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Plastic surgeon analyzes Keanu Reeves' face over the years, suggesting he may have undergone procedures like Botox and fillers, but no major surgical changes. Estimated over $150,000 spent on Botox and fillers, with a reminder on the importance of good skin care for a youthful appearance without cosmetic surgery.
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Plastic surgeon analyzes Keanu Reeves' facial features and concludes that he likely has natural anatomy, including arched eyebrows, a strong brow ridge, and a prominent chin and jawline.
Keanu's nasal tip shape suggests he was born with it, rather than having a rhinoplasty.
He has infraorbital hollowing, which is a common facial asymmetry.
Overall, Keanu's face is symmetrical in terms of brow position, nasal base position, and cheek and bony structure.
He has a natural widow's peak in his hairline.
Keanu Reeves has a natural and non-uniform hairline, which contributes to his natural appearance.
Keanu Reeves has a relatively flat mid face with no major cheek prominence.
Non-surgical methods like fillers or cheek implants can be used to augment the mid face.
In 2005, Keanu's face appeared fuller, possibly due to weight gain rather than facial fillers.
Plastic surgeon's analysis suggests that Keanu Reeves may have had Botox injections and under eye filler.
Botox injections in the forehead, glabella, and crow's feet may have been used to reduce wrinkles.
Men typically require higher doses of Botox compared to women due to thicker and stronger muscles.
Signs of cheek and under eye filler are seen, making the face look fuller in the mid-face region.
Restylane L is a recommended filler for the under eye area to avoid excessive puffiness.
Plastic surgeon analyzes Keanu Reeves' unchanging face and estimates he has spent around $150,000 on Botox and fillers over the years.
The surgeon believes Keanu Reeves likely got a combination of several different types of fillers to improve different areas of his face.
There are signs of upper eyelid dermaticalasis and progressive eyebrow descent as Keanu gets older.
Despite rumors of cosmetic surgery, the surgeon does not see signs of brow lift or eyelid surgery.
The surgeon emphasizes the importance of good skin care and combining Botox and fillers with proper skin care to look younger without cosmetic surgery.
00:00let's take a look at Keanu Reeves and
00:02see if he's had any potential facial
00:04plastic surgery procedures stay tuned
00:06for the side by side comparison and for
00:09the price of possible procedures
00:15what happened John
00:17we were professionals civilizers do I
00:21look civilized to you in 1989 at the age
00:24of 25 you can see that Keanu has
00:27eyebrows that are slightly arched As you
00:29move laterally he has a strong frontal
00:32brow Ridge and when you look at his nose
00:35as far as the tip shape he has
00:37cephalically positioned lateral corrupt
00:41and what that does is that it creates
00:43the Supra ailer pinching on the lateral
00:45wall of the nose now some people are
00:47just born that way other people get that
00:49type of effect after a rhinoplasty what
00:52that can do is that it can create
00:54lateral wall collapse and you can have
00:56more difficulty breathing but I don't
00:58think that Keanu had a rhinoplasty I
01:00think that he was just born with this
01:02type of anatomy to his nasal tip Keanu
01:06also has strong chin and jawline
01:09structure and that gives him a very
01:11impressive masculine type of look in
01:141991 at the age of 27 what I'm saying
01:17thing is that Keanu has infraorbital
01:20hollowing just like me with the left
01:22side being more hollowed than the right
01:24and that speaks to facial asymmetries
01:27that we all have but I have to say that
01:29overall keanu's face is quite
01:32symmetrical in terms of his brow
01:34position in terms of his nasal base
01:36position and just in terms of General
01:38cheek and bony structure from one side
01:42to the other looks quite symmetrical
01:44overall in 1992 at the age of 28 you can
01:48see that Keanu has a hairline with a
01:51natural widow's peak and you can also
01:54see the different irregularities that
01:57exist at his hairline so in designing a
02:00hairline surgically you know we always
02:03try to make it irregular but still have
02:06some sort of General pattern to it but
02:09you can see a natural hairline like
02:10keanu's exists in a non-uniform type of
02:14way and that makes it look even more
02:17natural and we try our best with surgery
02:19to recreate that in 1993 at the age of
02:2329 I see no further change in 1994 at
02:27the age of 30 what I'm noticing here is
02:29that Keanu naturally has a relatively
02:31flat mid face he has no major cheek
02:35prominence if someone has a flatter mid
02:39face and they're looking to augment it
02:41right they're looking for more volume
02:43ways to do that would be non-surgical
02:46such as fillers and some people end up
02:49getting something like cheek implants to
02:51further augment the mid face in 1995 at
02:55the age of 31 I see no changes and
02:58that's the same through 2004. in 2005 at
03:02the age of 41 I'm noticing that the face
03:05just looks fuller now this could be
03:08because of filler but it can also be
03:10just because of weight gain now given
03:12that reduced jawline definition I think
03:15weight gain is more likely here then the
03:19introduction of facial fillers because
03:21usually with facial fillers there are
03:24specific areas where you see some
03:25increased volume but typically not
03:28throughout the entire face unless the
03:30person's been getting fillers for many
03:31years as you know from many of our other
03:34videos fillers definitely have the
03:37tendency to migrate and to spread beyond
03:42their original injective position
03:44especially if there are large volumes
03:47being used over a long period of time
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03:54new videos I always do my best to engage
03:57with early comments in 2006 at the age
04:00of 42 I see no change and this is the
04:04same through
04:052008. in 2009 at the age of 45 what I'm
04:10seeing here is that I think Keanu has
04:12started to get botox injections usually
04:15these are done into the forehead head
04:18glabella and crow's feet to reduce the
04:21wrinkles and in men typically higher
04:24doses of Botox are needed to get the
04:27same effect compared to in women and
04:29that's because the muscles tend to be
04:31thicker stronger and they require higher
04:34doses to essentially stun or knock down
04:37with the botox when you have say the
04:40forehead and for women you might use a
04:43dose of say 20 to 30 units of Botox to
04:48get the reduction of wrinkles in men
04:50you're looking at typically at least a
04:5250 percent increase in dose to get that
04:55same impact in 2010 at the age of 46 I
04:59see no change in 2011 at the age of 47
05:03also no change in 2012 at the age of 48
05:07I'm seeing some signs of cheek and or
05:10under eye filler so now the face looks
05:14fuller but specifically in that mid face
05:18under eye region and as far as the
05:21different types of fillers that are used
05:23usually the under eye area will need a
05:26filler that is not too hydrophilic where
05:30it attracts a ton of water all filler
05:32with the ha that's inside of it attracts
05:35some degree of water but you don't want
05:37it to attract more than necessary
05:39because in the under eye area it can
05:41start to look too filled and too puffy
05:44so something like Restylane L is a great
05:48choice for the under eye area on the
05:50contrary when you're looking at
05:52injecting the cheek areas and getting
05:55some increased volume in the cheeks
05:57usually something that's higher G Prime
06:00such as Restylane lift is a nice option
06:03for giving that more full cheek look and
06:07so my guess is that he probably if he
06:10did get filler got a combination of
06:13several different types of fillers that
06:16could improve each of those areas in
06:192013 at the age of 49 I see no change
06:22and this is the same through
06:242016. in 2017 at the age of 53 there are
06:29some signs that Keanu has some upper
06:31eyelid dermaticalasis which is excess
06:34skin of the upper eyelids and he has
06:37Progressive eyebrow descent which occurs
06:40in all of us as we get older and I look
06:43through the more recent years to see if
06:46maybe he had a brow lift done or maybe
06:49he had an upper or lower blepharoplasty
06:51done which is eyelid surgery to try to
06:53address this excess skin but I really
06:57don't see signs of that so in 2018 at
07:00the age of 54 I see no change and this
07:03is actually the same through
07:062023 so at this point Keanu is 58 years
07:09old and he's such an icon just saw him
07:12in John Wick 4 loved it and he just
07:15looks very youthful and this is a
07:16testament into his physical condition
07:18and I think it's also a reminder of how
07:21important good skin care is and even if
07:24you you know get some Botox and filler
07:26over time but if you combine it with
07:29proper skin care you can really end up
07:32looking younger than your years later on
07:35in life even without cosmetic surgery as
07:39far as total cost goes I estimate about
07:42a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for
07:44the Botox and filler procedures over the
07:47years and here's a comparison image from
07:50over the years since you like this video
07:52on Keanu Reeves make sure to check out
07:54our video on Sylvester Stallone's
07:57possible facial plastic surgery
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Did Keanu Reeves undergo plastic surgery?

Plastic surgeon analyzes Keanu Reeves' face over the years, suggesting he may have undergone procedures like Botox and fillers, but no major surgical changes.

2. How much did Keanu Reeves spend on Botox and fillers?

Estimated over $150,000 spent on Botox and fillers.

3. What is the importance of good skin care for a youthful appearance?

The video provides a reminder on the importance of good skin care for a youthful appearance without cosmetic surgery.

4. What are the estimated procedures Keanu Reeves may have undergone?

The plastic surgeon suggested that Keanu Reeves may have undergone procedures like Botox and fillers, but no major surgical changes.

5. How can one maintain a youthful appearance without cosmetic surgery?

The video emphasizes the importance of good skin care for a youthful appearance without cosmetic surgery.

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