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The video discusses Pope Francis' involvement in an Interfaith group and their creation of new Ten Commandments focused on climate change, which the YouTuber argues is a satanic and idolatrous agenda. The YouTuber criticizes the One World Religion being promoted and calls for a focus on Jesus and God's word instead.
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An Interfaith group of leaders, including Pope Francis, gathered on Mount Sinai for a repentance ceremony, which is not biblical and raises red flags.
A screenshot shows that Mount Sinai is to receive new Ten Commandments.
The Interfaith group is putting together the repentance ceremony.
The ceremony is not repenting of sin, but something different and unbiblical.
The speaker criticizes the Pope's new Ten Commandments and claims it is a satanic agenda.
The speaker argues that teaching a different gospel or things contrary to scripture is condemned.
The speaker points out that the smashing of the tablets by the Pope is reminiscent of the Israelites worshiping a golden calf.
The speaker states that the issuance of new Ten Commandments is blasphemous and not supported by scripture.
The speaker asserts that the Pope's actions are part of a one world religion that is being gradually formed.
The video discusses the Pope's new 10 commandments and the promotion of a one world religion.
The new commandments include concepts like "Do no harm" and "Change our inner climate."
The video criticizes these commandments as New Age and man-centered, unrelated to sin or holiness.
The headquarters for the one world religion is set to open in the Middle East, but Christians are not allowed to attend.
The section discusses the worship of idols, specifically the worship of the planet as an idol, and criticizes the Pope's new Ten Commandments and the concept of Interfaith.
The Israelites were condemned for worshiping a golden calf instead of the one true God.
The Pope's new Ten Commandments focus on worshiping the planet, Mother Earth.
The section highlights the demonic nature of worshiping created things rather than the Creator.
The mention of the Eco Bible and its emphasis on sustainability is criticized for deviating from the teachings of the Bible.
The speaker criticizes Interfaith councils and conferences, arguing that they divert attention from Jesus and the Gospel.
The speaker suggests that Interfaith councils focus on issues like global warming instead of calling people to Jesus.
Scripture does not affirm Interfaith, according to the speaker.
The speaker warns against the idea of universalism and emphasizes that not everyone is a child of God.
00:03the following video contains scenes of
00:05real talk from Jordan Riley that may
00:07offend you convict you and maybe even
00:09convert you if your discretion is
00:12well welcome to real talk with Jordan
00:14Riley where the real talk does not come
00:16from me it comes directly from God's
00:18word and on today's episode we're going
00:21to be talking about something that you
00:22probably would not believe unless I
00:24showed it to you I was shocked when I
00:26discovered this and I want to bring it
00:28to your attention because this is
00:30absolute craziness
00:32I want to show you this really quick
00:33there's a screenshot right here it says
00:35Mount Sinai to receive new Ten
00:39what new Ten Commandments are you
00:42serious were the old ones not good
00:45enough that God gave Moses in Exodus
00:48okay so an Interfaith group of leaders
00:50Interfaith a group of leaders put
00:52together by none other than Pope Francis
00:55gathered together last week on Mount
00:58Sinai to hold a repentance ceremony
01:01whatever that means and please let you
01:04stop and really have some Frank
01:06discussion okay understand that
01:08Interfaith should already bring red
01:10flags right there but a repentant
01:13ceremony if you look at everything and
01:15I've looked at all the documents and the
01:17write-ups of this they're not repenting
01:19of sin they're repenting of something
01:21way different and way unbiblical which
01:24we're going to get into in just a second
01:27and understand Pope Francis that should
01:29be another red flag if you doubt that I
01:32want you to go to look at this video
01:33right here it's one of my former videos
01:34about the Catholic faith and Catholicism
01:37you need to do your homework and watch
01:39that but let's talk about this so
01:42Interfaith it is not biblical it sounds
01:45nice like we're all getting along along
01:46and having a big old hug and you know
01:48praising Jesus no that's not what's
01:51happening at all many of you know this
01:53and I'm sure you've seen the bumper
01:55stickers it says coexist all the
01:58different symbols of all different kind
02:00of faiths and stuff like that that we're
02:02supposed to get along and we're also
02:03just we're worshiping the same Jesus I
02:06mean Rick Warren says that you know
02:07Muslims and Christians worship the same
02:09Jesus wrong that's not biblical at all
02:12and again please understand that Jesus
02:14never said that he didn't say hey you
02:16know what you should all work together
02:17you know even if you don't believe in me
02:20and you've rejected me and you hate me
02:21and you teach a different gospel we
02:23should all just team up together no
02:25Galatians 1 verses 6 through 9 is very
02:27very clear that if you teach a different
02:30gospel if you teach things contrary to
02:32scripture you are damned that is I mean
02:35scripture can't be much more clear than
02:39also if you study what these people did
02:42not only did they come together to have
02:43this repentance ceremony and have some
02:46new Ten Commandments but they also took
02:48two tablets and smashed them and broke
02:53um on Mount Sinai
02:54that should take you back to Exodus when
02:57Moses went up to the mountain got the
02:59Ten Commandments and came down the
03:01mountain to find that the Israelites
03:02were worshiping a golden calf it was an
03:04idol it was idolatry and he was so
03:07Furious and couldn't believe what he was
03:09saying he was overcome and he smashed
03:11the Ten Commandments it had to go get
03:13new ones from the Lord
03:15so again they're taking things they're
03:17starting to twist it already
03:19but again let's take a look at this Ten
03:22Commandments they issued okay and I
03:24don't know if you heard me I'm gonna say
03:25it one more time new Ten Commandments
03:28okay that is pure blasphemy nowhere in
03:32scripture did you do we see that God's
03:34Gonna Give us new Ten Commandments the
03:37ones he gave us in Exodus are just fine
03:39go to Exodus 20 and read them for
03:41yourself they're crystal clear and they
03:44have stood the test of time because
03:45God's word stands forever because so
03:49again they're taking what happened in
03:51Exodus 31 18 with Moses Mount Sinai and
03:54they're mocking it
03:55please I'm not gonna mix words you guys
03:57this is satanic and demonic
04:01this isn't loving these aren't a bunch
04:03of nice you know Interfaith people who
04:05love Jesus and want to do good no this
04:09is a satanic agenda you have to catch
04:12this this is part of a one world
04:15religion that is being slowly woven
04:19people want to say oh we can just get
04:21along and we have a lot in common with
04:22the Muslims and the Catholics and the
04:25Protestants and you know Buddhists and
04:27whoever no nowhere in scripture does
04:31this call for any of this stuff no not
04:34at all and I want you to see that as we
04:35get more into this but I want you I want
04:37to read the the new Ten Commandments and
04:40I want you to see this a second number
04:42we are stewards of the world
04:45okay number two creation manifests
04:49Destiny whatever that means number three
04:52everything in life is interconnected
04:55number four Do no harm number five look
05:00after tomorrow six rise above ego for
05:04our world
05:06wow number seven change our inner
05:10what number eight repent and return now
05:14that sounds nice
05:16but there's no return to what repent of
05:18what number nine every action matters
05:24and number 10 use mind open heart
05:29literally as Chris Roseboro puts it that
05:32is a bunch of word salad it's blah blah
05:35blah nonsense this is completely almost
05:37pure New Age man-centered garbage it has
05:42nothing to do with the Lord has nothing
05:44to do with sin has nothing to do with
05:46Holiness it has to do with climate
05:49change that's all this is let's just
05:52take care of the planet we got to make
05:54sure we save the planet because of
05:57global warming and all this nonsense is
05:58going on
06:00and please do you not see the blasphemy
06:02that's going on here let's look at this
06:04a second
06:05so these people are Interfaith we've
06:06talked about they're helping to promote
06:08a one world religion let's just all get
06:10along we all worship the same God we all
06:13can work together okay which okay the
06:15Bible says will not happen and if you
06:17look at Revelation it does talk about
06:19the one world religion that the
06:21Antichrist is going to try to put
06:23together see that going on but here's a
06:27screenshot right here
06:28of the headquarters they're set to open
06:31this year over in the Middle East and
06:34guess what it's an Interfaith
06:36headquarters now the funny thing about
06:38this actually is sad but Christians are
06:41not allowed to attend they're allowed to
06:43be there hmm that's kind of interesting
06:46why would they keep Christians away from
06:48that place if we're all supposed to get
06:50along we're all supposed to work
06:52together and we all should worship the
06:53same God
06:55something's up there
06:56also if you saw there they came together
06:58to repent of climate change again said
07:02no verse ever where in the Bible did
07:05Jesus ask us to repent of global warming
07:08or to repent of how we didn't plow the
07:12Earth right or that we didn't take care
07:13of Mother Earth nowhere it's not there
07:16so please understand this I'm going to
07:18show you a correlation and hopefully
07:19you'll see this there is simple idolatry
07:22going on remember Moses when he first
07:25came down from the mountain what did he
07:27get so mad about he saw them worship the
07:29Israelites at the bottom of the Mountain
07:31of Mount Sinai they had melted all their
07:33stuff together to make a golden calf to
07:36worship they had traded worshiping the
07:38one true God for an idol now let's look
07:41at this Interfaith the pope new Ten
07:44Commandments What are they worshiping
07:45you've guessed it they're worshiping the
07:49Mother Earth this world that's their
07:52Idol that's the golden calf you have to
07:55see this this is so idolatrous it's
07:57unbelievable and you look at what Romans
07:591 verse 25 says God condemns those who
08:04worship created things rather than the
08:07Creator that's why this is so demonic
08:09see Satan wants us to get our eyes off
08:11the Creator off the one true God he
08:13wants us to worship created things
08:16they have no Eternal value it's
08:19also Rabbi narelle I hope I pronounced
08:22that right author just recently the Eco
08:26you can't make this stuff up which
08:28describes ecology as achieving a more
08:31sustainable future in accordance with
08:33God's word
08:35what again yes Genesis says that we're
08:38to rule and we're to take dominion over
08:41this planet
08:42but I don't see where we need to worry
08:44about climate change and worry about you
08:46know being eco-friendly in the Bible
08:49so they have to create something new and
08:52please I'm going to mix any words you
08:54have to hear this you guys Satan loves
08:56to counterfeit everything that God does
08:59and that's why this whole thing with Ten
09:01Commandments and the pope and Interfaith
09:03is demonic
09:06let's not mix words here okay so you
09:09look at it I mean look what that you
09:10know if the lgbtq they came out with the
09:12queer Bible now these guys they come out
09:14with the Eco Bible I guess God's word
09:17the Holy Bible is not good enough
09:20that goes against second Timothy chapter
09:223 verses 16 and 17.
09:25see these leaders are so worried about
09:26climate change but God says now this is
09:29crazy let's talk have some real talk
09:31here God says that this world will
09:34implode and be burned with fire let's
09:37look at second Peter chapter 3 verse 10.
09:39this is what it says it says but the day
09:41of the Lord will come like a thief in
09:44which the heavens will pass away with a
09:46Roar and the elements will be destroyed
09:48with intense Heat and the earth and its
09:51Works will be burned up
09:53wow so instead of this Interfaith
09:56calling people to Jesus calling people
09:58to repent to come back to the Lord get
10:01in his word no no they're worried about
10:04global warming we got to save the planet
10:06we got to rescue the planet no
10:09see again Satan always wants us to get
10:11our eyes off of the Lord get us get our
10:14eyes off of God's word for a counterfeit
10:17for something that's temporary rather
10:19than Eternal Hebrews chapter 12 verses 1
10:22and 2 says that we're to fix our eyes on
10:25Jesus the author and Perfecter of our
10:29so when you hear Interfaith councils or
10:31Interfaith conferences Run please run
10:35fast and get out okay nowhere in
10:38scripture does it affirm Interfaith
10:40anything okay that is a different faith
10:44Galatians again Galatians 1 6 through 9
10:46is very clear they are damned they are
10:49teaching a different gospel they're
10:51teaching a different Jesus and they are
10:53on their way to health that's the sad
10:55part we're lovingly though to correct
10:57them scripture is very clear to point
10:59them to the gospel that's clear but
11:02remember see again even if you look at
11:04Interfaith it almost sounds like
11:05universalism everyone's coming to Jesus
11:07everyone's going to be saved we're all
11:09one big happy family We're All God's
11:10Children which is not true John 1 verse
11:1312 says we're not all God's children but
11:16only those who have put their trust in
11:18the Lord which is by the will of God in
11:20verse 13 of John 1 not on the will of us
11:24but I want to remind you of this Matthew
11:27chapter 7 verses 13 and 14. Jesus says
11:30that narrow is the way that leads to
11:33life and few are that find it
11:36see again they would probably say hey
11:37everyone's going we're all going to
11:39heaven we're all just believing the same
11:41Jesus everything's great okay
11:43I want to make it clear in this episode
11:45it's time to stop worrying about global
11:48warming it's time to stop listening to
11:51the pope because the pope is an
11:53anti-christ I didn't say he was the
11:56Antichrist he is a Antichrist he goes
11:59against everything biblical
12:02he is someone to Mark and avoid
12:05but I want to make sure that we are
12:07focused on Jesus we are focused on God's
12:09word because of this
12:11Jesus said in John 14 6 I am the way the
12:15truth and the life and no one comes to
12:18the father but by me
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is Pope Francis involved in an Interfaith group?

Pope Francis is involved in an Interfaith group to promote unity and cooperation among different religious traditions and to address global issues such as climate change.

2. What are the new Ten Commandments focused on climate change?

The new Ten Commandments focused on climate change are created by the Interfaith group and aim to raise awareness about environmental stewardship and the impact of human activities on the planet.

3. Why is the YouTuber criticizing the new Ten Commandments related to climate change?

The YouTuber criticizes the new Ten Commandments related to climate change, arguing that it is a satanic and idolatrous agenda, and calls for a focus on Jesus and God's word instead.

4. What is the One World Religion being promoted by the Interfaith group?

The One World Religion being promoted by the Interfaith group advocates for a universal, inclusive approach to spirituality and religious beliefs, seeking to bring all faiths together under one umbrella.

5. What does the YouTuber advocate for instead of the One World Religion?

The YouTuber advocates for a focus on Jesus and God's word instead of the One World Religion being promoted, emphasizing the importance of staying true to the teachings of Christianity.

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