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The video discusses the rise and fall of Shmorky, an internet animator who played a major role in popularizing early internet memes. He started out as a successful animator, receiving commissions from big-name studios like Adult Swim and Game Grumps. However, his life took a dark turn as he became manipulative, abusive, and embroiled in disturbing controversies, ultimately leading to his disappearance from the internet.
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The origin of meme culture can be traced back to the website, where many classic internet icons and early internet memes originated.
Something Awful was created by Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka in 1999.
Slenderman and the term "Jandy" originated from Something Awful.
Something Awful users later created 4chan.
Lowtax offered Shmorky a job to start making money from his animations and even offered to let him move out to where he lived.
Lowtax met with Shmorky in real life during a convention for Something Awful members.
Lowtax learned of Shmorky's living conditions and offered him a job doing animation for Something Awful.
Shmorky accepted the job offer and moved to where Lowtax lived.
This partnership led to the Golden Age of Shmorky.
Schmorky, a popular internet animator, started a YouTube channel called Gaming Garbage where he and Lowtax played poorly made flash games.
Schmorky took commissions from big name Studios like Adult Swim and Game Grumps.
Schmorky shifted his content to Tumblr during the gender Warfare phase, and his work became more politically correct.
Schmorky underwent a significant transformation in appearance and voice, which caused people to find him weird and obnoxious, leading to strained relationships with others.
Schmorky changed his appearance by wearing a wig and makeup.
He spoke in a nasally high-pitched voice that was difficult to listen to.
People started finding him weird and obnoxious, causing a decline in his reputation.
His strained relationship with Lowtax resulted in him being kicked off of Gaming Garbage.
Amanda revealed personal details about Shmorky, including his manipulative behavior, refusal to be seen without his yarn wig, and his kinks involving diaper role-playing.
Amanda confirmed rumors that Shmorky was a furry who was into diaper role-playing.
Shmorky denied the rumors but had a not suitable for work Patreon dedicated to drawing explicit content.
Amanda stated that she was not changing a full-grown adult's diapers and would not engage in that activity.
Schmorky hired voice actresses to role play as 13 year old girls obsessed with peeing and pooping.
One user named Soliloquy revealed messages from 2007 showing Schmorky had hired her as a voice actor to pretend to be a 13 year old girl named Peaches the Puppy.
Schmorky changed up his art style and hired voice actresses to role play as 13 year old girls who were obsessed with peeing and pooping.
Lowtax and his kids even joined in on the Kiwi Farm thread to dunk on Schmorky.
Theories abound on what happened to Schmorky, including one that he became the artist Stone Toss, but there is no concrete evidence.
Schmorky is speculated to have become the artist Stone Toss due to similar art styles.
However, Stone Toss's political views are the opposite of Schmorky's.
Schmorky's whereabouts and current state remain unknown.
Amanda/Conrad claims to have found Schmorky and that they were abducted by aliens.
00:00everything has to start from something
00:18the universe was created by a huge
00:20explosion of energy that all starred in
00:22one location and spread far out to
00:24places mankind can only dream of
00:26reaching and while it is pretty
00:28difficult for human beings to comprehend
00:29this event similar smaller events have
00:32happened in our existence and Now for
00:34Something Completely Different you like
00:37everyone loves themselves some memes
00:39some funny little images they show off
00:41to their friends and share it around to
00:42make people laugh it's a Pastime most
00:44use on the web but do you ever sit there
00:46and wonder where did this Pastime really
00:49originate from creating these things
00:51that were made for pure entertainment to
00:52share on with others is there an origin
00:54point of all this well technically there
00:57is the entire starting point for meme
00:59culture in general can be traced back to
01:01a little website called
01:05something awful was created by a man
01:07named Richard lotex kianka on November
01:1116 1999 right at the tail end of the
01:14Millennium what started as a funny
01:16little person website for low tax slowly
01:18morphed into one of the biggest internet
01:20forums of the early 2000s many classic
01:22internet icons came from something awful
01:24this is where Slenderman originated from
01:26this is where the term Jandy came from
01:28this is where the earliest internet
01:30memes came from this website is even
01:32where a lot of the users would Splinter
01:34off and create 4chan 4chan was a
01:37byproduct of something awful so Yes Meme
01:40culture as we all know it can be traced
01:43back to something awful a ton of what we
01:45just take for Grand holidays originated
01:47from here nowadays something awful is
01:49mostly forgotten but that won't change
01:51the fact almost everything meme related
01:53originated from here there were a ton of
01:55talented people on this website making
01:57these memes and one of those individuals
01:59went on to have one of the craziest
02:01stories I've ever seen on the internet
02:08this is Dave Kelly or as I should say
02:11this was Dave Kelly pestins David Kelly
02:15known online for years as schmorky was
02:18an animator for something awful who went
02:20on to do big things really really big
02:23things and then it would all come
02:26Crashing Down by his own actions and
02:29words this is the story of smorky
02:49Dave Kelly had a rough early life from
02:52everything I've read he had a rough
02:54childhood and going into adulthood and
02:56even rougher time with that in the year
02:582000 he graduated from college with a
03:01tech degree but he had a passion for
03:02drawing and animating but that wasn't
03:04paying the bills he would hop from
03:06residents to Residents some with family
03:08members some with friends and then
03:10people from online where he claims he
03:12was forced to do favors for some of them
03:16yeah as you can imagine that's pretty
03:19bad he would take our commissions while
03:21doing this so in his own words were
03:23pretty disgusting just to keep himself
03:25afloat while these were commissions he
03:28didn't want to do he did have a few more
03:30passion projects He made and this is a
03:32perfect time to give you a sample size
03:34of some of schmorky's work you may not
03:36recognize his name but there's a chance
03:39you've probably seen his work at least
03:40once before let me show you does this
03:43rainy Bells
03:55some of you may remember this some not
03:57but how about this
04:10okay maybe some more but how about this
04:14how is baby formed how girl get pregnant
04:18they need to do Way Insane mother who
04:22killed their babies because these baby
04:25can't freaks back if you still don't
04:27what about this
04:33this is fine I'm okay with the events
04:37that are unfolding currently
04:40until schmokey had a hand in some of the
04:42most well-known internet memes at the
04:44time now these are scattered all
04:46throughout the years but I was really
04:48just giving you a broad stroke of his
04:50one of the places shmokey posted these
04:52animations was something awful what
04:54should Accord with the users back in the
04:56day and were pretty popular on the side
04:58of course these were just you know
05:00passion projects He was hardly making
05:02any money off these lucky for smorky
05:04this was going to change real soon
05:08and the early to mid 2000s low tax
05:11started hosting a convention for
05:13something awful members yet yes a
05:15convention it was called goon con goons
05:19were what informed me to something awful
05:20were called if you don't know there all
05:23sorts of members of the board met up and
05:25did what else stupid [ __ ] during one of
05:28these conventions low tax had met with
05:30schmorky in real life and if you don't
05:32know low tax was a huge fan of
05:35schmorky's work low tax learned of
05:36smorky's living additions and felt bad
05:38for him as anyone would but low tax
05:41decided to actually do something about
05:42it being as it was the mid-2000s and
05:44something else almost still at its peak
05:46low tax offered schmorky a job he
05:48offered to let shmorky start doing
05:50animation for something awful and to
05:51start actually making money from these
05:53animations he was creating and even
05:55offered to let shmirke move out to where
05:57he lived seeing as there was nothing but
05:59positives here of course Morkie took the
06:01job offer leading to a great partnership
06:03for the two for years to come this would
06:06lead to the Golden Age of smorky
06:20after the two of them became Partners
06:22schwoke would start creating a ton of
06:24animations for something awful and there
06:26of course really popular with the site a
06:29ton of different types of animations
06:30with different characters like an avgm
06:32parody I dare not say the name of in
06:34this video and also the introduction to
06:36Smoker's most well-known creation the
06:38clerves uh Cliff the clerves are these
06:42weird strange and cutesy knockoffs of
06:45the Smurfs if the name wasn't a dead
06:48get used to seeing them because you will
06:50be seeing them a lot in this video they
06:53basically became what schmorker used as
06:55a basis for everything in his animations
06:57and art pieces there are what he's well
06:59known for and is his signature Style
07:01because of the popularity of these
07:03animations schmorkian low tax grew close
07:06and became good friends partners and
07:08crime if you will low tax even started
07:10letting his daughters do voices and
07:12Smokey's animations
07:32and then they went home to have some
07:35food well ain't this some cute wholesome
07:43but of course the popularity of
07:46something awful was pretty much gone by
07:47the 2010s as other websites took old so
07:51the animations were making pretty slim
07:53margins by this point so low tax and
07:55schmorky decided to start a YouTube
07:56channel called gaming garbage they would
07:59scour the internet for poorly made
08:00Indian flash games that drove them to
08:02the Edge of Insanity Slenderman is
08:04spawning kids is that it
08:16wait so oh my God God damn it
08:31have you ever put a child on the ground
08:33this channel was mildly successful it
08:36was something at least low taxes smoking
08:38were getting along well having a blast
08:40suffering from these piss war games and
08:42they started going off on their own
08:43Ventures as well this was really just a
08:45side gig low tax went on to do his own
08:47thing meanwhile schmorky was still
08:49taking commissions and some of these
08:51commissions were from big name Studios
08:54smorky got commissioned by Adult Swim to
08:57make a series of animations for the TV
08:59channel and he obliged I already showed
09:02you the dog one but there were others as
09:03well he even got work for Game Grumps
09:06and the Aquabats doing animation for
09:08them as well schmorky really got his
09:10name out there and was getting
09:13schmorky did the unthinkable he turned
09:16his hobby into his career he was getting
09:18work most would only dream of getting
09:20all seems well now what could possibly
09:24screw this up well how about schmorky
09:39as something awful started to fall out
09:41of favor for more mainstream websites
09:42smorky shifted most of his content over
09:45to Tumblr but this was early to
09:47mid-2010s Tumblr when the whole gender
09:50Warfare was going on over there you know
09:52the whole dices scum phase of the
09:55website and schmorky was one of those
09:57people who fell into the gender Warfare
10:00on Tumblr smorky's work started becoming
10:03more and more politically correct and
10:05that something awful Edge was mostly
10:07gone some might view this as a good
10:08thing and others my beauty is a bad
10:10thing that's up to you but the art style
10:12was definitely not leaning more into the
10:14cutesy style to reflect how smoking
10:16would be seen in the real world
10:18now before we continue I want to be
10:20clear that I like to be somewhat
10:22respectful to someone's identity if
10:24that's what they feel is best for them
10:25and smorky slowly started lean more into
10:28things he perceived more feminine and if
10:30that's what he wanted he deserves that
10:32I'm not going to tell someone what they
10:35can and can't be but it should be known
10:37smorky said himself he didn't care what
10:40pronouns people called him he said
10:42anything but it was fine so for
10:45consistency sake in the fact I know I'd
10:48probably screwed up in some way I have
10:50used male pronouns and will continue to
10:51use them for the rest of the video
10:53smorgy started going under a new online
10:55Alias Daisy K to fit the new him he
10:58started rejecting anything of the gender
11:00binary and started labeling himself as
11:02genderqueer now if you think the rest of
11:04the story is just crabbing on some
11:06person for being non-conformant you are
11:08sadly mistaken schmorky became obsessed
11:12with gender after making this change to
11:14the point it actively started taking
11:16over his life every free asset of
11:19Smokey's personality now revolved around
11:21his gender he never stopped talking
11:24about it smorky was now a fundamentally
11:27different person than he once was
11:29he of course started changing his
11:32appearance looking at this foot over
11:33young schmorky he's in his 20s and
11:36balding it's just like me and in order
11:38to combat this schmokey bought a cheap
11:41young wig and coated his face in makeup
11:43this was the end result
12:02I will say
12:04if his goal was to not look too much
12:06like a man or a woman he succeeded he
12:09doesn't look feminine masculine or even
12:11androgynous he looks like he belongs in
12:14the [ __ ] Mandela catalog to also add
12:17to this change in presentation schmokey
12:20started talking in this very nasally
12:22high-pitched voice that is extremely
12:25hard to listen to
12:27no yeah use mom
12:29use mom to show you the way yeah I'm
12:32dual wielding mom in a gun but Mom's not
12:34on you gotta turn mom on oh how do I
12:36turn mom on in the park how do I turn my
12:39mom click a button right Mouse button
12:41there you go there we go sworky just
12:43turned bomb on in the park that's a
12:45little puzzle yeah it's just Marketplace
12:48all right uh hello ladies and
12:50gentlemen's this just schwarkey again
12:52today and today we play Clumsy Rex for
12:54PC game engine 2014. the story is that
12:57you need to grab some flowers because
12:59your anniversary gift is going to be
13:00late imagine listening to that for hours
13:03on end Nails on a chalkboard doesn't
13:06even begin to describe it more like a
13:08bus on a chalkboard because of the major
13:10shift in Smokey's personality all the
13:13Goodwill he built up with something off
13:14on low tax started drifting away many
13:17people just started finding him weird
13:18and obnoxious and eventually low tax
13:21kicked schmorky off of gaming garbage
13:23and then the two were on very bad terms
13:25they still talked but they weren't as
13:27friendly as they once were but being on
13:29bad terms with low tanks schmorky soon
13:32found himself in the arms of another
13:46this is Amanda Amanda schmorky's
13:49girlfriend well was schmorky's
13:51girlfriend past tense they met over
13:54Tumblr and just like smorky Amanda had
13:57gender identity issues apparently around
13:59the time she met smorky she was
14:01identifying as a guy but then stopped
14:03after a while I I'm not too up to date
14:05on on that situation but look she calls
14:07herself Amanda or Mandy in most places
14:09that's what most of her profiles said
14:11when researching so that's what I'm
14:12going with schmorky and Amanda had a lot
14:14of common interests and eventually
14:16started dating and moved in with each
14:17other to help start paying the bills so
14:19schmorky finally has someone who can
14:21give him happiness that's just one issue
14:23Amanda is schizophrenic she is a
14:28diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic of
14:31course she's on medication for it but
14:33when she's offset medication she starts
14:35friendly about complete nonsense so you
14:38got someone obsessed with gender and has
14:41turned himself into Jeff the Killer and
14:43a medically diagnosed schizophrenic
14:45together romantically
14:47this is a disaster waiting to happen
14:51whenever Amanda and Smokey got into an
14:53argument shmorky would hide her pills
14:56and seeing as she needs those to
14:57function like a normal person this would
14:59of course lead to arguments and
15:01situations when Amanda has a full-on
15:03mental breakdown we actually got a
15:06recording one of these arguments when
15:07Amanda started harassing low tax in his
15:09family after he and smoking had a
15:10falling out and schmorky wanted her to
15:13stop listen to it for yourself
15:17just do what you want what do you want
15:19me to do
15:22stop streaming and pretending
15:29what do you want from me what what do
15:33you want from me
15:35I want you
15:36tell me what you want for me
15:40they're unbeatable they're Unstoppable
15:42there is no answer there is no answer to
15:44the Jewish question because they always
15:45win they always win in their mind and
15:48I'm theirs
15:49and there's nothing I can do about it
15:51ever this this is some of the most
15:54polarizing audio I have ever heard you
15:57can hear this woman is clearly in mental
16:00distress going on about Jews and
16:02thinking they're out to get her or that
16:04smoke is going to hurt her it's
16:06extremely hard to listen to but then any
16:09tension you might get from this
16:11immediately dissipates when you hear
16:14this shrill Mickey Mouse Lois Griffin
16:17[ __ ] crossbreed voice smorky is
16:19putting on and you realize that voice
16:21belongs to the person who is causing her
16:23mental anguish I
16:34I two people that did nothing to you
16:37that's what's happening right now
16:40no they didn't yeah I I think we're
16:42gonna move on from this before Smokey's
16:44voice makes me burst out of the laughter
16:45and I look like a jackass now how do you
16:48think we got this audio in the first
16:50place you wanna know well it turns out
16:53schmorky was the one who recorded and
16:55then uploaded it to something awful
16:56forms as a way to Garner sympathy with
16:58what he had to deal with as you could
17:00imagine he was told off and kicked from
17:02the boards for recording his
17:03schizophrenic girlfriend's meltdown of
17:06course their relationship wouldn't last
17:08after this they eventually broke up and
17:10went on their separate ways or so you
17:12may think
17:13now this is sort of where the video
17:15might get some people upset because now
17:17I'm going to bring up kiwi Farms yes I
17:21know the Farms are a very controversial
17:23website but this is actually where a
17:25good chunk of Revelations and Smokey's
17:27story take place so I really don't have
17:29a choice in this matter the people in
17:31Smokey strike were doing their thing
17:33planning on him and calling him a freak
17:34and all sorts of things
17:35but after this incident a surprise
17:38special guest would make an appearance
17:40on Smokey's thread Amanda Amanda who I
17:43assume was mostly medicated up when
17:45posting on here was going to dig up a
17:47lot of dirt on her ex and boy did she
17:50have a lot to reveal
18:10in the early 2010s an internet user
18:13named Sandy pants popped up on multiple
18:15websites sandipants was a 13 year old
18:19girl who had a passion for animation and
18:21for a 13 year old this is pretty damn
18:24impressive any artist watching this are
18:26probably throwing their drop-in tablets
18:27out right now as we speak
18:29but the strange thing about her is she
18:32had an obsession with the matter of the
18:34fecal and urination variety she talked
18:37about it a lot she even had Let's Plays
18:39up for playing the game facade where she
18:41talked more about piss and [ __ ] I need
18:43to pick it up
18:44Grace Dad hello no please don't do that
18:47is this toilet
18:50oh it's my dad I can hear his voice
18:56okay he's being
18:58well just hang it up no
19:04well Grace's parents there's something
19:06else really classy no they're impossible
19:09they're always expecting me to act like
19:11the dutiful daughter it's so annoying oh
19:14my God my doodle is full bringing up
19:16this person might seem completely random
19:18and have nowhere but trust me we'll come
19:21back to Sandy pants in a bit now where
19:23were we alright Amanda showing up on
19:26kiwi Farms Amanda revealed a lot of
19:28personal details about Smokey that a lot
19:30of people had already assumed but Amanda
19:32was flat out confirming them now Smokey
19:35was manipulative verbally abusive and
19:37refused to be seen without his yarn wig
19:39on he also was apparently going to get
19:41his own cartoon at Nickelodeon but he
19:43wanted full creative control this meant
19:46shoving his obsession with gender in it
19:48Nick didn't want this shoved in the show
19:50so they backed out Amanda also revealed
19:54more personal details about schmorky
19:56this also included
19:59ahmorkies Kinks oh God I gotta talk
20:03about this now for well over a decade
20:06schmokey had been dodging rumors that he
20:08was a furry who was into diaper
20:10role-playing way back in the day two
20:13images showed up bearing a striking
20:15resemblance to his work and one
20:17confirmed about this he denied it saying
20:19it was just a commission he did to pay
20:21the bills but it should be known being
20:23an artist from the early 2000s internet
20:25of course he drew nasty stuff in fact
20:28schmorky even had a not suitable for
20:31work patreon dedicated to drawing this
20:33crap do you want to see a cliff with
20:35detailed genitalia no no you don't oh
20:39oh this must be that our house Show
20:40everybody's been talking about Amanda
20:42came out and flat out confirmed Smokey
20:45was in the diaper stuff but she put her
20:47foot down and said she was not changing
20:49a full-grown adult's diapers and was not
20:51doing any of that crap this Revelation
20:54shocked absolutely no one but what
20:57Amanda was doing here garnered the
20:58attention of other people most notably
21:01low tax came into confirm some stuff
21:03about schmorking as well but then an
21:05entirely new person came in and dropped
21:08a bombshell
21:09this person under the Alias carefully
21:12came into the Kiwi Farms thread and
21:13revealed over 90 pages of chat logs they
21:17had with schmorky where they role played
21:19on Skype what did these chat logs entail
22:05how about some statue little [ __ ]
22:10all of these chat logs had very very
22:14graphic and detailed role play sessions
22:16involving characters who were explicitly
22:18said to be underage and involved incest
22:21pedophilia and lots and lots of poop and
22:24pee now for everyone's sake I'm not
22:27going to show you any of the extremely
22:29graphic stuff but just viewing the safe
22:32stuff still gives me the damn creeps
23:01have some more caviar now it should be
23:04important to note this person claims
23:07they were 18 when these chat logs were
23:09made and they flip-flopped on if they
23:10were underage at all when Smokey was
23:12shedding with them and this person
23:14really didn't deserve any of this and I
23:17feel so sorry for having to put up with
23:19Smokey [ __ ] literally
23:21the entire kiwi Farms thread was
23:24appalled Amanda was appalled low tax
23:27took it the hardest because just
23:30reminder smorky had been around his kids
23:33can you imagine what went through his
23:35mind after finding this out and just
23:37when you thought this development wasn't
23:38enough there was another one right
23:40around the corner
23:42another new user named Soliloquy showed
23:44up in the thread and revealed messages
23:45from 2007 that showed schmorky had hired
23:48her as a voice actor to pretend to be a
23:5213 year old girl who talks about pooping
23:54and peeing a lot named peaches the puppy
23:56Peach is the puppy was some strange
23:58account on Francine with some weird
24:00photorealistic creepy art hi
24:11I'm peaches the puppy and this is my
24:14[ __ ] voice yay kiwi Farms vaginas
24:19but people were also able to link this
24:21account to another account
24:22Sandy pants people compared artwork and
24:25the obsession with fecal matter smorky
24:27and it all added up schmorky had set the
24:31whole thing up
24:32that's just in my butt yeah butt my butt
24:37your butt that's right my butt my butt
24:42for those who are lost Pete is the puppy
24:45and Sandy pants weren't real they were
24:48not real people they were smorky who
24:51changed up his art style and hired voice
24:53actresses so he could role play as 13
24:55year old girls who were obsessed with
24:57peeing pooping he not only did it once
25:00but twice this was just even more
25:05was a freak there was no doubt about it
25:08now everyone joined in on the Kiwi Farm
25:11straight to dunk on him Amanda his voice
25:13actors low tax even low taxes kids got
25:17in on the dunking on smorky that's how
25:19much he got torn to shreds
25:21shortly before all this transpired
25:23smorky checked himself into a mental
25:25hospital and after this all got
25:27Unearthed he left a concerning message
25:29on his patreon and one last Comic to his
25:31Tumblr after that schmorky has not been
25:35heard of since six years later and all
25:38traces of him have been lost
26:07as of right now nobody has any clue what
26:11happened to schmorky there have been
26:12theories and the theories are like the
26:15endings to a silent hill game the bad
26:17ending schmork is dead schmorky took his
26:19own life like his goodbye messages seem
26:21to imply there isn't much evidence to
26:23back this up but for some reason back in
26:262021 a collection of nfts popped up in
26:29remembrance of schmorky implying that he
26:31did die but then it was revealed by the
26:33person who made them she just met with
26:34schmorky and she had no clue what
26:36happened to him so yeah this was just
26:37crock [ __ ] the good ending schmorky got
26:40the help he needed and now is living a
26:43somewhat normal life away from the
26:44internet yeah Fat Chance of that the
26:47neutral Landing smorky is still in the
26:49mental hospital and probably will stay
26:51there away from society for as long as
26:53humanly Puffs and of course there's the
26:56joke ending there is an ongoing
26:58conspiracy theory that after this all
27:00got Unearthed something flipped and
27:03schmorky and he became a completely
27:05different person again he went on to
27:08become stone toss you know the guy who
27:11makes all those really anti-right-wing
27:13political Comics people have compared
27:15their art styles and stone toss
27:16coincidentally started a few months
27:18after smoking left the internet but I I
27:21don't buy this besides the similar
27:23looking art styles there is really
27:25nothing holding this Theory up because
27:27Stone toss is just so wildly opposite of
27:30what schmorky was I don't think it's
27:32possible for smoking to turn into that
27:34but those are all just theories nobody
27:38actually knows what happened to him
27:40people have even looked at other artists
27:42with similar art styles to try and pin
27:43it to smorky but no dice meanwhile the
27:47creator of something awful low tax his
27:49best friend for years took his own life
27:52in 2021 and schmorky was still nowhere
27:55to be seen to say anything about him
27:57nothing Amanda will come back to the
28:00Kiwi Farms thread years later on a new
28:02account but now identifying as Conrad
28:04but create a new account and still call
28:06it Amanda which one is it and Amanda or
28:10Conrad claims to have found smoking
28:12after going from hospital to hospital
28:13and claims they were abducted by aliens
28:17are you [ __ ] kidding me
28:19oh boy someone's off their medication
28:22again yeah they would go on for dozens
28:25and dozens of pages going off about
28:27scientology demons and religion this is
28:30just a mess
28:33this is Touhou right you know what this
28:35character is called this character uh
28:38I forget what her name is but she's uh
28:40something to do with her name's the
28:41history eater her name is the history
28:43eater this is what Chinese Google
28:46Translates translates
28:48what what
28:49hell is this
28:51I'll say there's a chance this isn't
28:52even the real Amanda it could be a
28:54dedicated troll but either way could
28:56someone please please find a man or a
28:58Conrad man woman I don't care please put
29:01them back on their medication for the
29:02love of God
29:04so at the end of the day everyone
29:07involved in this story [ __ ] lost low
29:10tax is dead Amanda or Conrad is off
29:13making crazy conspiracy theories the one
29:15who will play with smoking will probably
29:16have metal scars for the rest of their
29:18life and smorgy himself has never been
29:20seen again and animation Pioneer on the
29:23Internet Is Gone without a trace and
29:26honestly maybe it's for the best
29:30God bless be sure to like And subscribe
29:32and good night stay safe
30:15now that's what I call a bowel movement
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Shmorky?

Shmorky is an internet animator who played a major role in popularizing early internet memes. He started out as a successful animator, receiving commissions from big-name studios like Adult Swim and Game Grumps.

2. What are the controversies surrounding Shmorky?

Shmorky's life took a dark turn as he became manipulative, abusive, and embroiled in disturbing controversies, ultimately leading to his disappearance from the internet.

3. What are some of the major works of Shmorky?

Shmorky received commissions from big-name studios like Adult Swim and Game Grumps and contributed to popular internet memes during his successful period.

4. How did Shmorky's career take a downturn?

Shmorky's career took a downturn as he became manipulative, abusive, and embroiled in disturbing controversies, ultimately leading to his disappearance from the internet.

5. What led to Shmorky's disappearance from the internet?

Shmorky's disappearance from the internet was a result of his involvement in disturbing controversies and his manipulative and abusive behavior.

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