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The Orville season 4 renewal on Hulu is unlikely due to uncertain future of Hulu and Seth MacFarlane's involvement in other projects, leading to disappointment for fans of the show.
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The Orville's renewal for Season 4 on Hulu is uncertain due to lower than expected viewership and the changing landscape of the streaming industry.
Executives at Hulu were hoping for higher viewership numbers for The Orville.
The show was successful and popular with fans, but didn't reach the audience size Hulu desired.
The cost of living crisis and people cutting back on streaming services are factors impacting the decision.
There is also an issue with Hulu itself, as Disney has an agreement to buy a portion of the company.
Hulu is uncertain about the future of "The Orville" due to the high price of the Disney deal and the need to cut costs.
Disney's acquisition of Hulu for about $20 billion has led to job cuts and the need to reduce expenses.
Hulu believes that the agreed-upon price for the deal is too high and wants it to be lower.
The uncertainty at Hulu is affecting the negotiations for the renewal of "The Orville."
Seth MacFarlane, the creator of "The Orville," may not return to the series if it gets renewed due to his involvement in other projects.
Negotiations for season 4 of The Orville have ended and there are no plans for renewal.
Seth MacFarlane was unlikely to return to the show due to other projects.
Negotiations were ongoing for Captain Grayson to take over as lead.
The show struggled to find its identity, with a mix of Star Trek and McFarlane's humor.
The Orville may not be renewed for a fourth season on Hulu due to potential actor strikes and the perception that Hulu may not have the appetite for the show.
Seth MacFarlane's humor and politics were misunderstood by those who criticized the show.
The third season of The Orville ended in a satisfying way, but there were still more adventures in the universe that fans would have liked to see.
The decision to potentially cancel the show may be influenced by the ongoing actor strike and the cancellation of other projects.
00:00the will they won't they Saga over
00:03renewing the Orville have we finally got
00:06an answer welcome to Sidetrack your
00:09Sci-Fi TV and movie channel
00:21several months now we've been talking
00:23about this Orville season 4 the will
00:27they won't they will Hulu bring us a
00:30season four now I told you about eight
00:32or nine months ago it looked like it was
00:35a no but then there was a ray of hope
00:37some of the actors started talking about
00:39how they had been conversations and I
00:42found out exclusively and first on
00:44Sidetrack that actually they were having
00:46a conversation but that they were trying
00:48to negotiate season four at a much lower
00:51cost than New Horizons New Horizons was
00:55expensive they really threw a lot of
00:59weight behind that show hoping to get
01:01big numbers sort of Star Trek numbers
01:04they didn't even though the series was a
01:07success reasonably and it was popular
01:10with the Orville fans it never quite got
01:12the numbers that Executives at Hulu were
01:14hoping for they were hoping for far
01:17greater far wider audience now they
01:21still got really good viewing hours
01:22because the Orville fans watched the
01:24show over and over again personally I've
01:27watched it three times
01:29so it wasn't a failure by any stretch of
01:32the imagination but the world we're
01:35living in today is very different to the
01:38world we had when New Horizons was
01:40commissioned we have a cost of living
01:43crisis and people cutting back on
01:45streaming services we have now the right
01:49to strike and a possible act to strike
01:52the reality today is very different
01:55there's also an issue with Hulu itself
01:57Disney actually do have an agreement in
02:00place to buy the portion of who they
02:03don't currently own it's for about 20
02:05billion dollars or something it's a deal
02:07that now Disney feel that one they can
02:10no longer afford the having to cut jobs
02:12the having to cut costs at every
02:14opportunity they can but also they feel
02:17that actually the price that was agreed
02:19is just too much the reality is that
02:22when that deal was agreed the world was
02:24a very different place as we say and
02:28actually now they feel that the price
02:30should be much lower so that is causing
02:34a significant amount of uncertainty at
02:37Hulu an uncertainty that adds to the
02:40Orville's problems
02:43there was a streaming War
02:45nobody won that war nobody
02:48and everybody now except maybe Apple are
02:51having to cut costs we discussed this
02:54several months ago as a main reason why
02:57in the negotiations for the Orville were
02:59going so slowly but it seemed that fussy
03:02door Productions Seth macfarland's
03:04company were willing to bring that show
03:05in at a much lower budget so
03:07negotiations continued it then was
03:11announced by us that actually Seth
03:13MacFarlane was probably not going to
03:14return to the Orville series if it got
03:17renewed he's currently doing the Ted
03:19show which actually on the peacock
03:21Network they really think they've got a
03:23hit on the hands they're really throwing
03:25everything behind it they really think
03:26it could be one of the big shows for
03:282023 2024
03:30Seth macfarland is also currently
03:31developing and writing the shrouded
03:34College which is potentially going to be
03:36a big television production again for
03:39the peacock network based around a
03:41series of graphic novels by Charles
03:43suleis and will silney now sule is
03:46actually well known within the comic
03:48book and graphic novel Arena he has done
03:51loads of big projects He has worked for
03:54the MCU Etc he's done Daredevil he's
03:56done Captain America he's done all sorts
03:58he's done pretty much everything and his
04:00seriously shrouded college has been
04:02looked at for quite some time as the
04:05next big comic book graphic novel series
04:08now Seth MacFarlane has got his hands on
04:11it for the peacock Network what is this
04:13show about well it's about basically a
04:15bunch of superheroes that are recruited
04:17to fight any Supernatural Cold War and
04:21that this shrouded college is a kind of
04:24failing organization that is desperately
04:26battling against the forces of evil now
04:29I have no clue what certain Farm is
04:31going to do with this whether it's going
04:33to be a comedy whether he's going to
04:34actually going to do a straight laced
04:35but what we can be confident about is
04:38that it is taking a lot of his time up
04:41and that with Ted and a couple of other
04:44projects he's got on the go meant he was
04:46probably not going to return to the
04:48Orville more than maybe a cameo role in
04:50the first couple of episodes the
04:52conversation that was being had was
04:54basically he would return and either be
04:56killed off or promoted and that actually
04:59Captain Grayson would take over leading
05:02the show and the ship
05:04now I actually think that was a really
05:07good idea and negotiations were going on
05:09for quite some time my sources are
05:12telling me that negotiations however
05:14ended about three weeks ago and that
05:19there's no more Orville there are no
05:21more plans they basically think that
05:23without Seth MacFarlane it really loses
05:26its weight and it just is a project that
05:29they can no longer afford
05:32now this is seriously disappointing I
05:35was really looking forward to season
05:37four of the Orville the Orville actually
05:38was one of my favorite shows when it
05:40first came out but can I understand why
05:44executives are maybe pulling the cord
05:47kind of yeah I kind of thought that the
05:49show never really quite found its feet
05:51it didn't really quite know what it was
05:54was it a Star Trek show or was it a
05:58second McFarlane show their second file
06:00and seemed to want to do a Star Trek
06:01show and in the first two seasons Under
06:04Pressure I imagine from Hulu and Disney
06:06he injected a lot of his humor into it
06:08now in the third season Horizons a lot
06:10of that humor disappeared and he really
06:13did try to do a grown-up proper sci-fi
06:18but that really meant that the show felt
06:21very different in the third season now a
06:24lot of people pointed woke at this show
06:26and all this sort of thing and well
06:28anybody that did that doesn't know Seth
06:30MacFarlane they really need to go back
06:31and watch a lot of his other material to
06:33know what sort of humor he has and what
06:35sort of politics he has and I don't want
06:37to get into that argument because it's a
06:39but for me the show actually was a
06:42decent success yes okay they spent too
06:45much money on it now I always felt that
06:47Seth macfarland probably knew this was
06:49the last hurray for the Orville that
06:52actually had other projects coming along
06:53that were going to take up his time and
06:56at the end of the day I think he felt
06:58that Hulu didn't have the appetite for
07:00the show the Orville season 3 really did
07:02end in quite a nice way and maybe we
07:06could argue that it's a decent place to
07:08end the show
07:10but I felt there was more adventures in
07:12that Universe I would have liked to have
07:14seen Captain Grayson I'd have liked to
07:16seen what the other crew could have done
07:18and I'd have liked to have seen where
07:20maybe new people would have taken the
07:22ideas to separate Fallen lay down
07:25it's a shame that we're not going to be
07:26getting a season four of the Orville but
07:29guys I'd love to know what you think
07:31please get into the comments and tell me
07:33is this heartbreaking news are you
07:36gutted we're not going to be getting a
07:37season four or by this point are you
07:39actually like well yeah we'd have heard
07:42something by now if it was I honestly
07:44think the final nail in the coffin of
07:46this was the right to strike and the
07:48potential actor strike that's coming
07:49lots of projects are getting canceled
07:51and this is just one more
07:55so get into the comments Doc and tell me
07:57exactly what you think about this news
07:59if you are new to the Channel please
08:01like subscribe hit that Bell
08:02notification really helps us out and you
08:03can follow all the links that are
08:04mentioned down here for lots of
08:07Sidetrack fun stuff as always please
08:09stay safe I'll see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is the renewal of The Orville season 4 on Hulu unlikely?

The renewal of The Orville season 4 on Hulu is unlikely due to the uncertain future of Hulu and Seth MacFarlane's involvement in other projects. This has led to disappointment for fans of the show.

2. What is the reason behind the uncertainty of Hulu's future?

Hulu's future is uncertain due to various factors such as changing ownership, content licensing issues, and increasing competition from other streaming platforms. These factors have contributed to the uncertainty around the renewal of The Orville season 4 on Hulu.

3. How has Seth MacFarlane's involvement in other projects affected The Orville season 4 renewal?

Seth MacFarlane's involvement in other projects has affected The Orville season 4 renewal as it has made it difficult to allocate time and resources to the production of the show. This has resulted in the unlikelihood of its renewal on Hulu.

4. What are the implications of The Orville season 4 not being renewed on Hulu?

The implications of The Orville season 4 not being renewed on Hulu include disappointment among fans, the potential loss of audience engagement, and the missed opportunity for further development of the show's storyline and characters.

5. Are there any alternative platforms where The Orville season 4 could potentially be renewed?

Given the uncertainty surrounding Hulu, there is potential for The Orville season 4 to be renewed on alternative platforms such as other streaming services or network television, depending on the availability of resources and the interest of content creators and producers.

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