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The video discusses the synastry overlay of Sun in the 10th house, where the house person desires exposure and success that the Sun person brings, but it can lead to clout chasing and competition. The dynamic can be complicated, but if both individuals can overcome their egos and support each other, it has the potential to create a powerful union.
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Sun in the 10th house in synastry indicates that the house person sees the Sun person as someone who can bring exposure to them and desires to be around their aura and energy.
The house person may see being with the Sun person as a means to gain popularity with a certain audience.
The Sun person may desire a relationship with the house person because they see them as someone who can gather a crowd and is on their level.
Sometimes the house person may feel intimidated or threatened by the Sun person.
Mars in the 10th house brings competition vibes, while the sun person may feel threatened by the house person's success.
Mars in the 10th house may struggle with accepting the student surpassing the teacher.
The sun person may feel like the house person is trying to show there's enough success for everyone.
Similar career fields can lead to competition for the same job or position.
Sun in the 10th house may initially struggle to understand the house person's professional perspective.
The Sun in the 10th house synastry overlay creates a more intimate connection and can lead to a power couple dynamic.
The house person may be attracted to the sun person's quiet and self-assured nature.
The house person may feel envious of the sun person's certainty of self.
The relationship can progress faster when both individuals are established in their careers and have a sense of personal power.
The Sun in 10th house synastry overlay emphasizes the potential for a powerful union that supports each other's endeavors and aims to change generations.
Couples with this overlay understand the energy and effects they put out as a couple.
It requires a lot of self-work but provides something to strive for.
The relationship of Coach Baker and his wife from "All American" reflects the characteristics of this overlay.
00:00peace what's good everybody how are
00:03y'all feeling
00:04you know the gel we're talking about
00:06sinistry we're still doing Sun overlays
00:09today we're going to be talking about
00:10sun in the 10th house
00:12in Sun in the 10th the house person sees
00:15the sun person as someone who can bring
00:18exposure to them and or they see how the
00:22Sun person is received in society and
00:24100 they want that for themselves you
00:27know they see the god in you and they
00:30desire to just be around that light be
00:33around that aura that energy but I'm not
00:36gonna lie when you look at the loss of
00:38sun in the 10th house relationships when
00:41couples have that overlay sometimes it's
00:44giving like pure clout Chase same thing
00:47in friendships too not just romantic
00:48couples it's like the house person sees
00:51that being with you means being popular
00:54with a certain audience and it's an
00:56audience they want to be a part of and I
00:58say house person but it could be from
00:59the Sun person's end as well where they
01:01see the attention that the house person
01:03is getting and they want that at the
01:05same time in more occasions I've seen
01:07the sun person desire a relationship
01:10with the house person because they feel
01:12like yeah that person's able to gather a
01:15crowd that's someone that's On My Level
01:17that's my equal the sun person's
01:19interest is in gathering like-minded and
01:22people who are on the same frequency as
01:24them from the house persons and most
01:26times it's trying to fill in and in
01:28adequacy from adding this person to your
01:31life and sometimes the house person they
01:32can feel intimidated by this young
01:34person they feel threatened I feel like
01:36Mars in the 10th house that's like more
01:38mentorship son in the 10th house there's
01:41just too much ego you know when the ego
01:43gets involved it's it's very competition
01:45Vibes like there can only be one Mars I
01:48feel like is more willing to accept like
01:49Mars in the ten thousand really that
01:51relationship is more willing to accept
01:52that the student can surpass the teach
01:55and there's like a sense of Pride there
01:58the sun person is
01:59like if they peep that you're always
02:01trying to get one over them at some
02:02point they're gonna check you they're
02:04just trying to show you like there's
02:06enough for everybody babes like yeah the
02:08sun person's just not here for the drama
02:10but the house person's absolutely
02:11bringing the drama but yeah the house
02:13person they can take the sun person's
02:15success really personally the house
02:17person can feel like that some person
02:18stole their spot but it's like if it was
02:21yours it'd be yours you know in this
02:24overlay you know you guys have similar
02:25interests or you're in similar career
02:27Fields a lot of times it's almost like
02:30you're up for the same job you're trying
02:32to get into the same position I feel
02:34like sun in the first you know I talked
02:36about competition being there but the
02:38difference is with the sun in the first
02:40it's there's a lot of admiration sexual
02:43attraction so it kind of does give more
02:46friendly Vibes because you can squash
02:48things really easily and you can really
02:50understand where the other person's
02:52coming from like it could still be more
02:53so enemies and be like okay well you
02:55know if I was in their situation I would
02:57have done the same thing but like either
02:58way you're you and I me so it just has
03:01to it has to be that way with sun in the
03:0410th you're not really understanding at
03:07least initially where the other person
03:09is coming from professionally you might
03:11be like okay like I see we have the same
03:13interests but just like the Styles in
03:15which you operate how you think it's
03:19different it's a lot of like why don't I
03:21have what they have more comparison mode
03:24in other situations with this overlay
03:27sometimes a couple is formed because the
03:30house person sees that the some person
03:31is more quiet and the key to themselves
03:34it could be like house person is living
03:36more of a life that's extra and they
03:40desire peace and quiet and so they find
03:42this home and Solace with you when it's
03:44this form of the Sun in the 10th overlay
03:47the connection is obviously just much
03:49more intimate right off the bat the
03:51first Dynamic is it's very complicated
03:53it is giving more surveillance like keep
03:56your friends close enemies closer type
03:59of deal but in both Dynamics the house
04:01person eventually sees like what they're
04:04really envious of is the sun person's
04:07like surety of who they are I think a
04:10lot of times when you come across
04:12someone that you have this overlay with
04:15especially if you're the house person
04:17you start to realize like you thought
04:19you knew who you were and what you
04:20wanted and what you strive for and you
04:23really don't the sooner you can realize
04:25that you're like not trying to flex on
04:28each other is the sooner the
04:30relationship can actually start
04:32this is an overlay that definitely can
04:34be like the enemies to lover is true but
04:37say you meet each other and you're
04:38already very well established in your
04:40career and you know your own authority
04:43you know your power they know their
04:45power when you come into the
04:46relationship like that that's when we
04:48can start talking power couple we're
04:50talking two Moguls two people who are
04:52gonna be changing the world if they can
04:55just get over themselves a little bit
04:58and if they can just understand there's
04:59room for everyone when it's like that
05:02it's such a supportive overlay very much
05:05always uplifting each other always
05:07shamelessly advertising for the other
05:09it's really like we understand that the
05:11energy and the effects that we're
05:13putting out there as a couple that is
05:16greater than us this is about changing
05:19the generations truly can be a powerful
05:22Union but not a lot of couples with this
05:25overlay get to that point it takes a lot
05:27of self-work but it gives you something
05:29to strive for so yeah it's all good it's
05:32all good if you watch all American you
05:35know whose relationship reminds me of
05:37Sunday the 10th it's coach Baker Billy
05:40Baker and his wife I'm forgetting her
05:42name right now but the way in which they
05:44can lead and operate their own
05:47communities and then still come together
05:50still have room for the relationship
05:52still have room to support each other's
05:55Endeavors even though they're both
05:57working at such a grand scale in their
05:59careers that's the goal that's the goal
06:02for Sun and the tent but yeah uh that's
06:05all I got and yeah I'll see you the next
06:07one it's sun in the fifth house next
06:20thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the significance of Sun in the 10th house in synastry?

The Sun in the 10th house in synastry indicates a desire for exposure and success that the Sun person brings to the house person. It can lead to clout chasing and competition, making the dynamic complicated.

2. How does the placement of the Sun in the 10th house affect the relationship dynamics?

The placement of the Sun in the 10th house can create a powerful union if both individuals can overcome their egos and support each other. However, it requires efforts to balance the desire for exposure with the potential for clout chasing and competition.

3. What are the challenges associated with Sun in the 10th house synastry overlay?

The challenges associated with Sun in the 10th house synastry overlay include managing the desire for exposure and success, navigating potential clout chasing, and addressing competition within the relationship dynamic.

4. How can individuals navigate the complexities of Sun in the 10th house synastry overlay?

Individuals can navigate the complexities of Sun in the 10th house synastry overlay by focusing on mutual support, overcoming egos, and finding a balance between personal success and the dynamics of the relationship.

5. What potential outcomes can arise from the synastry overlay of Sun in the 10th house?

The potential outcomes of the synastry overlay of Sun in the 10th house include the creation of a powerful and supportive union if both individuals can overcome the challenges and complexities, leading to mutual growth and success.

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