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The video showcases Fury, the largest and most powerful shotgun called the punt gun, capable of firing over a pound of shot or a one-pound lead ball with 23,000 pellets. It produces an incredible 800 pounds of recoil and demonstrates its immense power by blasting through multiple 55-gallon drums of water. Scott from Kentucky Ballistics presents this massive gun and showcases its destructive capabilities.
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The punt gun is the biggest and most ridiculous gun in the world, capable of firing over a pound of shot or a one-pound lead ball.
The bore of the punt gun is 1.68 inches in diameter.
The barrel is six feet long and the overall length is nine feet.
It weighs 150 pounds and can fire 23,000 pellets or a one-pound lead ball.
The punt gun produces upwards of 800 pounds of recoil.
The video showcases the firing of a giant shotgun known as the punt gun.
The shooter mentions the need to absorb the recoil.
The gun is loaded with a quarter pound of black powder and a one pound ball.
The targets are five 55-gallon drums of water.
The shooter hides behind an engine block for safety during the first shot.
The video shows the inspection of a punt gun and the demonstration of its power.
The gun weighs 150 pounds.
The plastic jugs are split open due to the gun's power.
The muzzle energy of the gun is over 25,000 foot-pounds.
The punt gun fires a 7,000 grain lead ball.
The video shows the power of a punt gun, with a demonstration of shots fired at a water drum.
The first shot with number 12 shot pellets peppered the drum.
The second shot with double lot buck created a hole in the front of the drum.
The second shot did not completely go through the drum, leaving some marks on the back.
The video concludes with an impressive shot fired from the punt gun.
The last shot is loaded with a wax slug.
The sound of the punt gun is described as a thud that hits the chest.
The grass is filled with smoke after the shot is fired.
The video ends with an invitation for viewers to comment and suggest what to blast with the punt gun next.
00:00today I present to you the biggest most
00:03ridiculous gun in the world Fury the
00:07punt gun the bore of this thing is 1.68
00:10inches in diameter and for some
00:12reference this is a golf ball the barrel
00:15is six foot long and has an overall
00:18length of nine feet we're talking 23 000
00:21pellets it will also fire this one pound
00:24lead ball this thing produces upwards of
00:27800 pounds of recoil
00:33all right here we go
00:44all right
00:46what's up everybody my name is Scott and
00:48you're watching Kentucky ballistics and
00:51here at Kentucky ballistics I am
00:53dedicated to bringing you the biggest
00:55most ridiculous guns in the entire world
00:58and today I present to you the biggest
01:02most ridiculous gun in the world Fury
01:05the punt gun so what is a punt gun well
01:09a punt is what they used to call a
01:11little John Boat and this is a punt gun
01:15they used to attach these to boats to do
01:17commercial duck hunting this thing is
01:20capable of firing over a pound of shot
01:23or a one pound lead ball the bore of
01:26this thing is 1.68 inches in diameter
01:29and for some reference this is a golf
01:33the barrel is six foot long and has an
01:36overall length of nine feet and this
01:39thing weighs in at a hefty 150 pounds
01:42this is a 12 gauge shotgun shell loaded
01:45with double lot Buck it has nine pellets
01:48in there if you're Fury here is capable
01:51of throwing a hundred and forty pellets
01:53at once when it comes to number 12 shot
01:55we're talking 23 000 pellets or as I
01:59mentioned it will also fire this one
02:01pound lead ball and here it is compared
02:04to a shotgun shell so you may be asking
02:07yourself How would someone possibly
02:09shoot a gun so large this thing produces
02:12upwards of 800 pounds of recoil it would
02:15absolutely rip you in half except me I
02:19could totally shoot it I'd eat The
02:20Recoil for breakfast but I did arms
02:22today I'm a little tired so instead I
02:25brought out my handy dandy Carriage
02:27which will help to absorb The Recoil I
02:30just pulled this blue screen
02:32Bring It Forward and then when the gun
02:34goes off it will slide backwards and
02:37absorb all of the recoil
02:40you're gonna have a giant gun
02:42you gotta have some giant targets
02:44so today I have several 55 gallon drums
02:49of water
02:52we're gonna blast them
02:57so what is a quarter pounder in my punt
03:00gun have in common well I have a quarter
03:02pounder in my belly and fury here is
03:04loaded up with a quarter pound of black
03:07powder along with a one pound ball which
03:10is also 7 000 grains depending on who
03:13you ask and down there we have five 55
03:16gallon drums of water which is 275
03:19gallons but you are about to witness
03:21some extreme energy transfer yeah
03:25all right
03:34was about right we are ready to rock and
03:36roll now all I have to do is just uh
03:38pull back this giant hammer
03:43it's my first time shooting this thing
03:45so uh for at least the first shot up I'm
03:48gonna hide behind an engine block you
03:50know because reasons okay here we go
03:58all right
04:57look she's all this
04:59I wonder how many we made it through
05:10looks like
05:14looks like we stopped in number three
05:17it is probably inside that 55 gallon
05:19barrel and let's inspect the gun here
05:23it's looking pretty solid
05:26I mean I would expect nothing less it
05:28weighs 150 pounds okay back to the first
05:32jug look at this split
05:35that is absolutely insane this plastic
05:37is super thick
05:40here's number two
05:43and there's also split pretty good
05:46number three and then over here
05:50number four has a pretty big dent in it
05:54down there that was an insane amount of
05:56energy and if you're wondering just how
05:58much energy we're looking at over 25
06:01000 foot-pounds of muzzle energy
06:03also if you're wondering where I am
06:06today this is my second range this will
06:09be my permanent range probably here in
06:12the next year but today I thought we
06:14would break it in with a punt gun
06:20it's right there
06:22you can see it perfectly
06:34at that that is
06:40well that was the 7 000 grain lead ball
06:43let's try out some other rounds
06:46enjoying this video we'll make sure you
06:49don't miss out on any future punt gun
06:51action by hitting that subscribe button
06:54do it do it
06:56time Fury here is loaded up with no
06:59number 12 shot those are tiny little
07:02pellets and a 12 gauge you're looking at
07:04about 1500 pellets Fury here will hold
07:08over 23
07:10000 pellets this should be quite a
07:12spread not going to stand behind the
07:15truck this time I'm going to get the
07:16full effect here we go
07:21oh my God
07:45okay well we were supposed to have a
07:48but we were still kind of close
07:52I do not well no we did
07:54we have some pellets here on this but it
07:58seems like the majority of them stayed
08:00together and punched this 55 gallon drum
08:04of water so many little pellets are on
08:07this thing I mean it is just completely
08:15number 12 shot
08:17that was pretty impressive
08:20but I think this next round is going to
08:23be even more impressive
08:25so this is double lot buck that is the
08:28same size as a nine millimeter bullet a
08:3112 gauge shell holds about nine
08:34Fury here holds a 140 of those things
08:37he's loaded up and ready to go I am very
08:41excited to see what happens when we
08:42blast this jug
08:54all right here we go
09:00oh my gosh
09:55energy transfer
09:57that did a whole lot better of a job
09:59than that number 12 shot look at this
10:02just blew an absolute hole in the front
10:05of this thing look at all of these
10:09440 pounds hit it like an NFL linebacker
10:15wow it did not make it all the way
10:17through it
10:18there are some
10:21little little marks on the back where it
10:22almost did
10:33ah it's just full
10:36of pellets and they are all smushed
10:45all right for this last shot we are
10:48going to be loaded up with a wax slug
10:51this should be pretty eventful
10:56last shot of the day and I guarantee you
10:59it's going to be a good one here we go
11:25dude when that thing goes off it is just
11:29such a different sound like it's a thud
11:32just hits you in the chest look at this
11:35that wax flood was not playing around
11:41look at the grass just all this
11:45smoke in the grass
11:47all right well that's gonna be it for
11:49today's video what do you think about
11:52Fury the punt gun let me know in the
11:55comment section down below along with
11:57what would you like to see me blast with
12:00this thing first this project was over a
12:03year in the making so I really hope you
12:05enjoyed it if you did do me a favor and
12:08give it a like and if you're not
12:09subscribed to Kentucky ballistics and
12:11you want to see more content like this
12:13hit that subscribe button also be sure
12:15and check me out on patreon Facebook
12:16Instagram and Twitter Lisa always be
12:19found in the description down below
12:20along with a link to just in case you
12:23want to pick up a shirt and as always my
12:26name is
12:27for watching Kentucky ballistics
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How powerful is the punt gun showcased in the video?

The punt gun, named Fury, is the largest and most powerful shotgun, capable of firing over a pound of shot or a one-pound lead ball with 23,000 pellets. It produces an incredible 800 pounds of recoil, showcasing its immense power.

2. What is the destructive capability of the punt gun showcased in the video?

The punt gun showcased in the video demonstrates its destructive capabilities by blasting through multiple 55-gallon drums of water. The immense power of the gun is evident in its ability to cause such extensive damage.

3. Who presents the massive punt gun in the video?

Scott from Kentucky Ballistics presents the massive punt gun in the video, showcasing its incredible power and destructive capabilities.

4. What is the recoil force produced by the punt gun in the video?

The punt gun, named Fury, produces an incredible 800 pounds of recoil, demonstrating the immense force with which it fires. The recoil adds to the dramatic display of its power.

5. How much shot can the punt gun fire and what is the size of the lead ball it can shoot?

The punt gun showcased in the video is capable of firing over a pound of shot or a one-pound lead ball with 23,000 pellets, highlighting its immense firepower and destructive potential.

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