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The Profit Singularity course teaches outdated methods that do not work on Google ads, leading to disapproved campaigns and wasted investment. The landing pages provided lack sufficient information and fail to generate sales. It is recommended to find a different approach for affiliate marketing success.
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The student spent around $4,300 in total for Profit Singularity course and ads.
Joined Profit Singularity in February of this year.
Spent around $1,300 or more on ads and $3,000 for the course.
Had to pay for additional programs like landing pages, ClickBank, etc.
Total expenses for the programs could be around $6,000.
The student cannot show the information of the program, but can show his own landing page which he created by following Profit Singularity's guidelines.
Profit Singularity teaches how to create a landing page.
They do not allow copying from their website.
The student used his own ideas and imagination to create his landing page.
The landing page could cost around $25 to $50 if created by a freelancer.
The speaker discusses how they hire freelancers from the Philippines or Malaysia for work, paying them $50 to $100, and receiving a complete page in return.
The speaker is surprised at how cheap the freelancers' work is.
They mention that they didn't know how to do any of the work before joining the Profit Singularity course.
The speaker talks about the rejection of one of their funnels and the need to simplify their approach.
They reveal that they have invested a lot of money and time but haven't made any profit yet.
The speaker mentions that they have invested over $6,000 in total.
The student discusses how the Profit Singularity course teaches methods that are outdated and not Google-friendly.
The student mentions that the information gained from the course is not Google-friendly.
They explain that all of their ads were disapproved by Google.
The student realizes that removing certain campaigns affected their reputation on Google, leading to disapproval of all subsequent campaigns.
The speaker discusses their experience with the Profit Singularity program and mentions the lack of information and effectiveness in the videos.
The speaker mentions that they researched and found the person speaking on YouTube.
They criticize the lack of text and information in the videos, making it difficult for newcomers to understand the product.
The speaker states that despite the numbers not being bad, they have not made any sales.
They comment on the outdated appearance of the videos and express their uncertainty about the program.
The speaker is discussing their experience with the Profit Singularity method and expressing the need for a new approach in online marketing.
The speaker mentions learning about affiliate marketing through the classes.
They express skepticism about the effectiveness of the Profit Singularity method in the current online marketing landscape.
The speaker is considering creating non-aggressive videos and funnels as a new approach.
They emphasize the need for a new method as they believe the Profit Singularity method is no longer effective.
00:03okay okay I set it up now all right
00:09hi so can you tell me like you joined
00:13right profit Singularity like all
00:16tradition I join yes I joined profet
00:19Singularity on February I think of this
00:22year but then I couldn't work like like
00:27pretty much so many hours so I was
00:29getting very
00:31behind but probably
00:34around a month and a half ago I started
00:37working like so many hours in the
00:41program but nothing like I did
00:43everything I follow every single step
00:46but all my ads start getting
00:48disapproved I see so how much like in
00:51total like how much did you spend on
00:53profit Singularity
00:54course like maybe well between the ads
00:58now I run another ad this these days
01:00that it increased a little bit because I
01:05um maybe a th000 plus the curse on ads
01:09like a thousand maybe a little bit more
01:12if I get everything maybe maybe a,
01:16300 on ads plus the curse that is worth
01:20$3,000 okay I see yeah because like
01:23usually like you know usually if you are
01:25in the Europe they it cost
01:28$2,500 and if you're in us or Canada
01:31it's like extra $500 for the tax so like
01:35it's around like 3K for the course
01:37itself yeah yeah yeah but then they add
01:40maybe around 1,300 or maybe more oh no
01:43plus all the convert click band and
01:45everything that you have to pay on a
01:48basis yeah yeah you're right yeah you
01:51have to pay you have to pay all these
01:54monthly yeah so so like yeah so like one
01:58once you join the profit the course how
02:00much like extra you had to pay for I
02:03don't know like a lot because a lot
02:05because you have to be paying for to
02:07create the landing
02:09pages uh
02:13ClickBank I think that V too okay if I'm
02:16not wrong so it's yeah know it's way
02:19more now that I'm thinking guys
02:21considering the whole payments for the
02:24programs it's maybe
02:27around no maybe maybe
02:33six, because it's like a 100 each per
02:36month so I think
02:39so okay yeah like so when you when you
02:43join like can you show me like what you
02:44got like kind of like landing page or
02:47like well I cannot show you I cannot
02:49show you the information of the program
02:51but I can show you mine okay that Min
02:54are are are copies of what I
02:57learned all right
03:00okay yeah you
03:05yeah well it's not that I I copy them
03:08but that is kind of what the ER the
03:12program show me how to do it let me let
03:16me I see yeah because like CL okay all
03:19right like this yeah I can see now like
03:22is this is the landing
03:25page okay so so this is the landing page
03:29the profit Singularity gave you exact
03:31like this is the exact no no I mean no
03:33it's not that they give you but they
03:35tell you to don't copy like you have to
03:37do your own but you follow the steps
03:40that they show you how to do and and
03:41follow the
03:44directions all right no they tell you
03:47they tell you that you are not supposed
03:48to be copying anything from the
03:51website yes I I I can see now so profit
03:55Singularity gave you this like
03:57guidelines and then you temp uhhuh
04:01own and then you have to make your own
04:03ideas and use your own imagination to
04:06going okay I I see now yeah yeah so so
04:10basically from what I see right now you
04:12know like from from what I see right now
04:15I would say this could easily cost you
04:18like 25 to $50 us to use it on the I
04:22don't know fivr or or up up work
04:26Freelancers you know like work to get it
04:28done for you like this
04:32to be honest I don't know yeah because
04:34how much yeah because like from what you
04:38show me right now like this is like a
04:40little bit of text some image yes photo
04:43action if I will pay if I will pay to
04:45somebody like a freelance you said that
04:46it would cost me like
04:48$25 yes like if you go to upwork or like
04:52up or like or
04:55something like
04:56that to be honest I have never used one
04:58of those websites
05:00but I mean good yeah like usually know
05:04like when I need some work like for I
05:07don't know the website or I will ask the
05:10Freelancers from
05:11Philippines or Malaysia like to do some
05:14work for me and I will pay them 50 to
05:16100 US dollar and they will give me the
05:20whole like the whole page know like not
05:23not just this what what you have right
05:25now on your screen so that's why I'm
05:27really surprised they they if I will
05:30know that that would cost that cheap I
05:32would have given it
05:33to I didn't know that it was that cheap
05:37yeah because I can see from now like
05:39when you show me on the screen like it's
05:41pretty basic it's basic yeah right yeah
05:45but I didn't know to be honest I didn't
05:46know how to do any of this before that
05:48so to me I was like okay I'm finally
05:51mastering the whole situation yeah of
05:53course like because you are just a
05:55beginner right you you just start out
05:57with affiliate marketing so I understand
05:59understand that yes yes and like lots of
06:02people who start with profit Singularity
06:04course they get the same exact templates
06:08and then they think okay I can put some
06:11images some like affiliate links some
06:13script over there but actually that is
06:16exactly what get you to get problems on
06:19Google ad you know you know what
06:20happened the
06:22the the other funnel that I just show
06:25you it was rejected so they this approve
06:29all my ads so that is what I came out
06:31doing one very like simple like this
06:35yeah with nothing else without the
06:37YouTube click bottom in the middle
06:40because it says that it's a clickbait
06:42whatever I posted it was a clickbait yes
06:44so I took all the YouTube videos from
06:48the picture and I don't know I make it
06:50very very very
06:52plain uh to try to make it go through
06:54because I have invested a lot of money
06:56and a lot of time of course of course
06:58and I haven't make I haven't made one
07:01cent out of all the
07:03money so so in total like you invest
07:06over 2,000 us right no like 6,000 like
07:116,000 Us doll yeah because now that I'm
07:13thinking on the cses that I paid and all
07:16the you know they have to pay like a a
07:18subscription with all like
07:21conver with conver and with I think a
07:24via too and ClickBank yes so in their
07:27just is like a $100 per month for each
07:29correct yes since
07:33February so yeah there is a there is a
07:35free three months I
07:37think on one and three six months on the
07:40other one or something like that but
07:41then you you start paying and it is like
07:44a $100 per
07:46month yeah so so I can see now when you
07:49say that like lots of beginners lots of
07:52people who start with affiliate
07:53marketing like they tend to go to the
07:55courses like profit Singularity and then
07:59they teach them like you show me right
08:01now like this this method actually
08:03doesn't work it's outdated like it gets
08:06you shut down on Google right I think
08:08that that is what it is I feel like I
08:11feel like it's not that it's a a
08:13horrible curse a horrible C because I
08:16learned I didn't know anything about
08:17this but I my own personal opinion it is
08:20that the information that you gain from
08:23the curse and how you learn how to work
08:25is not Google
08:26friendly yeah so if I'm going to use
08:28Google as my main like source of like
08:34selling point there is no ways that I
08:36can use it because all every single one
08:38of my ads were disapproved I'm talking
08:40about like I don't know I I put like 10
08:44maybe more like 15 campaigns maybe and
08:47they were all
08:49disapproved yeah I see because it's
08:52about like Google it's really really
08:54strict so like they they give you the
08:57that what that is what I'm assuming mean
08:59probably somebody with more experience
09:01than me will have been able to just
09:04clear it up since the beginning but what
09:06I did was like okay I removed this
09:08campaign and I removed this campaign and
09:10I wasn't paying attention that then all
09:12your campaigns thereafter are going to
09:14be disapproved because you have just a
09:16bad reputation in the on
09:18Google yeah right so pretty much
09:20whatever I put in the in Google Now is
09:22disapproved it doesn't
09:24matter even this one's very basic I
09:27don't Limited
09:30I I can see there is not it's not false
09:32claims there is nothing no there is
09:37fake so everything is all this
09:40information is from the actual product
09:41and and anyways is
09:45limited yeah I I can see from the text
09:48you put in it's really really limited so
09:51that's that's not a good for because I
09:53was I was desperate because all the
09:56other ones that I was working so much
09:57and putting so much time on it were not
09:59going through yeah they were all being
10:02disapproved so I started
10:06um like doing things like very plain and
10:09very nothing no fake claims no shocking
10:13discoveries because I went through
10:15Google and when I read each step of what
10:18I couldn't do it was all that I was
10:22doing so at that point I get very
10:24desperated and I say what am I going to
10:25do now if everything that I learn how to
10:27do in the last month and a half working
10:29like pretty much 247 on this it says
10:32that it's
10:34wrong so I started
10:36researching and I found you on
10:38YouTube yeah I see because from what you
10:41show me right now I I can see like why
10:44this doesn't work because like what you
10:46show me right now is the images like
10:48some photos from the product some let's
10:51say benefits like the
10:54ingredients but there is little text
10:57like two like two little to text like I
10:59cannot even know like what is this about
11:02like if I see your page as a newbie I
11:04wouldn't even know like what is this
11:07product about like how can it benefit me
11:11why you show it to me you know like it's
11:14it's just like too too little text like
11:16too little too not much information for
11:20the Newbie like for someone who is let's
11:22say in the niche about weight loss about
11:25uh Wellness Health but
11:29not much information like to get them to
11:32to take action well this is this is one
11:34of the videos that I made okay and it's
11:37not it's not doing anything well to be
11:40honest I think that the numbers of this
11:41ones the last one are not really bad but
11:43anyways I haven't sold
11:47anything yeah I can see now I can see
11:49from your
11:51screen okay that's the like I feel like
11:53the videos to me the videos look very
11:56old correct but that is how that is how
11:59the program is the videos look
12:02just I'm trying to use all the images
12:05that looks like more like new to me more
12:08like kind of technological views but
12:13anyways I don't
12:15know yeah now remember that I'm not I'm
12:18I'm kind of new in these videos on this
12:23but it is just that I went to a point
12:28that I did everything that I thought it
12:30was like good and it didn't help me I
12:33started getting everything disapproved
12:34from Google you got this approved by
12:37Google right using Singularity
12:41yeah I can see everything yeah I I I I
12:45can see from here right now when you're
12:46showing me the video here on your
12:50laptop because like usually like they
12:52just give you some kind of like
12:55but these kind of things it's well yes
12:58you have class class but again I'm GNA
13:00tell you this like again before this I
13:02didn't know anything about this with
13:05this classes I learned what it was what
13:07Affiliated marketing was and I didn't
13:09know anything about it before so I think
13:11that it helped me but I don't think that
13:14is the lest step if you really want to
13:15succeed on
13:17this right because it is like you learn
13:20a very aggressive marketing with them
13:23like Shing discoveries and things like
13:25that and then when you use all that
13:27information you just get this
13:31approv yeah you're right you're right
13:36right because so I feel that it should
13:38be something else in between that well
13:41now what I'm doing is that I'm trying to
13:43make very basic and like
13:47non non-aggressive like videos and
13:51funnel yes but it's not your any I'm not
13:54anything yeah like in your case what you
13:57should do now is is like totally stop
14:00following the profit Singularity method
14:05because yeah what got you
14:09there yeah
14:12yeah scr on
14:14theard yeah because from what I can see
14:17right now is like it's the method that
14:19used to work maybe five to six years ago
14:22in the past on Facebook not YouTube
14:25Facebook but right now is not working
14:28anymore like
14:29this this is like really well yeah I
14:32feel like in some way maybe Google just
14:34started being very strict on claims yes
14:38and now that that is the way that I know
14:40how to do it so I will have to reset
14:42myself and start a new way new way yeah
14:45yeah right you need a new way because it
14:49doesn't work like profit Singularity
14:52breakthrough method or Ultra method
14:54whatever they use the name for it
14:56doesn't work like I can see like the way
15:00it show me like it's really I would not
15:02even personally use this method before
15:04like two years ago I stopped using this
15:07method so that is the that is the issue
15:09that's is what I need now like to go
15:11move forward with something else because
15:12this is not working for me and
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does The Profit Singularity course impact Google ads campaigns?

The Profit Singularity course teaches outdated methods that do not work on Google ads, leading to disapproved campaigns and wasted investment. This can significantly impact the results of ad campaigns and contribute to financial loss.

2. What are the shortcomings of the landing pages provided by The Profit Singularity course?

The landing pages provided by The Profit Singularity course lack sufficient information and fail to generate sales. This limits the effectiveness of affiliate marketing strategies and reduces the potential for conversion and revenue generation.

3. Why is it important to find a different approach for affiliate marketing success?

It is recommended to find a different approach for affiliate marketing success due to the outdated methods and ineffective strategies taught in The Profit Singularity course. Finding an alternative approach is crucial to avoid disapproved campaigns and wasted investment.

4. How can outdated methods impact the success of affiliate marketing?

Outdated methods, such as those taught in The Profit Singularity course, can impact the success of affiliate marketing by leading to disapproved campaigns and wasted investment. These methods fail to align with current industry standards and best practices.

5. What are the consequences of using outdated methods from The Profit Singularity course?

Using outdated methods from The Profit Singularity course can lead to disapproved campaigns and wasted investment, resulting in a negative impact on affiliate marketing success. It is important to be aware of the consequences and seek alternative approaches for better results.

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