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The video discusses the Rothschild family, who are rumored to have a net worth of $2 trillion and an annual income of $390 billion. They have acquired immense wealth through banking, finance, and investments in various industries, while also engaging in philanthropy and owning numerous luxury properties and businesses worldwide.
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The Rothschild family is the richest family in the world with a net worth of $2 trillion and an annual income of $390 billion.
They own over 1800 luxury mansions and 100 private jets.
The family's wealth comes from banking, finance, and investments in various industries.
They have political connections and are closely linked to many powerful figures in the financial world.
The Rothschilds have a knack for anticipating and capitalizing on changes in the financial markets.
The Rothschilds diversified their investments, focused on stock investing, and practiced strategic intermarriage to maintain their fortune.
Diversified investments in transportation, communication, and energy networks.
Focused on stock investing during economic downturns for best returns.
Practiced strategic intermarriage to keep the fortune in the family.
Involved in important business deals such as the Suez Canal and the Union Pacific Railroad.
The Rothschild family owns multiple vineyards and controls over 25 banks and investment companies around the world, with their financial hold being so strong that they were involved in the independence of Brazil from Portugal and profited greatly during the Napoleonic Wars.
They own multiple vineyards in Italy, France, South America, South Africa, and Australia and supply wine for the Vatican for free.
The Rothschild family controls over 25 banks and investment companies around the world, including their own bank NM Rothschild and Sons and a financial holding company Pari Orlean sa.
Their financial, social, economic, and political hold is so strong that they were involved in the independence of Brazil from Portugal and profited greatly during the Napoleonic Wars.
The Rothschilds own a mega mansion with expensive portraits and antiques, including a writing desk made for Marie Antoinette and a gold bracelet from Queen Victoria.
The mansion has a museum that receives 460,000 visitors annually.
The Rothschilds own 1,800 luxury mansions and hundreds of businesses worldwide.
Their most lucrative business is Agora oil and gas, worth $1.4 billion.
The Rothschilds have an extensive art collection worth $2 billion, which attracted both Queen Victoria and Adolf Hitler.
The Rothschilds have significant power and wealth through their ownership of mining corporations and banking operations.
Nathaniel Rothschild bought $40 million worth of convertible bonds in Glencore, now worth $127.5 billion.
They have 31 mining agencies in Australia, making them the biggest employers in the country.
Nathan Rothschild, the most successful Rothschild, established NM Rothschild and Sons, which provided credits to the British government during the Napoleonic Wars.
The Rothschild family established numerous charitable foundations and provided financial support for various educational and humanitarian initiatives.
Nathan Rothschild extended financial support to the Jews Free School in London and other education-related efforts in Austria, France, and Israel.
The family funded medical research, established educational scholarships, supported arts and culture, and provided assistance to those in need.
They were involved in a wide range of philanthropic activities, including dental clinics, public libraries, swimming pools, old people's homes, orphanages, scholarships, soup kitchens, and hospitals.
They heavily focused on funding educational initiatives and social housing, with a priority on supporting young people.
The Rothschilds faced hardships and challenges throughout history, including the closure of branches and the seizure of properties by Nazis, but they have managed to unify their holdings and continue making investments in various industries.
Frankfurt and Vienna branches closed due to lack of male heirs and Nazi invasion of Austria.
The Vichy government seized Rothschild Bordeaux properties during the war.
Nazis stole millions of dollars worth of art from the Austrian branch.
Holdings were reorganized under a single company in 2008.
The Rothschilds continue to invest in oil, banking, real estate, and agriculture.
Some Rothschild family members are involved in environmental activism and fashion.
The family has properties and apartments in various locations.
Rothschild Incorporated opened a San Francisco office in 2017 to expand its Silicon Valley business.
00:00when it comes to the richest people in
00:02the world Arab families from the
00:04oil-rich Nations come to mind we also
00:07think about the British royal family and
00:09Tech giants like Elon Musk but not many
00:12know that the real richest family in the
00:15world is the Rothschild family with a
00:17rumored estimated net worth of 2
00:19trillion dollars their annual income is
00:22rumored to be a staggering
00:25390 billion dollars the Rothschild
00:28family owns 1800 plus luxury mansions
00:31and 100 plus private jets yes this is no
00:34Fiction it's real wealth of a real
00:37family who are they how did they
00:39accumulate so much wealth what do they
00:42spend it on we're here to tell you just
00:44that so let's jump right into it who are
00:47the Rothschilds the Rothschilds didn't
00:50become billionaires overnight it's
00:52through decades and centuries that they
00:55amassed incomparable wealth owing to
00:57their strong Investments and knowledge
00:59of Finance they're a wealthy influential
01:02family of Bankers philanthropists and
01:04entrepreneurs originating from Europe
01:06their immense wealth and power comes
01:09from their Banking and finance business
01:10ass as well as their investments in many
01:12Industries the Rothschilds have been
01:14making their mark on the world for more
01:16than 200 years and are considered to be
01:19one of the most powerful families in the
01:21world from their success in the banking
01:23and finance industry to their unrivaled
01:25influence over governments the
01:27Rothschilds have become a global icon of
01:30success and wealth the family's wealth
01:32can be traced back to the 18th century
01:34when Meyer M shell Rothschild started a
01:37financial services business in Frankfurt
01:39Germany they have used their wealth to
01:41acquire huge stakes in some of the
01:43world's most successful companies
01:45including Shell Oil and De Beers they
01:48have also amassed a substantial amount
01:50of real estate across the world
01:52including properties in the United
01:54States Britain France and Switzerland
01:56they also have extensive political
01:58connections and are closely linked to
02:01many powerful figures in the financial
02:02world the Rothschilds have a knack to
02:05anticipate and capitalize on changes in
02:07the financial markets and to their
02:09formidable network of international
02:10contacts they have been able to build an
02:13impressive network of business
02:14relationships that have allowed them to
02:16remain at the Forefront of global
02:19Finance the history of the Rothschilds
02:21the family's road to prominence was
02:24paved in 1744 when Meyer M shell
02:27Rothschild was born on the 23rd of
02:29February in Frankfurt Germany he was the
02:31son of amshel Moses Rothschild who was a
02:34money changer he was known to trade with
02:36the prince of Hessa M shell Moses
02:37Rothschild was born in the udengasa the
02:40ghetto of Frankfurt after his parents
02:42early deaths Meyer am shells started to
02:44work as an apprentice in a banking house
02:46and soon he became a banker himself he
02:49was very intelligent and started
02:50building his Empire by sending off each
02:53of his five Sons amchel Nathan Jacob
02:55Solomon and Carl to the five main
02:58European Financial Centers for business
03:00Meyer and his eldest son amshel were
03:03responsible for overseeing the growing
03:04business at frankfract at the same time
03:06Nathan established a branch in London in
03:091804 Jacob settled in Paris in 1811 and
03:12Solomon and Carl opened offices in
03:14Vienna and Naples in the 1820s wars were
03:17crucial turning points for the
03:19Rothschilds they lent funds to warring
03:21princess which included smuggling as
03:23well as legal trading of important
03:25produce such as wheat cotton Colonial
03:27produce and arms eventually the
03:30Rothschilds began to diversify their
03:32Investments expanding into a wide range
03:34of areas including coal oil real estate
03:37and wine this diversification strategy
03:40paid off and helps the family's assets
03:42grow significantly their networks spread
03:45far and wide and helped to facilitate
03:47the family's access to a wide range of
03:49markets and allowed them to capitalize
03:51on New Opportunities Maya Rothschild's
03:54five Sons also shared a unique business
03:56strategy that focused on investing
03:58heavily in the stock of companies during
04:00economic downturns they were often ahead
04:02of the curve when it came to purchasing
04:04stocks or other Investments making sure
04:06they got the best returns possible they
04:09were also known for their shrewd
04:10business Acumen and often made deals
04:12that benefited themselves and their
04:14clients Maya Rothschild also used a
04:17strategy similar to Royal intermarriage
04:20that was prevalent in those times to
04:23successfully keep the fortune in the
04:25family he arranged marriages of his sons
04:27often to first or second cousins this
04:30wasn't followed up by the subsequent
04:32generations for obvious reasons so by
04:35the late 19th century almost all
04:37Rothschilds had started to marry outside
04:39of the family but these marriages
04:41weren't outside aristocracy or other
04:44Financial dynasties their investments in
04:46transportation communication and energy
04:48networks changed the way people
04:50communicated and traveled they were also
04:52involved in some of the world's most
04:54important business deals such as the
04:56Suez Canal and the Union Pacific
04:58Railroad perhaps their most lasting
05:01Legacy is the way their success has
05:03inspired generations of entrepreneurs
05:05and financiers the Rothschilds have
05:07demonstrated the importance of sound
05:09Investments diversification and risk
05:11management they set the standard that
05:14many entrepreneurs still strive to meet
05:16today the Rothschild family work and
05:19assets there are conspiracies that they
05:22own 80 percent of the world's wealth but
05:25that's all they are conspiracies that
05:28are very false but let's see what we do
05:30know about where they spend their ever
05:32flowing wealth from initially trading
05:35Goods in a small company the Rothschilds
05:37grew bigger and bigger over the years
05:39with business activities involving
05:41Merchant banking private banking Asset
05:43Management Acquisitions and mergers
05:45Insurance Venture Capital pensions and
05:48Investments sovereign debt and
05:49commodities we already told you in the
05:51intro about their 1800 Mansions those
05:54are worth a total of an eye-watering 36
05:57billion dollars they also have 50 25
06:00yachts and several private jets if that
06:03didn't drop your jaw yet the Rothschild
06:06family has a 100 billion dollar fund
06:09that they use for investing in global
06:11stock markets like the New York Stock
06:13Exchange the London Stock Exchange and
06:15Tokyo the Rothschilds have a reserve of
06:18about 20 billion in U.S dollars six
06:21billion dollars in Japanese Yen and 33
06:24billion dollars in euros talk about
06:26diversity what do they invest in that
06:28makes them richer and richer by the day
06:30the most noteworthy stocks owned by the
06:32Rothschild family are meta or Facebook
06:35Amazon Apple Starbucks Visa Bloomberg
06:38Bank of America Qualcomm Johnson and
06:41Johnson Pfizer Hewlett Packard Berkshire
06:43Hathaway JB Morgan Chase PepsiCo and the
06:47list goes on and on and on most of those
06:50names have been right on top of their
06:51respective Industries for decades and by
06:54investing in these Rock Solid companies
06:56the Rothschilds surely know how to
06:58multiply their money and how or
07:00aspirations and when we're talking
07:02wealth and luxury how can fine wine be
07:05left behind it's not just the finance
07:07sector and banking that interests the
07:09Rothschilds the family has also been in
07:11the winemaking industry for 160 years
07:14they directly and indirectly control
07:17over 70 percent of Total Wine sold in
07:20Europe and have earned over 16 billion
07:22dollars in the last year alone in wine
07:25sales they own multiple vineyards in
07:28Italy France South America South Africa
07:30and Australia the Rothschild family also
07:33supplies the wine for the Vatican for
07:36free that's a good combination of
07:38novelty and nobility coming back to
07:40their interest in finance the Rothschild
07:42family controls over 25 Banks and
07:45investment companies around the world
07:46the Rothschilds have Equity investments
07:49in 8 out of 10 Giants in the financial
07:51World their very own bank NM Rothschild
07:55and Sons which is an English Investment
07:57Bank works on mergers and Acquisitions
07:59they also have a Financial holding
08:01company Pari Orlean sa the Rothschilds
08:04also own a leading private and
08:05Investment Bank the Rabobank group in
08:08the Netherlands so what happens when one
08:10not only has too much wealth but also
08:13too much control over a Region's
08:15finances as well they have the
08:17capability to control Wars and Powerful
08:20decisions between nations too the
08:22Rothschild family's control of banks is
08:24why they were involved in the
08:25independence of Brazil from Portugal in
08:27the early 19th century the family
08:29profited greatly during the Napoleonic
08:31Wars by helping the British government
08:33with its finances their Financial social
08:36economic and political hold is so strong
08:38that it wouldn't be far-fetched to say
08:41that they own the entirety of Europe I
08:43wonder how the royal family I mean royal
08:46families around the world feel about
08:48this what do the Rothschilds spend on
08:51the Rothschilds don't just go on with
08:54the boring banking work all the time
08:56they also live their lives to the
08:58fullest and richest let's take a look at
08:59the the snazzy and Jazzy things that
09:02they buy super rich people and Yachts
09:04almost always go together Planet 9 super
09:07yacht is one of the luxury Yachts the
09:09Rothschilds own the newer generation of
09:12Rothschild Nat Roth's child owns the
09:14planet nine super yacht that's priced at
09:16an astounding 102 million dollars it was
09:20built in 2018 and is 240 feet long with
09:23state-of-the-art amenities such as a
09:26helipad Beach Club and Spa with plush
09:28Interiors designed by the best German
09:31interior designers this luxury vessel
09:33can accommodate up to 16 guests and a
09:3626-member crew Nat Rothschild isn't
09:39always cruising through oceans so what
09:41does he do with his yacht at other times
09:43leave it lonely at a port nope we know
09:46the Rothschilds well enough by now and
09:48there's no way they won't look for an
09:50opportunity to earn some extra Millions
09:52Nat Rothschild rents out the lavish
09:55planet nine yacht for a staggering 725
09:58thousand dollars per that goes down to
10:01six hundred fifty thousand dollars a
10:03week in the winter Chateau Mouton
10:05Rothschild is where the rich and
10:07luxurious wine is fermented and produced
10:10by this eminent family this 222 acre
10:13property alone is estimated to be worth
10:15between 150 and 200 million dollars and
10:19that's minus the wine this is the price
10:22of the Bordeaux estate in France alone
10:24the wine production will obviously
10:26increase the overall price of the
10:28property manifold what's the price of a
10:30bottle of the Rothschilds Cabernet and
10:32Sauvignon wines seven hundred dollars a
10:36yeah I'll have water on the Rocks please
10:39here comes another stunning estate from
10:41the Rothschild portfolio of ownership
10:43the Waterston Manor is located in the
10:45village of wanistan in buckinghamshire
10:47England this breathtaking property was
10:50built for Baron Ferdinand dorothschild
10:52and his family in 1877 for the price of
10:551.8 million dollars over the years its
10:58price skyrocketed to a jaw-dropping 250
11:02million dollars the mega mansion has
11:04awe-inspiring architecture and houses a
11:07number of expensive portraits and other
11:09antique Treasures the resplendent
11:11property also has a museum that sees 460
11:15000 visitors each year and what's there
11:17to say there is a writing desk made for
11:19Marie Antoinette and a gold bracelet
11:22bearing Queen Victoria's face that was a
11:24gift to the Rothschilds from the queen
11:26herself there are 25
11:28000 Antiques and artworks in this
11:30beautiful mansion and that's not even
11:33the only property that they own that's
11:35just one of the 1800 luxury Laden
11:38Mansions as if hundreds of properties
11:41weren't enough the Rothschilds also
11:43owned hundreds of businesses across the
11:45globe their most lucrative one is Agora
11:48oil and gas which was bought by Meyer am
11:50shell Rothschild's great-grandson and
11:52Nathan Meyer Rothschild's grandson Lord
11:55Rothschild for an insane 370 million
11:59dollars this was a a solid decision by
12:01Lord Rothschild since oil and gas are
12:04the most necessary resources that every
12:06country needs today Agora oil and gas is
12:09worth an astronomical 1.4 billion
12:13dollars unlike us regular folks the
12:15Rothschild family's kids probably
12:17started their counting lessons in math
12:19with 1 billion 2 billion 3 billion
12:23instead of going one two three four and
12:27just saying and like many other rich
12:29people from around the world especially
12:31from Europe the Rothschilds too have a
12:33special love for art and their taste is
12:36known to be quite impeccable apart from
12:38Exquisite artifacts of gold and silver
12:40and stunningly crafted Furniture the
12:43Rothschilds have a huge variety of art
12:45collections there are many vintage
12:47pieces too the date back to the 16th and
12:5017th centuries how much art do the
12:53Rothschilds own in terms of money the
12:56Royal art pieces and Furniture in
12:58possession of the world's richest family
12:59are are worth a startling 2 billion
13:02dollars the Rothschilds art collection
13:04didn't just attract Queen Victoria but
13:07also attracted Adolf Hitler who stole a
13:09few of their paintings while in France
13:11during World War II the Rothschild
13:13family power with immense wealth comes
13:16immense power too from a strong
13:18political connections to control over
13:20economies the Rothschilds have seen and
13:22done it all while many have had their
13:24suspicions about how the family really
13:26amassed all this wealth others believe
13:28it is truly a master stroke of financial
13:30literacy and a knack for investing right
13:32that the family possess as let's take a
13:35look at how powerful the Rothschild
13:36family really is Jacob Rothschild
13:39established the Rothschild Investment
13:41Trust headquartered in the Spencer
13:43building in London to oversee the
13:45family's banking Assets in England the
13:47trust was called the RIT Capital
13:49partners and it's huge for a private
13:51entity this plush establishment is
13:53adorned with antique furniture and has
13:55gold in fixtures this spectacular
13:58building alone is estimated to be worn
14:00worth 42 million dollars the Rothschilds
14:03are known to always invest in high
14:05demand business projects that always
14:07seem to yield heavy returns a large
14:09portion of their wealth is attributed to
14:11the amount of gold that they collect
14:13their Rio Tinto mining Corporation is
14:16the second largest metal mining
14:17Corporation in the world their companies
14:19have spread their Roots far and wide all
14:22across the globe from Canada America and
14:25South America to Africa Italy China and
14:28Australia and all of these companies are
14:30worth 103 billion dollars collectively
14:33the Rothschilds know exactly what to go
14:35after when they're investing the most
14:37essential resources for human and
14:39economic progress oil gas and metals and
14:43talking about power how can we leave
14:45politicians behind the Rothschilds have
14:47many of them in their pockets after all
14:49the family owns not one but two large
14:53mining corporations here's how they
14:55multiplied some of their money as per
14:57Reuters in 2009 Nathaniel Ross child
15:00bought 40 million dollars worth of
15:02convertible bonds in glencar the
15:04glencore mining company is worth
15:07127.5 billion dollars today the
15:10Rothschilds also have 31 mining agencies
15:13operating in Australia alone which makes
15:15them the biggest Employers in Australia
15:18with that kind of power and hold on
15:19economy's wealth and even people the
15:22Rothschilds don't have to do anything
15:24else except to multiply their wealth for
15:26generations to come but who really is
15:28the most successful Rothschild there
15:31have been many generations each with
15:33many many children remember they have to
15:35keep the family wealth within the circle
15:37so who is the smartest one to be more
15:40successful than some others let's find
15:42out the most successful Rothschild of
15:46all of Meyer M shell Rothschild's sons
15:48who ventured out his third son Nathan
15:50became the most successful after moving
15:53to Manchester England in 1798 to set up
15:55a textile business he established
15:57himself as a banker after moving to
15:59London later on he set up NM Rothschild
16:02in 1810 NM Rothschild and Sons provided
16:05credits to the British government during
16:07times of Crisis during the Napoleonic
16:10Wars the bank lent funds to pay British
16:12troops and finance the war effort
16:14single-handedly and NM Rothschild and
16:16Sons is not history it is still in
16:19operation today in 2019 the bank
16:21reported 2.34 billion dollars in revenue
16:25and an astounding 83.5 million dollars
16:28in assets under management in 1824
16:31Nathan Rothschild and Moses Montefiore
16:34co-founded The Alliance Assurance
16:36company which today is part of the RSA
16:38group in 1835 Nathan put another feather
16:41in his cap by securing the rights to
16:43Mercury mines in Spain which is critical
16:45to refining gold and silver seems like
16:48the man could predict Financial Futures
16:49because this purchase brought him
16:52immense profit in 1852 when NM
16:54Rothschild and Sons started to refine
16:57gold and silver for the Royal Mint and
16:59the mag Bank of England Nathan Meyer
17:01Rothschild built gunnersbury Park in
17:041835. it was his first land and house
17:07estate in Great Britain he paid an at
17:09the time astronomical seventy thousand
17:12dollars to buy it then he went ahead and
17:14revamped the Posh mansion and decorated
17:16the surrounding landscape and lo and
17:18behold the mansion's value jumped up to
17:21132 million dollars roughly a hundred
17:24years later the eeling and Acton
17:26councils of London bought it that price
17:28is putting the best of Hollywood's
17:29mansion's current price tags to shame
17:32this shows that Nathan Rothschild was
17:35always in for the Long Haul he planned
17:37things decades ahead and reaped the
17:39benefits later long-term Investments
17:41were a crucial factor in his growth so
17:43here we have it the lesson Nathan had
17:46patience Nathan didn't look for instance
17:48gratification Nathan was smart be like
17:51Nathan but was Nathan Roth's child all
17:54about keeping money to himself nope he
17:56was a philanthropist and contributed
17:58generously to many areas of the Jewish
18:00Community his family later expanded
18:02these charitable efforts to Paris and
18:04London he started his philanthropic
18:06efforts with synagogues in London later
18:09other Rothschild family members helped
18:11in supporting the development of Israel
18:12by investing in constructing housing and
18:14government buildings all of Nathan's
18:16charitable foundations were taken care
18:18of by his youngest daughter Louise and
18:21Her Seven Daughters he had around 30
18:23Rothschild charitable foundations in
18:25Frankfurt alone these foundations range
18:27from public libraries orphanages and
18:30hospitals to homes for the elderly and
18:32special education funds Nathan also
18:34extended immense financial support to
18:36the Jews free school in London and it
18:39didn't stop there he also provided
18:41support to various education related
18:43efforts in Austria France and Israel
18:45Nathan surely was the smart one among
18:48the Rothschilds but overall what
18:50generous Deeds did the family do with
18:52that wealth let's find out the
18:54Rothschild family and philanthropy the
18:56Rothschild family has made its mark on
18:58the world through their incred wealth
19:00and also their generous philanthropy the
19:03family has established an extensive
19:04network of charitable trusts and
19:06Foundations investing in health and
19:08education in many countries around the
19:10world this wealthy family is well known
19:13for its generous donations to a variety
19:15of humanitarian Concepts they have
19:17funded medical research established
19:19educational scholarships supported the
19:21arts and culture and provided assistance
19:23to those in need and philanthropy wasn't
19:25just about giving financial aid to them
19:27the entire family liked to be
19:29wholeheartedly involved in their
19:31philanthropic dates from dental clinics
19:33a free public library and a swimming
19:35pool to old people's homes orphanages
19:38scholarships soup kitchens and hospitals
19:40there were all kinds of charities in
19:42Frankfurt however the family had the
19:44most variety of Foundations in Vienna
19:46perhaps along with the hospitals
19:48orphanages and educational foundations
19:50there was also a municipal theater and a
19:52foundation for destitute photographers
19:54doesn't that make you want to say cheese
19:56now if you're done clicking a few
19:58selfies it's time time to study because
20:00the Rothschilds focused heavily on
20:02funding educational initiatives and
20:04support for young people was always
20:06their top priority they supported the
20:08Jews free school in London's East End
20:10for many generations in London and Paris
20:13they formed the four percent industrial
20:15dwellings company limitat and the
20:17Rothschild Foundation respectively for
20:19social housing purposes the Rothschilds
20:21weren't limited geographically in their
20:23generous efforts in fact most of
20:25Israel's early economic success is
20:27because of the Rothschild family they
20:29founded numerous colonies for Jewish
20:31settlers in Israel for the new settlers
20:33economic growth the family opened a silk
20:36Factory a Vineyard and a flower Mill and
20:38introduced new crops such as grapefruit
20:40and avocado healthy and fancy even in
20:43their generosity the Rothschilds don't
20:45fail to impress no matter what they do
20:47recently the Rothschild family has been
20:50focusing on providing education and
20:52opportunity in disadvantaged communities
20:54in the Middle East and Africa they have
20:56also provided job creation and economic
20:58development Aid in these regions the
21:00Rothschilds don't donate only money to
21:02charity they have donated an estimated
21:0560 000 pieces of artwork to public
21:07institutions in the past so their
21:09philanthropic efforts aren't just
21:11thoughtful healthy and fancy but
21:13creative too can I have the original
21:15Mona Lisa please
21:17the Rothschilds in the 20th and 21st
21:21century not everything lasts the way it
21:23started and the same can be said about
21:25the Rothschild family while the rumors
21:27of their enormous wealth still continue
21:29to do the rounds the real figures have
21:32never been revealed and that's why
21:33there's speculation if they really do
21:35have as much wealth as is stated
21:37everywhere even if you see different
21:39figures in different media one thing is
21:41for sure the Rothschilds are still rich
21:44as hell Wars politics and family
21:46rivalries may have fluctuated the family
21:48fortune over the last 100 years but it's
21:51far from God there were a few bad days
21:53in the 20th century the Naples branch of
21:56the bank was closed in 1863 and the
21:58Frankfurt Branch closed in 1901 due to
22:01lack of male heirs the Vienna Branch
22:03shut up shop in 1938 following the Nazi
22:06invasion of Austria and the danger posed
22:08to Jews the Vichy government in France
22:10seized the Rothschild Bordeaux
22:12properties during the war that's not all
22:14the Nazis also stole millions of dollars
22:17worth of Art and other expensive objects
22:19from the Austrian branch of the
22:20Rothschild family some of these
22:22artifacts were returned by the Austrian
22:24government to the family in 1998 after
22:27all those hardships and challenges
22:29Through The Years in 2008 all of their
22:32Holdings were reorganized under a single
22:34company unifying the family's two
22:36centuries-old business ass started by
22:38the five sons of Maya Rothschild spread
22:41out across Europe currently the
22:43Rothschilds continued to make
22:44investments in a variety of Industries
22:46including oil banking real estate and
22:49agriculture their vast wealth provides
22:51them with a unique ability to capitalize
22:53on opportunities and sent Trends in the
22:55markets among the young Rothschild
22:57family members is James child who
23:00married American socialite and fashion
23:02designer Nikki Hilton Paris Hilton's
23:04sister another one of the Rothschild
23:06descendants is David Rothschild who is
23:09an environmental activist in Santa
23:10Monica California he crossed the Pacific
23:12Ocean in plastiki a 60-foot catamarang
23:15made out of 12 500 reclaimed plastic
23:18bottles and other recycled pet plastic
23:21and waste products it is known that one
23:23of the Rothschild baronesses had a
23:2514-room apartment at 8 25th Avenue and
23:28Nat Rothschild reportedly had a Piet
23:30deter in the West Village he sold it for
23:33a staggering 17.5 million dollars in
23:362015. in 2017 Rothschild Incorporated
23:39opened a San Francisco office to ramp up
23:42its Silicon Valley business but
23:44unfortunately Rothschild and Company
23:45could never get Beyond Boutique status
23:48in the U.S despite limited business
23:50involvement in the U.S many Rothschilds
23:52have lived there in 2015 James
23:55Rothschild married Nikki Hilton
23:56great-granddaughter of hotelier Conrad
23:59Hilton and sister of paraceltan another
24:01member of the Rothschild family Alice
24:03Rothschild whose mother was a member of
24:05the Guinness Brewing family married Zach
24:07Goldsmith Zach is a baron and former
24:10conservative MP who ran for mayor of
24:12London in 2016. Alice's Sister Kate
24:15married Zach's brother Ben Goldsmith
24:17unfortunately neither of the two couples
24:19marriages last at and they got divorced
24:22the Goldsmith boys are Scions of another
24:24extremely wealthy British family Sir
24:27James Goldsmith the two boy's father was
24:29known for his wealth and for being a big
24:31amassed he has families in England and
24:34France the richest member Banker Baron
24:37de Rothschild from the French branch of
24:38the family died suddenly from a heart
24:40attack in January 2021 he had a net
24:43worth of 1.1 billion dollars in April
24:462020 according to Forbes and that made
24:48him the richest individual Rothschild
24:51retired investment banker 87 year old
24:53Jacob Rothschild fourth Baron Rothschild
24:56has a net worth of 1 billion dollars and
24:59is known to be the wealthiest member
25:01alive from the English branch of the
25:03family he has a daughter named Hannah
25:04who is a filmmaker author and chair of
25:07the Board of Trustees of the National
25:08Gallery in London as can be seen the
25:11Rothschild family has grown through
25:13multiple obstacles it is their hard work
25:15discipline and consistency that has
25:18helped them keep their financial status
25:19intact the way they invested money
25:22through the last two centuries will help
25:24them continue building their wealth
25:26their future Generations don't have to
25:28worry as long as they follow the same
25:30passion and principles well only time
25:33will tell but if you have time and you'd
25:35like to watch more inspiring stories of
25:37the Rich and Famous click on one of the
25:38cards on your screen
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is the richest family in the world?

The Rothschild family is the richest family in the world, with an estimated net worth of $2 trillion and annual income of $390 billion.

2. What is the source of wealth for the Rothschild family?

The wealth of the Rothschild family comes from their banking and finance business, as well as investments in industries like oil, real estate, and art.

3. How is the Rothschild family involved in philanthropy?

The Rothschild family is known for their philanthropy and involvement in education, healthcare, and cultural initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to giving back to society.

4. What industries are the Rothschild family invested in?

The Rothschild family has investments in industries like oil, real estate, and art, diversifying their portfolio and contributing to their wealth.

5. What is the estimated net worth of the Rothschild family?

The estimated net worth of the Rothschild family is $2 trillion, making them the wealthiest family in the world.

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