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The video explores the origins of the demon Valak as portrayed in the Conjuring cinematic universe, discussing its connection to real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and its depiction in the movies. It reveals that Valak is a fictional creation based on a spectral entity that haunted Lorraine Warren's house and that its appearance as a demonic nun is a creative choice by the filmmakers. The video also mentions the absence of Valak's seal and the inclusion of snake imagery in the movie.
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The Conjuring Cinematic Universe is based on the real-life paranormal investigations of Ed and Lorraine Warren.
The movies in the Conjuring Cinematic Universe revolve around chilling demonic entities.
Ed Warren was a self-taught demonologist and Lorraine Warren was a professed medium and clairvoyant.
They founded the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952 and claimed to have investigated thousands of hauntings.
Valak, the demon in The Conjuring 2 and The Nun, originates from 1950s Romania where it attacks nuns who try to retrieve an ancient Christian relic.
Valak appears as a twisted Nun in the premonitions of Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring 2.
The origins of Valak are explored in the prequel movie titled 'The Nun', set in 1950s Romania.
Two nuns are attacked by an evil entity when they try to retrieve the relic from the tunnels under the monastery.
One nun is devoured by the entity while the other, Sister Victoria, hangs herself to avoid being possessed.
The abbey was built in the Dark Ages and used by the Duke of St. Carta, who summoned the demon Valak through a rift in the catacombs; the rift was reopened during World War II, unleashing the evil entity.
The abbey was built in the Dark Ages and used by the Duke of St. Carta, who was obsessed with the occult.
The Duke summoned the demon Valak through a rift in the catacombs.
Christian Knights killed the Duke and sealed the rift with a vial of the Blood of Christ.
During World War II, the bombings reopened the rift, unleashing the evil entity.
The real Lorraine Warren never encountered a demonic nun, but rather a spectral entity that haunted her house.
James Wan, the director of the Conjuring movies, stated that there was never a prominent effect of a 'nun' on the real Lorraine Warren.
The villainous figure in the movie wears the costume of an evil-looking nun to conflict with Lorraine's Catholic faith.
The demonic vision in the movie attacks Lorraine's faith, which was the idea behind the iconographic image of a holy icon.
The video discusses Valak's Seal and the connection between the movie and the Lesser Key of Solomon.
Each demon in the Lesser Key of Solomon has a unique Seal required for summoning.
The movie does not feature Valak's Seal, possibly because no one is trying to summon Valak.
Father Burke's research includes demonic images, particularly those featuring snakes, linking Valak to the Lesser Key of Solomon.
The movie portrays Valak as the Nun, distancing itself from the Valak described in the Lesser Key of Solomon.
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00:13So, it’s pretty simple really. The actual  Valak from demonology as we know it isn’t  
00:18really that evil - I mean, it just  helps people find treasure and tells  
00:23them to avoid snakes. Your Valak isn’t  really Valak at all… it’s…. I mean it’s  
00:29got the snake thing wormed in there,  but it’s not really the same thing.
00:32You’re not telling me something
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01:02For any horror movie enthusiast, it’s pretty hard  to ignore the Conjuring Cinematic Universe by  
01:07James Wan, which primarily focuses around chilling  demonic entities that are often thwarted by the  
01:13paranormal investigative couple; Ed and Lorraine  Warren. Perhaps what makes these movies so  
01:19compelling isn’t stellar dialogue or concrete plot  (trust me), but more so the idea that the movies  
01:25do hinge on real-life events - that is, if you  subscribe to the ideas put forth in the 1970s by  
01:32the real life Ed and Lorraine Warren. Indeed, the  paranormal investigators in the conjuring movies  
01:38played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga were  actually based on real paranormal investigators.  
01:44Ed Warren, a self taught demonologist  and lecturer and Lorraine Warren,  
01:49a professed medium and clairvoyant claimed to  have actually investigated thousands of hauntings  
01:54during their career under the New England Society  for Psychic Research, which they founded in 1952.  
02:02In many of their books, they detail  their paranormal investigations and  
02:06provide insights into many of their cases  involving ghosts, spirits and demonic activity.
02:13Now, the most famous case of the Warrens  that many will already be aware of was the  
02:17demonically possessed Annabelle doll - a creepy,  porcelain nightmare that not only really existed,  
02:23but is also an iconic centrepiece  within the Conjuring Universe.  
02:27But considering the real life Warrens were said  to be dealing with thousands of paranormal cases,  
02:32there is no shortage of strange and  wicked entities that can be derived  
02:36from their investigations and better yet, there  appears to be plenty of material for James Wann  
02:41to use to continue to retell the lives of Ed and  Lorraine Warren and extend the Conjuring Universe.  
02:48Furthermore, it’s with these spooky spectres  that Ed and Lorraine were said to actually  
02:53deal with that we get the subject of today’s  episode of Fright Night - the demon Valak.
02:59Valak’s presence in the Conjuring movies  isn’t only unsettling, but its distinctively  
03:05gruesome appearance cements it, at least in  my mind, as a visually striking antagonist.  
03:11It appears as a pale-faced nun, which not only  serves as its primary disguise in the movies,  
03:16but also becomes an integral part of its  horrifying presence. Normally, one might  
03:22associate a nun with innocence, purity and or  even safety, but with this design, the visual  
03:29connotation of the nun is hijacked and replaced  with something far more menacing and evil.  
03:36With this hijacking, those who are devout not only  lose one of their more pious symbols of the nun,  
03:41but are secondarily attacked by it. It becomes  a cruel mockery of one’s faith by adopting the  
03:48guise of the nun and with that, the demon in this  instance takes something holy and makes it wicked.  
03:55This is something I found quite  visually striking about Valak.  
03:59Aside from its gaunt, pale face, yellow  malevolent eyes, nightmarish fanged mouth  
04:05and claw like hands, the use of the tattered  and worn habit shows us that the demon cannot  
04:11be stopped by even the holiest of people, it can  infiltrate and hide amongst even the consecrated  
04:16and it will use the very ideals and properties  of one's religion to taunt and terrorise them.
04:23Now, we first see Valak in the form of this  twisted Nun appear in the Conjuring 2 which  
04:28takes place in the 1970s, where it appears in  the premonitions of Lorraine Warren - those  
04:34that show her graphic interpretations  of her husband’s death. However,  
04:38to really understand Valek as far as the movie  universe goes, it’s worth knowing the origins  
04:43of the demonic entity which takes place in 1950’s  Romania, in the prequel movie titled ‘The Nun’.
04:52So, the story starts in 1952 Romania where two  nuns living at Saint Cartha’s monastery (a real  
04:58place by the way), are attacked by an unseen evil  entity. Apparently, this wicked spirit didn’t  
05:05want the nuns going into the tunnels under the  monastery to retrieve an ancient Christian relic.  
05:11One of the nuns who has the key to open the  passage of relic gets devoured by the entity,  
05:16the other one (a Sister Victoria)  grabs the key and legs it. However,  
05:22realising that she can’t defeat the entity,  (which is shown to us to be demonic looking  
05:26nun) and knowing that the entity will probably  possess her next, Sister Victoria hangs herself.
05:33Her body is discovered by comic relief  ‘Frenchie’ - who’s French Canadian, not French  
05:40(for some reason they hammer this in  there like it’s paramount to the plot).  
05:44Frenchie, a villager who lives in Romania is  something of a delivery boy for the monastery  
05:49and the surrounding area. So, him finding the  body of the nun isn’t treated as suspicious…  
05:55he just moves the body and doesn’t  call the police. But whatever.
06:01I really don’t know how the legal system  worked in 1952 Romania, but in the movie,  
06:06there are no police, detectives or anyone official  investigating not only the disappearance of the  
06:12first nun who got dragged away, but the  rather graphic hanging of Sister Victoria.  
06:17Instead, the Vatican randomly gets involved  and decides to send Father Burke, along with  
06:23Sister Irene - a nun who hasn’t taken her  vows yet, to investigate the situation.
06:29So, Father Burke and Sister Irene head  to Romania and meet Frenchie who shows  
06:34them where in the monastery he found Sister  Victoria’s hanging body. Here, they discover  
06:39that very same key Sister Victoria had when she  died - the one that opens the passageway to the  
06:45ancient Christian relic that will defeat  the evil here in the monastery. Frenchie  
06:51ominously notes that when he moved her body,  it wasn’t placed quite the way he had left it. 
06:56After this, they go to meet the Abbess who  informs them that even though they’re here on  
07:01Vatican business, now’s not a good time because  everyone’s observing a period of silence and  
07:07that they should stay overnight at the lodging  attached to the convent. Frenchie is attacked  
07:12by the demonic nun on his way home, but after a  narrow escape, he makes it back to his village. 
07:19Now, Father Burke begins to tell Sister Irene  that there was this boy named Daniel from his  
07:24past that he tried to exorcise, but that during  the ritual, the boy was injured by the demon and  
07:30died from his injuries. Having been unable to save  the boy, Father Burke has since carried the burden  
07:37of the boy’s death. This prompts sister Irene to  open up and she reveals that she had visions when  
07:43she was child that told her ‘Mary points the way’,  which caused the church to take interest in her. 
07:51That same night, Burke manages to stumble  into a boss battle with the demon,  
07:56but he doesn’t have the right gear equipped and  as a level 1 exorcist somehow gets buried alive.  
08:02Seriously, this guy is actually rubbish. But don’t worry! Sister Irene who was  
08:08sleeping miles away from the graveyard somehow  hears all this going on, realises Father Burke  
08:14is buried six feet under and manages to  save him. Mary points the way, I guess. 
08:19The next day, Sister Irene and Father Plot Armour  Burke return to the abbey to talk to the abbess,  
08:26but only Sister Irene can enter as it is  cloistered. Here, she meets some of the other  
08:31nuns and learns that they take shifts praying  in an effort to keep the evil entity away.  
08:37Seems like one of them missed their  shift last night then, doesn’t it?  
08:41A nun named Sister Oana tells Sister Irene that  the abbey was built in the Dark Ages and was used  
08:47by the Duke of St. Carta, a powerful man who was  obsessed with the occult. This Duke summoned the  
08:54demon through a rift in the catacombs, but at  some point, he was killed by Christian Knights,  
09:00who were able to seal the rift with a vial filled  with the Blood of Christ. However, during the  
09:06Bombings of World War II, the rift was reopened,  unleashing the evil entity from its prison.
09:13Burke does some research and finds  that the demon is known as Valek.  
09:18Here, he also has a conversation with the abbess,  
09:20only to realise that she isn’t real and  that she has been dead the whole time.
09:26Frenchie heads back to the abbey to help Sister  Irene and Father Burke. He also brings a shotgun. 
09:32Meanwhile, Sister Irene joins the other nuns in a  desperate prayer to ward off a full scale attack  
09:37by the demon Valak. Sister Irene even gets  a pentagram drawn into her back whilst she’s  
09:44praying and despite prayer literally doing nothing  to stop the demon, everyone keeps doing it anyway.  
09:50At some point, Frenchie saves Father Burke  and the two reunite with Sister Irene,  
09:55who tells them that she and the other nuns  have been praying to keep the demon away.  
10:00When she turns around however, there are no  nuns in the room and it appears that Sister  
10:05Irene has been praying by herself this whole time. Because none of the nuns are real. Plot twist! 
10:13It turns out Sister Victoria was the last real  nun in the abbey and that she had sacrificed  
10:19herself to stop Valak from possessing anyone else  and unleashing evil. Somehow, Sister Irene comes  
10:27up with the idea that if they use the key that  Sister Victoria died with, they can use it to  
10:32open the passage in the tunnels, get the ancient  Christian relic and use it against Valak. Gee,  
10:39I guess Mary pointed the way again! Sister Irene tells Father Burke that  
10:43now that this has all happened, she wants to  do her vows now and become a nun. Father Burke,  
10:49a sensible man, tells her that there’s no time  and that they should really get a move on in  
10:54finding this ancient Christian relic. Nah, just  kidding. He does the entire ceremony right there  
10:59and then for literally no reason other than to  make her a nun. Like, didn’t Valak just kill  
11:05off all the other nuns and now, your best  strategy is to then become a nun yourself? 
11:10(Mary points the way) Yeah, makes sense. 
11:13Our heroes make it to the tunnel door  (ominously titled, ‘God ends here’) and there,  
11:19they find the ancient Christian relic…. Which just  so happens to be the blood of Christ! As in the  
11:25actual blood of Jesus Christ. After this, Irene  is lured into a pentagram and possessed by Valak.  
11:32Valak is pretty much unstoppable, she has super  strength, she can manifest wherever she wants,  
11:37she even uses the force here! What the hell?! Butttt it’s nothing a bit of Jesus Christ  
11:42blood won’t fix as Frenchie is able  to smear the blood onto Sister Irene’s  
11:47face and cast Valak out of her body. Somewhere else, Father Burke is having  
11:52his own side quest battle with that  kid Daniel- the one he failed to save.  
11:57Why is the demon that possessed Daniel here in  Romania attacking Father Burke now of all times? 
12:03No idea! It’s probably Valak  
12:06recruiting other demons to use against the heroes,  or maybe Valak appearing at two places at once as  
12:12it possesses Irene and terrorises Father Burke.  Anyway, Daniel’s tongue becomes a snake and that  
12:19snake ends up biting Father Burke in the face  and pretty much taking him out of the equation. 
12:25Meanwhile, Valak starts  trying to drown Sister Irene. 
12:28Where did all this water even come from? Sneaky Sister Irene though was able to  
12:33drink some of the Blood of Christ, which she then  spits in the face of Valak, banishing it for good.  
12:40Frenchie then resucitates Sister Irerne and  tells her his real name is actually Maurice.  
12:46All three of our hapless heroes leave  Romania and ride off into the sunset….  
12:51Only, all is not as it seems, because Frenchie  has secretly been possessed by Valak himself,  
12:57which becomes clear by the inverted crucifix  that appears on the back of his neck. 
13:03The film then fast forwards to the 1970s where  we see a seminar taking place in Wakefield,  
13:09Massachusetts by Ed and Lorraine Warren. Carolyn  Perron, the mother from the first Conjuring movie,  
13:15is seen in attendance watching the footage  presented by Ed and Lorraine, who talk about the  
13:21possessed Maurice (or Frenchie as we better know  him) and how draining his exorcism was on the pair  
13:27of them. In fact, it is revealed that when Maurice  grabbed Loraine during the exorcism, he gave her  
13:33visions of Ed dying, causing Loraine to scream  in horror and lock herself away for eight days.  
13:41The events here with Carolyn Perron in  attendance lead onto the first Conjuring movie,  
13:46but the entity Valak would indeed return in  the second instalment in the Enfield haunting,  
13:51where the demon continued its reign of terror.
13:55I won’t go into too much detail about the  ‘Enfield Haunting’ featured in Conjuring 2,  
13:59but for those who haven’t seen the  movie, Lorraine Warren (after her  
14:03encounter with Maurice) continues  to have visions about Ed’s death,  
14:06as well as those that pertain to a  demonic nun (which we now know is Valak).  
14:12At some point, Ed and Lorraine are summoned to  London, Enfield in the 1970s where the Hodgson  
14:18family begin to experience strange paranormal  activity - particularly Janet Hodgson who had  
14:24used an ouija board. She begins to converse with  an angry elderly man in her dreams who appears to  
14:31be able to possess her and speak through her  with his own voice. It is revealed that this  
14:37is a man named ‘Bill Wilkins’, who had lived and  died in the Hodgson house before they moved in.
14:44As Ed and Lorraine investigate this case of Bill  Wilkins, Lorraine continues to have terrible  
14:49visions about Ed’s death and about the demonic  nun. These visions eventually lead Lorraine to  
14:55scribbling down the demon’s name (Valak) in her  bible. Much later in their investigation, Ed and  
15:01Lorraine discover that the spirit of Bill Wilkins  is not demonic, but merely a pawn being used by  
15:07the real demon behind the whole thing - this  of course being Valak in its demonic nun form.  
15:14Interestingly, it’s also revealed here that  Lorraine had her abilities blocked by Valak,  
15:19which not only prevented Lorraine from  grasping the truth behind the Hodgson mystery,  
15:23but also shows us just how powerful Valak is. Ed and Lorraine are able to save the possessed  
15:30Janet before she can be lured into killing  herself, however Valak continues to cause  
15:34mischief and even very nearly kills Ed. Lorraine,  recognising Ed’s momentary peril, is able to find  
15:42her bible in which she wrote the demon’s  name and call it out, thus gaining dominion  
15:48over Valak and condemning it back to hell. So, as far as the movie universe goes, Valak’s  
15:54reign of terror is thwarted by Ed and Lorraine  Warren, much as Annabelle was in those movies. But  
16:00what about the real life incidents of this ‘Valak’  according to the real life Ed and Lorraine Warren?
16:07Whilst there are many chronological  links between the real life Ed and  
16:10Lorraine Warren and the fictional Ed and  Lorraine Warren, it would appear that the  
16:14movies’ director James Wan really did take  some liberties when introducing ‘Valak’.  
16:20For one, it would appear that despite visiting  and investigating thousands of sites and cases,  
16:25Ed and Lorraine speak of a ‘spectral  nun’ only once throughout their career.  
16:31Ed and Lorraine’s son in law Tony Spera,  a paranormal researcher himself, claimed  
16:36that this transpired during an investigation in  the 1970s at Borley church, in Essex, England.  
16:43In Conversations With Ed and Lorraine Warren,  a book that details many of the paranormal  
16:47investigators’ cases in their own words, the  couple do speak of Borley Rectory and a nun  
16:53who was buried inside the very walls of the  building after it had been discovered that  
16:57she planned to break her vows and elope with a  monk. Allegedly, Lorraine Warren had come face  
17:04to face with the ghost one evening in the church  graveyard, though this seems to be the end of it.  
17:09Beyond this, any confrontation or animosity  between Lorraine Warren and a ‘spectral nun’,  
17:15demonic or otherwise, appears to have been  adapted purely for the Conjuring movies.
17:21As James Wan stated in an interview with tech and  pop culture website io9, there was never really  
17:27a ‘nun’ that had such a prominent effect on the  real Lorraine Warren, but rather, a mere ‘spectral  
17:33entity’ which had haunted her house, that appeared  as a ‘swirling tornado vortex with a hood.’
17:40He went on to say, ‘I had a  strong outlook on the whole movie,  
17:43but the one thing I wasn’t quite sure of  [was the design of the demon character]…  
17:49I felt like I was still discovering it. And  believe it or not, I always knew that I was  
17:53going to do additional photography. So  I was saving it because I was hoping I’d  
17:58discover what that thing would look like as I was  putting the movie together in post-production.’
18:03In the end, Wan decided to have the villainous  figure wear the costume of an evil-looking nun,  
18:09in an effort to conflict even further  with Lorraine’s Catholic faith.  
18:13He also notes of the villain’s character design,  ‘Because it is a demonic vision that haunts,  
18:19that only attacks her, I wanted something that  would attack her faith. [...] That was eventually  
18:25how the idea of this very iconographic  image of a holy icon cemented in my head.’
18:31So, as far as a demonic nun goes,  it seems apparent that there was  
18:36no such thing ever really associated  with the real life Lorraine Warren.  
18:40In fact, it should be noted that with all  the accounts investigated by the Warrens,  
18:44virtually none of them can actually  be verified. With this in mind,  
18:49sceptics have since dismissed Ed and Lorraine’s  investigations as having any real legitimacy.
18:55So, the demonic nun entity seen here is 100%  fictional - it doesn’t exist in any historical  
19:02accounts and doesn’t appear to have any reference  in ancient art. As all but confirmed by James Wan,  
19:08he made the whole nun thing up for the movie.  But what about the name Valak - where does  
19:14that come from? Did James Wan pull that  one out of his bag of tricks as well?
19:19Well, don’t go putting your crucifixes away just  
19:22yet because Valak the demon  isn’t as easily dismissed.
19:28The most famous mentions of Valac in demonology  comes from the anonymous grimoire ‘The Lesser Key  
19:34of Solomon’, particularly a section in this  book known as ‘Ars Goetia’, which features  
19:39descriptions of 72 demons and how to invoke them.  In this mid 17th century grimoire, we are told
19:47“Volac or Valak, or Valu, or Ualac - The  sixty-second Spirit is a President mighty  
19:56and great, and appeareth like a child with  angel’s wings, riding on a two-headed dragon.  
20:03His office is to give true answers of hidden  treasures, and to tell where serpents may be seen.  
20:09The which he will bring unto the exorciser without  any force or strength being by him employed.  
20:17He governeth thirty eight Legions  of Spirits, and his Seal is thus.”
20:23From this text alone, we can gather  that Valak was pretty high up in the  
20:28demonic hierarchy - a president  who is both mighty and great.  
20:34This actually places him amongst the likes of  other powerful demons such Marbas and Buer,  
20:39who appear much earlier in the grimoire as ‘Great  Presidents’ too. Perhaps this could warrant why  
20:46the Conjuring’s Valak is so powerful and why this  demon is able to cause the carnage that it does.  
20:52Not only does it demonstrate phenomenal powers  from super strength, illusions, teleportation  
20:58and even being able to mentally disempower  a powerful clairvoyant in Lorraine Warren,  
21:04but it also proves to be very versatile, being  able to survive even the blood of Christ.  
21:10Of course, when we consider the text alone,  Valak is not afforded these amazing super powers,  
21:16and instead is much more mundane  as far as special abilities go.  
21:21In fact, Valak doesn’t even take the  appearance of a nun as we can see here:
21:27Instead, the text shows and describes Valak  as a child with angel’s wings that sometimes  
21:33can be seen riding atop a two headed dragon.  I can imagine this being a CGI nightmare to  
21:38put together, so it makes sense why James Wan  went with something more obviously sinister,  
21:43like the nun. I also think that having a  child with angel’s wings doesn’t really convey  
21:50horror - in fact, it kinda makes me think of a  cherub - the exact opposite of horror. Although,  
21:56saying that, there are details in the biblical  story of Ezekiel, where Ezekiel sees cherubim  
22:02and they are terrifying to behold. He tells  us that their entire bodies were covered with  
22:07eyes and that they had three additional faces, one  that was human, one that was like a lion and one  
22:13that was like an eagle. So, maybe depicting Valak  in his angelic-child-like form wouldn’t have been  
22:21too bad - but getting the dragon he rides around  on would’ve probably been a bit of a stretch.
22:27It’s also possible that this is Valak’s  truest form, but that he adopts the form  
22:32of the nun because it knows it will have  a greater effect on the people it haunts.  
22:37Remember, this all takes place in an abbey, so  by adopting the form of a demonic nun, it would  
22:44go leaps and bounds to make the other nuns feel  like none of them were safe and that their God  
22:49had truly forsaken them, by allowing such evil to  adopt their own guise. Furthermore, as James Wan  
22:57specified, he wanted Valak to attack Lorraine  Warren with her own faith in the Conjuring 2,  
23:02so it would make some sense that Valak would  take the form of a nun to accomplish this.
23:08Like with many of the demons found in the  Lesser Key of Solomon, the demons were said  
23:12to be invoked by sorcerers to achieve specific  tasks. In this sense, the demons were helpful,  
23:18but their cooperation often came at a price.  Valak was therefore said to be summoned because  
23:24it could lead man to hidden treasures, or tell  man where he might find something valuable.  
23:30This gives us a clear indication as to why someone  might want to summon Valak, but we don’t see this  
23:36touched upon in the Conjuring Movies. As far as  I can tell, the only time Valak is ever summoned  
23:42is in Oanna’s flashback, as she describes to  Sister Irene that the Duke of St Carta (who  
23:48was obsessed with the Occult) attempted to bring  the demon into our world through a rift in the  
23:53monastery’s catacombs. We aren’t told exactly why  he wanted to summon Valak, but a possible idea is  
23:59because he was trying to use Valak to find hidden  treasure, which would coincide with the Lesser  
24:05Key of Solomon’s account. After this, no one ever  attempts to summon Valak again as it is bound and  
24:12sealed away by the Christian Knights and is only  freed thereafter as a result of the WW2 bombings.
24:19Valak, according to the Lesser Key of  Solomon, also has a secondary purpose and  
24:24that’s to reveal where serpents can be seen.  It’s somewhat vague, but it can be suggested  
24:30that Valak could be summoned by the sorcerer  for some kind of protection against snakes,  
24:35or that Valak would point out to the summoner  where the snakes were in a given terrain.  
24:41With this, the sorcerer might find an alternative  path or pick his way carefully through a specific  
24:47location as he avoided the serpents courtesy  of the demon. Again, we don’t see Valak offer  
24:53this same courtesy in the movie - I don’t think  Valak actually does anything nice in the movies  
24:58to be honest. But in the Nun, we do see Valak  manipulate serpents to terrorise his victims.  
25:05In at least two scenes, we see Father Burke have  to fend off serpents where in one case a snake  
25:11corners him into falling back into a grave, and  in another, it bites his face, taking him out of  
25:17the action. Considering Valak can reveal snakes  in the Lesser Key of Solomon, it’s not such a  
25:24stretch that he would be able to use them in  his bidding, as he is seen to do in the Nun.
25:29The Lesser Key of Solomon account concludes  by telling us that this is Valak’s Seal - that  
25:35which is required by the summoner in order  to successfully manifest the demon. Every  
25:40demon in the Lesser Key of Solomon has their own  unique Seal that is prerequisite for working with  
25:45them. Some accounts offer various stipulations,  prompting the summoner to wear the Seal or have it  
25:52etched into a certain material, but as far as the  Nun movie goes, the seal of Valak does not make  
25:58its appearance. Not even amongst the research  that Father Burke is seen to do. It’s probable  
26:04that because no one is trying to summon Valak, no  one would come across his Seal, but I thought it  
26:10would’ve been something worth having in the movie  as a little nod to the real life inspiration.
26:15On the topic of Father Burke’s research, we  do get some very interesting demonic looking  
26:20images from the papers he examines. In the  first shot, we see something quite unusual;  
26:26a demon with several animals exiting the mouth of  a snake. The next page also features a couple of  
26:33snake sketches, perhaps an effort to enrich the  link between Valak of the movie with Valak of the  
26:39Lesser Key of Solomon. We then see some generic  demonic illustrations followed by more sketches  
26:45of snakes, one of which is coiled around the human  skeleton and then one that’s coiled around itself.  
26:52Again, this is likely the movie hammering home  that connection to the Lesser Key of Solomon in  
26:58an effort to cement its Valak with serpents.  However, on the next page we do see Valak as  
27:04the Nun - which kinda makes it seem that this  is the true form of the demon and the movie’s  
27:11conscious choice to distance itself from  the Valak of the Lesser Key of Solomon.
27:16Aside from this, we also get to know what is  actually in these books that Father Burke reads,  
27:21as he tells us, ‘And out of the  ground formed every beast of the  
27:26field and every bird in the sky. What  ever the man called the demon creature,  
27:31that was its name. Valak The Defiler.  The Profane. The Marquis of Snakes.’
27:40Unfortunately, none of this seems congruent with  the original descriptions and writings of the  
27:44Lesser Key of Solomon. This is indeed the first  time we hear of the name ‘Valak,’ in the movie,  
27:49but the epithets of ‘Defiler,’ ‘Profane’ and  ‘Marquis of Snakes’ are not things that the  
27:55Lesser Key of Solomon speaks of regarding  this particular demon. The original text  
28:00makes no indication that Valak is a ‘Defiler’ of  sorts, unless you consider the dragon he rides  
28:06around on which may be conducive to some kind of  destruction. I suppose, what good is a dragon that  
28:12can’t cause a bit of mayhem? The suggestion that  Valak is ‘Profane’ doesn’t suit the Lesser Key of  
28:18Solomon’s Valak either, considering this demon  actually seems kind of helpful in its efforts  
28:23to show men where treasure is and point out where  the snakes might be. The final title ‘Marquis of  
28:30Snakes’ is perhaps the closest to being accurate,  considering Valak’s affinity with snakes, but by  
28:37calling him a Marquis, it does do a disservice  to his role as a ‘Mighty and Great President’.
28:43So, as we can expect with most big budget horror  movies these days, liberties are indeed taken,  
28:49but that’s not to say it isn’t always a  good thing. For one, I’m definitely a lot  
28:55more terrified of Nun Valak then I think I  could ever be of baby-faced Cherub Valak.  
29:01In any case, Valak has come to stand as a  testament to the Conjuring’s evolving story  
29:05and has indeed become almost iconised in the  Horror scene for its ominous appearance alone.  
29:12Although it is a considerable departure from its  origins in demonology, its cinematic portrayal  
29:17certainly achieves its objective; making us  feel uneasy and tickling our curiosity just  
29:23long enough to ask, ‘could this entity  be a real life demon?’ and ‘Am I safe?’
29:30As always guys, if you’ve enjoyed today’s  episode of Fright Night Friday, then don’t  
29:34forget to give this video a like and don’t forget  to subscribe for more content just like this!
29:39Until next time!
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the origin of the demon Valak in the Conjuring cinematic universe?

The demon Valak in the Conjuring cinematic universe is a fictional creation based on a spectral entity that haunted Lorraine Warren's house. The appearance of Valak as a demonic nun is a creative choice by the filmmakers.

2. How is Valak connected to real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren?

Valak is connected to real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren through the haunting of Lorraine Warren's house by a spectral entity that inspired the fictional creation of Valak in the movies.

3. What does the absence of Valak's seal in the movie imply?

The absence of Valak's seal in the movie indicates that the filmmakers took creative liberties in depicting Valak as a demonic nun, deviating from historical or traditional portrayals.

4. Why was snake imagery included in the depiction of Valak in the movie?

Snake imagery was included in the depiction of Valak in the movie to emphasize its malevolent and sinister nature, adding to the overall eerie and menacing atmosphere.

5. How does the portrayal of Valak in the movies differ from its real-life inspiration?

The portrayal of Valak in the movies differs from its real-life inspiration as a spectral entity that haunted Lorraine Warren's house, with the filmmakers opting for a creative and visually impactful depiction as a demonic nun.

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