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The video provides a critical analysis of the V Shred training program, discussing its use of body type quizzes based on outdated science, fat-phobic messaging, and questionable weight loss tactics such as carb cycling. The speaker highlights concerns about the company's approach to promoting rapid weight loss and its emphasis on fear-mongering tactics to sell its products. Additionally, the video questions the sustainability and practicality of the methods advocated by V Shred for achieving fitness goals.
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V Shred is a training program that offers different programs for different body types based on the concept of somatotypes.
V Shred offers programs like fat loss extreme for him, ripped in 90, honed in 90, and V Shred accelerator plus.
They use a body type quiz to determine the appropriate diet and exercises for each individual.
The concept of somatotypes is not supported by exercise science and was proposed by a psychologist who conducted research through taking nude photos of students.
The speaker discusses their perspective on weight, activity level, and body goals.
The speaker doesn't weigh themselves because they don't believe it reflects their overall health.
They take around 10,000 steps a day on average and work out three times a week.
They express frustration with the quiz's focus on activity level and the use of the term "tone".
The speaker mentions wanting to lose 5 to 10 pounds and tone their stomach, butt, and arms.
To see fast weight loss results, it is important to avoid extreme calorie restriction and focus on maintaining a caloric deficit.
Many women believe that lowering calorie intake will lead to weight loss, but it is unsustainable and difficult to stick to.
When you restrict your body of essential nutrients for too long, you may experience a weight loss plateau and end up quitting.
Leptin, a hormone released when you eat food, plays a role in efficiently burning calories.
Carb cycling is a healthy and efficient way to reduce body fat fast by tricking your body into mobilizing fat and boosting metabolism.
Starvation mode occurs when the body is not getting the nutrients it needs, which can cause an imbalance of hormones and make weight loss difficult.
Carb cycling is a scientifically proven method that involves alternating between high and low carbohydrate intake to mobilize fat from stubborn areas.
Depleting carbs for too long can cause the body to produce less leptin and slow down metabolism, so it's important to cycle carbs to maintain a healthy metabolism.
The science behind V Shred is outdated and fat-phobic, and the explanation of hormones is incorrect.
The overall vibe is fat-phobic and outdated.
The explanation of leptin and ghrelin hormones is incorrect.
Hunger should not be demonized, and the idea of starvation mode is a myth.
The speaker criticizes the fear-mongering tactics and impracticality of carb cycling for weight loss.
Weight gain after indulging in a meal is mostly water weight, not fat.
Carb cycling is an advanced tool that most people don't need and may not have time for.
Rapid weight loss is not sustainable in the long term.
The speaker questions the long-term success of before and after photos.
00:00I'm not sure why but I feel like I've
00:01seen a big Resurgence of the company V
00:04shred over the past few months I saw
00:06them a lot a few years ago they
00:08disappeared into the darkness and now
00:09they've come back and if you don't know
00:11what V shred is let's break it down
00:12v-shred is a world-class training
00:14program that promises results built for
00:17your body some of their programs include
00:19fat loss extreme for him ripped in 90
00:22honed in 90 and V shred accelerator plus
00:26so yeah now you'll also see at the top
00:30of their home page there's a body type
00:31quiz so they can tell you exactly the
00:33type of diet and exercises you need now
00:35before we go in and actually take the
00:37quiz I want to explain to you what
00:39they're referencing fee shred's entire
00:41principle is based off of
00:43stomatotypes somodo types I think
00:46stomatotypes the reason I don't know how
00:47to say that is because you don't learn
00:49about it if you study exercise science
00:51so this is the idea that every person is
00:53born as one of three body types
00:55ectomorph mesomorph or endomorph
00:57ectomorphs are long and lean they have
01:00very little body fat and also little
01:01muscle they typically have a hard time
01:03gaining weight endomorphs typically have
01:06a lot of body fat and a lot of muscle
01:08and they typically gain weight pretty
01:09easily and then finally you have
01:11mesomorphs who are athletic solid and
01:13strong and they can both gain and lose
01:15weight or fat or muscle without much
01:17effort and then from there there have
01:18been so many different speculations on
01:21the best way to eat and train if you
01:22fall into one of these three categories
01:24or really not if just depending on which
01:27category you fall into now here's the
01:32first of all this idea was proposed by a
01:35psychologist in case you couldn't put it
01:37together psychologists don't receive any
01:40education in exercise science now
01:42another side issue is that the
01:43psychologist garnered all of his
01:45research by taking nude photos of
01:47different students so
01:49that's weird I think it was part of like
01:51a study I think they signed up for it it
01:53was in the 40s so I don't know but he
01:54called them like postural photos and
01:57then the final issue is that this all
01:58kind of means nothing in terms of like
02:00athletic ability right so this
02:02psychologist but he was really trying to
02:04do was correlate personality to body
02:06type not athleticism not exercise
02:09selection not nutritional needs just
02:12literally seeing if there's a
02:13correlation between the way that your
02:15body looked and your personality not its
02:17effects on performance or health and
02:19look while there are definitely genetic
02:21factors that play a role in your
02:24athletic performance where you store fat
02:26how quickly you gain muscle it's not as
02:29rigid as these three body type
02:31classifications make it seem what's that
02:33saying it's always like genetics do
02:36something but then lifestyle pulls the
02:40we'll have to look up what that is
02:43there it is genetics loads the gun
02:45lifestyle pulls the trigger now with any
02:49concept like this that even might have
02:51the teeniest bit of science backing
02:54someone's going to take it and run with
02:56it and that my friends is where V shred
02:58comes in Warren take this quiz together
02:59I have not done this yet so I hope it's
03:04entertaining and informative and that I
03:07don't get hit with a paywall take the
03:09free body type quiz to find out exactly
03:10what diet and exercises will get you the
03:12best results I am a female what is your
03:15age range 30s I'm going to be 34 in a
03:18week height five foot one weight we're
03:22gonna blow this part out I actually
03:23don't even know this number we're going
03:25to say about there in case you don't
03:27know I don't weigh myself because it
03:28doesn't serve my goals and I also
03:30continue to associate a higher number as
03:32bad and a lower number is good and that
03:34is not telling me the full picture of my
03:36health so I just don't step on the scale
03:37how active are you I wish I had more of
03:40a definition I don't know I take 10 000
03:42steps a day on average
03:44I work out for myself three times a week
03:46is that moderate I feel like the whole
03:48quiz like hinges on this question we're
03:51gonna go with moderately active which
03:53best describes you
03:56barf all of this oh God okay I'm soft
04:03I need to lose five to ten pounds and
04:05tone up my stomach butt and arms we're
04:08also missing a comma there I have 20
04:10pounds or more fat I really need to lose
04:12while building sexy muscle tone Oh what
04:16year is it I'm skinny I need to add some
04:18toned muscle while burning that stubborn
04:21fat in certain areas and I would look
04:27the coach in me is horrified the content
04:30creator is me is thrilled this is so
04:33gross I think the number one thing is
04:35just like
04:38no there's so many there's so many
04:40things so first of all we're doing this
04:42in third person right these are so mean
04:45I mean I guess you could talk meaner to
04:47yourself like I have for sure but like I
04:49don't know these could have been phrased
04:51so much differently if we're like
04:52talking in the third person like
04:54planting these thoughts in in a
04:56potential client's head but I guess you
04:58know what to sell them that product you
04:59want to be like yeah you are pretty soft
05:01all right and then I think the biggest
05:02thing is just like the constant use of
05:04the word tone literally what year is it
05:06I guess this has been around for a long
05:07time so they haven't really updated but
05:09your muscle is toned like there's not
05:12like saggy muscle right when we're
05:14talking about muscle tone or toned
05:17muscle all that really means is that you
05:20are losing body fat to see the muscle in
05:24that area like you're just you just have
05:26less body fat God I have to pick one now
05:31and I guess this I'm soft I'm soft in
05:34this video Vince sand best-selling
05:36Fitness author celebrity trainer and
05:38cover model shares three crucial fixes
05:40specifically for your body type and
05:42fitness goals you can start using today
05:44okay so you are falling into these soft
05:47category which means that you have some
05:50body fat covering your body and it
05:51probably seems like it likes to hang out
05:53in your most annoying areas like your
05:55lower belly or your Pooch as my mom used
05:58to call it or your thighs or your lower
06:00back and you're just looking to get rid
06:02of that and actually start looking lean
06:05and toned well it's an exciting goal and
06:07believe it or not it's super attainable
06:09so stick with me for a few minutes
06:11because by the end of this video you are
06:12going to learn three simple fixes that
06:15you can start doing today that are going
06:16to make it super easy for you to say
06:19goodbye to your soft out of shape
06:22looking body and hello to your new slim
06:24and tone body not only that I'm going to
06:26show you how to do it without starving
06:28yourself and I'm going to reduce your
06:30cardio down to almost nothing does that
06:32sound good to you I thought it might
06:34after helping thousands of women Shed
06:37off that soft outer layer and replace it
06:40with something that they're actually
06:41proud of patterns quickly started to
06:44emerge from the emails and the questions
06:45that they would leave on social medias
06:48and emails over and over I constantly
06:50hear Vince no matter how low I drop my
06:53calories I don't lose any weight I
06:54literally feel like I am starving half
06:57the time yet I see no physical change in
06:59the mirror or I hear Vince when I first
07:01started dieting I would drop a few
07:03pounds on the scale and then the second
07:05I would start eating normally again
07:07since all these diets are so restrictive
07:09I gain it all back if not more so if
07:13that sounds like you let's put a stop to
07:15that let's get you on the right path
07:16right now and listen you're going to
07:19want to write these down I'm about to
07:21share a few things with you that if you
07:24start doing these today I guarantee that
07:27you will see a drastic change on the
07:28scale and in the mirror this week
07:31they're that effective and you can
07:32actually consider yourself pretty lucky
07:34because your body type of Fitness goal
07:36of weight loss is one of the easiest to
07:38see fast results your clothes are going
07:40to fit better you'll see changes in the
07:42mirror almost immediately and you'll for
07:44sure see a smaller number when you step
07:46on the scale just by doing a few simple
07:49but incredibly effective tweaks to your
07:52strategy here they are the first thing I
07:54want you to do is stop starving yourself
07:57like I said it's become all too common
07:59for women to just believe that as long
08:01as you lower your calorie intake you
08:03lose weight and the issue other than the
08:06fact that you simply won't stick to it
08:07and I say that because of the number of
08:10female clients that I've helped to wear
08:12in your exact position before this is
08:14that this is true to a degree if you are
08:16in what is known as a caloric deficit
08:18meaning your daily caloric expenditure
08:20through rest and activity is higher than
08:22your intake you will lose weight some
08:24call this calories and versus calories
08:27out and it's true but the second you
08:30take that deficit too far and you
08:32restrict your body of essential nutrient
08:34for too long which is what most people
08:37do when they start dieting things take a
08:40turn for the worst and this is when and
08:42why you experience a weight loss plateau
08:45and end up quitting what happens is when
08:49you eat food there's a hormone release
08:51called leptin and this is what you could
08:53call your fat burning hormones primary
08:56responsibilities to tell your brain that
08:58you are getting enough nutrients
09:00throughout the day to continue burning
09:03calories efficiently
09:05but then another one of his most
09:06important roles is to tell your body
09:08that you are full because on the other
09:10side of it there's a hormone in your
09:11body called Grayling and it has the
09:15complete opposite effect on your body
09:17not only does of hunger throughout the
09:19day that's because your body has been
09:22producing too much ghrelin and too
09:25little leptin so when this happens not
09:27only do you get excruciating feeling of
09:29hunger almost painful sometimes but I
09:32can't stop the video slows down and your
09:34fat storage goes through the roof this
09:36is why it feels like everything you eat
09:39just gets stored as fat in all the wrong
09:43it does and this is also why whenever
09:45you start diving you lose a couple
09:48pounds in the beginning but then you hit
09:50a wall and then you binge eat and you
09:52gain it all back if not more and I say
09:54if not more because your metabolism is
09:57now slowed down even more because one of
09:59the main benefits of leptin is a boost
10:01in your metabolic rate but when you
10:03decrease the rate of production for the
10:05hormone responsible for telling your
10:07brain that you're getting enough
10:08calories to continue burning calories
10:11your metabolic rate slows down and you
10:13start burning less and less calories
10:15every day from the same amount of
10:18activity this is when you find yourself
10:21working out only to not gain weight
10:24rather than actually seeing significant
10:26weight loss because let me tell you your
10:28brain's not worried about losing 20
10:31pounds to look good for vacation just
10:33worried about surviving and if there's a
10:35shock to your system where you're not
10:37getting the nutrients that you need
10:38every day it goes into what is known as
10:40starvation mode and this is what makes
10:43you think that you have bad genetics
10:44it's not your genetics when really it's
10:46just an imbalance of hormones that can
10:49be reset quite easily which I'll get to
10:51here in a second but aside from all that
10:54sciency stuff let's say we were in some
10:57magical land where starvation diets did
10:59work okay not eating food is not
11:03sustainable I know it's not you know
11:05it's not we all love food we all get
11:07Cravings we all get asked to go out to
11:09eat with our friends or our family every
11:10once in a while so in order to enjoy
11:13life without the frustration of weighing
11:15three more pounds the next day I'm gonna
11:18recommend to you what I recommended to
11:19thousands of other women who were once
11:21in your exact position it's called carb
11:25cycling and it's been scientifically
11:27proven to be one of the most efficient
11:29but most importantly one of the
11:31healthiest ways to reduce body fat fast
11:34so if you've been searching for that
11:36magic bullet for rapid weight loss this
11:39is as close as you're gonna get and it's
11:40annoyingly easy what it does is trick
11:43your body into mobilizing your fat from
11:45your most stubborn areas for energy
11:47while boosting your metabolism how I'm
11:51glad you asked so your body has two main
11:53fuel sources first are carbs second are
11:55fats well when your carbs are depleted
11:57meaning there's none left in your tank
11:59you've used them all up your body starts
12:01using up your fat for fuel now you might
12:04be thinking great I'm never eating carbs
12:05again well the issue is if you leave
12:08your carbs depleted for too long you
12:10start producing less and less leptin and
12:12your metabolism slows down and you not
12:15only stop burning fat but you start
12:17storing more from whatever you do eat so
12:20to fix this on both ends what carb
12:22cycling does is take you through a
12:23series of low or no carb days moderate
12:26carb days and high carb days throughout
12:28the week with specific amounts of carbs
12:29depending on your body so on the low or
12:32no carb and the moderate carb days your
12:34body basically grabs from your fat
12:36stores for energy but on high carb days
12:39you produce an overload of leptin from
12:42the pastas with the mashed potatoes
12:44you're eating therefore
12:45skyrocketing your metabolism for a few
12:48days only to drop back to low carbon
12:49intern turn start burning calories from
12:53fat even faster and like I said this
12:55sounds way more difficult than it
12:56actually is our past clients have been
12:59blown away with how easy and enjoyable
13:01this method really is to implement into
13:03the busy schedules and I say enjoyable
13:05for two reasons one obviously because of
13:08the weight loss of the experience but
13:10two because of how full they feel all
13:13the time and hang on I already know
13:14you're about to doubt me and say oh yeah
13:17I bet you feel full all the time and why
13:19shouldn't you you've probably never been
13:21on a diet that actually leaves you food
13:23and with that being said it's time for
13:26tip number two it's time for you to
13:28actually start feeling satiated
13:30throughout the day and that is by
13:32increasing your fat intake which is also
13:35the backbone behind burning effect now
13:37before you freak out contrary to popular
13:40belief due to outdated research fats are
13:42I'm sorry I can't I can't watch anymore
13:44I I have so many notes I if if you would
13:48like to take that survey and watch the
13:50whole thing I'm I'm gonna jump out of my
13:52skin because there's no pause button and
13:53that was only tip number two of three so
13:57okay there's a number of things here
13:59number one this is so outdated the
14:02science is so outdated okay just the
14:04overall Vibe right off the bat is very
14:07like have you been trying forever to get
14:09rid of your disgust belly pooch we know
14:12it's gross you should not have that and
14:14you're not alone because thousands of
14:16people end up in our inbox every single
14:18day telling us how disgusting their
14:20belly pooch is between the fact that
14:23most of the people they were showing on
14:25there were very normal looking women it
14:28all felt really fat phobic nothing in
14:31there had to do with health everything
14:33in there had to do with getting rid of
14:35your belly pooch and the number on the
14:37scale so then the thing that really made
14:39me realize I need to be taking notes was
14:41his explanation of what leptin and
14:44ghrelin are I actually might be saying
14:46that wrong he says it differently than
14:47me essentially leptin is the hormone
14:49that is released when you are full and
14:52ghrelin is the hormone that's released
14:53when you're hungry very simple two very
14:55important hormones right he number one
14:58Brands these as either like fat burning
15:02hormones or fat storage hormones which
15:05is just not what they are and number two
15:07he's just completely demonizing ghrelin
15:09when like I I don't understand as a
15:12society why hunger is seen as this thing
15:15that like it should never happen we have
15:17to squash our hunger we have to suppress
15:19our hunger God forbid we feel hungry
15:21because then we'll eat
15:24oh my God these are two normal hormones
15:27that if you are releasing them and then
15:29also can actually identify them that's
15:31actually a skill that most people don't
15:32have and if you can do those two things
15:34your body's functioning normally all
15:36right then he talks about starvation
15:37mode which I was like waiting for the
15:39whole time because I knew that's where
15:40it was going this has been proven to be
15:42like a myth essentially the idea behind
15:44the starvation mode and I think I
15:46blacked out so I didn't really
15:47understand how he explained it but the
15:49concept is that if you eat too little
15:51your metabolism slows way down and then
15:53you'll just either not lose weight or
15:55you'll actually gain more weight which
15:57makes no sense and I just want you to
15:59think about this logically if you go to
16:01like a third world country where people
16:04are literally starving are you gonna
16:07find fat people there editing Justina
16:09here I want to be clear that I'm not
16:11using the word fat in a derogatory way
16:13I'm using it as a neutral term you know
16:15another example that Jordan science has
16:17given before and I'm putting this on him
16:19because he is Jewish he lived in Israel
16:21for a long time this is his people not
16:23mine but he gives this example people in
16:26Holocaust camps were literally starving
16:29were they fat like if you were literally
16:31starving you you wouldn't be gaining
16:33weight the thing that people get
16:35misconstrued about with starvation mode
16:38is that if you eat very little you will
16:41lower your metabolic rate because your
16:43body goes great we don't have a lot of
16:45energy to expend so we're just gonna
16:46hold on to it but your body can only do
16:48that so much right like if you have like
16:50five calories a day your body needs more
16:52than five calories a day to function so
16:55you will be in a calorie deficit I mean
16:57I don't know who's eating five calories
16:58a day but I'm just getting heated okay
16:59then we talk more about like resetting
17:03not only no just how about we leave this
17:06at like out of your scope of practice Mr
17:07cover model oh and then he talks about
17:09like if you're tired of going out to eat
17:12and enjoying yourself and weighing three
17:14more pounds the next day this is the
17:16diet for you guys
17:19again logic full logic if you go out to
17:22eat and you indulge right and you weigh
17:25three more pounds the next day do you
17:27really think you gained three pounds of
17:28fat you didn't it's water weight because
17:30what do we eat when we go out right yes
17:32we're probably eating in a surplus but
17:33you're probably eating things that are
17:35more carbohydrate Rich carbohydrates
17:38suck up water they're like a sponge so
17:40it's water weight it's literally just
17:42water weight if you just go back to
17:45eating the normal way of balance and you
17:49know get back into your movement routine
17:51and get some good sleep and drink some
17:53water you'll be fine it's just it's all
17:56the way that he pitches this is very
17:58like fear-mongering prey on your
18:00insecurities I have the solution like
18:02it's classic okay and then I just okay
18:05so the magic pill is carb cycling is
18:07what he was in eventually getting up to
18:09I very briefly have talked on carb
18:12cycling before maybe I'll make like a
18:14whole video it's a very Advanced tool
18:16that most people do not need most people
18:18that I work with don't get enough
18:20vegetables during their day let alone
18:22understand how to cycle their carbs also
18:24who the heck has time for that you know
18:26I live a very privileged life where it's
18:28just me and Kevin and the cat and I
18:31don't have kids I work for myself I make
18:33my own schedule I have enough money
18:35where I have the luxury of like getting
18:37groceries delivered or being able to
18:38order food if I'm too lazy to cook I'm
18:40not taking care of a loved one I don't
18:43work wild hours like who has time for
18:46carb cycling
18:49um also why are we promoting rapid
18:50weight loss like he keeps talking about
18:52get the weight loss off fast the issue
18:54with that is that that's not sustainable
18:56like all of these before and after
18:57photos which is another issue I have I
18:59put a whole video about it right here
19:00but it's just like check in with those
19:02people six years from now how's that
19:03weight loss doing you know how many more
19:05times have they have they yo-yoed back
19:06and forth rapid is not the key
19:08sustainable long-term slow changes are
19:12key for anything not just weight loss
19:13weight loss is not the magic answer
19:15he talks about like doing carb cycling
19:17will specifically Target the places
19:19where it's really hard for you to lose
19:21fat for most people this is your stomach
19:23so he's talking about spot reduction
19:24doesn't exist I just wrote the science
19:27ain't their son
19:29yeah and okay I have a few other notes
19:31but really with carb cycling I my my red
19:34flags go way up because especially the
19:36way he's phrased it it's like on these
19:38days you don't have carbs and on these
19:40days you get to have the things that you
19:42love like pasta and mashed potatoes and
19:44mac and cheese and that right there is
19:47binge eating you are setting people up
19:49for this binge restrict mentality
19:52because everyone loves carbs I don't
19:54know who doesn't love carbs and if you
19:55set people up on these days you can't
19:57have it but on these days you can it
19:59automatically becomes this idea in our
20:01head of good or bad cheat or behave like
20:05all of these positive negative
20:07connotations that should not revolve
20:10around food that was um that was
20:14if you would like to watch the rest of
20:15the video I was not strong enough to
20:17that was incredibly troubling and very
20:21frustrating but if you want to hear a
20:22cover model talk about how women can
20:25easily spot reduce fat from their belly
20:27just by creating a binge eating disorder
20:29like you go for it all right we need to
20:30go because I'm uh starting to sound like
20:32the biggest in the internet if
20:33you have any questions or if there's a
20:35topic in here that you're like I would
20:36love a full video on starvation mode or
20:38carb cycling or things like that let me
20:40know down in the comments below make
20:42sure you hit that subscribe button so
20:43you don't miss out and I will see you
20:44all in the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is the V Shred training program based on outdated science?

Yes, the V Shred training program uses body type quizzes based on outdated science, which raises concerns about its effectiveness and reliability.

2. Does the V Shred training program promote fear-mongering tactics?

Yes, the V Shred training program emphasizes fear-mongering tactics to sell its products, which can be concerning for individuals seeking a sustainable and positive approach to fitness.

3. What are the questionable weight loss tactics used by V Shred?

V Shred utilizes questionable weight loss tactics such as carb cycling, which may not be suitable or sustainable for everyone. This approach raises doubts about the practicality of the methods advocated by V Shred.

4. Is the V Shred training program fat-phobic?

Yes, the V Shred training program has been criticized for its fat-phobic messaging, which can be harmful and exclusionary for individuals with diverse body types and fitness goals.

5. What are the concerns about the company's approach to promoting rapid weight loss?

The concerns about the company's approach to promoting rapid weight loss include the potential health risks, sustainability, and long-term effectiveness of the methods endorsed by V Shred.

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