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The video explores the controversial "No Forests on Flat Earth" theory which suggests that mountains are the remnants of giant, ancient trees that once dominated the landscape. The theory also claims that rocks are nothing more than rubble left behind by these trees. While not supported by conventional scientific research, the theory has gained some traction within the flat earth movement.
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The theory suggests that mountains are actually trees.
The theory gained initial popularity in a video on a now-deleted YouTube account.
According to the theory, trees are actually only bushes and shrubbery.
It proposes that mountains are the shadows of once much larger trees.
The theory suggests that mountains are the remnants of ancient trees that used to tower miles high.
The theory proposes that the Earth was once more abundant and had larger life forms.
It claims that the visible remains of the massive trees from long ago can still be found today in the form of mountains.
Mountains are described as the sprawling, roughly cut, and jagged tree stumps of the ancient trees.
The theory is thoroughly unsupported by conventional science or research.
The "no forests" theory claims that mountains are actually petrified trees, with famous mountains and monuments compared to tree trunks.
Uluru in Australia is described as a large island mountain resembling a tree stump.
Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, USA, is said to look like a tree that was cut down before reaching full height.
The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is suggested to have a hexagonal pattern linked to organic life, supporting the theory.
The theory also claims that rocks don't actually exist and are just rubble left behind by ancient trees.
The "No Forests" theory suggests that mountains are actually ancient trees that have been destroyed by various catastrophic events.
Scientists and researchers find this theory problematic due to the vast differences between rocks and trees.
The theory proposes that the ancient trees may have been destroyed by a great flood, the work of long-lost giants, a massive fire, or even nuclear warfare.
It is also suggested that humans may have cut down the ancient forests for energy or to prevent the trees from breaking through the heavenly dome.
The theory suggests that mountains are actually the remains of massive tree trunks, but this claim is not supported by scientific research.
The theory proposes that there are no forests on Earth because real trees no longer exist, and the trees we have today are tiny shrubs compared to their giant ancestors.
It has caused division within the flat earth movement, with many flat earthers distancing themselves from it.
The only scientifically backed truth is that Earth was once much greener than it is now, with more than double the forest land.
00:00When we gaze out across the many landscapes of  this planet it’s perhaps clear that Earth holds  
00:07many secrets from us. This 4.5-billion-year-old  world has certainly been around much longer than  
00:14mere humans have. But, still, you’d think by  now we’d have got the basics right. Trees are  
00:21trees and mountains are mountains, aren’t they?  Well, not according to one controversial idea…  
00:30This is Unveiled, and today we’re exploring  the strange theory that mountains… are trees.
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00:49By now, the flat earth conspiracy theory has  arguably become the most widely recognised  
00:55conspiracy theory of all, with certain celebrities  and high-profile figures pedaling its various  
01:01eye-catching claims. What might be somewhat  surprising, however, is that the theorists  
01:06themselves can’t quite wholly agree on the layout  of the flat earth. For example, while some believe  
01:14the Earth to be a disc that’s walled in on  all sides by massive ice sheets in Antarctica,  
01:20which are guarded by none other than NASA… others  think that really there’s no edge to flat earth  
01:28at all, and that the plane of earth extends  on and on. As strange a theory as Flat Earth  
01:35in general is in our modern times, though, it has  yet managed to give rise to an even stranger one.  
01:42In 2016, a video appeared on a now-deleted YouTube  account arguing for the certainly unusual “No  
01:50Forests on Flat Earth” theory, and it gained some  initial popularity. Since then, the ideas within  
01:58it have become key to some flat earth beliefs.  The astonishing theory argues that trees - normal,  
02:05everyday trees - are actually only bushes and  shrubbery, and shadows of their once much larger  
02:13and greater, former selves. Real trees of long  ago - as per the theory - were massive structures  
02:21that towered into the sky, miles and miles high.  And the forests we have now aren’t real forests,  
02:30as the real forests no longer exist. That’s  the idea, anyway… so, what’s going on?  
02:38The basic gist of the “no forests” suggestion  is seemingly that the Earth we know today  
02:44is nowhere near as majestic (or as massive) as it  once was. In some ways, this might be considered  
02:52an understandable position to take. Scientists and  researchers, even in the mainstream, do agree that  
02:59Earth has at times been a much more abundant  place than it is now. With wholly different,  
03:06and often bigger life forms, to the point that  if we (today) were to somehow be transported back  
03:12in time… we might mistake ancient Earth for some  other, unrecognizable, alien planet. But if there  
03:20were once giant trees in amongst all this, as the  “no forests” idea suggests, then where are they  
03:28now? Here the theory makes another surprising  claim… that the visible remains of those massive  
03:36trees from long ago can still be found today  all around us. We just call them mountains.  
03:45According to the theory, which (importantly) is  thoroughly unsupported by conventional science  
03:51or research, mountains are evidence that  trees used to be towering structures because  
03:57mountains are the remnants of those ancient trees.  Mountains are like huge, sprawling, roughly cut  
04:05and jagged tree stumps, so it’s said. The old  trees, the ones that no longer exist, were some  
04:12forty or fifty miles tall… with trunks multiple  miles wide. Unsurprisingly, it’s said that they  
04:20totally dominated the landscape. Our mountains  are, then, merely the corpses of these trees,  
04:28the leftovers… with the “no forests” theory  claiming that there’s evidence for this,  
04:33if we look at mountains closely enough. The original video, now removed from YouTube,  
04:39showed various images of famous mountains and  monuments… and compared them side-by-side with  
04:46tree trunks. Uluru in Australia, for example, is  a large (and somewhat flat) island mountain that,  
04:54the theory tells us, looks extraordinarily like a  massive tree stump. Uluru was a tree, so the claim  
05:02goes, but its destruction has turned it into what  it is now. Elsewhere, Devil’s Tower, a large,  
05:09steep formation with almost vertical sides, in  Wyoming, USA, allegedly looks like a tree that  
05:16was cut down before it could grow to full height…  while the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland,  
05:22an iconic monument of basalt columns, is purported  evidence toward a dramatically alternate history,  
05:29too, with it claimed that the Causeway’s hexagonal  pattern must be linked to organic life. Overall,  
05:37the theory asks for quite a leap of faith  or foolishness, depending on your view…  
05:42imploring that we look at these monuments (and  others) not as we’ve come to know them, but as  
05:48fallen trees. Long dead, but once  magnificent (and giant) fallen trees.  
05:56An immediate realization is perhaps the clear and  obvious difference between the wood of the trees  
06:02and the rock of our mountains, however. But here,  too, the theory makes another astounding claim.  
06:10Because, according to the “No Forests” point  of view, rocks don’t actually exist either.  
06:17All the rocks we see in our day to day lives  - from miniscule pebbles to massive cliff  
06:22faces - are apparently nothing more than  rubble left behind by the ancient trees.  
06:30If you’ve ever held a rock in your hand, you’ve  actually held part of the body of a long-dead  
06:36tree... is the general idea. Understandably (and  while this is by no means the only aspect of the  
06:44theory that they’ve taken issue with) scientists,  academics, researchers, most of everyone else can  
06:51immediately see various and huge problems here.  The inherent, real-world differences between  
06:58rocks and trees are, in reality… vast. But,  in this retelling of how the world works,  
07:05they’re one and the same thing. Again, if plain  flat earth theory wasn’t strange enough already,  
07:12then this extension of it certainly is! Finally, the last part of the “No Forests” theory  
07:19attempts to explain what happened to the ancient  trees which, if they did exist, must clearly have  
07:26gone through a truly catastrophic deforestation  event, to bring Earth to be almost entirely rid of  
07:32them now. It’s said, by advocates, that there are  a couple of different possibilities - including a  
07:39great flood, or even that their destruction  was the work of a race of long-lost giants.  
07:46Another suggestion is that there was, at some  time, a massive fire on Earth, that ravaged  
07:53the landscape and burned down the trees, leaving  just the “stumps” (or mountains) we see today.  
08:01Probably the most confusing answer offered,  though, is that the trees were destroyed  
08:07in nuclear warfare. Waged during a time long  before nuclear weapons were invented, as per the  
08:14conventional history of humankind. More broadly,  the idea that humanity is (or was) at fault in  
08:22some way, even without nuclear weapons, is common.  Perhaps these ancient, miles-high forests were cut  
08:30down by humans for energy, during an episode (or  even a whole era) that’s otherwise been completely  
08:37lost to history. And, if not for energy, then  maybe it was to prevent the trees from breaking  
08:44through the heavenly dome… that some versions of  flat earth theory insist is encasing the world we  
08:51live in. There have been a number of possibilities  floated as to what might’ve befallen the trees…  
08:58but perhaps here, more so than at any other  point, is where the theory falls in on itself.  
09:04Because, to recap the basics: the idea  is that there are no forests on earth  
09:10because real trees don’t exist anymore. The trees  we have today are tiny shrubs compared to their  
09:17giant ancestors… but all that’s left of them  (the ancestors) are our mountains, which are  
09:23actually the remainder of massive tree trunks.  Suffice to say, this isn’t a claim that’s in any  
09:30way supported by conventional scientific research.  And, what’s more, it has even caused some division  
09:37in the flat earth movement itself, with many  flat earthers distancing themselves from it.  
09:44Perhaps the only shred of scientifically backed  truth we can glean from the whole thing is that  
09:50it’s generally agreed that Earth was once a lot  greener than it is now, with much of the world  
09:57map hosting more than double the forest land  that it does today… a change brought on by the  
10:04urbanization of humankind. We live in cities now.  
10:09Towns and villages, with commuter links, air  travel, and far fewer green spaces. Times  
10:16have certainly changed and (depending on the view  you take) maybe for better or worse. But gigantic  
10:24trees that reached miles into the sky, to the  point that mountains - those immense natural  
10:30structures - are mere leftovers of a time gone by?  It’s an entertaining idea, but it’s not one that  
10:38science takes all that seriously. Still, that’s  the strange theory that mountains are trees.
10:47What do you think? Is there anything we missed?  Let us know in the comments, check out these other  
10:51clips from Unveiled, and make sure you subscribe  and ring the bell for our latest content.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is the 'No Forests on Flat Earth' theory a widely accepted scientific concept?

The 'No Forests on Flat Earth' theory is not supported by conventional scientific research and is considered controversial.

2. What does the 'No Forests on Flat Earth' theory propose about mountains?

The theory suggests that mountains are the remnants of giant, ancient trees that once dominated the landscape.

3. According to the theory, what are rocks believed to be?

The theory claims rocks are nothing more than rubble left behind by the giant ancient trees.

4. Is there any traction for the 'No Forests on Flat Earth' theory within the flat earth movement?

The theory has gained some traction within the flat earth movement, although it is not widely accepted by mainstream science.

5. What has sparked the controversy surrounding the 'No Forests on Flat Earth' theory?

The controversial nature of the theory arises from its lack of support from conventional scientific research and its divergent views from established geological theories.

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