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The video discusses the death of Bobby Hemmitt and raises questions about the circumstances surrounding it, alleging foul play and manipulation within the conscious community. The speaker expresses anger and disappointment towards those who betrayed Bobby Hemmitt's trust and emphasizes the need for unity and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge.
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The speaker shares a dream in which Bobby Hemmitt asked for help, and later learns that Bobby Hemmitt has passed away, revealing that he was poisoned by his wife.
The speaker had a dream where Bobby Hemmitt asked for help to be freed from his body.
The speaker later learns that Bobby Hemmitt has passed away.
The speaker believes that Bobby Hemmitt was poisoned by his wife over time.
Sister Blue reflects on Brother Bobby's passing, highlighting his integrity, light, and mission to free souls.
Sister Blue felt that Brother Bobby had passed before the news, and she was deeply affected by it.
She believed Brother Bobby had a mission to bring light and sincerity to the world and free souls.
Sister Blue also mentioned an incident with another individual during Panic's class, indicating some tensions within the community.
Brother Panic's behavior during the class was described as both nice and intense.
The speaker talks about sending crochet items to Brother Bobby and his wife, and receiving handwritten letters of gratitude.
Sent crochet items to Brother Bobby, Dr. Alim, and his wife.
Asked for Brother Bobby's address through acquaintance.
Received handwritten letters of gratitude from Linda for the donations.
A woman talks about her experiences with Panic and how she was targeted, but was grateful for a person who sent her gifts.
She was a Tiffany messenger and read a book that acknowledged many people, including her, which caught her attention.
She claims that Panic gave them up and that the classes were designed to find certain light beings and take them out.
She had many attempts on her life from this camp, including a recent one where someone sent her gifts with sigils on them.
Despite this, she felt grateful for the person who sent her gifts and had a dream about Panic and Cadia looking guilty.
The speaker is infuriated after coming across Onyx's video breaking down the alleged conversations and recordings related to Bobby Hemmitt's murder.
The speaker had known about the information and the dream related to Bobby Hemmitt's murder for a long time.
After watching Onyx's video, the speaker was able to clearly see how long Bobby Hemmitt had been tortured.
The speaker is frustrated with the conscious community and believes that they are falling like dominoes.
The speaker expresses disappointment in the treatment of Brother Bobby Hemmitt and accuses Brother Panic of jealousy and dishonesty.
Accusations of jealousy and dishonesty directed towards Brother Panic.
Disappointment in the treatment of Brother Bobby Hemmitt after his passing.
Questioning the lack of video recordings of Brother Bobby after his stroke.
Criticism of elders and the lack of respect for Brother Bobby's legacy.
The speaker expresses their love and admiration for Brother Bobby Hemmitt, and criticizes those who disrespect his name.
The speaker mentions that Brother Bobby saved their lives.
They criticize people in the conscious community who use Brother Bobby's name without truly understanding his teachings.
The speaker accuses certain individuals of being thieves and mentions an incident with a t-shirt order that was never fulfilled.
They emphasize that they are not under the influence of any substances, but rather driven by the pursuit of truth.
00:01peace fames Tiffany Hills popping in
00:03with a
00:07um things have taken a a drastic
00:12turn so in this video I'm going to speak
00:14from the
00:15heart more importantly I'm going to
00:17speak from my
00:21truth y'all know I come on here and I
00:23make videos and I share channels
00:27and um
00:30I know them to be accurate before I
00:33present any
00:38um I
00:40trust my spirit I
00:44trust my Integrity I trust my character
00:47I trust
01:01uh a couple of other videos I made I was
01:04talking about us gaining this Victory I
01:08was talking about us
01:11um coming into our wealth coming into
01:15our freedom things being returned to the
01:19rightful own
01:20owners or
01:23stewards of the
01:28Earth but it's some things that need to
01:37addressed brother Bobby came to me in a
01:41dream probably about five days
01:49um whenever brother Bobby comes there's
01:53always a pay close attention to
01:56something he just doesn't show up to
01:58show up
02:02this particular
02:05dream he
02:17panic and
02:19Linda trapped him in his
02:23body and he wanted me to take them
02:28out now I go on missions all the time to
02:32take [ __ ] out that's that's what I
02:38do so I did exactly what he asked me to
02:43do three days later I hear that brother
02:47Panic has
02:58passed I was like oh
03:00damn usually if I'm given a mission and
03:05and I'm told to take something out or
03:06take someone out it could either be like
03:09an energy or entity around that person
03:12uh never before has it
03:15um happen like
03:20this now I have a up close and personal
03:26story but first let me say I was
03:32by Onyx
03:35rising and another sister by whose
03:38Channel goes by the name of the real
03:41light to go ahead and do this video INE
03:44of um the
03:50circumstances brother Bobby did not have
03:53stroke brother Bobby was poisoned slowly
03:57over time by his
04:07Linda so I'm going take y'all back to
04:132013 I remember when brother when the
04:16news was
04:19um uh sister blue was talking about um
04:22brother Bobby had a stroke and we was to
04:24send light but I knew that he had passed
04:30and I cried and I was like what do we do
04:32now because in my eyes brother Bobby
04:40invincible and it's not about worshiping
04:42a person person is this person who had
04:45this light who brought this light who
04:47had this sincerity this uh Integrity
04:49this dignity and just wanted to know and
04:52shared what he knew and on a masterful
04:54level in so many
05:00these people were severely jealous of
05:03brother Bobby among so
05:07many and the only reason they were able
05:10to pull off what they did is because he
05:11loved and trusted them but he also knew
05:15that this was just a part of a work that
05:19he had to do he had to do work on the
05:21planet and he had to do work in the
05:25realm because he gained enough light to
05:28go and do what needed to be done
05:30in the spiritual realm as far as freeing
05:32others he was always talking about
05:33freeing people he was always talking
05:34about freeing uh
05:39Souls so in
05:422013 um I took panic's
05:45class um I believe I was like psycho
05:487 and as nice as Panic could be he could
05:52also be an amazing
05:55[ __ ] the first day of the
06:00I didn't know really what to do I never
06:02did Skype or anything like that so I
06:04called the
06:07um uh to see you know was I doing it
06:09right what time do we call in or
06:11whatever and he just went
06:12off not only did he do it to me he did
06:14it to another sister who was in the
06:17class and she just said [ __ ] it you know
06:19to keep the money send my money to
06:23Bobby while in this class I had never
06:26seen brother panic I just you know seen
06:28you know heard blog talks so I never
06:30seen him I think it was like one
06:32video but in the video I seen and then
06:35the person that I seen it was like
06:38that's brother
06:40Panic he look like he just was severely
06:43small like he was going through
06:44something I can tell um I remember in
06:46one of the classes he took a pill and he
06:48was saying something about his kidneys
06:49acting up or his kidney acting up or
06:51something like that so um I took this
06:55class and
06:57um learned a lot I learned a whole
07:03lot but there was a couple things that
07:08happened I
07:09remember he told kadesia to come say hi
07:13to the
07:15class during this particular
07:18session and
07:22um she did she came over and I saw a
07:26tall dark skinned woman who looked
07:32um significantly older than him and I
07:36was just like wow that just don't look
07:37like his type you
07:39know and I just left it at
07:42that but she looked
07:46very Apparition if I can say that she
07:49looked kind of
07:53creepy the
07:57session um whenever her class was going
08:00you know you know they dad family [ __ ]
08:02going on or whatever and kadisha comes
08:04in and she says hi to the class but it's
08:07this light-skinned
08:09woman looks totally different I said
08:11well maybe you got multiple wives I
08:13didn't know but I know what I seen the
08:14first time I know exactly what I saw I
08:18know what I
08:20saw these were two different
08:25people and I'm looking like what the
08:28what happened to the dark skin
08:35know during class um that's when you
08:38know I got to know well he had a a a I
08:43wouldn't really call it a friendship but
08:45like a acquaintance type he's like T I'm
08:47call you and he gave me some um um cuz I
08:50sent a bunch of when I took his class I
08:52sent some um crochet items to
08:56kadesia um I made him a blanket I made
09:00um and I asked him I made uh Dr Alim and
09:03his uh his his Dr Al's wife some things
09:06I believe her name is kadira um and I
09:09made brother Bobby a blanket and some
09:11fairy slippers and his wife um some
09:14things but don't let me get ahead of
09:16myself and I'm going take as much time
09:17as I need to talk about what needs to be
09:20said BB you want the window
09:26down I'll wait
09:31and um I asked him you know could you
09:34you know give me get me in touch with
09:36brother Bobby or give me you know his um
09:39address so I can send them the things
09:47know I get a call from
09:51Linda she was just a sound so so bubbly
09:54so bright so so happy and I told her you
09:58know um you know
10:00um no I hadn't made the things just yet
10:03um and I asked you know what you know I
10:05want but I did start on brother Bobby's
10:06blanket and I said she said well you
10:08know I ask her what she wanted and she
10:10was like well I like a shw or whatever I
10:11was like oh cool no problem make get you
10:13a sh I made a bunch of [ __ ] I just
10:16loved the fact that I could get that
10:18close to brother Bobby and and give
10:20finally but everything he gave to me you
10:23know I could finally um financially
10:26afford to send them donations I could
10:28afford to um do as much crochet as I
10:31wanted so I ended up making him a
10:33blanket some very slippers and
10:37um like I said I made sister Linda some
10:40things some fairy slippers and a Shaw or
10:42whatever the case may be and she seemed
10:44very grateful and I continued to send
10:46donations you know and every time I
10:48would send a donation she would send me
10:50back a handwritten letter um saying you
10:53know thank you we appreciate you we love
10:55you and I just felt so it made me feel
10:57so good I was so happy
11:01um I remember telling Panic you know and
11:04he was like well I made that happen you
11:07know what I mean I I got you in touch
11:08with her whatever just real you know I
11:10was just like okay [ __ ]
11:12whatever and around that time he's like
11:13you know send me pictures and I did I
11:15sent pictures I did I thought like okay
11:17this is part of being spiritual I'm new
11:18to this and you know um enamored by you
11:23know someone who has all this knowledge
11:25and you know who was my doorway into
11:27this level of consciousness
11:29that led me to brother Bobby it was
11:33Panic so I came into the I came into
11:36conscious the metaphysical or C
11:38Consciousness around 2009
11:412010 um so while in class you know he
11:44would tell you know all of brother Bob's
11:46business you know just gossipy and I
11:48just you know I never like dudes like
11:50that like why would you know dudes that
11:51gossip is something you know something
11:53real [ __ ] about that and he would just
11:55you know if I I felt like a lot of um
11:58whatever was going on with brother Bobby
12:00was their business it wasn't to be
12:01discussed among strangers cuz that's
12:03what we were you
12:05know so he writes a book and um in the
12:10book um he finally gets done with this
12:12book and so he um I mean he you know he
12:16he helped me out a lot as far as like
12:17you know to you know shouting me out and
12:19um my fairy slippers and and the things
12:21that I did with crochet but um right is
12:25right and wrong is
12:27wrong so he writes the book um the first
12:31book I think he wrote two but the first
12:34book and so um I was excited to BU a
12:37book bought the book you know he signed
12:39it and said you know whatever
12:42um but I found something very odd about
12:45panic because Panic wasn't the type to
12:47shout people out he wasn't you know he
12:49talked about everybody you know what I'm
12:51saying he wasn't you know that that was
12:52not him and so in the book there was the
12:57page and it was full of
13:00people and my name was among those
13:02people I was Tiffany messenger at the
13:07time and I read the book I thought the
13:09book was kickass but couple things
13:12dawned on me or not dawned on me but
13:14just kind of caught my
13:15attention and one of them was the
13:17acknowledgements like why would he
13:19acknowledge all these people most of
13:20which he didn't even like and I didn't
13:23really you
13:24know think that he would even think that
13:26much of me to acknowledge me
13:29you know what I'm
13:31saying so spirit said um over
13:38time it revealed it said um tear that
13:42page out and burn it because Panic gave
13:46us all
13:47up the classes were designed to find
13:50certain light
13:52beings and to take us out I've had many
13:55many many attempts on my life from this
14:01the last attemp I
14:02had was the most recent they sent some
14:06dude got close me got a reading I tell
14:09this person did not like me at all
14:11whatsoever but you
14:13know I just want to send you some I sent
14:15him he got a read and I sent him some
14:16fairy dust I'mma send you a bunch of
14:17I'mma send you I'm send you that big big
14:19box of
14:21[ __ ] but what he sent he had sigil on
14:24everything and I was just like well why
14:25would you mark some [ __ ] you know that
14:28if it's for me let me do what I want to
14:31do and he's like um it was a bunch of
14:33[ __ ] you know crystals and
14:37uh uh candles and uh runs and needless
14:44to say all the [ __ ] is in the trash now
14:46but um I remember getting you know the
14:49next night um I called him and I thanked
14:52him for everything and I was I just felt
14:53so good I made a video about
14:57it and I I just was just very you know
15:00happy that somebody you know felt that
15:02way about me you know what I'm saying
15:04and so I remember going to sleep and
15:07that night I had a dream about panic and
15:10Cadia and they were standing by my
15:12closet door
15:15looking very shame and guilty about
15:18something like you know how little kids
15:19get in trouble and they head go down and
15:22they just be you know they know they
15:23Mama about to get them like you know it
15:25was that type of look and I just felt
15:28this extreme heaviness you
15:33know so um called the guy or he called
15:36or something and I was like um I had a
15:39dream about I told him to dream and
15:41whatever and he was like oh that sound
15:43what what whoopy [ __ ] he ain't really
15:44worth discussing but um just his part in
15:48this you know they send them you know
15:50what I'm saying they send them and they
15:51and they they do it all the time it's
15:53[ __ ] that has happened to me I haven't
15:55ever talked
15:59so after this happens um there's just
16:02this you know I feel I'm feeling you
16:04know they you know this person is doing
16:06all type of [ __ ] you know what I'm
16:08saying but one thing about
16:11me and I panic knew this he said Tiffany
16:15you always
16:16protected and that kind of stood out to
16:18me because I was just like how would you
16:20know unless you trying to do some
16:25[ __ ] so as time goes on um
16:29I kind of lost touch with panic and uh
16:32things just sto you know it wasn't his
16:34videos wasn't resonating he seemed to be
16:38um getting
16:40worse the ego the the information it was
16:44like five hours of talk and five minutes
16:51science um after brother Bobby it was
16:54like brother Bobby kept panic in check
16:57to me after after brother Bobby passed
17:00um and I know he
17:02passed it was just like you know no
17:05holes bars and then he was [ __ ] with
17:06all the people who he said he didn't
17:13like so when I came across um when I got
17:16the information that he allegedly passed
17:20I um knew the information I knew the
17:23dream I knew what happened and I was
17:25like [ __ ] this is this is some big [ __ ]
17:32who do I talk to you know what I'm
17:34saying I I need to talk to somebody you
17:36know what I'm
17:37saying moo shot me a uh a text and I was
17:41like you know can we can we chop it up
17:42real quick and we chopped
17:47it I think later that day I came across
17:49Onyx video CU I was looking for more you
17:52know I'm like okay what what is this you
17:53know reaction to panic's death cuz I'm
17:57not heartless but I knew the dream and
18:00I've been looking sideways at things for
18:02a long time when it comes to brother
18:06Bobby long
18:10time so when sister Onyx was breaking
18:12down the the recordings and the the
18:15so-called conversations or the first you
18:17know um and and and what struck me um
18:20well when she was just breaking down you
18:22know the information about just picking
18:24it apart and I was like this is so this
18:25is [ __ ] I've been thinking about this
18:27for quite some time just didn't know how
18:29to put how to how to put it together and
18:31where to put it and not to be um just
18:34woing off you know side of my neck to
18:36really know what I'm talking
18:42about and I was so infuriated I was so
18:46upset cuz I could clearly
18:48see I could clearly see how long was he
18:54tortured how
18:57long had they been doing these things to
19:00him I'm going to put the videos in the
19:03description box and no I don't want
19:05y'all to email me about your stories
19:07about how you felt whatever make a
19:09video because this [ __ ] is
19:12over the whole conscious socalled
19:14Community this [ __ ] is [ __ ] over all
19:16this [ __ ] this [ __ ] is over all of
19:20y'all are now F not about to all of
19:22y'all are now falling like [ __ ]
19:25dominoes all of y'all
19:30Rich you know brother
19:33Bobby was the reason for your success
19:36and this is how all of y'all even y'all
19:38Elders all of y'all
19:41know all of y'all [ __ ]
19:44know and even y'all
19:47who know enough to say something or to
19:51do something You' done
19:54nothing and you want to keep saying a
19:57whole bunch of a dumb [ __ ] I've never
19:59seen brother Bobby's Videos as much as I
20:01see them now anytime I turn on my
20:03YouTube brother Bobby is
20:07flooding the
20:12suggestions how dare
20:17y'all how dare
20:20y'all and then I come across the video
20:22with kadesia and she saying oh Panic
20:26passed he went through a portal we don't
20:29know when he died we don't know how he
20:33died we don't know the circumstances we
20:35ain't seen a [ __ ] body but he went
20:38through some type of fairy tale portal
20:40and all of
20:42this all of this is
20:45orchestrated because brother Bobby been
20:47coming through to so many of
20:53us in
20:55dreams in visions and y'all [ __ ]
20:58getting y'all asses handed to y'all
21:00right about
21:05now for
21:12money Dr Alene kadira really
21:16y'all acting like y'all so humble and
21:18y'all these teachers see he was [ __ ]
21:20with y'all money because when he started
21:22saying that [ __ ] is about you know the
21:25guys is is all [ __ ] all of this [ __ ]
21:29that y'all done built y' whole careers
21:32on it's [ __ ] with y'all
21:36money and instead of y'all
21:40growing and having integrity and dignity
21:44Truth y'all went against brother Bobby
21:47all of y'all that's the only reason
21:49y'all was able to pull off what y'all
21:50did for as long as y' it's been n
21:54years oh but he been coming
22:00this whole Panic death is not
22:06real I went in to try to find him it's
22:10real I felt nothing I picked up on
22:18nothing when brother Bobby was
22:21alive that's when Panic brought the
22:24fire that's when his lectures was fire
22:30after brother Bobby all that [ __ ] went
22:34downhill they wanted to take that light
22:36they wanted to emulate that light and
22:39brother Panic was
22:40severely severely jealous of brother
22:44Bobby all of you
22:47were he wasn't [ __ ] with half of
22:52y'all how dare
22:54you how dare you insult our intelligence
22:58and if you listen to the conversation
23:00that he supposedly had with Dr Alim he's
23:03not even talking to Dr Alim Dr Alim is
23:06just plugging in yep yep to make it seem
23:11like they having some [ __ ]
23:12conversation when they were
23:26not I'm so disappointed in y' Elders I'm
23:29so [ __ ] disappointed in
23:41y'all he just supposed to die and we
23:45just supposed to forget about him and in
23:47the age of digital why why was there
23:50never a video recording of brother Bobby
23:53after his stroke why why wasn't he
23:55recorded you know talking and and you
23:59know video why we couldn't see why is it
24:02just this funky ass picture of somebody
24:03that ain't even
24:05him we hear him talking behind this
24:09picture you think we was going to really
24:11just forget about him and he was going
24:13to be swept under the rug and brother
24:15Panic had the audacity to make a video
24:17talking about y'all been kissing his ass
24:19[ __ ] [ __ ] you and you don't get a
24:21chance to die just
24:33yet all of you
24:36charlatans all of
24:39you and it's so many of
24:43y'all and those of us who have souls
24:45it's so little little of us oh but the
24:48light is
24:51shining oh but the light is shining this
24:55whole portals of pan
24:59is trying to hold down the light brother
25:01Bobby is now
25:03rising and we he will have his
25:10veneration we will send brother Bobby
25:23right my heart is so
25:25broken when I think about
25:34what must have happened to
25:35him and how long like nobody gonna ride
25:41Bobby and those of us who are speaking
25:43are those of us who got these small
25:48platforms it's just like with nipy
25:50nobody gonna tell the [ __ ] truth
25:52nobody in his family gonna say [ __ ] that
25:54Eric Holder [ __ ] this is what happened
25:57and this is why he was killed nobody
25:59going to
26:12ride you just supposed to die with
26:15everything he gave and all of us we just
26:17oh brother Bob I learn so much and just
26:19throwing his name around
26:28brother the Panic Ain't dead
26:39y'all it's all the [ __ ]
26:59please come for
27:01me because I can use the target
27:06practice just like you've been coming
27:11me and has been and you have been
27:19unsuccessful what y' under estimated was
27:23how much we loved brother
27:25Bobby because he saved Our
27:41Lives how dare
27:45you when you go listen
27:48to the real lights
27:51video and the dream she had you g to see
27:55exactly so everything she said I start
27:58putting my pieces together that I
27:59actually had the experience I seen it
28:02with my own eyes I was
28:14there I told y'all in my videos this is
28:17us doing this
28:19[ __ ] see what what happened with this
28:21whole conscious Community [ __ ] they was
28:23just supposed to keep us in this [ __ ]
28:26Infinity Loop
28:30[ __ ] thinking we learning [ __ ] because
28:32everybody's making it sound so um
28:35Fantastical and it just sounds so
28:37complicated and I just got to get in
28:38there it's all [ __ ]
28:41[ __ ] because these people are
28:44thieves what was panic's friend name
28:46Dame who was doing the t-shirt that I
28:48never got never got my t-shirt I paid
28:50for it though and when I contacted him
28:53about returning refunding cuz I didn't
28:55get my shirt he said he couldn't sent it
28:58because it had been too long um uh and
29:01sent me some bogus uh tracking number
29:05that is stuck in someplace but they are
29:12thieves all
29:17thieves I don't drink I don't smoke
29:20never how I'm not under any influence of
29:22a mushroom or anything like that I'm
29:24under the influence of Truth
29:30And since you want to play
29:33with this
29:35[ __ ] the king of [ __ ] has just
29:39faed and every one of y'all G to fall
29:42like dominoes and it's
29:47happening and it's
29:55happening how dare you
30:01you one thing about the crucified Christ
30:03is the Christ
30:07Rises and he's been rising in all of
30:16us from this point
30:21on this [ __ ] is going a whole another
30:31it's going a whole another
30:36way Spirit has said the strongholds have
30:41lifted we have been and we are
30:55victorious they wanted to Hold Us Down
30:59on every level
31:06family on every level and my question is
31:09it's like I know brother Bobby used to
31:13about um certain goddesses and you know
31:18who was his team like where are all
31:20people where's all the people who really
31:22love brother Bobby who was who was his
31:30where are all these
31:36people where are all these oracles where
31:38are all these uh where are all these
31:45people and he kept telling us about a
31:48Bala oh he was giving us he was giving
31:51us he was he was asking for
31:54help and when he comes to us family this
31:57is what n i want you to understand for
31:58those of y'all who who who don't who
32:01haven't had the
32:02visitation brother B don't come broke
32:05down he don't come asking for help in
32:08the sense of
32:10um he don't know what to
32:14do he he comes giving us guidance like
32:18this is what it is do this AB you know I
32:21mean he come through
32:24like way stronger than he was when he
32:26was on the plan
32:35he come through
32:43glorious and I
32:46remember when I was having um when I was
32:49with the guy that they
32:53sent um having exchanges with him and I
32:57was watching a um brother Bobby
33:02tape and he was saying how he used to
33:04talk [ __ ] about Martin Luther King and
33:07um Martin Luther King came and kissed
33:08him on the forehead you know and was
33:11just you know pretty much thanking him
33:14and and I remember brother Bobby I was
33:18in the bathroom at the house I lived in
33:20at the
33:21time and
33:28he kissed me on my forehead came in
33:29there with with with um his wife it was
33:32a woman who I thought to be
33:34Linda and he kissed me on my forehead
33:37and he told me he was proud of
33:40me and now I understand because he knew
33:43I would make this
33:54video the [ __ ] is off her family
34:06brother Bobby will be sent off
34:11right like the [ __ ] Master he has
34:14been the ascended Master he deserves
34:21that more than deserved it been deserved
34:25it and y'all did [ __ ]
34:28nothing how dare
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the circumstances surrounding the death of Bobby Hemmitt?

The video discusses the death of Bobby Hemmitt and raises questions about the circumstances surrounding it, alleging foul play and manipulation within the conscious community. The speaker expresses anger and disappointment towards those who betrayed Bobby Hemmitt's trust and emphasizes the need for unity and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge.

2. Why does the speaker allege foul play and manipulation within the conscious community?

The speaker alleges foul play and manipulation within the conscious community in the context of Bobby Hemmitt's death, expressing anger and disappointment towards those who betrayed Bobby Hemmitt's trust. The video emphasizes the need for unity and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge.

3. How does the video raise questions about the circumstances surrounding Bobby Hemmitt's death?

The video raises questions about the circumstances surrounding Bobby Hemmitt's death, alleging foul play and manipulation within the conscious community. The speaker expresses anger and disappointment towards those who betrayed Bobby Hemmitt's trust, emphasizing the need for unity and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge.

4. What is the speaker's opinion on the need for unity and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge?

The speaker emphasizes the need for unity and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge, expressing anger and disappointment towards those who betrayed Bobby Hemmitt's trust. The video discusses the death of Bobby Hemmitt and raises questions about the circumstances surrounding it, alleging foul play and manipulation within the conscious community.

5. Why does the speaker express anger and disappointment towards those who betrayed Bobby Hemmitt's trust?

The speaker expresses anger and disappointment towards those who betrayed Bobby Hemmitt's trust in the context of addressing the circumstances surrounding Bobby Hemmitt's death. The video alleges foul play and manipulation within the conscious community, emphasizing the need for unity and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge.

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