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A secretive family dynasty, the Wallenbergs, owns a vast empire spanning over 275 billion dollars across Europe, with ties to the world's richest and most powerful. Beginning with banking, they expanded into owning majority stakes in hundreds of Swedish companies and employed strategic tactics during World War II to profit from both sides. To prevent the third-generation curse, they pass down their fortune to multiple heirs and require them to gain real-life experience before taking on management positions.
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The Wallenbergs, the secretive family that owns all of Europe, have a vast empire spanning over 275 billion dollars and ties to the world's richest and most powerful people.
They own everything from AstraZeneca to the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.
Their web of companies employs over a million people, including almost half of Sweden's entire industrial workforce.
The Wallenbergs have deliberately stayed in the shadows, rarely making public appearances or interviews, to keep their skeletons hidden.
Andre Oscar Wallenberg witnessed the chaos in American banks and saw an opportunity to open a better bank in Sweden.
American banks' incompetence inspired Wallenberg to open a better bank in Sweden.
Swedish banks at the time were archaic and not lending money to other companies.
Wallenberg saw the potential to become the most powerful banker in Sweden by establishing a new modern bank.
Opening a bank in the 1800s was easier compared to the regulated banking sector today.
The Wallenberg family's banking empire in Sweden led to their ownership of major companies and the financial enslavement of the Swedish population.
The Wallenbergs would take people's money and lend it out during Sweden's industrialization.
The popularity of their bank, Seb, led to them taking over Sweden's entire banking industry.
To further increase their fortune, the Wallenbergs bought majority stakes in hundreds of Swedish companies, leading to their financial control over the entire population.
The Wallenberg family played both sides of World War II by offering banking services to the Allies and buying important German military supply companies, promising to sell them back to Germany in exchange for a fee. They also engaged in black market operations and money laundering.
The Wallenberg family offered banking services to the Allies in London and New York while one brother stationed himself in Berlin.
They bought German military supply companies like Bosch to prevent them from being seized or shut down by the Allies.
Instead of keeping these companies, they signed agreements promising to sell them back to Germany in exchange for a fee.
The Wallenberg family engaged in black market operations and money laundering to continue making money on both sides of the war.
The Wallenberg family avoids the curse of losing wealth by passing down their fortune to one or two sons and keeping most of their money in family-run foundations.
Wallenberg family holds stakes in companies like Atlas Copco and SKF.
They sell crucial equipment to Russian nuclear weapons programs.
Most of the family's money is kept in family-run foundations.
Family members are required to work in the company before reaching a management position.
00:00deep within Europe lies the continent's
00:02most powerful business Dynasty their
00:04family tree includes Bankers
00:05industrialists politicians bureaucrats
00:07diplomats military officials they own
00:10everything from AstraZeneca to the
00:11NASDAQ Stock Exchange they own more than
00:13a third of Sweden's entire Stock
00:15Exchange their web of companies employ
00:16over a million people including almost
00:19half of Sweden's entire industrial
00:20Workforce in the 70s and today their
00:22empire spans more than 275 billion
00:25dollars far exceeding Jeff Bezos Elon
00:28Musk or even Bernard are no they've got
00:30ties to the richest most powerful people
00:32in the world from the White House to the
00:34world economic Forum this Clan has their
00:36tentacles everywhere and yet you've
00:38probably never heard of their name you
00:40won't find a single one of them on the
00:41force billionaire list and that's
00:43because they've worked very hard to stay
00:45in the shadows hardly ever making any
00:47public appearances or interviews why
00:49because getting to the top is messy and
00:51getting to the point where you own the
00:53entire continent of Europe you're gonna
00:54have a lot of skeletons in your closet
00:57that you'd rather not have the masses
00:58know abouts we don't want to stroke up
01:00any Envy or any Anti-Trust talk now
01:02would we stay dangerous and say hello to
01:05the wallenbergs the family that owns all
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02:28was one of the worst Financial crises
02:31America had experience at that time
02:32falling cotton prices bad Harvest and
02:35inflation LED Banks to fail businesses
02:36to go bankrupt and unemployment to
02:38Skyrocket it was a nightmare for
02:40American Bankers but it was a very
02:42important lesson for a young naval
02:44officer from Sweden his name was Andre
02:46Oscar Wallenberg and in 1837 he had a
02:49front row seat to witness the chaos in
02:51America first hand the incompetence of
02:53American Banks and bankers gave Andre
02:55Wallenberg an idea he had clearly seen
02:57how Banks should not be run and he
02:59wondered why he couldn't just take what
03:00he learned back to his homeland to open
03:01up a better Bank over there he also saw
03:04a massive opportunity Swedish Banks were
03:06missing out on see Swedish banks at the
03:08time were archaic it was hard to
03:09transfer money between locations you
03:11couldn't get a high interest rate for
03:12depositing your money but most
03:14importantly Swedish banks at the time
03:16didn't take the money people deposited
03:17into their savings accounts to lend out
03:19to other companies Swedish Banks were
03:21not lending to other companies during a
03:23time when Sweden was in the midst of
03:25industrialization corporations were
03:27becoming a thing multi National
03:28corporations were becoming a thing
03:30Swedish railroad network was being built
03:32and Sweden's economy was skyrocketing
03:34all these opportunities needed funding
03:37but none of the existing Banks were
03:38meeting the need
03:40think about just how big of an
03:42opportunity this was today the idea of
03:44banks taking your deposits and lending
03:46it out like crazy is the norm it's why
03:48they're so rich and Powerful it's what
03:49led to the 2008 financial crisis but
03:51back then in Sweden Banks were not
03:53participating in this financial Alchemy
03:55when it was the best time to participate
03:57so they were leaving an insane amount of
03:59money on the table and if Andre
04:01Wallenberg could go back to Europe and
04:02establish a new modern Bank he could
04:04have the potential to become the most
04:06powerful Banker in all of Sweden and the
04:08great thing was back in the 1800s the
04:10banking sector was very different from
04:12what it is today today one doesn't
04:14simply decide to go and open up a bank
04:15today's banking sector is so regulated
04:18it requires so much Capital that's
04:19almost impossible to do unless you
04:21either partner with an existing bank or
04:23you're already rich and Powerful to
04:24begin with and side note this huge
04:26barrier to entry is by Design the big
04:28Banks don't want anyone else opening up
04:29shop to compete but luckily for Andre
04:31wellenberg 200 years ago banking was the
04:34Wild West anyone could open up shop and
04:36start shackling people in debt you could
04:38open up a bank as easily as you could
04:39open up a jewelry store or or a doctor's
04:41office so with the help of his
04:43colleagues Andre Wallenberg managed to
04:45open up the Stockholm and skill the bank
04:46or Seb in 1856 and the Seb was unlike
04:51anything Sweden has seen before it
04:53encouraged the public average everyday
04:54Joes to deposit their heart earned money
04:56into savings accounts these savings
04:58accounts offered actually good interest
05:00rates so the longer you left your money
05:01in your savings account the more
05:03interest it could earn you so the masses
05:05flocked to Seb again this sounds very
05:07normal today but back then this wasn't
05:09something that was available to the
05:10average person in Sweden but just like
05:12today little did those customers know
05:14that the money they put in the bank
05:15wasn't being kept safe for you and a big
05:17vault in the back no Wallenberg would
05:19then take your money and then lend it
05:21out to other people and businesses
05:22during the best possible time to be
05:24lending out money in Sweden during
05:28and for Wallenberg it was a gold rush
05:30the Seb became so popular that it
05:33quickly took over Sweden's entire
05:34banking industry Sweden had become
05:36conquered but not by a foreign power but
05:39a domestic one and the weapon of choice
05:41was banking suddenly the Swedish people
05:43either had their money with Wallenberg
05:45or they were slaving a way to pay out
05:46the debt they owe to Wallenberg and the
05:48way they slave the way to pay back the
05:50debt was by working for a company that
05:51owed money to Wallenberg it was genius
05:53but the wallenbergs didn't stop there
05:55sure their family fortune was growing at
05:57an exponential rates but they're Bankers
05:59they know they can't just let all this
06:01cash sit there not working for them but
06:03where to invest all this cash why not
06:06just buy all the companies in Sweden
06:07that way the entire population of Sweden
06:10would have their money deposited with
06:11the wallenbergs they would also owe
06:12money to the wallenbergs and to pay off
06:14that debt they would have to get up
06:16every day in the morning and go to work
06:17for a Wallenberg company a Wallenberg
06:20company that owned money too you guessed
06:22it the wallenbergs it was simply the
06:24last logical step in the financial
06:26enslavement of Sweden and it would
06:28Propel the Wallenberg family into the
06:29one percent of not just Sweden but the
06:31entire world
06:43family started buying majority stakes
06:46and hundreds of Swedish companies they
06:48call it quote the liberal transformation
06:49of Swedish Society End quotes from
06:52Railways to factories to international
06:53trade and LLCs there was not a major
06:56company in Sweden that the wallenbergs
06:58didn't have some stake in but in 1916
07:00they ran into a problem the Swedish
07:02government started seeing the danger of
07:03allowing Banks to own major businesses
07:05while also getting those businesses and
07:07people in debt to them so the Swedish
07:08government passed a law that made it
07:10nearly impossible for banks to own
07:11long-term shares of industrial
07:13businesses but the wallenbergs weren't
07:15so quick to give up so to get around
07:17this new law the Wallenberg family
07:19created investor a b a very vague
07:22sounding holding company that was given
07:23full ownership of all the businesses
07:25their bank owned investor a b became the
07:27wallenberg's personal investment arm and
07:29the crisis was averted The Firm did so
07:32well that by the 1970s the Wallenberg
07:34family employed more than 40 percent of
07:36Sweden's entire industrial Workforce and
07:38owned 40 of the country's entire Stock
07:40Exchange there wasn't a single aspect of
07:42the banking cycle the one our family
07:44didn't profit from but then came World
07:46War II
08:06and the wallenbergs were left with a
08:08decision which side of the war would
08:10they profit from the Allies or Hitler so
08:12the Wallenberg decided to take a page
08:14out of the rush house Playbook and said
08:30earlier the Rothschild had gone down the
08:32history books for Lending money to both
08:34sides of wars that way no matter which
08:36side won both sides became indebted to
08:39you and you always come out on top
08:40that's why as a banker you always want
08:42to play Both Sides watch our full
08:44documentary on the Rothschild dynasty by
08:46clicking the card in the top right
08:47corner right now to learn more and this
08:50was a lesson the wallenbergs took to
08:51heart when World War II came around on
08:54one side they had Germany who was facing
08:56strict sanctions and the possibility of
08:58losing billions of dollars as the Allies
09:00shut down their businesses on the other
09:02hand they had America and Britain who
09:04desperately needed banking services in
09:06Europe to continue fighting so here's
09:08what they did while one Wallenberg
09:10brother dealt with the Allies in London
09:11and New York offering their Bank
09:13services to their War efforts the other
09:15brothers stationed himself in Berlin
09:16there the wallenbergs offered to buy
09:18important German military supply
09:20companies like Bosch to prevent them
09:22from being seized or shut down by the
09:23Allah technically it was legal to buy
09:26these companies if you intended to keep
09:27them and use them according to the law
09:29but what the wallenbergs were doing was
09:31very different instead of buying and
09:33keeping these companies they signed
09:35agreements that stated that they
09:36promised to sell the companies back to
09:37Germany as soon as Germany wanted them
09:39back in exchange for a fat fee of course
09:41not only did the Wallenberg family keep
09:44Germany's most important company safe
09:45from the Allies in exchange for money
09:47they went to extreme lengths like
09:49running black market operations and
09:50money laundering to ensure that they
09:52could keep making money on both sides of
09:53the war now it would be unfair not to
09:56mention that one Wallenberg Raul
09:57Wallenberg actually saved between four
09:59thousand and thirty five thousand Jews
10:01during World War II by issuing them
10:03Swedish papers he later died in prison
10:05after being captured by the Soviet Union
10:07but playing both sides became so
10:08profitable for the Wallenberg family
10:10that more than 50 years later they were
10:12still using the exact same Playbook the
10:15wallenberg's own Ericsson a
10:16multinational Telecom company and won a
10:19certain violent organization in the
10:20Middle East that rhymes with crisis
10:22threatened to shut down one of eris's
10:24transfer routes in Iraq Erickson simply
10:26paid the violent organization tens of
10:28millions of dollars in bribes to
10:29guarantee their safety after Russia
10:31invaded Ukraine in 2014 and got slapped
10:34with every sanction known to man the
10:35company's Atlas Copco and SKF both
10:38companies the wallenbergs hold stakes in
10:39continued to sell crucial equipment to
10:41Russian nuclear weapons programs but now
10:44the family was faced with another
10:45existential crisis solving the problem
10:47of past
10:49wealth see although having Rich parents
10:51may sound tempting most kids that come
10:53from Rich families are dead inside they
10:55have no purpose no drive that's why 9
10:58out of 10 of the world's richest
10:59families lose their wealth by the third
11:01generation there's a famous quote that
11:03sums us up my grandfather walked 10
11:05miles to work every day my father walked
11:07five I'm driving a Cadillac my son is in
11:10a Mercedes my grandson will be in a
11:12Ferrari but my great-grandson will be
11:14walking again so the Wallenberg family
11:16had to find a way to escape the curse
11:18the curse of the third generation
11:21thank you
11:32passing down the entire Wallenberg
11:34family fortune to one or two sons most
11:36of their money is kept in family run
11:38foundations while dozens of family heirs
11:40are each put in charge of different
11:42foundations and businesses that make up
11:43their vast Empire that way no one single
11:46era has the power to single-handedly
11:48destroy the entire family fortune and
11:50before any of the Wallenberg family
11:51members reach a management position
11:53they're required to actually spend time
11:55working in the company to gain real life
11:57experience this careful methodical
11:59approach to passing on wealth and
12:01companies that the wallenbergs took is
12:03basically the exact opposite of what the
12:05Vanderbilts did the Vanderbilt Dynasty
12:07came to power at around the same time as
12:09the wallenbergs and the Vanderbilts
12:10actually became the richest family in
12:12the entire world beating up the
12:13wallenbergs by a long shot but Cornelius
12:15Vayner built the family's patriarch
12:17didn't trust his family with his
12:18business or money he had 13 kids but
12:21instead of mentoring all of them to
12:22divide up his wealth he left his entire
12:24Fortune to just one of his sons the rest
12:26of his kids got practically nothing and
12:28at first it worked it his son ended up
12:30doubling the family fortune but from
12:32that point on it was all downhill his
12:34son also didn't take a very methodical
12:36approach to passing down the money so
12:38the rest of the family only knew how to
12:39spend money mansion's lavish parties
12:42Yachts you name it they bought it so
12:43within just 50 years of the patriarch's
12:45death the entire 200 billion dollar
12:48Fortune had completely vanished when 120
12:51members of the Vanderbilt family met for
12:53a family reunion in 1973 not a single
12:56one of them was a millionaire and we
12:58break down how the Vanderbilts lost
12:59their entire fortune in a new video on
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who are the Wallenbergs?

The Wallenbergs are a secretive family dynasty that owns a vast empire spanning over 275 billion dollars across Europe. They have ties to the world's richest and most powerful individuals.

2. What is the history of the Wallenbergs' wealth?

Beginning with banking, the Wallenbergs expanded into owning majority stakes in hundreds of Swedish companies. They also employed strategic tactics during World War II to profit from both sides, further expanding their wealth.

3. How does the Wallenberg family prevent the third-generation curse?

To prevent the third-generation curse, the Wallenberg family passes down their fortune to multiple heirs and requires them to gain real-life experience before taking on management positions.

4. What is the net worth of the Wallenberg family's empire?

The Wallenberg family's empire is worth over 275 billion dollars across Europe, making them one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the world.

5. How did the Wallenbergs profit during World War II?

During World War II, the Wallenbergs employed strategic tactics to profit from both sides, further expanding their wealth and influence.

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