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Instagram models in Dubai attract wealthy men and engage in exploitative activities for money, including illegal acts and pay-for-play encounters, often involving extreme and disturbing scenarios. The cycle continues as younger women see these models' seemingly perfect lifestyles and follow in their footsteps, perpetuating the exploitation. This dark truth behind social media highlights the damaging impact it can have on individuals and society.
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Instagram models in Dubai attract wealthy men from the Middle East who pay them for social arrangements.
Models in Dubai earn money through alternative advertising and brand deals.
Dubai is known as the playground of the ultra-wealthy.
The impact of social media on people's perception of others' lives and the pressure to present a perfect existence.
Social media allows people to shape their lives and present only the best parts, creating an unattainable standard.
Instagram influencers often enhance their lives through photoshop, cosmetic surgery, and extravagant experiences.
The influence of social media stars can have a wide-scale impact on their followers, affecting their self-perception and aspirations.
Social media creates an illusion of a perfect lifestyle, leading others to emulate it, including Instagram models who flaunt their extravagant Dubai pictures.
Social media presents a distorted reality, where even real friends showcase their best lives.
Many influencers and gurus fake their lifestyle, using rented cars, clothes, and even hiring people.
Men are influenced by the manosphere and try to emulate the wealthy lifestyle portrayed by their idols.
Instagram models exploit the cycle by showcasing a seemingly perfect lifestyle, leading others to follow in their footsteps.
Engaging in illegal activities in Dubai is dangerous for women, as they are flown into the country to provide illegal services and are essentially above the law.
United Arab Emirates has strict laws against prostitution.
Women engaging in illegal activities in Dubai are at risk, as they have no safety and can face serious consequences.
There have been cases of women going missing or being forced into the sex industry full-time.
Pay for play is common, involving extreme and disturbing activities.
Models are advised to accept payment in cryptocurrency to avoid having their cash confiscated when flying commercial.
Private jets are used to transport models with large amounts of cash and luxury goods.
Accepting payment in cryptocurrency allows models to easily transfer their earnings and avoid confiscation.
Social media has contributed to the rise of a "Cloud culture" where people showcase a fake lifestyle, impacting mental health.
00:00Instagram influencers there are a dozen
00:03different videos that can be made about
00:04the various scripts outright scams
00:07predatory manipulative or otherwise
00:09insane ongoings with people that fall
00:12into that group but today we're going to
00:14focus on a specific one the degeneracy
00:18of Instagram models in particular the
00:21really attractive ones you see posing
00:23next to yachts in five star hotels next
00:26to infinity pools in the sky flaunting
00:29expensive jewelry and designer clothes
00:30traveling the globe in style how did
00:33they get all that I'll tell you they had
00:36to go through some real [ __ ] unlike
00:39everyone else who toils away day by day
00:41at the job they most likely hate for a
00:44wage that likely doesn't represent their
00:46real value these models can earn more
00:48than the average yearly wage in a single
00:51weekend but what are they doing for that
00:54and why is it that all these models seem
00:56to go to the same place what is it about
00:59Dubai that attracts all these young
01:02attractive women
01:09after that we are having unprotected sex
01:12and I will let Mr Ali like the Imus off
01:15my feet I will also
01:18um pack his version brother who is 13
01:21years old
01:22who is 13 years old and Mr Ali is paying
01:27me 50 000 US Dollars this was leaked in
01:312022 it's a woman agreeing on video as a
01:34sort of social contract to the terms of
01:37an arrangement the arrangement is not
01:39uncommon at all in fact this one is tame
01:43compared to what you can find online
01:44which includes videos of those
01:47encounters me saying what you've just
01:49heard is tame should let you know what's
01:52going on can get real crazy
01:55the general consensus is that models
01:58like this make most of their money from
02:00Brand deals in reality many of them are
02:03using that social media clout as an
02:06alternative kind of advertising they're
02:08not advertising products they are the
02:11product and the buyer is usually a very
02:14wealthy man from the Middle East Dubai
02:16is the playground of the ultra wealthy
02:18and what is a good playground without
02:20some toys where are they going to find
02:23enter Instagram
02:27yeah I got the watch that matches it how
02:29much is that this is 450 000 or
02:32something some you know something all
02:33right guys welcome to my car collection
02:39the [ __ ] up relationship between
02:40society and the fake lives of social
02:43media stars is always bad I don't see
02:46many positives to it but it's almost
02:48never worse than this social media is
02:50seen as a window into only the best of a
02:53person's life this gives them the power
02:55to shape it how they see fit will they
02:58shape it using Nuance showing the bad
03:00along with the good unlikely because
03:03psychologically you crave acceptance and
03:05want others to think highly of you the
03:07result especially when this window is
03:09conveyed only with pictures is that of a
03:12perfect existence which is completely
03:14unattainable a rainy Wednesday at 4am
03:17when you've ate a bad kebab and a glue
03:19to the toilet at both ends with food
03:20poisoning doesn't go on the gram but
03:23when you're out with a fancy restaurant
03:24eating tiny overpriced meals get that on
03:27there now what about when your entire
03:29livelihood is tied to this Instagram
03:31profile you can dial everything up to
03:3411. photoshop cosmetic surgery
03:36professional photography equipment and
03:38personnel to operate them travel as much
03:41as possible essentially make people buy
03:43into the idea that your life is out of
03:45this world amazing now if you're
03:46watching this video you might be
03:47somebody that knows all this and thinks
03:49that nobody can fall for it that's
03:52incorrect it actually has a provable
03:54wide scale impact on people that follow
03:57these social media Stars let's look at
03:59the male dominated grifts that are in
04:01this Arena such as the self-help and
04:03Guru sphere hey you yeah you sat on
04:06YouTube wasting your life watching
04:08videos I used to be just like you but
04:11now look at me I'm in my Bugatti I've
04:13got 15 girlfriends and I've got more
04:15millions in my bank account than you've
04:16got on your World of Warcraft account
04:18look at my social media expensive cars
04:20expensive clothes expensive watches
04:22expensive women you can have it all too
04:25just buy my course for nine hundred
04:27dollars it's on sale right now because
04:29of course it is and it's definitely
04:31worth five thousand dollars usually but
04:34I'm such a nice guy that I'm gonna give
04:35it to you for 900. this concept along
04:38with the complex Ecology of how you
04:40would personally use and engage with
04:42social media turns all this into an
04:44incredibly effective tool generally you
04:47see your friends on social media you see
04:49their lives you seek your own life and
04:51you think what you're seeing is real but
04:53even your real friends are putting up
04:55their best life on that that's not how
04:56they're living day to day for the gurus
04:58for them it's mostly all fake the cars
05:01are rented the clothes are rented the
05:03watch is fake and the women are probably
05:04rented as well at least to start out
05:06later on maybe they'll become real
05:09that's if they're successful but usually
05:11as time passes the charlatans have been
05:13outed moved on or run out of money to
05:16fake their lifestyle and went back to
05:17the job that they hated before but as
05:19you can see from the rise of people like
05:21Andrew Tate and the manosphere in
05:23general or the men see this and they
05:25want to emulate it the followers buy the
05:28course and they think that's actually
05:29going to be good for their life and
05:31they're going to become wealthy just
05:32like their Idol that sold it to them the
05:35Smart Ones make their own course and try
05:37to become their Idol and you might be
05:39thinking what does this have to do with
05:41Instagram models and this video's topic
05:43well for them it's even worse
05:47or a Boris an ancient symbol depicting a
05:50serpent eating its own tail what do I
05:52mean by that attractive young women post
05:54on Instagram are mass followers show
05:56their privileged extravagant and
05:58seemingly perfect lifestyle to those
06:00followers and then other women may be
06:02younger than them see this without
06:04knowing exactly how it was procured and
06:06following their footsteps the cycle
06:08continues on and on it's exploitative at
06:12every single level and that isn't to say
06:14if you're an attractive woman that has a
06:15high follow account on Instagram that
06:17you are participating in this Behavior
06:18luckily there are many such safer and
06:21more legit ways to make money from a
06:22large following but if you do see one of
06:25these models flaunting their Dubai
06:26pictures a few times a year people
06:28should probably know what's going on
06:30there the hashtag and nickname Dubai
06:32Porta-Potty was trending not so long ago
06:34and yes it is exactly what it sounds
06:37like let's talk about this Dubai water
06:40potty it's called portable potty like a
06:43human potty a human toilet essentially
06:46girls will be contacted by wealthy men
06:47to be flown out to the Middle East
06:49mostly Dubai in particular to engage in
06:52a ton of different insane and disgusting
06:53acts now while I'm usually one to say
06:56whatever two consenting adults do buy
06:58and close doors is their business
07:00obviously when you factor in all the
07:02elements I've just outlined in this
07:03video things do need to be talked about
07:06especially when you consider the United
07:08Arab Emirates have pretty strict laws
07:10when it comes to prostitution which
07:12makes these such Arrangements illegal
07:14but considering the wealth and power of
07:16those involved actually incredibly
07:18dangerous to engage in on the woman's
07:20behalf and not on the mans these people
07:23are above the law essentially and you're
07:25being flown into a country to do illegal
07:27things where if you do something wrong
07:29or you don't provide the services which
07:31you've been contracted for or things get
07:33out of hand you are the one that has no
07:36safety which is why this all came to a
07:38head there was a leak of a video of a
07:41Dubai Porta-Potty happening the woman in
07:43the video unfortunately took around life
07:45after it was posted online while still
07:48in Dubai jumping from the seventh story
07:50of her hotel there are of course
07:52numerous other stories of women just
07:54straight going missing nobody knows if
07:56they're alive or if they've been tricked
07:58there under false pretenses that have
08:00been forced into the sex industry
08:01full-time just unable to leave
08:04the most common thing that happens
08:06though is pay for play the play here
08:08being things that you would only see on
08:10some very specific and horrific websites
08:13most of which I can't even say out loud
08:15for risk of this video being hidden
08:16under the darkest corner of the
08:18algorithm never to see the light of day
08:20but I'm talking about animals doing
08:22stuff to you you doing stuff to animals
08:24animals going in you large groups of men
08:27like 10 to 20 doing stuff two-year
08:29making you eat the poo poo it's not
08:32uncommon for that video you saw at the
08:33intro to be a factor either I mean
08:36you're already there performing illegal
08:37activities for money anyway so what's
08:39one more legal activity to go along with
08:41it especially when they're going to give
08:42you 50 grand for said activity and
08:45anyway who doesn't love dogs and camels
08:49this of course is a sliding scale the
08:51more extremely encounter the more money
08:52involved this can get up to six figures
08:55for a couple days of heinous acts though
08:57it's considerably more common to be five
08:59to ten Grand with business class tickets
09:01a fancy hotel stay and a shopping trip
09:04with a rich man's credit card for a
09:05weekend of normal escorting activities
09:07and of course cryptocurrency plays a
09:10factor here because if you can find an
09:11industry of crime you'll also find
09:13cryptocurrency involved somewhere along
09:15the way if you are one of these girls
09:17that's lucky enough apparently to land
09:19yourself one of these real big whales
09:21chances are they're going to fly you in
09:23and out on a private jet so you'll be
09:25able to carry your new Louis Vuitton bag
09:26with 50 grand in cash in it when you
09:28leave but if you're flying commercial
09:30that's not going to work you're going to
09:32be stopped and have your money
09:33confiscated luckily for you the magic
09:36internet money is here to save the day
09:38simply accept the money in whatever
09:39cryptocurrency they want to use and then
09:41you can find business class back to your
09:43country take a 40 hour long shower book
09:45a therapist get yourself to a clinic for
09:47checkup and get back to posting on
09:49Instagram with all your nice new luxury
09:51goods that were gifted to you in between
09:53whatever Soul destroying thing you had
09:55to do for it I'm a firm believer that
09:57social media has given us a great number
09:59of things some of them amazing the
10:02interconnected nature of being able to
10:04have a conversation with seemingly an
10:06infinite number of people from different
10:07walks of life cultures backgrounds and
10:09experiences staying connected during
10:12difficult times the ability to learn an
10:14unprecedented rate with easy
10:16accessibility Freedom of Information
10:18it's even given some of us like me a job
10:21but it's also given us Cloud culture
10:23flexing a fake Lifestyle the mental
10:25health epidemic that's plague in
10:27particularly younger people who see
10:29everyone living amazing lives and
10:31contrast it to their own mediocre or
10:33[ __ ] one you only have to look at people
10:35like Kim Kardashian or any other number
10:38of big influencer big social media star
10:41to see that people particularly young
10:43women look up to these individuals some
10:47of the richest and biggest most searched
10:49people on the planet are people that
10:51just have large Instagram followings and
10:54when people follow inevitably many
10:55people are going to want to emulate
10:57because it's obvious right you're living
11:00a mediocre or poor life and these people
11:03are showing you the PIN vehicle of
11:05existence the literal dream they're not
11:08telling you all the bad things they're
11:09not showing you any of the bad things
11:11and this really does get into people's
11:14head it's literal brain rot and it's
11:16incredibly common and this is the Dark
11:19Truth behind what some of these people
11:20are going to be emulating what you see
11:23on social media is not always real in
11:25fact it's almost always fake in some way
11:27these are not people you want to emulate
11:29what you see isn't real and what is real
11:32is often disgusting harrowing experience
11:34that will Linger on long after their
11:37Fame Beauty and opportunity have
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the dark truths behind social media and Instagram models in Dubai?

The dark truth behind social media and Instagram models in Dubai is that they attract wealthy men and engage in exploitative activities for money, including illegal acts and pay-for-play encounters, often involving extreme and disturbing scenarios.

2. How do Instagram models in Dubai perpetuate exploitation through social media?

Instagram models in Dubai perpetuate exploitation through social media as younger women see their seemingly perfect lifestyles and follow in their footsteps, perpetuating the exploitation cycle.

3. What types of exploitative activities do Instagram models in Dubai engage in for money?

Instagram models in Dubai engage in exploitative activities for money, including illegal acts and pay-for-play encounters, often involving extreme and disturbing scenarios.

4. What is the damaging impact of the dark truth behind social media and Instagram models in Dubai?

The damaging impact of the dark truth behind social media and Instagram models in Dubai highlights the damaging impact it can have on individuals and society.

5. How do Instagram models in Dubai influence younger women to follow in their footsteps?

Instagram models in Dubai influence younger women to follow in their footsteps by showcasing seemingly perfect lifestyles, perpetuating the exploitation cycle.

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