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The video discusses the return of YouTuber Katie Joy Paulson, who is facing child abuse charges while also being known for controversial and questionable behavior online. Viewers express concerns about her credibility and ethics, criticizing her coverage of sensitive topics involving children and her focus on sensationalized content for views and fame.
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Katie Joy Paulson, a Utah YouTuber charged with child abuse, talks about her recent interview with Fox 13 in Salt Lake City and addresses concerns about her health.
Katie finds it amusing that Fox changed her description from "YouTuber and independent journalist" to just "YouTuber" after realizing who she is.
She denies having MRSA, staff, cellulitis, or skin cancer, and tells people to "f*** off" for expressing concern about her health.
Katie mentions having a staph infection in the past, but claims that her current infection is worse and requires antibiotics. She shows a scar from a previous staph infection.
She apologizes for her lack of eyebrows, mentioning that she lost them due to an infection.
Two or more physical injuries inflicted by the same person caused developmental or emotional harm to the children who are now in protective custody with DCFS.
Katie Joy explains the definition of Talent threes and how it applies to the children in protective custody.
The children are victims of a crime and their location should not be disclosed to the public.
Refrain from using the full names of the children in the comments section to avoid doxxing.
Katie Joy Paulson is discussing children who have been abused and addressing mispronunciations in her previous video.
She mentions that a news reporter also mispronounced the name of the family she was discussing.
Katie Joy Paulson criticizes the news reporter for covering the story only for money and views.
She clarifies the maximum and mandatory minimum sentences for the person involved in the case she is discussing.
Viewers criticize Katie Joy Paulson's credibility and behavior during interviews.
Katie Joy Paulson is accused of being a toxic, malicious liar who has been sued multiple times.
Viewers question why she was smiling and laughing while discussing child abuse.
Some suggest that Fox should have vetted their sources better and chosen a more credible commentator.
Comments suggest that Katie Joy Paulson has similarities to Ruby Frankie, who also abused her child.
The section discusses Katie Joy Polson's controversial statements about the Duggar sisters and her behavior regarding her son's health issues.
Katie is criticized for blaming the Duggar sisters for Josh Duggar's actions.
She is also accused of instructing her followers not to support women of the IBLP despite claiming to support women in cults.
The section also highlights Katie's behavior when her son experienced health issues, including delayed hospital visits and sharing personal details on social media.
The section discusses the controversy surrounding Katie Joy Paulson and why some platforms have banned her content.
Platforms like Snark Reddit and 8 Passengers have banned content from Katie Joy due to controversy and questionable ethics.
She has been accused of making inappropriate and disgusting comments on the internet.
There are concerns about her being an advocate for children's safety given her past behavior.
Her Twitter account was suspended.
00:00a Utah YouTuber who claimed to offer
00:02help to parents in raising children now
00:05she's charged with child abuse here she
00:08comes to wreck the day
00:17I just want to see if people like get
00:19excited because they see my face
00:23I'm showing my face
00:35it's me
00:39I had to put on makeup because I did a
00:42interview with
00:45um Fox 13 in Salt Lake City oh so much
00:48to say about that interview but I'll
00:50just say I think it is hilarious that
00:53fox did learn their lesson after the
00:55backlash they got which I'll get into a
00:57little bit later they probably blocked
00:59Katie Joy's number so when she calls
01:01them and begs them to interview her
01:03again they won't have to deal with her
01:05I know other creators have already
01:07pointed this out but in their write-up
01:09with that interview they first
01:11identified Katie joy as a YouTuber and
01:13independent journalist and then once
01:15they realized who she is they changed it
01:18to another YouTuber
01:24don't mind my eyebrows I lost them due
01:26to an infection Katie on July 18th when
01:29the people who pay her bills were
01:30expressing concern for her I don't have
01:32MRSA I don't have staff I don't have
01:34cellulitis I don't have skin cancer
01:36thank you for your concern now [ __ ] off
01:39um I had a staph infection Katie on July
01:4218th please let me be clear I have had a
01:45staph infection before staff does not
01:47improve on its own and needs antibiotics
01:49I dealt with staff a couple years ago on
01:51my finger and it's nothing like what I'm
01:53dealing with now
01:55a staph infection it's still there like
01:59it's there's a nice big scar
02:08I lost all of my eyebrows I'm sorry I
02:11don't have a lot of eyebrows like these
02:14are the worst I can do I have zero
02:16eyebrows I don't pluck Shanna
02:19God you're a demo so Katie Joy did this
02:22live and showed her face for the first
02:23time in I don't know how long it wasn't
02:26long enough because Ruby Frankie was
02:28arrested and it involves child abuse and
02:31that is Katie Joy's favorite topic to
02:35yes Walter it's sick isn't it so I'm
02:38gonna play some of what she had to say
02:42the first count actually includes
02:44physical torch
02:48um I had a hard time reading it
02:50the malnutrition for the two children
02:53was so severe their lives were in danger
02:57do you see how Katie Joy licked her lips
02:59there while talking about child abuse
03:02remember when she made a whole video
03:05about when Jeremiah Duggar licked his
03:08lips and how it was gross and immature
03:11and crude and how that meant he was
03:13basically like Josh Duggar and we're
03:16gonna share more pictures of the wedding
03:17and more video I noticed what Jeremiah
03:21did with his tongue and I was like
03:22Jeremiah could you just act like an
03:24adult right now
03:25Josh would be kind of crude like that
03:27with Anna I thought the tongue was just
03:29really immature that's why I said it was
03:32when she said the marriage and as soon
03:35as she said that he did the thing with
03:37his tongue you are doing this with your
03:39tongue while you are talking about
03:40childhoods Talent threes is for the
03:43emotional uh of this the injuries
03:46causing developmental or emotional harm
03:49to severe developmental delays or
03:51intellectual disabilities or severe
03:53impairment of the child's ability to
03:54function any such physical injury
03:56includes any combination of two or more
03:58physical injuries inflicted by the same
03:59person ew like is this another Josh on
04:03our hands and there was two or more
04:04physical injuries caused to EF as a
04:11ew they're in protective custody with
04:15um DCFS and DCFS will never say where
04:20the child is located
04:22and no family member should be telling
04:24the public where the children are
04:26because the children are in protective
04:28custody because they are victims of a
04:31so their location should be really none
04:33of our concern other the fact that gcfs
04:36has them in protective custody meaning
04:37that they're being
04:40this is like like poor Katie Joy beaten
04:43burdened by having to explain even the
04:45simplest things to us morons who don't
04:48have her Superior High Q protective
04:50custody just to give you sort of an
04:52understanding there's another case that
04:53I've done in the same county
04:55and it's children that were kidnapped
04:59in the flds and those children that are
05:01in protective custody are not with the
05:02family are those the same kids where you
05:04dox their safe house they're in
05:06protective custody they're being cared
05:09for as victims of a crime
05:16[ __ ]
05:19they are not with their father
05:22please refrain from using their full
05:24names in the comments section yeah don't
05:27docs the child victims guys leave that
05:30to Katie Joy so she can dox them like
05:32how she docks the Turpin kids social
05:35yeah I know that their last name is
05:36Frankie I mispronounced it
05:39thank you for your snarky comment well I
05:42see she didn't learn how to not be a
05:44raging while she was gone all they said
05:47is their last name is pronounced Frankie
05:50there was Zero snark in that but Katie
05:53Joy takes everything as an attack
05:55they're both charged with
05:58both Rudy and Ruby and Judy are both
06:01um Rudy does Ruby I'm sorry Rudy okay I
06:04keep saying Ruby Rudy Ruby why does she
06:06struggle so much pronouncing people's
06:08names Jeffrey tyrrells they don't avoid
06:12the draft like Donald Trump
06:15to Jason Dela Rose uh Whatcha Say
06:19Donnie Depp's going to appeal
06:22Bailey sarin I mean I struggle
06:25pronouncing things too but I'm also not
06:27out here trying to pretend that I'm this
06:29world-renowned celebrity journalist I
06:32actually am a reporter so you can [ __ ]
06:38if you're only like
06:40reason to come out of my life is to like
06:43correct how I'm speaking and to make
06:45comments as though like to start drama
06:47when we're literally talking about
06:49children that have been abused yeah guys
06:51stop ruining Katie Joy's fun while she
06:53talks about her favorite topic you're
06:55making this less enjoyable for her you
06:57can exit this live and find something to
06:59do with your happy time
07:01I'm discussing children that have been
07:03abused and I did miss speak earlier in
07:05my video and said Frank instead of
07:07Frankie but guess what the news reporter
07:09at Fox 13 in Utah in her report
07:12yesterday she also called her Frank so
07:15there you go because it was probably her
07:17first time ever hearing of this family
07:19you made a few videos on them two years
07:22ago so you were very familiar with them
07:24she also said that she didn't want to
07:26cover them because they were irrelevant
07:28to her but now that it's a big news
07:30story and everybody's talking about it
07:32she's covering them again because she's
07:35a greedy little pig and she's only doing
07:37it for money and Views when I made the
07:39video yesterday
07:40during editing that I'd already
07:42mispronounced her name I knew it was
07:44Frankie but for whatever reason I just
07:45kept saying Frank because I'm just so
07:48just so stupid the maximum is 15 years
07:51in this case and we all know from the
07:54Josh Duggar trial that Katie Joy is an
07:56expert at knowing maximum sentences I
07:59mean she's like basically literally a
08:01lawyer he is going to be going
08:04minimum 25 years that is not accurate he
08:07is facing 20 years as a mandatory
08:10minimum mandatory minimum of five years
08:13in this case maximum potential exposure
08:16of 20. it's 20 years per charge one of
08:19them has a mandatory minimum of 20 years
08:21I would put my my sights after trial in
08:25that kind of 10 to 15 realm now
08:29mandatory maximum is
08:33the maximum is 20 but the mandatory
08:36minimum for Josh is 20. somebody's
08:39saying I thought the mandatory minimum
08:40was 20 years I don't know why you would
08:43think that no the maximum is 20 the
08:45mandatory minimum on these counts is
08:47five the minimum was 20 years for
08:51non-violent offenses mandatory minimums
08:53are not that high and would never be in
08:55the 20-year range and aren't on this so
08:57whoever reported that is uh inaccurate
09:00and does not understand the way that
09:01this all works
09:06she can't even keep it straight when
09:09talking about the same case in the same
09:11live the maximum is 15 years they can
09:15only be sentenced to a maximum of 30
09:18years life in prison in Utah is five
09:21years to life it's very weird
09:24Kevin did not have very good reviews as
09:27a professor let's just say a lot of
09:28people call them an [ __ ] let's see
09:30what some people called you in the
09:32comments under that fox interview there
09:34are so many of them I just picked out a
09:36few of them I'll start with mine because
09:37I love several comments
09:40I said Kitty joy said she can't wait to
09:43get older so she can actually harass
09:45young boys I also said she called her
09:47own special needs son a murderer Google
09:49is your friend use it next time before
09:51interviewing awful YouTubers like KJ
09:54Katie Joy from without a crystal ball is
09:56not reliable this is gross that you even
09:58spoke to her vetting sources is job
10:00number one you guys please Fox 13 Katie
10:03Joy Paulson is a toxic malicious liar
10:05she abuses her child and husband herself
10:07she says her son is medically fragile
10:09yet keeps the cat's litter trays in his
10:11bedroom and constantly shares his bed
10:13says he needs a feeding tube but he can
10:14eat Cheerios she has been sued multiple
10:16times and is currently being sued she's
10:18a liability and you do yourself no
10:20favors having her on and associating
10:22with her don't highlight one case of
10:24while enabling another are you laughing
10:26kidding me Katie Joy she is awful on so
10:29many levels you really should have
10:30spoken to Dad challenge podcast or
10:32Jordan and McKay or Marky without a
10:34crystal ball is not credible these
10:36children deserve better coverage than
10:37this yes they do she is a joke Fox
10:40please do better with vetting your
10:42sources next time KJ Paulson is a nasty
10:44Evil Woman for once that nasty woman
10:46Katie Paulson can't control the comments
10:48being left by deleting and blocking and
10:50the truth is being heard that is one
10:52good thing about this interview Katie
10:54Joy Campbell and Echo chamber like she
10:55likes to do on her Channel while it's
10:57more proof media are lazy these days ick
10:59I wouldn't believe a word that YouTuber
11:01said isn't she known for stretching the
11:03truth Any Which Way and stalking people
11:05to gather personal info for YouTube
11:07views yes she is there are a lot of
11:09comments asking why Katie Joy was
11:11smiling and laughing while talking about
11:12child abuse why is Katie Paulson smiling
11:15when she talks about this family why
11:17can't she look in the camera Fox needs
11:19to do their research Katie Paulson has
11:21many similarities to Ruby Frankie why
11:23does she laugh when talking about Ruby's
11:25cruel punishment to her son is this the
11:27voice you really want to give your
11:28platform to Fox is it now funny that the
11:31poor child didn't have a bed to sleep in
11:33for months why was she smiling
11:34describing I don't think child is funny
11:37but maybe that's just me there are so
11:39many questions the reason she laughs and
11:41smiles while talking about this kind of
11:43stuff is in my opinion because she's a
11:46psychopath she lacks basic emotions that
11:49people feel when it comes to these kinds
11:50of topics she has said so herself that
11:54CSA does not bother her I was covering
11:57child sexual abuse quite a bit and I got
12:00so desensitized to it that I would like
12:03read these articles and I was like or or
12:06like child Twitter where like parents
12:08were arrested for turning their kids
12:10yeah and I would I call myself like
12:12reading these articles and being so
12:14detached from the outcome and they're
12:16describing like really graphic things
12:18yeah and then like having my readers
12:20being like Oh my God and I'm like why
12:22didn't I have that reaction she has a
12:24strong pattern of laughing or smiling
12:27while talking about very disgusting
12:30topics and very heart-wrenching topics
12:33because they do not bother her she said
12:36so herself I've included several clips
12:38of these in my previous videos I don't
12:40want to include them all again I'll just
12:41show an example here of when Josh Duggar
12:44was arrested for looking at child P she
12:47smiled while talking about it it
12:48wouldn't be photos from the past it
12:49would be photos images
12:53this is a very well-known clip but she
12:55has also said that she can't wait until
12:57she gets older so she can actually
12:59harass young boys
13:03with Grandma that likes simply harasses
13:06the young boys that walk by I don't even
13:08care because I feel like when you get
13:10that old you have earned the right to me
13:12this is the most disturbing thing about
13:14Katie Joy Polson
13:22I just want to put this in your shoes
13:25Josh Duggar committed crimes okay
13:29do we hold his sisters responsible for
13:32what Josh Duggar did
13:34um Katie you do blame the sisters Jessa
13:37hasn't said anything publicly hasn't put
13:39anything out publicly and when asked
13:40about him by a reporter her comment is
13:43just prayers
13:44of Josh's family I don't know why this
13:46disappoints me and speaking of the
13:48Duggar girls even though you claim to be
13:51a supporter of women in cults you
13:54recently instructed all of your
13:56followers to not support the women of
13:58the iblp make that make sense if you
14:01have a niece and a nephew that have been
14:02tortured the last thing I would be
14:04thinking talking about is uploading
14:06content onto my YouTube channel remember
14:08that time Katie Joyce son's shunt
14:10malfunction due to his constant use of
14:13the iPad and after he was in
14:15excruciating pain for three days and
14:17vomiting for three days she finally
14:19brought him to the hospital they fixed
14:21it and then when they got home the very
14:23first thing Katie Joy did was go on a
14:26live until the entire internet all about
14:28her son's issues Monday night was brutal
14:30puking everywhere headaches so much pain
14:33he was in so much pain then it just got
14:35progressively worse and worse Tuesday
14:37night I got him to not puke as much but
14:39then we woke up this morning and it was
14:41like he still couldn't open his eyes the
14:43shunt is like this tiny little bump that
14:44sits on the top of your head helps your
14:45cerebral spinal fluid like sift through
14:47your body if you get too high of
14:48pressure in your brain it can actually
14:49cause some really bad problems and it
14:50can lead to brain damage and death we
14:53have no idea how this happened but
14:55somehow his shunt program which sits on
14:57the top of his head by a magnet it
14:58changed settings when it goes in between
15:00it doesn't actually land on the setting
15:02the valve is wide open fluid is just
15:04flowing out so his brain was like really
15:11someone says please read my DM I will
15:14check my DMs Colleen I'm actually
15:16um I'm on a live stream Colleen I don't
15:18know if you know this
15:20but when you're on a live stream you
15:21can't check your DMs
15:24all right
15:25is this Katie Joy using the okay symbol
15:28because by her logic that means she's a
15:31white supremacist
15:33the okay sign has been deemed a uh Heat
15:37symbol by the Anti-Defamation League in
15:402019 and it was done so because
15:44the symbol has been used as a symbol of
15:48white power by white supremacists since
15:522019. because white supremacists sort of
15:55took it on as a like a troll and thought
15:57oh well I'm going to use this now and
16:00it's been documented and used by known
16:02white supremacists it's been deemed a
16:05hate symbol instead of trying to
16:06insinuate someone's a racist I'd be more
16:09concerned about why my hair is so
16:11off-kiltered like seriously how does it
16:13get that bad that's off by like four
16:17you guys
16:18yeah this case is really sad
16:28yeah the details are horrible
16:32think good thoughts for the kids
16:35um they have a long road of recovery
16:37wine and Adderall are kicking in I'll
16:40just continue to keep you updated stay
16:42out of the rumor mill
16:43just focus on the facts the woman who's
16:46been sued five times for defamation
16:48wants to remind us to focus on the facts
16:52I think it's interesting that the eight
16:54passengers snark credit has banned
16:57people from posting any content from
17:00Katie Joy do not post content from the
17:03without a crystal ball platforms due to
17:05the controversy and questionable ethics
17:07surrounding this influencer we are not
17:09allowing their content to be shared I
17:11believe she's also banned from the
17:13Duggar snark Reddit nobody wants to deal
17:15with your Katie Kitty joy is not the
17:18person to be covering these kinds of
17:19topics in my opinion she does not care
17:22about children she does not care about
17:24other women she cares about herself she
17:26wants to be famous she wants money she
17:29wants views and that's it she has a
17:32history of staying very disgusting
17:34things on the internet which makes her a
17:36horrible person to be talking about this
17:38kind of stuff
17:39she saw a picture of a toddler eating a
17:42pickle and it was sexual to her she's
17:45overly obsessed with men's crotch areas
17:48she focused on Jeremiah Duggars and his
17:50engagement picture in a recent photo of
17:53Cody Brown holding his grandchild and
17:56feeding them she saw that also as sexual
17:59in nature she has a perverted mind she
18:03should not be talking about CSA stretch
18:06out the hymen
18:08we're gonna put in three fingers in your
18:11badge for 45 minutes stretch open the
18:15part of me thought she was just being
18:17bratty like she would just go from
18:18Crying To Fine from crying to fine it
18:20reminded me of when my son pitches a
18:22fish digitally penetrating what do you
18:25think that sounds like you put your
18:27fingers up the genitals of a
18:29five-year-old girl so you a child by
18:33sticking your fingers inside their
18:38this has to do with what's in her past
18:40and what's on her page and like
18:43can you really be an advocate for
18:47children when this is the stuff that's
18:49on your channel I just want to give a
18:52shout out to llama girl and balls on
18:55Instagram I can't do anything on my
18:57Twitter because it was suspended this
18:59summer because either Katie Joy or one
19:01of her followers reported my account but
19:03I can still view stuff so thankfully I
19:06was still able to get most of these
19:08clips from llama girl llama girl and
19:10balls are the rock stars of the
19:12community they keep us all up to date so
19:15well on Katie Joy Shenanigans I don't
19:18know how you ladies keep your sanity
19:19following her stuff because she's just
19:21too much sometimes and then I want to
19:23give a shout out to my members Rina Roo
19:26Catherine B ninja girl normal bird Lady
19:29Leah Deb Hunter crafty flaw lady camping
19:32Mama country girl Brenda and Erin thank
19:35you guys so much for your support and
19:37thanks everybody for watching this video
19:38I'll see you next time bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the charges that YouTuber Katie Joy Paulson is facing?

Katie Joy Paulson is facing child abuse charges, which have sparked a lot of public attention and controversy.

2. Why are viewers expressing concerns about Katie Joy Paulson's credibility and ethics?

Viewers are concerned about Katie Joy Paulson's credibility and ethics due to her controversial behavior online and the way she covers sensitive topics involving children. There are criticisms regarding her focus on sensationalized content for views and fame.

3. What kind of behavior has Katie Joy Paulson been known for online?

Katie Joy Paulson has been known for controversial and questionable behavior online, which has attracted a lot of attention and criticism from the public.

4. How has the return of Katie Joy Paulson sparked controversy?

The return of Katie Joy Paulson has sparked controversy due to the child abuse charges she is facing, along with the criticisms of her coverage of sensitive topics involving children and her focus on sensationalized content for views and fame.

5. Why are people criticizing Katie Joy Paulson's coverage of sensitive topics involving children?

People are criticizing Katie Joy Paulson's coverage of sensitive topics involving children due to concerns about her credibility, ethics, and focus on sensationalized content, which has raised significant public scrutiny.

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