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The video discusses the benefits of reciting the phrase "Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel" which means "Allah is enough for us and He is the best disposer of our affairs" in times of distress and reliance on Allah. It highlights the importance of submitting to Allah's plans and trusting in Him regardless of the circumstances. The video also references the example of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and the power of this dua (supplication).
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Dr. Omar Suleiman encourages frequent recitation of the dua "Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel".
The dua "Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel" is recommended to be recited frequently as part of one's dhikr.
The most powerful duas are those that combine vulnerability and submission.
The dua "Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel" is about submitting every function to Allah and finding peace in His control.
The dua "Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel" is a reflexive response of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) in desperate circumstances.
It is recited during hardship and desperate situations.
The larger the obstacle, the more important it is to remember that Allah is greater.
Our mother, Hajar, relied on the statement of Yahweh and recited "Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel" when she felt alone and unsupported.
The dua was also recited by Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) when he was about to be thrown into the largest fire anyone had ever seen.
The hypocrites try to make the Muslims fear their opponents, but instead their faith in Allah is strengthened.
Hypocrites want to see Muslims lose confidence and crumble.
Abu Sufyan gathered a larger army to attack after Uh.
Hypocrites projected fear onto Muslims and tried to make them fear their opponents.
Instead, the Muslims' faith in Allah increased.
Allah is not someone you resort to only when no one else is there for you.
Choose Allah's planning over your own planning.
Trust in Allah should be consistent, regardless of the situation.
Allowing Allah to dispose of your affairs is a choice, not a last resort.
The verse discusses the futility of worshiping idols and emphasizes that only Allah can protect or harm, as seen in the examples of Ibrahim and the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.
The verse highlights the admission that only Allah created the heavens and the earth.
Ibrahim challenges the worship of idols that cannot hear, see, or do anything for people.
The examples of Ibrahim and the Prophet Muhammad and his companions emphasize that only Allah is enough for protection and trust.
Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel combines the removal of harm and the paving the way for benefit and goodness in our lives, especially when we can't see a way out.
It is about putting trust in the giver of all light even when we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It is about trusting the one who makes ways in and makes ways out when we can't see a way out.
It is about putting trust in the one who bestows reward in this world and in the afterlife.
It is a reminder to recognize the power of this dua and to say it in moments of personal and community distress.
01:25and bearing witness that none has the
01:26right to be worshipped or
01:28unconditionally obeyed except for him
01:30and we bear witness that muhammad
01:31sallallahu alaihi wasallam is his final
01:33messenger we ask allah to send his peace
01:35and blessings upon him the prophets and
01:37messengers that came before him his
01:39family and companions that served
01:41alongside him and those that follow in
01:43his blessed path until the day of
01:45judgment and we ask allah to make us
01:46amongst them
01:48dear brothers and sisters
01:50there is one dura that i want you to say
01:52so frequently after this and i'm just
01:55going to say it from the very beginning
01:58that it becomes a regular part of your
02:08allah is enough for us
02:10and he is the best disposer of our
02:12affairs and you know subhanallah the
02:15best duas the ones that the prophet
02:17sallallahu alaihi wasallam prescribed to
02:19that unlock the greatest blessings in
02:21our lives sometimes when you're reading
02:24the rewards of these they're so
02:26unbelievable that you're just like is it
02:28really possible that with one sentence
02:30so much can come out
02:32they are usually the duras that have the
02:35greatest level of a combination of
02:38vulnerability and submission combined
02:41and so you find
02:50the famous hadith that we've spoken
02:55o ever living or ever sustaining in your
02:59i put my trust rectify all of my affairs
03:02and do not leave me to myself even for
03:04the blink of an eye
03:06so you're submitting every function to
03:08allah subhanahu wa ta'ala and as a
03:10result of that allah subhanahu wa ta'ala
03:13takes over every one of your functions
03:15in your affairs and you're at peace
03:20what i mean
03:21there is no god but you how perfect are
03:24you i was from the transgressors the of
03:29peace be upon him that the prophet
03:30salallahu said no one says that dura
03:33except that allah will answer their need
03:37when they make that dua when they make
03:38the vikir and here hasbi allah
03:45allah is enough for me and he is the
03:47best disposer of my affairs this is
03:49something that comes reflexively almost
03:52to the companions of the prophet saws
03:54when they face hardship
03:56and it usually comes in the most
03:58desperate of circumstances and
04:01and the larger the obstacle grows the
04:03more important and harder it is to
04:06remember that allah is greater than
04:08whatever obstacles in front of you
04:11our mother is
04:17she leaned on two statements of prophets
04:20that came before she leaned on the
04:21statement of yahweh
04:27i complain of my grief and my sadness
04:28only to allah subhanahu wa ta'ala and
04:30she leaned on hasbi allah
04:33she was saying as she looked around and
04:36she saw ya allah i have no one here
04:38supporting me
04:40the sahaba some of the sahaba are
04:43passing the slander i have no one on my
04:48she looked up to allah subhanahu ta'ala
04:51and said allah is enough for me and he
04:53is the best disposer of my affairs in
04:56that moment of desperation so i want us
04:58to look for a moment in sha allah to
05:00allah as we are coming into the days of
05:01the hidja
05:03at our father ibrahim
05:05and then our messenger sallallahu alaihi
05:07wasallam and i'm going to share some of
05:08the miracles of this
05:12elucidates so beautifully from the
05:14various verses that are mentioned but
05:16before i get to the verses
05:18of the various
05:20the various benefits of this verse
05:22imagine ibrahim
05:25your last words oh ibrahim
05:29imagine ibrahim
05:31in front of the largest fire that anyone
05:34has ever seen about to be catapulted
05:37into it stripped of his clothes and his
05:40dignity and supports
05:42no one around him everywhere he looks
05:44around like path which was the hardest
05:46day of the prophet salallahu's life any
05:48direction he looks in all he sees is
05:50jeering and mockery and people egging on
05:53those that are going to throw him into
05:54the fire he has no one subhanallah i
05:56mean that is trauma
05:59can't find a single person in the crowd
06:01that says don't worry you're okay he
06:03doesn't have even a secret supporter
06:06amongst them that's standing in that
06:07crowd all of them yelling cheering
06:10jeering ready for him to be thrown into
06:12that fire alaihis
06:28as he was mid air going into the fire
06:32has to be allah and era will keep
06:34allah is enough for me and he's the best
06:36disposer of my affairs as far as
06:38ibrahimovic is concerned this might be
06:40his last words period this might be the
06:43last phrase that he ever gets to say
06:45because he's being thrown into a fire he
06:48is not privy to the plans that are to
06:50come the angels are coming to him as we
06:52find in the narrations in safsir
06:55do you need help
06:57if it's from you no other angels trying
07:00to think how they can support the
07:02creation of allah subhanahu wa ta'ala
07:04wanting to support him because they know
07:06this khalid of allah this best friend of
07:08god is about to be thrown into the fire
07:09and killed so unjustly
07:12islam says has to be
07:14allah these were his last words
07:18as he was being cast into the fire as
07:20ibn abbas
07:24he also says
07:27that has
07:30the last words that ibrahim alaihissalam
07:32said when he was thrown into the fire
07:35and it was said by muhammad sallallahu
07:37alaihi wasallam and his companions when
07:40the hypocrites said to them
07:44that verily your opponents have gathered
07:47an impossible army when does this happen
07:49after uh
07:51when they're still bleeding
07:53when they're burying the largest amount
07:55of mass casualties in the community that
07:57they have seen and the hypocrites are
07:59loving this
08:00they want to see a crack in the
08:02confidence of the muslims they want to
08:04see the prophet saw islam express a
08:06moment of confusion a lack of clarity a
08:09lack of purpose
08:10they want to see him crumble sallallahu
08:12alaihi wasallam they want to see the
08:13companions crumble
08:15and abu sufyan after uh gathered
08:19an even larger army they smelled blood
08:22they smelled blood literally they
08:24smelled blood
08:25and so after uh when the muslims were
08:27wounded they planned a second attack
08:30and they gathered that army
08:32to attack right after and the hypocrites
08:35came to the muslims and said inna nasa
08:37jama ulakum you thought uh it was
08:40you thought it was bad watch what
08:42happens to you now you should see the
08:44army that is waiting to cut you into
08:47and allah azzawajal says
08:51the hypocrites said that verily the
08:52people have gathered against you faksho
08:54home fear them the hypocrites are even
08:57trying to project the emotion that they
09:00think you should have you should fear
09:01them you should be very afraid right now
09:08first the reality on the inside their
09:10faith in allah was only increased
09:13as much as they were told to fear people
09:15they increased in their fear of allah
09:16subhanahu wa ta'ala as much as they were
09:18told to give up because the people were
09:21going to overwhelm them the more that
09:23their trust in allah grew so their iman
09:31the prophet sallam and the companions
09:37this is what they have been taught to
09:39say allah
09:40is enough for us and he is the best
09:43disposer of our affairs
09:47actually had a ring in which he had
09:49allah inscribed on it
09:51and they asked him
09:53allah to allah why out of all the
09:55phrases he chose to inscribe on his ring
09:57he put has
10:00he said because immediately after that
10:02verse allah
10:11that they returned with the favor of
10:13allah and with his bounty no harm had
10:16touched them and they pursued the
10:18pleasure of allah and allah is indeed
10:20the bestower of great bounty so what
10:22came after it was miracle after miracle
10:25after miracle was the mercy and grace of
10:28allah meaning if a person gets to that
10:30point if they respond with husband allah
10:34everything opens up after that
10:37and subhanallah you look at this verse
10:40and you look at these words
10:42i need no one else i have allah
10:46i choose his planning he's the best
10:48disposer of my affairs i choose his
10:50planning over even my own planning
10:54i would prefer his planning even over my
10:57own planning and so i'm choosing allah
10:59hasbi allah over people
11:02and i'm choosing his plans even over my
11:06when it comes to what is ahead of me and
11:09by the way as the illuminate mentioned
11:11before i go into it
11:13if you look at the verses the common
11:14denominator here the scholars mention
11:16here is that allah is not someone you
11:19resort to only
11:21when no one else is there for you
11:24allah is someone that you resort to even
11:26when everyone else is there for you
11:28because the trust that ibrahim
11:30alaihissalam had in allah
11:33decades later when he's sitting with his
11:35eight children at that point and saying
11:37to them what will you worship after me
11:40and seeing his grandchildren and seeing
11:42his offspring worshiping allah and the
11:44fruit of his efforts
11:45the trust that ibrahim islam had in
11:47allah at that moment was no less than
11:49the trust that he had in allah subhanahu
11:51wa ta'ala at the moment he was being
11:52thrown into the fire
11:54and the trust that muhammad sallallahu
11:56alaihi wasallam and submission that
11:57muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam had
11:59to allah on the day of
12:02the day of the conquest of mecca was no
12:05less than the trust that he had in allah
12:07on the day of
12:08or when he was in the cave and it was
12:09only abu bakr allah
12:11the idea was
12:14do not grieve allah is with us whether
12:17no one is with us or whether everybody
12:19is with us
12:23i'm satisfied
12:25i'm okay with allah being enough
12:27if no one else is left but allah
12:29subhanahu wa ta'ala
12:34and he's the best disposer of my affairs
12:36not that
12:37i have
12:38been able to find others and nothing has
12:42worked and so now i'm just going to say
12:43yeah allah i failed so now you dispose
12:45of my affairs no ya allah even when my
12:47planning is perfect it will only succeed
12:49to the extent that you allow it to
12:53dispose of my affairs oh allah as you
12:55see fit and as you see best
12:59then lists some of the miracles of
13:02some of the beautiful benefits of this
13:05he says every time
13:08he says every time allah mentions in the
13:10quran the statement has
13:14in some way
13:16allah is enough for us and he's the best
13:17disposer of our affairs it comes with a
13:26it comes with the bearer of good news
13:29and doing away with harm it brings both
13:33benefit and it does away with harm every
13:35time allah mentions it he specifies that
13:38both of those things come into a
13:40person's life as a result of that so for
13:41example allah
13:49the incident of the prophet salallahu
13:51and the companions when they responded
13:52to the hypocrites and they said allah is
13:54enough for us
13:55and he's the best disposer of our
14:01they returned back with the blessing of
14:03allah and his grace
14:05allah's blessing allah's goodness coming
14:07to them the benefits
14:11they will not be harmed
14:13so the removal of harm the presence of
14:16benefit the removal of harm both
14:18combined as a result of that what
14:20allah and they pursued the pleasure of
14:24in another verse allah says
14:47say to them o prophet
14:49who created the heavens and the earth
14:51and they will certainly say allah
14:54they will admit to you that god created
14:56the heavens and the earth
14:57they will admit that much
14:59then ask them
15:01these idols that you invoke besides
15:03allah subhanahu wa ta'ala
15:05if allah wills to harm me could they
15:08undo any of that harm
15:09if allah wanted to harm me would these
15:11idols be able to protect me from any of
15:13that harm or if allah willed some mercy
15:15for me some benefit for me would they be
15:18able to prevent
15:19any of that mercy and that benefit from
15:21coming to me
15:23allah say to them allah is enough for me
15:26and upon him the faithful put their
15:29so scholars mentioned in this regard
15:31subhanallah look at ibrahim
15:34when he spoke to his father
15:42you know when they say easier said than
15:44ibrahimovic was speaking to his father
15:47about who he puts his trust in
15:49he puts his trust in his idols and
15:52ibrahimo islam was speaking with the
15:53authority of a messenger of allah
15:56of god
15:57said these things that you worship
15:58besides allah subhanahu wa ta'ala why do
16:00you worship things that don't hear you
16:02or see you or do anything for you they
16:04can't protect themselves that was the
16:07that was the whole foundation of ibrahim
16:09when he challenged them in regards to
16:11their idols
16:13do you think anything changed when
16:14ibrahim islam was being cast into a fire
16:17and they were chanting about their idols
16:20they weren't chanting about their idols
16:21they were really chanting about
16:22themselves and subhanallah
16:24as they were throwing him into the fire
16:27they were parading their idols
16:29and when they were
16:31facing the prophet sam and his
16:32companions in uh they were screaming out
16:35the names of allah
16:37they were screaming out the names of
16:39their idols
16:40and in both situations the prophets
16:42and in the case of
16:45those that were with him the companions
16:49allah is enough for us
16:51allah is enough for us and so in this
16:55if allah was going to decree harm for me
16:58would these idols be able to protect me
17:00and if allah was going to decree mercy
17:02for me would the idols be able to stop
17:04that mercy in
17:07if they wanted to hurt me would they be
17:09able to do away with the lord
17:12this does away with the harm and if they
17:14wanted to benefit me
17:17if they wanted to bring about any mercy
17:18in my life could they do so absolutely
17:20not finally dear brothers and sisters
17:23when allah says
17:30whoever is mindful of allah allah will
17:33make a way out for them meaning the
17:35removal of harm
17:37allah will make a way out for them i.e
17:38the removal of harm
17:42and allah will provide for them
17:44in ways that they would not have even
17:46considered before
17:52and whoever puts their trust in allah
17:56is enough for them
17:59every single time
18:01allah says every single time allah
18:03mentions has to be allowed
18:05in some way
18:06it combines both the removal of harm
18:09and the paving the way for benefit and
18:11goodness to come into our lives and this
18:14is especially true
18:15when you can't see the light at the end
18:17of the tunnel and you still put your
18:19trust in the giver of all light
18:21when you can't see the way out but you
18:24still put your trust in the one who
18:26makes ways in and makes ways out when
18:28you can't see the reward of this world
18:30and you put your trust in the one who
18:31bestows reward in this world and in the
18:33afterlife and you submit yourself
18:35because the story of ibrahim
18:38is islam submission to allah
18:48and so my only reminder to you in this
18:51is to recognize the power of this dua
18:54and to say it both in your moments of
18:56personal distress as well as your
18:57moments of community's distress
18:59especially when you can't see the way
19:03that you know that the one who sees all
19:05has a way out decreed
19:10whoever says seven times in the morning
19:12and in the evening
19:34he is the lord of the mighty throne
19:36allah will be sufficient for him against
19:38anything that grieves him may allah be
19:41our protector may allah subhanahu wa to
19:43be with us when no one else is with us
19:45or when everyone else is with us may
19:47allah be with us in moments of ease and
19:49in moments of hardship may allah
19:51subhanahu wa ta'ala's pleasure be with
19:53us in this life and in the next hashtag
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the meaning of the phrase 'Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel'?

The phrase 'Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel' means 'Allah is enough for us and He is the best disposer of our affairs'. It signifies complete trust and reliance on Allah in times of distress and difficulty.

2. How can reciting the phrase 'Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel' benefit us?

Reciting the phrase 'Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel' can benefit us by providing a sense of peace, trust, and reliance on Allah. It helps in surrendering to Allah's plans and finding strength in difficult circumstances.

3. What is the importance of submitting to Allah's plans according to the video?

The video highlights the importance of submitting to Allah's plans, emphasizing that Allah knows what is best for us. It encourages us to trust in Allah's wisdom and surrender to His will, regardless of the circumstances we face.

4. How does the video reference the example of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)?

The video references the example of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to illustrate the power of submitting to Allah's plans. It discusses how Prophet Ibrahim's unwavering trust in Allah serves as an inspiration for us to rely on Allah and have faith in His plans.

5. What is the significance of the dua (supplication) 'Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel'?

The video discusses the significance of the dua 'Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel' in providing solace and strength during challenging times. It emphasizes the power of this supplication in instilling hope and trust in Allah's divine wisdom.

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