietnamese guys are like super horny
01:01:42okay oh yeah yeah I also think they do a
01:01:45lot of drugs okay well Vietnamese guys I
01:01:48feel like are like more like Party
01:01:49People yeah yeah yeah they're like the
01:01:52majority at like Raves but they have
01:01:54their [ __ ] together too because they're
01:01:55like pts or like they have like
01:01:57professional jobs and then on the
01:01:58weekend they're like all right let's go
01:01:59to Vegas let's get some bottles of Henny
01:02:01and like do some lines of coke and then
01:02:03like they're a little cooler too I think
01:02:04in general like the average Vietnamese
01:02:06Guy versus like the average Chinese guy
01:02:08yeah right but they're red flags
01:02:11Vietnamese guys retired but that's the
01:02:13thing that's the downside is like like
01:02:15all my Vietnamese friends David if
01:02:16you're watching
01:02:18huge red flags and dating must be a
01:02:21really fun guy though
01:02:23what is like the ideal guy then in terms
01:02:26of like race like if someone who like I
01:02:29don't think there's ideal race because I
01:02:31feel like there's so many people what
01:02:34about I keep seeing this until
01:02:36like those Middle Eastern
01:02:37Eastern oh
01:02:41they give you the world with gifts and
01:02:44stuff but they cheat oh yeah the Arab
01:02:46guys like they they're the ones that
01:02:48want like multiple lives oh okay they're
01:02:49like Andrew Tate yeah like no Andrew
01:02:51Taylor Muslim yeah
01:02:55um Islam Islam but then the one downside
01:02:59is just he just is doing that with every
01:03:00girl yeah I don't we're tons of girls
01:03:02yeah I couldn't be with someone who has
01:03:03multiple wives no but in Dubai I think
01:03:05nowadays it's like more that they just
01:03:07have like one wife now and they just
01:03:09throw that one wife yeah maybe he cheats
01:03:11what if he has enough money to spoil his
01:03:13Mistresses too then it's okay this
01:03:15here's like 20K just spend it and Blind
01:03:18Eye [ __ ] no I didn't see no you don't
01:03:21want to do that nope
01:03:22I think you want more of like a
01:03:24partnership it sounds like it's like an
01:03:26equal footing yeah is that what you want
01:03:28too l
01:03:30like where it's like
01:03:33I think I'm like a little more red pill
01:03:35yeah like I'm totally fine if the guy
01:03:39was like like I'm willing to negotiate
01:03:40terms like if they're like oh like
01:03:43you're my property and like I want to
01:03:44make all the money and you're just like
01:03:46loyal to me like I think to a certain
01:03:47point like I can [ __ ] with that
01:03:50um okay but he's like he's like the king
01:03:52and you're like one of his one of his
01:03:55girls or do you have to be the only girl
01:03:57I think like it's just like not an
01:03:59extreme for me I think there just are
01:04:01negotiables but I also think like being
01:04:04Alpha it's like a um it's a privilege
01:04:07like you need to earn that right like I
01:04:09feel like some guys out here they're
01:04:11like I'm Alpha like I'm the king and I'm
01:04:15I make all the decisions
01:04:20to have like something to show for it
01:04:24right like if that's what you are then
01:04:27like you need proof and like the the
01:04:30resume to fit that yeah and if that's
01:04:32how it is like you have the support for
01:04:34it then yes so that kind of makes sense
01:04:37why you like Andrew Tate because he has
01:04:38like a bit of a resume yeah of like yes
01:04:41yeah like it's just crazy like say that
01:04:43women are your property because you
01:04:44earned the right answer because people
01:04:46like Brian from the whatever podcast
01:04:49bro he's like [ __ ] on all these
01:04:52women and it's like but you're not even
01:04:53like successful yeah
01:04:55that's just sitting in front of you it's
01:04:57like you know telling like you're
01:04:59supposed to tell me that like you're a
01:05:00high value man like talking down to me
01:05:02it's just like yeah oh yeah it's comical
01:05:04I feel like but isn't he like pretty
01:05:05successful or no he has four million
01:05:07subscribers well his whatever channel is
01:05:10but he makes his money based off of he
01:05:13makes his money based off of like the
01:05:14donations that come in so he's no better
01:05:16than an oaf girl selling a subscription
01:05:18he's chilling to the same demographic
01:05:20he's chilling the same difference yeah
01:05:22and they're donating to like do shout
01:05:24outs on his channel and you know what he
01:05:26can't even get sponsorships because I
01:05:28don't think he can get good sponsorships
01:05:29because his channel is so controversial
01:05:31that no mainstream like drink company is
01:05:34going to like sponsor him yeah he
01:05:35actually have a friend who owns a
01:05:37alcohol company and he told me he was
01:05:38like oh that podcast you're on they
01:05:40reached out to me
01:05:41um to get to see if my drink company
01:05:43could sponsor him and I'm thinking no
01:05:46like what do you think and I was like
01:05:47don't do it it's like oh it's too
01:05:49controversial and he's like yeah that's
01:05:50what I was thinking oh yeah for sure and
01:05:51you know what you got to do he actually
01:05:52had to he actually created an ad spot
01:05:55for a pocket [ __ ] company uh and his
01:05:58community was so mad because it's like
01:06:00they're like what are you trying to tell
01:06:01us why are you trying to sell us this
01:06:02but that was the only sponsorship that
01:06:04yeah that sounds like off-brand yeah
01:06:05he's like [ __ ] on these OS girls but
01:06:07that just shows but then he's selling
01:06:08doctor for money like he he's trying to
01:06:10grab at sponsorships whatever he's
01:06:12basically only fans guy himself yeah
01:06:14yeah he's just like after the podcast
01:06:17use your name yeah
01:06:21he's like let me look you up real quick
01:06:22dude so these guys are just super
01:06:23hypocritical it's very funny everyone's
01:06:25whoring themselves out you know one way
01:06:27or another let's not pretend that we're
01:06:28better than one another here yeah you
01:06:30know what I'm saying yeah have you ever
01:06:32had an ex like that like kind of knew
01:06:35what you were doing and they were just
01:06:36like I can't stand this I can't handle
01:06:38this an ex or like yeah someone you
01:06:42no no sorry like before you broke up
01:06:45yeah before you broke up like they were
01:06:47you were dating but then they were like
01:06:49hey I can't handle this I gotta move on
01:06:52did you guys have any no no no no no
01:06:55usually the guy's idea are like very
01:06:57open and like oh they love that [ __ ]
01:06:59they're like oh sick I get to make only
01:07:00fans videos with you yes oh okay they're
01:07:02usually more down so okay so you guys
01:07:04self-select for people that are just
01:07:05like more open and they're just they
01:07:07just they're not gonna like come back
01:07:08and be like super jealous later yeah
01:07:10because it's a non-negotiable I think at
01:07:12least for me is that like yeah
01:07:13um I I will make compromises but I'm not
01:07:15gonna cut off this source of income that
01:07:17I have right now to date you I also
01:07:20think it's unfair like if you're just
01:07:22like an of girl that makes like a
01:07:24thousand dollars a month I think that's
01:07:26a negotiable because okay you're not
01:07:28like a made like Creator right yeah I
01:07:30think it's so unfair if like a guy that
01:07:33is potentially gonna date you and you're
01:07:35like making like six figures yeah like
01:07:37to be like you need to give that up
01:07:39because I'm not comfortable that's true
01:07:41no no I I don't think that I think it's
01:07:42more like they're just like hey you know
01:07:44what I'm not feeling comfortable I'm
01:07:45just gonna like get a death relationship
01:07:47yeah I've had that happen to me before
01:07:49you've had that happen yeah and how did
01:07:51that how did that go down so I dated him
01:07:54for like a month and things were things
01:07:56were so good like I was like At first I
01:07:58was like he's not that cute but he's
01:08:00like tall and he's like a model and I
01:08:02was like okay like whatever and he has
01:08:04um but then after a month I was like oh
01:08:06like I'm considering going into porn and
01:08:08then he was like oh I'm totally fine
01:08:10with that and then once I did he was
01:08:12like I'm actually super not okay with it
01:08:15I don't want my friends fapping to you
01:08:17oh yeah
01:08:18see I think that's one thing that guys
01:08:20do get a little unreasonable I mean I
01:08:22can see
01:08:23yeah yeah which is like that's his
01:08:26choice too you know yeah but isn't it
01:08:28kind of like I understand it because
01:08:30it's like okay let's say you're like
01:08:31dating a girl right and then one of your
01:08:34guy friends from like high school or
01:08:36something is like dude like I swear I
01:08:39saw your girlfriend on PornHub oh yeah
01:08:41that's I would that would be really
01:08:43embarrassing for me yeah right but like
01:08:48I guess I'm more traditional in a sense
01:08:50right I think there's our guys that
01:08:52don't care yeah like adam22 or those
01:08:55people you know but like for me I just
01:08:58feel like I wouldn't probably go for
01:09:00that personally
01:09:01okay but what if um she just what like
01:09:04that's just her job like it doesn't
01:09:06determine her personality it doesn't
01:09:08determine like her lifestyle yeah like
01:09:10she's just a girl that uploads to
01:09:11Pornhub I think for me it's just a
01:09:13factor of like yeah I understand that's
01:09:16your personality you can't get over the
01:09:18fact that other people are fapping to
01:09:19your world no it's not that it's just
01:09:20that I I feel like I have like I just
01:09:22can date other people
01:09:24yeah I mean like there's like millions
01:09:26of other people yeah like why do I need
01:09:27to like tie myself down unless like
01:09:29there is some Factor you know what I
01:09:31mean to tie myself to that person but
01:09:33what if besides that yeah she like if
01:09:36you have like a list of requirements in
01:09:39a woman she fits everything every single
01:09:41thing uh like that's rare well see my
01:09:44requirements aren't that hard to do but
01:09:46what if like after you meet her you're
01:09:49like holy [ __ ] like she's like the whole
01:09:52oh see I don't know I've never really
01:09:55dealt with that I think that's me so I I
01:09:58don't think I've like I don't think I've
01:10:00had to face that decision really yeah
01:10:03because because usually what what
01:10:04happens with people is like they might
01:10:06be the whole package at first or
01:10:08whatever but then there's always like
01:10:09something that happens like down the
01:10:12line you know what I mean yeah like it's
01:10:14never like no one's ever perfect
01:10:16I feel like that's like a big thing to
01:10:18to have to compromise on is like if he
01:10:21doesn't agree with your job and even
01:10:22though you might beat the whole package
01:10:24that difference right there is going to
01:10:25drive a wedge between you whether it be
01:10:27now or in the future just like kind of
01:10:29family because my brother was actually
01:10:30in a relationship with a girl where she
01:10:33wasn't really close with her family and
01:10:34he's really close with us and like they
01:10:37really tried to make it work and I think
01:10:38that was like what separated them in the
01:10:40end so I think those are like big
01:10:41differences that you yeah from the
01:10:44beginning it is yeah it's like it's like
01:10:46me saying like what do you use the whole
01:10:47package but he was working at like
01:10:49McDonald's yeah or something
01:10:51oh is he a manager at McDonald's
01:10:55it's like one of those type of I mean
01:10:57McDonald's is a good company it's it's
01:10:59in the top 500. though
01:11:04not corporate McDonald's but he's a
01:11:06great guy he's a great guy
01:11:08you know so
01:11:13but it just depends on you know what you
01:11:14what you value right so yeah
01:11:17yeah but but I mean you're right like
01:11:19there's no perfect girl yeah there's no
01:11:21perfect there's no perfect guy there's
01:11:22always give and take for sure yeah
01:11:25yeah it sucks why can't we just have
01:11:26everything yeah I think I think this
01:11:29depends on timing too you know timing is
01:11:32like really important with dating
01:11:34relationships are hard yeah
01:11:37so do you think the reason why it's hard
01:11:39for you right now is well you said the
01:11:41emotional baggage that's the number one
01:11:42thing right and then but finding the
01:11:45people that are like cool with like like
01:11:47only fans and stuff isn't that's not a
01:11:49big deal at all like that's it's like
01:11:51there's a lot like as people are more
01:11:52open-minded now would you guys say with
01:11:55like dating like only fans
01:11:56easier I think it's easier doing only
01:12:00fans rather than if you just did full-on
01:12:01porn I think there's some like
01:12:03compromising like you can compromise a
01:12:06little bit more with of than if you just
01:12:07did porn because it's your own content
01:12:08anyways you're not like out there
01:12:09shooting with like a bunch of like
01:12:10random guys yeah right okay okay
01:12:14yeah well you know how people about like
01:12:17of and like dating their woman like
01:12:19there's that like hot take that the men
01:12:21should take all the money if they're if
01:12:23they're shooting husband that I think
01:12:25yeah I think that is one of Andrew
01:12:26Tate's points you just said that to like
01:12:28stir the audience but I don't think he
01:12:29meant that okay yeah I think yeah that's
01:12:32a good point but so if he doesn't mean
01:12:33anything he says then like doesn't like
01:12:35doesn't isn't that like lowering the
01:12:37value of who he is like you can't just
01:12:39say like this guy doesn't mean anything
01:12:40he says right I think he means some
01:12:42things but not like all he exaggerates
01:12:44the truth just for okay a media Buzz huh
01:12:47well I see my take on it is I think he's
01:12:50fully 100 he believes all of that full
01:12:53send just like this okay I I truly
01:12:56believe like he's like he just believes
01:12:58all that like you know Flat Earth
01:12:59anti-vax everything what
01:13:02team Flat Earth yeah what all those guys
01:13:04are no Andrew Tate is not
01:13:08dude all those guys
01:13:11are not damn it Kevin why would you say
01:13:14that why would you why would you that's
01:13:16blasphemy Flat Earth people have never
01:13:19been on a plane across the Earth yeah
01:13:21and Andrew was he has private jets he's
01:13:23seen how round that [ __ ] is
01:13:26refused to believe that just Google it
01:13:29what about anti-vaxx
01:13:31is he anti-vaxx yeah
01:13:34um it doesn't really it doesn't bother
01:13:35it doesn't bother me that's that's fine
01:13:37what do you guys think about anti-backs
01:13:39I'm like low-key anti-backs I'm not like
01:13:41anti-vaxx but I'm not like pullbacks
01:13:43either I'm just like you know like the
01:13:45vaccine really helped a lot no it really
01:13:46didn't but am I backed yeah I got the
01:13:48Poke so like what can you do but I mean
01:13:50I think the reason why all these guys
01:13:51are flat Earth is because they believe
01:13:53in like the Matrix like theory that
01:13:55everything is just uh
01:13:57yeah what do you think about that do you
01:13:59think it's a simulation Kevin uh
01:14:02somewhat because I I do believe like
01:14:04everything is
01:14:05like because the simulation can be like
01:14:08kind of defined as anything in a way
01:14:09right because yeah what are we in this
01:14:13could be a simulation like it's not like
01:14:15well it doesn't matter yeah it doesn't
01:14:17matter yeah that's the question doesn't
01:14:18matter if you're receiving everything
01:14:19anyway yeah it's like there's no point
01:14:21in fighting against it it's just right
01:14:22yeah the best simulation for you I think
01:14:25the people who are like out of the
01:14:26Matrix are the people homeless on the
01:14:32those people literally don't give a [ __ ]
01:14:34yeah and they're like [ __ ] the
01:14:36government we just reap the benefits and
01:14:38we're just chilling on the street well
01:14:40Andrew Tate's out of the Matrix
01:14:42that's why he's well that's why he's
01:14:44Flat Earth
01:14:46ah no he's still he's still in it
01:14:48because he's he tried to escape but he
01:14:50got put into it oh yeah
01:14:52he's in prisoners right now he got
01:14:55released oh yeah he got released
01:14:57recently yeah so conditionally though
01:14:59right like they're still gonna try him
01:15:00and stuff that he's like he's like yeah
01:15:02the Matrix agents try to get me but I'm
01:15:06that's funny he started a charity too
01:15:09yeah a charity yeah he started a charity
01:15:11he went on the a big YouTube thing like
01:15:13Pierce Morgan I think oh
01:15:15um and then he's like I'm not gonna talk
01:15:17to any media companies ever
01:15:19um but if you guys want to go to my
01:15:21charity you can donate to my charity
01:15:22that's awesome that's a good that's a
01:15:23big brain business maybe because you
01:15:25know non-profits is he pocketing the
01:15:27money well do you ever think that like
01:15:29well yeah non-profits they pay
01:15:31themselves they pay you can pay
01:15:33employees of non-profits like you as a
01:15:35CEO and then donate some to charity but
01:15:38basically use a lot of it as operational
01:15:40costs and then also avoid taxes that way
01:15:43so smart yeah right she we're so wet for
01:15:46Angie and his non-profit his charity
01:15:50well I feel like everyone's idea of what
01:15:52the Matrix is or what the simulation is
01:15:53is different so like maybe to Andrew he
01:15:56broke out of the financial Matrix but
01:15:59like yeah because he's like oh I'm
01:16:01financially free I'm out of the
01:16:03matrixes I've seen his trailer like
01:16:06that's what he says but like I'm sure
01:16:08like what about like the big Matrix like
01:16:10you know
01:16:12The Matrix of prison
01:16:14I'm still getting tried
01:16:16but yeah okay so cool we already went an
01:16:19hour 15. any other questions you want to
01:16:21ask L you guys already interviewed her
01:16:24so you guys kind of already know
01:16:25everything about her are you guys
01:16:27friends now by the way like all three of
01:16:29you yeah we've been friends oh okay so
01:16:30you guys hang out like are you in LA
01:16:32right no she's no I'm in I'm in Nevada
01:16:34oh you're in Vegas yeah oh okay gotcha
01:16:37wait so wait what do you mean you're in
01:16:39Nevada like oh like I'm in Reno right
01:16:42now oh but I used to live in Vegas oh
01:16:44okay but I love Nevada no income tax
01:16:46yeah oh yeah Nevada's the best it is
01:16:50yeah you guys should move here honestly
01:16:51I was thinking about it but but I feel
01:16:54like your life would be so much easier
01:16:55oh so much I feel like I'll be traveling
01:16:57to La all the time anyways to do
01:16:59contents and stuff so it's almost like I
01:17:01would be saving Vegas all the time yeah
01:17:03yeah I never go to L.A I just have
01:17:06people come here no but you have it so
01:17:07good here as an Asian man you know wait
01:17:10what do you mean yeah like every like
01:17:13you can just attention yeah your Tinder
01:17:16swipe away from a lifelong girlfriend
01:17:17yeah okay you have a boyfriend and stuff
01:17:19or you ever dating someone yeah so you
01:17:21can't really like move away from him
01:17:22unless you move with him yeah yeah well
01:17:25we'll see where it goes yeah we'll see
01:17:26move him here yeah I would say we're
01:17:29friends dude like I've had sex with her
01:17:31a couple times yeah oh okay that's why I
01:17:33can truly like appreciate like kind of
01:17:36like the like the porn act address and
01:17:38then just like the OS for the content
01:17:39like for the of you guys did yeah like
01:17:41when we when we clapped together she was
01:17:43like here let me show you this move that
01:17:45like you know I I learned on set and I
01:17:46was like oh [ __ ] and she like taught me
01:17:48and I was like oh animator and I made
01:17:50our scene better
01:17:51what are you talking about the guitar
01:17:53move it was the guitar move with the
01:17:55pants the strumming yeah so she was like
01:17:58behind me and then Lisa like I pulled
01:18:00her like a guitar and then I strum her
01:18:01and then my legs are open like this and
01:18:03like our scene sold really really well
01:18:06I'm still waiting for Jay to have sex
01:18:09with me though oh I haven't collabed
01:18:11with a girl yet yeah Jade's girl girl
01:18:13debut Is Yet To Come yeah
01:18:16because I'm like into girls and like are
01:18:19you like hetero like super hetero uh I'm
01:18:22not stopping you I I think I'm just
01:18:24scared of what I don't know I think I'm
01:18:26just nervous about it it's just like
01:18:28it's I never had that experience I never
01:18:30had that experience before so
01:18:32I'll be gentle
01:18:34oh [ __ ] Jade is like Jade's scared maybe
01:18:39maybe one day
01:18:41so attracted to her it's crazy
01:18:45have you seen her tits
01:18:47oh my God all right we're doing business
01:18:51all right cool have you ever met Sabrina
01:18:56oh you would love Sabrina she has like
01:18:58huge titties yeah she's like uh she's
01:19:01like a white girl she's a white yeah but
01:19:03she doesn't do um do you like white
01:19:04girls or no she does she doesn't do porn
01:19:06right she only does like of oh yeah like
01:19:09lewd stuff yeah she said she makes more
01:19:12like not doing it that makes sense you
01:19:15know what I mean because she says she
01:19:16makes a ton by like kind of like teasing
01:19:19yeah guy but I think she's never
01:19:21released anything more than that like
01:19:23once you cross that line I think it's
01:19:25very hard to go back you know so living
01:19:31she was talking about her giant content
01:19:33yeah when she was talking about it when
01:19:34like viral people were like very they
01:19:36knew about it they're like oh yeah yeah
01:19:37that's what she's doing I'm in yeah
01:19:39she's very good at like taking on like
01:19:41these Trends I think like Tick-Tock
01:19:43Trends yeah she's really good at a she's
01:19:44a really great content creator yeah very
01:19:46smart yeah cool entertained cool all
01:19:50right thank you guys uh how do we find
01:19:51you online uh dainty baby L on Instagram
01:19:55and only fan
01:19:58all right or just Google my name thank
01:20:00you and also if anyone subscribed to her
01:20:03uh we'll get you on a date I'm just
01:20:05kidding yes
01:20:08yeah only if you're autistic only if
01:20:11you're autistic
01:20:12oh you should do it like an autistic
01:20:14like got the audio Community download I
01:20:17should I feel like that would go viral
01:20:20super viral autistic Joy like autistic
01:20:24Joi like an autistic joy for stimming
01:20:27like a stimming Joi I don't know what is
01:20:29stimming it's like when you're like
01:20:30autistic and you do like these like
01:20:32sensory things so you can like ASMR kind
01:20:35of yes
01:20:39all right cool
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