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Entrepreneur and investor Erik Horbacz discusses the Creator Economy, web3, AI, and psychedelics, emphasizing the importance of intentionality and anti-inflammatory uses of new technologies. He also touches on gaming and the need for caution and expertise in the psychedelic community. Horbacz advocates for the role of Elders and practitioners in guiding the use of psychedelics for spiritual and mental health purposes.
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Erik Horbacz is an entrepreneur and investor involved in the Creator economy, web3, AI, and psychedelics.
He has a background in restaurants and technology, particularly blockchain.
He has been exploring the concept of play to earn in social spaces.
He sees potential in applying blockchain technology to enhance social experiences like restaurants.
The speaker discusses the expression of humans through technology and the choice to use it for good or harm.
Humans have been expressing tools and things to survive since developing that capability.
The speaker sees current technologies as an expression of humans and potentially divine.
There is a choice for builders, investors, and entrepreneurs to use technology to enhance life or take away freedom.
The speaker highlights the importance of intentionality in the use of technology for good or harm.
The live format is seen as the most authentic way to engage in the Creator economy.
Presidential campaigns and debates should be done in a podcast format for authenticity.
Dialogues with someone provide a more authentic version of themselves.
The challenge lies in determining who to trust and going straight to the source.
The speaker discusses the idea of using substances to enhance gaming experience and the psychology behind game development.
Suggests that taking substances can lead to a heightened state of awareness and a different dimension in the game.
Raises concerns about the safety and age restrictions of using substances for gaming.
Compares the business-oriented nature of software development with the artistic nature of game development.
The speaker discusses the Human Promise Initiative and its connection to technology, web 3.0, artificial intelligence, gaming, and psychedelics as tools for a purpose.
The Human Promise Initiative is a project focused on technology, web 3.0, artificial intelligence, gaming, and psychedelics.
The speaker invites those interested in these topics to follow their social media accounts for updates on the project.
The speaker mentions the exciting developments happening in the psychedelic world and technology.
There is a connection between the Human Promise Initiative and spirituality, with the potential for a new form of spirituality emerging from the combination of gaming, psychedelics, and technology.
The discussion is about the potential of web3 and blockchain technology to act as an anti-inflammatory agent in various sectors.
The comparison is made between web3 and an anti-inflammatory drug for identifying and addressing inflammation in different areas like big Pharma, big Tech, big Finance, and big government.
The conversation also touches upon the idea of guiding technologies in an anti-inflammatory direction for a better world.
There is a mention of making life meaningful and finding purpose through spiritual endeavors.
Psychedelics are not a cure-all solution, and a holistic approach is needed for better understanding and treatment.
Psychedelics should not be seen as a panacea and will not solve all problems.
It is important to have a combination of spiritual and scientific understanding when working with psychedelics.
People should not rely solely on high doses of psychedelics for specific mental ailments, as it may lead to a rebound effect.
There is a need for more individuals who study the neuroscience and chemistry of psychedelics while also having experiential knowledge from the psychedelic community.
A holistic approach combining scientific research and experiential knowledge is necessary for a better understanding of specific diseases or mental ailments.
The speaker discusses the idea of using psychedelics for societal progress and the potential risks associated with it.
Mentions the concept of using psychedelics like Prometheus stealing fire for societal advancement.
Raises the question of whether everyone should have access to psychedelics or if it should be limited to certain individuals.
Expresses concerns about the negative consequences that can arise from uncontrolled psychedelic use, referencing the Vikings as an example.
00:03ladies and gentlemen welcome back to
00:06True Life podcast hope everybody's
00:07having a beautiful day I hope you got to
00:09wake up next to the person that you're
00:11in love with I hope the sun is shining
00:12birds are singing I got a great show for
00:15you today uh gentlemen him and I have
00:17been trying to connect for a little bit
00:18we finally made it happen the one and
00:20only Eric horbach entrepreneur investor
00:24currently building and researching
00:26environments around the Creator economy
00:28web3 Ai and psychedelics he is the
00:31co-founder and chairman of the Avenue
00:33Agency member of abundance 360
00:35co-producer of the incredible podcast
00:37chatting with Candace a board member
00:39advisor of the entrepreneurs
00:42organization RDU
00:44the water Institute of conscious and
00:48psychedelic research operation rescue
00:50children and various other organizations
00:52and startup Eric thank you so much for
00:54being here today my friend how are you I
00:56am delighted to be here thank you so
00:57much for having me yeah man the pleasure
00:59is all mine I uh I've been wanting to
01:01talk to you for quite some time it seems
01:03to me that you have developed this set
01:05of skills that is not only intriguing to
01:08me but it seems like what you're doing
01:10is kind of this whole foundation for
01:13this change that we see going forward
01:14this idea of web 3 the Creator economy
01:18psychedelics like it just seems to me
01:20that you're on the foundation of so many
01:22cool things I was wondering if you could
01:24maybe start with a little bit of a you
01:25know a little bit of a background to say
01:27how you got involved in all these things
01:30curiosity so so I started off
01:34um entrepreneur journey in restaurants
01:37and that led me to trying to understand
01:39social spaces and we built some
01:42technology around uh gaming in Social
01:44spaces uh and so I went from like
01:47restaurants into the tech world and then
01:50in throughout that Journey like obsessed
01:52with technology I really enjoyed
01:54blockchain technology we're building out
01:55like mobile games so like back in 2017
01:5918ish we were just toying around with
02:02the play to earn ideas especially for
02:05like social spaces because it could be
02:07used for a lot of cool things in a
02:09social space like a restaurant so I
02:10think like Esports but
02:12um bringing that into like a more uh
02:16real world setting
02:18um yeah and then
02:20from there I've I've done a lot of weird
02:25and interesting things with conscious
02:27like different like States Of
02:28Consciousness so always exploring
02:30different states of Consciousness back
02:32in 2018 my wife and I did this thing
02:34called biocybernaut Institute wow it's a
02:37it's a neurofeedback center okay and
02:40what it is is like you sit in this black
02:42box and inside this box you're listening
02:45to your own brain waves you're in there
02:46for seven days you're you're in and out
02:48yeah you're in and out working with a
02:50trainer and
02:52um you go to sleep at night and you go
02:54back in and you listen to your brain
02:55waves and it gives you meditations and
02:57certain things to do with your mind
02:59and that had uh led me to blockchain uh
03:03kind of like putting on the more the
03:05investor hat I'm a way better investor
03:07than I am an entrepreneur I find
03:10and um
03:12and making the decision to just follow
03:14anything that I'm curious about
03:16and that has been exactly what you just
03:18mentioned the psych psychedelics web 3
03:21Creator economy AI trying to see like
03:24where are these where all these things
03:28chords a more compelling future I had my
03:31first son in uh 2019 at the end
03:34congratulations man so stoked for you
03:37bro nice and that will rock your world
03:39and then especially like if you're
03:40already a builder or an investor or
03:42someone that's trying to live very
03:43intentionally it's like holy okay
03:45I'm just like guiding this ushering this
03:47Consciousness into the world and here it
03:49is like now you're really paying
03:50attention like what's going on what what
03:52are we bringing them into so it's like a
03:54lot of like what kind of energy time
03:56money energy like really investing and
03:58putting these things into places that
04:01yeah man that's amazing to me I I think
04:04that uh
04:05okay so this crosses this Rubicon of
04:08ideas and Technology I'm gonna um
04:12man it's hard for me to think about okay
04:15there's a I'm gonna take us way back to
04:17the ancient Greeks right here Eric I'm
04:18going to read you this passage about the
04:20world in which letters and language was
04:23given to humankind I'm going to read
04:25this passage from Plato and then I'm
04:27going to get your interpretation about
04:28it okay it has to do with language right
04:30here let me grab my book Okay so
04:34this is from famous which is you know
04:37one of the books and and Plato's
04:39Republic or one of the great works right
04:41there it would take a long time to
04:43repeat all that famous said to thooth In
04:46Praise or blame of the various Arts but
04:49when they came to letters this said
04:52will make the Egyptians wiser and give
04:55them better memories it is a specific
04:57both for the memory and for the wit
04:59famous replied almost ingenious thooth
05:03the parent or inventor of an art is not
05:05always the best judge of the utility or
05:09in utility of his own inventions to the
05:11users of them and in this instance
05:14you who are the father of letters from A
05:18paternal love of your own children have
05:20been led to a tribute to them equality
05:23which they cannot have for this
05:25discovery of yours will create
05:26forgetfulness in the learner's Souls
05:29because they will not use their memories
05:31they will trust to the external written
05:33characters and not remember of
05:35themselves the specific which you have
05:38discovered is an aid not to memory but
05:41to reminiscence and you give your
05:43disciples not truth but only the
05:45semblance of Truth they will be hearers
05:48of many things and will have learned
05:50nothing they will appear to be
05:52omniscient and will generally know
05:53nothing they will be tiresome company
05:56have the show of wisdom without the
05:59reality so I think what he's breaking
06:03down there is that when we were given
06:04written texts when we were given letters
06:06in language it was almost our demise
06:08like the seeds of our demise were
06:11planted in the phonetic alphabet where
06:12and even all Technologies when you're
06:14given this technology it takes away your
06:17ability on some other level and I'm just
06:19curious if we I don't kind of I'm kind
06:22of going in depth right here so bear
06:23with me I'm going to get to this point
06:24right here so if we use this as a
06:27stepping stone and we can agree with the
06:29premise that when we provide people with
06:31a technology it causes that normal
06:33muscle to aphetry whether it's language
06:36and memory or whether it's whatever
06:38technology we're introducing do you
06:40think it's possible that what we're
06:42seeing right now is like the atrophy
06:44that language has imposed on our memory
06:47and that that's kind of where we are
06:48right now maybe these new technologies
06:49are going to do the same thing I know
06:51it's kind of a wide margin right there
06:53but what do you think about that
06:58all right
07:00um okay
07:02so I've always
07:06not always a hat that I've put on
07:08recently okay when it comes to
07:11technology and building and expression
07:13is like
07:16it's a little out there too but nice I
07:19think it works like the if you the Earth
07:23um is obviously very old and we're not
07:25right so we become an expression of the
07:28earth if you believe that the Earth is
07:29living and the Earth is actually
07:30expressing itself in some way
07:33um I don't know why it expressed humans
07:34or had created humans in any way
07:37um I know that we went through a crazy
07:39evolutionary period have you seen the
07:41show on Netflix uh chimp Empire
07:43no I have not seen it but I will look it
07:45up it is a blast into our amygdala it's
07:49incredible there's politics and there's
07:52like it's crazy he's watching these
07:54chimps operate
07:56um either in a hierarchical structure or
07:58a tribe or like and then seeing which
08:00ones actually Thrive versus versus are
08:03really struggling
08:04um but anyway yeah so as the Earth
08:06expressed us and we have been expressing
08:09tools and we've been expressing things
08:11since we've started developing that
08:15to help us survive really everything's a
08:17fitness payoff right everything helps us
08:20so as we and we keep doing that and we
08:23keep operating from that place of
08:24survival now I don't I don't know why
08:27like the current Technologies are
08:29converging the way that they are but
08:31they seem to be what I do recognize is
08:34that they are an expression of us so if
08:37we are an expression of the earth and
08:38these Technologies are an expression of
08:40of us then in some way it's all divine
08:44so there's
08:48there's an ushering as this stuff comes
08:52through us I think we have a choice to
08:54make everyone that's a builder or an
08:56investor or an entrepreneur or someone
08:58it seems like there's a choice to make
08:59on are we going to allow this stuff to
09:01come through Us in what form
09:05right so like it has it comes down to
09:07intentionality it's like well I can
09:09build this and take away people's
09:11memories and take away their freedom and
09:13take away their control or I can build
09:15this and it can enhance
09:18life on Earth in some way
09:21and it just comes down to a choice it's
09:22a simple Choice it's like goes back to
09:24like the good and evil and the thing
09:25that like when you were reading that the
09:27thing that popped up in my head because
09:28it all it all kind of traces back it's
09:31well what seems to be happening and
09:35maybe this is just part of our Evolution
09:36when it comes to technology I don't know
09:38but we are losing sight of who we are
09:40we're losing side of ourselves
09:42in a lot of ways and the reason why I
09:45don't think it's a mistake that
09:46something like psychedelics is coming up
09:48at the same time for the second time as
09:51artificial intelligence as blockchain
09:54Technologies as all these uh exponential
09:56age Technologies are occurring all of a
09:58sudden Here Comes this second wave of
09:59psychedelics yeah and it's like it's
10:02like the Earth saying look you need to
10:05sub upgrading your software upgrade your
10:08software right
10:12yeah I'm gonna download some new uh some
10:15new software to our necktop yeah exactly
10:19yeah I mean again in the heart I mean
10:21the hardware is 100 a couple hundred
10:22thousand years old and
10:24and it's ever changing and ever evolving
10:26there's an organization I found out
10:27there recently that was called um
10:30bits and atoms I think it is okay so
10:33bits and atoms is I'll give you like
10:36this is not I'm I'm I am in technology
10:39Enthusiast I study the way like the
10:42trends of the world right like I I
10:44studied the macro economy for for years
10:47and then startup investor investment on
10:49a project so
10:51um it's always been like where does my
10:53interests meet the most compelling
10:54future so I'm not like a scientist
10:58but I find things to be very interesting
11:00and then I start following that rabbit
11:01hole and one of the things
11:03um it's always been Quantum Computing I
11:05think is absolutely fascinating uh bits
11:07and atoms is an organization that
11:09through their research is leading them
11:12to there being no difference between a
11:15bit and an atom hmm
11:18so the material world that we see versus
11:21the digital world really has a place and
11:24you go as deep the deep as deep as you
11:26go if you can go deep enough there's a
11:27place where they come together
11:29become one
11:31it makes sense it makes sense I mean I
11:34like to think that the the Earth grows
11:36people the way apple tree grows apples
11:38right so
11:40right so you know it's all it's all us
11:42in a weird sort of way if you want to
11:44dig down it's all you in some weird sort
11:45of way
11:47yeah if you go deep enough it is that's
11:49why it's called inner work yeah yeah
11:52it's a great Point yeah you know
11:54sometimes I wonder too how um I've been
11:56zuking out like a lot on Marshall
11:58mcluhan lately man this one's called the
12:00Gutenberg Galaxy man this guy's this guy
12:03I think was
12:0450 years ahead of everybody back in the
12:06in ironically enough it was big in the
12:08last wave of psychedelics so it's it's
12:11interesting that I'm rereading him now
12:12and it's becoming so much more relevant
12:14in my life but he talks a lot about too
12:16the different ways in which Technologies
12:20affect not only us but he talks that
12:24when a technology is introduced
12:27like either from within or from without
12:29a culture
12:31and it gives new stress or ascendancy to
12:34one or another of our senses the ratio
12:37among all our senses is altered and that
12:40blows my mind a little bit to think
12:41about like all of a sudden we've entered
12:42this digital age so not only are we
12:44consuming media differently but it
12:47changes the ratio of our senses in which
12:50we see the world right like we're
12:51beginning to highlight maybe maybe the
12:54the way in which you hear heard things
12:5720 years ago is different now because
13:00you're combining it with a different
13:01type of media and that changes the whole
13:03the gears on the whole machine right
13:05that's a pretty fascinating concept to
13:07think about
13:08totally yeah I mean if you like we
13:12man the internet
13:13the internet in general just sent us on
13:15such a trajectory yeah right and it's
13:18like well here's a bunch of here's as
13:19much information as you could possibly
13:21handle at one time right yeah
13:24and we thought that was going to be a
13:25good idea and I think it is a good idea
13:27I think it's a natural part of of our
13:29our evolution in some way but it's still
13:31it's like over like okay let's overwhelm
13:33the human mind so much so like if you
13:36look at like the narrative it's like uh
13:41we got flooded with information and
13:43everyone started believing everything
13:44that they read on the internet right and
13:47then all of a sudden it became like the
13:49internet was creating the narrative I
13:51mean you I mean
13:52all the psyop stuff like like that all
13:55is there right so the internet is now is
13:57then starting to create the narratives
13:58the memes creating the narrative we're
14:01we're entering the internet meets
14:03artificial intelligence where now I'm
14:06thinking what's going to happen is the
14:09narrative around like the internet
14:10inside our heads can be like well now I
14:12can't believe anything so instead of
14:13like going from I believe everything I
14:16see and read on the internet and it's
14:17like there's a there's an immediate
14:19doubt it's like this thing was created
14:21by an artificial intelligence so then
14:22what's the next iteration of that or
14:25where where does our trust start going
14:27and I I think that's where so we talked
14:29in the beginning about Creator economy
14:31yeah and I think that that is the most
14:33important piece of individuals like you
14:36who are out there talking in the world
14:39it's just like we need people we can
14:41trust and the only way you can know if
14:42you can trust someone is if you really
14:44download their digital selves into
14:47yourself like is this person
14:49feel right is this person like really
14:52have the values and beliefs that I think
14:54need to exist in the world
14:57for whatever reason right I mean
15:00hopefully there's more people that are
15:02looking for like a good
15:04a good reason I mean I don't know no it
15:08makes sense you know I that I'm curious
15:10to get into that idea like when we when
15:13you look
15:14so I noticed too that when you wrote AI
15:17in your bio use lowercase it was that
15:19like a was that like a message to say
15:21that I think that AI is not as big as we
15:23think it is
15:26ah you caught that
15:29I don't honestly it was like I never I
15:32don't know the right way to do it yeah
15:34me neither and to me it feels like a
15:36lower case okay but it's yeah I agree no
15:39like in lower case like I don't know why
15:40everyone keeps putting it in like
15:42uppercase it just didn't make any sense
15:44like we could we made it yeah it was an
15:47expression of us and it's like it's art
15:50right like the artist is the uppercase
15:53right or is the lower case and it's
15:56sooner you know maybe it'll become
15:57conscious one day and
15:59we can have that conversation on when
16:01I'll start uppercasing my A's
16:10but it's it's fascinating to think about
16:12so if we if we get back into this idea
16:14of the Creator economy and as someone
16:16who has begun to build the lattice
16:18around it I'm curious what you foresee
16:21happening in my mind it seems like the
16:23live format is the one thing that really
16:26authenticates you it's like the stream
16:28of Consciousness is its own heightened
16:30state of awareness you're here you're
16:32present and if we look back to you know
16:34the the Sufi poets or we look at
16:36psychedelics or we even look at the
16:38people we love in our life it's that
16:40immediate conversation between you and
16:41me here and now that really has the
16:44juice is that something that's going to
16:45be incorporated into the and be
16:47purposeful for the Creator economy yeah
16:49I hope so I think it I think it's the
16:52only way to do it and I think I mean I
16:54find it wild that we don't have
16:56presidential campaigns and debates on
16:58podcasts I mean it's just because like
17:00you said it's authenticity and you're
17:02not going to get the authentic version
17:03of somebody when they're sitting up on a
17:05stage getting asked very specific
17:07questions and then waiting for an answer
17:09like you're going to get the authentic
17:11version of them when they're in a
17:12dialogue with somebody
17:14and that's the way it's just the way it
17:16needs to happen so yeah I think that um
17:18I mean the real big challenge there is
17:20that there it's it's still the same
17:22problem that there's so much content
17:24and it's like who who do you trust and
17:27are they going straight to the source
17:30but we'll get there and I think that's
17:32you know that's where web3 can come in
17:34and and you know start validating
17:35certain things
17:37but yeah in the end I do think that
17:42you can is the most important part of
17:46the Creator economy moving forward and
17:49that that's not to say like someone that
17:51just picks up a microphone and starts
17:53talking doesn't mean that they're an
17:54authentic person they're just really
17:55good at talking
17:57right it's just that doesn't mean that
17:58there doesn't mean that they're integral
18:00to like when we use like the Psychedelic
18:03work it's like let's sort out the stuff
18:05that I'm not in order to get down to the
18:07stuff that I am and then let me Express
18:09that stuff
18:10right and then that's where that's where
18:12the authenticity really comes in so what
18:14I look for is people that are integral
18:18not just authentic it's not because you
18:20could be authentic and still be
18:22talking from uh
18:26a very hurt part
18:29right and it's still authentically your
18:31body and you but it's not integral it's
18:34not it's not the not hurt part it's not
18:36the magic part
18:38yeah it's true that that tends to
18:42I think you can identify that on some
18:45level I mean maybe that's that
18:46attraction that we feel when we meet a
18:48close friend or we find someone that we
18:49really want to build a relationship is
18:51that you can recognize the thing in them
18:55that resides in you like you see the
18:57mirror there right like hey this
18:59person's an just like me or hey
19:01I know why he's doing that or man this
19:03person really cares or hey this person's
19:06really been hurt I know because I've
19:08been hurt that way and like that's where
19:10you can get that real bond in there
19:11right and you can
19:12I I guess that goes to show that we're
19:14communicating not only through our voice
19:16and our facial features but you know
19:19Lord knows how much pheromones or what's
19:21being exchanged between us when we're
19:23sitting next to each other like maybe
19:25that's where that integral part comes
19:27from too
19:28I guess yeah what do you think
19:30I think it's part of the gifts like
19:32someone that's had and I know this look
19:35or my my wife is a perfect example
19:38um she had a rough
19:41a lot of challenging situations growing
19:44up that created an automatic response in
19:49her where she can smell way
19:52better than I can she's just like the
19:54queen of smelling on anybody
19:55and it's not just any it's not
19:57like someone that's just lying or
19:58something like that but it's more like
20:01are they coming from them
20:04right or is there something else that's
20:06that's stirring up and sometimes you
20:08can't even identify and she'll bring it
20:09up like babe like okay you got that
20:11sense that's good appreciate that love
20:14that part right because it's it's part
20:15of the gift
20:18um I don't know how to recreate I mean
20:19man we can use technology to recreate
20:22something like that
20:23'd be really good but then again it's
20:24like well that's why humans that that's
20:27part of the special magic of Being Human
20:29and I do think that in person I mean
20:31this this is fine like this is okay I'm
20:34getting a very good sense of of you but
20:37it's not
20:38ah yeah in person just so much better
20:40because like yeah there's energy that
20:41energy connect but then you get into
20:43Quantum stuff and it's like well do we
20:45really need that right
20:48yeah I think that uh one of my favorite
20:50authors from like the old and olden
20:52times one of my favorite authors in the
20:54world of religious studies is Marseille
20:56Iliad and he talks about this idea of
20:58like the felt presence of the other you
21:01know and sometimes you can really feel
21:03it like on a high-dose psilocybin trip
21:05or any in any heightened state of
21:07awareness being next to somebody you
21:09really begin to have an a truer
21:12understanding of who they are and I'm
21:15hopeful that maybe one day we will be
21:18able to feel that felt presence of the
21:20other through the internet maybe that
21:22comes through maybe that comes through
21:23some of the the ideas in gaming we're
21:25doing now Eric I talked to this
21:26gentleman from uh I'm gonna butcher the
21:29name of this school and I'm so sorry
21:30it's maustriach University in Amsterdam
21:33and he is studying the effects of DMT in
21:36gaming and talking about creating new
21:39games where and the way he describes it
21:41is so awesome Zeus if you're listening I
21:43love you buddy it comes down to this
21:44idea of he says you may have to take a
21:47psych psychedelic to prepare your brain
21:50for the immersive experience so my
21:53question to you is would you take a
21:55psychedelic in order to prepare your
21:57brain for an incredible new game laughs
22:07I don't I don't think so I don't I don't
22:10know if I would be interested in a game
22:12that you needed to do psychedelics in
22:14order to be in in order to experience I
22:17would rather like take it the other
22:18direction it's like a game that prepares
22:20you for a psychedelic experience or
22:22something like that but I mean that's
22:24fascinating I was just at
22:26um Maps oh nice we went to Denver yeah I
22:29was in Denver and um
22:31yeah and there's projects that we were
22:33introduced to that are there that people
22:34are creating and you you probably
22:35already know I'm like
22:37um VR experiences that really get you
22:39into an altered state
22:41and it's it's incredible I haven't tried
22:43it but I love that people are working
22:45through that and working on that to help
22:47guide people to those States
22:49and there's um
22:51yeah there's a lot of amazing
22:53technology out there gaming though
22:57so are they saying that the game itself
22:59like as you play the game or as you
23:01experience the game it helps you release
23:05well he couldn't get in he couldn't he's
23:07got like a bunch of ndas and so he
23:08couldn't really get into it too much oh
23:10okay and at first I had that same
23:12reaction like wait a minute man well
23:13you're gonna take me to Brave New World
23:15what's wrong with you I'm not going
23:16there you know but then I started
23:17thinking like well shoot I take some I
23:19take like a light dose to go to a museum
23:20I'll go to a concert and take one yeah I
23:24mean if I had some sick and he was using
23:26like that new HTC set which according to
23:28him was better than Apple I've tried
23:29neither but you know he said that you
23:31know uh it's similar in that
23:36I'm paraphrasing here in my belief what
23:39I got out of the conversation was
23:41something along the lines of if you have
23:43the headset on and you have like a
23:44heightened sense of awareness all of a
23:46sudden you can start seeing stuff from
23:47the corner of your eyes that maybe you
23:49wouldn't see if you were in a normal
23:51State of Consciousness you know
23:52sometimes you know maybe your your
23:54pupils are dilated and so more light can
23:56come in and that's going to allow you to
23:58you know see a different dimension in
24:00the game or something like that you know
24:02it's and so I was like whoa okay I get
24:05it you know when you look at it taking a
24:07substance not only for gaming but for
24:09any sort of immersive experience I could
24:12see like I would I would definitely try
24:14it I think that there's something to be
24:16said about being in a heightened state
24:18of awareness and playing a game I don't
24:21know how true to reality it would be but
24:23I think it it would be fascinating but
24:26it seems dangerous because what if it's
24:27really really fun and how old would the
24:30kids have to be to take this drug is it
24:32safe I mean there's so many roadblocks
24:33in there but it's still pretty
24:35fascinating to think about
24:37yeah I haven't thought about that I mean
24:39I guess we're already taking these
24:41taking substances and watching TV or
24:43playing a regular game
24:46really bad not that well so in my so in
24:50my gaming days one of the things that I
24:53found the most interesting was the
24:55psychology behind it because it's not
24:56like regular software right like and
24:58anyone that's been involved with a
24:59software company or SAS company it's
25:01like they're it's very
25:06it's usually very business oriented it's
25:07like you know B2B or b2c and you're
25:09building something that solves some
25:10problem for some business or for some
25:12person in gaming it's art right so like
25:15I've been to SAS conferences and and
25:17it's very like very businessy everyone's
25:19got a title and like uh but you go to
25:22GDC the game developers conference
25:25and they are like they're they're
25:29beautiful Starving Artists like indie
25:31game developers trying to create they're
25:33just trying to create art through gaming
25:36and the coolest part of it is the
25:37psychology that goes into it because
25:39like it you can't just thrust someone
25:41into a game it's about how do you how do
25:43you guide them in order right to make
25:44sure that they understand the little
25:45components of it and then it's like a
25:48constant guiding so
25:50what does that sound like right use the
25:52gaming like in a psychedelic experience
25:54or a psychedelic Journey you don't have
25:55a proper guide that takes you on that
25:57journey in order to make sure that the
26:00experience is it's most effective
26:03that gaming that gaming in general HR or
26:08um AR I can see enhancing that guiding
26:12Journey like how do you get there like
26:15it's even like
26:17I've always I believe since through my
26:19research and psychedelics and stuff that
26:24it is a journey that starts way before
26:27it's like almost like that you choose to
26:29do a journey a psychedelic journey and
26:32then your Journey Begins right it could
26:34be six months away but then right there
26:36is where it constant where it begins and
26:39then obviously you do it and then you
26:40have to the next journey is the
26:42integration process
26:43and I think gaming could be used very
26:46effectively in that in that process
26:49but I don't know you know it's like uh
26:53even with these substance their Altered
26:55States our phones are Altered States TV
26:58Altered States everything's you know and
27:00it comes
27:01for me it always comes back to you doing
27:03it for entertainment and avoiding
27:06right right or are you doing it for
27:09whether spiritual growth personal growth
27:11personal development some sort of
27:14creative Outlet
27:17yeah yeah when I think of gaming like I
27:20I love the idea that you've brought up
27:22about a guide because even the games I
27:24played like I grew up on like uh the
27:26Atari no I'm dating myself out first
27:28Atari then I had Nintendo then the Sega
27:31Genesis you know and and I kind of
27:33tapped out at the PS1 right there but
27:35you know in all those games was like the
27:38hero's journey you know what I mean by
27:40that like it's just the it's the
27:43evolution of the great storytellers and
27:46a different medium to tell the story and
27:49you know it's it's interesting because
27:50when I was talking to Zeus we were
27:52talking about game design and the way in
27:54which the best way to get in someone's
27:56head and keep them there is through
27:58these old Frameworks of mythological
28:00structures Zeus was brought up in the
28:03world of voodoo man and so I was like
28:04okay so is there mythology in Voodoo and
28:08he started telling me about Conjuring
28:09and there's an entity there that has to
28:11have a top hat and a feather and like a
28:13glass of wine you know and then so as
28:15he's telling me all this like I'm like
28:17oh crap I don't know anything about
28:18Conjuring that might also be an
28:21incredible way to build a video game
28:24framework on is all of a sudden you know
28:27and it kind of it coincides with the
28:29world of psychedelics and some native
28:31you know some native different ideas of
28:34spirituality where you bring the being
28:36inside of you you know you can almost
28:38see like you put on a set of goggles and
28:41all these things pop onto you and you
28:43know you become conjured into this game
28:46and that that would help on the whole
28:48psychedelic range but yeah man I really
28:50love the idea of behavior and Frameworks
28:53and the hero's journey and in some ways
28:55it seems like that's that's what we're
28:57all on right
28:59yeah totally yeah yeah yeah I think so
29:04um I mean those
29:06it's interesting because like I've been
29:08thinking a lot in my journey like I've I
29:10I've done the gaming thing right and um
29:13not as a gamer I've actually never been
29:15a gamer but I built mobile games right
29:17is it within a company but the um
29:22I do
29:25you know The Conjurer I was told one
29:27time that there's no such thing as a new
29:29idea right right they're all like
29:33they're all just repurposed right right
29:35we're all just keep going so all these
29:38things that are coming through us have
29:39all happened just in a different
29:41flavor yeah right so when it comes to
29:45yeah when it comes to gaming and uh and
29:48psychedelics and how those things
29:51come together
29:53um hero's journey sounds pretty fun one
29:55of the projects that I'm working on
29:57right now and this is like behind the
29:58scenes like we're not public about it
30:01um not yet anyway uh I'm not really
30:04public about much yet but in this fall
30:06we'll be talking about this stuff a
30:08little bit more but it's called the
30:10human promise initiative
30:12and the idea is
30:14to use we've been working on this for
30:16about a year now and I've been studying
30:19a lot of these Technologies including
30:21gaming and thinking about them on how
30:23including psychedelics right I do
30:26consider psychedelics to be like a raw
30:28material and the technology portion of
30:31it is what comes through us right so
30:33that could be gaming it could be like so
30:35it's like setting all that stuff that we
30:37know about but then also it's the other
30:39tools that we're using and how they're
30:40they're put together in such a way and
30:42this and the framework right the mental
30:44framework behind right
30:46um an actual the set and setting right
30:49that to me feels more like technology
30:50since an expression of us
30:53so um
30:55so what we're what we've been studying
30:57and creating is we're going to do a
30:59summit in 2024 where we're bringing
31:02together all the what all the
31:04Technologies artificial intelligence web
31:063 psychedelics trying to discover how
31:09they can be interchangeably used and
31:11converged in order to do what feels like
31:14to us and through some of our teachers
31:19to be the highest
31:21good the highest purpose for Humanity
31:24and the Earth and that means basically
31:26it's um
31:28it's sorting out your right it's
31:31like how can all this stuff be used to
31:33sort yourself out right and be more of
31:36the like we talked about before not the
31:38authentic version of you but the
31:39integral version of you
31:41and that which leads to more people in
31:44the Creator economy and web three like
31:45all that stuff comes together but um
31:49yeah the project itself is called the
31:51human promise initiative
31:55if anyone's interested in technology web
31:593 artificial intelligence even gaming
32:01and c psychedelics as a tool to be used
32:05for a purpose
32:07um and maybe not quite sure what that
32:10purpose is like this is the place where
32:13we're going to discover that and it's
32:14like a mastermind type of thing but
32:17um yeah
32:19it's coming out next we'll be figuring
32:20out next year I have a
32:22a link tree
32:25on my on my socials and if anyone's
32:27interested just follow my socials like
32:29on Twitter I'm gonna be I'm not on
32:30Twitter very often I'm not on social
32:32media very often I am going to start in
32:35the fall when these projects start
32:37but um yeah there's
32:41there's some really fun stuff going on
32:43in the Psychedelic world and technology
32:45and we're going to be on the Forefront
32:46of it for sure no doubt I don't know
32:49yeah I don't know about like what's
32:51going to come out of it as far as like
32:52gaming and all that but I do know that
32:54it's important that these substances are
32:56used for
32:58for that purpose
33:00yeah I think if you already had an idea
33:01of what's coming out of it you would be
33:03just loading yourself up with limiting
33:05beliefs right because you can't really
33:09but on some level it sounds to me like
33:11it sounds to me like the human human
33:13promise project did I say that right the
33:15human promise initiative human promise
33:18initiative it sounds a lot like
33:19spirituality to me it sounds like you
33:21have like the the Triton of Poseidon
33:23with like gaming and psychedelics like
33:25you have these three-prong thesis that
33:28kind of dances around or maybe gives
33:30Credence to or breathes life into a new
33:33sort of spirituality I know that word is
33:34charged pretty much but what's your take
33:36on the relationship between those and
33:39well who uh
33:42right what's the word aggregor
33:46aggregor right
33:48I got you gotta unpack that for me I
33:50have like a a cloud of what that could
33:53be but I don't really know uh well the
33:55the basics of it is that
33:59we create collect it's it's Collective
34:01Consciousness okay targeted towards a
34:03particular thing okay right it's just
34:05it's made up which is like you know
34:07Matthew McConaughey style fugazi fugazi
34:09fairy dust right so spirituality it's
34:12like uh that's funny
34:16um I mean there's 4 000 something like 4
34:19000 religions
34:21right so in a lot of ways yes it's
34:23spiritual but like what isn't
34:26right the way that we choose to go about
34:28our day is spiritual the way that we
34:30choose to get a job and like the
34:33reasoning behind going to get a job is
34:35spiritual if you allow it to be
34:37so yes it is like fairly you can call it
34:40spiritual but it's it's like to me
34:43aggregor right it's no different than a
34:44bunch of people getting together with a
34:46similar belief trying to build something
34:47towards something right like um I'm a
34:50part of the we thought you talked about
34:51in the beginning of abundance 360. Peter
34:53diamanus's leadership program
34:55and uh Singularity University
34:58and they teach something called a
35:02massively transformative purpose and how
35:04to come up with your massively
35:05transformative purpose and this is for
35:07entrepreneurs and Business Leaders like
35:09okay well if you can come up with this
35:11massively wildly transformative thing
35:14that you're here on Earth for and it has
35:15to feel like it has to have energy drawn
35:19into it it needs to feel real for you
35:21and it's hard to come up with for people
35:24um I mean it's hard for me and um
35:28and then once you have that you start
35:30building and guiding your life towards
35:32it and it gives you purpose right if
35:34that's and if you have a company
35:36couple of things happen
35:38one is you have someone talking about
35:40the purpose of the company
35:42and when they're public about it more
35:45people will funnel in and be like okay
35:47that interests me because you're you're
35:49hitting on something that's like a
35:50curiosity button to people and then an
35:53audience starts forming and then from
35:57um a community starts forming like
35:59psychedelics has done this on its own
36:01like you see it's like communities
36:03forming around the substance right which
36:05to me
36:07um it's like the sacred calf like the
36:08golden calf like I think it's gonna be a
36:11little bit careful around building
36:12communities around a substance like
36:14what's what what is the spirituality
36:16here like are you really like what are
36:18you here to worship you know we've been
36:20told this story before ideas aren't
36:22aren't aren't new right right they've
36:25happened before so
36:28um yeah so I think there's got to be
36:29careful with the golden calf thing
36:31but um yeah so massively transformative
36:34purpose someone expresses it an audience
36:37starts forming you see this Creator
36:38economy audience starts for me from that
36:40audience a community starts building
36:42from that audience there's very skilled
36:44people people that are not just skilled
36:46in what they're doing but super
36:48interested in your mission
36:51so then you have staff on demand there
36:53include web3 right that's how a lot of
36:56like the web 3 stuff kicks in
36:58um staff on demand meaning you have a
37:00pool of humans that have some skill
37:03that could be used to insert into your
37:06mission in such a way that that makes
37:09sense Peter demand is teachers having a
37:11moon shot right you have a purpose and
37:13the moonshot is something that's fairly
37:14achievable almost achievable it's like
37:16this thing's wild and out of control but
37:18here's metrics behind it and it can
37:20actually be done
37:23um so then then you convince people like
37:25yeah this thing can really be done and
37:27more people start following it and more
37:28people start following it and then you
37:29get skilled people on it and then
37:32you know that's that's the way peer
37:34diamantis teaches it and then you build
37:36the community now there's a challenge
37:39there because
37:40if anyone's been through like the
37:43world they're like sort of incubator or
37:46accelerator program like what they teach
37:48is um
37:52but not even the survival that keeps
37:54like a company or initiative or a
37:55project alive it's like the survival
37:57that gets them to the next level where
37:59they can go get some more money from
38:01somebody and then it gets them to the
38:03next level again where they can go get
38:04some money for somebody
38:05so this whole thing converges at like a
38:08new like uh bootstrapping
38:10type of world or the survival activities
38:13are really just cash flows feeding a
38:14community and then they and then
38:17building that community so that's the
38:19way I see
38:21that's the way I see some of these
38:24hopefully some of these like if you're
38:25talking about gaming or these
38:27convergence of Technologies with
38:28psychedelics any psychedelic communities
38:30that are already existing
38:32pin a purpose up on the wall
38:34bound together with skillful people and
38:38Go Achieve something right because then
38:40you're right because then it becomes
38:41spiritual it becomes like another church
38:44like I I have no interest in Building a
38:49that we've been there done that I think
38:53um we don't need to get into religion
38:54but like
38:56I don't know I don't know if it really
38:58worked the way that we've been doing it
39:02yeah I'll stop there
39:05it's beautiful man it's I I like the way
39:08in which it's described and that that
39:10brings me to another question about web
39:12three it seems like those two modalities
39:15you described are almost it seems like
39:18they're working together now
39:20but is web 3 going to be something that
39:24takes out the old model of the survival
39:26and asking for money model like it seems
39:28like that kind of is Antiquated to me
39:29when I start looking at the way in which
39:31people are coming together when you
39:32start talking about staff on demand or
39:34you know just you and I talking or you
39:37know someone meeting someone and then
39:39hey you can do this I can do that you
39:41know or but it seems like that is kind
39:44of growing together the same way
39:46mushrooms grow together like it's just
39:47these connections coming together and
39:49then the fruit pops up right
39:51that's it yeah
39:54well and it's going to be a hybrid right
39:57like you can't get rid of Institutions
39:59like right
40:00I'm I hope that a lot of these
40:03Technologies can be used for as for
40:06anti-inflammatory purposes web3 I think
40:08is like the Ulta anti-inflammatory drug
40:11you insert web3 into I mean it's you
40:14take the word big and put it in front of
40:16anything big Pharma big Tech big Finance
40:19big whatever big government
40:23um and you can identify the inflammation
40:25that exists in the world
40:27and once you find the inflammation you
40:30could be like okay well we got a bunch
40:31of cool technology artificial
40:32intelligence web3
40:34you can start plugging it into that and
40:38be that anti-inflammatory drug web3 I
40:41think is um or blockchain technology I
40:43think is is the ultimate for something
40:46like that especially in finance yeah but
40:48I mean all right psychedelics big Pharma
40:51how inflammatory is that
40:53it's they keep you on the treadmill of
40:55pills and stuff but once we really dig
40:58into healing right so I think that we're
41:00I'm hope I think that if we guide these
41:04in the right direction
41:06into an anti-inflammatory Direction yeah
41:09and we have we are on the cusp of having
41:12a really cool world
41:16and I think we can do it it's just a
41:18matter of a lot of people and you know
41:20back to spirituality I mean yeah if you
41:21want to make a purpose a spiritual
41:24Endeavor then I think yeah
41:27yeah you should right because we gotta
41:29we should make meaning of our lives in
41:30some in some sense
41:33some way or at least I'd like to yeah
41:36yeah it reminds me of the saying that in
41:38life you can't control what happens to
41:40you but you and you alone get to control
41:42the meaning of that event that's helped
41:44me through like some pretty deep
41:45tragedies and I know some other people
41:46that have that have used that too and
41:49once you begin using that sort of
41:51framework in your life all of a sudden
41:53you realize that you know you can see
41:56the world with fresh eyes because you
41:59realize this thing that happened to you
42:00you thought was a huge tragedy holy
42:03it's the greatest gift you've ever been
42:05given and you've just figured out that
42:07it's a tool you've just figured out that
42:09this thing that hurts you so bad has
42:11actually given you the strength to go
42:13through anything because nothing can
42:14hurt you as bad as that thing did so now
42:16you have like this power behind you you
42:18know and when we start talking about
42:19meaning and purpose I think those are
42:22beautiful ways in which to begin looking
42:25at yourself through the mirror and once
42:27you do that you can start seeing other
42:28people's purpose or allowing you to to
42:31help them with their meaning and that
42:33helps everything grow in a way and when
42:35I when I think about I love the idea of
42:37the big and inflammatory when I see
42:38psychedelics and big Pharma I see a
42:40trojan horse you know when you see the
42:42idea of psychedelics weaving their way
42:45through the bloodstream of
42:46pharmaceutical Industries what you see
42:49it is going in there and rooting out all
42:51like the negative stuff there's a lot
42:52like for so long doctors in our world
42:54they no longer took the medicine that
42:56they were giving to people like no
42:58doctor is going to take a bunch of
42:59Suboxone and then give it to somebody
43:00who's in heroin addict right but if
43:02you're going to take Ayahuasca or if
43:04you're going to take some mushrooms the
43:05chances that you take them by yourself
43:08are probably not as good as taking them
43:10with a friend for the first time you
43:12know when a friend is kind of like a
43:13doctor but I think that that sort of
43:16idea is permeating the inflammation of
43:19the pharmaceutical industry a lot of
43:21doctors now are like yeah I should
43:22probably try this before I do it and
43:23like that that only goes so far before
43:26it becomes systemic you know and but
43:27I've never heard the idea before man
43:29you're really good at pointing that kind
43:31of stuff out it's probably why you're so
43:32successful man hahaha
43:34yeah and like I said I was just that map
43:36so the whole doctor it was it was wild
43:37how um
43:40medical the I felt yeah it was like like
43:44there was tons of good spiritual stuff
43:45there's tons of personal development but
43:47the people I talk to
43:49um were very medical like they're very
43:51they're they're interested in the
43:53medical application of it and like
43:59there's I do believe that psychedelics
44:01is best done in a community setting
44:09and I do think that they are working
44:11their way that
44:13man it
44:16it pains me to think about how the
44:20institutional players
44:23are just and I watch it I'm seeing it
44:26happen in real life I went to an
44:27investor Meetup at Maps
44:30um VCS and everything but like they are
44:33coming at it with the same hat that
44:35they've always had on it which me which
44:36is I have to take Roi back to my
44:38investors right and they're and they're
44:40only looking at the ROI as cash
44:43and like not only that but like there's
44:46and this is everywhere it's across media
44:48and everything like there's a big focus
44:50in anxiety depression and these things
44:52are like of course please like let's
44:54let's try and figure out how we can use
44:56these substances and and solve those
44:58problems but those problems were also
45:00symptoms of something much bigger
45:02right like there's like depression
45:04anxiety that's a symptom and right now
45:07we're focused entirely on
45:11profiting off of that symptom
45:14in my perspective of maps and Industry
45:16and so far as it's going and I hope it
45:18doesn't keep going in that direction but
45:21it doesn't feel good to me
45:24it feels more like let's try and point
45:27in another Direction and say well let's
45:29use these for this because this thing
45:32right here solves all these other
45:35and unfortunately
45:39the leaders of big Pharma
45:43they're not going to see it right
45:45they're not going to see it because they
45:46don't they don't care right they don't
45:48care they're just they care about what
45:50they're but they're taught to care about
45:52so I think that we need new we need new
45:55models right we need to take on these
45:57inflammatory Industries
46:00through some other model some other way
46:03of building a similar company or a
46:05similar institution like if you think
46:07about an entity like what we're doing is
46:09we're building entities like we've built
46:11these inflammatory as a community I'm
46:12not saying like I I never come from this
46:15the standpoint of pointing my finger and
46:17blaming an institution whether a
46:19government institution or whatever it is
46:20like we collectively had thought these
46:22up built them for a purpose like we
46:24needed them let's honor our past
46:27however let's use innovation and
46:29recognize where we where we've we've
46:31done it wrong and let's innovate our way
46:33to creating a new one and we got the
46:34tools sitting right in front of us to do
46:37that I don't know the right way to put
46:38them together yet I think I'm I love
46:40being a part of doing it yeah but if we
46:43can create through a similar structure
46:46that that we were talking about before
46:48like Peter diamanus and the community
46:49stuff but if we can
46:53if we can
46:56create more decentralized versions in
47:00some way without sounding like utopian
47:04um uh like it can be done in a hybrid
47:07model where you have people that believe
47:10in in what you're doing
47:12and building the pharmaceutical company
47:14the way it's supposed to supporting each
47:16other where like doctors are willing to
47:18take the medicine because I don't you
47:20know how many doctors out there
47:21prescribing medicine they're not willing
47:22to take themselves like it's garbage
47:24yeah and then the other piece of that I
47:27would say then this is kind of like a
47:28word of caution to
47:33psychedelic communities almost
47:40through my research and experience so
47:44talking to doctors and people have been
47:47working with these medicines for 50
47:50it's obvious to me that it's not a
47:54right you're not gonna like it's
47:56psychedelics aren't going to solve
47:58everything and we've heard that before
47:59but at the same sense like if I'm not
48:01gonna if I broke my leg I'm not gonna go
48:03to a doctor and go get penicillin
48:05right it's like it's the same concept I
48:08believe in psychedelics this is why we
48:10need we have like shamans or
48:12practitioners psychologists people have
48:14been studying the brains people in the
48:15soil said this is it's important that
48:17they do that work so we better
48:20um not just on a spiritual level because
48:22I do think we need the whole you need
48:24the whole body right you need the
48:25spiritual body and everything but
48:28um I see a lot of people throwing
48:31Heroes dose at like you know some very
48:37specific depression or anxiety or fear
48:39and sure it might do relief
48:43like some relief might come out of it
48:45like the pressure cooker kind of like
48:46okay let me just get a little Reef but
48:48it kicks back into gear and sometimes it
48:50kicks back into gear a lot stronger
48:52than before it's because like it's
48:57people need we need more Elders like we
49:00need more people out there that are
49:02studying the neuroscience and the
49:03chemistry and everything that's going on
49:04in the mind but they're also teamed up
49:06with the Elders of the community that
49:08are like yeah they've been experiencing
49:10in and out of interdimensional like you
49:12name it like worlds for a long time and
49:15like deep inside the human psyche and
49:17deep inside like um the quantum world
49:20inside a human being and understanding
49:22like the molecular how it all connects
49:24if we had that and some more stories
49:28around like it's more science that's
49:30more specific towards like
49:32um towards a specific disease or an
49:35ailment of mental ailment or whatever it
49:37is I think we can Target
49:39using psychedelics those things much
49:41more clearly rather than giving
49:43penicillin to a broken leg
49:45does that make sense yeah totally I I it
49:49it brings me back to this idea I'm gonna
49:52try to tie the the the ideas of
49:54psychedelics that you just spoke about
49:55to Quantum computing we don't really
49:58have the tools to measure what the
50:00is going on and that's a huge problem
50:01you know what I mean like we can measure
50:04things with science but we don't have
50:09language to explain the actual
50:12observation right there's a lot of
50:14subjective things that happen and when I
50:17use language as a as a tool you may see
50:20that tool as something else or you may
50:21not understand the way I'm using that
50:23tool or I may not be explaining that
50:24tool the right way but I think that we
50:27can't allow the subjectivity to not be
50:31measured we just don't have the tool to
50:32do it yet like we don't really know
50:34what's happening but we believe it's
50:35working maybe that's enough I mean maybe
50:37Placebo tied with psychedelics equals a
50:42yeah you know
50:43what I mean like in the quantum yeah
50:45yeah you're right but we have to get
50:46there right humans have to get there
50:48right right right and it's a dangerous
50:50thing man I was in a uh
50:52because like
50:55you can you can have a a belief but if
50:57it's not rooted right in like what we in
51:01like authentically you like I can have a
51:04belief and then manifest you know
51:05whatever it is but it's rooted in in
51:07grief and pain and and greed right and
51:10then I'm still gonna I'm still finding
51:12myself in in like a cesspool of stuff
51:14sure right like small business owners
51:16find themselves there all the time like
51:18they create this thing
51:20and they they literally they created it
51:22they manifested it but it's coming from
51:24a place of scarcity and greed and then
51:26they find themselves in a decade of
51:30because of the place that it all came
51:33and I think that that yeah so you're
51:35talking about it like that wow you're
51:38talking about cultural
51:39um like trying to guide a cultural
51:42belief towards something I think yeah we
51:44can get there someday but uh I mean we
51:47got a lot of baggage
51:49against people like
51:52I don't know I
51:55yeah what do you are like so as someone
51:57who's in the investor community and
51:59understand startups you know it seems to
52:02me that cannabis went the way of
52:05a lot of companies
52:08it see let me just say like this it
52:10seems that in the world of psychedelics
52:11a lot of the startups are failing is
52:13that because they're rooted in trying to
52:16get Roi the old-fashioned way or it just
52:18seems like there's a pattern you take a
52:20second of the company it fails takes a
52:21second company it goes it fails right
52:23what do you attribute that to no I think
52:25you've nailed it
52:26I think uh
52:29I mean startups are wildly like they
52:31they that's what they do they fail I
52:34mean the founders tie their identity to
52:36them and then when they're not doing so
52:37like the first time they're not doing so
52:39well your identity goes down with the
52:41company right and that becomes
52:42depression like that's like the burnout
52:43stage of an entrepreneur
52:45and if you're this is why the M like
52:48having a y have a really strong purpose
52:49is is important because you get through
52:51those those down spots if you're doing
52:53it just for money
52:55then you're you're going to get
52:57depressed like you're it's it's not
52:59going to be that fun now psychedelics
53:01yeah I've well one
53:03it's illegal exactly there's that yeah
53:13but I guess we will see more and more
53:16coming out and I've seen them like we're
53:17I was sitting uh just at Maps I was
53:22some guy had micro dosing like a little
53:24package micro dosing things they did a
53:26really cool way of putting it together
53:27it's like a little lozenger and um it
53:30was uh each little one was I think a
53:32quarter of a gram of psilocybin in there
53:37and he packaged it really nice and who
53:39knows like maybe
53:40maybe when it's legal and you can start
53:42selling it then he'll do he'll do well
53:44but yeah first we need legislation and I
53:48I am on the fence
53:51on like there's the school of thought
53:58you know how do you put legislation and
54:00how do you make it illegal to have a
54:02plant right that's that's absurd like
54:05the Cannabis thing like I don't
54:06understand how you can do that
54:09um it is absurd it's ridiculous however
54:13we have we are who we are as humans and
54:17we've we've done this thing which was
54:19create a giant law that banned something
54:22right I it is just unlikely and as much
54:26as I believe that it shouldn't be
54:28illegal it is unlikely that it'll go
54:32like they're just they're just gonna
54:33wake up one day and federally make it
54:35legal I don't I don't think it's gonna
54:36it's gonna go through a big process
54:38and uh
54:40and then in the meantime
54:44these ah man this stuff is Magic like
54:49it originally was held very sacred
54:54by indigenous cultures by shamans by
54:57people that had some serious serious um
55:01sacred recipocracy
55:04reciprocity reciprocity yeah and they
55:07held that sacred they're like yeah this
55:09is the stuff like this is how I can
55:11speak to God this is how I can speak to
55:15my soul this is how I can really
55:16navigate the world and they become
55:18priests they become you know whatever
55:20that's kind of the way
55:22I mean from my learn education so far in
55:26the field like every religion at some
55:28point if you trailed all the way back
55:29someone's using psychedelics right it's
55:31like yeah
55:35stealing fire I always come back to
55:37stealing fire uh Stephen collar right
55:39it's uh yeah Prometheus yeah it's like
55:41man do as a society we we bound together
55:45and we create these rules and these laws
55:48and these things in order to to progress
55:51right let's say it that way now there's
55:52a school of thought of like let's do it
55:54for control
55:55and obviously we know that's not good
55:57but let's but if we bound together and
55:59we do this as like a group it's like
56:01well you know maybe that guy over there
56:03who's already connected to in some way
56:06to the earth and the heavens naturally
56:09like that guy maybe we let him do the
56:12journeys and come back and bring us like
56:13the fruits
56:15like it does seem like it makes sense
56:17rather than just going out there and be
56:19like all right now everyone like the
56:21Vikings right right the Vikings like all
56:23right everyone do a bunch of mushrooms
56:24after you go out and kill everyone of
56:26course that works because you you have
56:28to you you cleanse all that murder yeah
56:32so you can go do it again yeah and rape
56:35and pillage right it's like yeah I don't
56:38know so that's where like I'm on the
56:39fence I'm like well should everybody be
56:45can we keep it
56:48I don't wanna like we don't need the
56:49Vikings again and I'm part like I'm my
56:52my and I'm like Viking I have Vikings
56:54right like
56:56and I'm just saying like come on I don't
57:00yeah it's uh it's fascinating to think
57:03about I know we're getting close on time
57:04but I have a like one more question and
57:06then uh I've been I'm big on semantics I
57:10love language and sometimes I see the
57:12language if you take a high enough dose
57:14of mushrooms or anything you can
57:15actually see your language right so I
57:16try to look at my language and I
57:19I'm really upset about the word Retreat
57:23like I don't think that people should be
57:24going and retreating from your problems
57:26so I'm thinking about we should make a
57:28move to have psychedelic confrontation
57:30centers what do you think
57:32uh I'm glad you brought this up because
57:35I recently uh inspired a group to start
57:37calling them Summits nice very well done
57:43and I do I totally agree because it's
57:46not it's and that's one of the things
57:49it's like I've I've been in psychedelic
57:51circles and communities where it is very
57:53retreat-esque you go there you're doing
57:54some yoga you meditate right and then
57:57I've been to the ones that really wake
57:59you the up the ones that really
58:01like poke at those those non-integral
58:04pieces of yourself in order so you can
58:06show up in the world more Integra with
58:08more integrity and authenticity and
58:10those are hard
58:12right they will beat the schedule and if
58:14you have a proper teacher he's not going
58:16to coddle you right like a good teacher
58:19isn't going to coddle you he's not going
58:20to make it all comfy cozy he's going to
58:22say go deep and go hard yeah you see you
58:25see the Dragon
58:26go into its mouth yeah yeah
58:29you taste yeah right totally man I love
58:34it that's true yeah man
58:37Eric this is awesome man I know you got
58:39I know you're on a Time restricted right
58:41here where can people your friend Aubry
58:43over here is bust is uh
58:45he's he's busting your balls he says
58:47Eric do you have any regrets
58:50do I have any regrets yeah
58:54I do I I have I have regrets but I don't
58:59um I have an insane amount of gratitude
59:01for the history of my life there you go
59:03but there are certain things where I was
59:05like Eric you probably didn't have
59:08to take it that far
59:09like good thing you did that and like
59:11you did that Journey what a great
59:13journey you just went on but like ooh
59:15like you every bit of your body every
59:17bit of your soul was telling you not to
59:19do that thing and you didn't listen to
59:23so I do regret the times I don't listen
59:25to my myself my true self and do you
59:28think gratitude is sort of the elixir of
59:30of an antidote for regret
59:37an antidote for regret
59:40I think it will help sort through true
59:43regret versus false regret Waters it
59:46down a little bit yeah kind of makes it
59:48pass through the system yeah and it's
59:50just an essential for looking at your
59:52the history of your life
59:54yeah absolutely essential yeah yeah
59:57that's well said I'm I'm thankful for
01:00:00that and I'm thankful for your time man
01:00:02this has been really fun I really enjoy
01:00:04getting to learn and talk to people who
01:00:06are passionate about amplifying good
01:00:08ideas and trying to throw some light out
01:00:10of the world and have a creative soul
01:00:13that helps build Frameworks for other
01:00:15people to stand under and so Eric Before
01:00:18I Let You Go though man what do you got
01:00:19coming up where can people find you what
01:00:21are you excited about
01:00:22yeah so um I would just follow my
01:00:25socials Eric we're back on Instagram and
01:00:27Twitter like Instagram uh man I took a
01:00:30Hiatus from for quite a while
01:00:33um just in my research hole and investor
01:00:35and just doing that stuff for a while
01:00:36but I this this fall I'll be far more
01:00:40active on Twitter and Instagram based on
01:00:44because we have a couple of projects
01:00:46that are launching and then I'll be kind
01:00:48of spearheading a little bit so I'm in
01:00:49the Creator economy artificial
01:00:51intelligence web 3 and then the human
01:00:53promise initiative is more of the
01:00:55Psychedelic version the stuff that I'm
01:00:57working on
01:00:58and those are Summits
01:01:02and you can follow my socials I'll I'll
01:01:05post those I think in there's a link
01:01:07tree that in my socials that you can
01:01:09actually go to the one of my teachers
01:01:11his name is Carlos water
01:01:12Carlos is
01:01:15an absolute genius in the Psychedelic
01:01:18space and it is not the type of summits
01:01:22or Retreats that you're going to do a
01:01:23bunch of yoga you go there to figure
01:01:26your out
01:01:27um but a lot of the future ones will be
01:01:29more geared towards
01:01:31um like there's there's an internal
01:01:32history for us to clear up right and
01:01:35then what right then we need to drive
01:01:37that energy towards something so a lot
01:01:39of the future Summits are more of like
01:01:41the full picture
01:01:44forward yeah
01:01:46I like it because I like it I think uh
01:01:49it would be unfair to not to mention
01:01:50that you and your wife have a
01:01:52family-owned podcast where you guys go
01:01:53and do a lot of other stuff too right
01:01:55people can probably check that out yes
01:01:56please yeah uh my chatting with Candace
01:02:00um she she is the host I'm more of like
01:02:03a back back behind the scenes producer
01:02:05type stuff her and I were thinking about
01:02:07potentially doing some some more stuff
01:02:09together this fall too right now so we
01:02:12have uh almost a one-year-old and a
01:02:14three-year-old so our lives have been
01:02:17yeah so our lives have been very just
01:02:19like kind of focused yeah but we're
01:02:21starting to like amen and anyone with
01:02:22kids understands it's like okay we still
01:02:24got a few years
01:02:25back out into the world what's happening
01:02:29it's so exciting man it's it's yeah it's
01:02:32it's why we're here and uh so I'm super
01:02:35stoked man thank you very much for today
01:02:36is there anything else that you wanna
01:02:38the shout out before we go
01:02:40no no that's it and yeah you can follow
01:02:42my wife uh Candace horbach the last name
01:02:44is spelled
01:02:46h-o-r-b-a-c-z my first name is e-r-i-k
01:02:49not c
01:02:51um and uh yeah chatting with Candace you
01:02:54can follow me in in her Candace we're
01:02:56back Eric horbeck
01:02:59fantastic well hang on one second I'm
01:03:01gonna talk to you for one more quick
01:03:02second but I'm gonna hang up with all
01:03:03the audience ladies and gentlemen we're
01:03:04gonna put the links on all the show
01:03:06um if you're curious about web3 if
01:03:08you're curious about gaming or if you're
01:03:10curious about anything that we said in
01:03:11this particular conversation today check
01:03:14out Eric check out the podcast and
01:03:16that's all we got for today aloha
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key topics discussed by entrepreneur and investor Erik Horbacz?

Erik Horbacz discusses the Creator Economy, web3, AI, and psychedelics, emphasizing the importance of intentionality and anti-inflammatory uses of new technologies.

2. What is the emphasis of Erik Horbacz regarding the use of psychedelics?

Erik Horbacz emphasizes the importance of intentionality and anti-inflammatory uses of psychedelics, advocating for the role of Elders and practitioners in guiding their use for spiritual and mental health purposes.

3. How does Erik Horbacz view the role of Elders and practitioners in the psychedelic community?

Erik Horbacz advocates for the role of Elders and practitioners in guiding the use of psychedelics for spiritual and mental health purposes.

4. What caution does Erik Horbacz suggest in the psychedelic community?

Erik Horbacz suggests the need for caution and expertise in the psychedelic community, particularly in the use of psychedelics for spiritual and mental health purposes.

5. What additional topic does Erik Horbacz touch on in the discussion?

Erik Horbacz also touches on gaming and its relation to the use of new technologies, emphasizing the need for caution and expertise in the psychedelic community.

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