💫 Summary
Ohmwrecker, formerly part of the Vanoss Gaming Crew, faces backlash and accusations of manipulation after trying to expose fellow members for soliciting sexual favors from underage fans. He has a history of toxic behavior, including feuds with other creators and releasing edited audio clips. The drama surrounding him continues to unfold as more evidence and conflicts emerge.
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Ohmwrecker's attempt to expose H2O Delirious and I Am Wildcat for soliciting sexual favors from underage fans has caused backlash and accusations of manipulation.
Ohmwrecker claims that Wildcat physically threatened him and tried to manipulate him into playing games.
Ohmwrecker, a former member of the Vanoss crew, gained popularity by playing games with his friends and even had an item named after him in League of Legends.
Despite having over 2 million subscribers on his main channel, Ohmwrecker's recent actions have led to a downfall and a lot of drama within the gaming community.
Ohmwrecker gained popularity early on YouTube and became a member of the Vanoss Gaming crew, collaborating with other popular YouTubers, but his toxic behavior and controversial tweets later caused backlash.
Started early on YouTube and gained popularity for his personality.
Became a member of the Vanoss Gaming crew and collaborated with other popular YouTubers.
Controversial tweet about health and pursuit of a six-pack caused backlash and highlighted his toxic nature.
Ohmwrecker's reputation as someone who fought with others and ruined relationships was built due to constant fighting and manipulation.
Ohmwrecker and another creator had an obvious attraction on stream, leading to constant denial and a never-ending cycle of fighting and making up.
Ohmwrecker accused another creator of never checking in on him, leading to further drama and ruined relationships.
Ohmwrecker was later removed from the Vanoss crew, but details are unknown.
Ohmwrecker was upset when proof surfaced that many lads sexted minors, and accused Terrorizer of knowing about it.
Serious claims were made about the exchange of explicit photos in the group chat, with audio clips provided as evidence.
Louis Calibre's audio clip mentioned the exchange of underage nudes.
Delirious joked about wanting to receive explicit photos from fans.
The audio clip provided was edited and lacked context.
Ohmwrecker was accused of being manipulative and spreading lies about others.
Ohmwrecker manipulated the situation by posting fake screenshots and videos to smear Delirious and H2O.
Ohmwrecker admitted to setting up H2O to reveal his face, but claimed it was just a plan to get him to turn on his webcam.
He posted fake screenshots and videos on Twitter to smear Delirious and H2O, without fact-checking them.
Ohmwrecker also attempted to portray H2O as bragging about his earnings and acting toxic in videos.
Ohmwrecker continues to talk about the drama and his mistakes, while his audience wants him to return to his normal content.
Ohmwrecker acknowledges that he is human and makes mistakes.
He mentions that there are things happening behind the scenes.
TJV drops a video stating that Ohmwrecker is still talking vaguely about the drama.
Ohmwrecker reassures his viewers that there is more content coming out and that there are people willing to support him.
00:00this backlash has consequences for
00:02victims i'm i'm just telling you dude
00:04that's reality
00:07so and somebody says oh i'm shaking his
00:10pants because wildcats here no wildcat
00:11is a weak man
00:13like i'm not intimidated by him he
00:15threatened me last year
00:16physically and then trying to get me to
00:19play games with him again two months ago
00:20it's just total manipulation whatever
00:22you said
00:23i am not intimidated by wildcat at all
00:26a millisecond on his video i i didn't
00:28get to preview the video or anything at
00:30all like i didn't know what he was going
00:31to do with it but
00:32um wildcat you know had some interac
00:36where he was calling out uh
00:39dude you're calling tjv i didn't i
00:42didn't say i was down to do this
00:45what's up guys and gals priyanka chopra
00:47here today i'm going to be talking about
00:49ohmrecker was part of the vanoss crew
00:51and exploded in popularity playing a
00:53multitude of games with his friends
00:54he was so well known he even had an item
00:56named after him in league of legends
00:58currently he has over 2 million
01:00subscribers on his main channel
01:01however recently he's tried to expose
01:03two other members of the crew h2o
01:05delirious and i am wildcat for
01:06soliciting sexual favors from underage
01:08fans in response h2o has called om a
01:11lying piece of [ __ ] for constantly
01:12trying to start drama
01:14i've personally found this story very
01:15interesting and decided to peel back its
01:17layers like some sort of shitty onion
01:19everything's a lot deeper and more
01:20concerning than i initially thought
01:22in essence it's pretty messed up don't
01:24worry i'll explain this is the rise and
01:26fall of ohm record before i begin i just
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02:08now back to the video ohmrecker's real
02:10name is ryan and he was born in the
02:111980s and had a bit of a rough life
02:13growing up his parents split up he
02:15dropped out of school and even said that
02:16he was homeless for a period of time
02:18to make matters worse ryan also
02:19developed a condition called visual snow
02:21in which static randomly appeared in his
02:23luckily though he ended up turning
02:25things around and graduated from college
02:27in 2006 he created his youtube channel
02:29and started off uploading league of
02:30legends games
02:31given that alone it's no wonder that he
02:33became toxic but i digress home uploaded
02:35videos from various games consistently
02:37over the next few years
02:38he quickly grew a following because of
02:40his let's plays in them he often
02:42explained certain concepts or
02:43entertained his audience with his
02:44exciting gameplay
02:46hey guys it's homewrecker and i am
02:48playing a chivalry today
02:50and we're actually playing a a very
02:53unique mode i'm sure you can hear all
02:54these yells in the
02:56background here as i pick my weapon
03:00but man uh this is going to be a wild
03:05so this is a server that's got 48
03:09players in it
03:09and it is set to low gravity i think i'm
03:13at least i hope so let's see yeah i'm
03:15blue so i need to kill the reds
03:17now here's the thing when you swing your
03:20it actually affects oh [ __ ]
03:24actually [ __ ] uh gravity there we go
03:33and even the bodies are affected by the
03:35changes in gravity it's hilarious
03:37viewers became instantly attracted to
03:39his personality and people began to take
03:41notice of him and because he started off
03:43so early on the platform he had a head
03:44start over other youtubers
03:46his popularity eventually led him to
03:47become a member of the famous vanoss
03:49gaming crew whose former members include
03:51mini lead who has admitted to sexting
03:52underage girls and louis calibre who was
03:54accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend
03:56however in the 2010s vanoss was one of
03:58the hottest gaming groups on youtube
04:00omufen played grand theft auto 5 and
04:01gmod with other members such as h2o
04:03delirious i am wildcat terrorizer
04:05cartoons basically i do work and more
04:07remember some of those names because
04:09they will be important later he got so
04:11big that he even collabed with pewdiepie
04:12jacksepticeye and markiplier
04:14which drew significant attention to his
04:15channel but it wasn't long before ryan's
04:17toxic nature soon became apparent
04:19in july 2017 ohm threw a low blow after
04:22fellow gamer bryce mcquaid made a video
04:24about how happy he was to finally get a
04:25six-pack after six months of working out
04:27he tweeted this the same day bryce's
04:29video came out you do not need a
04:30six-pack to be healthy just want you
04:32guys to know that the pursuit of a
04:33six-pack is usually about vanity not
04:36when people try to instigate our
04:37communities to fight i don't like that
04:39this is important creators are in the
04:40unique position of being role models and
04:42an influence health involves way more
04:43than muscle splash fat the message i put
04:45out there about health earlier was not
04:47to throw shade but to let viewers know
04:48they can be healthy even with different
04:50love who you are take care of yourself
04:52exercise is of course healthy but you
04:53don't need to be a fitness model just
04:55remember that society plants these ideas
04:56about body image that don't match up
04:58with scientific studies you can be 100
05:00healthy even with some body fat
05:01bryce then saw this and replied back by
05:03saying how supportive of you and
05:05definitely not a sub tweet as a result
05:07he was then blocked
05:08later some evidence surfaced that om
05:10lashed out at bryce because he was
05:11dating his stream mod who was actually
05:12om's former stream mod
05:14it looked like he lashed out due to
05:15nothing more than pure jealousy om also
05:17demonstrated concerning behavior when he
05:19reportedly had a relationship with
05:20malika plays a twitch streamer the two
05:22had collabs several times
05:24and seemingly had a good relationship
05:25however one day everything boiled over
05:27to the point where malaka posted a twit
05:29longer in october 2017 titled the drama
05:31with he who saw not be named in it she
05:34what i was not expecting was to have
05:36feelings for someone who was already in
05:37a relationship
05:38but it happened i don't need to name
05:40names because anyone with half a brain
05:41could figure it out and already has
05:43thought it before me even saying this
05:45clearly we got close very quickly and by
05:46very quickly i mean almost instantly
05:48things crossed the line and they
05:49probably shouldn't have
05:50i'm single what i do doesn't matter but
05:52if the person i'm doing things with is
05:54in a relationship it is clearly wrong
05:55and shouldn't be done
05:56i was led to believe that this
05:57relationship was not loving or romantic
05:59and was told they're just like roommates
06:00and that's the extent of detail i'll go
06:02into justifying my thought process
06:04i've never been a side chick i'm highly
06:05against cheating but somehow i was
06:06conned into believing that maybe it was
06:08worth continuing because i truly did
06:10like this person
06:10malaka then went on to say tension
06:12stirred when we continued to spend a lot
06:14of time together denying our dynamic and
06:15the obvious attraction we had for each
06:17other on stream even though it was clear
06:18to everyone else something was
06:20up it didn't take long before the
06:21constant denial became tiresome ever
06:23since then we have been in a
06:24never-ending cycle of fighting making up
06:25and always it comes down to the fact
06:27that i feel i was used lied to
06:28manipulated and led to believe that this
06:30dynamic was okay when it really really
06:32wasn't it was clear from her post that
06:33she felt wronged by om although she
06:35never explicitly mentioned his name
06:37and while ryan's problems with other
06:38creators didn't stop there
06:40when his dog was about to be put down he
06:41released a twitter poll asking if he
06:43should release multiple videos at once
06:44or space them out in response cartoons
06:46sarcastically commented that it was a
06:48wonderfully unique idea as he had
06:50uploaded a bunch of videos in a day
06:51om then took this remark as personally
06:53as michael jordan and accused him of
06:54never checking in on him you've got time
06:56to be sassy but not once have you
06:58checked in to see how i'm doing despite
06:59being one of the first people i told
07:01hey keep on thinking you invented single
07:03player uploads on youtube
07:04due to all the drama owm built a
07:06reputation as someone who fought with
07:07others and ruined relationships
07:09it was later revealed that he was
07:10removed from the vanoss crew but the
07:12details of when and how
07:13aren't known in fall of 2020 when proof
07:15surfaced that many lads sexted miners
07:17oman on twitter and claimed that
07:18terrorizer knew about it in a cryptic
07:21these guys will come at me like this on
07:22my birthday even terrorized are sitting
07:24there talking [ __ ] about the pope for
07:25not addressing abuses in the church but
07:26they won't say a word about louis or
07:28minnie's accusations
07:29nope still have them admin on the
07:31discord and everything this naturally
07:32upset him
07:33look he had a he went off on twitter
07:35he's throwing my name around saying
07:38here's his thing uh ohm did that was
07:41just like to the point where i was like
07:42right okay man
07:43he started saying with the whole craig
07:45thing he started saying
07:46like he was trying he didn't at me
07:48because he's blocked me on twitter
07:50he's blocked me on twitter that's just
07:51this is just the facts i don't know what
07:53he's doing on twitter he's blocked me
07:55uh he what did he do he [ __ ] said i
07:58he was insinuating that i must have had
08:00no knowledge of
08:02these the things that are happening with
08:04craig that
08:05surely brian knew about it like what the
08:09what a [ __ ] slanderous thing to say
08:11on the internet later ryan backtracked
08:12and said that he didn't accuse
08:14terrorizer of knowing about it but
08:15rather of staying quiet while the drama
08:17this does not make any claim about what
08:19brian knew this addressed this stream
08:20just days prior and how he had nothing
08:22to say about the group allegations
08:23against minnie and louis again he made
08:25it up or is misremembering or spinning
08:27this tweet in a way that is clearly
08:28dishonest om seemed to gaslight an
08:30aggressively accused terrorizer of
08:31dishonesty after reacting to his tweet
08:33in may 2021 ryan appeared on drama alert
08:36out of the blue and this is when [ __ ]
08:37really hit the fan
08:38he told keemstar that certain members of
08:40the vanoss crew shared pictures of nude
08:41girls with each other particularly he
08:43pointed out that h2o delirious got a lot
08:45of nudes from fans some of whom were
08:47so are you saying that like these guys
08:50are on a group chat they get nudes from
08:52fans or whatever and they
08:54exchange them with each other that's
08:57what you know that's what louie had said
08:59i've heard things over the years where
09:01they seem to have had some sort of
09:03knowledge uh
09:05of you know essentially like delirious
09:06like the types of girls that reach out
09:08to him
09:09and and uh like the types of nudes like
09:11he might get something you know but it
09:12seemed like a joke at the time but
09:14hearing this
09:15uh come from louis in his own words to
09:18what i understand was you know somebody
09:20that he trusted
09:21um you know it it's it sounds
09:24to me based off of what he said that
09:27there was
09:28nudes of fans being exchanged in the
09:30group chat which uh
09:31they've always called no nonsense as
09:34it's a group chat on skype
09:35and there's also one on discord ryan
09:37then played an audio clip from louis
09:38calibre in an attempt to provide
09:40evidence for his serious claims
09:41uh so yeah uh well and let me comment on
09:44louie too i mean
09:45you could listen to what louis said in
09:47his own audio and his words right
09:48those are the words that came out of his
09:50mouth where he talks about even like
09:51underage nudes so
09:53um take that for what it is but with
09:55delirious yeah let's just stop and play
09:57right now every like on websites and
10:02yeah all i would do is just pull from
10:04like discord or
10:06group skype and stuff like that and just
10:07download whatever like they will post
10:12i was joking because i told you once i'm
10:13like ah my friends all get the better
10:16girls all
10:17it i was like yeah these are so much
10:18better and stuff like that
10:20and that's when i started showing you oh
10:22look it i wish
10:24i got these like i wish i got
10:27their news like look at this they're so
10:29artistic and blah blah blah
10:31i wish in general i got a new sense of
10:33me like of people being just dedicated
10:35like too delirious and all that however
10:37keemstar and viewers alike noticed the
10:39audio was edited and seemed out of
10:41okay yeah so you know the the the issue
10:45with this audio is
10:46we don't really know the context like
10:48all this stuff has been
10:50kind of cut up extremely upset that
10:52ohmrecker took shots at him delirious
10:53then took to twitter and wrote this
10:55mind you h2o has a partner and a child
10:57and was fed up with the drama
10:58screw owned that manipulative piece of
11:00[ __ ] he's not the saint he claims
11:02all his lies and twist because two
11:04groups decided they didn't want to play
11:05games with him
11:06allegedly did this same thing to
11:07markiplier ask him why he cheated on his
11:09real-life girlfriend he likes to keep
11:10secret jaime payne
11:12he then posted a twitlonger saying that
11:13he was set up by his friends and had
11:15phone sex with a 17 year old girl
11:17i do want to address one thing that has
11:18been said that has been completely
11:21it's something i have for many years
11:22been embarrassed about and destroyed my
11:24trust for years
11:25i never wanted to have to talk about
11:26this i still don't but it's being forced
11:28on me
11:28nine years ago two people thought it
11:30would be funny to do something really
11:31messed up as a form of hazing me it's no
11:33secret i was easily excited and very
11:35crude when i was in my early twenties
11:37someone i had played with a few time
11:38prior on xbox messaged me saying they
11:40were only wearing a towel
11:41this caught my attention and interest
11:43she invited me to a voice call and this
11:44led to the equivalent of phone sex
11:46at the time i did not know her or
11:48anything about her i was just excited a
11:50woman was coming onto me out of nowhere
11:51this was before any of us were big on
11:54i was dumb a week or so later i started
11:56hearing from the group about an audio
11:57recording of me with her
11:59i was shocked felt violated betrayed and
12:00to this day i can't bring myself to
12:02fully forgive them for this
12:03it came to light that the two got the
12:05lady to message me coming onto me and
12:06saying those things just to record it
12:08she was on a call with them the whole
12:09time and they recorded it and shared it
12:11i'm so embarrassed and ashamed still
12:13i to this day don't know if this part is
12:14true but while i was being taunted for
12:16it they also said the woman wasn't a
12:17woman at all yet and was only 17.
12:19i don't know if she was or if it was
12:20just said to make me feel worse i was
12:22furious with everyone involved but at
12:24the advice of others in the group that
12:25it was best we all cut the crap and move
12:27on i let it go
12:28now it's being brought back to light and
12:29i hate to have to talk about it i don't
12:31want to name who
12:32they know who they are it sucks after he
12:34posted this basically i do work replied
12:36and confessed to being one of the two
12:37people that set him up
12:38he claimed that his intent was just to
12:39get h2o to reveal his face
12:41it was me it was a shitty thing to do
12:43i've apologized to delirious dozens of
12:45times over the years
12:46i don't blame him for not forgiving me
12:47the entire plan started and stopped at
12:49get him to turn on his webcam and do a
12:51face reveal overall delirious just
12:52wanted to move on from everything and
12:54continue living his life
12:55sadly om would not let this happen he
12:57later posted screenshots on twitter of
12:59so-called victims reaching out to him
13:01about h2o another victim of delirious
13:03emailed me but asked me not to reveal
13:05her information
13:06however wildcat then caught om red
13:07handed wildcat retweeted a tweet from
13:09someone who stated he drafted a fake
13:11email pretending to be a victim of h2o
13:13and sent it to ohmrecker ohm then posted
13:15it claiming it was true without fact
13:16checking it at all
13:17and when he discovered it was fake he
13:19promptly deleted it a few days later om
13:21then went on a tirade against delirious
13:23on twitter and posted old videos in an
13:24attempt to smear him in one video he
13:26pointed out that h2o bragged about how
13:28much money he made
13:29all right let's record this [ __ ] game
13:31and then move on
13:32i don't know whose idea this was but
13:34[ __ ] them all right friends back
13:36invite friends back invite friends back
13:38i just had my friends
13:40my friends back right i'm just i'm just
13:43making money pretty cool good good
13:46good views you know when you make a
13:49quarter of a million dollars in a month
13:50you know you get tired of playing yeah
13:53how to make money man
13:59rice we're waiting on you in another
14:01video he showed h2o supposedly acting
14:04what are you talking about i'm not that
14:06way i'm not that type of doctor
14:09oh okay well in that case in that case
14:12we're good
14:13yeah you're definitely good because your
14:16[ __ ] are on the other side of the
14:17[ __ ] map
14:18no try hard little [ __ ] where you at
14:21you heard me on may 28 2021
14:24ohm joined tjv stream to talk about the
14:26situation with him
14:27he called wildcat a weak man but then
14:29appeared to get nervous when he joined
14:30the stream
14:31this backlash has consequences for
14:35i'm i'm just telling you dude that's
14:39so and somebody says oh i'm shaking as
14:41fast as wildcats here no wildcat is a
14:44man like i'm not intimidated by him he
14:46threatened me last year
14:48physically and then trying to get me to
14:50play games with him again two months ago
14:52just total manipulation whatever you say
14:54i am not intimidated by wildcat at all
14:57he said he was going to drive up to my
14:58place last year dude by all means wild
15:00cat try it
15:01like he's a weekend hey hey yeah you're
15:04not going to start
15:05like some beef in the chat with wild cat
15:07right now i know i know i'm just saying
15:09i mean
15:10that's kind of
15:24you could talk to him all you want dude
15:25let him hop on a call he's going to
15:27whitewash it he's going to
15:28slander you you know he's going to just
15:31pull all the time
15:31okay i know i don't get his dad
15:37a millisecond on his video i i didn't
15:39get to preview his video or anything at
15:40all like i didn't know what he was gonna
15:42do with it but
15:43um wildcat you know had some interac
15:46where he was calling out uh
15:50dude you're calling tjv i didn't i
15:53didn't say i was down to do this
15:56it just he's not gonna say anything just
15:58keep talking
16:00well i'm i i'll say what i have to say
16:02and then i'll dip but i'll listen in but
16:04according to tjv ryan continued to trash
16:06delirious on his sub only twitch stream
16:08hello everyone today i will be talking
16:10about ohmrecker and his new statements
16:12during his live stream on twitch
16:14couple things i want to point out his
16:15live streams are on sub only
16:17also i do want to say uh to everybody
16:19out there uh
16:20we're still keeping chat on sub only for
16:22for the moment i also appreciate you
16:24admitting you're human
16:25that you're not perfect and make
16:26mistakes how people treat you as not a
16:28reflection of you but a reflection of
16:30this is referring to him and the
16:31mistakes he's made during this whole
16:33incident and this is his response
16:34yeah of course everybody everybody makes
16:36mistakes just like how you claim some of
16:38the vanoss crew has made mistakes
16:40it's cool when you do it but when they
16:41do it it's kind of a big deal
16:43on june 11 2021 tjv dropped a video that
16:46stated om was still talking vaguely
16:47about the drama and that even his own
16:49audience wanted him to resume his normal
16:51things are like necessarily okay because
16:53that i that would not be honest
16:56um but uh like i said there's a lot of
16:59stuff going on
17:00behind the scenes and uh it definitely
17:03ramped up
17:04it accelerated quite a bit um things
17:07have ramped up
17:07accelerated quite a bit there's stuff
17:09happening behind the scenes he's still
17:11talking about the situation i think it's
17:14pretty apparent what he's doing here
17:16telling his viewers that don't worry
17:18there's still stuff coming out the
17:19people that are probably willing to
17:21listen to him at this point and honestly
17:22it seems like most of them don't even
17:24care they just want him to play games
17:26they want to support his content
17:27and they could care less about all this
17:29drama that's happening they just want
17:30him to have fun play games and that's it
17:33currently ohm's twitter is plastered
17:34with accusatory posts about delirious
17:36in one tweet that's still up he said h2o
17:38made childborn with a girl it honestly
17:40reads like an obsessed stalker and is
17:42extremely concerning
17:43i feel like om is spinning the situation
17:45out of control he's likely upset that he
17:47was removed from the vanos crew and is
17:48trying to get revenge
17:50that's just my theory though i presented
17:51the evidence in this video so you can
17:53make your own decision
17:54ryan has come a long way since his
17:55beginnings on the early days of youtube
17:57in 2006.
17:58he was uploading before youtube was even
18:00monetized he's collabed with some of the
18:02biggest names in gaming and was lucky
18:03enough to be part of the venos gaming
18:05speaking of vanos he hasn't commented on
18:07the drama as of the making of this video
18:08delirious partner however has and said
18:11ohmrecker is creepy and upset no one
18:12will play with him anymore i don't think
18:14it's healthy for ryan to focus on old
18:15drama and should move on to bigger and
18:17better things
18:18he has a loyal following and gets
18:19hundreds of thousands of views on his
18:21om is seriously overstepping his
18:23boundaries and needs to leave h2o i am
18:25wildcat and everyone else alone he seems
18:27manipulative and is trying to bring down
18:28others but is only hurting himself
18:30right now his reputation is severely
18:31damaged and i'm worried about him i hope
18:33he stops and continues making his normal
18:35content without any drama
18:36but only time will tell what will happen
18:38thanks so much for watching this video
18:40if you liked it please consider giving
18:41me a big thumbs up and subscribing to my
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the allegations against Ohmwrecker?

Ohmwrecker, formerly part of the Vanoss Gaming Crew, faces backlash and accusations of manipulation after trying to expose fellow members for soliciting sexual favors from underage fans. He has a history of toxic behavior, including feuds with other creators and releasing edited audio clips.

2. Why is there controversy surrounding Ohmwrecker?

The controversy surrounding Ohmwrecker stems from the allegations of manipulation and attempted exposure of fellow members for soliciting sexual favors from underage fans. This has led to backlash and accusations against him, along with the revelation of a history of toxic behavior, feuds with other creators, and releasing edited audio clips.

3. How is Ohmwrecker's behavior contributing to the unfolding drama?

Ohmwrecker's behavior, including the attempted exposure of fellow members and the history of toxic behavior, feuds with other creators, and releasing edited audio clips, is contributing to the unfolding drama surrounding him. The controversy and backlash have escalated as more evidence and conflicts emerge, adding to the ongoing drama.

4. What evidence has emerged in the drama surrounding Ohmwrecker?

The drama surrounding Ohmwrecker has seen the emergence of evidence related to the allegations of manipulation, attempted exposure of fellow members, soliciting sexual favors from underage fans, and the history of toxic behavior. Additionally, conflicts and confrontations have surfaced, further adding to the evidence and drama.

5. How is the situation evolving for Ohmwrecker amid the drama?

The situation is evolving for Ohmwrecker amid the drama as more evidence, conflicts, and allegations continue to unfold. The ongoing backlash, accusations, and revelations are shaping the evolving narrative surrounding him, leading to further scrutiny and attention on the unfolding controversy.

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