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The video discusses the controversial past of Marjorie Harvey, Steve Harvey's wife, who was involved with drug dealers and was implicated in a major drug bust. Despite her questionable history, she is now living a lavish lifestyle as the wife of a famous comedian.
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Marjorie Harvey's questionable past as a drug dealer and involvement in a major drug bust contrasts with her current lavish lifestyle as Steve Harvey's wife.
Marjorie Harvey was involved in one of Memphis's biggest drug busts.
She was married to two different drug dealers before marrying Steve Harvey.
Marjorie caught Steve Harvey's attention in 1990, but they didn't immediately get together.
Marjorie's past as a drug dealer contrasts with her current luxurious lifestyle.
Marjorie Harvey was involved in her first husband's drug dealing activities, and despite being investigated by the FBI and DEA, she refused to cooperate and potentially incriminate herself.
Marjorie was married to her first husband, Jim Townsend, who was a former drug dealer.
She participated in Jim's illegal activities and was considered the queen of Memphis's underground drug hoarding ring.
Marjorie had two children with Jim before he was sentenced to life in prison.
Despite the FBI and DEA investigating her, Marjorie refused to snitch on her husband and risk getting herself locked up.
Marjorie Harvey's second husband, Darnell Woods, was a part of Memphis Tennessee's biggest drug sting and a member of the infamous Memphis mob.
Darnell Woods was a drug dealer and part of the Memphis mob, involved in a drug sting and indicted on several charges.
Marjorie divorced her first husband, Jim Townsend, and married Darnell Woods, with whom she had a daughter named Lori.
Marjorie eventually divorced Darnell and got back together with Steve Harvey.
Marjorie Harvey's first husband, Jim Townsend, claims in his tell-all book that she was involved in illegal activities and convinced him to lie to their daughter while he was in prison.
Jim Townsend, Marjorie Harvey's ex-husband, alleges that she was involved in criminal activities.
Marjorie convinced Jim to lie to their daughter for four years about his whereabouts while he was in prison.
Jim's book reveals that Marjorie's mother thought he committed an unpardonable sin by telling their daughter the truth.
Despite the tell-all book, Jim's children, Morgan and Jason, seem unbothered and have been spending time with him recently.
00:00Marjorie they coming for you sis Steve
00:03Harvey's wife hasn't said much
00:05throughout the years allowing her
00:07position as Steve's third wife to be the
00:09center of anything Marjorie related
00:10however Marjorie Harvey's reputation as
00:13Steve's stylish arm candy has come under
00:16Fire and her Highly Questionable past
00:18has surely spun the block ready to
00:20release fire any given day now a drug
00:23hoarding cocaine dealing deceitful pass
00:25full of deception lies and betrayal
00:28hopping from one Kingpin to the next
00:31Marjorie once found herself in the midst
00:33of one of memphis's biggest drug busts
00:36to date but is now living lavishly far
00:39from the ruins of that particular
00:41lifestyle so how did the first lady of
00:44Memphis go from being Queen of the drug
00:46lords to securing Steve Harvey's bag
00:49straight from the likes of Toby Marjorie
00:51Harvey's rags to Rich's story may be an
00:54even bigger one than Steve's when Steve
00:57decided to settle down for the third
00:59time what his now wife Marjorie in 2007
01:01he surely believed he'd secure the woman
01:04of his dreams and perhaps he did but for
01:07Marjorie she surely hit the jackpot
01:10possibly for the third time just in a
01:13much different way a less incriminating
01:15way it's been about 16 years since
01:18Marjory uttered the words I do in over
01:2130 since being entwined with her first
01:23husband one of Memphis City's biggest
01:25drug dealers as well as her second his
01:29alleged cousin according to Steve
01:31Marjorie first caught his attention in
01:341990 after showing up late to one of his
01:37stand-up shows upon Landing eyes on her
01:40Steve lessened the gap between his thick
01:42lips and the mic and reportedly posted I
01:45don't know who this is but I'm gonna
01:47marry her Steve was serious serious but
01:50Marjorie was hesitant after all she was
01:53still very much married according to
01:55Marjorie she and Steve dated for a bit
01:58but the night outs and gut-filled
02:00butterflies dwindled as time went on
02:02soon enough the phone calls and
02:04Communications stopped all together and
02:06the pursuance of Marjorie came to an
02:08abrupt end with Steve citing his lack of
02:11financial stability as to why he and she
02:13were no more as Steve was getting his
02:16money up Marjorie was busy being a ride
02:18or die for Jim Townsend her first
02:21husband and former drug dealer who'd run
02:23the streets of Memphis Tennessee
02:24Marjorie right there along with him but
02:27don't be fooled or a fool Marjorie
02:30wasn't just some innocent bystander
02:32attending to her two babies while her
02:34husband made money his way let Jim tell
02:37it she was right there along with him
02:39participating in his Antics Jim Jimmy
02:42Townsend was sentenced to life in prison
02:44back in the late 90s after attempting to
02:47purchase cocaine the size of an average
02:4912 year old boy but before he'd be
02:51escorted to the human equivalent of a
02:53dog pound he and Marjorie Were King and
02:56Queen queen of memphis's underground
02:57drug hoarding ring the fancy cars and
03:00big Bank lured Marjorie right on in and
03:02before she knew it she not only married
03:05Jim but would end up conceiving two of
03:07his kids Morgan and Jason contrary to
03:10what many fans of Steve's may have
03:12believed that marjorie's three children
03:14all came from one man who isn't Steve in
03:17case you weren't aware her first two
03:19children are in fact the offsprings of
03:22her first husband Jim Townsend with Jim
03:24looking at life in the penitentiary he
03:26and his wife were in this thing for the
03:28long run and absolutely no one was going
03:31to get Marjorie to snitch on her man not
03:33the FBI or the DEA who investigated
03:36Marjory time and time again believing
03:38that she too was involved in Jim's
03:40illegal activities they even threatened
03:43him by telling him they'd arrest
03:44Marjorie if she didn't cooperate Jim
03:47wasn't about to Spill the Beans to the
03:49feds and get the mother of his children
03:50locked up right along with him opting to
03:53not give away information that could
03:54possibly get her in prison but that
03:57wouldn't last too long it'd only take a
03:59good 30 plus years or so for Jimmy to
04:01say to hell with everything imma speak
04:04my truth since you want to finesse your
04:06way into a Millionaire's heart and try
04:07to keep my kids from me but before we
04:10expose the meat of the entree we gotta
04:12talk about marjorie's second husband an
04:14alleged cousin to her first Darnell
04:17Woods or as some may refer to as Lori
04:20Harvey's real daddy just five years into
04:22Jim's sentence Marjorie then pregnant
04:24with baby number two got tired of
04:27sticking by her felon Bay and opted out
04:29of that marriage and into another this
04:31time what yet another Kingpin something
04:34about that drug hustle in life Marjorie
04:36couldn't seem to get enough of eh
04:38Darnell Woods wasn't just any old drug
04:40dealer he too was a part of Memphis
04:42Tennessee's biggest drug sting linked to
04:45his brothers amongst other relatives
04:47Darnell along with his kin were a part
04:49of the infamous Memphis mom gang founded
04:51in the 80s at the height of the crack
04:53epidemic that plagued the nation using a
04:56number of car washes and nightclubs as
04:58hot spots their notorious Martini Room
05:01attracted big Ballers athletes and
05:03whomever else wanted in on the action
05:05the Memphis mob had a lengthy run before
05:08being busted and indicted on several
05:10charges including conspiracy to possess
05:12and distribute kilos of cocaine with the
05:15intent to distribute marijuana but
05:17before Darnell met the same fate as his
05:19alleged cousin Jim he and Marjorie
05:22welcomed their baby girl Lori in 1997
05:25and would end up tying the knot three
05:27years later before divorcing in 2001.
05:30hold time Marjorie was with Darnell she
05:32still kept tabs on Jim Townsend and vice
05:35versa whenever Jim hit up her line
05:37Marjorie was right there to answer those
05:39collect calls no matter what after all
05:42Jim was the father of her kids however
05:44all that Prison Talk and visits came to
05:46an end once Steve found his way back
05:48into marjorie's heart with Marjorie now
05:51a divorced woman Steve got the word that
05:53his ex was back on the market despite
05:55not being in an actual relationship
05:57Steve just knew Marjorie was the one for
06:00him Reminiscing on his time spent with
06:03Marjorie back in the 90s Steve by this
06:05point was finally in a good enough
06:07financial and mental state to take care
06:09of a woman of marjorie's caliber he now
06:11was the star of his own TV show The
06:14Steve Harvey Show and decided the time
06:16was now to win over the lady of his
06:19dreams who cares if he was married to a
06:22whole other woman at the time am I right
06:24all that advice he gives on his popular
06:26daytime talk show doesn't amount to this
06:28and his truth don't let your wife stop
06:31you from finding the love of your life
06:32fellas before linking back up with
06:35Marjorie in the early 2000s Steve was a
06:37whole married man married to his second
06:40wife and the mother of his son Winton
06:42Mary Shackleford says she was completely
06:44blindsided when Steve hit her with those
06:46divorce papers and even more blindsided
06:49when she discovered he was sneaking
06:51around with Lady heroin for Lord knows
06:53how long not only that but Mary claims
06:56that Marjorie convinced her son Winton
06:58to cut all ties with her and now has her
07:01son not only refusing to speak to her
07:03but is out here calling another woman
07:05Mom all whilst ignoring his real one it
07:08had been big boom Steve's bodyguard who
07:11had reminded Steve of his more happier
07:13days spent with Marjorie urging Steve to
07:15give Marjorie a call which would turn
07:17out to be one of the greatest calls he'd
07:19ever make but before Steve rekindled his
07:22and marjorie's once broken relationship
07:24ride or die Marge was tied to yet
07:27another man a former pimp turned
07:29bodyguard that the streets are saying
07:31was no other than big boom himself Steve
07:34and Marjorie decided to take their
07:35relationship to the next level in 2007
07:38after they got married blending their
07:40families the pair have now been married
07:42for about 16 years as of 2023 and Steve
07:46is more head over heels for Marjorie
07:48than he's ever been however his ex-wife
07:51Mary says it's all of a facade
07:54get this straight Marjorie Harvey was
07:56married to two kingpin drug dealers got
07:58with Steve Harvey's bodyguard before The
08:00Bodyguard put in a good word for
08:02Marjorie and eventually ended up
08:04securing Steve talk about playing the
08:06game y'all don't have to guess where
08:08Lori gets her skills from anymore
08:09despite her dad Steve being the author
08:12of one of his best sellers Act Like a
08:15Lady Think Like a Man apparently she was
08:17taught by one of the best to ever do it
08:19her mama if you don't take our word for
08:22it then how about from the man who knows
08:24her probably more than Steve does her
08:27first husband Jim who claims that Not
08:29only was his ex-wife pushing down but
08:32knows all about how to finesse a ninja
08:34Jim Townsend who later get released from
08:36prison after being pardoned in 2017 by
08:39President Barack Obama after serving 26
08:42years is telling it all in his new book
08:44snakes in the garden he'd been working
08:47on since his time spent Behind Bars and
08:49we must say it's a nail biter just check
08:53out this excerpt the site of Morgan
08:55always brought joy to my heart she was
08:57truly the apple of my eye and the only
08:59reason I hadn't killed her mother as
09:01Morgan couldn't understand what was
09:03happening she turned her attention back
09:05to me and locked eyes with me giving me
09:07a look that said come and get me Daddy
09:09there were three things that I hated and
09:11regretted the first was the abortion
09:13issue which I will explain later the
09:16second was the fact that I allowed
09:17Marjorie to convince me to lie to Morgan
09:20for four years telling her that I was in
09:22Lewisburg working a job while I was in
09:24prison Morgan was eight when I finally
09:26said to hell with Marjorie and her
09:28mother and told her the truth Marjorie
09:30and her heartless mother thought I had
09:32committed an unpardonable sin by setting
09:34things straight with Morgan but telling
09:36her the truth was one of our most
09:37intimate and memorable phone
09:39conversations the little eight-year-old
09:41rebuked me for lying to her and she made
09:43me promise that I would never lie to her
09:45again Jim is not playing about this
09:48tell-all book and by the looks of it his
09:50kids Morgan and Jason don't give a hoot
09:52about their biological daddy spill and
09:54the beans about their mama because from
09:56what we can tell Jim has been spending
09:58time with them as recently as late 2022
10:01perhaps this could mean the Harvey
10:03household is experiencing some
10:04turbulence are you getting a copy of Jim
10:07Townsend's book let us know your
10:09thoughts and opinions Down Below in the
10:11comments and stay tuned for more true
10:13celebrity stories
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What was Marjorie Harvey's controversial past?

Marjorie Harvey's controversial past involved being involved with drug dealers and being implicated in a major drug bust.

2. Who is Marjorie Harvey?

Marjorie Harvey is the wife of famous comedian Steve Harvey.

3. How is Marjorie Harvey currently living?

Despite her questionable history, Marjorie Harvey is currently living a lavish lifestyle as the wife of a famous comedian.

4. What is Marjorie Harvey known for?

Marjorie Harvey is known for being the wife of comedian Steve Harvey and for her controversial past involving drug dealers and a major drug bust.

5. How did Marjorie Harvey's past impact her present life?

Despite her controversial past, Marjorie Harvey has transitioned to living a luxurious lifestyle as the wife of a famous comedian, Steve Harvey.

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