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The video tells the story of Maurice Theriault, who was allegedly possessed by demonic spirits and underwent a failed exorcism, leading to tragic consequences. Maurice's possession caused years of violence and terrifying events for his family, ultimately resulting in his own death.
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Maurice Theriault's possession led to a night of evil and violence, resulting in his own death but sparing his wife's life.
Maurice Theriault was rumored to be possessed by the devil.
Nancy, Maurice's wife, experienced eight years of hell before the violent incident.
Maurice attempted to kill himself but spared Nancy's life.
Nancy found peace after the tragic incident.
Maurice Theriault, also known as Frenchie, could turn evil without warning, especially towards Nancy's children.
Maurice's violent behavior towards Nancy's daughters and hitting them was mostly done behind her back.
Maurice's possession by demonic spirits, possibly more than one, brought Ed and Lorraine Warren into the house.
Unexplained phenomena such as bleeding from the eyes, crosses appearing on his body, and French Canadian messages appearing on his back alarmed the police and the Warrens.
Maurice Theriault's violent behavior and constant threats prevented his family from leaving, leading to a decision for a full solemn exorcism.
Maurice exhibited violent behavior, including threatening, beating, and spitting.
The family feared that Maurice would harm their children if they tried to leave.
Bishop Robert McKenna decided that a full solemn exorcism was the only chance to avoid a tragedy.
The exorcism was the first ever recorded on videotape and showed Maurice's face changing during the ritual.
Maurice Theriault's possession takes a tragic turn as his wife contacts Ed Warren about his alarming behavior, leading to an exorcism that goes wrong.
Nancy Theriault contacts Ed Warren to express her concerns about Maurice's return to his old ways.
Maurice exhibits disturbing behavior, including bleeding from his eyes and threatening people.
Maurice undergoes an exorcism conducted by Bishop McKenna, during which unexplained physical phenomena are captured on camera.
After the exorcism, Maurice appears to be free of demons, but signs of evil resurface, leading to a final possession that results in bloodshed.
Nancy recounts the horrifying events of being attacked by Maurice, witnessing him take his own life, and seeking help from neighbors.
Nancy fought with Maurice over a gun, resulting in her being hit with the butt of the gun.
Nancy ran to seek help from neighbors, but Maurice fired the shotgun and tore off her arm.
Maurice dragged Nancy back inside the house and subjected her to further torture.
Nancy watched in horror as Maurice took his own life by shooting himself in the mouth.
00:01it happened on an average country road
00:04in an average house
00:07the neighbors
00:09were aware that something was wrong with
00:11the therio family
00:13the children were
00:14normal the wife was friendly
00:19yet constantly troubled
00:22and the husband
00:26the rumor was
00:29was possessed
00:32rafael abramovitz
00:34visited the therio house a few weeks
00:38after all hell broke loose
00:42indeed if you believe in demonic
00:44possession that the devil can dwell in
00:46the soul of man and control his actions
00:49then it was hell that broke loose here
01:06for nancy wife of the possessed maurice
01:08theorio it was eight years of hell that
01:11finally exploded in a night of such evil
01:14and violence that the small farming
01:16community of watley massachusetts may
01:18never fully recover
01:22it is the story of an exorcism ritual
01:25that either failed or tragically
01:27backfired nancy theory oh may never
01:30recover either
01:31but she has found peace he says you're
01:33gonna remember this
01:35it's like he's fighting with somebody
01:37he's gonna put the gun in his mouth he's
01:38not gonna put the gun in his mouth and i
01:40just sat there finally he got the gun in
01:42his mouth he pulled the trigger
01:44his head goes back his head goes up his
01:46body goes back
01:48and the only thing that i could say when
01:50he did it was amen
01:53he aimed the gun at her
01:55but suddenly
01:57the good part of maurice
01:59somehow overtook him
02:02he looked at her he put the gun in his
02:03mouth and killed himself he could have
02:04killed her right there but he didn't
02:07so i see where good
02:09had taken over
02:12it may be difficult to believe that the
02:14newly widowed nancy and her friend ed
02:16warren are talking about this man
02:22the gentle happy grandfather born to
02:25french canadian parents 51 years earlier
02:28in maine
02:29he quietly grew vegetables on his small
02:31property and in his greenhouse and he
02:34sold him at a roadside stand in watley
02:38most of the time he was the good
02:40neighbor affectionately known to the
02:42locals as friendship but frenchie was
02:44two people
02:45at home with nancy and her children from
02:48an earlier marriage or his own children
02:50frenchie could turn evil without warning
02:53are you scary
02:55i had many
02:57scary moments
02:58what do you mean
02:59there was uh
03:06there was times when he got mean and he
03:08got that look on his face that
03:11he would go after my daughters or hit
03:14or smack him
03:15but most of it was done behind my back
03:20you're getting upset
03:23what's upsetting your neck
03:33do you want us to stop for a while
03:37what happened to my children
03:42what they went through during this
03:47what we all went through
03:49while maurice syrio's capacity for
03:52instant violence was terrifying for all
03:54those around him it was the source of
03:56his violence that brought ed and
03:58lorraine warren into the house
04:01he was possessed by a demonic spirit
04:04maybe even more than one demonic spirit
04:06the warrens who spent years recording
04:08and assisting at exorcisms were called
04:11in by a catholic priest after nancy
04:14ethereal went for help in controlling
04:16maurice's behavior such as what movement
04:19of objects sounds uh
04:22bleeding from maurice's eyes
04:24from no natural causes
04:27crosses appearing on his body
04:29state police were called in local police
04:32they found maurice on the floor in the
04:36in the bathroom
04:38and while there they had seen phenomena
04:40occurring around maurice the bleeding
04:43from the mouth the eyes
04:46french canadian messages appearing on
04:48his back if the police and the warrants
04:51were alarmed by the unexplained
04:52phenomena around ethereo nancy could
04:55describe years of terrifying events she
04:58had been too scared to report and all of
05:00a sudden i turned around and i saw this
05:03go by
05:04and it was a two-by-four
05:06flew across the greenhouse hit him in
05:08the head and knocked him down
05:10nancy theory oh talks are witnessing
05:12endless strange happenings and in
05:14between the apparent supernatural events
05:17there was always the violence of maurice
05:20threatening beating spitting
05:22constant promises of suicide or murder
05:26why didn't you
05:27pick up and leave
05:29because there's too many threats
05:31and we're threatened that if we did go
05:33with it
05:34and we never even told the warrens this
05:37thought that anything was ever said or
05:40if the kids ever talked about anything
05:43the children was going to try to my
05:45children were going to try to break us
05:46up and he'd kill one of them or
05:48something would happen to one of them
05:51finally a decision was made bishop
05:53robert mckenna a friend of the priest
05:55who brought the warrants to the case of
05:57maurice ethereo decided a full solemn
06:00exorcism was the only chance to avoid a
06:04this is called the ritual romano which
06:07is the ultimate in the rights of
06:09exorcism where catholicism is concerned
06:12he prepared himself
06:14uh he went to the home
06:17and the exorcism would be the first ever
06:19recorded in videotape
06:21a tape that shows maurice's face
06:23changing from this
06:25to this
06:26as the bishop chanted to cast out the
06:32nancy theoria was present throughout the
06:35exorcism when they were doing
06:37the exorcism on him when he turned his
06:39head i saw his face change i saw the
06:41satanic look on his face
06:45as the video shows far more was about to
06:48change on therio's face than its
06:51expression as bishop mckenna chants
06:54theory of skin seems to bubble
06:56a deep crack has opened on his forehead
07:00you feel anything inside you i see
07:02characteristics of his face look like
07:05they're becoming all crinkled like burnt
07:08a split on the left side of the head
07:10which widens opens up
07:14the eyes he blinks three times which we
07:17consider an insult to the trinity
07:19the eyes look like a serpent how many
07:22are you
07:23all of a sudden his eyes rolled up in
07:25his head
07:26and he his head went down
07:28he collapsed and within a few minutes
07:31he came to
07:32the first thing he asked for was nancy
07:35his wife
07:36this exorcism took place on the day
07:38after easter 1985
07:40and for several years maurice theorios
07:43seemed to become normal again things
07:45seemed to be going good in fact he
07:47wasn't even as mean
07:49as he used to be he was he was easygoing
07:53he was easygoing and everything
07:54but about a year ago ed warren received
07:57an ominous call from nancy theriault and
08:00she said ed i have to speak with you
08:03and she said maurice
08:05is going back into his old ways again
08:08blood is coming out of his eyes
08:10he's doing things that he shouldn't be
08:13he's threatening people
08:15it was the beginning of the final tragic
08:17possession of maurice
08:20in a few months he would be dead
08:25we'll continue in a moment
08:27with the exorcism of maurice theriault
08:30an exorcism
08:32that went horribly wrong
08:42weeks and months after maurice theriault
08:45underwent his torturous exorcism
08:48by the so-called new age catholic bishop
08:51he seemed to be free of whatever demons
08:54possessed him
08:56but soon
08:57signs of evil began to surface once
09:01leading to a chilling final chapter
09:05raphael abramovitz
09:07continues the exorcism of maurice
09:12over and over again the bishop said
09:14these words
09:15evil spirit tell me your name in the
09:18name of the lord jesus christ in the
09:20name of the blessed virgin
09:22how did you enter maurice
09:27for many years maurice therio was
09:29accused by some of using trickery to
09:31fake his spontaneous bleeding and other
09:34physical phenomena but in the exorcism
09:37conducted by bishop mckenna the camera
09:39captured images that nobody has been
09:42able to explain
09:44as his skin bubbled and a crack appeared
09:47on his left temple and his eyes took on
09:49the satanic gaze of a madman at least a
09:52dozen people were present to witness it
09:56when it was over his skin was clear
09:59maurice seemed like his former self and
10:01his wife's nightmare subsided for a time
10:04that horrifying look on his face
10:08and he's back to being yeah the morris
10:10you know right that's a nice one right
10:13but last year without warning the demons
10:15seemed to take over maurice in a hideous
10:18final possession that would explode in
10:22through the afternoon hiding in the
10:24basement he lay and wait for his wife to
10:27come home
10:28he burst through the kitchen door with a
10:30shotgun he started to come toward me
10:32with a gun and i grabbed had my hands on
10:34the gun with him
10:36fighting with him
10:37he swung and he hit me with a butt of
10:39the gun i don't know what gave me the
10:41strength to keep going the adrenaline of
10:43what it was
10:44in fear nancy ran from the house to beg
10:46for help from neighbors the shotgun
10:49fired and tore off her arm and when i
10:52got as far as the road i heard a bang
10:54and a crash
10:56and they told me that he had shot
10:57through the window
10:59in the living room maurice ran into the
11:02street and dragged her back inside made
11:04her sit down and set about putting her
11:06through her final torture
11:09he made her watch him take his own life
11:11he says you're going to remember this
11:14and he sits down on the other sofa in
11:15front of me which was about i'd say
11:17about five feet away trying to put the
11:19gun in his mouth and he's going this way
11:21with a gun it's like he's fighting with
11:24finally he got the gun in his mouth he
11:25pulled the trigger
11:27his head goes back his head goes up his
11:29body goes back
11:31and the only thing that i could say when
11:33he did it was amen
11:36that's the only thing i said amen that's
11:38the only word that would come out of my
11:41mouth and the only other word that i
11:45when he was pounding on me is i said oh
11:47god oh god and he kept pounding me in
11:49the head and i can remember him saying
11:50yes oh god
11:52and that was the only words i said after
11:54i had the scuffle with him after he hit
11:57i was oh god and then when he shot
11:59himself i said amen
12:01i ran up the road and i'm screaming and
12:03yelling for help
12:04i get up to the
12:07the house on the right and i go to the
12:08house and i'm screaming you know help me
12:10help me help me when i looked up i saw
12:12my landlord which lived in the house
12:14further up from me
12:16he was there and said nancy keep talking
12:18nancy keep talking and i started talking
12:20about grandchildren
12:22i was saying my prayers the small
12:24ethereal house on the rural country road
12:27is quiet again
12:29life has returned to normal in the
12:31farming community of watley
12:33massachusetts do you ever
12:36dream about him i haven't had one dream
12:39about that man since this happened
12:44sorry that
12:46he had to die
12:48i mean i didn't want him to die all i
12:50wanted to do was leave me alone
12:53but i'm glad he's gone
12:54i'm glad he's gone
13:01mrs theriault
13:02has now found peace
13:04in this life
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the details of Maurice Theriault's possession and failed exorcism?

The video tells the story of Maurice Theriault, who was allegedly possessed by demonic spirits and underwent a failed exorcism, leading to tragic consequences. Maurice's possession caused years of violence and terrifying events for his family, ultimately resulting in his own death.

2. How did Maurice Theriault's possession affect his family?

Maurice Theriault's possession caused years of violence and terrifying events for his family, ultimately resulting in his own death.

3. What were the consequences of the failed exorcism in Maurice Theriault's case?

The failed exorcism in Maurice Theriault's case led to tragic consequences, including years of violence and terrifying events for his family, ultimately resulting in his own death.

4. What events led to Maurice Theriault's tragic death?

Maurice Theriault's tragic death was a result of the years of violence and terrifying events caused by his possession, ultimately leading to his own demise.

5. What is the story behind Maurice Theriault's alleged possession by demonic spirits?

The video shares the story of Maurice Theriault being allegedly possessed by demonic spirits, leading to years of violence and terrifying events for his family, ultimately resulting in his own death.

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