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The video provides a summary of the short story "The Postmaster" by Rabindranath Tagore, which tells the story of a postmaster who feels out of place in a rural village but forms a bond with a young orphan girl. Eventually, he decides to quit his job and return to Calcutta, leaving the girl behind with hopes of a better future.
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The postmaster appoints a young orphan girl named Ratna to help him, and they develop a close bond as he teaches her how to read and write.
The postmaster starts cooking for himself due to his low payment.
He appoints Ratna to help him with housework and shares his family story with her.
The postmaster decides to teach Ratna how to read and write.
The postmaster falls ill and decides to request a transfer.
00:00hi this is Jaya now we shall see the
00:03summary of the post master written by
00:07Tom or come let's go to the summary
00:11Ravindra Tagore is such a versatile of
00:14literary personality he has written in
00:18all the literary forms like his written
00:20poetry is written drama prose memo
00:23philosophy musical lyrics and also short
00:27stories and if you see all the short
00:29stories they are concerned with the
00:31everyday lives and moreover he's written
00:35about all sorts of people and in this
00:38post master we find a post master who
00:41was given his first job to work in the
00:44village of Lepore and this olap or
00:47village is in a quiet backwater with one
00:51indigo factory and actually this
00:54postmaster is from Calcutta and he feels
00:56out of place here because he is too
00:59sophisticated for that very simple and
01:01arrogant of villagers who do not know
01:04what a sophistication and they do not
01:07extend any friendliness to him they are
01:10also uneducated where he finds very
01:12difficult to converse with anyone so
01:15what he does is he takes a poetry he
01:17writes poetry and in his poetry he
01:20describes a beautiful scenery in the
01:22village and also his deep sorrows and
01:26this alienated feelings where he is
01:30suffering there and the since his
01:32payment was very less he started cooking
01:35for himself and he just appointed a
01:38young orphan girl called Ratna to help
01:41him in the housework and what he used to
01:43give a risk what he is cooking that food
01:45he will give to return and return will
01:47feel very happy about it
01:49and one night while rotten was a
01:51preparing a suka a postmaster just to
01:54pass this time he asks her about her
01:56family and he also tells about his
01:59family and that time he tells how much
02:01he misses his mother and his sister who
02:03are still in Calcutta and
02:06the after listening to his family story
02:09Repton starts considering his family has
02:13her own family and one day when the
02:17postmaster is watching a bird in the
02:19dream he calls rock them into his office
02:22and tells her that he is going to teach
02:24her how to read and write them and rutan
02:29is very happy and she starts learning
02:30very studious sleep and after some time
02:35he falls ill but Ruffin starts
02:37practicing what he had taught her and
02:40seeing his health conditions he thinks
02:43it's not good for him to stay in the
02:45village there so he asks for her
02:48transfer but the transfer is denied him
02:50so it decides there is no point in
02:52working here when he's going to fall
02:54sick like this so he quits his job to
02:56return home and he tells rotten also
02:59that I'm going to resign my job and I'm
03:01going to go back to Calcutta and rutan
03:04who has already started thinking that he
03:07and his family are her family she makes
03:10him to take her also along with them but
03:13he says no no no that is not possible I
03:15can take you along with me to Calcutta
03:17and then he says don't worry the next
03:19postmaster who's coming I'll leave a
03:22recommendation letter here he will take
03:24care of you like how I took care of but
03:26Ratan is not comfortable with that
03:29because he has start imagining and also
03:33believing that his family is hersa and
03:36while going he gives Rutan money but she
03:38refuses it and he starts going but as he
03:42is going suddenly he gets a feeling that
03:45he has to go back and take nothing along
03:47with them but then he decides that life
03:50is full of separations and endings and
03:53all relationship like this should come
03:55to an end up but rotten here still
03:59believes that the postmaster will return
04:01and take her to Calcutta
04:03the short story ends like this it's a
04:05very very simple and a beautiful short
04:08story written by Dargo I hope you liked
04:11the video like the video share with your
04:14friends and if you are not subscribe my
04:17subscribe thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the main theme of the short story 'The Postmaster' by Rabindranath Tagore?

The main theme of 'The Postmaster' is the feeling of being out of place in a new environment and the emotional bond formed between the postmaster and a young orphan girl.

2. Why does the postmaster feel out of place in the rural village?

The postmaster feels out of place in the rural village because of the stark contrast between the urban lifestyle he is accustomed to in Calcutta and the slow-paced life in the village.

3. What motivates the postmaster to quit his job and return to Calcutta?

The postmaster decides to quit his job and return to Calcutta due to his sense of displacement and longing for the urban life that he is familiar with.

4. How does the postmaster form a bond with the young orphan girl?

The postmaster forms a bond with the young orphan girl through his shared experiences of loneliness and the kindness he shows her while teaching her to read and write.

5. What does the postmaster hope for the young orphan girl's future when he leaves the village?

When the postmaster leaves the village, he hopes for a better future for the young orphan girl, expressing his concern for her well-being and her education.

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